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Complaint Review: Aspire Lending

  • Submitted: Tue, November 26, 2013
  • Updated: Wed, February 25, 2015
  • Reported By: Kim — Austin Texas
  • Aspire Lending
    4100 Alpha Rd. # 400 Dallas, Tx. 75244
    Dallas, Texas

Aspire Lending Texas Lending Aspire Lending Failed To Do Their Do Diligence In Performing Their Expertise & Mislead Me For Nearly 5 Months In Approving Me For A Loan I Clearly Never should Have Got & Now Rendered My Daughter & I Along With All Our Pets & Belongings HOMELESS! Dallas Texas

*Consumer Comment: The Laundry List Of Fraud By Aspire Lending



*General Comment: Assumption....

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COMPLAINT ACTIVITY REPORT  Case #91258046    BBB Serving Dallas and Northeast Texas


Consumer Info:    Hogan, Kimberly    Business Info:TexasLending. [continued below]....




Location Involved:    (Same as above)


Consumer's Original Complaint :

I was approved for a loan, then the week prior to closing on the house Aspire Lending rejected my loan, due to a BIG mistake they admit they made! 

I was approved for a loan for $100,000 by Aspire Lending Months ago, before I decided to put my home in Colorado up for sale in order to move back near family and friends to Austin Texas.  Putting my Colorado home on the market for sale was NOT an option until being 100% sure I could be approved for another loan in order to purchase a new home in the Austin area!  I supplied Aspire Lending with all the proof of income standard procedure documents required for a lender to review in order to approve or disapprove of a loan (tax returns, bank statements, child support decree ext.....ext....), and I was approved for a loan up to $100,000.  After feeling secure with the approved loan that I was approved, and had nothing to worry about, I then decided to list my Colorado home on the market for sale in order to move to back to Austin.  I got a buyer for my home, closed, and moved down to Austin the second week of April into an extended stay hotel, meanwhile looking for a new home to buy.  I had found a foreclosure home I & my daughter really liked, so I bid on the home ($92,101),won the bid, and started going through all the processes & document signing, even had the Inspection done, and paid $1000 in Earnest Money.  We even had the closing date given to us of 6/23/13, which I have all the proof & documents to show.  The week prior to closing I get a phone call from my lender stating they have rejected my loan, due to they could not use my daughter's child support as a source of income, that there was a 3 year limit on using child support as a source of income, and being my daughter was about to turn 16 they could not use the child support income as a source.  I told them her child support would actually be extended 4 more years for college, they said they couldn't count that unless she was already in college and receiving the college child support extension.  I then supplied them with the family law child support link, which states a custodial parent is not to apply for the extension until the child is applying for colleges.  That still made no difference to them, that the lending world rules were the rules and they could not change them.  TheMajor issue here is that when I applied for the approved loan, and supplied them with all the income proof documentation & "child support decree", it clearly had my daughter's age date and year of her birth, and these unprofessional misleading lenders approved my loan without catching that MAJOR Detail!  Rejecting my loan now, due to their admitted "Big Mistake" (which I have audio tapped phone call recordings with the VP of Aspire Lending admitting they made a "Big Mistake", and he verbally apologized to me too), has now rendered my daughter and I (along with all our pets) homeless!  Aspire Lending's "Big Mistake" has also pulled my "Home Business" right out from under me too, due to I have no home now to run my business out of!  All my belongings are in storage, and I'm bouncing around from hotel to family & friend's places to live.  I was relying on this closing of this new home to move into to transfer my business license to that address.  Now I have nowhere to set up my home business office at.  If Aspire Lending would have done their job right, and paid attention to details, and caught that MAJOR Detail of the age of my daughter, and would have given me any sort of a heads up that her child support income could become an issue, I NEVER would have sold my Colorado home (which has increased in value by 15% this past month alone!), and I would still have a home, a home office to practice out of, and be building more equity on my house!  Aspire Lending has destroyed my daughter's & my life, our well being, and peace of mind, and source of income (home office + building equity of sold home!)!  The VP of Aspire Lending was supposed to make me a resolution offer "to make everyone happy" by this past Monday 6/17/13 in order to avoid a Lawsuit, and once again Aspire Lending failed me yet again! 


Consumer's Desired Resolution:

I was mislead to believe I would have and be "in" my new home after closing this past Sunday 6/23/13!  I want a house!  How do you put a price on what they have done to my daughter, myself, and my career (source of income!)???  I want a house in the amount I was approved by them for $100,000!  I have recorded both conversations with the VP of Aspire Lending, the 1st of which he admitted they made a "Big Mistake" also apologizing for it & he promised me a resolution offer by 6/17/13 (which I never received), and the 2nd conversation where he denied me any sort of a resolution offer & directed me to their corporate attorney for any further correspondence on this matter.  I have not contacted the corporate attorney at this time.  I am set to file a lawsuit next if need be.  I have all the proof via recordings, documents, and witnesses to easily win a case against Aspire Lending, and they know this fact, therefore I am amazed they are not trying to do something.....anything to "make everyone happy" like the VP promised.  I need resolution, something, anything asap........I am homeless thanks to Aspire Lending's Admitted (audio recorded) "Big Mistake"!


BBB Processing 


06/27/2013      web    BBB    Case Received by BBB

06/28/2013      will    BBB    Case Reviewed by BBB - Member

06/28/2013      Otto    EMAIL    Send Acknowledgement to Consumer

06/28/2013      Otto    EMAIL    Notify Business of Dispute - Member

07/16/2013      OttO    BBB    No response to first notice to member

07/16/2013      OttO    EMAIL    Reminder of Dispute to Business - Member

07/16/2013      WEB    BBB    RECEIVE BUSINESS RESPONSE : The client came to us in January of this year and requested assistance with a purchase loan for a h*ome in Texas.  At that time, the client had not found a house to purchase yet but indicated she was selling her home in Colorado in anticipation of the move.  The client was hoping to qualify for a loan based on child support payments and income earned as a self-employed massage therapist.  Based on the preliminary income information provided by the client (tax return and child support payment history), the loan officer issued a letter pre-qualifying her for a loan of up to $100,000 on 2/1/13.  The client sold her Colorado home on 4/9/13 and moved back to Texas where she indicated she was staying with her mother.  On May 22, she found a home in Texas she wanted to purchase.  On 5/29/13, the client provided our office with the child support order at which time we learned the child support payment obligation expired in less than three years.  In order to qualify as income on a loan the borrower must provide proof that they will be receiving child support for a minimum additional three years.  Prior to receiving a copy of the child support order, we did not know when the payment obligation expired as child support obligations can be lifted at a variety of ages.  In addition, the client did not have an active Texas massage therapist license and indicated she was in the process of applying for it but had not yet received approval.  Without proof of the ability to work in Texas and a child support obligation of less than three years, we were unable to approve her for a loan.  

07/17/2013      LAY    EMAIL    Forward Business response to Consumer

07/18/2013      WEB    BBB    CUSTOMER DISSAT - MEMBER COMPANY - BBB REVIEW : (The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)

    What this whole case boils down to is really quite simple, Aspire Lending was negligent and deceptive in "pre-qualifying" me for a $100,000 loan, by failing to exercise and perform their expertise with do diligence, in order to discover their grossly overlooked "terms and conditions" for loan applicants who are using child support as one of their sources of income.  If Aspire Lending would have exercised care and skill in their profession, and were educated on the rules of Child Support as a source of income for loan approval, let's face it.........I never would have made it to "Pre-Qualified" Status, and never would have been deceived and Mislead for a full 4 1/2 Months!  I relied on Aspire Lending's Expertise in their field to assist me, and instead I was negligently mislead, which now basically has rendered my daughter & I homeless.


    I would like to correct and clarify a few of Aspire Lending's claims in their rebuttal: 

    -I did apply for the loan in January 2013.

    -I was "pre-qualified" for the loan on 2/1/13 via the Preliminary Income Information Documents (tax returns, bank statements, child support paperwork) and proof that I ran my own business as a Massage Therapist and Reiki Master Teacher, which letters from clients were also supplied to prove income.  The fact that my Massage License wasn't currently transferred back over to the State of Texas yet was never mentioned before at all until reading this Rebuttal from Aspire Lending today.  I perform Reiki Healings & Teach Reiki Globally, which is Not a monitored or licensed profession by any State, so therefore I am Not hindered by the inability to work like  Aspire Lending claims in the last sentence of their rebuttal.

    -One Month After "Pre-Qualifying" with Aspire Lending I then listed my house in Colorado on the MLS on 3/2/13 with a Keller-Williams Realtor and had a buyer by 3/6/13.

    -On 4/9/13 I closed on my Colorado Home, and arrived in Austin on 4/11/13.

    -On 4/12/13 after unloading my U-Haul rentals of my belongings into a storage facility, I checked into Crossland Economy Studios Extended Stay Hotel in NW Austin for nearly One Month, and since then have been bouncing between friends and family to stay with.  Presently I'm continuously looking for housing, rent/rent to own/purchase with a co-signer/owner finance, whatever I can find that will do for my daughter, pets, and myself.

    -I am using my mother's address as a temporary address for receiving my mail and statements etc.   

    -On 5/13/13 I won the Bid on a house for $92,101.

    -On 5/17/13 I had the Home Inspection done, and also had paid the $1000 Earnest Money by then.

    Meanwhile 3 1/2 Months had gone by since being "Pre-Qualified" for a Loan I clearly never should have been pre-approved for, due to the Major Negligent Overlooking of the fact of my daughter's age, and the lending rules that apply for using child support as a source of income for loan approval. Due to the fact that (which Aspire Lending also Admits in their own words written in their above rebuttal),"child support obligations could be lifted at a variety of ages", proves that Aspire Lending was Negligent & Misleading to me with a "Pre-Qualification" by failing to research and inquire immediately on my daughter's age.  Aspire Lending failed to do their do diligence with my loan.

    -On 5/29/13 (according to Aspire Lending's Rebuttal) the lender discovered they grossly overlooked & failed to acquire the fact that my daughter's child support would expire in less than 3 years. I'd also like to know why Aspire Lending waited an extra 2 weeks until June 11th 2013 (Only 12 Days Prior To Closing on 6/23/13) to inform me of their discovery of this Major Issue with the loan approval?  I should have been notified immediately upon their discovery!

    -Aspire Lending Claim in their Rebuttal that in addition to the child support income issue, they  were unable to approve my loan due to I not having my Massage License Transferred back over to Texas yet, and hence that disproves my ability to work in Texas.  They overlooked the fact that I am also a Reiki Master Teacher, which is not a monitored and licensed profession, and that I continuously practice & teach Reiki Globally as a source of income.  Irregardless, the fact is I was rejected the Loan first & foremost due to the child support income issue, and to only now mention the Massage License issue is an obvious  attempt to do damage control over their Huge (admitted by Aspire Lending's Vice President "Big Mistake" & Apology, which I have audio recorded, along with his promise to have a written "Resolution Offer" by 6/17/13 to "make everyone happy", which of course that never happened, and then I was directed by the VP to their Corporate Attorney for any further correspondence to the matter) Negligence Mistake!  Not only was I Deceived & Mislead I was in the clear for closing on my new house for 4 1/2 Months by Aspire Lending, I was also Deceived & Mislead by the VP of the company that he would have a resolution offer ("to make everyone happy") to me in writing by 6/17/13 to make amends for their admitted "big mistake" and negligence in performing their job thoroughly and accurately.  Well now we all know that was a Misleading Lie, otherwise this BBB report/complaint would probably not exhist if the VP would have been a man of his word (audio recorded by me!) and had come up with some sort of acceptable "resolution" offer to me in a timely matter like he had said he would do.  Instead he backed out of any further correspondence with me and directed me to their corporate attorney, which I have yet to have my lawyer contact until after attempting "resolution" first through the BBB.  We'll see soon enough what further actions I may need to take in order to get justice in this matter, maybe even bring this story to the media next if need be?

    It is unacceptable what this Lending Company has done to my daughter's & my lives!   

07/19/2013      OttO    EMAIL    Customer Dissat Notice to Company

07/19/2013      OttO    MAIL    BBB Review Consumers Response

09/19/2013      JER    BBB    BUREAU JUDGED CASE AJR : The company adequately explained the reason for the denial of the loan.  Because of this, the complaint is being closed as Administratively Judged Resolved.

    It's important to remember that you are not guaranteed to get a mortgage if you are pre-approved or pre-qualified.  Many things can happen during the process--some lenders may give out pre-approval letters without actually verifying your information or a borrower may not give completely accurate information about his situation.  Unfortunately, loans fall apart right before closing, but when they do many times it has to do with lack of communication between the loan officer and the borrower.

09/19/2013      JER    EMAIL    Inform Consumer - Case ADMINISTRATIVELY CLOSED

09/19/2013      Otto    EMAIL    Inform Business - Case ADMINISTRATIVELY CLOSED

09/19/2013      Otto    BBB    Case ADMINISTRATIVELY CLOSED

09/20/2013          BBB    MORE INFO RECEIVED FROM THE CONSUMER : The BBB is Obviously a Complete Waste If Time, And Obviously Does Not Serve "We The People"!!!!!  The BBB's ruling of this case Closed is an EPIC FAILURE!!!!!  I have ALL the Proof Plus Recorded Conversations with the Vice President of Aspire Lending telling me he was personally sorry for their companies "Big Mistake", even in their rebuttal they admit (Read Between The Lines!) that they screwed up!  This ruling "closed" is insanity, and goes to Prove The BBB does NOT Work for "We The People"!  Now I have to go to the Media and Judicial System For This Obvious I should be compensated Big Time Case!  Justice Will Be Served, And Aspire Lending WILL PAY!!!  And now the BBB's reputation will be incredibly tarnished!  AmeriKa, what a Joke!  :-(

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#1 Consumer Comment

The Laundry List Of Fraud By Aspire Lending

AUTHOR: Kim Hogan - ()

I Kimberly D. Hogan am writing to you today to make a complaint and turn in Rhonda Hurst NMLS #272104 for a laundry list of reasons that wound up rendering my daughter & I homeless since April of 2013.
Here is the jists of my case:

I have been unclear what kind of case I have, up until recently I found out it IS a "Detrimental Reliance" Case. Basically what it all boils down to is I was pre-qualified, then approved for a loan I never should have even made pre-qual status on, due to a 3 year cut off Lending Law/Rule for using child support as one of the sources of income. The lender never looked at my daughter's age or child support obligations expiration before pre-qualifying & approving me, then a week prior to closing date she calls me to break the bad news, after I already sold my other home in Colorado to move to Austin to buy another home. At 1st we looked into being able to qualify for a second mortgage in order to keep my Colorado home as a rental, but the lender determined my income was not sufficient to support 2 mortgages, and suggested if I was set on moving to Austin I needed to sell my Colorado home to get their loan to purchase another home in Texas. After the lender pre-qualified me & said "everything looked fine", one month later (March 2013) I listed my home & it sold immediately (closed April 9th 2013) & headed down here to Texas, found a Forclosure I bid on, won the bid, and began the processes of the purchase. This HUGE MISTAKE of them either not knowing the lending rules with child support as a source of income, or deceiving me, or whatever it is they screwed me over with, has rendered my daughter & I homeless out of 2 homes now, our Colorado home & then now the one we were set to close on here. Now with the 3 year child support cut off rule I cannot even be approved for another home loan now unless I get a co-signer, my daughter was 2 weeks away from turning 16 when the loan got killed on 6/17/13. I was pre-qualed the end of Jan. of 2013, then approved May of 2013, it took them that long to discover my daughter's child support obligations expiration! I notified them her child support would be extended for college, but that did not matter. We have been homeless now due to their HUGE MISTAKE since April 2013 when I was mislead to sell my Colorado home in order to buy a home in Austin. Not having a home/office has destroyed my source of income too , now I have nowhere to practice my profession as an Energy Healer out of, and office space is way too expensive.

I am not clear who I sue for damages, the lending agent, the agency, or the VP, since he was last who promised a written resolution offer, which he failed to do. I have a wiretapped conversation of the VP admitting their Big Mistake: 
Also, the Texas Dept. Of Mortgage and Lending did an investigation and found fault with the lender's handling of my loan, and initiated formal disciplinary action, Rhonda Hurst was fired from Aspire Lending & also had to pay a fine to the Texas Department of Mortgage and Lending for her fault in mishandling my loan.  I have received No Restitution!  I also collected 100's of signatures & letters in a Petition, from people disgusted by Aspire Lending's handling (lack there of!) of my case, demanding they Right their Wrong & Settle with me. Aspire Lending has continued to ignore me & everyone else.

I would appreciate this case to be Resolved once & for all through Mediation, otherwise I am filing a Lawsuit ASAP. I also feel my daughter & I are owed Treble or Punitive Damages, or whatever you want to call it, in the amount of at least $1 Million now, for the Hell this has caused our lives since April of 2013.
The Laundry List of Rhonda Hurst's Mistakes:
HUD Handbook was Not Used / Violations of HUD Handbook for Soft Money
No HUD Settlement Sheet
No Rescission
Violation of Honest Services (Fraud) 18 U.S.C. 1346
Violations of False and Misleading Representation = US Code 15 sub chapter 1692 E
And Last But Not Least I.D. Theft For Holding My Financial Information
I have two media sources now covering my story, and have an upcoming live radio interview in regards to this case.  Citizens Action Network is posting it to have it exposed too.

Kim Hogan
(((phone number and link redacted)))
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#2 Author of original report


AUTHOR: Kim Hogan - ()

They did Fire Miss R. H. for her roll in Aspire Lending's "Big Mistske", in attempt to cover their arse!

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#3 Author of original report


AUTHOR: Kim Hogan - ()

SO WHY THEN WAS MY LIAN OFFICER FIRED!?  YOU (ASPIRE LENDING!) Made The "Big Mistake", By Grossly Overlooking The "Lending" Laws For Child Support As A Source Of Income For Loan Approval!  IDIOTS!  That Is Why Miss R. H. Got Fired!!!


YOUR Mistake, NOT Mine!!!!


NEGLIGENCE Pure. & Simple!

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#4 General Comment


AUTHOR: Tyg - ()

 You have made a mistake that gets a lot of individuals in trouble. YOU made an assumption. You assumed that the pre qualified meant 100% chance that you were getting a loan. It is unfortunate, but even the BBB has closed this case on you. That means the people who deal with this PROFESSIONALLY found your complaint to be baseless.

You should have waited until you were 100% sure you were getting the loan BEFORE you proceeded. Its unfortunate but this is a situation of your own doing. YOU made an assumption. YOU moved forward BEFORE everything was in writing. YOU will just have to wait until you can secure a loan. Thats all there is to it.

They did not scam you or rip you off. Your post is just a sour grapes post looking for ANYONE else to accept the responsibility that was ONLY yours. Had you just waited you would still have a house to live in. But YOU decided to start moving before there was anyplace to move into. They will NOT just give you a house. They are a LOAN company and you did not qualify for the loan. To ask for or demand that they GIVE you the 100,000 or a house is ludacris at best, horrific at the worst for the sheer selfishness of the request. THEY are NOT responsable for the descions YOU make OUTSIDE of their offices or control.

YOU made a mistake, learn from your mistake and move forward. Its not a crime to make a mistake, however it is a crime to attempt extortion using the internet as the medium. Stop blaming others. You moved forward under the assumption that you were going to recieve this loan.

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