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Apple Fort Worth University

  • Submitted: Sun, April 27, 2014
  • Updated: Wed, July 09, 2014

  • Reported By: Darlene — Fort Worth Texas
Apple Fort Worth University
1620 S. University Drive Fort Worth, Texas USA

Apple Fort Worth University Fort Worth Apple Store at University Park Village - 817-840-9801 Return policy, unethical behavior, conversation goading, accusatory, derogatory remarks, passive aggressive, conspiratorial practices Fort Worth Texas

*Author of original report: WTF are you talking about? You didn't even read the original post!

*Author of original report: They've updated their tactics.

*Author of original report: Found Apple files causing the issue

*Author of original report: This is an UPDATE - NOT A REBUTTAL

*Author of original report: You didn't even read my report, did you?

*General Comment: ?

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Hi, I went to the Apple Store at University Park Village in Fort Worth, Texas (76107) - tel:817-840-9801 in early December 2013.  I bought an iPhone 5s, an iPad Air, and a Mac Book Pro.  The total was quite a lot of money, which I paid in cash.  The iPad and the 5s were for me, and the Mac Book was a gift for someone.  

When I was about to present the gift, my friend surprised me with the news that she just bought an iPad.  :))  I took the Mac Book back since she thought it was too much and that her iPad was more to her liking.  At the Apple store they told me that they'd be happy to accept my return.  They took the computer, and the reciept, and returned handing back the receipt.  I asked, "where's my money?"  They said that a check will be mailed in 7-10 business days, because the cost of the computer was too much money to pay out in cash.  I thought that was odd, as the store was always busy and it was about 4 pm, so the banks were still open.  But, I thought, "ok, no big deal.  It's Apple, and it's not like they are going to rip me off or anything.  If they said 7-10 business days, it's going to be 7-10 business days."



Around Chrismas time, about 20 business days later, still no check.  I called the store.  They said that because of Christmas the mail must be running slow.  I thought, "ok.  That sounds reasonable."  


The middle of January, I called the store:

Me: Sorry, I'm getting a little irritated now.  Where's my check?

Store: (reversing it) You don't have it?

Me: Um!  NO!

Store: Ok. What's your name?

Me: What?  How can you ask me that after you've already sounded surprised that "I didn't have it"?

Store:  Well, I know about the case because other people told me, but I've never talked to you before.

Me: I see.  My name is ^%&&^*&^. 

Store:  What's your phone number?

Me:  It's not there in the system?  I gave you my name, isn't it there?

Store:  I have it up on the system, but there's no phone number?

Me:  I know I gave it to them at the time of purchase, again when they informed me about the check mailing process, and when I called asking for about my check.

Store: If you give it to me again, I'll put in in the system.

Me:  My number is 555-5555.

Store:  Ok, we'll call you back when we know something.

Me:  Will that be today?

Store:  I don't know.

Me: Ok. 

 Two weeks later: Early February!

Me: (calling Apple Customer Service) "Hi, I am ^%&^&%&^%%^$, and my phone number is 555-5555, and I am calling about an issue and to see where my refund check is.

Apple CS:  What's the issue reference number?

Me:  No ones given me one.  Can't you look it by my name?

ACS:  If it was with us, we'd be able to, but your issue is with a store, and they have their own reference numbers.  

Me:  Well, then I need to file a complaint.  

ACS: What's the nature of your complaint?

Me: (explained - got transferred to another area - got hung up on - rinse and repeat two more times)

ACS:  We don't show in our systems that there was a refund.  What's your name and phone number?

Me:  I gave that to everyone I've spoken to throughout this process, and it's not in the system?

ACS: That's right.  What's your name and phone number please?

Me:  You FN shyts.  WTF is going on over there?  I want my money?

ACS:  Sir, your words offend me.  (click).

Me: (calling the store) Hi.  I'm calling for my money.  You know who this is!

Store:  Hi.  I was hoping you'd call.  We lost your phone number.   What's your name again?

Me:  GD, at least you guys can pretend you've already spent my money on your families instead of acting like you don't know who I am!

Store:  No one's stolen your money, we are trying very hard to help you with your issues.  

Me: "My issues?!"  Are you mad?!!

Store:  Sir.  When you calm down, call us back (click).

Me:  (called back) When I calm down?!  If that's at the top of your list of what's wrong here, then you're not mad, you're stupid!  You guys owe me money!  And I want my money.  Today!

 I got my check in late Februrary!  

 Fast forward to April 21st, 2014.  I have my own Mac that I bought in 2011 - it's 3 years old, and I've only had one thing go wrong with it, and that was caused by me.   On the first DAY I was at a McDonalds, and I spilt my coffee on it.  I took it in to have it fixed.  They fixed it (yes, I had to pay for that.).  And like I said, that was on the same day I bought the computer, but I haven't had any major issues with the computer since.  There have been the normal glitches and software stuff, but that's it.  

I am a University student and I need my computer for school.  The Apple Store at University Park is the only Apple Store near me, and I've been told to only trust Apple to work on an Apple.  So, I took it to the Apple Store at University Park, thinking that everything with the check was an administrative thing and that the tech people have nothing to do with that, and besides, they all seem reasonable enough.  This turned out to be a mistake on my part.

On April 21st I went in because I couldn't access my external hard drives through my USB ports.  I kept getting an error about too much power, and even using the online forums and FAQ's pages I wasn't able to resolve it.  The first Apple tech (we'll call her Fawn), hooked up to their network and later took it to the back to "look at it".  She came back and said she'd found nothing unusual.  Hooked up my computer to their network again and later determined that the issue was the cable I was using.  I left.  No problems

On April 22nd, I decided to upgrade my O/S to Mavericks.  I off loaded all of my software and content, then followed the directions.  At the end of it, there were pop ups that required me to unlock my keychains.  So, the only way I could operate my computer was with the keychains unlocked.  Understand that I have NOT installed any third party software at this point.  I've just made a clean install of the Mavericks O/S and started getting the error messages.

I took my computer to the Apple Store.  The second "genious" (I'll call her Dawn) told me that this it was normal to get pop-up errors because there are known errors with Mavericks' keychains.  I explained that I searched online at the Apple forums, but saw only scattered comments about keychains, but nothing that addressed this particular issue.  She didn't reply right away.  First, she took my computer to the back, saying she needed to check something first.  When she came back (about 5 minutes later) she went in and deleted some keychains, and then loaded a keychain from the Apple network.  She then explained that this will fix the problem.  And when she was finished, she showed me that there were no more errors popping up.  And she was right, but only because the key chains were unlocked.  I locked the keychains up agian, right there in front of her, and the errors started popping up again.

Me:  The problem is still the same.  Nothings been fixed.

Dawn: I can't speak to 3rd party software.

Me:  I haven't installed anything.  The install is clean.  Only the Apple O/S is there.

Dawn:  Just unlock the keychains and work the computer that way.

Me: That's going to expose me to security breaches.

Dawn: Again, I can't speak to 3rd party software.

Me:  Are you saying that there's something installed on the computer that I'm not aware of.  Spyware?

Dawn:  No.  I thought you said there was nothing on the computer except the O/S?

Me:  I did!  What the hell!  You're the one saying that there's something else on the computer because "you can't speak or vouch for 3rd party software."

Dawn:  I don't know what to tell you.  I've done everything I can do, and your computer works fine, all you need to do is work with your keychains unlocked.

Me: (leaving) Yea. Thanks.

At Starbucks in the same shopping center 5 minutes later, I sat down, booted my computer and low and behold my cursor won't stay still.  The cursor had a mind of its own.  It jumped around the screen, not obeying hand gestures or finger swipe commands.  I hopped on my iPad to try and find a solution, to no avail.  Someone suggested that I reinstall the O/S again and just work with the keychains open.  So, I did that, making certain that I deleted the entire volume (the settings were NOT left intact - they were deleted).  It didn't work, the cursor issue persisted.

I had to write 3 research papers for my classes, so, I put this on hold a few days, but had to work with school computers and my iPad to get the work done.  That was a big headache.

Two days later.  At the Apple Store.  A tech on the floor said he didn't understand what was going on with the computer and that the previous tech shouldn't have had to delete anything and that there are no known issues with Mavericks' keychains, but that there are sometimes problems, but those issues aren't systemic.    He suggested that I reinstall making sure that I delete the whole hard drive.  I explained I've already done that.  He said, do it again.  I went hom, and did it again.

Yesterday, April 24th I went in and saw "Fawn" (the first tech) again.  I explained the problem, and the only thing I could come up with was that I could have spyware on my computer and by installing Mavericks I've corrupted the files somehow.  She said, that in order for that to happen, I'd have to hand my computer to someone, give them the passwords or administrator rights, and then they'd have to install the malware.  And that if I did all of that, "you deserve to have malware on your computer."  She said that the issue was a failing trackpad, and that it was going to cost $90 to replace, and they could do it in-house.  I said that was fine.  In my own defense I said, "I find it highly unusual that I have brought my computer in here with a minor issue that turned out to be an external cable but since then I've had nothing but problems since then, and that I have released my computer to others and the others did have all of the access rights that you mentioned, and that all of those people have been Apple techs."

She said he wanted to go into the back and have a look at it. She was gone a long time (20 minutes?).  When she came back she (acting, talking, and mannerism have changed to aggressive) and said, "I opened it up and noticed there was a stain on the board and that someone has superglued the board to the body, and for that we'd need to send it in, and that'll cost about $750."  

Me: So, basically, almost a whole new computer?

Fawn: Yes.  

Me:  (putting her change in demeener and change of price and the oddness of my computer together, then considering the odds on all of this occurring after they've taken my computer to the back and my computer situation is only getting worse and worse) I can't help but sense that all of this is retaliation for my complaints at the corporate office about my computer check refund.

Fawn:  (staring at me hard now) Well, it's going to be $750 to fix it.  

Me:  I can't just pay $750 to fix a computer that's never had any issues until now.  I want to know why?  I think that if I'd never brought it here I'd still be using it happily.  This appears to be retailliation.

Fawn:  Well, if you're not going to send it in, and there's nothing that we can do for you in-house, then I guess you're done with me?

Me:  Well, yea, I guess so.  But, I still have questions about why my computer is acting this way all of a sudden.  

Fawn:  It's a faulty trackpad, spilt liquid, and superglue.  

Me:  I've only had Apple work on my computer.  I bought it from Apple.  

Fawn:  Someone tried to glue the feet on and glued the board.  The stains on the inside means that someone dropped something on it.

Me:  That was me.  I did that on the first day I got the computer.  It's been fixed.  It was fixed at Apple in California.

Fawn:  We don't have a record of this computer ever being fixed at Apple?

Me:  Really?   Where do you show it was bought?

Fawn:  (at first she said the system doesn't tell her that - then a minute later) Oh, here it says that it was bought at a Best Buy.

Me:  Ok. 

Fawn:  Anything else?

Me:  No.  I guess not.

 April 27th I'm writing this report.  In the final analysis:

Regardless of where the computer was bought, the stains are years old.  As for the glued feet, I have no idea about that.  One of the techs have to have done it.  If we say that the tech that repaired the stain on day one, then we can say that the computer has never been negatively affected by the glue.

We can then say that the only other people to touch my computer after that were at University Park, and each of them had taken my computer to the back on each visit.  I had a tech tell me that if I had ever relinquished control of my computer to anyone then I deserved to get hacked.  And all of the aforementioned issues got stacked, one-upon-another, in retaliation because I returned a Mac Book Pro and then raised hell at the corporate office.  

Yes, I wasn't kind nearing the end of the check ordeal, but then I think any sane person would have been pissed.  And if you ad on top of that that it was obvious that the store was trying to ditch me, as well as the home office pasing me from one 2 hour conversation after another ending in "hang-ups", "disconnections", "dropped calls", and "no call backs" after another.l

I really like the Apple products and own iPhones 3G/3GS/4/ and 5s, iPad Air, and a MacBook Pro.  It's shame, as a student I need that computer and that University Park is the closest Apple store to me, but that they've taken to retalitory tactics in order to destroy my computer which in turn hinders my academic abilities, but now they are also costing me money with their antics?  It's not right.  

If someone is going to rebuttal here, make sure you're not just writing how nice they are, because everyone's to the people who don't challenge them.  Hitler was nice to other Germans.  Saddam Hussain was nice to people of his Tribe.  Slobadan Milosovic was nice to those under his rule.  Karzi is nice to American Presidents because we give him money.  Do you see?  Everyone's nice, so reply with something substantial.

Also, the names have been changed to protect the party's identies, so if YOU name them then YOU'RE to blame.  The purpose of this post is to warn others - if you have a legitimate gripe (let's say they owe you $1750 USD's and they aren't paying you) and you get upset about it, don't take your stuff there to get fixed because they will destroy your stuff.

And be warned, if they can do that to my computer over a network, then just think what else they can do:  they could put stuff on your computer (child porn), they can steal your passwords and your identity, they could make it look like you stole things (set up a p.o.box, steal someone elses credit card numbers, buy something, and have it sent to the p.o.box), the list is endless.

This report was posted on Ripoff Report on 04/27/2014 05:50 AM and is a permanent record located here: http://www.ripoffreport.com/reports/apple-fort-worth-university/fort-worth-texas-76107/apple-fort-worth-university-fort-worth-apple-store-at-university-park-village-817-840-9-1142071. The posting time indicated is Arizona local time. Arizona does not observe daylight savings so the post time may be Mountain or Pacific depending on the time of year.

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Updates & Rebuttals

#1 Author of original report

WTF are you talking about? You didn't even read the original post!

AUTHOR: Darlene - ()


AUTHOR: Anonymous - ()

What was wrong with it? Did you ever contact customer care? Did you ever seek service? Maybe you got a faulty phone? That happens with electronics sometimes. This is hardly a ripoff. 



You're not qualified to respond to the post you troll.  You didn't even read the post.  You're talking about a "phone".  It's very clear that we are talking about a track-pad on a computer.  File a redaction of your response.  I bet you're one of the people from Apple that's using your access to "supposedly" secured information for your own personal purposes and gains.  You're worse than the Nigerian internet theives, because you're supposed to be trusted individuals.  

This is totally a case where a class-action lawsuit needs to be filed to extract the network information files so the public can be protected from your unethical turds.  You know, Americans everywhere rail against government entities like the NSA, the CIA, and the FBI because they invade our privacy, but we do so because those entities are government and are beholden to the American people, and as such their invasions become a matter of public record, but what about those that affect the communities that they serve as private industry:  e.g. Apple Tech Support.  

This is such a case.  I went into Apple, and sat at the "Genious" Bar and got hustled.  My computer got worse and worse with each visit, and in the end they told me that this cascade affect happens, and that it was going to cost me $750 USD's to fix it.  They are no better than an old garage mechnic that would tell the little old lady that everything in her car was broken and needed to be fixed for as little as $9,000. Total theives.

I smell class-action lawsuit. 

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#2 Author of original report

They've updated their tactics.

AUTHOR: Darlene - ()

Hi Annonymous Rebutte Guy,

I'm certain now that you're from the Apple Store.  The mouse issue has now migrated to being installed on the SMC, instead of the PRAM.  And it only occurs when I am connected to the internet, which is how you're affecting my computer.  That's hacking and harassment rolled into one.  We'll call it "hack-rassment" or "ha-racking".

Something I didn't pick up from the recording, but a friend did.  The "genious'" all told me that there was no way to turn off the trackpad.  A fact that is not correct.  There is a preference toggle in the Accessibilities pane that allows me to turn off the built in trackpad when a mouse is connected.  

Keep it up Apple at University Park, you're helping to build my case.  I am filming all of it, right down to reboots that aren't connected to the internet that do NOT produce the issue.  It's definitely Apple doing this to my computer, my school work, and my personal life.  It's taking me way off my schedule, it's costing me time and money, and it's frustrating, and I am being personally and intimately damaged by your actions.  But, I wil continue to document and investigate until such time that you stop your actions, or until I can do something legal about it.



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#3 Author of original report

Found Apple files causing the issue

AUTHOR: Darlene - ()

Hello World!

It took me a lot of time, headaches, and personal grief and frustrations, and lost sleep, but I did it.  I refused to beleive that the issues above were all sudden and systematic cascading computer failures which helped in part to drive me to resolve the issues.  

I located a set of files that appeared to be duplicates of other files that they were next to: Example:

com.apple.trackpadpreferences.plist VS. com.apple.trackpadpreferences.remote.loading.plist

And going with the idea that my computer was a worthless peice if junk if I didn't fix the issues, I reasoned that it would be ok to delete the files.  That's exactly what I did.  I selected all, and hit delete.  After doing that, I did NOT go onto the internet for about 15 hours, and my computer was fine fine fine.  Then, I went on the internet, and lo-and-behold, the trackpad issue was back, along with a growing number of those files mentiloned about.  I say growing, because now there were more of them.  

I got off the internet, went back to the location of where those files were, and deleted them again, checked my trackpad (it was fine), rebooted my computer, checked my trackpad (it was fine), backed up my computer, checked my trackpad (it was fine), rebooted my computer, then, checked my trackpad (it was fine), and then waited a day before I got back on the interent, checked my trackpad (it was fine), then waited a few more days before I posted my results here to demonstrate that the continued issues were created by Apple, and later perpetrated by Apple in escalating the issues and the repair price, and then in retaliation for my posting my original RipOffReport.

The problems on my computer are fixed.  It has no issues other than cosmetic wear and tear.  And it's been this way for a number of days without a single failure in any of the aforementioned areas listed in the original post.  I should note that the method of Apple malware infection could be automated, and could be set to seek out and infect my computer (or yours) at their leisure.  I am saying that Apple's harassment via malware against me could have been done either manually or as an automated process, either time specific (wheneever they felt like it) and/or using a randomly generated executable.  And that, in any case, they have had access to all of my keys (passwords and usernames) that I used, they had access to my cloud and everything on it, my email addresses and their files attachments, and photos.  They had access to my personal communications, including love letters and all that goes on between lovers, family conversations, arguements, and discussions, business dealings, resumes, university grades, classes, postings, credit cards, debt cards, those pin numbers, federal student aide paperwork and information, banking account numbers, loan applications, loan information, my creditors, iTunes, PayPal, NetFlix, FaceBook, Hotmail, Yahoo, Norton's, 3 digit credit card code, credit card expiration date, social security number, addresses, online user names, facebook, license number, VIN numbers, license plate numbers, email contacts, friends' names, addresses, company names, addresses, and phone numbers, doctor's information, address, and reasons why I would have gone to them, dentist information and the reasons why I would have gone to them, insurance agency information, what cars I drive, their color, my driving habits, DMV records and any violtions that I might have had, police records, and arrest records.  They had access, and will continue to have access, to these things.  They will have continued access becuase they could just write these things down, or print them out.  

And to whoever says that Apple isn't going to use and abuse your information, then I offer that they shouldn't have systematically harassed me, but they did.  And since they've already exhibited aborant behavior, it isn't beyand their lack of morlity to sell my information to other career criminals, thereby removing themselves from the chain of blame while ensuring that I will be abused more in the future.

And to those that would say, "most of those things are secured connections" I would inform you that using the "man in the middle technique" as well as having unfettered access to keychains at the Apple servers gives Apple a unique perspective in that they are a "trusted" site and that they can access your information in various ways.  And again, there is no reason to suspect that they would NOT abuse their position, especially given their persecusion of me.

I am so distraught and bothered by all of these events and attacks that I have been physically ill.  I've lost lots of sleep, and put off many other things in order to address the problems they caused.  My life has been put on hold due to their actions.

Anyone who has ever had an issue with Apple University Park in Fort Worth, Texas is urged to reply or contact me through this RipOffReport.  I have my settins set to alert me whenenver there is an update or rebuttal or response to this thread.  

I would like to say thank you to RipOffReport for offerring their services in this very consumer matter.  It is important that corporations, especially large corporations, such as Apple, behave in ethical and trustworthy ways.  As Americans We rail agasint our government when they seek to engage in activities that infringe on our Rights to freely be ourselves, which includes our sexuality, our privacy, our property, and how we spend our free time, to name a few.  So, it should be that with the rise of mega-corporations that American's should treat other American's with the same respect that they expect of their government when they are themselves are in a position of authority or poiwer in which they could abuse.  That is, American's should act as they want their government to act towards them when they are in a position that they could abuse another:  they should choose to not abuse someone else, regardless of who tells you to do the abusing.

There were plenty of n**i's who pulled the trigger on a life in the concentration camps in Hitler's Germany.  And a nearly equal number of those trigger pullers got off by claiming, "we were just following orders".  This is a claim that let those triggermen get off.  It is also a position that I do not share.  I think that they themselves should have been shot, because "just following orders", and, "just doing what you were told to do", or, "because I was told they deserved it" aren't acceptable enough to excuse their personal actions in the events, as any living, thinking, and breathing human would ask, "have I heard another perspective on the position I'm being told" in order to at least give the condemned a chance to vioce their take on their own branding.


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#4 Author of original report


AUTHOR: Darlene - ()


I wrote the original report this morning around 9 a.m., and it posted to this website around 1 pm. California time.  The time right now is 2 pm California time.  The time is important to the update, because it could help others understand what Apple at University Park Village did and it certainly helps prove conspiracy on their part.

After writing the original report, at around 9 a.m., I got to work trying to fix the issue myself.  I reasoned my trying to do so this way:

1. I was having a hard time imagining that I just won the Multi-State lottery, because I would have had to have beaten those odds in order for everything to have happened to me and my computer.  If you crunch the odds using the number of different issues, with the number of "possible" excuses and fixes they posed, with sequentially worse and worse issues and costs to fix the issues as the scenario progressed, you end up with so many combinations that the odds are better for me to have matched all of the numbers for a Multi-State lottery.  

The USB issue was the original issue which they used to gain access to my computer - and it was a real issue - but after that:

1. error messages

2. keychain problems

3. recurring keychain problems

4. stains in the computer

5. superglued parts

6. cursor jumping

7. track pad failure

8. logic board issue

Then there were the "fixes"

1. took the computer to the back to look at it

2. took the computer to the back to look at it

3. took the computer to the back to look at it (yes, three times)

4. the original $90 to fix the issue

5. the upgraded $750 to fix the issue

6. third party software issue

7. delete keychains

8. inserted a keychain

9. buy a new computer (something I almost did)

The AppleGenious-Con-Progression

1. each time I brought them my computer, it got worse and worse (so that's three times right there



4. they offered to fix it for $90

5. they took it to the back and upgraded that cost to $750

6. and barring that fix, they said buy a new computer because there's no way to turn off the trackpad.


Right now the time is 2:20pm California time (I am in Texas, but RipoffReport measures their time in California).

I HAVE FIXED MY COMPUTER.  There was nothing wrong with the track pad - there was no issue with "the stain" - I didn't need a new computer - I didn't have to pay to have someone get past the superglue they put there (I'm convinced that's what happened otherwise how could they know what the product was holding the inners together?  The first thing I thought was that "the stain" stuck the parts together - but he was adament it was SUPERGLUE).

The problem was something called the VPRAM.  It needed to be "reset".  It requires a reboot while holding down a key combination (COMMAND + P + R).

Now, I ask you!  Does that sound like something that the Genius guys should have known, especially after I had told them, and they helped me, reinstall Mavericks, since a resetting of the VPRAM is a suggested step to make certain that its reset?  It does to me.  So, if we toss in the fact that I gave them hell about them taking my money, plus the progression of error occurrances, and their now defunct help, I ask: "does that sound like a conspiracy to charge more for services as well as ruthless sales tactics to you?"  It does to me.

I think for my troubles, and the anguish this has caused me that they should be sued in a classaction lawsuit - I can't be the only person they are attacking.

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#5 Author of original report

You didn't even read my report, did you?

AUTHOR: Darlene - ()



#1 General Comment


AUTHOR: Anonymous - ()

What was wrong with it? Did you ever contact customer care? Did you ever seek service? Maybe you got a faulty phone? That happens with electronics sometimes. This is hardly a ripoff. 




You didn't even read my report, did you?  I think you're a troll, that's what I think.  I also think that you accessed my account and cancelled my request to post that rebuttal.  So, that means you've had access to my computer at some point and time, at which time you put spyware on my computer.  That's the bad news, the good news is that I will be sending this computer to the FBI and letting them check it out  

I'll also be sure to tell that you guys at Apple Fort Worth have also taken to (as of yesterday) again adding the mouse issue, as well as (as of today) turning off my keyboard as a means of harassing me and abusing your powers against citizens who trust you to work on their computers.  

Good luck trying to remove your spyware without me bringing my computer to you first.

This is the second attempt at writing a rebuttal, and this is the second time I've videoed the posting attempt.


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AUTHOR: Anonymous - ()

What was wrong with it? Did you ever contact customer care? Did you ever seek service? Maybe you got a faulty phone? That happens with electronics sometimes. This is hardly a ripoff. 

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