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Complaint Review: Consumer Safety Technology

  • Submitted: Tue, August 23, 2011
  • Updated: Tue, July 03, 2012
  • Reported By: Tyler — Watertown Connecticut USA
  • Consumer Safety Technology
    10520 Hickman Road, Suite F
    Des Moines, Iowa
    United States of America

Show customers why they should trust your business over your competitors...

This is a copy of my complete report I filed with the Better Business Bureau that has been ongoing for 2 months now.  I'm posting it here because CST miraculously has an A+ rating with the BBB that I contest is a result of them strong-arming dissatisfied customers because they have them in a bind and paying the BBB a premium to keep the higher rating.  Since you can''t see the actual cases on the BBB's site, here you go! 

First a quick background into the FACTS:
Bottom line is that CST's device caused my vehicle to die on a dangerous shoulder off I-40.  I was 125 miles from home and between the 2 trips there and back to be picked up/retrieve items from the vehicle and the tow they cost me roughly $450.  The vehicle would turn over and run intermittently but after it was towed to their service center they claimed that the engine mysteriously seized in order to get out of their responsibility.  I then had it towed to a mechanic closer to me that is a world renowned expert and he predicted and then proved sabotage on video while he disassembled the engine and did a thorough vehicle inspection.  He said it was quite likely that because there was brand new fresh oil in the engine that someone bled it of all its oil, ran it until it seized then added oil to attempt to cover their tracks.  According to him when a motor seizes with oil in it the oil would be black and be all burned up.  This oil was fresh.  Oh, and since I filed a complaint against CST they mysteriously failed to report to motor vehicles that I had the unit installed in a new vehicle.  This caused me to lose my license indefinitely; yes, I can't drive ever again thanks to CST and their bullying tactics.  Stay tuned of course for their textbook soul-less lifeless rebuttal that goes something like "We didn't do anything wrong and are responsible for nothing in this world but taking your money, We pride ourselves on customer service and although we are not perfect we really are perfect, so please contact our CEO to make things all better now."

CST does nothing but lie cheat and steal which is why they're being sued for copyright infringement which you can see here:

and they claim they're the only company that does not require you to go to a service center to have your unit re-calibrated here:

I was told I had to go to their service center which is a 2 hour round trip and twenty five dollars for the recalibration for 2 years.  Anyways, without further ado, here is the BBB report in full:

Original Complaint :

have many complaints about this company from the worst customer service on the
planet and 40 minute hold times on phone calls to them but my biggest complaint
will be heard in court very shortly as I have decided to go full throttle with
a lawsuit against them.  Rudeness aside,
CST creates a product that is a hazard to drivers on the road while they claim
they are protecting drivers.  Not only
are the constant "rolling recalls" extremely dangerous, but I
experienced a major issue after 18 months of having one installed in my
vehicle. Their relay connect unit (the size of about half a brick) dropped on
my feet while driving and almost caused a major accident at 75 miles per hour
on I-40 just west of Seligman, AZ (over 100 miles from my home).  I attempted to push it aside with my feet and
it caused major electrical problems with my vehicle causing it to die, I was
able to get it onto a blind shoulder in heavy traffic.  Of course there were the problems I was
already experiencing with electrical like the fog lights staying permanently
lit so I'd have to pull the terminal off the battery every time I parked my car
and other intermittent issues I will be detailing in court.  My vehicle was towed one exit off the highway
because I could not afford the $475 to have it towed to Sedona, AZ where I
live.  A friend had to make the 250 mile
round trip to pick me up and bring me back to Sedona ($100 in gas).  The vehicle then sat there for 2 weeks until
I could set up a  AAA+ account (for $120)
to have it towed with an additional $100 charge on top.  While it sat there, I had to make a 250 mile
round trip from Sedona to the car and back to retrieve the belongings from it
costing me another $100 in gas.  All told
when you add up the expenses they've cost me, not to mention the grief, time,
added stress, and near fatal collision their device caused and the fact that I
no longer have a working vehicle to get back and forth to work I am making it
my mission to see to it that they are shut down indefinitely and not able to
make another attempt to eliminate one problem by creating another.  If cell phones cannot be used in a motor
vehicle while driving, neither should one of these, these are far more


Desired Resolution:

will be suing them in court to recoup all costs plus punitive damages and
seeking a stop order from the judge barring them from selling these devices to
anyone.  I know it will be difficult and
CST can laugh about the prospect of me doing so, but I keep my word about
everything and I always complete what I say I will.  I can't say the same for them judging by the
way their "customer service" reps treat people.


BBB Processing


06/30/2011                web       BBB        Complaint Received by BBB

06/30/2011                bbc       BBB        Member Complaint Reviewed by BBB

06/30/2011                Otto      EMAIL     Send Acknowledgement to Consumer

06/30/2011                Otto      MAIL       Notify Business of Dispute - Member

07/12/2011                WEB      BBB        RECEIVE BUSINESS RESPONSE : We have
reviewed Tyler's account and made contact with our service center where his
vehicle was taken. Our service center indicates that this is an issue with the
vehicle (engine seized) and had nothing to do with our equipment. Our customer
service manager will be calling Tyler to discuss in more detail. Thank you.

07/12/2011                bbc       EMAIL     Forward Business response to Consumer

07/22/2011                WEB      BBB        RECEIVED CONSUMER REBUTTAL : (The
consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)

vehicle's engine seizing happened after the fact, it was a completely separate
incident but like any company trying to avoid responsibility, CST jumped with
joy and excitement without working out the details/chain of events.  It just took the word of a service center
with no questions asked to me.  After the
car died initially, I took it to a friend who had gotten it running by making
adjustments to the wiring in question.  After
making arrangements with CST to have it resolved, I had it towed to the service
center and explained to them what happened. 
I then received a call from the service center with someone telling me
the engine was now seized.  When I went
back to the service center to retrieve the vehicle I noticed that although they
ripped out the old Intoxalock they never bothered to fix the wiring so there is
no power running through the vehicle at this time.  I find it hard to believe the engine seized
on its own with good oil/oil levels, full coolant, and IT WAS RUNNING
INTERMITTENTLY RIGHT BEFORE IT WAS TAKEN TO THE SERVICE CENTER.  I also find it hard to believe that someone
could diagnose a seized engine with no power running through the system because
they had all the wiring detached.  What
would make someone assume a seized motor when they couldn't even turn the
ignition for spark? 

this did was add more fuel to the fire, I'm sure CST didn't want to have to
cover the costs of their mistakes so they tried to pass it along to the garage
that "diagnosed" my vehicle. 
I'm pretty positive that a blue collar mechanic is not going to lose his
shirt on something that is ultimately the responsibility of a multi-million
dollar corporation and that that corporation is also refusing to accept
responsibility because it would add credence to the fact that their device is

currently have another mechanic looking at the vehicle, he is going to rebuild
the motor and record the entire process in high definition from start to finish
looking for any signs of sabotage.  This
is the guy that built 2 of the Fast and Furious cars so if there's something to
be seen (and I'm pretty sure there is) he'll find it.

I still fully intend to take CST to court at this point, they have done the
opposite of taking care of their responsibilities and have now cost me an
additional $1200 for the motor rebuild not to mention countless hours of time
(which is money).  I guess we'll meet
each other in court - I with my full proof, pictures, audio, video and
professional testimony and they with the same lies they use to attempt to cover
their asses. 

07/25/2011                lbc         MAIL       Forward Consumer Rebuttal to Business

08/04/2011                WEB      BBB        RECEIVED BUSINESS' REBUTTAL RESPONSE :
Our device cannot cause an engine to seize. Our company does not in any way
attempt to dodge responsibility for anything. We have discussed this with the
service center that did the work on Mr. Ayers' vehicle and the technician
confirmed that the engine had seized prior to it being brought back to his
location. Our device meets or exceeds all NHTSA requirements as well as all
state requirements. There are many thousands of ignition interlocks installed
in the U.S. and safety is rarely a complaint. We can only assume that any
safety concerns Mr. Ayers has are related to the rolling retests. These are not
required by our policy, but by federal and state laws and regulations. Based on
our research of this situation, we believe this is strictly a vehicle issue
that is 100% unrelated to our equipment. Again, we are not trying to circumvent
any responsibility. If, in some way, we were responsible for damage to a
vehicle we would make it right immediately. This is clearly not a caase where
our equipment or our service center is at fault.

08/05/2011                bbc       EMAIL     Send Business' Rebuttal Response

08/09/2011                WEB      BBB        CONSUMER REJECTS BUSINESS' FINAL OFFER :
(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)

company is unbelievable.  They project
that if they keep saying "not me, I didn't do it" it will just get
them out of their responsibilities.  In
this sense they are not unlike the little bully on the playground that gets
caught red-handed ("wasn't me, nuh-uh").  I've already explained that the chain of
events is off and CST wants to keep it that way because that's how they can get
away with it.  The vehicle would start
and run intermittently right up until it was towed to their service
center.  I feel like I've written this
someplace before, oh yes, I have.  I now
have 3 expert mechanics that have looked over the vehicle, swear to some level
of tampering/sabotage and have filmed the complete dis-assembly of the motor in
HD for everyone's viewing pleasure.  I
would like to post a copy of it along with the sworn testimony of these three
mechanics to the BBB if they'll accept it. 
If not I'll find someone that will or create my own site, I am that
ticked off at this company.

also wanted to mention a few other interesting things.  Keeping with CST's amazingly ego-driven
approach to running a company I was informed by one of their customer service
managers that their engineers had been working on their device for 20 years so
that meant there couldn't be any flaws and that they were 100% perfect.  I then mentioned about the fact that they
just replaced the tether from the relay to the breathalyzer in my vehicle when
they replaced the new unit to which she claimed (oh, we've had that for 2 years
now).  I've had my device for 18 months,
why wasn't mine installed with their state-of-the-art coil tether
initially?  I thought they were perfect?  I then told her that her engineers should be
working for NASA since they never make mistakes.  Imagine a space program where there was no
risk of blowing up because the engineers from CST are on the task!  Well she didn't like that at all of course
but mostly because it's true and makes sense. 
You screwed up, admit it, take care of it and move on.  I'm tired of this back and forth garbage but
I am making it a personal imperative to see to it that these devices are banned
due to the imminent danger they pose. 
Drivers should be concentrating on the road and all the hazards that go
with it, not on reaching for this device every 13 minutes (I love the
numerology by the way, thanks CST!) and then blowing and sucking until you
almost pass out.  My attorney is already
on it, I'll keep you posted.

08/09/2011                bbc       MAIL       Forward Consumer Rebuttal to Business

08/19/2011                WEB      BBB        RECEIVED BUSINESS' REBUTTAL RESPONSE :
We're not in any way attempting to skirt responsibility for anything. As
mentioned previously, we will always stand up for issues that we are
responsible for. Every company has issues from time-to-time and many will not
take responsibility and make things right. We are not one of those companies.
We are very focused on excellent service. However, we have investigated this
situation and based on all of the information at hand, this appears to clearly
be a vehicle issue that has absolutely nothing to do with our equipment. How
else would we be expected to respond when our research indicates this is in no
way our fault. If someone in our organization did, in fact indicate that the
equipment is perfect, they would be mistaken and never should have spoken those
words. No piece of technology is perfect. We do have a nearly 20 year track
record, however, and the system is extremely well engineered. In terms of the
claim that these are in some way dangerous, there are many thousands of
ignition interlocks on the road and they are all mandated to use certain breath
patterns and to require rolling retests as the vehicle is being driven. This is
not something that is in our control. And they are not difficult to introduce a
sample into. We have many people of all ages and various states of health and
they are able to use the equipment effectively. These devices are very
effective in preventing drunk driving overall and they reduce repeat offenses.
We're not sure what more we can provide given the circumstances. Again, we
firmly believe this is a vehicle issue caused in no way by our equipment or
installation procedure. Thank you.

08/19/2011                bbc       EMAIL     Send Business' Rebuttal Response

08/22/2011                WEB      BBB        CONSUMER REJECTS BUSINESS' FINAL OFFER :
(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)

is unbelievable but I assure you I am not backing down regardless how many
times CST wants to say "nuh uh, it wasn't me".  CST did zero research yet they are claiming
"...our research indicates this is in no way our fault."  What research?  Can we see it?  As I said already I will be providing video
evidence and testimony of three highly qualified top-notch mechanics that will
prove otherwise.  That's the definition
of research my friends, actual leg work and investigation into the FACTS.  Not spin, which seems to be the evidence of a
generation of wackos like these.

love how they're now claiming "No piece of technology is perfect."
which is a far cry from the conversation I had with one of their superstar reps
that was obviously "...very focused on excellent service" when she
told me repeatedly over a recorded conversation that the device was
foolproof.  This by the way is also what
they forcefully bark at their clients (you know, the ones they refer to as
"convicts" in all public references) when false positives occur which
can happen quite often depending on what you eat or drink or wear (yes, cologne
sets the thing off).  In other words,
their tune has changed for the purposes of this BS charade but go ahead and use
their service and enjoy a couple of years of being treated like a child and
having zero recourse when they create an issue in your life and refuse to admit

CST's words again "...there are many thousands of ignition interlocks on
the road..." and they come from many different companies so do yourselves
a favor and choose one of the other ones!!! 
CST prides themselves on not owning up to their responsibilities like
they expect you to, oh and by the way, since I opened this case they did a big
whoopsie and mysteriously "forgot" to report to the DMV about my
device being installed in a new vehicle after their faulty equipment caused the
demise of my now dead one.  This means my
license is now suspended INDEFINITELY after going through 21 months of hell
with their device.  Three months from
freedom and I now can't drive for the rest of my life; thanks CST for
everything, I'll make sure I recommend you to everyone.

and just to point out again your lack of care about human beings, "In
terms of the claim that these are in some way dangerous..." they are
dangerous and they have caused major accidents leading to injuries and DEATHS
sustained not only by the "convicts" but by the "innocents"
they struck while they were focusing on blowing into your stupid piece of
techno-junk and sorting through the faulty cable you've since replaced.  Well I do care about people CST, even if your
lobbyists that you pay to bribe politicians do not.  You care about money and that's all this back
and forth nonsense is with you, you protecting your ASSets.  All you had to do was take care of YOUR
responsibility from the start of this thing. 
I am firmly poised to bring down your company in any way possible, I now
have nothing to lose thanks to you.  Oh
by the way, my kids thank you too.  They
say no biggie that dad can't drive us anywhere ever again or do little things
like go to work to feed us, yeah, great people you are.  Money money money!  Bling bling!

these devices DO NOT "...reduce repeat offenses" like CST claims in
their rebuttal and this has been proven over and over again.  The only thing they do is make a heap of cash
for CST and pose a threat to ALL drivers on the road today.  Think of the logic, you can't use a cell
phone but you can take the time out of your concentration to blow until you
nearly pass out (and I'm sure people have which is why there have been so many
accidents due to these hunks of junk). 
And sadly now CST is "...not sure what more we can provide given
the circumstances." What I'd like to know is what have they provided
besides "we're a great company so it's not our fault"?  Again, they 
have failed to meet their responsibilities and for that I urge you to
choose a different company if you need to have one of these devices installed
in your vehicle you stupid silly little convict you.

one last thing, CST "cares" so much about its customers it is
planning on tracking you and watching every thing you do in the very near
future.  They've actually gone and done
the unthinkable, George Orwell's 1984 right here in 2011 with CST's next model
including GPS tracking device and video surveillance!!!  It's so disgusting it makes me want to puke
but talk to the CEO about it, I'm sure he's a great guy and would love to fill
a convict in on "money money money", whoops, I meant why his company
is spying on citizens.  Citizens guilty
of the same crime committed by George W. Bush 3 times, d**k Cheney twice, and a
great percentage of congress men and women that never have to face the loaded
barrel of the mouth of this clown calling them convicts.  Why? 
"Money money money, I just want some money."

truly become a sad world we live in since the bullies now grow up to enslave
you with their tehcno-dorkocracy.  Well I
was the guy that used to take down all the bullies in school and this company
has backed me into the corner for the last time in my life.

08/22/2011                bbc       MAIL       Forward Consumer Rebuttal to Business
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Updates & Rebuttals


#1 Author of original report

CST has a bunch of shills writing moronic stuff on here

AUTHOR: Cashish - (USA)

The same company that can't build a device that works properly also can't seem to read or take responsibility for their own rebuttals, hence all the shills writing negative comments.  If they could read they would realize that I never said the device caused my engine to seize up.  What I was describing was that the device caused a major electrical failure in my vehicle.  I was told to have it towed to their service center which I did.  The mechanic at their service center drained the oil from my engine and let the engine run until it seized up.  This way they could claim no fault in the repairs needed for my car.  My mechanic noticed that there was clean oil in the engine and fresh dirty oil had been drained out which means they drained it, ran it until it seized, then put oil back in it thinking it wouldn't be noticed.  It was.

So instead of taking responsibility for their actions, they destroyed my vehicle, a $4000 value at the time, and caused me to lose a job which I needed to feed my kids and pay my bills.  The electricity ended up getting shut off in my house for almost a month.  It took me a long time to dig my way back out of the financial mess they put me and my family in and all I get from members of their company is "DON'T DRINK AND DRIVE AND YOU WON'T HAVE THIS PROBLEM".  I already admitted to my mistake of driving with a hangover and being barely over the legal limit, I haven't touched a drop of alcohol since and that was 4 years ago now.  Isn't the punishment supposed to fit thew crime though?  Putting my family out on the streets because I was pulled over while driving to work with a hangover doesn't seem like the right thing to do, but CST wants you to think it's the way to go, that's because that's how they make a profit which is all they really care about.

And why won't they answer any of my questions?  You know like the fact that d**k Cheney has 2 DUIs on his record, George Bush has 3, 90% of Congress men and women have at least one; why aren't they required to have one of these devices?  Why aren't they treated cruel and unjustly?  That's because CST needs those people on their payroll so they can ensure that anyone not in the n**i party that gets caught driving with a hangover will have to be enslaved by them for 2 years while they destroy your life.

As for the "world class mechanic" I spoke of, designing and building the vehicles for a Hollywood blockbuster like The Fast and Furious kind of makes you world renowned, wouldn't you say?  As opposed to the knuckle scrapers CST has working at their service stations, the kind that are as dumb as a bag of rocks and will do whatever CST tells them to do, even sabotage, because CST needs money from hard-working family men.  If you really would like to meet him I can arrange it.  The best part is he's also an MMA champion so we can all have a good time out in the yard after you check out his garage.  Maybe he'll slap the conceit out of your prep-school a*s once and for all.

CST, I dare you to answer legitimately just once.  You can't and won't though because you know you are nothing but lying cheating sabotaging cowards and fascists.  You aren't armed with the truth so you have to use spin to try to throw off the truth behind my problem with you and the information I've supplied here.  You know, in the old days the good guys would always win because they could beat the crap out of the bully and teach him a lesson so he'd never do it again.  Sadly the bullies took over our legal system so I can't even challenge the CEO to a bout without being thrown in jail.  I will gladly step into the ring with him though if he wants to remove the tampon George Bush gave him for Christmas and find out what real justice feels like.  Have a nice day!

Oh yeah, and again for everyone that is required to have a breathalyzer installed into their vehicle, choose another company, you will thank me. 

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#2 Consumer Suggestion

There is something You can Do about it

AUTHOR: Randy - (United States of America)

I am from Massachusetts I had CST installed and Had all kind problems so you are right they are junk but there are thing you can do I wrote the CEO of the company, my Senator, State Rep, State Governor, RMV,and others. I also open a small cliams law siut at my local court for lost wages towing fees lock out fees. and recieve a judgement in my favor becuase the cowards never showed up and made made phone calls emails etc to date I gotten over 1400.00 of my money back I was force change vendors by RMV and CST and went Smart Start Inc I had no problems once I got use to it Stand up for yourself would my suggestion to You and good for son not drinking since, I have consume alochol since 2005 myself so Good Luck Randy
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#3 Consumer Comment

Interlock gives false readings

AUTHOR: interlock give false readings - (United States of America)

My Son has a Interlock.   He is 25 years old, when he was 21 he got a DUI his first one.  He has not consumed any alcohol since 2008, he quit.   He had the first device put in no issues with it.  The next device gave all false readings rolling test lock out.    He was with his fiance who does not drink at all and they just stopped at the store and got a cup of coffee and when he started down the road it required a rolling test.   He had to pull over and the truck shut off,  he had no ideal what was causing this.  Come to find out the device was giving codes but he did not know what they meant.   When he took it in the replace it the guy told him they do that all the time, everyone complains that the devices malfunction.  Those guys only put them in the cars.  Next thing he knows is he gets a letter from the state pulling his driver licence.  The report from the code said he had alcohol and he did not.  It took 20 mintues of him continuosly blowing and finally the truck started and then no issue until the report came. Everyone can say what they want but these devices are not reading correctly.   There needs to be a remedy from Interlock for giving the state false reports on reading.  Remedy as in $$$$$ to the people who have to suffer through this malfunction device.   I believe Interlock is making alot of money on Americans and they don't want to give up that Profit, so this is being ignored by them.  Money seems to mean more to companies than people who have to deal with their faulty device.   Capital gain seems to be more important than the truth, this is not ethical no means. Interlock is making way up in the Millions on profits from this faulty device.   Interlock web site states "Being sentenced to install an ignition interlock device may feel overwhelming. But there are simple ways to live and work with this system. Plus, these devices can help keep our streets safe for everyone. Ignition interlock devices are easy to operate and will help curb future visits to the courtroom. It also allows the consumer to continue on with normal life, and drive legally at the same time.The new interlock technology is so much more reliable than in the past. The devices cannot be tampered with, and at the same time, wont drain the battery in a car or cause any other technical problems with driving. An ignition interlock system is becoming more common all over the country. In fact, at least 13 states have mandatory interlock device laws."   This is not true,  I drove his truck while he was on vacation and it did it to me as well and I do not drink alcohol so I know this device is faulty, it is not a reliable device.  Say what you want but the truth needs to come out and Americans need to stop paying the cost for this device that does not work properly.  I would have liked to have seen the calibration report on his device, but when asked they are dumb founded that someone would ask to see this information.   I took his device into Grandville, Mi to replace it and talked to the guy who installs them, he said they give false reading all the time, cold weather can even cause a false reading, drinking something hot can cause a false reading , perfume can cause a false reading.   The guy did not do any type of calibration , he opened a box and handed me a different device and told me how to put it back in is truck and reset it, he said he doesn't know what they do with them when he send them back,  SO who knows what this next device will do.   My son talked to a Police officer about this and he even told him those things are not reliable they give false readings all the time.   SO if everyone is saying this why is Interlock saying the opposite????    $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$
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#4 Consumer Comment

I would like to know who


the world renowned, expert mechanic is so that if I run into a difficult mechanical problem I can contact him also.

Care to help us with his name?
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#5 Consumer Comment


AUTHOR: Robert - (U.S.A.)

yes, I can't drive ever again thanks to CST and their bullying tactics.
- You would NOT have been in this situation if YOU did not choose to drink and drive.  You should just be grateful that your choice didn't end up killing someone.  Because if it did you wouldn't have to worry about driving because you would be in Prison. 

I do like how you got a "world renowned" mechanic to come up with your theory.  While it was a little hard to follow it looks like you are going to sue them. I hope you do and when you do that you post all of the court information.
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#6 Consumer Comment



You must have a lengthy record of driving under the influence to lose lifetime driving privileges.

Thank the courts for keeping you and your kind off the streets and making driving a little safer for the rest of us. 

How would an electronic, ignition interlock device cause an engine to seize up? It's just a device that prevents you from driving when you've been drinking by interrupting the starter circuit....hardly a means of damaging an engine.  And yes, I did read all your drivel about all your mechanics siding with you.

There is absolutely NO correlation....have you been drinking while writing this report?

I wouldn't be surprised if you caused the failure yourself and are attempting to Ripoff someone else.

In other words, your Ripoff Report is a fraud.
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#7 UPDATE Employee

Our Side of the Story

AUTHOR: Dave - (United States of America)

The information contained in this complaint is not reflective of what occurred. Having a forum such as this to essentially slander a company that is clearly not in the wrong is a problem. We did our homework on this and researched the situation. We are a company that works hard to please our customers and to deliver outstanding service at all times.

Our research clearly indicated this customer's issue was related to his vehicle and not in any way caused by our equipment. He disagrees and has persisted in taking this public. If we felt in any way, shape or form that we had caused the problem we would have stood up and made it right. Also, other statements such as implying that the devices kill people is a completely false statement. We are not aware of one such case. They are a tremendous benefit to society and public safety and have proven their worth over many years of use.

There are a number of inaccuracies in this report by the customer and we feel it is an injustice to a company that tries hard to do things the right way and to protect the public from drunk drivers. We are not money hungry as the customer suggests. Yes, we are in business to make money, but we fully understand that satisfied customers are far more preferable to dissatisfied customers.

We never want to see a customer lose their driving privileges. If we were so money hungry, why would we? That means the equipment comes off and we lose our revenue stream. However, we are required by law to record and report all incidents as defined by the state. We have zero leeway in that regard.
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