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Hi Adrian!

(the subject was not an exaggeration. Prepare for a full out essay. Enjoy!)

I want to thank you for everything you have given me within my short stay in the US.
Before I came, I was in the lowest point in my life and I had felt completely lost and discouraged within myself. Being a part of the CGTV and meeting you and Brian and working alongside everyone, doing what I love, has given me a better insight into what I want out of life and how I’m going to approach it. Even better yet, I feel like I’ve rediscovered who I am again and I have you and Brian to thank for that. I have never felt so strong, beautiful, empowered and inspired in my life as I have with you both and I couldn’t be more grateful.

Tim, Virgil, Matt and Matthew Mitchell all taught me something without them even knowing and they’ve helped me become a better and stronger person as well. I sincerely value the faith and guidance you all have put into me because it’s allowed me to have more faith in myself.

It is so difficult to try to hold onto that high that I’ve had while in LA back in London and it has been so easy to sink back into that low place and feel constantly defeated. But I haven’t forgotten a word you have said to me and no matter how long it takes or how much of a struggle it is, I will continue to pick myself back up. The only thing I can regret in life is not trying or not working hard enough and letting someone else take an opportunity from me or even worse, letting myself let an opportunity pass me by. I understand more than ever that it’s the effort and work you put in that determines how far you go.

I had an audition for a community company with the Old Vic theatre last week (which I didn’t get into- but the audition was a lot of fun and another new experience to learn from!) and at the end of this month I have the biggest audition of my life so far for the National Youth Theatre. If you haven’t heard of NYT, it’s a prestigious acting school for young actors and Daniel Day Lewis, Helen Mirren, Daniel Craig and tons of other successful actors have attended there – and I really hope I can join them. I’m also writing my second draft for my play and looking at young writer competitions and youth groups at theatres. All alongside my A Levels.

I am starting taking better care of myself, my education and my future because I know what I want and I am more than willing to work for it. So thank you so much, because without my experience with you all in LA I wouldn’t have such clarity and motivation to progress head first into the next stage of my life.

I wish you all the best for the future and I hope to see and hear from you again soon!

Tian B


Good Morning Adrian and CGTV,


It’s been some time since we’ve seen or spoken to you – however, I was reflecting this morning on our life here in Southern Cali and where Jaclyn is in her college life and I couldn’t help but take a moment and let you know that we are thankful for you and for your acting camp.   It is TRULY the reason Jaclyn is attending Concordia University in Irvine – it is the reason our family relocated to California and I wanted you to know how blessed we were and are by the opportunity you gave Jaclyn and the positive influence you were and are on her.


Screen shot 2013-12-02 at 12.23.42 AM


She is growing and learning and preparing each day for that day she gets to step out and step up.  This photo is her Concordia Concert Choir official photo and she’ll be performing in 5 cities in Italy in May with the choir.  She’s been in every theater production (in some form) at the college since arriving last year and is now working in the theater department as a side job.  As a mom – I am so excited and of course, proud, of her accomplishments – but mostly of the fact that she’s held strong to her faith and to who she is as  a person.   I thank you for instilling that positive strength and resolve in your acting students.  Do not grow weary in your task – it is a worthwhile one – even on the long, long days!!  J

My son has also been influenced and touched as he is now attending a Charter School (Encore School of Performing Arts) as a pianist in the Music Conservatory.  He was also chosen to be a front row audience member for an upcoming show (Win, Lose or Draw) airing in Dec or Jan because “of his look”.  J    If he shows any further interest – I will definitely be contacting you!!!! J


I hope this finds you and CGTV well and either in the midst of another class or preparing for the next.   Stay strong my friend and keep your wonderful positive spirit!


Hugs and kisses from all of us!


Sharon P

Pray as if it all depends upon God and work as if it all depends upon you!






Dear CGTV,
I enjoyed every minute of the CGTV workshops. Having the chance to be taught by such great actors was one of the best experiences of my life. Since the program ended, I have been taking what I’ve learned and applying it to my comedic monologue and continue to work on it every day. I would love the chance to attend your summer program and continue learning new things and getting more opportunities in the industry. Acting was something that I thought I’d try after I was forced to end gymnastics due to injury and cannot even begin to explain how much I have fallen in love with it. Just like your story of mowing lawns to get gas money for auditions, I have been taking on and looking for babysitting jobs and any other ways to make money to help pay for the plane ticket in the hopes of being accepted. Before CGTV I used to dream about acting. Now I realize that dream has become a reality. I have headshots, am a member of iamaperformer.com, and auditioned for a casting director and agents. I am so thankful to have your CGTV program information packet and on-going support from your office to help me understand this business that I now feel a part of. I can only imagine what your summer program has to offer. I would really appreciate a spot in the summer program.
Thank you for your help and the time you’ve given me already,

Gina T

Elija Marcov just booked a Ford Fusion commercial…He was one of you kids. It is a big SAG Commercial!!

Lauren Green Agency

Jackson had his first big booking today for an American Heart Association commercial. He plays a kid with hypothermia and despite the sprinklers and fans on him for almost 2 hours, to portray conditions that cause hypothermia, he had such a blast.

He also attended a seminar recently with Mitchell Gossett, at Jackson’s acting studio, and Mitchell immediately remembered Jackson from your acting program showcase in Austin. He received great feedback from Mitchell again. Jackson continues to develop and hone in on his trade at Cathryn Sullivan’s, and is loving every second of it. Jackson and Mallorie, (Mallorie Mahoney was the young girl with curly blonde hair in the same program…they both signed with Kim Dawson and both train at Cathryn Sullivan’s) are often asked, “How did you get your start in this business?” and they reply, “CGTV.” :) (ps. Mallorie just wrapped a Chuckee Cheese commercial).

I hope my next email will deliver news of his next booking. Please put us on your email/newsletter list to receive your newsletters, so when you come back to Dallas, we can tell our friends with kids who are looking to get into show business, and they can audition their kids for your program. Anytime you’re in Dallas, you and your family are welcome at our dinner table, (just remember, it’s Texas, so it’s down-home cooking with spice…not the healthy bits of food you probably get in L.A.). :) hehe

God bless you and your family. Merry Christmas.


Elijah Marcov, represented by the Green Agency Miami,/ LA just booked his first SAG huge commercial for Ford Fusion. Elijah is a young character actor who Lauren Green met at one of CGTV R’Mantes fabulous workshops. I just loved Elijahs face and signed him immediately. He has been with us for about a year and Elijah has been a great kid. This is his first huge job. The Green Agency looks forward to many more bookings for this young dynamo.

Im a smilin!!!

Lauren Green


My experience at CGTV was fantastic! Not only did I have lots of fun, I met great people and I learned important acting skills from wonderful actors which led to a commercial for Disney, Jr.

Max Leifman

CGTV, Hope your ok! Thank you for everything that you have done for us. I have never imagined that I would come so far, and here I am. You have been like a light in my life. Since I was a little girl I have dreamt of becoming an actress in Hollywood, and today I can say that I’m in the correct path in order to make that happen, and all thanks to you. The program was amazing, everyone was SO TALENTED and the people you brought us to work with were awesome actors!! I feel like everyone there is my family starting with you. You are a wonderful person, and there are no words to express how grateful I am with you. You have been not just a teacher, but an angel in my life and I feel like if God has sent you to help me in what I’ve always ask him for. The showcase was AMAZIIIIIIIING!!!! I’m in PR, but some of the people of the program and me are planning to come in Pilot Season! So I hope to see you by then [?] :’) Thanks for bringing up all those agents and managers, I hope they’ve liked us [:)] Anyways, in conclusion thanks for the opportunities, for thinking in us, the kids and teenagers, and in our dreams; as you said you will be forever in my life; and if one day I have the luck of becoming big, that will be thanks to YOU. Someday I’ll tell you my story of how I knew about the audition of the program in PR., because thanks to that I understand today, that “what is for you, no matter what, will always be for you.”


Thanks and I’ll see you soon [?] love you both, CGTV and you!!!

Jearnest C

I would like to say thanks for having Kaelan at your program this summer! You have no idea how great it is to talk to him every night after classes! He finally has a group of peers he can relate to. He usually prefers adults to kids his age…. Truly! This entire process has been such a positive experience. He loves all the teachers and is so pumped up every time I talk to him.

I wish I could have been out there with him the entire time! I would have if I could! Im just glad I was able to help him chase his dream!! I will be out the 17th thru the 21st.

Keep up the amazing work. This had been life changing in the greatest way for Kaelan to finally find his niche!!

Sheila J

     Dear CGTV and CGTV,

I really can not thank you enough for all you have done, as well as all that you do for the kids. It is truly amazing and It goes so far beyond teaching the kids about the business and how to act.
Last year, we had a meeting with Samantha’s school. They wanted to do months worth of tests and evaluations to see if she was “special needs” or had a learning disability because she was very apprehensive about speeking in front of people, “forgetful”, perfectionistic, etc. The tests showed that she was actually average to above average academically.They concluded that her problem was anxiety and depression and told me to find a counselor.
Your workshop has done what no counselor could have ever done. You really have given her a once in a lifetime opportunity and made her feel special, and accepted. She has confidence and enthusiasm that she has never had. Before, if she was told “no” or got something wrong, or was faced with a set back of any kind, it would kill her for days. She now bounces back instantly with so much understanding, maturity, and determination. She really is like a different kid!!!
I’m not sure if you have already decided on the kids going to summer workshop yet, but if you are still deciding could you please keep Sam in mind? I think it would be such a great learning opportunity and (despite all the hard work and long hours that I explained to her would be involved in the workshop) she is so excited about the possibility of being chosen.
Either way, I thank you CGTV and CGTV from the bottom of my heart!! When you guys do start a family, you are both going to be amazing parents!!!
God bless and hope to see you soon!!

Love: Catherine P

(providence workshop)

As we all know: “All good things must come to an end”. Today is the closing of this wonderful workshop in which our daughter has, so gracefully and jovially, participated. You are helping so many children develop their great sense of self-expression as well improving their level of confidence. As Amabelle’s parents, we are forever grateful to you and we would like to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for all the great things you have thought her during this short period of time. We do not see it only as a simple workshop program but a vital part of our daughter’s development. Because of the great enthusiasm she has demonstrated throughout the entire program, we hope she will pursue this endeavor to a level of achievement. We owe it all to you as well since we have learned tremendously from this experience.

We would like to specifically give our special thanks to: CGTV, CGTV, Justin, Jonathan, Cameron and the others who have contributed so highly in the background.

We look forward to seeing you again,

Best regards,

Amabelle and parents



I wanted to let you know how proud we are of Jaclyn.  Since she attended CGTV in February of 2011 in Providence, she was picked up by an agency in Boston and has gone on many auditions.  She was chosen for and extra part in the movie Moonrise Kingdom (she was a Tang Kid and a Refugee Kid) and her most recent was the attached link to a commercial for Ideapaint.




When she heard your commercial she begged me to take her to the audition.  That day she left with her eyes gleaming saying “Mommy, I know I did great.”  She was usually such a shy child and I couldn’t believe her enthusiasm.  So, when she got the call to come to the workshop she was ecstatic.  It was a big investment for an 8 yr old and after much research, we said ok.  What a difference it has made in her life so far.  She gained so much confidence and self esteem from the workshop it’s unbelievable.  Even her teacher said she couldn’t believe the difference a few weeks made.

She still talks about what she learned at workshop and often says “CGTV told us that……” and my favorite “If you’re on time….you’re late!” She enjoyed working with you, CGTV, Chester, Matthew, Cameron and Tanya and was so happy she got to say hello to you when you were here in October.  CGTV was a great investment for our child.  We would have never known her love for acting or a way to get her started.  I hope we can come to your Summer workshop next year.

Thanks again for the wonderful program you have put together.



CGTV is the only place Chrome Talent Looks for our kids and teen talents.  I have gone to 5 of your workshops now, and each time I go I try to gather as many of the talents I can! The reason being, is your talents and their parents are ready to work. They are well versed in the knowledge of how to book jobs.  They are always prepared with their monologues, polite, and very considerate. Since Chrome Talent has been attending CGTV our kids and teen booking ratio is up 95% from before. Recently we have booked 8 kids from CGTV on a Universal Studios Commercial, 2 on a Snapper Commercial, 2 on a Brighthouse commercial, several film projects, just to name a few.  They are all constantly requested for auditions and callbacks! Chrome Talent could not be happier to work with CGTV and CGTV and I’m super excited to attend the next CGTV in January!

Jai S
Executive Director
Chrome Talent Management
Orlando, Florida



My name is Kristin and I was a performer in the CGTV at Orlando in the year 2010 and then recently was invited/joined the 2011 summer CGTV in Los Angeles, California. The CGTV Workshop has helped me in so many ways I have no idea where to begin!
Well I first heard about this workshop through the radio and I honestly thought this was a big scam and I should just ignore the ad. The next few days I kept hearing the ad every once in a while and I started thinking at the end of the week “If I hear this ad one more time I’ll check it out.” And obviously, it did play one last time and I went to go check it out. CELEBRITY CGTV IS NOT A SCAM. It was actually the BEST thing that has ever happened to me. It’s every young actors dream, including my own, to work hands-on with celebrities – a.k.a professionals that went through many audition processes, done shows/movies, met agents, and pros that know everything about the entertainment industry. The celebrities in this workshop are very professional and are so determined to help every single performer, including myself, be successful in every lesson and workshop they teach. They are completely honest with their comments on each performer and upfront which I believe is a true and helpful teacher. They point out our weaknesses that we have in our performances and help us improve on it. At the end of each program, the celebrities, especially CGTV and his wife CGTV (whom are like the Supercouple team since they are helpful to all) talk to the parents and the performers about everything we have learned and what is soon to come. Parents and/ performers that have questions or concerns they want to talk about with CGTV, he will sit down and talk with them one-on-one with whatever performance needs.
Besides increasing my acting skills, Celebrity Sta has changed me as well (in a great positive way of course!) I have learned how to be more confident in what I do, became so much better in memorizing, and have become a lot better with public speaking. For a fact, all of these skills will impact my future positively whether it’s for college or a future career.

Basically this workshop is amazingly awesome! Regardless if it’s for acting and/or for just gaining skills like I have received, I recommend this CGTV to anyone! Thanks to this workshop, I got a local agent from Chrome Talent (thanks to CGTV because at the end of the workshop he let the performers do a showcase in front of local agents and an L.A producer!) and the agent from Chrome has been giving me jobs to do and big auditions for things like commercials, Disney Channel, MTV, and other kinds of shows. I don’t know where else I would be if it weren’t for the CGTV.

Thank again CGTV R’Mante and the CGTV team!I don’t think I can thank you enough :)

-Kristin F

Dear CGTV,
When my daughter heard the ad on the radio my immediate reaction was to roll my eyes.  Being the cynical New Yorker that I am I was sure it was a scam.  But my daughter is a determined actress and we had nothing to do so we made the appointment and went.  The first thing that struck me was there was no sales pitch.  Why aren’t the trying to sell me on their program the way the John Roberts School did?  They didn’t even tell me what we were auditioning for exactly.  I now know why.  They didn’t want just anyone getting excited about the program, because it’s not just for anyone no matter how much money you have.  You have to have talent, intelligence, determination and drive.  This isn’t about making money this is about building dreams.  In my experience with CGTV, money seems to be a necessary evil to run a business as opposed to the driving factor.  I’ve spoken with many parents who were helped out by CGTV, myself included, because he believed in our children.  No one, I mean no one can guarantee your child will be on TV except the casting director who hires her for a show.  If that’s what you’re looking for then let me know when you find it.  What CGTV gives them is the tools to make their dreams possible. They learn how to prepare for an audition, what to expect and how to behave.  As a parent, you learn the business and how to navigate though it, including headshots, resumes, agents and managers.  The education is unbelievable and is all done by recognizable stars that have a genuine interest in your child and absolutely know the business.  The cherry on top is CGTV then puts your children in front of people that would normally be impossible to see.  The amount of success is incredible.  My daughter now has an agent which I didn’t even know how to go about before this.  Many of her friends not only have agents but have booked commercials and even the coveted TV show.
CGTV is not only great with children, knowledgeable, and a wonderful educator, he is an extraordinary human being.  He is genuinely loving and caring.  He is one of the best people I’ve ever met and I feel honored to know him.  Even if my daughter never does anything within the entertainment business, what we have learned makes it all (including the money)definitely worth it.  The best thing is even when workshop ends CGTV still helps us. He responds to emails same day, he’s always there for you.

Vanessa C (Julia’s mom - Miami)

Hey CGTV! Hope you’ve recovered from workshop!!!
I just want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for all you did for Myles. He learned so much and, as I said before, if was so fun to watch him transform during the time he was in LA. Please thank CGTV and Virgil for me as well. They were so great the three weeks we were there.

Now an update – This past weekend we went to New Orleans for a Regional Talent program. Had we not gone to your workshop program then we would not have had headshots and Resume (they told us to bring 2 pictures and that we wouldn’t be giving any to the agents). But I brought the headshots and resume’s anyway (thank goodness). Myles performed his monologue in front of 40 agents and managers, and over 1000 people. He nailed it! He didn’t appear nervous, he spoke loudly and with great articulation.

HE GOT 6 CALLBACKS!!! He could not have done this without all the time and training from you and your staff!!! He spoke with an agent from Atlanta, New Orleans, New York, and 3 from LA!!! You would have been so proud! I know I was and AM!!!

Thank you again! We are discussing coming out during pilot season and would love to come to the workshop at that time!!!

Hope everyone is well! Tell CGTV and Virgil hello!

Hope to see you soon – Trish D


I appreciate all the hard work you put into these kids’ careers and the help that you offered (especially today) to give them that extra shot. Please feel free to post the following quote on any site or advertising.

CGTV R’Mante has proven again and again that he has an incredible eye for spotting talented youth and strengthening their abilities. so they can successfully compete against their peers. He genuinely cares about his students’ welfare and knows how to focus on all their individual needs. The difference between CGTV’s workshop showcases and many others is simple – at CGTV’s, I know every kid will be a quality actor!

FYI, I am going to be interviewed about the state of the business on a local TV program this coming Monday and may mention you by name (if the conversation goes in the direction of workshops) … of course in a positive light.

Thanks again!

Talent Manager


Life is so unbelievable good right now! I’ve attached a movie poster that just got released. This was the movie I filmed all last summer and it was my first lead in a feature film. It’s premiering soon, and I’ve had a number of other roles in shorts and features, I’m rockin auditions over here, man!!!!! :)

Brittney G


Thank you for this opportunity to let me meet and learn from celebrities and make lots of new friends.  It was really fun and exciting to work with you and your wife is nice too.  I was surprised that I got so many callbacks and already, I have received contact from a few of them since getting back home in Dallas.  Thank you for believing in me.  I think you were right when you wrote that lives would change.  My mom wants to type something below but I just want to say thank you so much for all you have given me.  I sent you a thank you “card” in the mail today.  I had fun making it and the people at the post office got a “kick” out of it. :)
Sincerely your friend,
Jackson Y

CGTV, CGTV and the super staff and instructors of CGTV,

What parent wouldn’t be skeptical…but I prayed about this program, and felt that God had guided us here for a number of reasons and all those reasons were met, and more.  I honestly think we received every single cent worth in all the guidance and training, not to mention Jackson getting to work with his favorite tv stars.  And nevermind that you are able to bring over 30 industry agents to one place for an audition.  If I was to meet with just 1 agent in CA or NY, I would have spent much more in flights and hotels…nevermind trying to get my foot in the door just to speak with the “right” person.  But there Jackson was this weekend, in front of 30 “right” people.  Phew…what a whirlwind experience and one that we will never forget.  I hope you will send us an email next time CGTV is in Dallas.  Already, 1 of Jackson’s friends wants to attend your next program and we will spread the good news about your program!  You have a true gift of teaching and patience, and have touched the lives of so many children.  You will always have friends in us; thank you for everything!  We will keep in touch with you on this journey.  God bless you and your family!  k. pura vida

Warm regards,

Kimberly C (aka Jackson’s mom)


I have had the distinct pleasure of working with CGTV R’Mante and his talented staff at the CGTV. CGTV’s workshop travels around the United States working with youth who aspire to break into the acting world. CGTV provides classes for all different genres in the television industry: sit-com, drama, commercials, to name a few. He also expands his efforts into interviewing/auditioning techniques and the difficult task of marketing oneself in show business.

The workshop makes an appearance in a city and advertises its presence on radio programs. The ads very clearly state that children between the ages of 6 and 19 can have an opportunity to learn how to break into the television industry. He makes no promises that it is a gateway to success, or that graduates of the workshop will make automatically make it big. When the children audition for the workshop staff they are told right off the bat that to make it big in the television industry hard work and a lot of rejection may be encountered, but if you really want it, keep trying. If you are right for the work, the work just might be waiting for you somewhere.

You are promised that your child will be taught skills that it requires to be successful in show business, that they will be treated as a member of an extended family, and, of course, that they will have a terrific time.

I sent my daughter to CGTV’s CGTV in Spokane, WA recently. I have to admit, I was skeptical initially about spending a good deal of money on a workshop. We don’t have a lot to spare right now. I actually investigated the workshop online quite extensively prior to agreeing to sign my daughter up. I found quite a few things about CGTV and his workshop online. Most was positive, but some was negative. I asked myself, “Where are the negative comments coming from?” Anything negative appeared to be no one who had attended the workshop, had a child attend the workshop, or knew CGTV personally. All the positive comments came from people who had experienced the workshop, paid to have their child experience it, or knew CGTV for some time. “Besides,” I told myself, “why would all of these wholesome Disney stars, casting directors, and talent agents associate themselves with something that’s bad?” So, I took the chance and paid for the most expensive package that I could for my very excited daughter.

WOW!!! Am I glad that I did! From the first moment of the workshop, I was impressed with the level of energy that was exhibited by the celebrities. The mood was electric. My daughter picked up on that and became electric. It just steam rolled from there. As the classes went on, she became more and more confident in herself, more poised, and completely excited about what was to come next. We spent 5 weekends hauling her to the workshop and were so terribly disappointed when it ended. We all wished that it went on for much longer. It was AMAZING!!! She learned so very much.

I can honestly say that my little 10-year old girl went in and made the most of this opportunity. I have watched her develop a passion for acting, watched her work EXTREMELY hard to complete the assignments given to her regarding memorizing lines and practicing techniques, and become an incredibly confident young lady. This coming from my sweet little girl who was interested in only collecting new friends at all other activities she participated in. She became serious about her future. WOW!

The workshop was run smoothly with little or no snafus. I found if I felt I was “mis” or “un” informed, it was because I didn’t read something carefully as opposed to it not being provided to me.

The kicker is….it hasn’t really ended. CGTV is very busy with his own acting career, his business, and life. However, I have since communicated with him regarding questions that I may have regarding procuring an agency to represent her, pictures that need to be taken, expenses that might be unnecessary, etc. He has ALWAYS returned my messages and usually with 24 hours. I almost feel like we’re the only ones out there that he’s dealing with. However, I know we’re one of many. He makes us feel that way by caring and taking pride in his students’ success after they finish his workshop.

The money that we spent was WELL WORTH IT!! And the services that the CGTV provides are ongoing, as far as I can tell they will continue to be provided in perpetuity.

Thank you, CGTV and CGTV! We are proud to be associated with you! Here’s to a successful business and opportunity for my daughter!!


I just wanted to take a moment of your time, if you don’t mind. I know that my family is only one opinion, but we find it important to let you know how we feel. Since the first day we met you at the Houston CGTV program, we were comfortable with you and your staff. Not in our wildest dreams did we ever think that OUR BABY would make it to where she is today. You layed everything out straight forward and you were there when we had questions or comments. I know that the job you perform IS NOT easy and by no means stress free, and thats why it’s important to us that you know how much what you do is appreciated. There were times that we would see you and hear some of the parents that were being a little difficult, and you just continued to smile. LOL your professionalism is outstanding and that is not left unnoticed. To organize a program of the size you did or the Austin showcase is phenominal and amazing. My husband, myself and our kids just had a blast from then dancing to the singing. Even if Gloryannah would not have made it any further…you helped make memories for her the rest of her life. She was blessed to receive 5 agencies call her back, and it absolutely blows my mind!!!!! I can tell you thank you a million times over and it truly would not be enough to so my gratitude. Lisa Coduto has been like a guardian angel….goodness knows that I have contacted her millions of times with sooooo many questions. I admire you CGTV for not only pursuing your dream of acting but also your willingness to help others. Even if my daughter were to go no further, I will always remember where you helped her get now and the huge change you made in my whole families life!!!! As corny as it sounds, I am always just a phone call away or a FB message away, should you need any help with anything at all. Like I mentioned before, I have years of PR work behind me and Super organizational skills…please do not ever hesitate to let me know. Congratulations—on your success of both acting and CGTV….you and your staff are phenominal and deserve to know it!!!!


Priscilla M



Hello my fellow teacher,
Raveena here

I just wanted to let you know, thank you soo much for the opportunity you have brought here in McAllen, TX. Living down here from CA was hard, and thought I had no hope left, I always got held back on these kinds of things but now I believe I have hope. ”Waiting for Superman” is no longer a waiting game anymore. You have brought your talent, on your own terms, and all you have…and brought it to TX.

You have no idea what you have done for our hearts. You have shined a light in our dark Wells, brought life into us, gave us a starting point. Now, after going through your classes, your instructions, and auditions…the hard work pays off. So many of us McAllen kids have gotten agents I cannot even say ”no that kid didn’t get one” because most of us DID! You should feel very proud of what you, your team and CGTV have been accomplishing.

Having restless nights, sleepless days, tiring trips…but who are you doing this for? For us! Someone having so much confidence in us makes us all even feel more confident. You have become like our father, our friend, and our inspiration.

If only more people in this world were more like you, your wife, your crew…everyone who is invloved in this, you guys all deserve the best. Look all your hard work pays off. I am in a documentary from my local college, going to be a part of a movie, a side because I have connections and now I am a part of a want in an agency.

I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart! You have done soo much, may all your dreams come true CGTV James R’mante. We all will miss you, but once we hit the top in the agency be ready to see us up there.

We all love you, and appreciate all you have done. From behalf of the McAllen Family of CGTV!

Raveena C


Thank you so much for all you have done for Isabelle! She is very blessed that you are her mentor. You have already opened doors for her that would otherwise not have been possible. I know you are busy and might not have time to read this til after the auditions but we just want to extend our deepest gratitude. You are such a gift to all these aspiring actors and their families. We truly appreciate you and commend you for such a great program this weekend.

Jennifer D


Lindsay had a blast and learned so much at CGTV in Houston and Austin.  She had an amazing time learning from real working actors.  She truly got to know each one and they were all so patient and good with the kids.

She did so well at the Showcase that we are sure to be signing with an agent soon.  And to think, we just signed her up so that she would have more confidence speaking in front of strangers with some fun people who would make it exciting, now we are looking to the future and a possible career.

Thanks for everything CGTV and all of the CGTV teachers!

Let me know if you need pictures.

Heather Camden, PE, LEED AP, CEM
E & C Engineers & Consultants, Inc


Where do I begin….February 2011 we heard a radio advertisement for CGTV.  On a whim I asked my daughter Meaghan if she would be interested in going and my usually shy 9 year old started screaming YES!!!! Well that was the beginning of an awesome journey for our family.  Meaghan attended your Providence program and then we waited for the invitation to summer program 2011 and we were so excited when it arrived. Meaghan\’s confidence has been boosted to amazing levels!  I am still stunned when she goes into auditions without hesitation.  She has recently auditioned for a role in \”Music Man\” with the College Light Opera Company in Falmouth, MA and got the part! You told me she had talent and I am now seeing how right you were!  She owes all of her acting and auditioning skills to you and CGTV.  We are so excited and are still hoping to get back out to LA soon.  In the meantime, she will continue auditioning and practicing her skills that you have given her.  Thank you to you and your team.  We love and miss you all. ~Cassy


Justin is done filming the movie – boy was that an amazing experience! We both absolutely loved it! I can’t even explain how fulfilling it was to be sitting there and watching him acting with both Elliott Gould and David DeLuise for the first time. Simply unbelievable! I was pretty overwhelmed with emotion. Such a proud mom moment.

Anyway, we miss you guys and hope all is well. We would love to see you in Seattle if it will work out. Please tell CGTV hi from us as well :o )!




Can you let me know when you are back in OMAHA,that would be amazing. You have taught me soo much,i am no longer self concience and can be myself around my friends. You are truley amazing. !:) Thanks so much for being the best acting coach ever!!!:)



Josie wrote:

“Miss You!! Let me know when you will be in Omaha again! You have taught me so many important things about acting! And now they are helping me achieve everyday things like i am now running for president in my school! :)Thanks again!”


“CGTV – One year ago today Justin auditioned for you to attend your wrokshop…. I am so glad I made that phone call! Thank you so much for everything you have done for us. Our new life direction has been wonderful and exciting! Justin signed his first autographs on set two days ago! None of this would have happened without meeting you and attending your fantastic workshops. You have made Justin’s dreams a reality. I never would have known where to begin without you and the CGTV team. Thank you so very much. Thank you also to Chester See, Aryac TimSharpe, Giovonnie Samuels, CGTV Figueroa and all your fantastic teachers! You are all truly the best!!!! Miss you all!”


My daughter Ruby went through the CGTV in Spokane WA. I want to let everyone know, that it was a great experience for us as a family, and her as a actress.

It built herself confidence, and taught her how to own audition. CGTV R’ Mante Was the owner of the workshop. Him and his wife CGTV run the workshop and according to Ruby “they are the best teachers ever.”

I cannot stress enough how much it helped my daughter, it offered her opportunities that she had only dreamed of, that would have never been available to her if she had not went through this workshop.

Also though the workshop they provided the the opportunity to audition in front of casting directors, and she had not one but two call backs, and now she has her very own agent, that finds her all the work she wants. Since finishing the workshop she has booked acting and modeling jobs.

So for those of you that are contemplating putting your child through CGTV, It was well worth every penny. I highly recommend it to any of you.

It was a very small price to pay to have my daughters dreams come true!!!


Caitlin O

Thank you so much!!

Dear CGTV and CGTV,

Thank you so much for an amazing experience at CGTV. I enjoyed every single second of it! Not to mention that I learned so much! CGTV: you helped so much at the front desk. Also your emails that you sent out each week were fabulous and oh-so helpful. When ever I had a question you always had the answer. Thank you so much for being a part of this wonderful workshop and helping out so much. CGTV: I honestly can not thank you enough for helping me out with my acting and for starting this workshop. I learned more then I ever thought possible in those 6 weeks. I was so eager to learn something new each week. Monday through Friday seemed to drag on because I was so excited to come to the workshop. Even though the workshop days were long, when ever it would be time to go home I never wanted to leave. This experience was the best experience of my life. When I was doing my monologue, “Bruised”, I was getting so frustrated because each week everyone would tell me to do something different with it. I tried to take bits and pieces of each person’s advice but then I felt like I was over doing it and I was “over-acting.” Finally when I got to work with you all you said to me was “don’t act it, just speak the lines.” As I was using your advice, I got so emotional with it and my eyes were filling up with tears! At that moment, I realized that I wasn’t even acting…it became so real and that’s why I got emotional. I could have never done that with out you and I thank you so much for it.

I will never forget you advice and helpful tips. I am most definitely going to use then towards my upcoming acting career. I am so grateful to be exposed to those agents and have this wonderful experience and I really can thank you enough. I hope to keep in touch and see you soon.

Caitlin O


Subject: Canyon Moretti Celebrity Workshop In Providence, R.I.

Hello CGTV,

Writing to let you know that Canyon had a interview with a new monologue at Model Club Inc in Boston & they have now accepted him as his agent for the New England area. In his free time from school he wants to attend Theater programes at Trinity Rep in Providence as well as returning to your workshop in the near future. Right now we are also sending out his head shots to other agents that you have supplied.

Thank you so much for given Canyon the opportunity to be apart of your workshop as well as sharing & taking your gift of acting so seriously. Now I understand how without your workshop it would be a lot harder for future actors to excel. This experience has given him the confident & enhanced my son’s talent with everything your workshop has taught him. If he did not tell me he wanted to be an actor I had almost said no to having him attend your workshop. I am so glad I changed my mind and listen to him.


Hey, my name is Sebastian Mercado, and I just finished my CGTV experience a week ago. Honestly, I loved this workshop. It’s an experience I will NEVER forget & something I learned so much from. I’ve always had a passion for acting & I’ve been wanting to take it to the next level. So I enrolled in CGTV after hearing about it on the radio. On the first day of workshop, I knew nobody, I was insecure about my acting skills because I assumed everyone else was stellar, and I was around celebrities; so I was pretty overwhelmed. During this 6 week course, I made a handful of new friends, gained a lot of confidence, learned so much about what acting really is & the inside scoop on everything else. The celebrities CGTV R’Mante brings in are awesome. I have no complain about them. They make sure you’re learning & everyone participates. They even have a one-on-one with you if you need help. After every program was over, I always wanted to go back. And, that’s coming from a 16 year-old. Every program is different, but it builds on what you learned the week before. I really felt like I belonged there, and in a way, it was like a mini-family. All the older kids got along with the little kids. They always had questions for us, and they learned from watching us. We were like a role model to them, in a way. The last weekend at workshop, we had a showcase for agencies from around the country. CGTV brought in several ones at the Providence workshop. In all honesty, I was completely nervous. I had never done anything of this type of caliber before. But, I remembered all the things I’ve learned; such as, turning that nervousness into energy. I went into the showcase pretty confident, not really knowing how well I performed. They told us we would receive a call-back within 3 hours and 3 months. I received a call back the next day. The Boston agent really loved me. I went this past week for an interview, signed with them, and went on my first casting call 2 days ago. If someone would have told me I would be signed to an agency to be on TV & Film 6 months ago, I would have NEVER believed them. Larry Lafond, a casting director from Nickelodeon, also has me on his callback list. None of this would have ever happened if it weren’t for CGTV, CGTV, & of course, the fabulous crew he brings in. Recently, I was just accepted to attend the Summer workshop in L.A. this summer. I’m looking forward to attending, & learning a lot more! I want to thank CGTV and everyone associated to CGTV for this opportunity, that I will most certainly take advantage of. If you’re a young actor that wants to pursue acting, I HIGHLLY RECOMMEND that you take the CGTV, you won’t regret it!

Sebastian M


Thank you so much for holding such an amazing workshop! My name is Jai Saint and I’m Executive Director of Talent Management for Urban Models and Talent of Orlando, Florida. I have been to your workshop as a scout and and an industry expert on your discussion panel twice. Each time I have walked away with amazing talents. Your most recent class of all star talents actually brought us over twenty talents to our agency. Each one has been thoroughly trained in the proper industry etiquette and know how needed to survive in the entertainment industry. Our greatest accomplishment is West! West is a six year old triple threat whose acting capabilities far exceed that of any of my talents. He has landed his first feature film role opposite, Chad Michael Murray and Corbin Bleu in the up coming film “RENEE”. West has also done numerous auditions and is also featured in the Bealls Store Catalog. I really appreciate all that you have taught these kids and I look forward to more groups coming our way. See you in April!


Jai S
Executive Director Urban Models Inc.

Hi CGTV! I already wish the workshop lasted months instead of weeks=[ The memories, the friends, the pep talks they seem so far away. I loved this workshop so much and I know that it payed off. The work and passion from everyone is there and to be surrounded by people who are in it for the kill, its a true Utopia! As for my preparation, my monologue seems to be either Horrors of the Holidays or Bruised. Bruised is definitely one I want to do along with Holidays but Cameron suggested to do Horrors of the Holidays rather than Bruised because of how I come across (bubbly, happy and all smiles). I will be practicing both so when you come a decision can be made. Could you please tell all the instructors I had (Chester, Tanya, Cassie, and Cameron) that my time with them was not just splendid but emotional. Cassie once asked me "What do plan to do with this?" I think I may finally have an answer for her. I want to be a musical actress and enjoy my time with sitcoms, 1 hour dramas, movies, comercials, and everything! I want to be the whole package; to sing, dance, and act. Somehow in this workshop through all my trifle with life, I found out I need to be who I am and love doing what I do. Nothing will stop me now and its from my support system. CGTV, you and the workshop are now part of my support system=]

Thank you…for everything,

CGTV, Phill and CGTV,


You are both truly wonderful people and your program is outstanding. To think that in eight weeks you may have shaped Isabella’s whole future. I am forever grateful. If you ever need anyone to write a testimonial about the outstanding awesomeness of your workshop, please just let me know. Also to update you on things happening here. Monday at 12:14 p.m. I received a call from The Green Talent Agency here in Miami and Isabella has an appointment scheduled for an interview on Monday, February 21, 2011.

Then last night at around 8:00 p.m. Lauren from The Green Talent Agency emailed a script for Isabella to memorize. This Thursday they want to tape her reading for the role of “Raquel” in a new pilot from Fox called Little in Common. Even without having done her interview! Wow, this is all going so fast it seems a bit surreal.

Lastly, please confirm with me the date, time and place for the photography session. You mentioned it would be on February 15 or 16?

Thanks for everything,
Annie And Isa


I wanted to share with you about the extremely positive impact your workshop has had on my family’s life. When my son, Brooklyn, was invited to join I had no idea what to expect. My wife and I were just parents who wanted to support the dream of our child and knew little about the industry or how to make the best path for our son. We had tried submitting him to an agent here or there before, but never had any response.

Brooklyn is such a high energy young child that I feared he would not be able to pay attention long enough to really benefit from each of the workshops offered. My wife and I are truly appreciative to have been able to sit in and take notes for our son since he could not do so himself. It was amazing to see the rapid growth of not only our son, but also every child that was a part of the workshop. It became very clear that this was the place for our son to learn about his passion and upgrading to level 4 was an obvious choice.

After submitting Brooklyn to the agents on your list the way you instructed, the amount of agents who contacted us about Brooklyn was surprising and the numbers are still rising! He now has multiple legitimate agents that didn’t charge him anything upfront and is auditioning for commercials and print work regularly. Then something else incredible happened, I used the same tips you gave out at the workshop and went on a few auditions of my own. I ended up booking several roles in independent movies and I have recently been casted for another!

My son and I are proof that what you are doing works! I know in my heart that your workshop will continue to grow and offer great opportunities for those who are passionate about their art! You have created a beautiful program and I am truly thankful for all the hard work you and your staff put forth.

Robert W


I hope you are doing well!  It sounds like you have been pretty darn busy since the workshop has been over.  Congrats on your latest movie!  You’ll have to share the title when you’re allowed to.  When does Underground come out?  I know it’s soon.  I keep looking for a commercial, even though I’m probably too much of a chicken to watch a lot of it with my eyes open!  It looks scary! :o )

It’s so odd to be back home after spending so much time in L.A. this summer.  We ended up staying until September 3rd.  What a fun summer it was.  We can’t wait to come back for pilot season!!!!!

I just wanted to share what is going on with Justin.  After we got home, I sent out the letters and headshots to the Seattle agents that you had sent out to us.  We have interviewed with two so far and have another interview at the end of the month.  I am so impressed with Colleen Bell Modeling and Talent.  Colleen submitted him for an audition upon receipt of his headshot.  This is what she sent me:

Dear Justin  (and mom –

I received your headshot in the mail and am MORE than interested in talking to you about representation with the Bell Agency in Seattle.  Your resume is impressive and your look is darling

Your headshot came in at perfect timing.  One of our largest casting directors in Seattle is having an audition on Monday 9/27 for a Commercial – I scanned the picture and sent it over to them because they had asked for a 10 yr old boy – and I knew she would love your look

They would like to have you audition for it on Monday if you are avail.

We would only represent you for this job if you choose to audition but would LOVE TO HAVE YOU COME IN TO OPEN CALL in the near future.  You can get all details to our open call on our website atwww.colleenbellagency.com click on Open Call tab. 

Please let me know if you are interested and I will send all the details to you at that time.  Here are the basics.

Jewelers – TV spot
Non Union
Audition Monday 9/27
Call back 9/29
Shoot Oct 4-7 (one day per talent) 
Pay 1000.00 minus comm childrens rate
2 year usages during holidays


He didn’t book the job, but it was so exciting to go on an audition so quickly upon arriving back home – especially in Seattle!  She is also trying to submit him for an ongoing modeling job (1-3 times per month).  We are planning to sign with her.  We met with them last week and they offered Justin representation.  She has the passion and enthusiasm that you described as what to look for in an agent.  They also seem top notch.  I thought you’d want to know….

We are also heading to L.A. for a quick trip on Thursday this week.  Carla booked a movie audition for Justin so we are flying down for the day.  We’ll keep plugging away at this, it’s only a matter of time…..

See you in a few months!  Hello to CGTV as well :o )  We miss you guys!

~Terra & Justin H

Tested for a lead character in a new series for Disney! My son Nick has taken two workshops with CGTV R’Mante. He has grown so much as an actor and that is due to the fabulous teaching of CGTV. CGTV really has a knack for understanding kids and helping them really be in touch with themselves. Nick has thoroughly enjoyed every minute of program!! I also wanted to acknowledge the man behind the scene, Tim Sharpe. He is really the unsung hero and I just wanted to say thank you for being so gracious and helpful to us.

Nick has gone out on some amazing auditions for lead roles in feature films since taking CGTV’s workshop.
He has grown so much as an actor and that is due to the fabulous teaching of CGTV. CGTV really has a knack for understanding kids and helping them really be in touch with themselves. Nick just booked the new Ron Howard project, “Parenthood” and a new MTV series and movie starring opposite David Duchovny, which shoots in New Mexico thanks to The CGTV!! Thanks CGTV and celebrities for EVERYTHING!!

- Samya L

“The Burger King run was a great experience and great working environment.  CGTV R’Mante CGTV was a big part of her focus on set and her respect to all involved!

…..”my daughter can’t wait to come back in 2010″

Debbie S



When Chelsea was invited to attend the CGTV R’Mante CGTV this past summer in LA, we were thrilled for the opportunity – but little did we know how great it would turn out!  The staff, instructors and coaches were absolutely first-rate, and watching all the kids learn and grow their skills – let alone the joy they had doing it – was great to watch.  Right from the beginning everyone was provided with the very best opportunities – amazing yet affordable professional headshots; numerous auditions with some of the best agents around ; ongoing skills development from actors, coaches and casting directors as well.  What more could we possibly have asked for?!

Well. there was more!  Besides all the hard work, there were plenty of fun times when parents and kids alike got together and just had a ball!  CGTV and staff recognized the need for everyone to ‘unwind’ from time to time, and we had fun!  All the kids were great and enjoyed themselves so much together – it was like one ig family by the time workshop came to a close.  What was the best though, was all the encouragement and support given from start to finish to any child who had a shot at an audition or other opportunity. The staff and CGTV himself would work and rehearse with the child so he or she could do their best and get what they were going after!

And that was just the extra boost that Chelsea needed.  During the workshop she had to fly to an program in Phoenix to participate in a national talent and modeling competition.  The program was four days of nonstop auditions, rehearsals and presentations to agents and managers from LA, New York and Florida.  The training and confidence from CGTV’s workshop gave her everything she needed to show her best self with confidence – and she came back the first-place winner of the toughest age division, even though she was the youngest!  Her grand prize made all the difference for us, and allowed us to continue on so she can pursue her passion for acting.  As if that weren’t enough, once we got back to workshop she also landed parts in a TV episode for the eHealth Network and in a short film called Sidewalk Symphony.  It was quite a first experience in LA and we are now getting prepared to return for pilot season – and hope this time we can stay a lot longer!

Thanks to absolutely everyone from the CGTV R’Mante CGTV!  We love you all, and look forward to many great years to come!

Marinee T
(Chelsea B’s Mom)

CGTV’s workshop rocks! James has grown so much in his acting craft. To his credit, he plays a classmate in The Most Astonishing News, a Japanese television show, where they dubbed all the lines in Japanese and a little league player in an episode of Parenthood, a new pilot, that was picked up by the network.  James has also been on an episode or two of Kids Unlimited and Say What!, a local kids T.V. show. Most recently he has done a PSA for Saving the Parks, a piece focused on Mt. Diablo State Park in the east bay.

I cannot say enough about CGTV and Tim who both make the kids feel welcome and bring out the best in all of them. We will definitely continue training with CGTV and company.

Nancy B.
(James’ mom)

Hello CGTV,

“Savanna and I met you at JRP in B”ham Al. about a year ago with Chester See. We hope that you are doing well, all of you. Savanna is with an agent in Ga. at the present, but we wanted to share something with you. Although she was an extra, we recently had the pleasure of seeing her on the big screen. She was in the Tyler Perry’s newest movie, “I Can Do Bad All By Myself”. The look on her face made us so very happy,and proud for her.She is an amazing child! The movie was excellent! Funny, and heartwrenching at the same time! I know that she will always treasure meeting you, but mostly, what a kind and caring person you are. I’m sure you probably won’t remember her, after meeting so many people.(we sent her headshot to maybe jog your memory),but we will never forget you or what you taught her. Thank you so much! We wish you all the best!”


“We are absolutely honored to have been a part of the workshop, and are (as you know) so deeply appreciative to CGTV and all of you for such a tremendous opportunity.  We look forward to continuing with your future endeavors and contributing in any way we can.  Chelsea loves you all and it was the very best start she could ever possibly have dreamed of, and there is no doubt in our minds that this opportunity with such wonderful people will – as  time will tell — be what gave her her start in this industry.  And we feel there is a very real possibility that she will go far and do well.  We both look forward to the day that we can ‘pay it forward’ to other young people who will be where we are now.”



Hi CGTV, Tim, Phil, CGTV and the rest of the gang…
Thanks to all of you for giving Ashleigh and I a wonderful summer with ARYAC in LA. I know there must be a lot of hard work and organization that goes on behind the scenes to make this work As well, managing and giving your time to 52 kids of varying ages, day to day couldn’t be an easy task. Sort of like the 1 room school of old.  You are to be commended. Ashleigh has learned a lot about acting and picked up some life skills.  I have noticed her to be more composed with greater confidence and self esteem when speaking with adults. She seems pleased with how her scene went last night and it is nice to see her more at ease on stage. We were unsure of how our summer would turn out but it has exceeded our expectations.  We are grateful for the opportunity CGTV created for us to come. It became a summer not to be forgotten. Thanks for the memories and we hope to see you all again. We wish you all the best in your lives ahead.



Thank you for an amazing experience this summer.   I can’t imagine topping this summer. We will miss each and everyone of you.
Best regards,



Dear Tim, CGTV , and Chester ,

If I told you the ATL CGTV, was a huge success it would be an understatement. The 3 day workshop provided the talent an amazing opportunity from which to learn, grow, and refine their talent. It was amazing to see the change these kids made in 3 short days. The respect, teaching, and care you offer the students with this program truly transformed many of the participants. The results were visibly evident Sunday afternoon when you met with us, the parents. Not only at my house did I hear, “this is the best thing I’ve ever done, I’m learning so much, I don’t want to leave, I wish I could do this again,“… it was also the majority consensus among other parents, as we talked with one another ( as parents do), and the same sentiments were being echoed and displayed by their children.

Please let me know when you plan to come back to ATL for the follow-up auditions with the Casting Director, as Kelly Hooper is attending ACT classes in the ATL A.C.T. Satellite Program and not JRP. She can’t wait to attend another workshop with you and she is checking email daily to see if she has an invite to the Summer Workshop in LAX. On a side note, Kelly has made Chester a Valentine poster of he and Taylor Swift and is anxiously awaiting his musical response to Swift’s “ Whitehorse ”. Kelly is sending the poster to the CGTV, address in North Hollywood , listed on the website.

Thanks again for a great 3 day workshop. I wish each of you safe trips and continued success. We’re looking forward to future workshops including the newly announced workshops associated with America ’s National Teenager Organization.

Warmest Regards,

Vickie E


Thank you for coming to JRP in Toronto. Wow…what a weekend for the kids! There are 30+ young actors going through major CGTV and Chester withdrawal. As a parent, it was amazing to see the dynamics of the group evolve over the weekend. I can’t believe how much Keira changed and drew in just a few days, she has always been confident, but, she’s different now, it’s hard to describe.

-Ursula T (Parent Toronto Workshop)


This is the young blonde, Kirsten, from the workshop. I just wanted to thank you for coming there and teaching me. Your advice has already helped me become a better actor.

Thanks again for coming.

-Kirsten (Student)


Thank you for traveling north for our children. What an amazing opportunity! Moreover, thank you for truly caring about our children.

-Lucy P (Parent San Francisco Workshop)


Simply wanted to pass on our appreciation and praise with respect to your recent workshop in Toronto.

Your workshop provided an opportunity for my daughter, Stefani, to learn while having tons of fun … and, as you know, at eight years old learning is best done while having fun!

Like most of the other children present … Stefani did not want to see the sessions, let alone the weekend, end. That more than anything speaks to the worthiness of your workshop’s offerings.

As a parent, I was most impressed by Tim’s professionalism, CGTV’s genuine commitment to helping children (and his charisma is nothing to laugh at either) and Chester’s dynamic, warm presence.

Money well spent … wonderful memories … and information and inside tips that are sure to come in handy!

Keep up the good work!

-A satisfied parent and child actor,
Gail and Stefani


This past week, my son Anthony was lucky enough to attend a special workshop
by CGTV.  I just wanted to let you know what a great time he had.  I was
especially impressed with CGTV’s big heart and true love for the business.
My son is only 6 years old but he too has a big heart and when he was upset,
CGTV took to time to do a special scene with him which made his day.
Thank you for this wonderful experience and if CGTV ever comes back to the
New York area, I hope Anthony will be able to attend another one of his
workshops.  Thank you for this wonderful experience.

A grateful mom and an excited 6 year old.

P.S. If you have a newsletter, please put me on your list.

-Thank you,
Darcie C (Long Island, New York)

Thank you CGTV,

You were the best acting coach ever .If it wasn’t for you I wouldn’t be where I am today. I am currently shooting a movie entitled “The Killer in the Mirror”. When I shot my first scene I forgot my lines. I was very sad because of an incident that happened some hours before I shot. I remembered to improvise. Finally we were finished with that exhausting scene. A couple of days later I was surprised to receive a call from you. CGTV, You gave me words of encouragement. This showed me that you truly care about all of your future celebrity actors and actresses. I love you for that, and once again thank you CGTV.

Ju’Cole from Jacksonville FL