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Magic Jack

  • Submitted: Thu, March 14, 2013
  • Updated: Thu, March 14, 2013

  • Reported By: Janice Pyka — Dayton United States of America
Magic Jack
Internet United States of America

Magic Jack Magic Jack Does NOT Work and no fixes.... wasted 5 hours / 4 chats to fix...nothing Internet

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here's my conversation from two chats.... it says it all... still no fix... 

Please wait for a site operator to respond.

You are now chatting with 'Paolo'

Your Issue ID for this chat is LTK554094969350X

Paolo: Hello, how may I help you?

Janice: We have had an ongoing problem w/ caller id not working. this is my 3rd time during the past few months. It hasn't worked for some time.

Paolo: Hi Janice

Paolo: Okay I see

Janice: I've rebooted, changed the port, running out of ports to try. I think the unit may be bad. we've even had issues w/ not hearing.

Paolo: Please try plugging your magicJack into a different USB port.

Janice: already did

Paolo: Try using a different telephone with your magicJack.

Janice: we have 6 in the house. same issue for all of them. it worked before

Paolo: Some phone may not be compatible with the magicJack caller ID, the problem is that the phone should be able to recognize the digital signals from magicJack

Janice: please send a new magic jack

Janice: it worked before.... why would it all of a sudden stop

Janice: after a magic update, it stopped working. I can't afford to just go out and get another phone. like I've said, it worked before.

Janice: are you there??

Janice: my telephones are not even 1 year old

Paolo: Okay can you please unplug everything then plug it back and let us check if you will still have the same problem

Janice: what is everything?

Paolo: I mean the magicjack from your computer and as well as the caller id.

Janice: the caller id is in the phone.... please be clearer....... I don't follow

Janice: for how long?

Janice: hello

Janice: why the long delays?

Janice: ??

Paolo: Please unplug the magicjack from your computer after 15 seconds please plug it back again to your computer.And as well your caller id from your telephone then plug it back after 15 seconds.Thanks

Janice: same problem

Janice: ??

Paolo: Okay please hold

Paolo: I am transferring you to one of our top 10% agents as rated by our customers. Please hold while I transfer you. Please wait while I transfer the chat to the best suited site operator.

You are now chatting with 'Mark'

Your Issue ID for this chat is LTK554094969350X

Mark: Hi, Good Day, This is Mark and you may address me as so, Just give me time to review whats the issue all about so that I can have a background on the problem. Thank you

Mark: Thank you patiently waiting Janice, As I have check here your caller ID is not responding on your dial pad. Is that correct?

Janice: yes

Janice: it is on the computer, but not the other phones in the house. they are all fairly new

Mark: Just want to clarify, your caller ID on the dial pad on your screen is not responding right?

Janice: I DO see the caller ID of the incoming call on my computer, NOT on my telephones

Mark: Okay, I see. May I know if you are using corded or cordless phone set?

Janice: the main one, that is tied to the magic jack, is corded, and the others in the home are cordless

Mark: Please check if the phone set is securely plug in to your MJ device

Janice: yes, it snaps in.

Mark: Okay

Mark: One moment please...

Janice: I unplugged all of the phones in the home, except the main corded one attached to the magic jack and computer area.

Janice: we need a new device

Mark: Okay Thank you for that  concern

Mark: hold on please

Janice: I can't be kept waiting in between. I have work to do. I don't like these long delays.

Mark: May I know if the device is on the computer right now?

Janice: I'm VERY disappointed that I've spend probably over 3 hours dealing w/ this w/ magic jack tech people

Mark: >>> Please click the START(WINDOWS LOGO) button and select Control Panel. On the upper right
side please click the dropdown menu next to View by and Select Small Icons. then double click on the Device Manager.

Janice: the device is plugged into my computer and does appear on my monitor

Mark: Nothing to worry I will address that issue  that you have  right now

Janice: okay, then what?

Janice: ???

Mark: On the device manager, please click on the + sign for DVD/CD ROM Drives. You should see YMAX MagicJack USB Device or TigerJet CD-Rom USB Device there.

Janice: I see YMax then what

Mark: Please double-click YMAX MagicJack USB Device or TigerJet HardDisk USB Device  >>  Then go to Details

Janice: okay

Janice: then

Mark: In the drop-down list., please choose Device Instance Id or Device Instance Path .

Janice: I only see Device Instance Path

Mark: can you see something like USBSTOR\DISK&VEN_ TIGERJET&PROD_ HARDDISK&REV_

Janice: I selected... then?

Janice: yes

Mark: Please click on that value to highlight it, then copy the information by pressing the CTRL and C keys on your keyboard together. Then right click on this chat and select Paste.


Mark: thank you so much

Mark: may I know if  what type   of  telephone  set you are using?

Janice: Uniden

Mark: may I know if you have other telephone set?

Janice: what do you mean?

Mark: I mean the telephone set that you are  using may I know if you other extra phone?

Janice: I'm switching. my concern is that this worked initially. the issue should NOT be my telephone. it was after magic jack did an update

Mark: Okay

Janice: still a problem. just send a new device. this is such a waste of time.

Mark: Okay I will explain to you

Mark: If ever  I will replace you we cannot  assure that the issue  will be  resolve   but if  you insist I can replace you

Janice: I have run through most of these same tests and still the same problem.

Mark: okay so you want to have replacement?

Janice: yes.. if it persists, then I will do more trouble shooting

Mark: oksy

Mark: okay*

Mark: I will issue your replacement. please inform me if you agree in the statement below:

Mark: The Replacement magicJack will be free.. However, there will be a $10.73 non-refundable charge (includes Shipping and Handling charge + regulatory expense and/or administration cost). You will not need to return the defective magicJack to us. Instructions on what to do when the replacement is received will be included in the replacement..

Janice: I should NOT have to pay anything.

Mark: The device is FREE  however the  shipping  it will be tru USPS

Mark: and it  cost $10.73

Janice: I'm not paying the shipping I already did once. the issue is not any of my newer telephones in the home or my computer which is 14 months old. it's the device.

Janice: the part is defective and shipping should be covered.

Mark: okay  unfortunately since your  request for   the replacement  it cost $10.73

Janice: What. don't understand your comment

Janice: is there a supervisor I may talk with?

Mark: You are  talking to a supervisor right now

Mark: the  shipping cost $10.73  for the replacement  and the device is FREE

Janice: May I talk w/ your supervisor, than

Mark: and we cannot waive that one since it is  tru the USPS

Janice: my device is defective. we've had issues almost since the beginning. I should not have been shipped this in the first place. it's your issue. not mine

Mark: Okay

Janice: Okay, what?

Mark: the device is not  defective  please  do not assume  we are  here to help you  not  ruin your  device alright I am  giving you some  fixes but you want  to have a replacement I  refer you  replacement and  you  dont  want to pay for the  shipping what is plan now?

Janice: all of the time I've spend attempting to trouble shoot and being put on all of these long holds.... what fixes have you given me. none. I've gone through all of the plugs / unplugs / change phones & ports. still the same thing.

Janice: no caller id. what else is there to try. I suppose next you will suggest a new telephone and computer

Mark: I understand  that  you are  wasting your time  base from your perception  but   it is  wrong   I can offer you  some  fixes

Janice: okay. give them to me . without the long waits in between.

Mark: Plug your magicJack into an AC powered USB hub that is connected to a USB port on your computer.

Mark: or Try using a different telephone with your magicJack.

Janice: done and done

Janice: what else

Mark:  Please click the START(WINDOWS LOGO) button and select Control Panel. On the upper right side , click the dropdown menu next to View by and Select Small Icons.. then double click on the Device Manager.

Janice: we went through that

Mark:  On the device manager, please click on the + sign for Universal Serial Bus controllers".

Janice: then

Janice: then what

Mark: >>>Tell me which one you see in there TigerJet USB Composite Device or USB Composite Device or Unknown Device or USB Mass Storage Device.

Mark:  Now, please right click on the first entry for Universal Serial Bus controllers" and select Update Drivers

Janice: I see 4 USB composite Device

Mark: Now, please right click on the first entry for Universal Serial Bus controllers" and select Update Drivers

Janice: that is not an option to update

Mark: may  I know if  what is the  option?

Janice: so, select the 1st USB composite Device or the 1st entry under the Universal Serial Bus Controllers

Janice: search automatically? your directions need to be clearer

Mark: follow these options for the update driver>>>"Browse My Computer For Driver Software"
>>"Let Me Pick From A list Of Device Drivers On My Computer" >>> Next >>> Close

Janice: done

Janice: next

Mark: Please update the rest of the entries for Universal Serial Bus controllers and inform me when you are finished or if any updates successfully

Janice: I right clicked on USB Composite Device the 1st of the 4. then did the Browse my computer

Mark: >>>"Browse My Computer For Driver Software

Janice: am I updating all of the entries under universal serial bus controllers?

Mark: Yes please

Janice: not just the usb composite devices?

Mark: all the  drivers on the device  manager

Janice: the 4 I mentioned?

Janice: there are 16 various choices under the universal serial bus controllers. I don't need to do all of those updates, do I?

Mark: You need to  update all of them

Janice: then it's asking for me to reboot....

Janice: even my HP Office jet printer? what does that have to do with my magic jack

Mark: later we wil reboot

Mark: The  HP  printer do not update that one

Janice: what is going on here??? unbelievable. do you know what you are doing?????

Mark: Yes I  know  it janice

Mark: I will refresh it here also

Mark: so that everything will be okay

Janice: 1st you say all of them, then no, not that one. are you wasting my time?

Mark: No  I am not  so that the magic  jack device  will  be compatible to your  computer

Janice: it's stuck on an Intel driver update for usb host controller

Mark: okay

Janice: I have a few more to go

Mark: hold on

Mark: Inform me once done

Mark: so that we make your device  working

Janice: what did you say?

Mark: Inform me once you are done  updating

Janice: done

Mark: all of  them?

Janice: yes, including the printer ones

Mark: okay Thank you

Mark: hold  on please I will  refresh it here in our end  again

Mark: so that  the device connection will be okay

Mark: Please click the link to download and run the magicJack upgrade:

Mark: http://upgrades.magicjack.com/upgrade/magicJackSetup.exe

Mark: run that link please

Janice: done

Mark: okay now  try to make a test  Janice

Janice: not working

Mark: please do restart your computer, USB Internet phone by Tiger Jet is the driver software that magicJack uses for you to be able to use your handheld phone set. your computer and magicJack will only be able to use this driver software after you restart your computer.

Mark: please do not hesitate to come back to chat if we have the same problem... You may ask for me but if I am not available when you come back, you can use the ticket number that was given when this chat started, for chat reference... LTK554094969350X

Mark: so that the  fixes Janice will take  effect


Mark: no  just use that  chat ID 
2nd agent 3.14.13

Please wait for a site operator to respond.

You are now chatting with 'Julius' Your Issue ID for this chat is LTK554094974181X

Julius: Hello, how may I help you?

Janice: see my notes for my 90 minute chat .... still issues

Julius: Please wait while I check that for you

Julius: Thank you for waiting.

Julius: Are you referring to your caller ID?

Janice: yes

Julius: Please confirm if 763 xxxxx45 is your magicJack phone number.

Janice: i did when i logged in..... please don't drag me through all of these questions

Janice: yes, that is my number

Julius: Thank you for the information.

Janice: and don't keep me on hold

Julius: Have you tried to use another telephone set with your Plus device?

Janice: I guess you didn't read ALL of the notes... did you. it's there

Janice: i did... unplugged rebooted new ports different phone.

Julius: Caller ID feature availability will depend on the phone that you are using. Some customers will see the number repeated twice on the phone, while others may only see the numbers and not the names.

Janice: it worked before .. all of them

Julius: Do you currently have the device with you?

Janice: I'm ready to throw it out... yes, of course it is here.....

Julius: Please plug the device to this computer for technical instructions.

Janice: i was told i would not have to go through all of the same questions... why, why, why

Janice: what

Julius: One moment please...

Julius: I am transferring you to one of our top 10% agents as rated by our customers. Please hold while I transfer you.

Janice: great

 Please wait while I transfer the chat to the best suited site operator.

You are now chatting with 'Kyle'

Your Issue ID for this chat is LTK554094974181X

Kyle: Welcome to the Highest Level of Support. This is "Kyle " . Kindly hold for a second as I review your previous chat for the prior fixes on the issue. Thanks

Janice: k
Kyle: Is this for the magicjack plus , right?

Janice: yes

Kyle: At this moment , where is the device has been plug tour router / modem or to your computer ?

Janice: computer

Kyle: To make sure , are  you having an issue for your caller ID?

Janice: yesa

Kyle: I see

Kyle: Please wait while I check that for you

Janice: k

Kyle: Did you save then number first on your dial pad along with the caller ID?

Janice: read the notes

Kyle: One moment please...

Janice: i'm giving you 2 more minutes... then I'm blogging about the 5 hours i will never get back w/ trying to get my magic jack to work properly.... this is so ridiculous!!

Kyle: Please give me a few moments to double check it here for the appropriate fix for this.

Janice: I've heard that 4 other times..... still nothing.... I think my device is defective. i'm not paying for shipping.

Janice: I have all of my conversations saved.....

Kyle: One moment please...

 it ended with them telling me it was my phone... it worked before.  so I ended the chat.

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