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Best Drug Rehab

  • Submitted: Sat, January 26, 2013
  • Updated: Sun, February 10, 2013

  • Reported By: angie — new york New York United States of America
Best Drug Rehab
300 care center drive manistee, Michigan United States of America

Best Drug Rehab (aka. BDR, AFR) A purely evil drug rehabiiltation facility preying on vulnerable parents and family members. manistee, Michigan

*Consumer Comment: Thank you Angie

*Consumer Suggestion: Reporting Resource for Victims

*Consumer Comment: Tell Your Story!

*UPDATE EX-employee responds: Best Drug Rehab/A Forever Recovery

*Consumer Comment: I have my daughter

*Consumer Comment: I have my daughter!

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*Consumer Comment: Need help!

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    I'm writing this a mere 7hrs after we've arrived home safely with our nephew. Obviously I am his aunt. My newphew has an addiction to spice and shortly after the holidays and some very scary withdrawal episodes and finally feeling as though he'd reached rock bottom consented to rehab. My sister-in-law (SIL) began frantically searching for rehab faciilties but purposely looking for those with some distance from home so my newphew wouldn't be so tempted to flee. She told me she'd found an amazing a rehab facility in Battlecreek, MI. 

    They arrived with my newphew in Battlecreek, MI late on Wed evening around 11pm at the facility. They simply sent our family back home a text stating that everything went so well and my newphew and all the staff were so positive.  I wasn't able to talk to my SIL and get an update until the following evening (late Jan 24th). This is when I started raising some red flags but nonetheless kept that info to myself to avoid arguement as I had encouraged them to enter my nephew into a Teen Challenge facility. My mom and SIL were so optimistic about the process they'd gone thru and raved about staff members Brandon and Owen that I didn't delve deeper until the following morning. 

    I'm a family nurse practitioner and in my 15yrs of practice have helped many patients and loved ones find appropriate rehab facilities.  The red flags I raised regarding the protocols of BDR as my SIL was telling me about their trip would likely never be thought of twice for those without some knowledge of medical regulation and oversight. Couple this with the desperate plea of a parent so grateful to seemingly have a facility like BDR who's going "above and beyond" to help your child when many other options aren't feasible makes this an even sadder and more deplorable scam.

    Reg flags 1)They had driven my nephew to meet with Brandon and Owen to begin the admission process at their "admin" building where they signed the obvious false legal documents, said goodbye to my nephew, at which time he was to be transported by van to their "local" detox facility. They were told the location couldn't be disclosed as they may have celebreties there. My 1st thought as an NP was "how do you legally move a patient from one facility to the next", "were their medical providers that assessed my newphew on site, checking vitals, placing ID bracelet, drawing labs, etc." Detox is a critical period from a medical standpoint requiring supervision and my mom and SIL simply left him at an ad building they kept describing as a lovely victorian home - 121 Capital Avenue, Battecreek MI. 

    RF 2)My SIL was asked to transfer her mailing address from home to the above address so they could collect "in=network" benefits for my newphew then kindly told her she wouldn't have to pay any additional monies out of pocket, the facility would cover that with grants and scholarships and they would keep my newphew as long as he wanted to stay? She was dumbfound and in awe which made her so much more vulnerable. First of all, the mailing address change is highy illegal and fraudulent from an insurance perspective (mind you all along I'm under the assumption her Anthem plan is aware of this facility but that it was simply "out-of-network"; I later found out Anthem had nothing to do with helping her find this facility, she did so thru internet search). And sadly from a medical perspective, we providers and many of you know all to well that legimate insurance and hopsital based facilites will never state the person can stay as long as they want..we're always fearful they're rushed thru detox and released for aggressive outpatient therapy which is very difficult to comply with for addicts and thus the high relapse rate. It's all about $.

    RF 3)They allowed my newphew to keep all of his piercings and body jewelry on while he was in detox and was even told he could smoke. From a medical perspective, and in a legit medical facility, the piercings are forbidden as they are a means of a weapon for a suicidal attempt during a difficult detox period.

    RF 4)Visitation - I wasn't surprised to hear her say we wouldn't be able to visit until his detox was complete but was then told he would be transferred to a separate facility where rehab occurs. Another move? Visitation also never occurred on site - once a visit was scheduled we would meet my nephew with a staff member at a nearby location ie Mc Donalds then he would return to the facility. What? Psychiatric and rehab facilities are strictly regulated and typically the patient has to consent to see a family member or friend and those people then have to sign waivers and present ID before being allowed visitation. 

    RF 5)My SIL gave me the address to the facility where he would be doing rehab where we could begin sending cards/letters/supplies etc. She said...write his name, then 300 Care Center Drive, Manistee MI. I asked "it's not addressed to University Hospital, c/o my newphew"? No, "just the above and he'll get it". I then did further research and realized that BDR was 3 hrs farther north from his detox location in Battlecreek, MI. What the h---??? 

    Fri 1/26 a.m. before work - as I woke with an uneasing feeling and pushed to looked deeper I found the info below. Mind you at this point I hadn't mentioned any of my fears or concerns to my family after just speaking with my SIL the night before about how things had went, at this point my nephew had only been there <36hrs...but once I spent some time rifling thru the elaborate internet sites and googling street addresses and finding visuals of the apparent buildings my newphew was "supposedly" at my heart was sinking.  I started reading reports of escaped patients and loved ones stories thru ripoff report. At this point I made the desperate plea to my mom, my SIL and my brother - "we have to leave now and get him out of there!" I begged them saying from a medical standpoint there is nothing legit about this place and all I was reading were the cultic ties to Scientology and the horrific stories of others.

    I beg you all..trust your gut! Do not take your child or loved one to BDR/AFR or any other associated facility!  I thank God my family actually listened to me and didn't think I was nuts! We had a frantic 5hr drive from southeastern IN to reach Battlecreek and I'll outline below what my family discovered during that trip and resources for you and your loved ones. None of these facilities have names...I could never find the organization she was referring to when she was placing calls to find facilities..She said it was titled Life Solutions.  After the fact I realized she'd found the website www.soberrecovery.com, dropped him at a admin/Victorian Bldg titled "Grant Family Counseling", with 2 different web sites on the sign below, was going to an undisclosed name and location for detox, then an unnamed rehab further north. No medical facility should be this difficult to locate via internet search these days..but the above is an ellaborate scheme - they don't want you, the government or others to know where they are nor what they're about.    

    I'd made a call to the Battlecreek Police Dept, was patched thru to a Seargant G. For his safety I will say no more but if you are reading this, reach out to him as he became a blessing in disguise and has vowed to pursure the above further. I explained the situation and from a medical perspective what I was finding in my search and asked how we go about locating and finding our newphew. Be aware, this is a civic matter and not legal per S.G. but he'd suggested we have a police escort to the facility to attempt to speak with our newphew but made fully aware he was 18 and that if he chose not to leave or even speak to us he couldn't be forced. If I didn't at least see him how could I be certain he was even there, had they already brainwashed him into believing his own family didn't have his best interests at heart? Also at this point the only way we even found his location was thru S.G. I'd given him Brandon's cell and he divuldged to him which detox address he was at then asked that Josh please call my SIL. S.G. instructed that we not tip either Brandon or Owen what we were planning as they may move him. My nephew did call and said he was fine and he didn't want to go home but my brother didn't want to scare him with all the details of what we'd been reading. What now if we drove 5 hrs and couldn't speak to him in person when we got there? We would have to file a revocation of his medical rights for guardianship hoping it would go thru emergent probate court but if in the meantime he was transferred to the Manistee/BDR location the legal process would have to start over in that jurisdiction! We prayed the police escort would work. We arrived at Battlecreek Police Dept at 5pm fri, I knew S.G. was off duty but he'd given us the name of a fellow officer to accompany us. I will tell you both the Battlecreek and Manistee Police Dept stated they receive numerous calls a year from family seeking advice on how to get their child or loved one out of these facilities...big red flag!   

    In the meantime I'd also read a prior email about contacting the Atty General of MI. 517-373-1140, or 877-765-8388. Please do so, you will be patched thru to Sue who is investigating the entire scheme of Scientology above..not a good sign when a meager citizen leaves a message for the Atty Gen and I'm receiving a phone call 30min later on our drive north, stating "get your newphew out of there, there is nothing but evil at the northern MI facility!" Using my medical credentials I'd also been able to search with help that BDRs CARF medical accredidation is fraudulent. Their lame photocopy license has 6 digits, a legit license will have 10 with a posted exp date and an embossed/notary. The 2 licensed therapists listed for their faciilty also state they have counseling and therapy educations/certificates/degrees but even the Atty Gen office confirmed no such certificates exist under their names! Again, how would a vulnerable parent even think to consider these things! You wouldn't. I'd also contacted 2 lawyers on our trip north to Battlecreek who are very aware of the "on-goings" and help families litigate the fraudulent insurance as many have lost thousands! I urge you to contact your insurance carrier immediately and inform them of the situation and ask that all payments be stopped/revoked and if you were one that changed your address, change it back immediately! 

    When we parked with the officer outside the detox facility, 163 North Avenue, Battlecreek, MI under the name "Tranquility" online, my heart sunk..The place looked depolorable but the officer only allowed my SIL and brother to enter with him. They walked right in the back door, no locks or security? but were soon stopped by 3 large men. Prior to this I begged the officer that if at least my brother and SIL would be refused to see my newphew would he at least ask to see him, otherwise how would we even truly know he was there. I will say our accompanying officer wasn't S.G. and there was little compassion/kindess and I was disturbed by the fact that he kept minimizing my complaints which were substantiated and documented accounts of fraud. He only stated he'd heard their practices were along the lines of scientology but nothing as extreme as what I was divulging. On the way home I wondered if he was a member of Scientology himself as you learn of their web of connections? There are accounts of 4 deaths but 1 documented that this office S.H. responded to and said the person had snuck in drugs and overdosed? Anyway, the officer was briefly allowed in to see my nephew but the officer never told him we were waiting outisde but asked if he felt safe staying? When my nephew told him yes my brother and SIL returned to the vehicle stating "we couldn't see him and he told the cop he didn't want to leave so what do we do?"

    We were heartbroken and almost resigned to making the 5hr return trip home when I'd suggested we go to the "admin" blg, 121 Capital Ave, as I wanted documentation of all the legal forms my SIL had signed and which they hadn't given her a single copy of! I also wanted to see their license as up to this point we and the Atty Gen office had only viewed a poorly scanned photo copy of it on one of their listed sites. 

    Both Brandon and Owen were there, my 1st time meeting them. Owen had the same gray/sallow coloring of most addicts we know, including my nephew, and I thought "how long has this guy even been or is sober?" After confronting them about the fraudulent medical license, the fraudulent therapists credentials and the fraudulent insurance scheme we were immediately told "we'll call to transport him here as we don't want any trouble." Tell me how a police officer has no power to get my newphew out but after confronting their illegalities and threatening them and originally being told we had no rights to see him or to make him leave as he signed in voluntarily they were now quickly bringing him back to us?! I'll never complain because we were saving his life but see the oddities?

    My nephew confirmed he'd been given "vitamins" in that brief 36hr stay. He'd never spoke with a therapist. His time had been spent playing foozball, watching tv, and sitting in a hot tub until 2:30 am and sleeping! No wonder they don't want to leave, to an addict this is a great life and the brainwashing has to start subtly! He did say a female patient admitted to having to pray to an ash tray stating it was a tool to him them learn to "obey commands", that if you learn to "follow their commands" your rehab will be more enjoyable. 

    Its now Sat morning at 6am. My newphew is home safe and I urge all not to be roped into this scheme. Find a licensed/legit medical facility. I again hope I can convince him to enter Teen Challenge. I'd left S.G. a message of thanks for his help during our day trip and had given him an update of the nights events and that I wasn't pleased with the assistance of S.H. He returned my call at 9:30 last night, on his evening off vowing to contact the atty gen himself and follow up and asked that I be used as a resource for the atty gen and their law enforcement to help other unsuspecting parents. He also vowed to address the demeanor of S.H. Again, if you are reading this, I urge you to contact S.G. and describe my story above, he'll know what you are talking about. Call the atty gen. They can't prosecute without ample evidence, they are trying! We've also been back in contact with the gracious Manistee Police Dept and given them an account of our story! Good luck to all..Please know I have disguised my name and address for safety reasons but the other initials and abbreviations are true. If I need to make contact with anyone it will be done thru S.G. or the atty gen as they have my true information.

This report was posted on Ripoff Report on 01/26/2013 07:44 AM and is a permanent record located here: http://www.ripoffreport.com/reports/best-drug-rehab/manistee-michigan-/best-drug-rehab-aka-bdr-afr-a-purely-evil-drug-rehabiiltation-facility-preying-on-vuln-1003742. The posting time indicated is Arizona local time. Arizona does not observe daylight savings so the post time may be Mountain or Pacific depending on the time of year.

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#1 Consumer Comment

Thank you Angie

AUTHOR: M.Cate - ()

Your report and resources are instrumental to getting victims the help they need and giving families viable resources to protect their loved ones.

AFR/BDR get away with their fraud by attacking the credibility of complaining clients becasue they are addicts and manipulative.  These reports and lawsuits by family members are extremely valuable to the cause of shutting them down once and for all.

CARF  DOES list both AFR in Battle Creek and BDR in Manistee as CARF accredited providers through their search tab on their website.   CARF is a minimal accreditation and evidently granted if all the paperwork is correct and the facility pays them enough money.  It is not inspective like the Joint Commision.

I spoke to CARF representative on the phone  expresing my concerns about these facilites.  I told them it demeaned their organization and their accrediaiton seal. I will never advise anyone to rely on it or give it any credibiltiy.

They do however, take consumer testimonials, as per my earlier post on this thread.  Along with the BBB, Atty General, and Police Dept I suggest and encourage victims to go the CARF.org contact page and report your experiences.

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#2 Consumer Suggestion

Reporting Resource for Victims

AUTHOR: M.Cate - ()

A Forever Recovery now boasts a CARF accreditation.

CARF is a consultative, not inspective accreditation.  It is a facility self reporting, self evaulating, cetificaton only.
However, CARF does consider testimonials from former patients and clients.

If you would like CARF to hear the truth about AFR, GO to the CARF.org website and then the contact page. You may submit your experiene to them by following the directions for client/patient reporting.

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#3 Consumer Comment

Tell Your Story!

AUTHOR: Miss Fortune - ()

I am a freelance writer working on this story, and would like to hear from anyone who has direct experience with Best Drug Rehabilitation. You may contact me at: tcmissfortune@yahoo.com

Your confidentiality will be maintained. If you're interested, please contact me today!
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#4 UPDATE EX-employee responds

Best Drug Rehab/A Forever Recovery

AUTHOR: Victims Advocate - (United States of America)

There is a lot of information on the internet on the owner of this facility.  His name is Per Wickstrom.  He used to run Narconon Stone Hawk out of the same building in Battle Creek.  There is lots of useful info at  www.reachingforthetippingpoint.net

Per the accounts from the victims the facilities are committing insurance fraud.  Another Narconon facility in Georgia is currently under criminal investigation for charging an insurance company $166,000 even after the family paid the full price of the program in cash.  They also just settled a civil case where a son died while in their care.  The settlement is reported to be in the millions of dollars.  Narconon of Georgia and Narconon International were the defendants in the suit.

Best Drug Rehab and A Forever Recovery pay Narconon International for use of the Narconon Program, Narconon Int then pays ABLE International who then pays The Church of Scientology.  So, your money is going to fund the Church of Scientolgy in their mission to "Clear the Planet".  These organizations are recruiting fronts for the church and the program used at AFR and BDR IS Scientolgy.  This is easily provable with a little search.

You are lucky to have gotten your loved ones out quickly so they can get real help.  My suggestion to all that read this is to report the fraud to the state and your insurance companies.  This is the only way they will get shut down so this doesnt happen again to others.
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#5 Consumer Comment

I have my daughter

AUTHOR: Nanna - (United States of America)

To any interested.  I will post the completed story of our experience after Thursday when my daughter is safely at her new facility!  :)  Thank you all for your bravery!  We must do something to shut down these places or at the very least have the state they operate in require them to offer full disclosure to family members upon recruiting their loved ones!
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#6 Consumer Comment

I have my daughter!

AUTHOR: Nanna - (United States of America)

First I want to say thank you to all of you on this site and the others, who bravely came forward with their story.  By telling of your experiences I was prepared for what happened today!  I am a retired paralegal and I must say that this did indeed aid me in smoothly getting my daughter home safe.  Dare I say what i really feel?  Meth...a horrible drug that did indeed take over my daughters life.  Knowing that my daughter would be in her room high, knowing that she at times stuck a needle in her arm, knowing that if I confronted her and made my home a place where she was no longer comfortable, she would leave and go to places that would put her life in more danger than the use of the drug!  Yes seeing all I have seen as I watched her when she was 19 overcome her heroin addiction only to replace it with the use of alcohol then the use of Meth.  Seeing her in all of the horrible states that goes with drug addiction, when my daughter walked out of the back gate of that run down building, I had never seen her look that bad!  I actually said out loud, I have never seen her look like that!  My daughter and law and myself were horrified! 

To begin with as we entered the interesting town of Battlecreek, I had a feeling of uneasy and just something I could not explain even now.  I attributed this feeling of dread to the fact that I had been for the past two days, working up to the confrontation that I anticipated when I tried to get my daughter.  I at no time, let them staff members know that I was coming to get her.  After speaking with her the first time, I actually emailed the rehab sales guy for lace of a better title, and told him thanks for letting her call me and that she told me she was doing good.  These people are more ignorant than I even imagined.  I told my daughter during that less than a minute conversation that I would be coming to get her on Monday.  I did not ask her questions I just reassured her that Mom was on the job.  She said only, Mom I love you and when?  I said, I will be there Monday.  The next day I called again and was even more friendly to the guy that answered and told him that i had a message for my daughter.  I told him that she asked me to do something for her on Monday and despite the fact that I dislike her dogs (she left her dogs in my care but I was not talking about them)  I wanted them to think that I was referring to doing something like taking the dog to the vet or something because I knew they would not tell her I was coming to get her.  This worked to my advantage as i already put it in her mind she was going home.  It took an hour for them to get the paper work together.  Enter, Douglas Winstrom

Let me go back to the moment we arrived.  We get out of the vehicle and before even closing our car doors, a car pulls up and its a worker that is from the facility. I tell her my name and that I am there to pick up my daughter.  She tells us to step back from the property because of the hippa laws.  Funny how those laws did not stop me from giving them all the information needed to admit my adult daughter or to file the claims with the insurance companies!  Funny how when we discussed her medical condition, her history and trouble with addictions, there was no privacy law then!  In the span of less than 72 hours I went from hero mom getting her daughter help to becoming the obsessed mom trying to run her daughter life!  Next a scary guy came out! His appearance with long unkept hair wearing all black certainly set my adrenaline pumping even more. 
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#7 Author of original report


AUTHOR: angie - (United States of America)

His name is Seargant Gillian..Again they may be limited in their help but I assure you if she hasn't been transferred if you go to the admin building and boldly confront them about the fraudulent medical/CARF accredidation and the fraudulent therapy license plus the illegalities of people's mail being forward and "demand" your daughter be released they will transport her to you immediately. I am so sorry and will be praying for your daughter and hope they haven't yet transported her. Please be certain to make the call to the Atty Gen as they need all the reports they can get! God Bless...
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#8 Consumer Comment

Need help!

AUTHOR: Nanna - (United States of America)

My daughter is there has been at the Detox place in battlecreek since late Friday night.  I am going to get her on Monday as that is as soon as I can get her into another facility.  I have email through aol.  I use mbex77.  Please let me know the last name of the sgt. that helped you.  I called Battlecreek MI Police Department Dispatch and the dispatcher was not very helpful.  Thank you! 

How is your nephew?

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