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Dr. Halliday

  • Submitted: Sat, March 17, 2012
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  • Reported By: burnedforthelasttime — auburn New York United States of America
Dr. Halliday
4939 brittonfield syracuse, New York United States of America

Dr. Halliday Dr.Giuffrida Botched Breast Augmentation syracuse, New York

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Timeline September 2010-

After seeing a thousand commercial for the Quick V, I made my consultation appointment.   I arrived on time and sat in the waiting room with a bunch of sneezing children for about 20 minutes.

I was then brought into a unruly office to where I was made to sit and watch a video for 20 minutes.  The video ended and I waited.   And waited.   And waited.   After 20 minutes, I stuck my head out calling for a nurse, who stated Gee I forgot about you, sorry

I was then brought to a examination room to which I removed my top and bra and waited for another 10 minutes for Dr. Mackenzie. She arrived with cold hands felt my breast for all of 10 seconds, and then left stating a nurse would be in with a estimate. Total time I Dr. Mackenzie was about 2 minutes.

The nurse arrived and gave me quote.  I asked if I paid cash would I get a discount.  As most plastic surgeons do this since credit card companies take a percentage.   The nurse disappeared and then came back in and stated no. I left with my estimate.  No one asked me if I wanted to book the surgery.  No one bid me farewell.   

In the end of February I decided on the surgery.   I went with Dr. Mackenzie as my normal plastic surgeon was two hours away.  If there was a problem I wanted to be close to the doctors office. Also she was a female not being biased, but I feel more comfortable with females.

The nurse scheduler stated she could get scheduled for surgery in two weeks.  I told her I would talk to my husband and call her right back. I called and left a message. I called a total of 14 times in 3 days to state I would take the appointment.  I left this on the answering machine several times.

I finally got a hold of the scheduler to which she stated that day was booked.  Which pissed me off as I scheduled my work already around this. I was given March 16, 2011 for the operation.

3/11/11    payment of 2,000.00 to Dr. Halliday office via phone Credit Card

3/14/12   3900.00 made in cash.  Pre op appointment.
1. I was put in a examining room and told to pick a size.  Bags of silicone implants were on table.    I told the  nurse after 20 minutes of being left alone, I could not decided.  I asked the nurse what sizes do they have, and could they fill them up more as I was going with saline not silicone.  The nurse stated they could not be filled up more,  they just come in sizes of  300, 350,400.  I found this odd, as my friend had her implants filled to 395cc.

 She stated she was sending Lauren the NP in.   Lauren came in,  talked about her 400 cc implants and stated she wanted to go bigger and was no further help. I brought in two pictures of what I wanted in size, Lauren glanced at them and said nothing.  She told me I needed pre op pictures done and yapped about them being on the website,  and I needed to sign a release.  I waited 20 more minutes for the pictures to be taken.  Got dressed ready to walk out  when a new nurse came to take pictures, stating she lost the camera.

Dr. Mackenzie stuck her head in ask if I had any questions. I told her I did not know what size to go with.  She said not to worry about it she will figure it out on day during surgery. I did hear the nurse state in hallway all they had was 350 implants in stock.  They would have to order larger ones, and they would not be in on time.

3/16/11  Arrived for surgery again and debated on the size.   Dr. Mackenzie stated she would go 350 high profile implants and fill them to 375cc.   I was confused,  and agreed to her recommendation because I did not know any better.

 The nurse  had told me they could not be over filled and now Dr. Mackenzie told me they could.  I wondered if anyone had the right information.   I got a quick impulse to leave at that moment.   At that point I realized most of these people seeing and treating me had no idea what they were talking about as this was a ears,nose and throat surgeon office.  

 My mother had texted my husband a link to where Dr. Halliday was fined by the Health Department for injecting animal botox on the way for surgery. She texted for us to turn around she wanted me to go to her plastic surgeon Dr. Tabai.

But I ignored her, but now everything was becoming more apparent.  From my initial consultation of being jammed in an office and made to watch a dumb video for 30 minutes and seeing Dr. Mackenzie that day for all of two minutes. To the office trying to charge me for anesthesia when in was an all inclusive price.

My husband had left me to complete a delivery 20 miles away,  I had no cell phone.   I chalked it up to being nervous, which was even odder as surgery or medical procedures do not scare me.  I have I high tolerance to pain.  For a moment I felt like I was at a chop shop and making a big mistake choosing this office.  I now realize this was my instinct telling me this office was the wrong choice.  I should have ran out of there.

Surgery was performed and I went home no issues.

My husband and I waited  in the waiting room surrounded by ear, nose and throat patients.  Our son called with an emergency, his tire went flat on 690 when driving to the rink to meet his personal trainer. My husband immediately called our on site mechanic for our moving trucks to go out and fix his tire.  

The office manager then came out from behind the desk and screamed at my husband for talking on the cell phone.  There were no signs posted concerning cell phone usage.  My husband instantly became infuriated and basically told her to go  sh*t in her hat.  It was an emergency, regardless there were no signs posted.

I was brought to a examining room. The nurse closed the door and began laughing, and told my husband she was glad he told that b*tch off.  The nurse took notes, asked questions, and then stated she was sending Lauren in.  I was then seen by Lauren.   I was in a lot of pain and swelling.   I was sent home with ice and new appointment

3/23/11   I was seen by Lauren.  My husband was with me.  He told Lauren they looked small and like torpedoes, they looked like s**t.   She stated everything was fine, they would get better with time - once they drop and fluff out. I was then told to massage but not really shown how.  Lauren seemed afraid to touch me or demonstrate.   I was told by Lauren to cut the strap off my surgical bra I did not need it anymore, everything else looked good.

4/19/11   appointment was rescheduled by office.

4/27/11   I was seen by Dr. Mackenzie, as I  had questions concerning the right breast  I was still in pain.    Dr. Mackenzie came in,  starting pushing hard on my right breast and asked me if I was still wearing the strap.  I stated no I was told to cut if off.  She demanded to know who told me this, and I stated it was Lauren.   I was informed Lauren was no longer an employee.   Dr. Mackenzie then asked me if I was massaging and I stated yes.  She told me demonstrate.  I did exactly as I had been doing, as Lauren told/vaguely demonstrated.  Dr. Mackenzie looked at me like I was nuts.  She then demonstrated, the massage completely different from Laurens.

Dr. Mackenzie then left, and I could hear her yelling at someone in the hallway.  She then returned and told me she would order a new strap  and call so I could drive the 40 miles out and come get it on Monday.  I asked her if my breast would get bigger as I did not like the size.  She stated I still have more dropping and fluffing to do.   The right one that had not dropped was still an issue to deal with first. 

May 2   I called the office and left a message.  No return phone call

May 6  I called and left another message for the strap and no  return phone call

May  10  I called again, left another message and no return phone call.   

May  13  Left another message, stated I was leaving for Florida.  No return phone call.

Left for Florida  with my sister family on  May 15. Scheduled for  5-15- to 5-22.

Came back from Florida 2 days early as I was in severe pain. My right arm was going numb down to my finger tips.   My breast was in horrendous pain, to the point I could not wear a bra.   I was taking about  8 Tylenol  a day, I was extremely miserable and tired.  Since I could no longer wear a bra or swim suit my husband and I decided to go home early.   

5/26/11  Arrived to see Dr. Mackenzie.  Was put in a examining room.  Could hear two people talking outside the room.    Does she know?   You break the news to her,  I did the last woman.

In comes Dr.Halliday with his a new NP.    I was then informed that Dr. Mackenzie was no longer employed at the office.  She left to get married and wont be coming back.   She will be working out of her Utica office.  

I then told Dr. Halliday about the treatment I received.  The pain I was in and how I was extremely unhappy with my implant size.  I was then reassured a new surgeon was coming in September and he could help me.   

The NP tsked tsked when I told her how I was put in a room and told to pick a size.  She stated that would have never happened in her care.  I would have been told to bring in a couple shirts and try on several implants sizes.  She also stated not to worry Dr. Halliday would take care of everything.  Dr. G the new doctor was excellent and then handed me her business card.  She told me to call her anytime I wanted.

Dr. Halliday stated if I didnt like Dr. G because he had such a great personality that he would buy my husband and I dinner.  Well I met him later on, and I didnt like him because it was very obvious he could not give his own medical opinion  he was Dr. Hallidays monkey. More pictures were taken to be sent to Dr. G and I was given his cell phone number for a consult.  

I was offered free Botox for my troubles to which I refused. Dr. Halliday gave me a lecture that he wanted to offer the Botox.  The office had lots of it, and its vendor gives him more for situations like this. Something about kick backs.  I stated I didnt want the d**n Botox I wanted to be out of pain.  

I was then finally given my strap after Dr. Halliday examined me.  He poked around and stated he knew what he was doing or at least pretended that besides dealing with daily deviated septums and inflamed tonsils, that breast implants was his profession.  My husband tried to control his laughter. Dr. Halliday stated he would send me to Pennsylvania to be seen by Dr. G if necessary.   

I spoke to Dr. G on the phone a couple weeks later and explained the issues going on.   I told him the only relief I get from the pain was to swing my arm around like a baseball pitcher warming up for about 3 hours.  My neighbors found it hysterical, as I would walk around the driveway doing this all day while trying to weed my flower beds and trim my topiaries.

In any situation I found myself pressing down on my right breast to relieve pain. Day or night, driving, talking, I did this over 70 times a day.   I did this unknowingly twice in front of customers, to which my husband then banned me from doing walk through estimates with him.  

I could not wear a bra at all.  The pain was more than obnoxious  I was sleeping about 2 hours a night on the couch.  I was keeping my husband up all night.  My husband states when I would finally fall asleep I would be moaning in pain.   Dr. G had nothing to say and stated he would follow up with Dr. Halliday.  

Also at this time I lost our delivery contract with ***** Delivery because I could no longer keep up with the deliveries.    I was the main driver logging in 2000 miles a week with an employee for these deliveries.   I could not drive, I could not focus, nor could I do any lifting. I was extremely irritated and despondent due to the pain.  All my friends and family noticed the big difference in my personality.  I began snapping at my employees, one quit because of me.

  ****** Delivery ended our contract stating I could not keep up with the demands.  This was a 45k a year contract.  I also lost/ turn down 6 packing jobs because I could not complete them due to pain.  Estimated  gross   6200.00

I didnt hear anything from Dr. Halliday.    I called the Utica office to which Dr. Mackenzie was suppose to be working out of.   The number was for ADT Security systems.  I was told by an employee of Dr. Halliday there was an argument and she quit.   It was not because she was getting married. 

6/2011   Appointment with Dr. D.    He examined me,  went over what was going on.  We discussed  475 - 500 cc implants for a new surgery as I was unhappy with my size.  I was given an estimate.

6/22/11  I seen Dr. Halliday again.  Again he stated I had to wait to see  Dr. G when he came to the office.  I confronted him on his lies and he had nothing to say, but offer me some Botox again. I retorted with the information on his  fine for injecting animal Botox.  I stated how much pain I was in, and the size was not what I wanted.   Dr. Halliday stated to wait for Dr. G he would take care of me.

I called Dr. Hallidays office in July or August and stated I was in terrible pain.  I was at my breaking point.  I had gained 15lbs, unable to complete any daily tasks and extremely frustrated and upset over my care.   A male made the appointment for me to see Dr.Halliday.

I arrived on time and was told by Mary that Dr. Halliday was in surgery and could not see me as there was nothing more he could do.   I was made a new appointment with Dr. G and offered a facial for wasting my time and driving all the way out for nothing.  I cancelled the appointment for the facial.

I seen Dr. G in September and he diagnosed capsular contraction and advised me to make an appointment in January. I told him I wanted surgery as I was also unhappy with the size.

 He told me a Capsular Contracture surgery was a very bloody procedure, and wrinkled his nose in disgust.  This made me instantly concern.  A physician finds it disgusting to perform the procedure that is associated with his surgical field? His attitude appeared that all he wanted to do was put implants in and not deal with any other issues patients had.

I then questioned my contract and Mary stated she would help me out with it to make sure my new surgery would be partially covered.  She would speak with Dr. Halliday.   Dr. G instantly stated he was not a employee of Dr. Halliday its something Dr. Halliday would have to work out.

My January appointment was cancelled a day prior by Mary from the office. Dr. G stated he did not want to get involved with the issues at hand.  Mary stated she would speak to Dr. Halliday to get me some money back so I can go to a new physician.  

The next phone call from Mary was telling me I should chase down Dr. Mackenzie and write her a letter.  Dr.Halliday had nothing to due with the situation.   I find that odd since my payment was made via Care Credit to Dr. Halliday.  My paperwork for the surgery lists Dr. Hallidays name.    Dr. Mackenzie was Dr. Hallidays employee.

For the last 6 weeks of January to February I have been playing phone tag with Mary.    I was now told by Mary the legal department does not want to reimburse me because there is nothing in my file stating I was unhappy with the size of my implants within a six month times frame from my surgery.  Gosh how convenient is that?  

My medical records from Dr. DeRoberts three months from my surgery clearly state I wanted a 34 D not C and I was given a quote for new implants when a surgeon can reuse the implants already there for a capsulotomy.  Dr. Halliday was told on June 22, 2011 I was unhappy with my size several times. I even asked him if my contract would be upheld since his new plastic surgeon was arriving after the six months.   

The pain has much subsided in my right breast.   I can wear a bra on average  7 hours a day now and have resumed lifting and working.  The pain is manageable with Motrin.  It is now a dull daily pain, with rigorous activities it does become more aggressive.  Never the less its still there and still consistent.  

From November to present I am taking 1000mg of Vitamin E and have noticed the pain subside greatly.  The breast seems to have dropped more and is much more softer, but the breast is deformed.  You can see where the implant has not dropped in the lower corner of my right breast.  It hung up. And to this day I am still wearing padded bras.  The padded bras give the appearance of what I paid for and wanted but did not get.   500cc implants.   D to DD in size. 

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