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Complaint Review: Huntington Bank

  • Submitted: Thu, April 16, 2009
  • Updated: Thu, October 29, 2009
  • Reported By: Gilbert Arizona
  • Huntington Bank
    2361 Morse Road
    Columbus, Ohio

Huntington Bank & Jackie Yochus Fraud Investigator PREDATORY LENDING PRACTICES*** Columbus Ohio


Show customers why they should trust your business over your competitors...

First I want to say that there is a lot of information in this report. But it may help (I hope it does) many other consumers in this situation or possibly getting into this type of situation at all! I encourge you to read this.

This nightmare started with the story that you can view at the URL below that you can copy and paste or search Midway Chevrolet on Ripoff search engine. Please keep in mind that since my first Ripoff Report I have found many different interest rates and loan amounts, so my Report was not as accurate as the last few have been and the recent e-mails (that I will copy and paste for you below) will show. I have copies of the credit application that was sent to the bank, including the copies that the bank and dealer doesn't want the consumer to see.

I added an update to Midway Chevrolet Ripoff Report that Huntington Bank may do the right thing, that was March 25, 2009.

To date the situation is that Huntington Bank and Jackie Yochus their Fraud Investigator want me to bring the car back to the dealership that submitted a fraudulent credit application and they are making me feel like they are doing me a favor!

Johhny Bhatt at Midway and Jackie Yochus expect me to drop this car off that we owe $28,108.00 and expect us to do that with absolutely nothing in writing for me that states the dealership is paying the full amount of the loan back if this car is returned to them, and that we will be relinquished from this loan.

If you read the original Ripoff Report Midway also got greedy and submitted three checks totaling $1500.00 to eService incorporated a collection agency, because those checks bounced! Why did they? Because they were supposed to be ripped up by the dealer and they didn't. So now they are after us for that also.

I am bringing that up because I also asked the dealership to have them send in writing that they told eService we do not owe that money any longer when the car is returned.

The third thing I asked for is my payments back. Everyone wants something and they will not give me anything, but we should just bring the vehicle back (because there was no wrong doing on the banks part or Midway, YA OK) and be expected to get not one thing, not one, in writing! That is all I asked for after 6 months of pure torture with these people!

Here are the last two E-mails below:

With all due respect, I am in a very difficult spot right now because I am finding it hard to trust anyone. I can not understand why last week when I stated that "The car will be in the driveway and the keys will be in it" you said what would have to happen to make me happy and will end this mess. Well I asked for a few things. One being a letter from Midway that they will stop this E-Service collection. Two being both of my payments back and three another letter from Midway that will relinquish my mom from this car loan if I return the car to them and they will pay the bank in full. It is absolutely absurd to think I would do this without it in writing.

I have not received one thing that I have requested and after six months of torture everyday and the time I have invested, literally months of my life trying to get this taken care of. Hours of phone calls and trips to the dealership that is 50 miles from my home. In the midst of this, my own life has been put on hold and helping the police solve my husbands murder has been on the back burner because it is impossible to do both. Everyone is acting as though we were the criminals!

I did not ask Midway to make a fraudulent credit application and send it to the bank. Why is it that anyone would expect me, after all I have been through, to bring that car back and drop it off to Midway at the banks request with no guarantee whatsoever, when not even one (not one) thing that I have asked for is being done? What we have asked for isn't much, considering the nightmare we have endured. I have to TRUST the dealership and the bank that everything is going to workout? In the mean time, nobody wants to give me anything in writing and that only leads me to believe that this is not going to end up being a good thing for my mom and I anyway. Then in the long run we will be in court fighting to fix her credit with no proof and it will be destroyed anyway, but yet the bank and the dealership come out smelling like a rose, because I returned the car! No way, I will not be taken for a fool, not this time!! Every single person we have talked to said DO NOT TRUST THEM get it in writing. I can not leave a vehicle with them and not have anything at all saying the $28000.00 is being paid off? Is that because its not and nobody wants to break that to us until I drop off the car?

Many things are not adding up and don't make any sense at all, and if it doesn't make sense, its not true!

My mom and I spoke about this and the conclusion we have, is that if returning the car to the dealership is hurting her credit anyway, then maybe it is better that the bank just come to pick it up and if we have to fight this one way or the other, then we will take the chance that we do in fact, have enough information from the credit application alone and we will just pursue another avenue.

I do trust you but you are not here. I also know that you are an intelligent woman and I do not believe that in the line of business that you are in, you would ever do what I am being asked to do, with not a single thing in writing. I have such a bad feeling about doing this with the dealership. Why is it that I am the only one making more sacrifices? I do not think that what I have asked for is much, considering what has been done and is still being done to us.

There has to be a reason that nobody is willing to put this in writing. I believe that there is a lot more going on than I am being told. If I we were to have to go to court about anything regarding this to clear my moms name, we will have no proof at all to prove that I was told to do this, and that this it is not a repossessed car. We did not sign up for a $480.00 a month car payment that we couldn't afford. I gave up my Lexus for a payment close to my car for another car that was years newer. The dealership lied to you and said that it was my moms car that was traded and that was the reason I faxed you my registration. That is more proof they lied to you. I also recall our conversation about the Lo jack we paid a fortune for and do not have in the car. The two different dates on the credit application and the two different interest rates. I believe I have enough to take my chances, unless I can get this in writing.

The dealership got everything in writing before they processed the car loan and when they didn't, they committed fraud "NOT ME" and now I need everything in writing as well. I have no clue as to what the dealership will do when I return this car. I am not going to allow them to do something else to me. I gave them the opportunity to do the right thing in the beginning and they stole the paper work from me and basically told me to screw myself, and you want me to trust them?? I am sorry, but I can't.

Kelly Blue Book value on this car is $15,385 in excellent condition, and that is retail value, big difference in what I owe. I know a repossession isn't in the banks best interest. The other reason for taking this deal in the beginning was that even with my Lexus being paid off I wouldn't be upside down in this car loan, or at least not too upside down.

I want to know why the credit application says certain things and I will list them in order.

1. Why does the purchase price on one page (not signed by my mom) says $16731.00 and on the page she actually signed it said $13995.00?
2. Why does one page say the interest rate is 10.75%, and on the other it says 8.25% ?
3. Why is the warranty $2780.00 when they told us it was $1500.00?
4. Why does the credit application say gross cap $24533.00 but the contract they sent to you dated November 25, 2008 says it is $28,108.00?
5. Why is it OK that they put my mom as retired collecting $2750.00 monthly (you know was a lie because we faxed the correct amount) and then on a different section it says she has worked for the same company for the last six years and makes $3860.00 monthly but they do not list an employer or a phone number? The bank should have caught that and called and confirmed her income and asked who that employer was, because if they had, we wouldn't be sitting here right now going through all of this. I used to work for a bank and I know the proper protocol? So please explain this to me.
6. Why is it OK for moms signature on the credit application is the only one dated the 23rd of November but all the rest is dated November 25th?
In addition to that the one she signed was clearly printed on November 2, 2008 and the rest of the credit application they sent you were clearly printed on November 30, 2008?

I just turned forty years old and for the first time in my life since I was 17, I do not own a car and have no way to purchase one and have no trade in to bargain with either. I understand I have no payment but that is ridiculous to say because I need a car! That is why I need those two payments back as well.

The bottom line is that I need everything in writing, how do I know if Midway doesn't pay all the money back and this deal is " not really being undone" so to speak, then how can I be sure that the difference of what Midway possibly doesn't pay to the bank, will have to be paid by us in the end anyway? I feel at this point Huntington is being just as bad as the dealership and I can not understand why I should trust anyone at this point. I am going to say this once more. I haven't asked for much!

I just do not understand why nobody can be honest. Please let me know if I can get something that I have asked for and I will gladly drop the car off and I know, that you know, I need this to end for just my sanity alone, so the sooner the better for all of us involved.


Consumer Fraud Lawsuit
Consumer Fraud and Common Legal Success
There are instances of consumer fraud that has been found to be more common. These consumer fraud crimes have led to large recoveries.

Violation of federal law exists when car dealers pull credit reports when a consumer has not even entered the show room. Violations also exist when creditors report inaccurate information after the consumer has complained to a reporting agency.

Dealers are allowed to hike up interest rates by the auto lenders on the rates that the lenders quote. The dealers are sometimes allowed to keep a percentage or amount of the difference, and many auto lenders are being sued as it has affected many and is a violation of the Equal Credit Opportunity Act.
Warning Signs of Predatory Lending

Although these warning signs do not positively mean that you have been a victim or predatory lending it can be a good indicator that you are being misled. A reputable lender does not endorse or practice predatory lending practices. By better educating yourself about your consumer rights can help you identify and choose a knowledgeable and trustworthy lender.
MULTIPLE REFINANCING If you have refinanced your loan multiple times and increased your monthly payment and/or total amount you owe each time.
UNEXPECTED PAYMENTS The amount of the monthly payments on the loan are higher than you were expecting.
NOT SIGNING If signing forms the lender altered your information or asked you to leave signature lines blank.
CHANGING RATES Your documents show that you have two different interest rate calculations.
FALSE INFO The lender encourages false information be put on the loan application.
INFO MISSING Certain information is missing in your loan file.
CREDIT INSURANCE You had to buy credit insurance.
SETTLEMENT COSTS Costs appear at the settlement that had not previously been explained they would be present before settling.
HIGH LOAN AMOUNTS Your loan amount on the loan you have is higher than expected.

Jackie Yochus Huntington Bank:

With some of my own investigating I came across signs of predatory lending, and I believe that Page one of the fax we received on March 9, 2009, (you can also view the attachment I have added to this e-mail so you can see what I see) shows clearly that there is something is going on here. The gross amount financed is $24,533.00 @ 10.75%. The rest of the credit application that was altered and forged says the interest rate is 8,25% and the total gross amount also being $24,533.00. I also have documents from the 23rd of November stating the interest rate @ 7% and the total loan $21,946.00 The end result wasn't the 8,25% @ $24,533.00 or the 7% @ $21,946.00. It was 10.75% and $28,108.00. Is this because the bank and the dealership split the profit between the two interest rates like it says above, and consumers don't know about this until they get their payment books? I have a feeling I am not too far off from the real truth!
There may be two out of the nine listed above that do not pertain to us. I am sure you can fill in the blanks and see the ones I am comparing this to. Sounds like predatory lending to me.

If I paid $13999.00 for that car and they added on my entire loan for my Lexus and they gave me nothing for my car at all. It would still only be $27,000.00. That means that on top of everything else they stole my car too! A car that I made payments on for four years and got nothing, zero in return and the bank was told it was my moms trade and that she worked six years for a company making $3860.00 but there is no employer listed or a phone number to confirm that. That is Huntington's fault that they did not confirm her employment! I worked for a bank and if I sent something like this through with out verifying employment, (like any loan department should always do at a bank) then I would have been fired. If Huntington verified her employment we would not be sitting here discussing any of this at all!

What is also disturbing is that your own notice to the dealer states that if any change to the approved loan financing parameters (collateral, amount approved or contract term etc... MUST BE RESUBMITTED FOR RE APPROVAL. We would also like to see the resubmitted credit application that my mother signed, stating that the loan amount changed to $28,108.00 from the $24,533.00 both are not the correct amounts anyway.

The list just keeps getting longer and longer! What would you do in my situation? Again, is it all worth not giving it to me in writing, what the dealer and the banks intentions are?


I will continue to post updates on Ripoff Report for both Huntington Bank and and Midway Chevrolet on Bell road in Phoenix Arizona!

Jackie Yochus
Fraud Investigator
The Huntington National Bank
614-480-2395, Fax 877-692-5379
2361 Morse Rd NC2W21
Columbus, Ohio 43229

Johnny Bhatt
Midway Chevrolet
2323 W. Bell Rd.
Direct line:
or toll free @

Gilbert, Arizona

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#1 Author of original report


AUTHOR: Rebecca - (U.S.A.)

I called Midway because I heard an ad on the radio that they had used vehicles for Red Tag Sale Event. I called to inquire if they had any used convertible BMWs. I was called stating that they did and I have three calls recorded on my machine proving they said they had them. The guy said to go online and print out a $500.00 coupon, and come drive it. They did not have any BMWs as they said they did and then started pushing the Sebrings on me.
I went to get my Mom 40 miles away to come and co-sign because Midway told me that even though my credit was decent, I was too over extended for a good rate to keep my payment low. When we returned to the dealership to both our surprise, the loan paperwork was in her name alone. She had excellent credit so they said the payments would be lower, the interest rate was lower and they needed no down payment. Great for everyone involved!
They took my car on a trade on 11-25-08, funny how the new contract ended up being that same day and that they gave me no credit at all for my car (I have pictures of my Lexus, great condition and I have a copy of what it was sold for by Midway) on the new contract. They even told the bank (who was very upset by this) that the trade in was my moms car and I had to fax the bank a copy of the registration to prove it was my car. We would never have agreed to these terms and allow them to add all of this money on to a new contract and resign it.
12 -24-08 : Found out that Midway cashed checks that I wrote to them with no dates ( see copies), before my Mom was on the loan. Scott Collins the salesman told me they would rip them up and not cash them because they no longer needed a down payment now that my mom was the only one on the loan.
I went to the dealership on the afternoon of Christmas Eve after because I found out the checks were cashed and that I was not able to use my debit card to purchase a Christmas gift for my daughter.
When I got there I spoke with Scott first and confronted him on the many times he avoided my calls, never answered his phone when it was me or returned my calls. I spoke with Scott at least 4 times about why my payments were so high and when I would receive my warranty information. I also told him my car did not have the Lojack that I paid for (even though they gave away free that same weekend, and charged me $2780.00 instead of the $1500.00 we agreed upon) because I called and spoke with Amanda Bradley at Midway (602-387-7595) and she confirmed I did not have the Lojack in the Sebring. I didnt learn of the payment amounts until a few weeks later when I got the payment book in the mail. So I didnt inform them of this immediately because of course, I had no idea until the book came and I called immediately! When I drove to the dealership on 12-24-08, I told Mark Rahn (GM) that they were not supposed to be cashed only ripped up, he agreed and said they would give me back the check fees. At no time did I agree to give them another $1500.00 in checks. They deposited them all on the same day and filled out a form for it that was not signed by me or my mom. I also stated that my monthly payments were much more than agreed upon. He took all paper work from me that I had dated 11-23-08 along with my payment book and left for approx 20 min. When he returned he gave me some paperwork back, less the contract and we argued about it and he played dumb like he didnt know what I was talking about. He then stated he would return my overdraft fees, but could not that day because finance was closed (even though they were still selling cars) I left the dealership and drove about 5 miles and turned around and came back because I refused to leave without the contract. They still wouldnt give it to me. This is just how I wanted to spend my Christmas Eve.
I called Huntington bank on Monday 12-29-08 and that is when I realized the loan was for $28,108.00. I told them I needed a copy of the contract and they faxed it and also mailed one to me (see letters from the bank as proof I had to request a copy of the contract). It was not the same one that was signed on 11-23-08 for $16,000.00. The interest rate also increased by 3% and at that point I knew why Mark Rahn took the original contract and didnt return it to me. He knew what they had done and thought he stole the only proof I had.
After a few months and letters to The Attorney Generals office and The BBB (who never even acknowledged me after they gave me a case #) and (Please note that I was so confused as to what they did with numbers and contracts that my earlier letters to the A.G. and everyone else are not as accurate as they are now, now that I know what they have done. I was contacted by Stick Bogart at and he told me to call the bank and get a copy of the credit application faxed to me immediately. When I received it I was stunned at the lies the dealership told the bank. Please see the copies of both credit applications, the one I filled out and signed before my Mom got to the dealership and the one the dealership filled out. The dealership never had my mom sign one and the bank didnt even bother to check and see why there was a monthly income of $3860.00 with an employment status of 6 years with no employer listed to verify this. Then they listed $2750.00 monthly from SSI for her. The dealership had to lie because she didnt make enough for them to approve the $28,108.00 loan. It was never that much money to begin with. Please notice the dates in the lower left hand corner of the credit application and make note of when the paper was printed. Moms signature was on a piece of paper dated 11-02-08, the rest of the typed (by the dealership) application was printed on 11-30-08. Making it impossible for her to have signed that typed credit application. I faxed a copy of her SSI income to the bank for proof that they lied. I guessed on my hand written application on what my mom made monthly and what I signed to is not what they put on the application either. The bank never called my mom to verify the missing information on the credit application; if they had we wouldnt be in this mess right now. The bank is also at fault, but washed their hands of us and left us to deal with the scumbags at Midway Chevrolet and the Van Tuyl Group or Automotive Investment Group!
Now that I know how they got the loan approved for that ridiculous amount, it has become a credit application forgery issue even more so than a contract issue. If they didnt forge the credit application there wouldnt have been a contract, period!! The interest rate and loan amounts changed.
  The dealership on 11/30/08, printed and typed a new credit application with inflated monthly income for my mom so the bank approved the loan. They then faxed it to the bank on 12-01-08, using their entirely made up income amounts so the bank would approve it. All this time we thought we owned the vehicle. Never take possession of a vehicle without the banks signature and info and interest rates along with payments being on the contract and a COPY OF THE CREDIT APPLICATION in your hands. The dealerships lie and tell you that you are financed but you really are not.
Since all this had taken place I informed Huntington Bank of the fraud in March 2009 and by April 13, 2009 the bank made the dealership pay back every penny and then some. All this time I had been making payments to the bank to save my moms credit. The bank kept the payments I made and told me I had no further obligation to them, and that Midway paid them in the full amount of the loan (not less any payments) even though I still had possession of the vehicle.
Then I receive a letter from their attorney approximately 4 months later saying I wasnt making any car payments. I eventually met with their attorney who wanted us to sign paperwork and said that if I can show him the fraud he would help be done with this nightmare they would take the car back. I agreed to this as long as he faxed me what he wanted me to sign. Of course it wasnt doing us any favors, so I refused to sign this and he refused to put the paper work in plain English so it can be read without an attorney. That is all I asked for and he would not do it! I still to this day have the vehicle and it is still registered with the lien holder as the bank and in my moms name even after being paid off over six months ago. Now their lawyer has these people harassing me and my mom looking in our windows and telling our neighbors there is a warrant for my moms arrest. By the way mom is 65 years old and is horrified by all of this and very scared and has never been in trouble or even paid a bill late in her life!! Midway Chevrolet is the hell hole of the car dealerships and everyday keep stooping to the lowest level. All people listed in this are STILL working for either Midway or another one of their many dealerships. They have their own training sessions to teach new scumbags how to Screw over their consumers. We know this because some are undercover. Bet you would love to know who they are huh Mike???? 
We have tried for almost a year now to get in touch with Mr. Larry Van Tuyl to let him know the type of people he has working for him. Those very same people including his own lawyers will not inform him of our calls, e-mails and visits to his offices. We are not even sure that he knows what is going on. I have a feeling they are stealing from him too! Why else would his lawyers help them cover up all this dirt without informing him directly of what they have done and are doing???
I believe Midway Chevrolet A.K.A. Van Tuyl Group or AIG, Auto Investment Group,   that owns over 65 dealerships across the country has done this to many people even at their other dealerships. To see for yourself other cases of people being put into fraudulent loans by them @ There is going to be an article done by a large media source and they will expose them and hopefully others. I do not want other consumers to be scammed and that includes the banks as well. This is what got the mortgage industry in a mess and eventually added to the collapse of our economy, except now it is the Auto dealers that take our stimulus money and keep ripping off the unsuspecting consumers by thousands of dollars every day.
E-SERVICE INC COLLECTION AGENCY ID # 51669-1:   CONTACT MARK MCTOOL:                                 PHONE NUMBER 480-982-5124 OR 800-378-3651 & FAX # 480-983-1605
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