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Complaint Review: DELL COMPUTERS

  • Submitted: Sun, February 07, 2010
  • Updated: Thu, August 12, 2010
  • Reported By: Steven — Cobb Island Maryland United States of America
    One Dell Way, Round Rock, TX. 78682
    Round Rock, Texas
    United States of America

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DELL'S CUSTOMER SERVICE IS FROM HELL. I have had an ongoing issue with Dell Computers since June 25th 2009. It started with my system an XPS720 heating my room up as much as 10 degrees after only two hours of use. I am a writer who writes all kinds of legal documents.

I customized my computer so that I would have all the best that Dell had to offer at the time, Power with large storage capacity and speed. I had owned my computer for just less than a year before I started getting Blue Screens, stating that a System failure had occurred and Windows had shut down before any further damage could occur. My computer has a Ceramic liquid cooler which should have kept my system cool. But the power supply just boiled, 1 KW of power.

I needed a computer that could handle my writings and as well accommodate my sons needs to play his online games. I spent $4,018.88 on this tower. Thankfully, I bought the extended warrantee of three years. Ha, what a joke. My system was cooking and I called Dell and they determined I needed a new motherboard and they sent out a Technician. The first thing this Tech said to me was, Oh, I have never worked on an XPS720. I said that does not sound good but he assured me there would be no problem.

I was not worried because I went to computer college and graduated in the top five of my class with a 3.65 gpa of a possible 4.0, so I know about computers and that heat is a computers worst enemy. As I stood and watched this Tech (Tusundrea) start ripping out the cables, wires, ribbons and all connectors, I asked him? don't you think you should be marking those wires since you have never worked on an XPS720? He laughed at me and said no I can handle this.

When he got the Motherboard in place, he said to me, Oh I don't have any wire ties. I told him don't worry I have thousands of them in my garage. By the time I came back, he had my Video & Sound Card installed and my memory sticks and he was stuffing all my cables and wires into the empty Optical Bays. Many of the Wires & Cables blocking my two six inch fans and stated that he did not need my wire ties after clipping at least 7 wire ties. He was just rushing to get my system reconnected so he could get out of my home. I had to tell him how to reset my Bios.

I did not use my computer that weekend because my son was staying at his dying mothers home for a few days. When he returned he was glad to be able to get back to his game playing which takes his mind off his breaking heart of watching his mother get worse and worse. With in three days the blue screens were back. I checked the system and it showed that we only had three Megs of Hard disk space instead of the four Megs that I had before this Tech worked on my system. I called Dell again and told them that their Tech had done something to wipe out One Meg of Memory space. The Tech in India ordered another Motherboard. I told her that I needed to be able to use my system to do my legal writings because I am disabled and I have to keep up with my work in order to feed my son. She told me that I did not have to worry that if my system still boots up I can use it and that I should use an external fan too try and keep my system cool. After over 4 more Blue Screens my system went to the Black Screen of Death.

When this Tech Jeffery showed up, he opened the box that had holes in it and when he removed the Motherboard, it looked like Fed-Ex had just flown over my home and dropped the ordered parts from the plane to my front lawn, it was so damaged. The Tech said he could not replace my Motherboard. I looked at my Motherboard that had already been replaced the first time and I immediately noticed that the uppermost Memory Stick was not installed completely. Neither of the side locking clips was locked in place.

I told Jeffery, do you see that memory stick and the clips? Does that look right to you? He said no. I then said and look at that connector it is grounded on a screw of the frame of the Tower chassis. I went on to explain that when you type Data through the keyboard, it goes into the memory sticks first by sectors and partitions and then it goes to the Hard Drive and if any of the memory sticks are not installed properly then that will corrupt my Hard Drive. Jeffery agreed and said that since that was done by one of Dell's own Technicians then Dell will have to replace my computer. He went ahead and called in for a new Motherboard and a new Video Card and new Fans and said that it would probably take a few days and then he would be back to do the repair.

That did not happen. A new Tech named Andrea called and came to install the new parts. He installed the Motherboard, the new Video Card and my Sound Card did the same thing with the various cables, Wires and Ribbons. Then he tells me that the Fan below the Ceramic Liquid Cooler is too large to fit under the Liquid cooler and just leaves that port connector on the Motherboard empty. He Boots up my system and it shows three Alerts! (1) Floppy Drive not found. I don't have a Floppy Drive. (2) Previous Pump and Fan failure. (3) Caged Fan Failure. I know what the Caged Fan Failure was, the Fan that did get reinstalled. Press F1 to continue. Then right back to the Black Screen of Death.

The Tech told me that the only way to get my system back was to reinstall my Operating Sysytem. I told him that I had not backed up my system for about two months and that I could not afford to lose all my legal writings and there is no way he could do that. He said that there was nothing else he could do for me. I told him that even if he reinstalled my OS that would not remove those Alerts! The system is not recognizing my Ceramic Liquid Cooling Pump for the central processor or the Cage Fan that keeps the inside of the Tower cool that you could not install. So he leaves and I still have a dead system.

I immediately called Dell and told them what had happened and that I did not want another Dell Tech to come to my home and that I wanted a New Hard Drive sent to my home and that I would install it myself. It was unformatted and with no operating system. That took over 9 hours just to format my new Hard Drive and then another 5 hours the next day to install all of my OS programs and Drivers. But I am still getting freezing screens and Blue Screens. Then I start getting threatening letters stating they wanted my frozen Hard Drive or they would turn me over to a third party and I would be charged almost $500.00 for the Hard Drive. No way am I releasing my client's private information.

I have talked with over 37 different people from India, the Philipians and then British Columbia. Then I spoke with a man named Ryan on 10/31/09 the best Tech I had spoken with to date and after five hours on the phone he finally said that my computer could not be repaired and that he was going to have to connect me with his supervisor named Mark. Mark said that Dell was going to replace my computer and I explained to him how much I paid for this computer and I started having problems before even my years warrantee was up but I had thankfully bought a 3 year extended warrantee. I told him that I hope that since this was Dells fault that I am having these problems that I expect Dell to match what I paid for this computer. Mark said that I would more than likely get an Alienware area-51 ALX.

On 11/14/09 I called and spoke with a man named Ajay and he told me that he was personally taking control of my case and that someone would be calling me within 5 days. I then get a call on 11/19/09 and I receive a call from a man named Brian that said he was calling me from the Corporate Office and wanted to know what was going on with my case. So for the 30th time I explained to him what Dell had done to me and how they caused me to lose my Computer and all the information and that now I am going to have to pay over $1,000.00 to have all the information on that locked up Hard Drive. I told Brian that I was promised an Alienware Area-51 ALX and everyone keeps giving me the run around. He told me, Sir, I assure you that we are going to get this Area-51 ALX sent out to you for the trouble we have caused you and I am very sorry on behalf of Dell. He then said can you hold a minute while I get another person on the phone in a three way call so we can get this resolved for you, will you please hold on the phone.

He connects me with a man named June and he tells June that he is calling from the Corporate Head Quarters and that he wanted what was promised to me to be sent out. Then June says well let me try to diagnose your problem. Brian interrupted him and said, waited a minute, maybe you did not understand me, this man has been through enough and I am asking you, are you going to replace this man's computer with an Area-51 ALX? YES or NO? Then I could hear Junes voice get nervous and he said, well yes sir but I have to get my manager on the line first to approve this. The Brian said, then get him on the line now!

Jay, Junes manager got on the line and Jay agreed when Brian told him who he was and when Brian told him who he was and he understands where he is calling from. Brian said now are you going to get this mans replacement promised to him sent out to him and Jay REF# 102507 said yes Sir. Then Jay starts going over my information and my address and email and phone number. Then he says, I will forward this to our Dell Specialist Department and they will take care of this. I then said, Brian did you just hear what he said, no answer, I said Brian are you hearing what he is saying? no answer. I asked Jay is Brian still on the line. he said I don't think so. He said to not worry he was going to get this straightened out.

Ok enough. This is where the Hell begins as if I have not been through enough Hell already after 6 months of trying to get Dell to hold up to their agreement. I get a call from a woman named Susan Thomas in the Escalation Department and she tells me that she is sending me an Alienware Aurora. I told her that was not what was promised to me. She got very arrogant and belligerent with me and told me that if I did not accept this computer then they would just credit my Dell Preferred Account and that she would give me a few days to think on this and then hangs up on me.

On 11/23/09 David called me from Dell and told me that they were sending me the Aurora Desktop and I told him that was not what was promised to me. He told me that my new case number was 958161139. Then I explained that Brian had already got this straightened out. He transferred me to his manager Mark and I told him the same thing and he stated that he was not aware of this.

Then on the same day Susan Thomas called me back and told me that she was sending me the specs on my system and what they were going to do. I told her that I paid over $4,000.00 for my system and I expect the monetary value to match with what is being replaced. She told me that is not their policy. I said, oh and is it your policy to send out one of your own Techs and cause me all these problems? She said that she was sending me the Aurora and I told her that if she did I would send it right back.

Then on 11/25/09 Jay calls me back and asked did I get my new system? I told him no I did not. I told Jay that an arrogant woman named Susan called me and told me that she was sending me an Aurora. He apologized and told me that Susan Thomas was over him and there was nothing that he could do to help me and that he was very sorry I had to go through all this.

Dec 3, 2009, I got the Aurora and I told the Fed-ex man to just take it back. Then I started to get the threatening calls for my old system that I still had in my possession and they told me that they were going to charge me for the Aurora if I did not get it back to them in 10 days. So on 12/9/09 I called OnProcessTechnologies and spoke with Steven Scott who handled my issue with the replaced Hard Drive and he assured me that I would not have to pay for the Aurora that was sent back.

The I get a call from a woman named Shuba ext# 7283898 and she was just as arrogant as the woman named Susan Thomas, and she refused to give me the system that was promised to me by Brian. She told me that they had no entries that a man named Brian called me, basically calling me a liar. How convenient that they do not have record of Brian calling me. I told Shuba that I did not want to talk with her or anyone else in her office that I wanted to talk with someone in the US at the Corporate Office and she told me that I could not do that because they are the Global Office that handles all the Global affairs. I told her that she was lying to me because I had been offered twice for a price of $150.00 to deal with an American in the US any time I had an issue in the future.

Then I get a call from Charles and then Garard and they both say that it will be an Aurora or nothing. I faxed a letter to the Corporate Legal affairs office and I also sent a letter to the Dell Corp Responsibility Report, 401 Dell Way, Round Rock, TX 78682. Mail Stop: RR1-01 and never heard back from anyone. In the mean time my warauntee is just passing by.

Then I call the Corporate Office in Texas and speak with a woman named Leslie on 2/1/2010 and I told her what kind of Hell that Dell has put me through and I asked to speak with a Nancy R. Dorr because I had written to her in hopes that she would get this straightened out. Leslie told me that she knew Nancy very well and that she was a very sweet woman. She asked me to hold for a moment please. I said sure, I told her that I have never been rude to anyone at anytime during this whole time and I do not mind holding, I just want to get this Unresolved issue taken care of because it is Dells Fault in all this.

I am on hold for about 5 minutes and Nancy refused to talk with me. Leslie told me that she had spoken with Nancy and that she said that I need to talk with a Escalation Specialist or a Tech Support person. I begged her to please allow me to talk with Nancy and Leslie got smart with me and said, I told you what your options were, so which do you want me to do, transfer you to a Specialist or Tech Support which I guess at this point won't do you any good. I told her that I wanted to speak with someone in the Corporate Sector. She arrogantly said that is not possible. I will have someone from the Specialist Department call you within 24 to 48 hours, I assure you. That was on 2/1/2010 and I have not gotten a call from anyone todate.

This Nancy at: , there are underscores between the Nancy_R_Dorr, who is supposed to be so sweet, she may be sweet to her cohorts but as far as Dells customers and I mean repeat customers (5 Dell computers I own and I have never been treated like this before). Michael Dell you should be ashamed of yourself. While you live in you palashall mansions (3 of them that I have found so far) I am confined to a 12 x 12 room because of my disability and you treat me this way. I did not have the $4,088.88 to invest in your Extravigant life style. I did it because I put my trust that you were a man who stands behind your product. Instead you send your customer service over seas where people are far lesss paid and that means more money to go to your empire. Remember this though Mr. Michael Dell, some day when we all stand before a Holy God you will have to answer for what you have done to poor people like me. I have since lost the attorney that I did my legal writings for, because my old Dell Dimension 8250 is so over loaded and slow that I can no longer keep up. All I have is my disability pension which will be putting me and my only son on the street in a matter of months because I can no longer pay the bills anymore. A multimillion dollar company here in America and while you live and eat like a king, my son and I go without. One thing I am assured of, you will reap what you have sown.

I am not a liar, the only person of integrity named Brian did call me on 11/19/09 and he did state that I was to get the Area-51 ALX because of what DELL caused at the hands of their own Techs. June Ref# 121017967 knows this to be true and so does Jay Ref#102507 who is under Evy or at least works in the same office. By the way, Leslie who hung up on me after telling me that she would have someone from the Specialist Department call me within 24 to 48 hours which never happened. The phone number to the Dell corporate office is: 1-888-242-0938, but don't expect to get beyond Leslie, because she will just hang up you. That seems to be Dells Policy, when they get tired of you they just hang up on you knowing that you will not be able to track them down. GREAT POLICY. My Policy is to never buy another DELL COMPUTER and to spread the word to as many people as I can.

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#1 Author of original report

Dell did make things right

AUTHOR: Steven - (United States of America)

I have to give credit where credit is due. After I wrote my essay on how Dell was putting me through hell and how long it took before I was taken seriously or should I say I talked with the right person, I did get my situation worked out to an acceptable resolution. Dell or should I say, a man named Gerrard, who my case was assigned to in the Unresolved Issues Department, made everything go away. Dell did replace my computer with an Alienware Aurora ALX, No, let me correct that, they credited my Dell Preferred Account. But Gerrard was kind enough to not only give me credit for the Tower that I purchased, the XPS720, but he gave me credit for everything I purchased from Dell which included my monitor and other all the other accessaries I bought. So I did get taken care of and Dell has won my business back. But it was because of one mans effort and his kindness. Yes he was from another country, but hey they are people too and the job that they have to do is not easy because all they do is listen to complaints all day, I know I could not do that.

What I have to say is to keep good records by writing down everytime you called and who you talked with and the most important thing is too keep your cool. It's not their fault that you are having the problems that you are having. My moto is to Kill-em with kindness, because believe me, they are writing down notes of your demeanor and if you were rude to them and then you are only hurting your chances to get a good outcome, but be persistant and Do Not Give Up. Keep calling and calling until you get the right person. I had to demand to be turned over to three different persons, Gerrard being the third one, the other two were women and they were the nastiest ones to deal with. So I have to give credit to dell for having at least one person who was willing to go the extra mile for me. I am now a happy Dell Customer, at least so far. Things in this world are just going crazy everywhere. My take on that is that, these things were spoken of in the Bible of what was going to happen in the last days, and believe me they are happening right now. Many companies are starting to cut back and they do not want to have to put out anymore than they have too. That's just the way things are right now, but I know who is in control ultimately. Not a Sermon, just a thought, so all those who want to throw rocks at me because I am a believer, remember you live in a glass house just like I do. Also remember this, a kind word gets better results no matter how mad you are about what you are having to deal with and how unfair all of it is. Lets face it we don't live in a fair world and it never has been and it never will be, so just do your best to keep your attitude under control and take good notes and keep good records.

I got blasted by someone who may even work for Dell because of what I wrote and how long the writing was, but everyone is entitled to their opinion and some people think they are smarter than you but who cares, opinions are like armpits, and some of them stink to high heaven, not my problem. Just hang in there and never give up, because things always get worse before they get better. But when you have done all that you can, at least you can say I fought the good fight. 

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#2 Consumer Comment

Dell Customer Service Sucks

AUTHOR: Honest Dish Employee - (USA)

I purchased a computer from Dell (Vostro 400) about 1 1/2 years ago. I recently called them to order a wireless card as I now have a wireless router. Makes perfect sense that since I purchased a computer from them, I would return to purchase the wireless card. I called the sales department and spoke to someone from Mumbai or India or where ever they are overseas, who was very hard to understand and explained several times that I needed a wireless card. Frustrated, I finally hung and called back and got another overseas sales rep, only this person was slightly easier to understand. After I explained that I had purchased a computer from them, they still had the hardest time finding my original order that showed them the computer so that they could give me the correct wireless card. 15 minutes into this call, low and behold they found my computer. The lady tells me that the wireless card for my computer and operating system would be this wireless card RN859. To make a long story short, this was not the right card and meant for a totally different computer. When I received the part, I called Dell customer service and after 2+ hours and burning out not one but two portable cell phone batteries from being put on hold and transferred to every conceivable department, I had to call them back from a land line and start all over again. I spoke to another hard to understand rep and explained that I just wanted to exchange this item for the correct one and she explained that she's have to transfer me to the customer service dept. that handled returns. I get transferred to yet another person who ask another 2 dozen questions who then tells me that I have been again transferred to the wrong dept. again. I explained in a not so nice way that I have been on the phone with them for close to 3 hours now and transferred so many time just to return a part. The lady apologized and asked me if her mngr. could call me back within the hour.  She assured me I would be getting a call from him and even gave me a number (800-822-8965 Ext 4250975) and extension to call her back if I didn't hear from him. Needless to say I didn't hear from anyone so I called the number she gave me only to find they closed an hour ago, right around the time I was speaking with her. 

Day two, the same scenario over and over and after several more hours, another rep tells me someone will email me. I did receive an email that explained to me that this was the wrong dept. and that they would forward it to the return dept who should get ahold of me within 24 hours and it included a phone number and ext (888-624-9897, hit option #4) to call if I needed further assistance. I call this number and hit option 4 only to get a voice mail stating they were closed. 4pm my time here in AZ and their customer service dept is closed. Hhhmmmm 

Day three, my day off and I get up this morning at 4:30am so to be sure I reach the customer service dept during their business hours, so I again make a call to Dell. After 15 minutes of being on hold, I get an operator I can barely  hear due to to loud crackling and he yells threw the crackling noise he has a bad headset and asked that I hang up and call right back. When I try to ask that he transfer me to another person who's headset is functioning, he yells back that he can't understand me and then the line go's dead. Dummy me calls back and after another 15 min hold, I get someone who claims to be in customer service department. After I explain to her the issue and my frustration, she starts to transfer me to what she calls is the return customer service department that can issue a "RA" return authorization. I about flipped. I asked to speak to her super and after being on hold for another 17 minutes, I get some guy who apologizes and gives me a case number and a number to call (888-987-3355) should this call drop. He then proceeds to transfer me to another department and OMG, the call drops. The number he gave me was to corp accounts, which I do not have nor have I ever.


Thus far I have been given 3 different numbers and extension to voice mails that do not return calls. I call back and once again hold for 22 minutes do to, as the recording says a high call volume. Gee I wonder why. A woman from overseas answers and after I again explain everything that has transpired and after answering a dozen of the same questions asked of me in previous calls, she then asked me to hold so that she can speak to her supervisor. She comes back after 12 minute hold and gives me what she calls an RA number and that I should receive an email in the next 24 hours with a label to print, with instructions to drop off the box at a local UPS. That was 5 hours ago and no email yet. She did say 24 hrs though so I'm not at all surprised that I haven't received it yet. Simply trying to return a product they wrongfully sent has turned into a three day lie-fest. I will never buy another Dell product. 
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#3 Consumer Comment

Another familiar story with Dell...

AUTHOR: spc3rd - (USA)

I can certainly empathize with your situation Steven.  I recently purchased a Dell v313 AIO printer on-line from Dell and have had problems with the scanner part being unable to scan a Word document into a Word file.

I have gone around and around with Dell's support people.  After spending almost 2 hours on the phone and getting shuffled around to 7 different people, I finally sent a certified letter to Dell's corporate offices in Texas.  Some guy named, "Vinay" tried calling me 3 times on Saturday May 9th (I was not home during the time), and he also emailed me.

I emailed him back that I would be available Monday, May 10th between 10 a.m. - 3 p.m. (His time - Central time).  I called his office and the extension number he'd provided which happens to be the same extension number you gave in your posting here, by the way.  I got some lady who said he was unavailable and said she would have him call me back.  That was at 10:12 a.m. (CST)...and it is now 1 p.m. (CST) ande he has yet to call me back.

I also have been reasearching Dell's legal problems and they have had quite a few!  The New York Supreme Court ruled (in 2008 or 2009) that Dell had engaged in false, deceptive, misleading practices.  The lawsuit came about as the result of massive complaints to the state's attorney general about Dell's lack of customer service.  According to what I have read...the complaints against Dell are continuing to pur in!

I doubt I will ever see any resolution to my problem, but rest assurred...I will NEVER again purchase ANY Dell products!  Like yourself...I too am disabled (complications from adrenal cancer surgeries) and now have to primarily subsist upon my veterans and social security disability.  So, I have a unique understanding of the situation you yourself are in. 

I hope perhaps you may see some resolution to your problems with Dell, but given the legal problems I've been reading about Dell (and not only in the U.S., but they've even been sued by the government of Taiwan as well)...I wouldn't hold my breath with them.  You are also correct that Michael Dell will one day stand before the Lord's judgment and receive the just rewards of the seeds of deceit, greed, theft, and indifference he has sown this day!



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#4 Author of original report

Thanks for the update

AUTHOR: Steven - (United States of America)

You are right about the Ram and the GB's. I was writing this complaint on my old Dell Dimension 8250 and it has MB sticks, but not my XPS720. They are I GB memory sticks. I had 3 Motherboards replaced on this XPS720 piece of junk, so your opinion about this corrupting my Hard Drive because of my memory sticks is walking a fine line.

But I appreciate your input, about my mistake. If you had to go through the Hell I have had to go through with Dell, I am sure you may have made a few mistakes, but you sound like you are on the ball, so good for you. By the way it was a Computer College, not a Technical School. God has Blessed me with hands that can fix almost anything under the sun, I have never had to pay anyone to fix anything for me, except one Transmission which I do not do and only because I have never tried, at least before my accident. I was an Elevator Mechanic for 17 years before a terrible fall while trying to rescue a pregnant woman traped in the elevator on the third floor, which destroyed my life and the ability to do the normal things in life. No desrepect towards you. Thanks for pointing out my mistakes. Have a Blessed Day.

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#5 Consumer Comment


AUTHOR: Robert - (U.S.A.)

Okay first of all I am NOT saying that something is not wrong with your computer or that Dell did not make mistakes.  But the "novel" you wrote really makes it hard to follow, in addition there are several things that you wrote that almost destroy any credibility you may have have.  So yes this may seem a bit rough but it is really in the hopes to get you to think about the decisions you are making if you are trying to get a business going.

Just a few points.

First you state you are a "computer college" and graduated in the top 5 with a 3.65 GPA.  Okay that is a B+/A- average which is pretty good in a 4 year school, but if this is a "technical college" that is actually about average.  Especially if it is one that promotes small class sizes and personal instruction where they almost walk you though the entire program.  A few of your statements actually seem to show this. 

I checked the system and it showed that we only had three Megs of Hard disk space instead of the four Megs that I had before this Tech worked on my system.

- Okay I am figuring you meant RAM and GB, not Hard Drive space and MB because if you only had 3 MB(or 4 MB) of DISK space you had bigger issues than you are saying.  So I could chalk this up to a mis-speak if it wasn't for other comments in your report.

I went on to explain that when you type Data through the keyboard, it goes into the memory sticks first by sectors and partitions and then it goes to the Hard Drive and if any of the memory sticks are not installed properly then that will corrupt my Hard Drive.

- Say What?  Partitions and Sectors are on your Hard Drive not the RAM(Memory Sticks).  An improperly installed RAM will not effect your Hard Drive but it COULD short out either the RAM or the Motherboard slot(which I guess could cause a HD issue).  In fact I am actually a bit surprised that if the memory was not totally in that it got through the BIOS Self test without at least a warning.

Then onto your "business".  In this I have no idea why you would even consider getting a "gaming" computer that your son can use for a computer you are using for business.  Your son may "want" the best gaming computer he can get but he does not need it.  You could have gotten a good "business" computer for under $1000, which by the way would have been tax deductible.  You could then have gotten your son a gaming computer for 2,000-3,000 and still come out ahead.  Again if you are trying to claim the entire $4,000 computer as a tax deduction you are going to have some serious IRS issues if you get audited.

Then if this is your business for "legal documents" where your drive contains personal information. You should be more worried about what you are doing to protect it.  For example not doing a backup for 2 months is inexcusable.  I just really hope that none of your clients read this report.  On top of that if you show this negligence and because of that your clients are "damaged" they can come after you in civil court.  So I hope you have things in place such as being incorporated to where your personal assets are protected.

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