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Karatbars International

  • Submitted: Tue, April 15, 2014
  • Updated: Mon, August 31, 2015

  • Reported By: Justice — PIedmont New York
Karatbars International
52 Königstraße Stuttgart, Other Germany

Karatbars International KARATBARS INTERNATIONAL IS A PONZI SCHEME! Stuttgart Germany

*REBUTTAL Owner of company: Really

*Consumer Comment: Karatbars

*Consumer Comment: Learn What "Spot" Price Means Before You Make A Claim About Pricing

*Consumer Comment: Karatbars are a different asset class

*Consumer Comment: Why are all the complainers displaying competitive gold adds on the complaint page? Very suspicious indeed! What a racket, blast the competition with hate mongering! Okay I get it!

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*Consumer Comment: Recruiting with gold as a front

*Consumer Suggestion: The investigation of KARATBARS is not convincing.

*Consumer Comment: Karatbars is a company of high integrity

*General Comment: >>> karatbars is too expensive

*Consumer Comment: I was suspect about Karatbars too

*General Comment: This article is garbage and has no validity

*Consumer Comment: Karatbars Is The Best Program Out There

*Consumer Comment: Not an MLM

*Author of original report: RE: Don't Believe everything you read

*Consumer Comment: Karatbars

*Author of original report: Karatbars International brainwashing

*Consumer Comment: What I Know About Karatbars

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       Karatbars is a ponzi scheme! 


 Karatbars is being watched & investigated by the The Autorité Des marchés financiers (AMF) > lautorite.qc.ca/en/press-releases-2014-conso.html_2014_alert-karatbars.html


Here is a recent negative press release on Karatbars but on the French TV station TVA here in Quebec>
.....canoe.ca/video/3377116638001" href="http://tva.canoe.ca/video/3377116638001" rel="nofollow">tva.canoe.ca/video/3377116638001
And this negative piece of journalism in the French newspaper Le Journal De Montreal > journaldemontreal.com/2014/03/21/karatbars-promet-la-liberte-financiere-en-12-semaines
   Another thing that dawned on me as a possibility is perhaps the reason Karatbars sells their gold mounted & encased on a plastic credit card is perhaps they are under delivering the true weight of the gold being sold or that they claim. For example they can say that there is a gram of gold encased on that card but how do we really know for sure? What if the gold is only half a gram or 3 quarters of a gram. Gold is evaluated by it's purity & also by it's weight. While I don't doubt the purity of the gold , I am beginning to doubt the weight of the gold? If you think about it it is an easy way for Karatbars to camouflage the true weight of the gold by mounting it on those plastic cards & therefore ripping people off even more than they already are.
I wonder if anyone has ever had Karatbars gold evaluated & weighed by a certified gold specialist. Unfortunately or fortunately I sold my package along with that supposed I gram of gold mounted on the plastic card. I certainly would have gone to a certified gold specialist to have the gold officially evaluated if I still had the card in my possesion.  

The #1 commodity in the world today is "supplemental income". Many people today are looking for a way to increase their income, improve their financial situation, create more time freedom, & better their lifestyle. If you could create residual income while you sleep, enjoy an incredible lifestyle you have only imagined, have access to some of the best training tools for FREE to help you achieve the lifestyle you imagined, would you be willing to carve out a little time out of each day to create that life? Find a legitimate network marketing company with a unique legitimate product & with hard work & perseverance you might be able to achieve that better lifestyle. Key word is "might" there are no guarantees. The truth is many network marketing/MLM companies prey on the vulnerable, prey on the gullible, prey on the fact that most people are craving for a way to produce supplemental income & they claim they have a way for you to create that supplemental income.

The real hard facts & truth are that very few people ever really make it big in network marketing. Almost all network marketing/MLM companies will only give you the best case scenarios but very rarely will they give you the cold reality! Very often these companies will super hype the potential income you can make. They will paint a rosy picture that it is easy or not that hard & you only have to recruit 2 or 3 people & make sure that those 2 or 3 people also duplicate this method & recruit 2 or 3 people each.. In theory it all sounds doable & reasonable but believe me it very rarely happens the way it was attended to work. At best perhaps 10% of network marketers/MLMers earn a decent living, the rest struggle to even recoup their initial investment in the company. Of course there is an enormous investment of time required as you must spend an inordinate amount of time & energy trying to persuade & recruit others into your organization.

I joined  Karatbars International on Nov.14, 2013 & resigned my position just recently on April 3, 2014. Karatbars masqueraded it self as an e-commerce company claiming that they are not a MLM because there was no sponsorship requirements & no auto ship or minimum requirement to buy their product which is a supposedly 1 gram of pure currency grade gold mounted on a plastic card like a credit card. The Gold sold this way in my opinion loses value & is difficult to measure & weigh because it is mounted on a plastic card. I know for a fact that any certified gold dealer would not exchange the full supposed value of a gram of currency grade gold coming from Karatbars for paper money if you wanted to sell Karatbars gold to them as opposed to pure currency gold in another format that is not mounted or encased in plastic. For example gold that is sold by Canada Mapleleaf Gold would most certainly fetch more dollars for the equivalent weight or denomination. Here are the true facts> Karatbars sells 1 gram of currency grade gold for 47.93 Euros or $72.11CAD & the most recent spot gold price for 1 gram of gold as of April 4th, 2014 is $45.99/GR in Canadian Dollars an inflated markup of almost 37%. It's also funny but not really funny that karatbars will buy back the gold they sell to their affiliates at a deeply discounted rate of 33% less than what an affiliate paid for their gold from Karatbars. Buyback at 32.41 Euros or $48.77 CAD as I said a discount of $23.34 CAD or 33%. Why such a deep discount? Because karatbars is buying the gold back at the realistic spot gold price & not the heavily inflated price they sell it at.

Karatbars employs such tactics that their gold is the new international money! What bullsh*! They also employ tactics that everyone should exchange their declining in value paper dollars for their over inflated priced gold that karatbars sells. I agree that most people should be holding approximately 5%> 15% of their total holdings in pure physical gold but don't buy your gold from the karatbars crooks! Buy your gold from a reputable reliable gold refinery such as Canada Gold Mapleleaf gold coins. They also employ such tactics of how the price of gold has risen over the years but they never mention that the price of gold took a huge dip in 2013 falling 28% in value!

Furthermore Karatbars is very much like a network marketing company because just like other network marketing companies you must recruit others & you must buy their Gold mounted on those plastic cards at an over inflated cost if you are to earn any money. In this regard Karatbars is similar to other network marketing companies in that they over inflate the price of their product "Gold" so that they can make a profit & also pay out commissions to their affiliates/distributors. Karatbars Gold is very much a pyramid scheme because it is clearly defined that if not at least 70% of the company's product that being their currency grade gold is not sold to outsiders to those not directly involved with the company, then it is defined as a pyramid scheme. Furthermore Karatbars always pitches their ridiculous 12 week income projections whereby if all you did was recruit 2 people & made sure that those 2 people recruited 2 people & then bought 1 gram of gold per week than by the 12th week you could & I emphasize COULD be earning anywhere from $4,500 to $34,500 per week depending on the distributor package you bought when you joined karatbars. As the saying goes "the s**t hit the fan" when Karatbars released their 2013 financial statements. I calculated the total commissions paid out by Karatbars in 2013. It was $4,821,416. Euros or $7,405,926. Canadian Dollars . If you divide this amount among all 110,000 Karatbars affiliates worldwide you get an average of $67.32 Canadian Dollars average annual income by each affiliate. These are not very impressive numbers, in fact very depressing numbers. Numbers don't lie! The only liars are the people running the show at Karatbars..

I also have my strong doubts that if all 110,000 worldwide affiliates demanded all at once that their gold be delivered to them,that Karatabars would be able to deliver. Karatbars claims that they use prosegur a security storage company in Europe which to store each affiliate's gold for free. It's a little odd that if an affiliate of karatbars wants their gold delivered to them that Karatbars will take 6 to 8 weeks to deliver their gold plus of course the affiliate will incur fed ex shipping charges but when a brand new affiliate joins the company & buys one of their distributor packages (Bronze, Silver, Gold or VIP), that they deliver within 2 weeks without any delivery charge from Fed-ex. I strongly suspect that Karatbars are fraudulently claiming that the affiliate's gold is being stored by Prosegur. I suspect that the reason Karatbars takes 6 to 8 weeks to deliver the gold that rightfully belongs to their affiliates is because more than likely when an affiliate requests to have their gold delivered then Karatbars goes ahead & purchases the gold & then mounts it on those stupid cards. God knows what Karatbars is doing with all the money they collect to buy gold for their affiliates but I strongly doubt that they immediately buy the gold that an affiliate thinks he is buying & being stored upon his behalf by Karatbars. We have never seen any concrete proof or evidence of that? It is my gut feeling that fraud is being committed!

Connection to multi-level marketing:

The network marketing or multi-level marketing (MLM) business has become associated with pyramid schemes. According to the U.S. Federal Trade Commission, many MLM schemes "simply use the product to hide their pyramid structure.". While some people call MLMs in general "pyramid selling," others use the term to denote an illegal pyramid scheme masquerading as an MLM.

The Federal Trade Commission warns, "It’s best not to get involved in plans where the money you make is based primarily on the number of distributors you recruit and your sales to them, rather than on your sales to people outside the plan who intend to use the products." It states that research is your best tool and gives eight steps to follow:

Find—and study—the company’s track record. Learn about the product. Ask questions. Understand any restrictions. Talk to other distributors. Beware of shills. Consider using a friend or adviser as a neutral sounding board, or for a gut check. Take your time. Think about whether this plan suits your talents and goals.

Some authorities contend that MLMs in general are nothing more than legalized pyramid schemes

What Is the Competition Act?

The Competition Act is a federal law governing most business conduct in Canada. It contains both criminal and civil provisions aimed at preventing anti-competitive practices in the marketplace.

Multi-level Marketing and Pyramid Selling Multi-level Marketing Plans and Schemes of Pyramid Selling

The Competition Act explains the differences between multi-level marketing plans and schemes of pyramid selling, and sets out the responsibilities for operators and participants in these types of plans. Multi-level marketing, when it operates within the limits set by the Competition Act, is a legal business activity, while a scheme of pyramid selling is illegal as defined by the law. What Is Multi-level Marketing?

Multi-level marketing is a plan for the distribution of products whereby participants earn money by supplying products to other participants in the same plan. They, in turn, make their money by supplying the same products to other participants. What Should I Look Out For?

Although multi-level marketing plans, as defined in the Competition Act, are a legal business activity, there are certain things you should be aware of before joining such a plan.

It is illegal for operators or participants in a multi-level marketing plan to make representations relating to compensation or earnings under the plan unless they include the amount of compensation actually or likely to be received by a typical participant of the plan. Such representations can mislead potential recruits to believe that it will be easy to make large amounts of money.

As well, operators of, and participants in, a multi-level marketing plan should ensure that any representations made about the plan are — or include information that is — fair, reasonable and timely as the plan relates to:

the different levels of earnings or compensation received by participants in the plan; the amount of money earned by a typical participant; and the time and effort required to reach specific levels of income.

What Is a Scheme of Pyramid Selling?

A scheme of pyramid selling is a multi-level marketing plan that incorporates any one of a number of specified marketing practices that make it a criminal offence under the Competition Act.

It is illegal if:

participants pay money for the right to receive compensation for recruiting new participants; a participant is required to buy a specific quantity of products, other than at cost price for the purpose of advertising, before the participant is allowed to join the plan or advance within the plan; participants are knowingly sold commercially unreasonable quantities of the product or products (this practice is called inventory loading); or participants are not allowed to return products on reasonable commercial terms.

What Are the Possible Penalties?

People who contravene the multi-level marketing or scheme of pyramid selling provisions of the Competition Act can be convicted and sentenced to a fine at the discretion of the court or a prison term of up to five years, or both. How Do I File a Complaint?

If you believe that someone has in some way contravened any of the legislation enforced and administered by the Bureau and you want to complain, you can telephone, fax, e-mail or write the Bureau at the numbers listed at the end of this publication.

The Bureau conducts its investigations in private and keeps confidential the identity of the source and the information provided. However, if someone has important evidence about a contravention of any of the acts the Bureau administers, that person may be asked to testify in court.

What makes me the angriest is the enormous amount of time I invested in learning all about karatbars & how their complicated compensation plan works! What compensation? Plus the enormous amount of time & energy I spent in trying to recruit others into this scheme. Thank goodness no one bought the bait! When I got involved I truly believed in Karatbars & their income projections. What a FARCE! I stuck my name,my reputation & my credibility out for these fraudulent assholes! To all those I tried to recruit into this program I truly apologize! I hope that they can forgive me?


Pyramid scheme victims win $6.5M in B.C. Lawsuit > cbc.ca/news/canada/british-columbia/pyramid-scheme-victims-win-6-5m-in-b-c-lawsuit-1.2524843

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#1 REBUTTAL Owner of company


AUTHOR: Curtis - (USA)

The dollar has been going up for three years, and gold is down 33%.   These two facts alone show you know not waht you spout about.

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#2 Consumer Comment


AUTHOR: seangolden - (USA)

 I love reading the information and love to see the negative press this company gets by folks who have a financial understanding of -0. You don't understand the difference between a e-commerce company and pyramids, you don't understand what London bouillon represents or the types of companies that belong to an organization such as this that ascertain the proper credentials to market this product and make it available for purchase. You are the very type of folks that will work your current job for 35 years to retire for three months only to return to Walmart as a door greeter and this is the life you so work for post 35 years . Some people love Ford I think those cars are trash I love Mercedes some people love Honda I think they are OK but I prefer Kawasaki but don't like negative stuff because you lack the aptitude and understanding of how something works or you were a part of this program and failed to simply apply the tools necessary to make it work people always point fingers when something is not successful we just all have a tough time pointed at us when we fail

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#3 Consumer Comment

Learn What "Spot" Price Means Before You Make A Claim About Pricing

AUTHOR: Joe Engineer - (USA)

While the person complaining about price is correct about "spot" price versus selling price as he observed, the person complaining is also very uneducated about the metals market and how commodities are bought and sold.  If you are going to look at Karatbars you must first educate yourself about the metals and commodities markets.  While "spot" price was (at the time this was written) $38.50 what the author does not know is that no one can buy gold at spot price.  Spot is the price at which metals are traded on the commodities market kind of like a stock price.  It is a meaningless number to the consumer and for the most part is an artificial number itself.

The best price of GOLD, SILVER or PLATINUM is what competition in a “free market” allows for the PHYSICAL PRODUCTS, not what a “regulated” futures market allows.  “Spot price” is the current price for a very large amount of a commodity as traded on a commodity exchange, before commission and delivery. With products minted today, such as the U.S. Eagles, the wholesale price (premium) ranges run above the spot price.  If the coins are proof editions, or certified as Mint State they fall into the area of "numismatic coins" (rare coins) and carry much higher premiums above spot.  For older, established bullion coin products, the premium often drops, which is why South African Krugerrands sell for less than 1 oz.  Gold American Eagles.  (The premiums on numismatic/rare coins – coins which are many decades old and where few survive in excellent condition – can range up to many multiples of their precious metal content values.)

When acquiring physical products in the retail market, the spot price is only a gauge or approximation.  The spot price does not fully account for the differences between the wholesale futures market where the underlying gold/silver bars may not exist (5,000 ounces of silver and 100 ounces of gold) and the retail cash market for coins and bars where they must exist at some price.

Another way to think of the difference between the spot price and the retail market is to compare the price of a futures contract for 5,000 bushels of corn with the cost of 24 cans of canned creamed corn at Costco.  Costco’s prices will definitely be higher because of additional delivery costs, packaging, insurance, storage, and the labor needed to deal with thousands of individuals rather than one or two large customers.

Before writing this rebuttal I did a lot of homework on the net.  One place I found more information about Karatbars itself was at Fraudandscam.com.  Karatbars has received the ONLY positive report ever written about any company by Fraudandscam.com and in fact one of their attorneys visited Karatbars and you can fins his entire report right here; fraudandscam.com/investor-alerts/amazing-review-of-karatbars-international-based-on-personal-investigation-of-noteworthy-international-attorney/

Given the current state of currency markets around the world Karatbars makes a lot of sense because as QE continues, the dollar will continue to lose value by leaps and bounds and there has to be an adjustment at some point and it will not be a good thing for consumers.  All Karatbars seems to be doing, from what I can tell, is providing an affordable way to purchase gold in small quantities at prices within reach to the masses while at the same time, delivering the gold to the consumer with several layers of protection proving authenticity, security, and guaranteed value of the metal being sold.  Some other providers of gold have been found to have other metals mixed in with the gold which reduces its value. Karatbars carries a lot of certifications proving that this is pure 24k gold.  Another thing I have found that Karatbars is doing is building an international infrastructure whereby you will, in the coming months or years, be able to actually make purchases with your small bars of gold from Karatbars (and only Karatbars) right at retail outlets like grocery stores, dry goods stores and other places without having to turn your gold back into cash first.  These retail outlets will not accept any other gold as payment because only the Karatbar carries the certifications that its weight and purity are audited.  This will preserve its "market retail" value and save you from getting a "shave" when using it to make purchases.  For this reason alone I would not buy any other gold from anyone because when the bottom drops out of the dollar this will be the only gold readily accepted for goods and services because you will be able to prove its value and purity.  I would like to recommend right now that this is not the time to be turning your gold in or using it to buy anything.  When the global currency markets do go through an adjustment, and they will, the more gold you have on hand the more wealth you will preserve.  So save save save in gold!

In summary I will again say that the person who made the initial complaint is the equivalent of a carpet cleaner telling you how the heart surgeon is performing surgeries incorrectly.  I highly recommend that anyone who has doubt about pricing in the gold market first do a lot of homework and really learn about the metals market and how prices are arrived at.

Short of that you should be able to feel comfortable with the independent attorney’s report in this rebuttal and forget all about "spot" pricing.  "Spot" has no meaning for consumes and you can't buy gold at spot anyway.  Hope this helps.

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#4 Consumer Comment

Karatbars are a different asset class

AUTHOR: Dr Alan - ()

Karatbars are an asset class whose main distinguishing characteristic relative to "gold nuggets" or "gold bars being sold on ebay" is that is LBMA certified. There are hundreds of gold refineries but only +- 55 that are LBMA certified/approved.

Why is this important? Karatbars International gold boullion is 999.9 purity/fineness. There are other gold bullion bars with 999 fineness. but  the four nines( 999.9 ) is the highest quality gold out there. It is used to pay debt through the International Bank of Settlements.

It travels in its' own certificate of authenticity which has each gold bullion bar (1 gram, 2.5 and 5 gram) stamped with its' own unique serial number, the assayers signature on the card, a hologram on the reverse side of the gold bar. If anyone tampers with this product, it is very obvious and very visibly noticed. Unvaulted gold, i.e. gold purchased that is sent to its buyer is unprotected gold and hence can be altered. Examples would be gold on the outside, but an allloy such as tungsten on the inside.

If you were to go to karatgroupteam.com you will find a very compelling price comparison of the gold sellers who sell 1 gram bullion bars and  Karatbars International. Companies such as UBS, Argor Heraeus, Credit Suisse, and Pamp Suisse are price-compared . Three out of the 4 companies being compared to Karatbars International are "out of stock" on the 1 gram bullion bars as well as having $8 more on their shipping costs + the other companies charge 0.042% per month on the total amount stored. Karatbars has FREE storage.

The best price per gram is the Karatbars 5 gram size which is $238.74.  PAMP Suisse cost for a 5 gram bar is $223.43 (but it does not have  the protection of the Hologram on the back, hence it is a different asset class.) The Argor Heraeus is the best price coming in at $219.53----but Argor Heraeus gold bullion does not offer people who refer to them the opportunity to earn generous commissions and or free gold.

Lastly, the potential of earning significant passive income is only offered through Karatbars International at this time (as per 6th January 2015). I hope this helps "flesh out" what is on offer for those who see the usefullness of smaller amount sizes of gold.

Look at gold (any gold for that matter) as a hedge or insurance against the quite likely possibility of the failure of fiat paper money system.(Every fiat/paper currency in history has returned to its' original value=ZERO. The cycle normally runs on +- 30-40 years before the crach appears) There is +-$2 quadrillion dollars worldwide of paper money out there backed by nothing but confidence and bureaucratic assurances that "Everyting is ok----don't worry. Just go back to watching TV." The choice is yours. Paper money or real gold money?

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After reading the Canadian investigation, It is possible that Karatbars may be competing with the Canadian Eagle Gold Coins the Government mints, that is first off, an obvious bias, one must consider.   Although, the so-called "investigation and warning" does not point to any wrong doing, it does, in a dubious way cast a false light on Karatbars, but in tone only!  I mean here is the reality! After all, in the Canadian complaint merely states very clearly,

More specifically, the Bureau has prohibited them [Karatbars] from directly or indirectly trading in securities [emphasis added] under any form of investment covered by the Securities Act issued by Karatbars, whether via the Internet or otherwise. It has also prohibited them from acting as a securities adviser. The Bureau is concerned that, without these orders, the respondents will continue to solicit investors.” karatbars-quebec-activities-covered-by-prohibition-orders01-05-2014-09-3http://www.lautorite.qc.ca/en/press-releases-2014-corpo.html_2014_karatbars-quebec-activities-covered-by-prohibition-orders01-05-2014-09-3.html

They were not prohibited from selling gold or doing business, but "securities," and I cannot find any securities being sold by Karatbars!  Perhaps some loose cannon affiliates were confused themselves, who knows.  But this official complaint is far from pointing out any dubious activity and none is alleged to have occured by Karatbars International or any affiliates, as none are named. 

Karatbars claims they are selling collectable gold ingots.  For instance some are adorned in images of countries, or a Pope for instance: with alleged permission from the Vatican!  That's prestigious! Karatbars issues a MasterCard tm debit card, and MasterCard is supporting their ability to do the transactions.  This brings spotless and very high credibility to Karatbars Interantional.  Karatbars are simply like cabbage patch dolls, or Hummel’s, that people collect, except they are real pure gold, and have that face value also. They have a serial number on them and a warranty, which other gold ingots or coins do not have.  These ingots are not “securities.”  They are collectable gold.  That’s it!  You don’t have to collect them.  It is funny how disturbed some of these people seem to become, especially right next to the complaint, there are links to gold that are not getting the false stigma!

The Canadian site also has not reported any victims, and are looking for some, but have not acknowledged finding any!  The report states, “Montréal – The Autorité des marchés financiers ("AMF") urges Québec investors to be cautious about an investment program linked to the German company Karatbars International . . .”  Additionally, the warning is generic to Canadians about other “companies such as Karatbars . . .”  It states:

The AMF reminds investors of the risks involved when investing in companies such as Karatbars that are not reporting issuers and do not hold AMF registration or authorization. Quebeckers should therefore be cautious with product offerings from Karatbars since they might incur losses that are not covered by the financial services compensation fund or deposit insurance. http://www.lautorite.qc.ca/en/press-releases-2014-corpo.html_2014_alert-karatbars.html

Nowhere in the report does it state anyone has been ripped off!  It’s a general caveat emptor, “buyer beware.”  Idiots should never invest or buy collectables if they don’t know what they are or what they are doing.  There is no reason for idiots to get inflamed as they are here. 


Yet Karatbars are on the “London Good Delivery List,” because they are London Bullion Market Assoc. [LBMA] Accredited as “conflict free gold.”  This means that the cheaper gold is not “conflict free.”  Some investors are sociopathic investors, and hate LBMA gold, because Karatbars gold is not from refineries that engage in human right abuse and murder, or are they from n**i oven’s where gold teeth were extracted and melted into these gold coins all over the world!  You have heard of blood diamonds, well minerals are in cell phones and some are mined at the expense of human life! 

So these people who hate Karatbars support hatred as you can see.  They are really ticked off that they are stuck with conflicted gold that only a small majority of greedy humans buy, at the cheaper blood money price they claim, but it really is not cheaper!  Some people are so hateful they don’t see a problem with mass murder that took millions of lives of Jewish humans where gold teeth were melted into ingots and gold coins!  These people have lost their humanity!  Spot price does not include assay for reselling, broker fees or that the gold you are buying is pure 999.9 24k gold.  American Eagles for instance are only 22 karat of gold! 

Thank God for Karatbars if you like collecting gold, but do not want to support sociopathic lifestyles that you see defended here on this page by some very sick individuals.  I’d recommend them:  For more information, and if you would like to learn more click here http://forms.aweber.com/form/03/1154056903.htm



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#6 Consumer Comment

Interview available online

AUTHOR: yournamehere - ()

If you are interested in having more information about KaratBars you can listen to an interview of the founder on the Power Hour with Joyce Riley. Go to gcnlive.com > Archives then select the program > "The Power Hour" then select Friday, September 19 2014, (Hour 2). He explains how it works and how an affiliate e-commerce company is different from an MLM, pyramid scheme or 'ponzi' scheme. 


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#7 General Comment

Dream Spoilers and Nay Sayers

AUTHOR: GoldNotDinars - ()

I've investigated a 100 similar companies and read many Scam pieces by many disinfrancised and upset distributors, dealers, agents or employees. I actually, noticed that (except for a real a*wipe) most of the reports here are actually positive and not smoke and mirrors. Of course if you want to make big money, you either need to retail big or recruirt big or both. Actually both models have different favorites. I usually like to concentrate on recruiting as I know sales come with recruiting. But, there have been times I did better going after retail business and  signing dealers that like the opportunity. Works both way.  I say one guys sour grapes does not over shadow the work of 150,000 folks worldwide and nearly 5 years of proven business experience.


As long as you don't see me come back and add to this comment, that means it's working for me.


I'm looking for partners Contact me at (((redacted)))

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#8 Consumer Comment

RE: Karatbars Is The Best Program Out There & To All Other Scammers Associated With This Company!

AUTHOR: KouponKazey - ()

BULLSH*! After researching the company and reading all the complaints on this site as well as others, this company is a fraud and scam! Pull your head out of your own lovin a$$ and realize this. Stop scamming others. Cause if you scam you can be charged for scamming as well as spamming which is a crime!

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#9 Consumer Comment

Recruiting with gold as a front

AUTHOR: layla copla - ()

I agree with the poster, and yeah so what this offers gold. You can get gold anywhere else as well. The big picture here, and where the money is really made is recruiting in it. They just hide this behind a gold card they offer, but hardly anyone seems to care about that, or the products in general. You will find majority of the reps for this just talk about making money and commissions, hardly any mention the thing that supposably matters the most, and that is the gold. So does anyone even care about the gold produts in it in all honesty?

I suggest you all do your research before you join this, unfortunately most of the reviews are either all positive for sales in it from the reps, or all negative. I suggest you check this one out ----> Here is a review that is atleast balanced.

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#10 Consumer Suggestion

The investigation of KARATBARS is not convincing.

AUTHOR: Baruch - ()

The article you use as evidence only says anyone making an investment into gold needs to know they may lose money and there are no guarantees in business, other than if you have no gross income or profits you are bankrupt.  I see no validity on this report.  It is flimsy evidence twisted by the poster to seem relevant, however as you can see, it seems to be just the rant of someone that couldn't make it.

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#11 Consumer Comment

Karatbars is a company of high integrity

AUTHOR: MPorter - ()

The author of the original report sounds like someone who wasn't willing to do the activity to make Karatbars profitable.  I am an affiliate of Karatbars and when first introduced, was as skeptical as they come.  I did my homework and would suggest any individual do the same BEFORE they make statements that are completely erroneous.

Karatbars markets small increments of 999.9 currency grade gold buillion in 1gram, 2.5 gram and 5 gram increments.  They are a solid company headquartered in Stuttgart, Germany and governed by the World Trade Organization and World Gold Council, currently doing business in 120 countries.  They use only LBMA refineries (recognized by banks and governments as able to be used to settle debt)

It would be common sense to realize that the cost to produce small increments of individual grams added up to an ounce would be higher than the cost of a one once gold bar.  There is a significant amount of additional production involved.  (Is the cost of a steak in a restaurant the same per ounce as a side of beef in your freezer?)

The bars are individually stamped with serial numbers and encased in the card with special uv protective film and hologram for security.  The card also has the asssyers signature certifying the gold quality and weight.  (The one gram bars are actually 1.1 grams to ensure that they never have the issue the author asserts in their opinion that the gold may be less than stated).  Anyone is free to have the gold analyzed and many individuals have done this already. 

There are other companies who sell similar products.  Karatbars has competitive pricing and in many cases, better pricing for like-products.   If you find better pricing, be sure you're comparing apples to apples.  Some don't offer the same quality- 999 vs 999.9.  Some don't offer free gold storage.  Some don't offer the security packaging (There have been recent findings of counterfeit bars from China- with the names of well-respected gold companies.)  Some require a minimum order.  Some SAY they have 1 gram gold bars but are often out of stock. 

Most don't have a serial number that is unique to the original buyer.  NONE offer a referral commissions.  Karatbars is certainly a category creator.  It is NOT meant for speculative investing but for money protection against the declining value of the dollar.  (Google the buying power of the dollar over the last century or last 25 years if this is news to you.)  The vision of CEO Harold Seitz is for average people to be able to afford gold and have protection should the dollar collapse.  We will begin to see K-Exhanges where small business owners accept Karatbars for goods. 

There is a great video that explains the quality of Karatbars but I'm unsure whether I can post it in this rebuttal (Called ColdHard Facts - http://vimeo.com/93283069).

Karatbars is not technically a network marketing company because there are no purchase requirements to earn income.  Everything is completely optional.  Much like you can become an affiliate of Amazon and promote their books and other products to earn affiliate commissions without having to buy their products.  The pay plan is similar to a networking pay plan but very unique in some ways that benefit the affiliates.  Pay is based on volume overall.  The income potential is substantial but it DOES require work.  The reason most people never make much money in any network marketing company is simply because they are not willing to do the work required - which is to MARKET the producta and/or business opportunity.  You would not open a retail store, then close it after the first 10 people came in and just browsed.

Those who think that networking companies inflate prices to pay affiliates have obviously not owned a business and paid for traditional advertising.  The networkers ARE the advertisers.  A company can choose to market their products the traditional way (expensive and may or may not produce results) or they can offer that money to the affiliates which is the fastest and most cost effective way to spread the work quickly. 

It's a great and exciting program. 

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#12 General Comment

>>> karatbars is too expensive <<<








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#13 Consumer Comment

I was suspect about Karatbars too

AUTHOR: Coach Tre - ()

I joined Karatbars International about a year and half ago, and did nothing. I was involved with other precious metals ventures and joined Karatbars so I didn't have to get any more calls from the person recruiting me.

My passion is finding ways to help college students avoid the student debt crisis. When I saw on June 11, 2014, that a young college student was promoting Karatbars,  I decided then to investigate.  After 48 hours, I could not find one thing negative. I bought my gram and package. I have since ordered a branding card. Three weeks later I stumble on to this report.

I would be a fool to believe the author of this report, since prior to reading this report, I checked with FedEx and saw that my Karatbars will be delivered in the morning. I am headed to jewelers road, to have my karatbars checked by a professional,  which the author did not do with his gram.

It seems to me that the author probaly has another program he wants to back end people into so he is intent on this negative campaign, but what would be more valuable than gold?


Coach Tre




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#14 General Comment

This article is garbage and has no validity

AUTHOR: Docgee - ()

This is absolute garbage.

This guy starts talking about the possibility that the one gram bar is unlikely a one gram bar.  We are talking about the London Bullion Market Association (LBMA), who puts their stamp of approval on the Karatbars product. The LBMA is an entity with strict guidelines.  I may not be aware of all the laws and titles involved, but I do know that for the LBMA to give out a certification with no appropriate validity would result in severe reprocussions and loss of extremely hard earned titles. 


My guess is, this clown got involved and did absolutely nothing with the company.  Yes, my opinion is just a tad judgemental, but Karatbars has received approval from some pretty impressive entities.  This guy's article sounds like a conspiracy theory nutjob, of the utmost left side of the political scale (if you can imagine a pairing like that)!!!!


Karatbars is not a scam; there is no one online, that I have found, with an actual ligitimate and verifiable complaint, about Karatbars.  Karatbars is not an MLM.  MLM's require an annual renewal fee; Karatbars has a one time payment to get in, and you are in for life.  MLM's usually require some kind of minimal purchase each month, which usually involves some automatic payment and autoship; Karatbars is set up so that you buy WHEN you want to buy.  Karatbars is not a Ponzi scheme.  By definition, a Ponzi scheme uses invested capital, from investors, to pay off earlier investors, without any acquiring profit.  Karatbars is a reputable company, with respectable profits, which it uses to pay its affiliates.  Ponzi schemes have no means to remain viable in the business world.  Karatbars has a long history of respectable profits.


Feel free to place a label of network marketing, on Karatbars.  I know of know present and viable business entity, that does not rely on some form of network marketing, regardless of the industry.  I have no problem backing up my arguments, and please, feel free to contact me and bash me with any comments.  If I do not have the answers right away, I will definitely find the guy who does.


Glen S. Cochrane, D.C.


(702) 596-2698


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#15 Consumer Comment

Karatbars Is The Best Program Out There

AUTHOR: Kevin D. - ()

First of all the person who made this complaint above has pasted the same thing on facebook and elsewhere. His words of hate could be said about any MLM. Let's discuss the FACTS!

1. He is making a speculative comment with no proof. Take your Karatbars to a Gold Dealer or Jeweler. He has an obligation when making an accusation to have proof.

2. GOLD is the oldest currency on earth.  The Gold is on a card to be transportable and offers the ability to buy by the gram. You can find other GOLD companies who offer this.

3. Karatbars is starting to have exchange centers.

4. Google Dollar Decline or youtube. All the experts will tell you to deversify into gold as an alternative currency.

5. Gold prices go up and down but can be used as a safety net against inflation. Karatbars is not promoting GOLD as an investment.

6. Fedex ships the GOLD to your home. There are NO COMPLAINTS. Or there are FREE and PAID storage options.

7. The pay plan is very fair. BUT... You have 2 choices, you can only make money if you promote the business like any business . If not, then your Karatbars becomes a savings plan.

8 There are other businesses that claim to be PASSIVE , and yes they will not work because at the end of the day, someone has to sell something.

9. Karatbars offeres gifts and novelties. They have They have collectible cards, Birthday, Wedding, Congratulations. Karatbars even has branded cars that even attorneys have purchased to promote their business. imagine giving the gift of GOLD.

10, People have the option to go to their local GOLD dealer. Most can not afford to start saving in GOLD buying buy the once or Kilo. Buying by the gram is a GREAT WAY to start. There are other reputable GOLD companies not doing this as well.

11. The Compensation plan is very fair. I like it because it is very fair to the little guy who would like to work a home based business. The guy who wrote this should have put his money in an HYIP so he could sit back and not do anything. All HYIP's fail because there is not a real product or a real business. If he wanted to promote a PASSIVE business, he should not have joined a REAL COMPANY!

12. Karatbars was audited by the German government. All GOLD was accounted for as promised.

13. I have joined a few online businesses in my day from diet pills to banners ads. I had banner advertisement that never worked and I have a closet full of diet pills I can't even give away. No business has offered me REAL GOLD! At the end of the day, the Karatbar affiliates have their GOLD.

14. My advice to anyone thinking of joining, If you do not want to work the business, then you are able to buy the GOLD KARATBARS as a CUSTOMER. Don't waste your money on an affiliate package if you are not going to work the business properly. You can start saving as a customer. Yes, like anything else, there is shipping. Just like the blender you purchased from Amazon. Karatbars offers FREE shipping on larger quantities. And their buy back price beats my local GOLD dealers.

15. This guy who wrote this is miss-informed and may have had a bad experience by his own false expectation. He is also not being honest or accurate. His statistics and other rants are not backed up with facts. He is not an attorney nor a gold expert. The MLM rule in the USA is 2% customer sales verses affiliate sales according to the FTC. Karatbars will surpace most network marketing companies with the customer to affilaite ratio with flying colors.  I would challenge anyone to do their own homework with any business. If you were to go out and start a business with a local store front, your chanced of success just in the first year is ONE IN FIVE! I started my Karatbars business with a few hundred dollars. My customers and friends in the business are happy. I even showed them this post and they laughed. The Love Their Karatbars GOLD! Even Mcdonadls gets a few scewballs who post online.

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#16 Consumer Comment

Not an MLM

AUTHOR: getreal - ()

This is not an MLM as it has no levels. The are no mandatory purchases to earn money. You can join for free with no marketing fees, webste fees, back office fees and earn money. Everything is optional and not required. The dual system is not a binary because all the units earned are with you forever and is never flushed. This is the most honest company that I have ever been involved in. You obviously never got it, that's probably why no one ever wanted to join you or wanted to exchange their paper currency for gold money. Any time I want my gold delivered they send it to me quickly. Sour grapes is not attractive.

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#17 Author of original report

RE: Don't Believe everything you read

AUTHOR: Justice - ()

    Quote from Karatbars leader > "I would just like for everyone to know that the person who wrote this article was ousted from the company."

Reply > I was not ousted from the company karatbars, I quit the minute I was made aware of the AMF report & the negative press releases by the french Tv station TVA & the french newspaper Le Journal De Montreal. >

 Karatbars is being watched & investigated by the The Autorité Des marchés financiers (AMF) > lautorite.qc.ca/en/press-releases-2014-conso.html_2014_alert-karatbars.html
A few days later I learned of this 8 minute negative investigative report on the Montreal French Tv station TVA > http://tva.canoe.ca/video/3377116638001
 And this negative report written in Le Journal De Montreal > journaldemontreal.com/2014/03/21/karatbars-promet-la-liberte-financiere-en-12-semaines
  Karatbars leader wrote > "Although he does have freedom of speech, he needs to speak the truth and tell the whole story when he expresses himself."
Reply> Everything I said was the truth & the whole story is quite obvious, kararbars is a pyramid scheme that is now being watched by the media & monitored by the AMF. Very typically the karatbars people like to ignore the truth & the hard cold facts. Very typically they like to exaggerate the few potential pros of Karatbars while totally ignoring the many cons.
  Karatbars leader wrote > "The moral of the story is "Don't believe everything you read."
Reply > I suppose that I am also making up the fact that the media has already negatively covered karatbars & Karatbars is being monitored by the AMF.
  It's to be expected that a karatbars affiliate or leader will go to the ends of the earth to defend the company Karatbars but believe me karatbars is not much different in their behaviour & structure from the MLM company Herbalife that is now being investigated by the FBI ("The Herbalife company has steadfastly denied running a pyramid scheme, where distributors earn more money for recruiting new members into the scheme than they do by selling products to consumers."), save for the product that Karatbars sells is a tiny piece of gold mounted on a plastic card whereas Herbalife sells nutrional & weight loss products.. Perhaps Karatbars might be next to be investigated by the FBI. Anything is possible...


     Herbalife is now being investigated by the FBI  >
"The Herbalife company has steadfastly denied running a pyramid scheme, where distributors earn more money for recruiting new members into the scheme than they do by selling products to consumers."
"Pershing Square has published dossiers about Herbalife's top distributors, charging they lure in new recruits wIth videos featuring big houses and expensive cars even though company statistics show that the majority of distributors never earn any income from Herbalife."
   The above 2 statements about Herbalife could easily apply to Karatbars which most certainly engages in very similar practices via their bogus 12 week compensation plan & where most of the money is earned by recruiting new members & not by selling products (gold) to consumers..
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#18 Consumer Comment


AUTHOR: Karatbars Leader - ()

I would just like for everyone to know that the person who wrote this article was ousted from the company.

Although he does have freedom of speech, he needs to speak the truth and tell the whole story when he expresses himself.

Karatbars is changing people's lives for the better all over the world.

Please scroll down to where it says Click Here to Read other Ripoff Reports about Karatbars International and you will see that he is the only one.  With over 120,000 affiliates worldwide, isn't it a bit strange that only one has a complaint?

The moral of the story is "Don't believe everything you read."

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#19 Author of original report

Karatbars International brainwashing

AUTHOR: Justice - ()

  I appreciate the fact that you are a karatbars affiliate & as such will go to the ends of the earth to defend karatbars because you strongly believe in them, their gold & their concept. Basically you have been brainwashed by karatbars.

 Let's look at some of the thinks you stated > "Depending on what type of package you buy from Karatbars, you will definitely receive material on the company for you to read as well as show others, your own internet site, video site and a way for you to track your purchase of gold and a list of those who have signed up on their own by way of you sharing information about Karatbars."

Response > Karatbars does give you material "brochures" which is purely promotional on the company and is intended to be used when recruiting other suckers into their program. You do not get your own internet site but rather a landing or capture page with your own unique URL which is intended to convert possible prospects into either customers of Karatbars or recruited affiliates that would fall under you in the pyramid structure on either your left leg or your right leg.Karatbars does not give you your own unique video, however you have the use of dozens if not hundreds of deceptive youtube videos that were made by karatbars leaders & affiliates that were intended to persuade would be on the fence people into affiliates. Here is just one link that is unique to karatbars >karatbarstv.com . Here you will see many promotional videos on the company & their famous 12 week deceptive income projection plan. Yes Karatbars does have a tracking system in place in which to track your gold purchases & those of your team below you in the pyramid structure.

U wrote > "If you buy a package that includes gold, you will receive gold too.


Any package that includes gold, also includes three 3% discount cards.  Once these cards are activated, you and anyone else that you tell about Karatbars will receive this discount when a gold purchase is made.

  Their packages sold are merely a clever way for karatbars to generate huge revenue streams for themselves & although they do compensate an affiliate for selling a package to a vulnerable sucker, karatbars keeps most of the revenues from the package sales for themselves.

The following are the cost of their package sales & what it entitles an affiliate to >

  1)Bronze @ 100 Euros which is roughly $150 Canadian. Bronze entitles you to 5% commission on all personal recruit packages you sell plus a percentage anywhere from .005% of up to 6% on all gold products bought or sold within your personal organization, & the bronze will also entitle you to earn 10 Euros per cycle on the dual team system bonus system.
 2) Silver @ 239 Euros which is roughly $360 Canadian. Silver entitles you to 10% commission on all personal recruit packages you sell plus a percentage anywhere from .005% of up to 6% on all gold products bought or sold within your personal organization, & the silver will also entitle you to earn 40 Euros per cycle on the dual team system bonus system.
3) Gold @ 595 Euros which is roughly $900 Canadian. Gold entitles you to 15% commission on all personal recruit packages you sell plus a percentage  anywhere from .005% of up to 6% on all gold products bought or sold within your personal organization & the gold will also entitle you to earn 60 Euros per cycle on the dual team bonus system.
4) Vip @ 1595 Euros which is roughly $2,400 less $100 discount = roughly $2,300 Canadian. VIP entitles you to 20% commission on all personal recruit packages you sell plus a percentage anywhere from .005% of up to 6% on all gold products bought or sold within your personal organization, & the VIP will also entitle you to earn 80 Euros per cycle on the dual team bonus system. The package where their $100.USD discount can apply.
  Now karatbars calls themselves an e-commerce company & not an MLM yet their compensation plan is very similar if not identical to those of a binary MLM compensation plan. Karatbars is very much an MLM company save for the fact that there are no minimum recruit requirements  & there are no product purchase requirements yet the only way to make any money with Karatbars is to recruit suckers into their program & hope that they do 2 things > recruit at least 2 other people themselves & buy at least 1 gr of their inflated in cost gold weekly.
  The amount of gold that they give you with any given package is neglible in relation to the actual cost of the package you acquire. Eg. with a silver package you only get 1 Gr. of gold with an estimated  value of perhaps $55.00 USD, plus 3 X 100 Euro bonus card which can only be used towards a VIP package purchase used as an incentive  trying to entice people to upgrade to VIP because Karatbars will get more revenues when someone either upgrades or puchases the VIP package initially from the very beginning. You do get 3 X 3% bonus cards off the acquisition price of their inflated in price gold, yet you pay $360 CAD for their silver package.
  Now let's look at the price they sell their gold at. For 1 GR you would pay as of today April 18, 2014 >  47.8 Eur or $66.04 USD. Take a whopping 3% off of that price & you get a huge $1.98 discount for a price of $64.06 USD for 1 Gr of gold. This price is still marked up approximately 15% more than you could find elsewhere. For example you can buy gold from silvergoldbull.com/gold at a price of approximately $55.00 for 1 gr of currency grade gold. And you can also buy 1 gr. of gold here > goldprice.org/gold-prices/Gold-Bars.htm for $54.24
  Karatbars seems to think that their gold is worth more than gold sold by other dealers which is false. In fact if anyone tried to sell the gold they bought from karatbars it would be discounted for one main reason. Gold is evaluated by it's purity & by it's weight. How do you measure the weight of gold that is mounted on a plastic card? I know for a fact that one of the karatbars affiliates was selling his karatbars gold on Ebay mounted on those plastic cards at a 15%>20% discount on what he paid for it from karatbars.
People will buy gold as a hedge against inflation, as security against economic insecurity. Inevitably people will want to cash in their gold for either cold cash or goods, so therefore buy gold that is most recognizeable, that is easy to evaluate & measure which karatbars gold clearly is not. If karatbars stands so strongly behind their gold then why don't they buy back their own gold at their selling price? For example Kartabars sells their gold as of today April 18, 2014 at 47.80 Euros or $66.04 USD yet they will buy back their own gold at a deep 33% discount at 32.24 Euros or $44.60USD...
  This website will give you tips to on how & where to buy gold & it isn't from karatbars >
   But the biggest sins commited by karatbas aside from their inflated price of gold is their lack of transparency & their true deception leading people to believe that they could earn huge weekly residual commissions within 12 weeks ranging from $4,485 to $34,500 per week depending on the type of package they purchase. The truth is very few if any reach these levels of income but karatbars will not tell you that. As I mentioned in my previous posting according to the 2013 financial statement released by karatbars, the estimated average earnings is $67.32 annual revenue per affiliate. Does $67.32 annual income come close to their deceptive 12 week projected incomes? The answer is NO!

It is illegal for operators or participants in a multi-level marketing plan to make representations relating to compensation or earnings under the plan unless they include the amount of compensation actually or likely to be received by a typical participant of the plan. Such representations can mislead potential recruits to believe that it will be easy to make large amounts of money.

As well, operators of, and participants in, a multi-level marketing plan should ensure that any representations made about the plan are — or include information that is — fair, reasonable and timely as the plan relates to:

the different levels of earnings or compensation received by participants in the plan; the amount of money earned by a typical participant; and the time and effort required to reach specific levels of income.

 Bottom line, if karatbars was so sqeaky clean, honest & transparent, then why are they being investigated by the Autorité Des marchés financiers (AMF)?  Why did the french Tv station TVA bother to do a negative 8 minute investigative piece on them? Why did the french newspaper Le Journal De Montreal write a negative article about karatbars?
  That is why I quit karatbars because my name, my reputation & my credibility is worth everything to me & I did not want to be associated with a company that is deceptive & misleading.
   My late father used to tell me that any business or enterprise must operate with absolute honour, integrity & transparency in order to establish an excellent reputation, because once a reputation is tarnished, it is tarnished for life!
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#20 Consumer Comment

What I Know About Karatbars

AUTHOR: the facts - ()

Karatbars International:

Gold Priced Above Actual Cost

Depending on what type of package you buy from Karatbars, you will definitely receive material on the company for you to read as well as show others, your own internet site, video site and a way for you to track your purchase of gold and a list of those who have signed up on their own by way of you sharing information about Karatbars.

If you buy a package that includes gold, you will receive gold too.

Any package that includes gold, also includes three 3% discount cards.  Once these cards are activated, you and anyone else that you tell about Karatbars will receive this discount when a gold purchase is made.

If you get a free account under someone who has activated a 3% discount card, you will still get a 3% discount on your gold purchase.


With 3% discount, no paying over standard gold price.

The card in which the gold is mounted is certified and signed that it is a true 1 gram of gold.

The 3% discount comes in handy when buying the specialty cards for collectors and unique gift ideas.

Karatbars ALSO gives those who buy a package three 100 euros cards or more depending on what package you buy which they can then use for themselves to make purchases with.  (They have pretty much given you your money back depending on what package you bought.)

The only people who should be joining Karatbars are people who want to buy physical gold for themselves or others.

The Compensation plan should not be your sole decision to join this company. 

The goal of this company is to allow regular people the opportunity to buy physical gold and are even paying for some of your purchases.

Those who sign up and are unable to get others to sign up view this company as a fraud.  What is the expression, "those that fail, cry foul" or they just complain.





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