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  • Submitted: Sat, March 27, 2010
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  • Kelly Emmanuel
    932 Imperial Beach
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Kelly Emmanuels Experience Kelly Emmanuel Hi I lent her money so that she could bring back her Antique's from over seas Internet

*General Comment: "She" doesn't exist...

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Hi, I had lent her money to help her out, but now I find out that was not the case. 

she used fraud and blackmail to steal money from me. Please read below.

                                                                       Thu, March 4, 2010 12:39:50 AM

Hi Brian,

How are you doing?So nice to be reading from you. [continued below]....

.....Am sorry for taking so long to get back to you.Well Let me tell you a Little more about myself because I feel if we are to get together and start up a relationship,you should know most things about me right?I am Originally from Cancun,Mexico.

We are a Family of 4,I,My Mom,Dad and my Elder Sister. I Lost them to an auto Crash,Would have been involved but i was in Italy at the Time(am Over that now and have Moved on).I graduated from Ryerson University.

I presently live in Imperial Beach,Cali but willing to relocate for the right man but am on a business trip right now in Sweden.Lost my Hubby 5 years ago,it's a very long story,He was Canadian,We met in School when i was Studying Sociology.Don't have something concrete in my life,That's why travel a lot trying to get myself busy and make a living.

Well,about my passions,am passionate about helping others,Making them better people .Because,by making people better,am making the world a better place,so that My Future Kids and other kids would have a conducive environment to grow and be loved.

I Love to read,Mostly Inspirational books,the most touching book that i have ever read is the one by John Manson,Very Inspirational,would push you from where you are to where you should be.On Music,Am into Sentimental Rock as i guess you already Know,I Love singers like Evanescence,Linking park,Dido and I Love Enya too.

Favorite composer would be John Frederick Handle,Although am really not into operas.Am an Art Lover,Am really Into Egyptian Art,because,it's very eccentric but very Creative and Mind Blowing,That was what actually what got me into the whole antique Business.

Concerning clothing,am actually a causal clothier,I don't like to be the center of Attraction,I love to lay low,I am G-String type of lady,I Love the bikini swim suit.Hope to read from you soonest okay?have a great day.

                                                                        Thu, March 4, 2010 3:36:16 PM

Hi Brian,

How are you doing?So glad you wrote back.Well don't worry about my lose in the past,am over that now and ready to move forward.You know there is a saying ''If you never forget the past,you might never see the future".Am so sorry to read about your lose too,i know how it feels to lose someone you love so much.You were in the Navy Huh?Sounds like fun,so how was the experience?You lived in Canada?I schooled there,Ryerson university.I should be back home by next week,am just down here on a business trip.

I Am a movie Lover,I Love the cinemas,Am the comedy type,I also watch some actions and Adventures and some Erotica.My Favorite actor i would call Brad Pitt(Boy Sexy).I Love to cook,but i love Mexican Food because it's very Hot and spicy.As we all know,sex or Love making is an essential part of a relationship,because it's keeps the Fire burning,Am more into Oral sex,Am sorry for sounding too Blunt but this is me for you. I Just have to be myself.

I Love to Travel but haven't really had the time to travel so much,but i have been to Germany,India, Dubai and Sweden(where i am now).If am to go on a Vacation soon,I'll Love to go to Paris .I Love the Museums and art Galleries .Concerning pets,Am a Dog Lover.For fun I love watching my favorite movies at home in front of the fire place with a glass of wine but also enjoy catching the latest movie at the theater with a box of licorice (red not black!).

I am a complete mix of ethnicity but mostly I am Mexican, and I look it.Ya, I know.I am Catholic...My Father is an Italian Catholic and My Mother an Easter European Jew. I was raised Jewish but my family has always been open to whatever I decide to do as an adult .I love trying new restaurants, any Asian or Mexican place sounds good to me.

I can't wait to go to Europe for a long vacation and see where my ancestors lived. The rich history and beautiful architecture make it a must .I love Chocolate! My favorite book has to be the Red Tent. When it is raining outside nothing beats a hot white mocha and a good book. I have to admit I love shoe shopping, but really what woman doesn't.Well That's that about me though,Hope to hear from you soonest.

                                                                       Sat, March 6, 2010 1:47:46 AM
Hi Brian,

Nice to be getting online and reading your two emails.I have been out on my last antique bid,just so tired and stressed.I really needed this weekend,to just laze around and sleep,LOL.So you had a fun time in the navy,what was your worse experience in service?
So you are a cat person,Well am a dog lover.Your Mom is German and Your Dad English?How did that happen?Considering the war history.LOL.Well i do have some questions for you that i would love to read your honest answers on,no,they are not test nor trick questions but getting to know you better questions:

What's your greatest fear?
What's the craziest thing that you have ever done?
What's your Fav Color?
What's your Fav Food?
What's your best moment?
Would the boy you were be happy about the man that you have become?
What do you consider your greatest achievement?
Where's your Fav vacation spot?
If your were to come to life as an animal,which would it be?

Would Love to read from you soonest okay?


                                                                        Sat, March 6, 2010 1:52:32 AM

hey baby,Am here.Sorry that i can't call you now because the receptionist that i use her phone is on night shift today.So i can't call now.Send it to Mark Clayton,He will handle everything for me okay?Am so sorry for troubling you and i appreciate you,When would you be off work?I miss you so much and i can't wait to be with you.Do you like the beach?We can hit em and get some kinky things doing.Hope work is going great.Be good now okay?Thinking about you,Always.
This is where I had sent her the $2,806.08 to Mark Crayton in White Hall, MD.
                                                                     Wed, March 17, 2010 9:07:07 AM

Hi baby,How are you?wow,Just got to Newyork now.Am staying with an old lady i's so funny in her house,she hates technology.It's 1204HRS down here.Just need to shower and get down to JFK to see to my goods movement back home.How are you?Did you miss me?i missed you so good now and let me know how you are.Kisses
                                                                     Wed, March 17, 2010 4:10:14 PM
Hi Hun,

I have been out to some Pawn stores.I had to sell my things down here because they are asking for me to lobby them with 20K because they made estimate of how much the Gold bars are.They first said 50K,i had to bargain to get it down to 20K with so much pleading.Just very confused.

I have been able to raise some more amount.I still have one item i took out from the goods before i got it shipped down here from Sweden.So am going to another Pawn store to check how much i can raise with that.I just don't want to trouble you,as you have tried so much for me and i do appreciate you.

I love you so much baby and i want the best for you and would never put you in harms way.I talked to Mr Michael about all these and he said if they tag me with the Smuggling act that my career would be over and i would lose everything,thus,do time too.Baby,just hate the fact that life does not want to give me a break.I will write you in some minutes,when am back from the pawn store.Kisses

                                                                    Thu, March 18, 2010 10:34:17 AM

This exactly why I asked you to spilt the funds.
My career is at stake here,I told you that am
Trying to go through the back door here,once am
Served with a paper it's I do not know
Western union and I don' have to answer to them ok?
So if you wish to help me here,do so because time is
Not on my side.I will give you a call.with the sitaution
Now,they would never want you to make the wire.I have
Kept you updated with the whole situation here and have
Always provided you with documents even from when I was
In sweden.Baby don't crash my career because of this lil
Amount and involvement.everything I have right now is at stake.
Don't mess up my career now.because questions would soon be
Asked from them and more questions and am I suppose to tell
Them that am paying the united states custom off because of
Smuggling?they are entitled to report this act of lobbying to
The,if you can' and won't help me,just tell me.I would
Understand instead of asking me to piss my career away by contacting
Them.if I send anything to them now,they would run it against customs
and Tamatha. Read this email and is really troubled and about to pull out of helping me. so now she said if this is not settled today that she would turn the goods in
Because it was she and her shift partner that discovered the gold
bars. so now,you Have to go to two different western union office stores to send it andyou need to Send it to the two names I sent so stressed,so help me here if you want to. Baby,I never played with your career,so please love,don't play with ya.F'ing stressed out, Kelly.

                                                                            Thu March 18 2010 6:56 PM

Below is from Yahoo IM.


Brian (5:10 PM):  Hey
K. Emmanuel (5:10 PM):  Check your email
Brian (5:11 PM):  ye, I'm going to send you you a reply wait one.
Brian (5:12 PM):  ok sent
Brian (5:13 PM):  Where each other future.
K. Emmanuel (5:13 PM):  brb
Brian (5:13 PM):  ok
K. Emmanuel (5:14 PM):  
Brian (5:14 PM):  ok
K. Emmanuel (5:14 PM):  \You said we need to listen to each other
Brian (5:14 PM):  yes that is what I said.
K. Emmanuel (5:15 PM):  So can't you run out now and tell her that you are goiing to get something to eat or stuff like that
K. Emmanuel (5:15 PM):  Or Brian
K. Emmanuel (5:15 PM):  Just be straight with me
K. Emmanuel (5:15 PM):  Just say you don't want to help me on this
Brian (5:16 PM):  i'm being straight with you
K. Emmanuel (5:16 PM):  Okay
K. Emmanuel (5:16 PM):  So you got the different money gram outlets
Brian (5:16 PM):  wait one
K. Emmanuel (5:17 PM):  it's just about 1715HRS down there
Brian (5:23 PM):  and what I'm going to tell my wife where I'm going ?
K. Emmanuel (5:23 PM):  Baby
K. Emmanuel (5:23 PM):  It's not even up to six
Brian (5:23 PM):  Yes ?
K. Emmanuel (5:24 PM):  get a snack or something
K. Emmanuel (5:24 PM):  you making it sound like you are a slave in the house
K. Emmanuel (5:24 PM):  Am not trying to tell you how to run your family right now
Brian (5:25 PM):  I know that, but trust me she will ask ok, I don't smoke so I can't say that. I know that dear.
K. Emmanuel (5:25 PM):  Can't you think of something?
Brian (5:26 PM):  or drink very much either
Brian (5:26 PM):  I don't have many bad habits.
K. Emmanuel (5:26 PM):  don't know what more to say
K. Emmanuel (5:27 PM):  Since you can't find something to say
K. Emmanuel is Available (5:28 PM)
K. Emmanuel (5:28 PM):  Just forget it
K. Emmanuel (5:28 PM):  Am tired
K. Emmanuel (5:28 PM):  already having a headache
Brian (5:28 PM):  I still love you very much if that's worth amything.
Brian (5:28 PM):  anything
K. Emmanuel (5:28 PM):  Well you not showing it
K. Emmanuel (5:28 PM):  if we lose this shipment
K. Emmanuel (5:28 PM):  What house would we live in?
Brian (5:29 PM):  Sell more stuff ?
K. Emmanuel (5:29 PM):  Wait a minute
K. Emmanuel (5:29 PM):  You keep saying sell more stuff
K. Emmanuel (5:29 PM):  More stuff from where?
Brian (5:29 PM):  in your shipment ?
K. Emmanuel (5:30 PM):  My shipment is not with me
K. Emmanuel (5:30 PM):  Is it?
K. Emmanuel (5:30 PM):  What part of it's in JFK did you not understand?
K. Emmanuel (5:30 PM):  The item i sold for 7K was taken from my shipment when it got released in Sweden
K. Emmanuel (5:30 PM):  You think if i had access to the shipment
K. Emmanuel (5:30 PM):  that i would be stressing you?
Brian (5:31 PM):  I'm sorry but I'm not there and you are, once again I say the wrong thing
K. Emmanuel (5:32 PM):  Baby
Brian (5:32 PM):  Yes
K. Emmanuel (5:32 PM):  am so ashamed asking you for money
K. Emmanuel (5:32 PM):  Do you think it's simple for me
K. Emmanuel (5:32 PM):  to ask you for money?
Brian (5:32 PM):  no
K. Emmanuel (5:32 PM):  it breaks my heart everytime i do
Brian (5:33 PM):  I know baby
K. Emmanuel (5:34 PM):  baby
K. Emmanuel (5:34 PM):  or don't you have the money
K. Emmanuel (5:34 PM):  and you don't know how to tell me
Brian (5:35 PM):  For once I have found the woman of my dreams and I would Love to help you but I can't, my hands are tied
Brian (5:35 PM):  I hope you can understand that.
K. Emmanuel (5:36 PM):  hand are tied
K. Emmanuel (5:36 PM):  that you can't get it done today or even tomorrow?
Brian (5:37 PM):  It really breaks my heart to you know, I thought he dead line was today and now your saying tomorrow ?
Brian (5:37 PM):  the
K. Emmanuel (5:37 PM):  I did not say anything about a deadline
K. Emmanuel (5:37 PM):  Tamatha is scared
K. Emmanuel (5:37 PM):  from your emails
K. Emmanuel (5:38 PM):  Like you were going to report her to her superiors for trying to help me
K. Emmanuel (5:38 PM):  because she thinking we are trying to set them up
K. Emmanuel (5:40 PM):  Hello
K. Emmanuel (5:43 PM):  Why do i feel there is something you not telling me
Brian (5:43 PM):  no, but reading your email it really sounds like this would be the drop dead line, like today, you had said if they don't get the money by today that would be it.
Brian (5:43 PM):  emails
K. Emmanuel (5:43 PM):  So tell me now
K. Emmanuel (5:43 PM):  i can get over to Tamatha
K. Emmanuel (5:43 PM):  and talk to her
K. Emmanuel (5:43 PM):  So tell me
K. Emmanuel (5:44 PM):  can you get it done tomorrow?
K. Emmanuel (5:44 PM):  There should not be any excuse on that now
K. Emmanuel (5:44 PM):  Would there?
K. Emmanuel (5:44 PM):  or your wife won't allow you out again for work tomorrow morning?
Brian (5:46 PM):  You did say that today would be the dead line right now your saying tomorrow ? so what is it ?
K. Emmanuel (5:46 PM):  I am not saying anything
K. Emmanuel (5:46 PM):  Can it be done tomorrow
K. Emmanuel (5:46 PM):  yes or No?
K. Emmanuel (5:48 PM):  You said we should listen to each other
K. Emmanuel (5:48 PM):  Now lets talk
K. Emmanuel (5:48 PM):  i have a plan
K. Emmanuel (5:48 PM):  and i think Tamatha would budge
Brian (5:48 PM):  You had said if they don't receive it by there end of there shift or something to that effect that would be it ok ?
Brian (5:48 PM):  budge how ?
K. Emmanuel (5:49 PM):  There shift ends tomorrow
Brian (5:49 PM):  and ok ?
K. Emmanuel (5:49 PM):  She threatened because she thought we were trying to set em up
K. Emmanuel (5:49 PM):  So can you send the money tomorrow?
K. Emmanuel (5:50 PM):  That's the first step to our solution
Brian (5:50 PM):  We're not tring to set them up ok
K. Emmanuel (5:50 PM):  Well that's what she thought
K. Emmanuel (5:50 PM):  after reading your email
Brian (5:51 PM):  like how are we setting them up ?
K. Emmanuel (5:51 PM):  Submitting the papers to western union
K. Emmanuel (5:51 PM):  then western union making calls
K. Emmanuel (5:51 PM):  and they getting implicated
Brian (5:52 PM):  that does not matter Western Union or Money Gram is the same thing right ?
K. Emmanuel (5:53 PM):  They are not the same thing
K. Emmanuel (5:54 PM):  baby
Brian (5:54 PM):  They still send money by wire right ? yes
K. Emmanuel (5:54 PM):  lets not beat around the bush
K. Emmanuel (5:56 PM):  Can it be done tomorrow?
K. Emmanuel (5:56 PM):  all you have to do
K. Emmanuel (5:56 PM):  is walk into a Money Gram store
Brian (5:56 PM):  whose beating around the bush ? you said today is the dead line right ?
K. Emmanuel (5:56 PM):  Do you want to listen to what i have to say or not?
K. Emmanuel (5:56 PM):  if not just tell me
K. Emmanuel (5:56 PM):  Then i would shut up
K. Emmanuel (5:57 PM):  instead of holding on to the deadline talk
K. Emmanuel (5:57 PM):  Gosh!
Brian (5:57 PM):  ok i will listen
K. Emmanuel (5:58 PM):  Since Tamatha is afraid
Brian (5:58 PM):  I will try to listen
K. Emmanuel (5:58 PM):  all she needs to read is an email from you to me
K. Emmanuel (5:58 PM):  That way she can calm down
K. Emmanuel (5:59 PM):  You can just write an email to me and say you would be sending the money tomorrow via Money Gram,reasons because you can't get it done today due to work.
K. Emmanuel (5:59 PM):  She reads that
K. Emmanuel (5:59 PM):  
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#1 General Comment

"She" doesn't exist...

AUTHOR: Edgeman - (U.S.A.)

I am sorry to say that the woman that you corresponded with does not exist. You were corresponding with a scammer who was operating a variation of the Nigerian scam. The clues are inside the first two emails.
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