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  • Submitted: Sat, January 07, 2006
  • Updated: Wed, February 22, 2006
  • Reported By: Alhambra California
  • Home Depot

    Monrovia, California
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In the 1st week in June 03 or so, we went to Home Depot and wanted to know what steps were needed for kitchen remodeling. We were informed that we must schedule for a measurement of kitchen first. Home Depot will call to set up appointment.

Waited one week for phone call no call was received from Home Depot. I called Home Depot and they were surprise no one had called us back. An appointment was made for measuring, for following Saturday

Our appointment was changed to Sunday (June 15th) by Lorien (a Home Depot employee that performs field measurements for cabinet installations) for 1:30p.m. After measurements were done, Lorien informed us that the next step was to schedule an appointment with a Home Depot Designer.

I called Monday (June 16th) and made an appointment for the following Saturday (June 21th) for 12:00 p.m. to meet with one of Home Depot's Designers.

Friday (June 20th) I phoned Home Depot to confirm the next day's appointment, and was informed by Lorien that the Designer that we were scheduled to meet with was no longer in that department, and all of her appointments had been cancelled. I told Lorien I had did not receive any update, or call from anyone to reschedule, and that we were going to keep the appointment for June 21st, and that Home Depot needed to have someone available to meet with us when we got there

On June 21st, we met with Paul the new Designer, and our cabinets were ordered that day. At least that was what we were told... We were asked to sign (initial) all paper work, and told that the process was started

The following week or so, Bruce (another cabinet-measuring-person) came out to our house to verify that the paperwork, completed by Paul, the Home-Depot-In-House-Cabinet-Designer, was complete, that the measurements were correct, and that the cabinets would fit. We were informed that the measurements (recorded by Paul, recorded by Lorien, the Home Depot Designer) were NOT correct. We were told that we must make another appointment with a Home-Depot-Cabinet-Designer, and reorder the proper sized cabinets. (the following language was added on today's date of January 29, 2004) Bruce stated that he would turn in the correct measurements.

I then spoke to Shelia (Kitchen Concepts) to confirm with her that the new (and, we thought correct) measurements from Bruce, were being faxed over to Home Depot. She replied in the affirmative, and indicated that she understood.

I arrived at Home Depot (few days later) and was informed by Paul that they (Home Depot) had not received the new changes. I called Shelia (from Kitchen Concepts) while I was at the Home Depot store, regarding the fax. Nellie (another Kitchen Concepts Employee) informed me Shelia was in a corporate meeting, and could not be disturbed. I said that it was o.k., but could she (Nellie) needed to fax over the new changes. Nellie said, they (Kitchen Concepts) had faxed over the changes already, and for Home Depot to check all their incoming faxes and paperwork. I told Nellie that Home Depot claimed that they did not receive the fax, and requested Nellie to please fax the paper-work again. Then Nellie said, she did not know to use the fax machine, and finally, after 30 minutes or so, Nellie said she found my file, and faxed over the changes (all this was witnessed by Paul).

Kraft Maid gave delivery date of August 29th between hours of 10:00am to 2:00 pm. One August 29th at 8:30 a.m., I phoned Kraft Maid to confirm delivery between the hours of 10:00 am and 2:00 p.m., and was told that everything was still on schedule. I left work at 9:30 am and arrived home at 10:00 a.m. At 12:30 p.m., I received phone call from Kraft Maid to find out that there would be no delivery today due to a train wreck somewhere in the Mid-West. I lost approximately 4 hours without pay.

On approximately September 12th (not sure of date), the cabinets finally arrived. During the inspection of cabinets with (someone's employee, at this point I am loosing track), I noticed that not all cabinet looked the same (i.e. Finished Skin on areas of the cabinets when not necessary and to be covered up, (and was being charged huge money for) and MISSING Finished Skins where absolutely exposed, and going to be necessary. Additionally, there were 5 pieces that were damaged during shipment, and needed to be replaced prior to installation.

I then called Suzanne the following Monday, and she said she was not able to make the changes until she received the correction(s) from Kraft Maid. She would need get back to me and would talk with me in a few days

After a few days, I had to call Home Depot back again to talk with Suzanne, and was told Suzanne was on a day off. I left a message

The next Wednesday, the corrections/updates were made with Suzanne via phone. I asked Suzanne about the skins and she said, Whoever finalized the order messed it up. I told Suzanne it was her who finalized our order.

On Thursday, Suzanne called and said that Home Depot would carry the cost to make the necessary corrections. (I continue to believe we were overcharged for the unnecessary skins).

During the next two to three weeks (or so), 3 pieces were delivered via Fed X, and other delivery mechanisms. At this point, I am still waiting for 2 necessary pieces to complete my order, as replacement for the damaged materials via transport to my project.
Monday, October 13th, I received a message from a Jerry indicating via voicemail to Please call Lori or Jerry a call regarding the items that were not used in the construction of my job. Mind you, not ONE cabinet, or piece of material had made it from my garage to my kitchen, at that point.

On Tuesday, October 14th, I spoke with Jerry, and told him I was very confused about his message. I told Jerry that I was still waiting for two more cabinets (to complete my order) and the job HAD NOT EVEN STARTED. He said he would find out what happened.

On Wednesday, Jerry said the remaining 2 units would be in on Friday, and that he personally will make sure that they are not damaged, and that delivery would be scheduled for Sunday (October 19th).

I received the last 2 units on October 19th, delivered by Lorien, the original employee that did the field measuring. Lorien recognized me and my house and said Didn't I (Lorien) do the measurement on this house a long time ago? I said, yes, but it was a very long story as to how-come we had not been provided competent service by anyone at, and to that point of time.

October 20th, I called Shelia to request an installation date. She said the earliest available date was November 10th (Monday), 2003.

With all the delays, we missed the special of a free microwave (valued $200.00) by one day, because of Home Depot personnel. We purchased cabinets on July 10th, Home Depot was unwilling (saying UNABLE) to make an earlier appointment. Free microwave offer ran between May 1st through July 9th.

Home Depot has COMPLETELY miss-managed this project from start to date.

Given the circumstances, I would not recommend Home Depot to anyone, unless they needed to waist more than 5 months of their time, not to mention the dollars missed by poor coordination, miss-management and the likes

11-10-03 Monday: installation of cabinets just begins to start:

The Installers noticed that the 84 inch valence (that was ordered by Paul, Home Depot designer) was too long for the area above the kitchen sink.

They were unable to trim valence due to the decorator ends (architectural elements).

The area measures 73 in length (from cabinet to cabinet on original blue print).

Also two lower cabinets (Base 21L) opened in the same direction (hinges on the left).

And the two upper cabinets (W2136R & W2436R) also opened in the same direction (BUT, hinges on the right).

The Installers were unable to turn the door front(s) upside down due to design on door front on the upper cabinets.

I then spoke with Teresa and asked her why there was a 21 cabinet ordered when a 24 cabinet would fit, and in any terms, should have been obvious, and ordered. She said she did not know. Paul, the Home Depot Designer ordered it

Mind you, the 21 inch cabinet is adjacent to a 24 inch cabinet. There was plenty of room for the 24 inch and showed as an error between the Home Depot Designer and the cabinet measurement people

The 21 inch cabinet stayed, temporarily in place, in preparation for the correct, 24 inch cabinet arriving

Jerry took the 84 valence, tall end panel (1/2R.96) and door to 21x36R back to Home Depot.

11-11-03 Tuesday: Spoke to Jerry and he said he was going to ordered a more appropriate length valence.

11-13-03 Wednesday: Spoke to Teresa, since we needed to order a new cabinet (hinge on the left) why shouldn't it be the correct 24x36L.

12-5-03 Friday: Received valence via Fed X left at front door with no notification. Mind you, we have not checked it for damage yet as of today's date 29-Jan-04.

1-25-04 Monday: I Called Teresa to inquire about the status of the 24x36L cabinet. Teresa said they just received it. I asked about delivery status. Teresa said that she would need to get back to me.

1-29-04: Thursday I called Teresa at 2:00 pm to find out when the delivery date was to be Teresa said that she left messages on my home phone and cell home stating Kitchen Concepts will contact us.

1-29-04 Thursday: Received message from Kitchen Concepts on home machine to please call Nellie. Too late to return call as after work. Will call K/C on 01-30-04. Also received message from Teresa on home machine.

1-30-04 Friday: Spoke to Nellie (Kitchen Concepts) set up delivery date of 2-12-04, 8:00-10:00.

1-31-04 Saturday: Lorien delivered 24 w x 36 L cabinet. Inquired about door front to this cabinet? Lorien had to make a second trip for door front. Delivered front door on second trip.

2-2-04 Monday: Called Kitchen Concepts and spoke with Nellie to set up appointment to complete installation of cabinets. Installation to be done on 2-12-04.

2-9-04 Monday: Confirmed with Nellie (Kitchen Concepts) that 2-12-04 appointments is still on.

2-12-04 Thursday, 9:30am: Installer arrived and stated he only had orders to remove 21x36L and install 24x36L and valence. Installer states I would have to speak to Kitchen Concepts regarding the rest of the job. I called Nellie (Kitchen Concepts) and stated to her that this appointment is to complete the installation. Nellie stated she only had orders to do the above and nothing else. She also stated I had to call Home Depot and have them fax over to her (Nellie) the additional work.

2-12-04 Thursday, 10:00 am: I called Home Depot and was informed that Teresa will not be in until 3:00 pm. I then requested to speak to Suzanne, but was told she was unable too. I left a message for Suzanne to call and stated this was very important, that the installer and I were waiting for further authorization.

2-12-04 Thursday, 10:45 am Installer left after only removing 21x36L and installing 24x36L. No valence installed. WHY? Installer made a list of what needs to be done to complete the job and he Ssaid, I will turn this list in to Kitchen Concepts.

2-12-04 Thursday, 3:45 pm: Spoke to Teresa and explained today's events. Also, informed Teresa that Suzanne that not returned my phone call today.

2-13-04, Friday, 10:30am: Call Teresa and she said, Jerry and I will be there with installers to make sure the job will be completed. She will leave a message on my home machine with date of next installation.

2-23-04 Monday, 11:30 am: Call Teresa and inquired about installation date. She stated, She is having a meeting on Wednesday (2-25-04) and will leave a message on my home machine.


3-1-04 Monday: Received message from Nellie (Kitchen Concepts) on home machine to call and make appointment for completion of job. Too late to return call as after work.

3-2-04 Tuesday: Spoke with Nellie (Kitchen Concepts) and made an appointment for 3-10-04 between 9:00 and 10:00 am. Nellie wanted to know what else needed to be done. I stated crown molding, light rails, valence and shelf, skin on cabinet above refrigerator, fastening down toe kicks, etc. basically completion of the job. I am the consumer and am not sure of everything that needs to be done, that is why I hired professionals.

3-8-04 Monday, 11:30am: Spoke with Teresa and confirmed 3-10-04 date.

3-10-04 Wednesday, 9:00 am: Installers (Jason and Mark) arrived. They said They were waiting for someone from Home Depot before they could start the job. Call Home Depot around 9:30 and spoke to Teresa. I told Teresa we were waiting for her. She said, She is sending Kwok (the designer). As I was speaking to Teresa, Kwok arrives.

3-10-04 Wednesday, 9:30 to 9:45 am: Kwok explains to Jason what needs to be done. Jason calls Nellie (Kitchen Concepts) to confirm work order. I overheard Jason telling Nellie that the skin must be installed. At this point everyone is in agreement. Work begins and Kwok leaves.

3-10-04 Wednesday, 12:30pm: I informed installers I was leaving for work and that they should check with my neighbor when they were done to lock the house. I left installers with my and John's phone numbers in case of emergency.

3-10-04 Wednesday, 7:00 pm: I returned home from work and found the kitchen was not completed. Approximately four and one half feet of crown molding installed out of over 30 feet; around 15 feet of backing for crown molding was installed in preparation for crown molding; the valance and shelf was installed, skin installed; however our cabinet doors that were installed were removed and not reinstalled; none of our hardware was installed; toe kick is still loose; none of the trim under the upper cabinets had been installed, which means that the two installers installed approximately 10 percent of the remaining items left to install.

I called my neighbor who was kind enough to lock our home up after the installers left, and she said, The installers left around 3:00 pm and did not say why the job was not completed nor when they would return.

It appears that the installers were not as qualified as they should have been, as most of the joints of the crown molding were not made correctly. A fair amount of light can be seen through the joints. Now, it appears that we need to take photos. Additionally, there appears to be lots of wood left in very small pieces as cut-offs, and it looks like they were the result of more that just of few mistakes in installing the Crown Molding. We expect next for Home Depot to say that they were told that there was not enough molding to complete our project, that is if we ever get to that point

3-11-04 Thursday, 11:00 am: Called Teresa (Home Depot), she said Lanny, what's up? I said, Teresa, you tell me. Teresa did not understand my comment, so I explained to her that the job was NOT completed again and I wanted to know why. She said, She did not know why and will find out. She also said I may have to get Celine (regional manager) involved.

3-11-04 Thursday, 2:30pm: Received message from Teresa on home machine requesting I call her tomorrow morning to resolve this situation. Teresa wants to know what exactly still needs to be done? She needs to write up a new p.o. Too late to return phone call as after work. Again, I am hesitate to describe all work that needs to be done because I am the consumer and am afraid I might leave something out.

Stay tuned

3-12-04 Friday, 8:00am: Call Teresa and she requested I faxed over to Home Depot a list of items that still needs to be completed.

3-12-04 Friday, 8:30am: Faxed over a list of items I think needs to be completed. Install crown molding, filler for crown molding, scribe, fasten toe kicks, light rails and hardware (pulls and knobs).

3-15-04 Monday, 3:00pm: Received message on home machine from Teresa. She is requesting to inspect the kitchen with Jerry tomorrow in the afternoon. Too late to return phone call due to after hours.

3-15-04 Monday, 3:05pm: Received message on home machine from Nellie (Kitchen Concepts) to set up next installation appointment. Too late to return phone call due to after hours.

3-16-04 Tuesday, 6:30am: Call Teresa and set up time for her and Jerry to inspect kitchen today. Informed Teresa, my neighbor would let her and Jerry in the house. Also informed Teresa that Nellie (Kitchen Concepts) left me a message yesterday requesting I call her to set up next installation appointment. Teresa told me to wait until she and Jerry inspected the kitchen

3-16-04 Tuesday: Received message from Nellie on home machine stating Installers would be here tomorrow between 9:00 & 9:30 am tomorrow morning to complete the job.

3-16-04 Tuesday, am: I called Nellie (Kitchen Concepts) to cancel tomorrow's appointment, stating, I'm not available tomorrow.

3-16-04 Tuesday, 6:00pm: I returned home from work and I noticed Teresa's had left her Home Depot business card on the front door stating, No one was home next door and I should call Jerry's tomorrow morning on his cell phone. I checked with my neighbor regarding visit from Home Depot today. She states, No one ever showed up.


We are sure that some of the above dates listed are erroneous, as we were not specifically tracking each phase of the issues listed above, HOWEVER, in general terms, the overall picture of incompetence is accurate, and not been embellished, in any fashion, whatsoever.

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Alhambra, California

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#1 Consumer Comment

Glad I read this

AUTHOR: Tina - (U.S.A.)

I'm sorry you had such a rough time with HD. I called Home Depot's number for remodeling bathrooms. They scheduled a time to come out but never showed up. I called that same evening (last week) during their business hours but I had to leave a message. I asked where they were and would someone please call to reschedule. No one ever called back. Glad I read this report. Since they couldn't show up or call back and have seen the problems people have had with HD's kitchen/bathroom remodeling projects I've decided they're not worth my time or energy. Thanks for posting your experience!
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#2 Consumer Suggestion

Sound advice from the bonehead that trusted Home Depot

AUTHOR: John - (U.S.A.)

Sound advice Victor...

Thanks for the rebuttal!

I wish that I had put it all together in the beginning prior to signing up and giving them 100% of our dough up front.

20-20 hindsight would have me sticking to the rules and doing things by the book.

Lesson learned, again.

My only reason for publishing our disaster is to try to save someone the trouble of being dragged through the mud backward and put-up wet.


John F
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#3 Consumer Comment

Competent installations

AUTHOR: Victor - (U.S.A.)

I wouldjust like offer this suggestion. My partner and I are general contractors. We do a lot of kitchen and bathroom remodels. I strongly advise anyone who is about to undertake a remodelign project is to hire an outside contractor. NEVER use the contractors for the store as they will do almost anything to cover their and the stores butts. Now I have ordered custom cabinets from Home Deopt, LOwes and Ikea. Honestly I havent had that many problems due to the fact that myself or mypartner go in with the customer to order cabinets. We take the measurements and know where things are on walls, what will fit and what if any extras to order (end panels, lightrails, etc) I have no problems getting stuff from IKEA and quite frankly like their kitchen cabinetry. One thing that we do and i cant stress this enough is that we dont start tearing a kitchen apart until all of the new cabinets are on the jobsite. Reason is that chances are there will be one key cabinet that is needed to complete the install and it is either damaged, missing or MIA and then the customer can't get the project completed in time. I have actually had to finish up a couple of homedepot kitchen install jobs due to their contractors. Hope this helps.
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#4 Consumer Comment

Ikea is worse, count your blessings!

AUTHOR: Dave - (U.S.A.)

In my opinion it is just as much of a mistake to hire home retail centers to do contracting work as it would be to hire Home Depot to perform your gyno exams. These places have too many cook sin the kitchen.

If you think you had it as bad as can be, you clearly have never ordered kitchen cabinets from Ikea.

I know of a kitchen remodelling firm that had many of their clients without a ktichen for half a year.
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