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Complaint Review: American Truck Showrooms

  • Submitted: Mon, February 11, 2013
  • Updated: Mon, February 11, 2013
  • Reported By: Former Customer — Newport News Virginia United States of America
  • American Truck Showrooms
    9140 Canal Road
    Gulfport, Mississippi
    United States of America

American Truck Showrooms Louis J Normand Jr Before giving them any money read what they have done so many times in the past and please reconsider. Gulfport, Mississippi

Show customers why they should trust your business over your competitors...

Louis J Normand Jr runs American Truck Showrooms today. But, every couple of years, his company, renting trucks to those with no where else to go gets such a bad name that no one wants to do business with or be associated with the current company so he just renames it. If you plan on doing business with them you will fail. The company has no moral core and has built itself up on the backs of those who believed in the lies.

Many people simply don't see the reviews from fellow owner operators of the other names of the same company due to the numerous and not very well indexed sources of information that exist. So I would like to show you more of the names of the same company prior to American Truck Showrooms. It is for March of 2010 to August of 2012 from just one source, the

This place is a joke,I rented a truck from them back in december of 09,the truck only lasted two months.The mechanic who overhauled the engine forgot to tighten the rod cap which caused it to come lose and knocked a hole in the engine.


We would be happy to join the class action lawsuit. United Truck Group IUTC) is not to be trusted. They lie, cheat and steal. DO NOT, I REPEAT, DO NOT TRUST THEM. We purchased a truck a little while ago, and it broke down. They lied and told us to come get another one. They didn't have the truck they advertised. I believe they operate with a "bait and switch" policy.

When they towed the truck back to UTC, their driver stole our fuel out of the truck. We notified Gary Hunt, and he has avoided our phone calls. We contacted the Danny, the general manager, and he has also ignored us. In addition, we contacted the owner, Louis Normand, and he has ignored us as well. However, United Truck Capital weren't too ashamed to call for the payment. In addition, they are quick to remind you that if you do not pay within 10 days, the truck is considered stolen.

Does anyone know if you have had to make payments within 7 days of signing the contract. Or have you been given 30 days to make a payment after signing the contract. Please elaborate if you can.

We should file a class action lawsuit against these people. If someone has information on how to get it started, we are so in.

After being in our truck for 7 days, we asked if we could get the deposit back, and we were told "no". We were informed that we would have the pay the 1st week's lease payment and sign a release form. The representative at United Truck Capital said we wouldn't owe them anything, and they would not owe us anything. In addition, they would not report it to the credit bureau.

We have been looking for the clause in the contract that refunds the deposit, but we can't find one. We plan to contact the Attorney General's office regarding UTC as well. Can you adivise us on how we may proceed and be successful with these people?

Please click the link below to confirm that United Truck Group is a horrible business.
Do not waste your hard-earned money and precious time with them. You will be in for a financial nightmare. This is the link from the Better Business Bureau in Mississippi. Read and know for yourself. DO NOT trust United Truck Group.

We would be willing to do whatever. We picked up our truck on Sat 3/20/10 and immediately realized we had been scammed. We are going back Mon.3/22/10 to return the truck and hopefully get our deposit back. We are now reading all of the negative responses pertaining to Truck Capital/United Truck Group and cant understand how they are still in business. Our dream was to own our own truck which we have been working hard to accomplish and now our families future is up in the air because of these scumbags. We as hard working truckers need to put a stop to this cruel scam. Please if you have any suggestions for us before we go back out there tomorrow feel free to let us know, and if there is anything we can do to help (lawsuit etc..) please let us know. Thank you.

Run as fast as u can from this place they will rob u blind

Please call us at 406-538-6800 x 204 or email operations at mcctrucks (dot) com have strong case against them with MS Atty General and am working on organizing a class action lawsuit.

If your credit is good go some where else. I ran into some major cash problems,and my credit went down the tube. went to them because they will take almost anything for a trade in. I traded in a pickup and a boat.
I got a truck, and it has been nothing but problems. i wish i was made to be a company diver.But i'm not. check the BBB and you'll see what i mean.


If you are looking in the Truck Paper or on the website they are also known there as NoCreditCK LLC

happy to see lawsuit

I would'nt have any problem helping out in a lawsuit. email me

United Truck Group

Have you ever heard of Bait and Switch? This is what United truck Group is all about. The get your Application fee and tell you your approved and just get there as soon as possible and you will be in the truck of your dreams. They will e-mail pictures of a truck and tell you the have your name on it and sell it before you get there. Some of the pictures on there wed site are of trucks that are not even in there inventory. We got there to buy the truck that we where promised and we where told that it was sold the day before to someone else. But they had a truck for us but it was a little more money but they were sure they could work something out. After sitting there for two days I was told unless I came up with three thousand more dollars there was nothing they could do for me.
Please do not waist your time or money because they will keep your application fee. plus there so called free warranty you pay for monthly.

United Truck Group

They are a joke and a bunch of loan sharks! They do not report to credit. They will try to repo the truck with 1 or 2 weeks behind. They require weekly payments. No grace period with a $100 late fee for being 1-day late. If you require any repairs within the first 30 days, they keep your truck for days on end with no work for you. They have no negotiations and no refunds. They will tell you that the Finance Company is NOT affiliated with them when they are directly affiliated with them and they even have lunch with the people daily. This is a RENTAL contract and not a purchase. They require that you RENT the trucks at crazy weekly costs for 12 months and then go out after that and find your own financing for their price of the truck.....What a joke- that is why you went to them. Do not trade your truck in or give them money. Within weeks you will be walking!.

I am interested in a happy class action lawsuit since they have an "F" rating with the BBB already and multiple complaints and issues. We need to ban together to KEEP bad people out of this industry for good. We are struggling as it is. RIP-OFFS have no place in our circle!

United Truck Group, FRAUDs and SCAMMERS

United Truck Group :LEGIT FRAUD: This company is a legit scam. Do not deal with this company. They sell poor quality equipment, absolute lemons. They are the WORST period. There program is designed for you to fail. When your rig breaksdown, it will be the begining of the end, cause it will breakdown over and over. Soon as you get on your feet and your less than a month behind your truck will be repoed via tracking device. These are real cutthroat savages selling real junk to real good people. Don't be fooled by the savy sales adds or you'll be sorry sooner than you know it. While there laughing at you all the way to the bank. Protect your investment, stay away from United Truck Group.

UTG cunsumer fraud

Anyone that has been taken by UTG need to join the class action. Go to the Mississippi attorny generals web site, print out the application and fax all your information to the Jackson office. fax# 610-359-4231

Nothing will get done if we dont stick together!!!


I want to join the class action lawsuit against united truck group, truck capital or what ever name they are going by this week. The fax # is 601-359-4231 for the Office of Consumer Protection Jim Hood, Attorney General State of Mississppi

Truck Capital/ No CREDIT CHEK

I purchased at truck at No Credit Check what a bad mistake. Up front they will not tell you the price. Then you have to use their insurance pay all taxes up front.I stayed there 4 days before the truck was ready for pickup at my expense. When I tryed to get tag what a joke, they will not let you have a title because its a rental. I had to registar it in Miss. 2400.00 and it took 1.5 weeks to get it.Then first trip out it broke down.I had the truck for 8 weeks and used the truck for only 2 weeks the other time it was broke down, it was finally towed back and I lost alot of money. SO BEWARE

 bought a truck from them last year and have had nothing but problems that they have refused to cover under their so called warranty. They gave us a "WE OWE" when we first got the truck that they still have not upheld to. They told us that the only way work could be done on the truck under warranty was to bring it to their shop. HELLO!!!! we dont live there. They have screwed us and sooooo many people its bad. I want to see them go down for this. Yes I still have my truck because I have to support my family. But hell, its getting harder and harder with all the money I have to put out to repair my #### "RENT A TRUCK". I want to know of everyone that really plans on doing something.

United Truck Ripoff

Please help me start a class action suit against United Truck by submitting your story to the consumer attorney link below. www attorneysforconsumers com

No Credit Check and Truck Capital, LLC

Believe what you hear. We are living the "nightmare" as we speak. I don't know what to do to get out, except to give them back their truck and lose everything. Bought (or should I say rented) a 2007 Pete from them on April 29, 2011. VERY expensive - saw guys there that had waited for days for their truck. We were lucky to get out in one day. Costs us $3000 a month from them. $520 rental, $25 crime coverage (?), $55 insurance. Mandatory to use their ins. and whatever crime coverage is (something about other people not obeying their rules). Then need to register in MS at another $175 per week for 12 weeks plus $299 down and pay 2290 up front 60 days in advance. $75 service charge on EVERYTHING, late fees up the rear everytime you turn around. I even tried to talk to the manager and he (Ralph Cox) won't return my calls. They act like they are two separate companies but they all sit next to each other in one crappy little building. Most of the trucks they advertise are not even on the lot!!! I am so disgusted and sick over this and they don't even care -- PAY UP OR ELSE WERE GONNA REPO YOUR TRUCK -- is all we get from our "Account Rep" Jeanette.

Run as fast as u can

we got a truck from them 2 mths ago and have been fighting tooth and nail They make it sound wonderful but what they dont tell u is at the end of ur 1 yr RENTAL AGREEMENT that most likely ur not gettin the truck but they will rent it too u again for another 10-15000 . I am in the process right now of trying to figure out how to press charges against these lying people they have taken everything from me and my family, i will not stand idly by while they do it to other good hard working truckers. So any of u who say u are interested in joining a lawsuit to see what we can do, feel free to contact me by email. If anyone has any ideas on how to get the lawsuit started im up for suggestions, but intend to try and do something about it. It is not right for them to take advantage of hard working people out here tryin to make a living and all they do is sit around on their butts and take ur money and lie about the promises they make.o PLEASE IF U ARE EVEN CONSIDERING GOING TO THIS PLACE CHECK THE BBB WEB SITE THEY HAVE A RATING OF F AND MANY COMPLAINTS ABOUT THEM, IF U STILL WANNA GO JUST ROLL DOWN UR WINDOW ON THE WAY AND THROW UR MONEY RIGHT OUT!!!!!!

I feel sorry for anyone taken by this outfit or the many others that operate the same way. The question is why would anyone lease a truck from an outfit that a little research would show is crooked.

Lease purchases have inherent problems such as lack of ownership. They encourage people that cant afford to purchase to try to acquire equipment that they seldom can afford. If you are considering this type of arraignment, you should be aware they are one-sided.

Give this some thought. Why would anyone offer equipment to anyone that most financial institutes have determined not to be creditworthy? And what quality will this equipment be? I am in no way talking down to anyone. I have personally ruined my credit twice over more than thirty years and nursed it back to health.

IMHO in one of these agreements, you will not find anything happening to you that could not have been predicted by research, reading the agreements or applying common sense. With all due respect these predators have their agreements drawn up by attorneys with only their well being in mind. I seriously doubt that they have acted in a way not backed by their agreement or lack thereof.

Anyone entering into these agreements should expect at the very least, unless otherwise noted in writing, the following:

1) A one-sided agreement,
2) High prices, fees, payments, late fees and interest,
3) First payment due in 7 days (it is a weekly contract),
4) Repossession if one week behind (you are behind one payment),
5) Repairs only available at the place of purchase,
6) No buyout or ownership at the end of term,
7) Nothing said by sales members is true, and
8 ) Only that which is in writing is true.

I understand why people, myself included, sometimes do things that are highly unlikely to succeed. What I dont understand is why they have such unrealistic expectations. I personally would only enter into an agreement such as this out of desperation and after much research. If I succeeded, I would be well aware that I had beaten the odds. If I failed I would understand that their predatory actions and my poor judgment were both to blame. I would cut my losses and swear to a better plan for the future.

If you act out of desperation, the outcome is seldom positive. People who arent desperate do not enter into lease purchase agreements. They save money, build credit, make a down payment and have operating capital. With all due respect, if you dont realize that a lease purchase is a desperate act that is a big part of the problem.

Sure this type of operations steals your dreams, but only if you allow it. Yes, many operate on bait and switch and also lie to you. The only thing you can prove is what is in writing. This type of operation continues to find victims in the same way that a con man does it. The victim is expecting to make a small investment for a big return and the deal is too good to be true. These scams can only work as long as there are willing victims. Read the agreement that you are about to sign, it is the only relevant truth. Remember in a lease, you own nothing.

Now some will slam me and think I am looking down on others. This is not the truth. I am a normal person with normal dreams. I have considered this type of agreement before and it would be perfect for me now as I try to get enough cash together to do this right. But the little voice in the back of my head wont allow me to do this.

some time back i almost bought a truck from them. i mean i had all the money to get it,5 down..and the 450 app fee. but i was questioning how they 'all the sudden sold it but had a nice one ready for me.' so i gave them my debit card # with a number off,on purpose,with a verbal agreement to not run until the following friday. the calls began wed.,thurs. and stopped friday.. they tried to run my card for the whole thing,5,450!,they were mad when the card wouldn't process... i wouldn't deal with them

owner operater

united truck group i went down there to buy one of there trucks nad was stuck in that place for what was a week trying to buy a truck and it was my first truck and they said that the truck i wanted was there but when i got off my plan i had know way to get there because thay would not pick up the phone so by the time i got to look at the truck i wanted it was not there. that is why i was there fore a week.


Do not go anywhere near them, all they want you to do is come in bring the down payment(5500-7500) on average then sign off on a bunch of paperwork. You have to run their plates, use their insurance and pay weekly.

To top it off you gotta pay the ifta, up front then have the plates paid for in 3months, thats alond with your 500-700 weekly payment..... Oh I forgot they put Caps on the drives and they will blow{lost 4 in a month). Word to the wise stay away.

You are required to make a payment 7 days after you sign the contract if you don't they will repo the truck. Did it to a friend of mine.

i delt with UTG for 2 years at a total lose. there crooks, and nobody in mississippi will do anything about it. i ended up returning there junk and walking away. if you want a good deal contact Damiron, in fremont IN. 5 to 7 grand down, 2 year lease, with a 1 dollar buyout. NO HIDDEN FEES. NO EXTRA ANYTHING. best thing i did was to get away from UTG.

If you want to tangle with the devil-go for it. This is the best hoax that I have both seen and experienced first hand! If you want a rental (no equity), want break downs with a false warranty, want to figure out how to get to Gulfport for service as they have no warranty protection outside, want to spend an excessive amount of time for delivery and/or repairs, want to be in the company of a bunch of pissed off truckers-YOU GOT IT-but there new shop is nice.

This is enough!!! Too many angry people with the same story. The picture is crystal clear, and with their new $15,000,000 facility we see who the winner in this is. Yes $15M, and they have the nerve to brag about it on their new How many families have been destroyed? This is disgusting! Change a name, rake in another $15M-disgusting!

Truck repair Quote on paper ($892.00) (2 Days to repair). 7 days later Surprise::: $2800.00 and it wont be done til saturday . Rotten lieing ########. Me::: I cant do that, I just had major spine surgery, 2 months off, just got back in the truck. Them::::We dont care, Pay the bill you get your truck.... Gonna be a long walk home !!!!!!!

"American Truck Group" WARNING, BEWARE, STAY AWAY !!!!!!!!!

This is a company that says their about truckers, NOT TRUE !!! The only thing their about is taking advantage of people with less than perfect credit!! Please don't make the same mistake that myself and thousands of others have, its deffinatly not worth the headaches or the after math you have to endure, my story is very long, if you would like more info about my absolute horrible expierence, please contact me.


Always do your research before you throw away your hard earned money..This company has been on the do not ###@ with list for years.Sorry for your lost but leason learned..

Guy you need to run just as far as you can run from these people they will do nothing but tell you what you want to hear I just got done dealing with these people and there nothing but a joke somebody needs to but these guys out of business they give the trucking industry a bad name you can go on and see they have several complaint with the Better Business Bureau.

These the folks in MS that sell / rent late model high mileage stuff for like 8 grand down cash or trade?

Same folks that say in the ad that to get warranty it has to be administered at their shop? Provided you've faxed in all reciepts for required maintinence...same folks?

That who we're talking about? Yes, but they are constantly changing their name to try and fool people.

The word needs to get out by mouth they put this big nice add in the trucker paper all there doing is preying on the young kids that are just trying to get into the trucking business and want to be owner operators there are better ways to go about this than let some company rip them off.

More to come and thank you for your time.

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