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Complaint Review: Governor John Kasich

  • Submitted: Wed, June 08, 2011
  • Updated: Sun, January 29, 2012
  • Reported By: Painfully Fractured — Cleveland Ohio U.S.A.
  • Governor John Kasich
    77 South High Street
    Columbus, Ohio
    United States of America

Governor John Kasich Ohio State Medical Board Since the pill-mill bill, needed pain medication for acute fracture, post-op, or for medical illness patients is being withheld in Ohio - medium pain medicines such as oxycodone are being refused by p Columbus, Ohio

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*Consumer Comment: Thanks Rita!

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Because of Governor Kasich's 'Pill-Mill' Bill, needed medium potency (ie oxycodone, codeine-type) pain medications are NOW (June 2011) being refused to ACUTE accident, surgical, trauma & medical patients in Ohio by MD/DO practitioners, PAs, MAs, and NPs - medical practitioners who fear Medical Board reprisals by 'confidential' complaints and fraud.  You now have to cross state lines to get needed pain meds = PROGRESS.  Fracture in Kentucky, Pennsylvania, Indiana, or Michigan.

The order has gone down at The Cleveland Clinic to not write for any pain meds - no matter how needed - suddenly the MDs can't write oxycodone.  This is criminal, cruel, and unethical.  Judicious use of pain medication has always been part of medical care before Governor Kasich - he needs to go or get a few fractures of major bones.  Most orthopedics, and Governors, never fracture a bone in office.   

Could we get a RECALL election in Ohio PLEASE?  For a guy with no medical sense, no common sense, and no sense of priorities?  Go after the only-in-Ohio 'confidential' physician complaint system, the medical mistake problems, but leave the pain medications alone between physician & patient for at least acute care problems

Fracture care can take several months of painful recovery and physical therapy - during which time you need intermittent use of pain medication of at least moderate potency - not Tylenol.  Today I heard of an Ohio woman with a hip fracture being refused pain medications = HIP FRACTURE = NO MORE PAIN MEDICATIONS.  That's as much an abuse as pill-mill; Josef Mengele did some of the original experiments on withholding pain medications.  

Governor Kasich tells his staff that he knows all about Ohio government - medicine & business - it came with the vote, not any graduate education.  Governor Kasich doesn't have graduate learning or degrees, nor respect it in others.  Just call his secretary at (614) 466-3555; Governor Kasich knows what is going on, only he doesn't. 

Governor Kasich has the infallibility of having been elected to Ohio government in an election where he was just the lesser of two evils - certainly not the best that Ohio can put forth.  There's not an ounce of humility or compassion in the guy so far - even as regards traffic tickets they are just for everyone else - not him. 

Ohio is the only state with a 'confidential' physician/medical practitioner complaint system at their Medical Board = courtesy of Mr. Richard Whitehouse = a MONSTER of a man out only for statistics and himself.  Whitehouse = a man that Governor Kasich has not replaced, or considered replacing, for some reason = the true prototype of a Kasich-appointee maybe

Rick Whitehouse = someone with the conscience of a Hitler, and the clandestine organizational skills of OBL = you can't get him on the phone.  Hitler got into power fabricating false cases against his more ethical advisors = ditto Ohio and Governor Kasich apparently at the State Medical Board of Ohio.  Qualifications are not the issue in Ohio, discussion is not allowed, and medical mistake laws are not allowed.  

It is estimated, as of 2003, that there are so many false physician 'cases' (disciplines, suspensions) at the State Medical Board of Ohio in the last two decades, that opening up the 'confidential' files would paralyze Columbus for years with valid liability for damages legal cases - physician's lives wasted and careers destroyed - on purpose.  [Source: former Ohio House Speaker Larry Householder's Office ~June, 2003.] 

Some of these false cases aren't even about the physician's patient care, just that the physician didn't go along with the boys, didn't handle a bad practice situation with delicacy = boys-being-boys care is the rule in Ohio and you have to cover.  In one case, the physician's sex/dating/personal life has been examined in no less that 5 evaluations - the litany of who she dated when was of interest to Ohio public records - five times.  These evaluations are bankrupting Ohio, if not the record-keeping and storage of this rot. 

There was nothing wrong with this US-trained physician's patient care to discuss, her crime: she practiced ABOVE AVERAGE medical care for Ohio.  The patient care of physicians on the State Medical Board is ranked mostly AVERAGE on their Internet rankings, or BELOW. 

Governor Kasich could pick, appoint, physicians with above-average rankings, but so far hasn't.  One bad Medical Board mistake case, and an admitted stack of them exist, would allow him to re-structure, ie reform, the whole Medical Board system in Ohio.  Yet Governor Kasich can't pick one case out of the stack that Mr. Tom Dilling admits has existed since 1999 - the stack of probably false physician disciplines that has needed to be opened for reforms for over a decade = the FALSE PHYSICIAN DISCIPLINE STASH. 

Kasich instead goes after patients who need pain medications - mostly for serious aboveboard indications - it's an EMERGENCY???  Hasn't he got something better to do???  What happens when his wife, or girls, have a tooth pulled or fracture something?  Girls be warned, your dad will leave your friend's & neighbor's fractures without pain meds - it won't get you friends.  

The Ohio Medical Board Members profit in hospital contracts, and appointments, coinage hard to trace with everything being 'confidential.'  Transparency isn't a word in Governor Kasich's vocabulary = he can't spell it for some reason. 

Many of these physician discipline cases are not for anything in, or under, Ohio law - the physician just didn't 'play the game,' or objected to the wrong care being done to themselves, and now pain meds are added to the list of offenses

Physicians don't have autonomy about their own medical care in Ohio - the Medical Board determines what you have and get care for - without the criteria or blood work.  The Medical Board of Ohio can 'smell' personality disorders, divine bipolar, and legalize Tylenol for hip fractures.

That's what is bankrupting Ohio = Medical Board abuses = as these false physicians can't work, don't pay taxes, and are a loss to their communities - no chance of Kasich reviewing that mess - he can't wrap his limited IQ around it.  The wronged physicians have the MENSA IQs, not Governor Kasich or his overpaid, overpromoted-for-the-economic crisis staff.  His Chief of Staff Beth gets pay raises, the rest of us are living on savings? or selling off of ebay.  Meanwhile, cases go on for decades at the Ohio State Medical Board; if one case doesn't fly, the 'confidential' is just changed; it's a WALKABOUT that Beth won't touch.      

Thus, the Cleveland Clinic has apparently told their physicians (JUNE 2011) not to prescribe needed pain medications - so don't go there - you will be prescribed a pain consult for an ACUTE FRACTURE - even if you only used codeine-type meds once before in your life for another fracture - twenty years ago.  It's the physician treating his/her career. 

The  Orthopedic surgeons will want to have you use Tylenol, NSAIDs, or just suffer - even if your liver & kidneys won't take those meds, ie if you have a family problem with Tylenol-hepatitis that's too difficult for a Cleveland Clinic orthopedic to wrap his head around, or have maxed out your ability to take NSAIDS like Motrin and Aleve long ago (kidney damage). 

You can't fight 'confidential' at the State Medical Board of Ohio - and the State Representatives freely admit that the 'confidential' at the State Medical Board of Ohio is constantly changed in Ohio.  No ethics, no tactic unapproved, no threat withheld, no rule of proceedings not changeable per State Senator Tim Grendell - it's all one of his macabre cocktail jokes - upright humanitarian that he is. 

Threats are commonplace at the State Medical Board - where physicians are told to admit the Ohio Board's allegations or have their lives destroyed and their medical care withheld - that includes routine ob-gyn care, pregnancy care, fracture care, and the care of dependents - which you have to get out-of-state or not at all.  You will die of neglect courtesy of the OSMB, so you can't blame physicians for opting out of writing for pain meds. 

You won't be able to get blood work even before your medical license is suspended in Ohio - your bone pain has to be 'psychiatric' and 'making too much.'  Only after 4 evaluations might someone think of ordering a blood screen to find the cause of your bone pain or tiredness.  Physicians are the worst treated patients in Ohio.   

There's no diagnosis of anything in Ohio medicine - you just need a new right Ohio psychiatrist - and this starts at the State Medical Board and is approved by the Ohio legislature.  State Senator Grendell thinks everything needs a new right Ohio psychiatrist - whatever he's on - except that it doesn't apply to him for some reason?  You can't have a child, or a family, if the Ohio Medical Board goes at you, Senator Grendell will send state troopers to your house, or your parent's house, until you cave = Grendellgate misuse of Ohio State troopers.  

Every other state has to allow medical care-to-function before saying that a physician is impaired with bone pains, not so Ohio - they just don't allow the fracture to be casted until it 'ripens' to 'excresence.'  Anita Steinbergh DO loves to do this to other women - then she tells them to read ICEBOUND - to see how another woman Ohio MD took the abuse. 

PROBLEM IS: IceBound author Dr. Jerri Nielsen is now however dead (2009), as the State Medical Board of Ohio wants any woman MD who disagrees with a male MD to be = DEAD. 

No threat is too cruel for Governor Kasich and the boys.  But withholding fracture pain medications, hip fractures made to take Tylenol?  Mengele would be pround.   

In Ohio the State Medical Board can go after a physician with 'confidential' - and then a physician's whole live is a mess - the license is never returned.  They do this to women especially - for not handling the 'boys being boys.' 

In one physician case, after 19 years, the 'confidential' complaint is still 'confidential.'  The Medical Board has gone after her life with 5 evaluations that have nothing to do with her patient care - just her sex life, why she didn't like her Ohio orthopedics.  Ohio wants women flat on their back or fractured - courtesy of Governor Kasich not Representative Weiner.    

It's worse than Representative Weiner, as the Ohio State Medical Board then decides who will sextext her, or who she will have to work as a condition of re-licensure, and make her 'like' it or else.  This physician has had as a condition of licensure that she refer to certain 'right' physicians, or no medical license - since 1996.  The 'right' physicians are people that no out-of-state psychiatrist would approve of her going near; forced sextexting between nonconsenting adults - or one adult & one boy.

The unending evaluations of women MDs who don't 'go along,' are done by pre-approved new 'right' Ohio psychiatrists - the Dr. Resnick forensic types who wouldn't know 'normal.'  The taxpayers pays for this, and Senator Grendell has standing jokes about it - the cheating on Rorschach testing, the making up of diagnoses that don't exist (diagnoses that exist ONLY in Ohio).  Grendell went to law school with Dr. Resnick and promotes his business - doesn't anyone see this conflict of interest? 

Governor Kasich is NOW presiding over the worst Medical Board in the history of the US - and every other Governor knows this but he doesn't GET IT - where cases go on for decades looking for a case - because everything is 'confidential' and there are no EXTERNAL reviews of Medical Board decisions.

Governor Kasich's secretary @ (614) 466-3555 will tell you that Governor Kasich is an expert on the State Medical Board because he got elected.  Like the Catholic Church, apparently God-infused knowledge, because of his election, & judgemental infallibility are presumed part of the office chair/furniture at 77 South High.  Yet Governor Kasich has no graduate or professional degrees to certify his knowledge, and Brad Reynolds hardly knows anything about women, or men's, medical care - he's not an MD or Public Health graduate.

Meanwhile the Ohio Medical Board is a clearinghouse way to arrange for certain women physicians to have to work with certain male physicians as a condition of licensure; better than e-Harmony and free to 'friends' of Medical Board Members.  The male clients see you out the window and put in a 'confidential' bid to the OSMB.  These are the 'right' physicians; visual sexting made real.   

Ohio is the only state with this type of fraud at the State Medical Board level.  But the withholding of needed pain medication to fracture patients is criminal, inhumane, and will cost Governor Kasich re-election.  No one wants a Governor practicing medicine without a degree, as in Ohio. 

When the State Medical Board of Ohio goes after a physician, needed medical care for that physician is refused, or only done partially - so that the physician will admit the case even if false.  Ob-gyn care is refused women physicians in Ohio, medical care is refused, preventative care is refused - so that the physician will die a slow painful death while being harassed with 'confidential' complaints.  It's a death sentence in Ohio.

Physicians have to be able to prescribe needed pain medications for acute illnesses without fear of any 'confidential' actions, or reprisals, by the State Medical Board of Ohio.

The fall-out is now, as of June 2011, affecting all patient acute fractures, post-op care, and patients with painful medical illness (e.g rheumatoid, cancer).  For ACUTE PATIENTS WHO HAVE NEVER TAKEN PAIN MEDICINE BEFORE OR ONCE/TWICE BEFORE IN THEIR LIVES - medium potency pain medications are being refused. 

NSAIDs can cause kidney damage, Tylenol can cause liver damage, etc, but these choices are being proferred to hip fractures, shoulder fractures, joint replacement patients, and cancer patients.  Like St. Therese, you have to die without the pain medications because of Mother Superior Kasich.  But she was a saint, and most of us are not. 

Patients who have a painful condition that might get worse are advised not to undergo surgery at this time.  There's no precedent for this, but it's the overkill of the Kasich administration.  Governor Kasich needs to have  fracture and be refused pain medication, or told that he needs a pain consult, maybe he shouldn't get any blood work either.  

In 2005, Executive Director of the State Medical Board Tom Dilling told one woman MD that all the blood work she ever needed was done in 1991 at the Mayo Clinic - just a paragraph handful of tests.  He was then the Executive Director of the State Medical Board in Ohio and threatened this woman MD to do whatever it took to make her family pay for another 6th psychiatric evaluation - because she disagreed with him.  That's the Ohio medicine that Governor Kasich wants to SELL; Dillingate or Whitehousegate.   
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#1 Consumer Comment


AUTHOR: floridaglamdoll - (United States of America)

Thank you so much. Please read my report on walgreens on majestic Blvd. I have a Ton more to write but cant handle it right now. and I know the reason more of us havent spoke out is because we're Disabled life is already hard enough without these people trying to kill us. Class Action needs to be filed Today. we're not all just out for a get high. and these scum bag pharmacist and politicians are NOT doctors.  
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#2 Consumer Comment

Thanks Rita!

AUTHOR: Jeanski - (USA)

For once you posted something marginally useful. I have a bad back and occasionally need strong drugs to ease the pain while it heals. I called my doctor to see how this law might affect my treatment and guess what? As usual, you have grossly over-dramatized the situation. The law was put in effect to combat the abuse of prescription pain meds, and to provide oversight of pain management clinics. I sympathize with those who experience chronic pain, I truly do. But prescription drug abuse IS a big problem and I think it might be worthwhile to see how this law actually plays out before condemning it.
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