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Thu, May 27, 2010
Fri, February 10, 2012
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Queen Creek Arizona United States of America
High Standards Recovery
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High Standards Recovery - Bryan Hullihen Lied repeatedly to us, stole money, deceived Prescott Arizona

*Consumer Comment: Hey Bryan!

*Consumer Comment: Interventionists(Seeley) Lack Qualifications

*Consumer Comment: TO BRYANS VICTIMS

*Author of original report: Sad

*Consumer Comment: In regards to refund

*Consumer Comment: Good day to you Bryan

*Consumer Comment: ken seeley, what do you charge?

*Consumer Comment: Appalling!!

*REBUTTAL Owner of company: Stop passing the blame

*REBUTTAL Owner of company: This report is a hoax

*Author of original report: HSR Buddy System at Work

*Consumer Comment: BOGUS REPORT

Subject: Aren't rehab houses supposed to help turn peoples' lives around from bad to 'good'? NOT THIS ONE!
I scraped together $800 (cash - I have a receipt) to get my son into the rehab house, High Standards Recovery, which boosts 'A Higher Standard of Living' on their website. He desperately wanted to go to rehab.
My ex-husband, his father, drove him up there (my car wouldn't make it) with my $800, but once my son got there he realized that it wasn't for him; he was looking for a treatment that was more intense, such as in-hospital care, and this was more like a 'halfway house'. So after looking around he promptly changed his mind and requested a more suitable facility that could treat him for substance abuse.
He was there less than an hour - waiting outside in the cold for a shuttle back to Phoenix - as 'High Standards Recovery' wouldn't even let him wait inside.
Bryan Hullihen told me that very day that he would send me my money back, he also told this to my ex-husband (son's father) right after my son arrived. We spoke on the phone later that evening (I have all phone calls) and he asked for my address and name to send the money back to me as he explained he couldn't give it back to my son as it was 'my' money and not my son's. He also told me not to worry - that this happens all the time, and that he would have my money in the mail by the next day.
When the check never arrived my ex-husband began calling there. First Bryan Hullihen stated he had sent it to the address on the questionnaire that my son had filled out (no problem, that was my ex-husband's address) but on every occasion when questioned about this address he would say 'I'm not in the office, but I will call you back when I am" .. to which he never did. Finally we got through to him again at which time he told us that he had mailed out a 'cashier's check' - still he couldn't give us an address of to where he had mailed it.  
Well, this so-called 'cashier's check' NEVER came, and so we called back. This time we were told by Bryan Hullihen that he had gone to his bank and that they told him that the check had been cashed (by me) on May 25th. Of course, it hadn't even arrived here to begin with, so we know this was another lie.
When pressed for details, he, again, promised to call back...which he never did. Finally, on May 26th at 10:30 p.m. he called stating that he wanted to 'fess up' to us and that he had 'lied' to us about EVERYTHING and that he wasn't going to refund the money.
Although a letter from the facility, from one Ira Nishikawa, (one I might add that had an obvious 'attitude' to it and no kindness at all!) clearly stated that they do send money back..."In most cases, we don't send money right back. It takes about 30 days"
Is this how a facility that is supposed to be promoting a 'clean lifestyle' and 'goodness of soul' should operate their business?
I was desperately trying to get my son help, he wasn't even admitted there and was made to wait outside in the cold for a shuttle, and he couldn't even take his food and beverages with him that he had brought there.  I am sure that anybody considering going to this house of 'good' be aware of what crooked liars are operating this facility. This facility needs to be shut down if it operates on falsehoods and lies and thievery. What kind of statement is that making to people who are there trying to turn their lives around and do 'good'?
Too sad that this place is operating under the guise of being a well-respected home that 'cares'.

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#1 Consumer Comment

Hey Bryan!

AUTHOR: Excop - ()

Hey Bryan! You still in jail or back at High Standards with a shorter time of sobriety than I have? If you're "Executive Director" as of this writing (May 2013), there's something wrong with High Standards having someone in your position with a year and a half of sobriety at best! If you're bound by HIPAA regulations, Y'all definitely violated that by spreading rumors about me and disclosing things about me and my family (much of what was totally false). Kim is right... HSR is nothing but a glorified flophouse!

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#2 Consumer Comment

Interventionists(Seeley) Lack Qualifications

AUTHOR: MS - (United States of America)

This may be off the thread topic a bit, but conducting interventions without the credentials of a family therapist or physician should be a crime.        

An interventionist cannot possibly claim to understand the complex psychology of a particular family without the necessary education and months or years of therapy sessions with the entire family to determine the root causes of the problems.   A therapist cannot even determine who is telling the truth without many interrveiws with the all of the affected family members.    

Interventions are big business though.  I believe there's a huge profit motive involved here that trumps reason.        




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#3 Consumer Comment


AUTHOR: friend of foamy - (United States of America)

Wanted to inform the people victimized by Bryan that he is currently in the Camp verde jail facing several felony charges. Im sure its small comfort to you but just took the time to let you know he is a crook plain and simple and is finally going to do some time : ) Feel free to call the camp verde jail to get his lengthy list of criminal charges.

Have a great day
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#4 Author of original report


AUTHOR: Kim - (United States of America)

I haven't responded to this because I thought I would just let Bryan dig a deeper hole all by himself here. By saying such things as, "typically the individuals making these reports are in dyer need of help. Perhaps more so than the family member they are sending to treatment" he is really making a statement of how empathetic and compassionate he is to his customers, isn't he? I had to re-read what he wrote a couple of times. I couldn't believe he would write such a hateful and prejudiced thing about his customers, and the concerned families of hurting addicts in general!!! Wow, this is unbelievably sad.

When I, the victim of the 'bait & switch', suggests that I can't fight his lies as I am not in the physical health to drag myself into court (which I am not, basically housebound with late stage lung disease) and I make a religious reference to letting God take care of it if one believes in Heaven or Hell, he responds with "It pains me to say this but please seek mental stabilization immediately." Then he goes on to state that "The attorney General found High Standards to be in compliance" which is not true, High Standards answered the claim with a long list of lies, including claiming to have taken my son shopping and all kinds of other things - intensive intake, all jokes and lies, but I guess they are used to this so they have the standard come back. Then he replies with "and so did the local authorities who threatened this woman with criminal charges should she continue her efforts to slander High Standards". What? This is the first time I heard this. LOL! I have never, ever been threatened nor had any insinuations of such by any law enforcement EVER. I did write their local law enforcement and pointed them to this board and this claim to which they wrote me back "I did not threaten you with criminal charges and I am not responsible for what other people say". Of course, my son was told over the phone by HSR that they do have good friends in the police department. we'll just let that one rest, shall we? No use turning this into a Serpico episode. Then he continues on to say "Believe who you want, A reputable company or one that flew over the Koo koos nest." I don't know about you, but I would never believe that any 'reputable company' would dare call a customer 'one that flew over the Koo koos [sp] nest'. I'm afraid his replies all answer the question as to his character. Also, strange, that his list of 'people who recommend them' are all the same outfit in Florida? Isnt HSR in Arizona? Maybe they should go back to Florida. By the way, I did write to them all - including the Betty Ford Clinic and Hazeldon - to verify that they are indeed, recommending this flop house. I will post you here on their response.

Other than that, I will not return to this post at all. His unprofessional and immature replies speak for themselves.

I have long ago let this go, not having the physical health to argue against a perfected 'bait & switch' operation. As I stated, he can have my $800. By the way, my son is now celebrating months clean and happily remarks about how unbelievably 'clear' the world around him now looks :)

Oh, and here is a link to another customer who lost their money to HSR ...

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#5 Consumer Comment

In regards to refund

AUTHOR: Ken Seely / Intervention 911 - (United States of America)


In response to you question regarding refund.  If the intervention does not acheive the desired result, that being an intake into apppropriate treatment, I do not charge the family for my services.  Thank you for giving me an opportunity to clarify this.


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#6 Consumer Comment

Good day to you Bryan

AUTHOR: Ken Seely / Intervention 911 - (United States of America)


I light of your prompt and attacking response, it's logical to assume that you are the owner of the facility... Bryan I beleive.  My rebuttal was not a personal attack, but an unbiased response to the information presented in this report.  I have open and honestly responded without deception.  I would've hoped that you would have done the same, rather than hiding behind the the good name of Bill W.  Say what you may about me, but my reputation precedes me.  By practicing my personal and professional affairs honestly and ethically I have sustained longevity in this industry.  I would suggest that you sir begin to do the same if you have hopes to do so as well.  Regarding disclosure, my clients voluntarily sign waivers allowing the public disclosure of information.  I would assume that yours do not, and there lies the problem. 

After reviewing the rebuttal "#1 Bogus Report"... I have come to realize that it is most appropriately you, Bryan, that submitted this response.  The manner and context of the rebuttal was entirely too personal to have come from a concerned mother.  The verbage was entirely too "industry", and clearly was written by someone with experience in the treatment field.  This being the apparent case, then you sir have chosen to publicly disclose information publicly through this website regarding "Kim's" son.  This is as I said a violation of HIPAA law.  Through a judicial subpoena, your state department of health services and other governing agencies will be able to obtain information regarding the source of the submitted rebuttal. 

The concerned consumer that asked me to review this report has allegated instances of program misrepresentation, neglect, unethical practices, and facility practices that require proper behavioral health licensing.  I will be reporting these allegations to your state department of health services for further investigation.  If you are practicing sound and ethically, then you have nothing to worry about.  Good day to you Bryan.


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#7 Consumer Comment

ken seeley, what do you charge?

AUTHOR: Bill W - (United States of America)

I am responding to the above comments by Ken Seely, who's company charges between five and seven THOUSAND dollars to do an "intervention". I ask you Ken, do you refund if your "intervention" is unsuccessful.
You accuse the first commenter not knowing if they are a treatment provider or another client. *hint* clients are not bound by HIPAA. You claim to have been invited into the fray, I wonder by whom. Or is it another case of you needing to get your name out there somewhere else on the internet. Surprised you didnt post your glamour shot also. I actually have been in the field for over twenty years, and I can assure everyone, nobody had ever even heard of Ken Seely until he got on television. Hey Ken, is putting someone's identity, misery and personal details on A&E covered under HIPAA?
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#8 Consumer Comment


AUTHOR: Ken Seely / Intervention 911 - (United States of America)


I have been contacted and asked to review this report by a concerned consumer.  This is an unbiased rebuttal as I am only responding in accordance to the information this report has provided.

I have been an active memeber of the alcohol and substance abuse treatment industry for many years, and I am appalled at what has occurred here.  Facilities in this industry are to adhere to certain ethical and moral practices.  One such important practice is to maintain the anonymity of the client body.  Facilities in this industry are to adhere to HIPAA laws that implement the non-disclosure policies of this industry. 

I would like to refer to the filed rebuttal tagged "#1 Bogus Report".  Under no circumstance should this mother have privilege to the information she presented.  It is very apparent that information regarding "Kim's" son was inappropriately disclosed, violating the HIPAA laws that are implemented to prevent such disclosures from occurring.  THis should never happen, and it undermines the integrity this industry strives to represent.  I will be suggesting that notification be given to the appropriate entities so that further investigation may be done into this matter.  If nondisclosure practices are not being adhered to by this facility, then measures should be taken to prevent such occurrences from happenning again.

To the consumer who filed the initial report (Kim).  It is always wise to seek references when admitting a loved one to a behavioral health facility.  As there are many facilities that practice ethically, there are just as many that don't.  In light of the inappropriate disclosure of your son's information, your accusation of breech of refund policy does not seem far fetched.  There are facilities that pray on the desperation of the families in need... it is a shame.  I hope your loved one has found his path recovery, take care.


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#9 REBUTTAL Owner of company

Stop passing the blame

AUTHOR: Bryan - (United States of America)

Hello again,
I did some research and found that just about every treatment center in America has a negative report. This tells me two things. One, in every company you are going to have an upset customer, two, typically the individuals making these reports are in dyer need of help. Perhaps more so than the family member they are sending to treatment.
My company helps people that need and want it. Please stop slandering my companies name as we are only here to help. In your report you played such a victim and even went as far as saying that I am going to hell. It pains me to say this but please seek mental stabilization immediately. Call me and I will point you in the right direction. Just so every body knows, The attorney General found High Standards to be in compliance and so did the local authorities who threatened this woman with criminal charges should she continue her efforts to slander High Standards. Believe who you want, A reputable company or one that flew over the Koo koos nest.
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#10 REBUTTAL Owner of company

This report is a hoax

AUTHOR: Bryan - (United States of America)

My name is Bryan Hullihen and I am the owner of High Standards Recovery. My contact info is 928-710-2840 If you want the best care for your loved one please give me a call. Here are just a few of the company's that refer to us and if you don't believe me then check for yourselves.
Morning side Recovery
G&G Holistic
Decision Point
Betty Ford Clinic
A New Day
Hanley Hazeldon
A sober Way Home
Behavioral Health Of The Palm Beaches
Recovery Resources
And the list goes on and on...............................

Please stop trying to do whatever it is you are trying to do!

Thank You,
Bryan Hullihen
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#11 Author of original report

HSR Buddy System at Work

AUTHOR: Kim - (United States of America)

Such hearsay. Number One, son was not in trouble. Number Two, it was 41 degrees in Prescott that day and all he had on was a t-shirt - any 'Rocket Scientist' would know that is not 'warm'. Number Three, save a bed? HA! This was in May, my receipt is for OCTOBER-NOVEMBER of 2010! Also, he was up there within hours of the phone call. How many 'clients' could HSR possibly have turned away in a mere couple of hours? AND if you are turning that many clients away in a mere couple of hours, then I am to assume that renting out that 'bed' you had to 'save' wouldn't have been a problem! Check your facts! Number Four, if he was a 'non-client' then that means the money he gave was for what? The pleasure of 'checking out' the facility (flop-house)'?

Face it, he got there, realized it was scam and was misrepresented over the phone. He had the option to change his mind once he saw the 'flop-house', where all you buddies 'flop'. And he did. Period.

My son is now going on over a month clean. He is and WAS NOT in trouble. Ever! He just didn't like the ripoff and lies he was told over the phone hours earlier to get him there. I suggest HSR and their 'buddies' stop scamming people and using the 'drug-addict' card to make these people look in the wrong. I was told my money would be returned...I was lied to. My son was lied to. The Attorney General's Office was lied to. I am finished. You guys won. Enjoy my money! You earned it, it's paying for your trip to Hell...unless, of course, you don't believe in a God, or a Heaven or Hell. I do suggest that your practices are looked into.

There would be no reason why a legitimate business would choose to do this.
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#12 Consumer Comment


AUTHOR: Co-dependency Kills - (United States of America)

I have had the pleasure of working with Bryan and Ira extensively for 8 months and have experienced no issues with High Standards Recovery. My son happened to be in the facility when "Kim's" son was at HSR. The report I received was that Kim's son came in to the program high on narcotics and scammed his parents into paying for treatment to get him out of trouble and when his father dropped him off he immediately wanted his mother's money and told other clients of his intentions. I would also like to point out an obvious lie to this women's report. She stated her son sat outside in the cold yet her son was in HSR in MAY IN ARIZONA! It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure that one out. I might also add I commend Bryan and Ira for not letting a non client be on property while under the influence as it endangers the one's who really want help and not to scam their parents. My suggestion to you Kim is to get mad at your son. He is the one who ripped you off, not HSR. Try Alanon for yourself, it worked for me. And I would also suggest you no longer co sign your son's destructive behaviors and let him figure his life out on his own. Regarding the money you expect back, I am not sure if you are familiar with any sort of business but let me share some insight with you. If a client is coming into the care of any facility it is assumed that bed will be filled for the allotted time of the program. Therefore, when a client gets kicked out or decides to leave that bed is still has to be paid for. Especially if someone tried to get into the program but was turned away because there were no open beds. Sorry these things don't always work out as planned but study up on how to support a family member with addiction and learn to let the addicted solve their own issues.

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