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Fri, April 09, 2010
Fri, November 01, 2013
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Adult Web Sites National Blacklist Inaccurate Data...Rip Off..., Internet

*Consumer Comment: There are unprofessional idiots running this site

*Consumer Comment: say any ol thing they want

*General Comment: So did you Cheat her or Beat Her??

*REBUTTAL Owner of company: A Hint of Misogyny here?

*Consumer Comment: Blacklist Nationalblacklist

*Consumer Comment: Blacklist Nationalblacklist

*REBUTTAL Owner of company: National Blacklist is a Safety Tool for Escorts.

Attempted to set up an appointment with a provider, received a text msg back stating that I had been blacklisted with some bs stating that with the posting I had received no one would choose to set up an obviously aggravated - I decided to sign up for the service just to see what had been posted - only to find 2 separate postings which are total bs....none of the information is true and my only guess is that there are providers out there being paid to post made up bs in order to make this site seem like its a legitimate site that can offer some sort of "service" to the ladies using it. 

I would'nt pay this "pos" company a penny for their services - and you can obviously see how legit it is just by reading all the typos on their site....just another trailer trash scumbag attempting to take advantage of people who think they are getting a resource to keep them safe.....


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#1 Consumer Comment

There are unprofessional idiots running this site

AUTHOR: Idiots - (USA)

There are some real a**-hats that are behind this site. I have been monitoring the posts for a little over a week now, and can say that the site is clearly bogus, and more so, a mild form of extortion and blackmail. 

In the past week that I have been monitoring this sites posts, I have noticed DOZENS AND DOZENS of posts that have been removed, edited, or on a few occasions, removed then put back up days later, sometimes with the date switched. The whole 'we will not remove posts' line is total BS. One has to wonder how these idiots can afford to keep their website up year after year, with how unprofessional they are, most likely scamming money out of other people to pay for their website hosting fees.

I have taken it upon myself to add a screen capture off their site that says why they do not remove posts, which they indeed DO as noted by my above paragraph. Furthurmore, some of their posts violate section 18 USC 2261A(2), and also HIPAA. It also seems as if they do not moderate any incomming posts to their site, which means anyone can post anything they want to harass or bully someone. If people are smart enough, they will know what to do with the sites IP address, which is: 74-208-133-192. Based in Las vegas , NV. It's only a matter of time before this excuse of a website gets taken down for good. The people running this site should be ashamed, but more so held liable for some of the falacies that the owners engage in while operating it, and by allowing such false and sensitive information to be posted on their site. I would not even call this a website, but more a shitty, outdated page to post random bits of useless and deragatory info about people. The whole 'site' is quite laughable. These girls/boys behind this site are idiots. Wonder how they managed to squeeze what's left of their tiny brains to even fiqure out how to creat it in the first place. LOL. Losers.


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#2 Consumer Comment

say any ol thing they want

AUTHOR: stanley stankas - ()

i am being cyberstalked by a so called "provider" aka psycho woman that is using this website to trash my reputation even though i had never used her so called services.  she can do this because this garbage in garbage out company allows this w/o contacting the accussed for verification.  i believe nothing i see on the internet as a rule and this website allows inacurrate trash to be spewed about w/o checking facts.  since this episode took place i want absolutely nothing to do with so called "providers" so it really is not a problem except that i would not trust anything this site mentions.  it's garbage.

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#3 General Comment

So did you Cheat her or Beat Her??

AUTHOR: karma - (United States of America)

Ok Dude, Im an outsider and I find your responce interesting.

1st you won a session in a business deal?  So I assume that means you actually saw the provider that reported you.  You're behavior must have been pretty bad for you to land on The National Blacklist.  I for one am glad to hear from you guys because I Now know this site is working.  I would also like to point out that they are not charging to post you and they are not charging to see a general list.  One is only charged to be able to see full reports.  This list is Great and it works so well.

What I'm wondering is which did you do?  Cheat her or Beat her? 

I assure you that most providers are working to gain regular clientel.  Hobbiest and Won Business Deals seem to make for the worst clients...Don't you think? 
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#4 REBUTTAL Owner of company

A Hint of Misogyny here?

AUTHOR: National Blacklist - (United States of America)

One only has to read this mans comments and vulgar references escorts to
recognize the level of misogyny. Instead of addressing a specific report about
him left by an escort, he prefers to try to discredit and attack us for providing
the medium to allow escorts a voice to publish their bad customer warnings.
Gee, that would be akin to attacking Ripoff Report for providing this web
medium that allows consumers to report bad businesses, or businesses to
report bad consumers. I guess this is what you could expect from someone
who fails to take responsibility for their individual actions.

For those who are unfamiliar with the adult services business, men who employ
 escorts are typically known as Johns (men who regularly hire prostitutes), but
they prefer to call themselves hobbyists, as if that term somehow softens
what they really are, or would diminish what they do.

 Sadly, these men troll the escort review boards hiding behind online aliases.
They maintain a cyber presence on these escort review boards that dominates
over their real lives. One might surmise that their cyber sex identities and
exploits as Johns is a total obsession if not an outright addiction. Seeing
escorts and routinely writing reviews on them is where they garner power
and influence, and all too often, the bad ones find ways to exploit these
review writing opportunities. They contact escorts and offer to help
build their business reputations by offering to write them good reviews in
exchange for the escorts services. If the escort declines, the bad Johns may
then resort to then blackmailing the escort by threatening her with a bad
review, so blackmail and extortion is becoming the way of the bad Cyber Johns.

Since a quality trustworthy reputation of an escort is paramount to her being
successful in the business, these exploitative antics of the bad Johns put
escorts at a huge disadvantage, and when escorts would post any complaints
about their bad customers on these routinely male owned, male run, and male
dominated escort review boards, the escorts complaint posts were quickly
removed.  And, sometimes to punish the escort, their entire working history of
reviews were deleted from the site, and the escort herself would be banned
from the site. Seems awfully unfair and very much one sided.

The Johns have enjoyed this ultimate power for so long they are like spoiled
children having their way at every turn. Not only could they abuse escorts,
rob them, rape them, harasses them, stalk them, etc. they could conceal their
activities by suppressing or stifling the voice of these escorts because
like the inmates running the asylum, they controlled the biggest and most
influential web mediums for the escorts out there.

So, in 2005 National Blacklist came along and provided an escort
safety blotter where escorts can share and post warnings of their bad client
encounters. The bad guys who used to wield and exploit their power elsewhere
suddenly find themselves in the precarious position where they were powerless to
suppress the voices of escorts who could now openly and safely share
information on who not to see. So now the best these Johns can do no is attack National
Blacklist because we are providing a powerful avenue of support, safety, and
empowerment for escorts.

Funny how these guys who victimize women and want to continue to do
so, now portray themselves as victims and whine about it here. But
lets face it, these guys are Johns, they cheat on their wives with escorts,
and worse some of them abuse escorts. If their lives are ruined because an
escort would not tolerate their abuse they have nobody to blame but themselves
so why dont they look at themselves to blame? Or is that too much to ask?


In the past these guys could knowingly abuse escorts and get away with
it because the girls had no place to turn to legally. Escorts couldnt, and
still cant go to the police, and these guys know this and continue to take
advantage of it.

The fact escorts are not tolerating it anymore and have a safe place they
can turn to warn each other about the bad guys out there is huge for
them. The fact that some of these guys are now pretending to be innocent
victims here is laughable.

We do hope all the Johns / Hobbyists who read this can see the anger and
frustration by this commentator. It tells you that the public strategy of
National Blacklist acting as a public safety blotter works much like how the
police safety blotters work on college campuses and community newspapers.
The message is, if you dont want to get listed in our registry and exposed
to your family and community, it is highly advisable that you dont mistreat
the escorts you see.

Now, while it is always possible for an escort to SLAM people they dont like as this commenter suggests, please consider this.

1. Escorts usually have better things to do than make up fake stuff about
random men they dont know.

2. Since an escorts reputation for being trustworthy and discreet it is paramount
to her success, she is not going to jeopardize her reputation by posting any
clients name or information without severe or sufficient provocation.

 3. If an escort does maliciously post defamatory or false information, the John
who claims to be falsely accused can always legally go after the escort. But the
 problem here is he cannot go after the escort without then exposing himself
as a John who is engaging in illegal activity. And further adding injury to his
claim the escort would have lots of email, texts, and voice-mail records to
support her, and this is not something these guys want to have revealed.

 So apparently the next best strategy is for these guys to try and discredit the
National Blacklist website because the women who submit posts are supposedly
nothing but low life untrustworthy whores. Funny isnt it? These women are fine
enough for you to see, fine enough to give your money to, even fine enough for
you to abuse,. Youll trust them with your real identity, to protect you and your
reputation for your family and careers sake, theyre all good for that, but
as soon as you mess up and they post you on National Blacklist, they are all
suddenly whores who cant be trusted. Sad, how pathetic, selfish, and shallow
such men can be.

One only has to read the derogatory terms (whores and prostitutes) and
comments to see the level of animosity many Johns have towards these
women. Its not so much these guys hate women, they just want their way
with them, and they hate the power escorts now have in reporting any mans
abusive or predatory behaviors.

We dont think after reading this mans complaint, he will garner anyones
sympathy. Its for men like this that National Blacklist exists.

Sorry for the long response, but we feel we have nothing to hide, and will
be responsible to replying to all allegations.

One last point Is it not ironic that this man who admits he is listed in our
registry is warning escorts to save their money?

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#5 Consumer Comment

Blacklist Nationalblacklist

AUTHOR: Vig L. Ante - (United States of America)

I feel your pain, brother.  I won in a business deal, and found myself on!  So if you want to destroy someone, just make up sh*t about how they use escorts (prostitutes or whores) and then beat them up or cheat them.  They won't be able to do anything about it, and whatever cr*p you write will show up at or near the top of a Google search within a few days and stay there for a long time.  Awesome! -- the best way on the internet to fu*k people over!  Try it today!   Go to, fill out the form as though you were an escort (a w***e, in other words), and SLAM people you don't like.  Check it out.  
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#6 Consumer Comment

Blacklist Nationalblacklist

AUTHOR: Vig L. Ante - (United States of America)

I feel your pain, brother.  I won in a business deal, and found myself on!  So if you want to destroy someone, just make up sh*t about how they use escorts (prostitutes or whores) and then beat them up or cheat them.  They won't be able to do anything about it, and whatever cr*p you write will show up at or near the top of a Google search within a few days and stay there for a long time.  Awesome! -- the best way on the internet to fu*k people over!  Try it today!   Go to, fill out the form as though you were an escort (a w***e, in other words), and SLAM people you don't like.  Check it out.  
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#7 REBUTTAL Owner of company

National Blacklist is a Safety Tool for Escorts.

AUTHOR: National Blacklist - (United States of America)

National Blacklist is specifically a personal safety empowerment tool for female escorts. It operates exactly like RipOff Report in that it allows escorts who've been victimized by their male customers a place where they can share their experiences and enhance each others personal safety by posting the bad guys to a national database.

As you can see from the complaint here, the man is admittedly a "John" (a man who hires prostitutes). He is upset because an escort he had seen previously posted a warning about him on National Blacklist, and now he's upset because when he tried to book an appointment with another escort this new escort declined to see him because of the Blacklist report.

Here is his email to us immediately after submitting his report here.

"See MY POSTING on about your company... I have been a hobbiest ("John") for years and recently have been blacklisted on your site by some piece of garbage. You have stated your position that you "rarely" remove postings, which is a total joke as the posting refering to myself is a total fabrication. Furthermore, its obvious that your site is a total joke and nothing but a rip off to the women who choose to subscribe to it. Perhaps my posting will save some providers (escorts) some $$ from your total wrthless services..."

Blackballing us here appears to be his way of venting his frustration, but like Ripoff Report, National Blacklist does not make the reports, only the people who have been wronged and victimized do.

We wish to thank him for his report about us here on Ripoff Report because we believe his report, his email above, and the attitude and language he used in both speak for itself and obviously shows our services are working just fine.

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