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  • Submitted: Fri, June 10, 2011
  • Updated: Fri, June 10, 2011
  • Reported By: Sheila and Kyle — Minnesota United States of America
  • CarCo
    13289 25th Ave NW
    Rice, Minnesota
    United States of America

CarCo Car Co Inc , Car Co , Car Co Auto , CarCo Auto Sold us a vehicle that had obvious problems with the promis to stand behind those issues and later opted to pretend they had no knowledge of who said they would stand behind the needed repairs, nor di Rice, Minnesota

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This is my complaint to the BBBB, you really have to start reading the paragraphs at the bottom and work your way up because that is how their web page is set up. Since the last entry made by the BBB rep informing Car Co that we had basically given up and were willing to give the vehicle back as they suggested in exchange for a refund of our down payment and to void the deal, we had to contact the BBB rep once again, and here is a copy of that email, minus contact info. I am sure Car Co will have all kinds of wonderful excuses and lies, but the fact is there are quite a few complaints listed against them for similar things on various sites online, and I am not sure how they can explain them all away as being false or how they did everything they could to satisfy the customer, when clearly that in itself is a lie! I would like to add when they took the vehicle back without informing us, they did so with our belongings still in the vehicle as well which we now have to drive 2hrs in the hopes to get them returned to us, provided everything is still there when we get there to pick them up. 

  BBB Complaint Case#57200549(Ref#19-96052126-57200549-15-8000)
Friday, June 10, 2011 8:10 PM

Hello, I wanted to inform you that since Car Co had not yet
responded to your last email, I spoke with them on the phone today and
informed them of what I wanted to do, they had a one point offered to
mail me my down payment back after they got the vehicle back, and I told
them I did not trust them after all of this, and that I would need
the payment returned to me at the same time they got the Envoy,
I also informed them that I needed something mailed to me for my
attorney to look over saying I would no longer be
financially responsible for the Envoy or the vehicle I used as trade in,
and I pointed out once again that they had not ever sent me the payment
schedual or amount, or the tabs for the Envoy. At that time Peter
agreed with my terms, and later today without informing me, took the
vehicle back and did not refund my down payment as he had informed you
and myself he would do. I have also filed a complaint
with the Minnesota Departement of Public Safety as the Minnesota Attorney General
instructed me to do. I have not yet informed them of this newest event
of them taking the vehicle back, but will be doing so now as well.   

Complaint filed against:
Business Info
CarCo Automotive, Inc
Mr. Jeffrey Friedrich
13289 25th Ave. NW PO Box 298
Rice, MN 56367
320 393-3687
320 393-4789
Complaint status:


06/10/2011 More info received from the consumer After
contacting you the other day and stating we would agree to Car Co's
offer under the terms I laid out, I spoke with Car Co today since they
had not responded to you yet. At that time I informed them of what I
wanted done, they agreed with the terms, and later this afternoon,
without informing me went and took the vehicle back and did not refund
me my down payment as they informed you they would!

06/08/2011 Forward Consumer Response to Business 06/08/2011 Received Consumer Response
 I am coming to the conclusion that short of a law suit, I doubt Car Co is
going to ever agree to stand behind this vehicle. Also to date they
have still not given me a payment book so I know what my payments are
and when they are due, nor have I been sent the tabs for this vehicle
and am still sitting with the 14 day sticker in the window.

With that said, I am willing to consider the offer made by Car Co to void the
deal and accept my down payment back provided they are willing to
return my down payment at the same time they accept the vehicle back,
and that they are willing to also keep the vehicle we traded in towards
the purchase of this vehicle since it was purchased through them as well
and clearly would have no interest in doing further business with them
on any level. I would need a written document signed by Car Co as well
stating that I have no interest in either of these vehicles or financial
obligation to Car Co concerning either of these vehicles.

 06/08/2011 ReOpen the Complaint  05/24/2011 Case Closed AJR  05/24/2011 Inform Business - Case Closed AJR  05/24/2011  Inform Consumer - Case Closed AJR  05/24/2011 Bureau judged complaint resolved  05/24/2011 Received Consumer Response (The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)

First off, if there was no warranty given I would like to know why the sold
as is or no warranty box on the bill of sale were left UNCHECKED? The
fact is they were not checked because I was told that in fact the issues
with the vehicle were going to be taken care of. The fact that no
payment has been made on the vehicle is at no fault of my own, Car Co
has not sent me my payment schedule or any of the other paper work that
was suppose to go with this vehicle including the tabs, so if there is a
payment due, I can not understand why they would still not have sent me
my payment book so I know the amount and date they are due???? The only
thing I left with that day was the bill of sale, everything else was to
be mailed to me and I have informed Car Co more than once that none of
this stuff had been sent to me, and yet, they still have not send me
anything. As for why I insist on keeping it, the fact is we went through
the trouble to drive the two hrs one way, wasted the gas and our time
to purchase a vehicle that had obvious problems, but that I was told
would be taken care of, so why should I have to now go through the
trouble of wasting a four hr round trip and gas and my time to undo a
deal the company now does not want to follow through with simeply
because as Jeff put it "this is no longer a profitable deal"? I don't
understand why Car Co doesn't just fix the issues with the vehicle. We
clearly would not have agreed to pay $8800 for something that we were
going to than be stuck paying hundreds of dollars to repair as soon as
we got it. I would still like an answer as to why they did not mark the
as is sale box or the no warrenty box on the bill of sale, everyone
appears to want to ignore that question! I wonder if we looked at more
of their bill of sales how many vehicles that they claim have no
warrenty would be left unchecked? I know from personal experience the
other two vehicles we purchased and were told were as is sales, were
both marked as "as is" on the bill of sale. The States Attorney General
has advised my to report this issue to another Mn agency that over sees
car dealers and can investigate this issue further for me, so I guess
that will be my next step. As Car Co stated, they don't understand why I
insist on keeping the Envoy, well I don't understnad why they insist on
refusing to fix the issues with it since they will have to resolve the
issues eventually anyways as I doubt many people would be willing to buy
it as it is without them standing behind it for the price they are
selling it for. Or maybe the next person will just not complain as much
when they refust to stand behind it. It doesn't make any sense to me why
Car Co is unwilling to simply fix the vehicle or to answer why the
vehicle bill of sale does not state as is or no warrenty since they are
claiming it was an as is sale with no warrenty???

 05/19/2011 Forward Business response to Consumer 05/19/2011 Received Subsequent Response from Business In
response to Kyle's statement, we are still willing to void the sale and
Kyle can return the GMC Envoy. The GMC Envoy is clearly not a good
vehicle according to what Kyle is stating, so why does Kyle insist on
keeping it? I am quite confused why Kyle insists on keeping the GMC
Envoy if it is such a problem. This vehicle was sold with no warranty
and we have no record of any warranty on the invoice. Kyle's trade-in
vehicle is at our facility and is just how they traded it in, we have
not even detailed it. The GMC Envoy was sold on payments, and as of my
records now, none have been made so far. If any down payment was made it
will also be reimbursed. CarCo would like the vehicle brought back to
our facility so we can void the sale and put an end to this matter. If
the customer does not want to void the sale, then we would ask this case
to be closed. It is my understanding that in general if you do not like
a purchase of a vehicle or any other product, bring it back and the
transaction will be reversed. Any other reason for not doing so does not
make any sense to me. 05/13/2011 Forward Consumer Response to Business
  05/13/2011 Received Consumer Response
  05/13/2011 More info received from the consumer
 (The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)

The bill of sale clearly has an area to be checked for "no warrenty" and
"sold as is", and neither box was checked on this bill of sale. This
clearly indicates a warrenty was to be given! We have purchased two
other vehicles with this company, both of which were sold as is and both
of which had those boxes checked off showing there was no warrenty, and
we fully understood this. This however is not the case with this
vehicle. After speaking to Peter, Tom, and Jeff I was told they did not
know who sold me the vehicle or who said they would stand behind this
vehicle. Jeff also informed me they could file a defamation suit against
me for filing a complaint with you and the Mn State Attorny General!
Which considering I have not said one untrue thing about them I am
unsure how they have come to that conclusion? They also made the comment
that they were not happy they had to replay to 15 different
organizations today in response to my complaints, I am unsure why they
would have had so many to respond to. I also informed them I have not
been sent any of the paper work or the tabs that go along with this
vehicle, so I have no payment amount or payment dates, and am still
driving around with the 14day paper on the back window that was suppose
to be replaced with tabs a couple of weeks ago. I also included a copy
of several other similar complaints I found online against Car Co by
other customers along with my complaint to the Attorny General showing
they clearly have a track record of selling vehicles with issues. I do
not personally think that after almost a month of me trying to resolve
this issue with this company ( and I have phone records proving the
amount of times I called them), that I should now have to go get a
vehicle back that they have had for almost a month and walk away from
this deal, rather than them just doing the correct thing and address the
issues with the vehicle they sold me. I guess the easiest thing for
them at this point would be to just undo the deal and wash their hands
of it,but clearly that is not fair to me. I would also like to add that
Jeff also complained to me about the things wrong with vehicle I traded
in and had originally purchased from them a year ago. One of his
complaints to me was that is has bad wheel bearings, I would like to
point out this is untrue and I have a receipt proving I had just
replaced the wheel bearings in that vehicle a couple of months ago, so
clearly no one looked at the wheel bearings prior to making that
statement to me! I would also like to add this is the first time Car Co
has contaced me and it follows them getting the complaint from the
Attorney General, prior to that they did not even address the complaint
on here. I honestly do not understand why they are having such a problem
just fixing the issues with this vehicle, clearly if I was not told
that they would stand behind the vehicle I would have had no reason to
call them over and over like I did, I could have simply returned this
vehicle within the first 5days according to their policy, but we did not
do that since I was informed they would be standing behind it. I do not
feel after this much time has passed we should now have to go take a
vehicle back that they have had for almost a month. I don't feel I
should be bullied into voiding our deal now that they have decided they
want a quick resolution that is in their best interest simply because it
is the easiest and cheapest thing they can offer me.  05/13/2011 Forward Business response to Consumer 05/12/2011 Receive Business Response I
have looked into this customer case and have found the following
information. On 4/16/2011 Kyle purchased the 2003 GMC Envoy and traded
his 2000 GMC Sierra. The GMC Envoy he purchased was not sold with any
kind of warranty per the invoice or verbal agreement. In response to
Kyle saying the vehicle has a warranty per our website; this warranty
only covers vehicles that are "CarCo Select". CarCo Select vehicles go
through a multipoint inspection process and retail at a higher selling
price. Kyle's GMC Envoy was not a CarCo Select vehicle, and would not
qualify for the stated warranty. I was not able to identify anyone at
our dealership who told the customer his vehicle would have any warranty
he claims it has. In our In response to the customers desired
resolution; I can not authorize any repairs to be made to the vehicle at
another repair shop, pickup the vehicle from customers location, or
exchange this vehicle for another vehicle. The company (CarCo) will
accept the customer returning the 2003 GMC Envoy to our location and we
will return their trade-in vehicle. Essentially undoing the sales
transaction so Kyle can keep his old vehicle and feel free to purchase a
vehicle from another company. Upon CarCo's review we feel this to be
the best solution for our company and the customer. Due to paperwork
ownership transfers and related items it would be best to have the
vehicle back at our dealership as soon as possible if the customer would
like to void his purchase. 05/02/2011 Inform Business of the Complaint  05/02/2011 Send acknowledgement to Consumer  05/02/2011 Complaint Reviewed by BBB staff   04/30/2011 Complaint Received by BBB  


Case Description:

Purchased a vehicle with the understanding that the issues with the vehicle would be repaired by Car Co.

On 4/16/11 we purchased a 2003 Envoy from car co with a warrenty included.
Prior to purchasing the vehicle we noticed a few issues with it, but
discussed them with the sales people and were assured they would stand
by the vehicle. As we drove it home we noticed a few other issues and
thought maybe it would be best to ruturn the vehicle under their 5day
return option,simply because of the amount of things we found to be
wrong with it. However after calling and speaking with Car Co, we were
once again assured the issues would be covered by them. We are unable to
take the vehicle up to them during the week due to work hrs and they
were unable to work on it the first Sat after we purchased it, so we
made arrangements with them to bring it up the following Sat (today) and
made sure they would have a suitable loaner vehicle for us since
clearly the issues would take a few days to resolve fully. When we
headed out that Sat and called to make sure the loaner vehicle was going
to be available I was informed by the service person that they would
not warrenty the labor but would supply me with a few of the parts to
resolve some of the issues. Clearly this is not what we had agreed on
and would not be willing to drive 2hrs one way for. The issues with the
vehicle are, a serious problem with the front end (maybe wheel bearings
and ball joints), also a shake in the front end, the breaks are very
squeaky and need to be replaced,the back window goes ajar while driving
at random times, the service engiine soon light stays on, indicating a
problem with the fuel system (could be the fuel pump going out?), the
service 4wd light comes on at random times when using the 4wd and will
than not switch out of 4wd unless you turn the vehicle off and back on
and than attempt to put it back into 2wd (not sure what the problem is
with that, but clearly it needs to be fully resolved before the warrenty
is up and becomes a costly issue for us), also the grill on the front
of the vehicle is very lose and some of the speakers do not work in the
vehicle. I would also like to attach a portion from their website :

Peace of Mind Exchange or Return Policy
you don't love it, just bring it back within 5 days or 500 miles
(whichever comes first). We'll be glad to exchange it for another
vehicle. See any CarCo manager for details.

Complete Inspection & Extended Written Warranty
CarCo Select vehicles come with a 30-day written warranty covering virtually
everything - from engines,transmissions to tail lights.Then we follow up
that initial comprehensive warranty with another 30-day powertrain
warranty. In fact, every CarCo Select pre-owned vehicle comes with at a
least a 30-day warranty.

So clearly,just based on the above portion of their web page these issues should be fully resolved by Car Co. If they were not going to be, we would have simply brought the
vehicle back as we decided to the day we brought it home.

We have had other issues with this company as well, 2yrs ago we purchased a
yukon from them with a warrenty on the air conditioning system, the
first time we took it to be fixed they had the incorrect part, the
second time they put a faulty used part in, the third time and $180
later wasted in gas they finally fixed it.

Than last year we purchased a gmc pick up from them, 3wks later it broke down,and we were
aware we would have to pay for it since there was no warrenty, however
it took them several weeks to pick it up.I signed a work order for a
transfer case thinking that was the problem, than I was informed the
transfer case was fine and it was the trany that needed to be fixed so I
signed a work order for that. Months later I noticed I was billed for
both the trany and the transfer case I was told was fine.

Despite these problems, they are nice people and I like the company because
they are easy to work with, but I did not agree to pay the price I did
for this vehicle to dump $100's or $1,000 into existing issues with it.

Guarantee or Warranty Issues

Case opened date:

Case closed date:

Desired Resolution:

I would like Car Co to stand behind the issues with this vehicle and repair it before the vehicle
ends up breaking down, and to provide us with a similar vehicle to use as a loaner while they take care of all these issues free of charge, since these issues existed at the time of sale and we were told they would correct them. These problems really should have been resolved
prior to the vehicle being sold. If they do not want to be responsible for the repairs I would like them to agree to cover the costs for us to take it to a local repair shop and have these issues fully resolved. 

Today is Sat 4-30-11 (the day we were told we could bring the vehicle in
to be repaired, prior to them changing their minds), so I feel they
should be responsible to drive down here and pick the vehicle up and
drop of the loaner vehicle since we have tried to bring it up there the
last two Sat,and I missed an hr of work today with plans to drive it up
there, until they informing me they decided they would not be standing
behind the labor involved with the repairs, at which time I returned to
work. If they do not want to do either of these suggestions I would than
like to be given the option to simply exchange this vehicle with
something very similar and in the same price range that has less issues.
I have tried to contact Jeff directly several times today to resolve
these issues,so far, I have not gotten a replay. I wish they had simply
told me prior to purchasing this vehicle that they were not going to
correct any of the issues rather than tell me they would be standing
behind the vehicle, or at the very least when we called to say we were
returning the vehicle two days after purchasing it, they should not have
reassured me that they would be standing behind the repairs needed on
this vehicle, which is the only reason we agreed not to return it.     
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