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Complaint Review: Mary Prantil

  • Submitted: Wed, February 17, 2010
  • Updated: Wed, May 02, 2012
  • Reported By: Dragon — Driggs Idaho USA
  • Mary Prantil
    3285 33rd Street
    Astoria, New York
    United States of America

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*Consumer Comment: Mary Prantil is HOTT-But Who Taught You To Write?

*General Comment: Mary Prantil AKA Honest Person Of Astoria New York Is Caught Red Handed In Scams

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Mary T. Prantil Of New York IS UN-AMERICAN And An  Internet Terrorist EXPOSED

This post is to absolutely EXPOSE Mary T. Prantil to the public for the last time in that she is a Cyber Stalker, Slanderous, Thief and two bit criminal.

I can't even begin to tell you how tired we are of folks abusing their free speech on the net today simply because they want to bash good people and sites just because they can, of course the worst of them being Mary T. Prantil the Queen Criminal of the open air ways.

This person by the name of "Prantil" is nothing short of an  INTERNET TERRORIST in not only our opinion but the opinions of many others who had very little to nothing to do with her in the beginning but fall subject to her ridiculous two bit harassing criminal behaviour for years to come. 

I would really like everyone to read this including the Prantil family, the courts and law enforcement agencies in order to gain a wider perspective concerning this particular persons unlawful civil and crime activities to others both on and off the net,  then to call us directly if you have any questions.

This person is sighting the very laws that she herself is violating on a daily basis in our opinion and as a result anything but a decent person on any level. I agree with her in one respect, and that is the Internet and our laws need huge reforms in order to stop this kind of person from making a mockery out of the Internet its self along with the laws government expects us all to live by.

This post is in addressing Mary T. Prantil's latest slew of lies she's posted on her blog site.  Quoting Mary Prantil: "I am Mary Prantil. NYC cell 917-224-6605 I am living the American Dream in NYC.  I have posted this blog on "Correct the Record" to defend myself against the slanderous postings on Ripoff  These false and slanderous posting started over 4 yrs ago. Most importantly, I want to present the truth and let you into the real Mary Prantil above and beyond the slanderous postings!  For the record, since Oct 2006 there are over 20 Ripoff "False Reports" and hundreds of Rip-off "Rebuttals"; and since Oct 2009 to Feb 2010 over 100 NEW false reports - - !!!   This makes for 100,000 of false URL's that I am a Criminal - when in truth I am a hard working American living and prospering in the greatest city in America - NYC !!"

James Morgan:  Hard working scam artist she means, here's her web address at : . Firstly I'd like to thank Prantil for coming out of hiding and speaking her slanderous speech under her real name. Why ? Because now we have all of her slanderous statements against us on record under her true name,  that is moreover posted on a site that's paid for and operated by her. This make it much easier for us to go after her legally now instead of having to address all her same negative accusations she's been posting on us under every kind of fictitious name on the gripe sites. 

 I have to say that I played you like a fiddle Prantil, and you fell for it by posting your slanderous junk against us on your blog page! Did you think by doing this it would buy you some credibility ? WRONG because anyone can post lies on the net about someone else as you all ready know and do all the time,  People can see through your lies Pranstupid.  CREDIBILITY IS IN PROVING YOUR CASE to which YOU CAN'T and haven't done, to date.

(((( WHERE'S YOUR PROOF OUTSIDE OF YOUR INSANE ACCUSATIONS, PRANTIL ))))) ??????????.  And you are a criminal by all the record and I witness accounts we've see and heard, a petty, and two bit one at that. Another couple of points that I'd like to make is in that the postings from myself are true about Prantil and that she is the one committing a set of Internet crimes through her ridiculous false accusations and postings against Jan and myself that she can in no way validate. This can be seen on both the scam forum sites and her own blog page. 

This person's whole case against us is based on or revolves around  her primary allegation that she was "ripped off" by Miss Windglows and myself however, I'm about to blow her entire case right out of the sky by informing everybody that we actually possess not only emails but voice mails from this person stating that her spell casting was a total success.  Again, Miss Prantil is stating on several recorded messages that not only did she come into a great deal of money being two million dollars, but also experienced her love returning back and marrying her etc.

We have Prantil's OWN VOICE on our telephone answering machine singing to  television  pastor Joel Olsten over the phone on multiple occasions while trying to save our souls, LOL.   She sings " I'm washed by the blood of Jesus" I'm washed by the blood" and quoting bible passages that no evil shall come to me, Satan get behind me." ((((LOL etc. etc. ROFL))))  She really sounds like a nut case, BIG TIME.  Moreover, Prantil calls and calls, most of the night leaving whacked out messages such as this.

 Remember guys, this is in Mary Prantil's own voice mails left on our answering machine here very recently. We also have Miss Prantil on tape stating that she was posting under numerous names all over the net while making false allegation in a direct effort to harm the Blood Love And Lust Spells site with such statements that we: Drank our own blood, We were being investigated by the IRS, That we had warrants out on us and had been arrested by certain law enforcement agencies; that she filed several police reports on us, That we ripped her off and that her spell didn't work after she said it did, that she was sending people out to look for us and just about everything else she's posted against us on the net. We have her on tape attempting to blackmail and extort us, attempting to impede the sites free trade by speaking and posting these un-true allegations to people on and off the net, that she intended to directly harm not only Miss Windglows site over the Internet but other sites as well through her fictitious negative statements.

We have Miss Prantil stating in voice messages to us that she was going to group certain magick sites together such as the Cahill, Windglows and Jenkins sites along with us allegedly counterfeiting her Pay Pal statements and on and on.  Moreover stating that were mentally ill and sadistic scam artist etc. 

Let's also remember that this person is all about receiving services and then looking for ways to get out of paying for those same services such as charging back, writing bad checks, slamming innocent businesses on and off the net, threatening businesses and harassing personal individuals and companies alike through hundreds of hostile, nasty and threatening emails, telephone calls and turning people in to county, state and government agencies, we have this coming from prantil on tape as well. 

We are willing to post these recordings for you Miss Prantil if you'd like to dispute the existence of these recordings in any way, I wouldn't if I were you, SCAMMER. Prantil says that all this is a lie and that everyone should stay away from us with her little trademark ( DO NOT USE, DO NOT USE ), and more so that I stole her identity etc. 

A person can steal someone's identifying information, they can steal a persons financial information, they can make collect calls using another persons voice greeting as prantil has done with us in the past, but how can you steal someone's entire voice 80 or so times and then possess another 66 pages of phone record going directly back to prantil's cell phone to which is the actual number of nasty calls we have received from prantil in one month alone via her attempted blackmails, extortions, slanders and admittances that her case was going well, and then was a success over all in bringing back the man she loved and some wealth in her life? 

 In short, Prantil via her own voice and statements in these messages are exposing her as a scammer, liar and thief that she really is.  Remember that her calls and recorded messages are backed up via her own emails, eye witness accounts from unrelated sites, what she has posted on her site and the postings under fictitious names all over the Internet regarding the forum sites.  That's right, folks and we have the actual recordings and paperwork to prove all of it.

Ok Viewers, please know that this Scammer's web site is strictly geared to bash and impede our free trade without a shred of proof to back up anything she says along with  some of her other half baked excuses or explanations of how things actually went down according to her,  to which can be proven as false or as out right blatant lies on her part. 

Impeding free trade is just one felony that she's blatantly or obviously guilty of and this alone makes her a two bit criminal.  Lastly, her site is all about how wonderful she thinks she is along with some fake testimonials allegedly written by other people but more likely written by herself about herself lol. Fake, Fake, Fake, observe the writing style and the things said about her and then notice what she says about herself.

Moving on to another point that this poor excuse of a woman doesn't realize, you can post anything you want on your web site as long as it's factual or true information that you can further back up or prove, to which she can not. Moreover posting blatant lies, conjecture or premeditated slander and presenting it as fact makes a person liable for damages, and guilty of impeding fair trade to which is a high grade felony in most states.

 When the person perpetrating this type of unlawful activity against another and continues on in contacting a certain business directly via email, mail, phone or messenger in a effort to demand a certain amount of moneys be paid, or paid back to them as Prantil has done with us currently and in the past,  in order for them to remove slanderous materials posted against the company in whatever medium that it may exist, then this is blackmail, extortion, and petty to grand larceny. 

In short, what the criminal is saying would be ( "pay me or I will harm your business financially through slandering your reputation, and or other methods until I receive my demands in full" ) this attempting to force that business owner into subjecting themselves to the demands of the crook through perpetual harassment and threat.  When blackmail occurs in a given situation then it leads to  felony extortion to which is the receiving of monies through threat of exposure of some kind, be it legitimate or fraudulent threat.  

From there leads to larceny, or grand larceny depending on the amount of money involved. Why ? Because it attempt  to take or steal monies under threat that one would normally not yield to someone else unless they were under abnormal pressure, circumstances or great mental distress.

Even though larceny or grand larceny is primarily reserved to the stealing of tangible items, it can also be applied to money its self because these legal notes are considered tangible government prosperity. the money is obtained or taken through the criminal's constant badgering, threats and over all harassment to the victim until it causes the victim enough emotional distress that they just give in and decide to pay monies or services to the crook.

However, these crimes aren't limited to the theft of monies and can be applied when the criminal states to the victim that they have to give up their right to free speech in relating to others what the criminal has perpetrated against them and others. Or to remove any post that you've made on a forum sites because it isn't advantages to the criminal, if the person gives up their right to free speech or in reporting a criminal,  only then the criminal promises to stop slandering them on the open airways, or to cease and desist in hindering or impeding the free trade businesses.

 Actually it would appear that the criminal is forcibly  attempting to violate, or is violating the victims civil right through blackmail, extortion, larceny, and impeding the right of free trade in this instance.  In other words,  the crook is attempting to mute one's self-defence by saying that,  "I will keep harming your business financially through the slandering your personal or business name over the Internet etc unless you give up your right to speak freely and factually about something they did to you or others." This is why we call Mary T. Prantil a INTERNET TERRORIST because this is exactly what she has attempted and done to others in the past.

 This is what Mary T. Prantil has attempted to do with us and other business unrelated to ourselves both on and off the net as I understand it, in some cases she has succeeded in this with others according to what I've heard.  This is what Miss Prantil has been carrying out against some businesses for the last four years based on I witnesses accounts from others in her efforts to extract monies and free services  such as spell casings, readings, counselling sessions etc. 

Mr. Cahill once stated that Prantil bragged to him constantly in how she obtained free services through her UNLAWFUL methods etc, ask Mr. Cahill about this if you like.  And we can prove it through what she has personally carried out against us.  Again, just look at her web site to see this scam artist in action, and then write her in and tell her what you think of her little games if you like.  Very rarely do we get a opportunity in seeing what a scam artist really looks like, not to mention catching them red handed in the act of scamming on a personal blog site.

So, Prantil says that all these gripe sites such as the ones she's has listed above including Rip Off Reports are all a bunch of liars, and that no one should believe them. She states that she has been the one victimized up on these sites going on four years no less. Well Prantil, it is you that have been victimizing various other people on the net for four years and not the other way around. You are a habitual compulsive liar who's been spreading lies and gossip around the Internet in a effort to cause financial harm to a number of innocent people and their businesses both on and off the net.

Actually I don't see ANY OF THE FORUM SITES scamming others or attacking others with slanderous accusations up here on the net, and thus I find most, if not all of these sites credible in their functions of allowing others to report scam businesses and persons alike be they real or false reports. You, Prantil, on the other hand are the scam and abuser of the Internet, not to mention abusing your free speech by making ungrounded accusations against others. You Prantil not only abuse the policies of these forum sites but the polices governing personal conduct on your own blog page.

 You know Viewer, I'm really happy that Prantil posted this crap about us up on her blog page for the sole reason that everyone can now read over and match her statements on rip off reports and other forum sites to her blog page to know where all this blasting is coming from.  Upon matching or comparing these statements you will see that it was Prantil all along making these nasty comments about us for the last three to four years under her numerous fictitious names while attempting to come off as different people.  

Prantil denied knowing any of the businesses that performed readings or spell castings for her however now she seems to be admitting not only knowing but having dealings with us all now to some degree on her site.  Like I said, WE HAVE all kinds of RECORDS on prantil going back four years because she's been a problem for that long where she's stating on tape what she has posted on us. 

 Living the American dream is she? Well I don't believe she's even employed at present as the last time I heard she was living off her mommy because she can't keep a job, can't get along with anyone because she is a vile and extremely TOXIC personality. Perhaps Prantil would like to tell everyone where she's working these days since she's this big self-proclaimed corporate deal making a movie in NY.

Again, perhaps she like to prove that she doesn't use, or sell drugs from her apartment, or that she doesn't have current legal problems attributed to her aggravated harassment of others there in NY.  SHE CAN'T because she's guilty according to two people that have current cases on her.

Prantil makes LOTS of comments and accusations, but has FAILED to actually provide PROOF to back her statements regarding anyone. Usually, whatever prantil accuses another of she is typically guilty of herself.  A few people have told me whom are close to her, that she is a very sick person and that I shouldn't pay any attention to her because this is what she wants. 

 And I responded back to them that I don't care how sick she is because she's well enough to come out here on the net with intent to destroy the personal lives of people and further the good reputations of  businesses. If she is soooo ill, then the state of New York needs to put her into the NUT HOUSE. Her Illness isn't my problem and I and others won't take her abuse.

You know, aside from the statements above I've previously brought all this stuff up on this clown before but all it gets is more slander on prantil's part, she never provides any proof of her innocence in these areas mentioned ABOVE however she does respond in tossing more MUD AND s**t around, and thus I'm not even going to go there again.

I would just like everyone to know that the reason she has one-hundred thousand negative links on the Internet is because this is how many times she posted against us or others over the last three to four years with her slanderous remarks. Look up these links against her and observe the time and placement of the posts going back and fourth and you'll see that hers are pretty much on top and moreover that others are in fact defending themselves against her hostilities or lies back in response to her.

Let me just move on here as I don't want to waste to much of my time in exposing this moron being Prantil whose blog page is just absolutely chocked full with one lie right after another.

Prantil has posted so much redderick on the net against others and ourselves that the search engines have actually been removing her s**t and keeping the reports proving that she is a Internet scam, why ? Because they now know her to be the liar and con through our evidence provided to them.  

Miss prantil, are these engines picking on you again? Are the scam sites harassing you as well because they won't let you post s**t ten or twenty times a night against innocent people without any proof of your charges ? Does it bother you that your being banned and blocked from the scam sites and other forums because they see through you malicious activities and speech towards others? 

You say that you don't have a criminal record but can your prove it. YOU CAN'T prove it otherwise apparently because I haven't seen anything posted by yourself that states differently. And thus most certainly DO have criminal records according to what's posted through THE COURTS and public records.

Prove that you aren't in currently trouble in the state of NY for harassing and lying about people while turning in false police reports on them, YOU CAN'T because your guilty, right ? Prantil has scammed so many people she's having a hard time remembering what she did to who and more so who has what records showing her past deeds.  What's the matter Prantil ? are you losing your grip and becoming overwhelmed with it all or are you just out of control and confused???

Quoting Mary T. Prantil: "I have been the victim of Internet Crimes, the Downloading of Trojan Virus into my home computer by Internet Predators Jim Morgan; Identity Theft with PayPaL Accounts and VISA/Amex Credits Cards by Jan Windglows; Grand Larceny attempts of $5000 by Jan Windglows; and editing and sending of personal emails to family and friends; Aggravated Harassment via phone as a result of a 3 year Internet False Posting on Rip-off posted by Spell casting SCAMS- Jim Morgan and Jan Windglows of   After I randomly bought a Psychic Reading On-line from these Internet Predators. Jim Morgan and Jan Windglows  have been falsely accusing me for over 3 years of having a Criminal Record, and recently  a Convicted Criminal; Alleges with over 8 arrests that sells drugs from my apartment.;Worse, Recently in Oct 2009 3 yrs later, now Falsehoods about my deceased Father Frank G. Prantil;  ALL OF THIS IS FALSE !!!! But the most psychotic about Jim Morgan and Jan Windglows is the sick predatorily criminal Internet stalking and Grand Larceny." 

James Morgan : Let's talk about Prantil's accusations against us such as sending emails to family members and friends, this should be pretty easy for her to prove by simply posting our alleged emails to the people in question along with the traceable IP addresses from an original computer, dates, times and content of subject matter. Again, SHE CAN'T do this because this is a lie on her part. Moving on to other charges such as : credit card fraud, hacking, sending Trojans or viruses, grand  Larceny, predatory criminal, On-line Psychic Readings , her father Frank Prantil, Internet Predators,  Internet stalking, psychotic, Identity Theft with Pay pal etc. d**n, anything else you wish to throw at us miss crazy Prantil ?

 Well, firstly this is all trash and none of it true. Jan or myself don't currently deal with credit cards, and I NEVER DID, my Ex did when dragon was active for a while.  Jan did have a Pay Pal account at one time in which Prantil attempted to scam her through, again this was after Prantil received her services in full, further after she obtained her spell results as seen in the Windglows report. The HUGE PROBLEM WITH prantil's statement concerning the credit card fraud is that blood love and lust spells never processed her spell fee under the pay pal service or any other credit card service.  

Please read the Windglows report for more information on this that will intern blow prantil out of the water regarding all her ranting's and ravings pertaining to this area of conflict. Also, either Jan and myself simply do not have the ability or knowledge to hack anything or anyone, and thus Prantil needs to prove her statements and charges her of us hacking into anything. Prantil CAN'T because this is a lie as well.

Grand Larceny, Internet stalking and identity theft, does she even know what grand larceny even is ? Or is she just trying to sound unintelligent here ? WHERE'S ALL HER PROOF to even make these charges against us or others ? SHE DOESN'T HAVE ANY, no more then she had any proof of her suing or throwing us in jail or suing us for whatever reason over the last four years as she had proclaimed to have done in the past.  BLOW HARD, is what Prantil really is that will say anything to make a big splash.

Like I said in previous reports, WE HAVE NUMEROUS VOICE MESSAGES AND EMAILS OF PRANTIL'S BLACKMAILING and other ACTIVITIES going back three to four years if anyone would like to hear or read them.  Again Prantil, look up the definitions of grand larceny and identity theft so you be aware of what these charges actually entail and moreover so we can be spared from your enduring and unending ignorance in this matter. Prantil accuses me of being ruthless and heartless, but how does she compare to her false accusations of innocent others?

 Concerning her unethical, DIRTY attorney father, firstly, all of this is coming off of legal and public record sites and thus has absolutely nothing to do with us, however we do find it interesting how this man Frank Prantil went through his entire career in ripping off his clients at times by not fulfilling his legal obligation to them when they needed him most and how this same man lied over and over again to the superior or supreme courts until he completely messed up a high profile murder trial that he was guiding his client through,  then got caught taking  in the ball park of $700,000.00  out of a safe belonging to his client after he illegally went into their home/ crime scene while she was sitting in jail, then lied to the court about how he obtained this money etc. It seems that lying runs in your family, doesn't it Prantil ? Again, NOT FROM US but other unrelated legal sites where attorneys have posted these facts from actual court docket records.  Why would these sites lie ?

 Of course everyone can read further on Frank Prantil's past history by simply reviewing the links provided below that will direct you to the legal archive sites and PUBLIC RECORDS in question. The guy was so unethical and dirty according to these sites that they actually posted his un-lawful activities in today's legal books, not leaving out THE FACT that he was disbarred twice for his unethical and unlawful activities that include check forgery, perjury, possession of cocaine, and more.

Nice guy huh ? Oh yeah, REAL professional to say the least just like Mary prantil would like everyone to believe she is, LOL.  Mary T. Prantil has turned out to be not only a HUGE JOKE  but a two bit criminal just like her daddy Frankey Prantil the way I see it. She boo hoos that he's gone now to gain symphony from others however this is just one less dirty lawyer to put up with in world if you ask me and I'm so happy that all bad things come to a end personally speaking.

If anyone is a Internet stalker, psychotic stalking predator and GUILTY of Identity Theft with Pay Pal it would be you Prantil and not ourselves as can be seen in the Pay Pal reports especially when one reviews the Cahill report and what she carried out against him.

Again Prantil, LOOK UP THE DEFINITION OF IDENTITY THEFT and you'll finally understand how stupid you sound ever time you accuse someone of identity theft through pay pal, LOL, LOL, LOL. Look up the Federal definition of identity theft and quit running off at the mouth about issues and criminal charges you know nothing about. You really are a AIR HEAD, Prantil.  Internet stalking, wow, well let's see, I think this is Prantil's area of expertise and not ours as many can see in all of her frantic repetitive postings against us over the years.

 And let's not forget the proof in that we can produce concerning the virus and Trojans Prantil had sent to us and others very recently JUST BECAUSE WE WOULDN'T LET HER SCAM US out of thousands of dollars or free spells. WE CAN PROVE THIS and PRANTIL CAN'T because she a uninformed nut case that is continually in DENIAL of the truth the thing she proclaims to tell in her reports.

Prantil has absolutely no conception of what truth even is by going off of her postings and past behaviours.  She is a lying SCAM ARTIST in our opinion that's trying her hardest to cover up her scamming activities while piling one lie on top of another in a attempt to throw suspicion from herself and on to others by defaming the good names of the innocent people she torments. Miss Prantil thinks she some kind of high class attorney however, in reality she's nothing but a muttering fool that doesn't have a clue concerning any legal thing that she running off the mouth about regarding civil or criminal matters, and or charges. 

Prantil is a stalker, con-woman, liar, fake, trouble making nitwit if you ask me that doesn't have a clear definition, concept or boundary between defending yourself and covering up miss-deeds after she's been exposed repeatedly.

Prantil, I bet you make your mommy and entire family are very proud of you ( NOT ), I bet your the biggest embarrassment to your family and friends, huh ?  Moreover, I bet they just wish that you would GO AWAY for the sake of everyone concerned.  Oh, and concerning the money your stating you allegedly gave for a reading or that was taken from you, or someone tried to con you out of, this is all lies as well but we don't need to tell you this do we ? Because you all ready know this. 

 Again, please GROW A BRAIN and REMEMBER that we have endless records and voice recordings that prove that it wasn't a reading but spell work that you were contracting with Jan and others, that YOU WERE CASTING SPELLS ON OTHERS including YOUR OWN MOTHER. What did you want for Mom ? Wasn't it a death curse from Mr. Cahill ? To which he refused to perform for you, hmmmmmm !!!!!

Oh, and you did have other unrelated sites perform readings for you however those sites have records on you as well that in no way show that you paid them this huge amount you keep talking about.  In fact they report that you scammed them as well by charging back on them after you received your reading.  Do I see a pattern here in your behaviour, Miss Prantil ?

Another thing,  stop copying and pasting my statements against you and replacing our names in where your name should be.  This only proves that you can't even think for yourself OR provide any proof of your accusations against others within exception to just slinging mud. It proves my case against you further in that your a witless idiot that can't even write her own intelligent textual content, how pathetic is that, "miss college graduate", lol.   

As far as the aggravated harassment goes that your currently accusing Jan and myself of being charged with, YOU ARE BEING CHARGED WITH THIS CURRENTLY by two separate people there in NY and this has nothing to do with us,  and thus another lie by Prantil the freak is exposed.  Everything prantil says or charges another with you would typically reverse because this is what she has actually done to others, statements made by herself or what's happening to her as a result of her unlawful tactics.

QUOTE FROM MARY T. PRANTIL: " Mary T Prantil has never been  institutionalised".  James Morgan:  Apparently this is another lie as Mr. Cahill states that prantil told him otherwise via various calls over the phone and email conversations they had regarding Rikers Island in NY.

The N.Y.P.D had also stated to me personally   that Prantil has a eight year long history of being arrested and committed there in NY for suicidal behaviour, drug abuse, and public drunkenness.  This last statement can be confirmed through the Manhattan New York N.Y.P.D, all you have to do is ask them about Prantil and they will go on and on while reciting their history with her. If anyone calls them and finds out something differently please let as all know by posting back here, however please provide evidence of your statement.

QUOTING Mary Prantil:   "The Prantil Family has retained an Internet Defamation Attorney.  Mary Prantil has never ripped off anyone - Mary Prantil's card had unauthorized use by  so a refund was issued thru Pay Pal which was completely legal.   Mary T. Prantil - Mary Prantil does not have a Criminal Record. Mary T Prantil has never been  institutionalised. "DEFENDER OF TRUTH' AND DRAGON - IS JIM MORGAN OF WWW.BLOODLOVEANDLUSTSPELLS.COM has posted over 10,000 URL's which is a crime- ALL SLANDER!!!!  In Oct of 2009, Jim Morgan admits to Crime Scene.  The Psychic Scam Artist Jim Morgan and Jan Windglows of posted all these falsehoods on Rip-off and the Google in retaliation because I could not be scammed for thousands of dollars for love spells and more Psychic Readings. I did not buy a spell or put a spell on my lover or any person/lover I know.  I am not into spell casting. Today over 10,000 pages posted - that is psychotic - Jim Morgan and Jan Windglows are truly scary people to avoid. DO NOT BE SCAMMED - it could happen to all started with a Psychic Reading...!!"

James Morgan: Readings were NEVER sold to Prantil by the Windglows site and no refund was ever given to prantil through Pay Pal relating to her work through Jan's site, why ? Because Prantil tried to use this service but didn't use Pay Pal to pay her spell fee with in the end for the reason that her cards were all bad and or she did not even have enough funds on the card she attempted to use for Pay Pal.  

Again, just to show you how confused this person is concerning her so called and extremely deluded "facts", it was the Cahill's site of Magic Angel Spells that she charged back on as you can read about in the Cahill report below not to mention the Tarot Readers report. CHARGING BACK ON A BUSINESS AFTER RECEIVING NON-TANGIBLE SERVICE FROM A SPELL CASTING OR PSYCHIC READING SITE IS CONSIDERED RIPPING OFF PEOPLE AND THEIR BUSINESSES, just for the record to which you carried out numberous occasions, Prantil.  It's all on record and can be proven in detail. 

Also let me address her statement in that I was a part of some alleged crime scene over the Internet.  WHAT THE HELL is she talking about here?  Is defending yourself against liars and scammers like Mary T. Prantil over the Internet a crime these days?  I can report on whatever I wish, whenever I want, Prantil and THAT INCLUDES REPORTING WHAT I KNOW ABOUT YOUR SCAMMING SELF and what you've done to us and others.  Mary T.  Prantil is a walking, talking crime scene if you ask me.  Is she speaking in regards to her other insane charges against myself ? PROVE YOUR CHARGES, prantil. Again, QUOTE BY Prantil: "Mary Prantil is an American Success Story ...Mary Prantil is living the American Dream!!   Mary Prantil is a highly respected Media Executive and Stand-up Comic in NYC!!!"  (((((Oh, PAAAALLEEEAAAASSSSSEEEEEEE, spare everyone your delusions of grandeur,  LOLOLOLOL !!!!! ))))))))

James Morgan: DREAM ON and wishful thinking on your part, Prantil LOL.  I highly and seriously doubt that any of these last statements or bragging's on herself are likely given Prantil's past track record of excessive lying and what I know of her personally to be true.

Mary T. Prantil has lied about her employment over and over again in the way that she has either not been employed by the firms she's claimed to work for or she's been fired for repeated misconduct due to her personality clashes with everyone she meets in the work place. Furthermore, conncerning  the places she has actually worked, I would take a educated guess that this employment was for a much shorter time then she's stating due to her nasty vile abusive attitude when she cannot get her own way or be in control whether in the work place, in public, or wherever PrantSTUPID happens to be at the time.

One of the head Detectives of the N.Y.P.D stated this as fact to me after knowing Mary T. Prantil personally for eight or nine years. More can be learned about this area if you read about the issues between prantil and the N.Y.P.D reports. As for her stand up comic thing. 

 It was conveyed to me that no one even shows up to her one or two brief shows. Hey Prantil, why don't you send us a date of your next comedy routine and make us all laugh?????

Quite frankly Miss Prantil, I don't think your capable of making anyone laugh on purpose within exception to your obvious and repeated Internet BLUNDERS that have us all snickering a bit.  You say that your this "BIG SHOT" comedy star, right ? Let's hear some of your stage material along with some other proof of your six figure salary you claim to make. It must be nice to be a million heiress as you proclaim, while having the freedom and time you need to perform other things like performing in little dank, smoke filled comedy clubs.

 Prantil is a Internet stalker, scam artist and over all a habitual liar in my opinion who goes around stealing services, charging back or threatening extortion and blackmail if she does not obtain a full refund from legitimate businesses after she receives her services, this is also according to Mike Cahill and other unrelated sites who share this same opinion concerning Prantil. Miss Prantil was even stupid enough to approach my ex-wife one time in her attempts to have death curses performed on Jan and myself as can be seen in the Schaub report below with the intentions of short changing her too, no doubt.   It's all about a free ride for you isn't it, Mary? Take what you want and if you cannot steal the money back you yell "SCAM" and hurl other lies at whomever if people do not give in to your poorly bred, ignorant, RUDE belligerant demands to give you a refund after told that with spell did not come with refunds, as it states on Jan's site disclaimer.  College grad ( yeah RIGHT ) Miss Prantil, listen up and learn how to read at LEAST.  Even people that are slightly intelligent can listen and follow instructions before and when entering into an agreement for any kind of work.

Oh, incidentally Miss Prantil, WE CALLED HBO AND CNN to see if you had ever been employed by them AND THEY DIDN'T HAVE ANY RECORDS OF YOU BEING THERE ((((( EVER)))  Maybe we missed something and I'm sure you can produce something that can prove your statements here regarding this area. What's really funny is that Prantil returned to Cahill after ripping him off to see if he would cast more spells on her boyfriend AND death curses on US  according to Cahill- call him and ask he will tell you all about it.

Prantil is someone who will aggravate, harass and post s**t on ANY BUSINESS that dares to trip up her attempts in ripping them off.  Case in point, Mike Cahill, Jan Windglows, Michael Jenkins and a couple other businesses that I won't name here in the interest of their privacy.

Prantil has threatened to sue rip off reports, Google, Yahoo, AOL and all the scam forum sites for not giving into her demands, but to no avail.  Prantil is a blackmailer and Internet terrorist who attempts to extort moneys back from business after receiving service in light of the incident with us and through accounts of others that she's had dealings with, she will slander both site and site owners good names should she not get her way such as in this instance with us.

We would strongly encourage anyone out there whom might be in doubt to contact Prantil directly and press her for the truth, or facts of her statements and accusations against us BUT DON'T GIVE HER YOUR REAL HOME ADDRESS, CELL phone OR TRUE EMAIL ADDRESS because she will harass you as well; and if per chance you stand up to her rudeness she may decide to stalk , harrass, and badger you only because you did not  allow her to walk all over you like a doormat, and do her little FREAK thing on you trying to force her will on you for some dumb reason, LOL.

We would also openly WELCOME the Prantil family and their legal counsel in contacting us directly via our site contact number or email should these folks really be involved in this and wish to converse, we will yield not only our proof against Prantil but other eye-witness accounts and contact information belonging to other sites that she carried this sort of thing out against both in the past and currently.  

Hey Prantil, every time I see your simpleton presence on the net bashing us in you usual dullard way, Or even on your blog page,  I will KEEP POSTING ON YOU in a effort to make sure everyone is given all the facts concerning your activities. Like you, we will not only yield our personal opinions and observations of what we think of you,  but will also go on to yield the FACTUAL and creditable proof in our reports of what you've done to us and others.

UNLIKE YOU prantil,  WE WILL provide information to anyone to prove our cases against you along with the contact information of those who you have purposely slandered in a attempt to harm their business financially outside of what you've carried out against us. 

 Regarding your comments about us on your site, I would encourage you to keep it up there, DUMMY and know that NONE OF YOUR THREATS WILL MAKE US STOP OR TAKE DOWN THESE POSTS.  In fact, write a little more on your blog as this is only going to seal our case against you when the time comes.

In short, this Prantil fool has been busted or exposed to the public for many things and thus she can't get clear of the repercussions that are now coming back her way as a direct result of her past doings, SHE OPENED UP A CAN OF WORMS THAT SHE CAN'T CLOSE. She's just like this little air head that wants to blame everyone else for her own miserable little life, totally in denial of the facts that concern her life over all. 

I mean, if you doubt this just look at her site and how this 45 to 46 year old woman acts just like a little 15 year old brat.  LOOK AT HER PICTURE and how she tries to come off like this little teenager who looks like a beaten down haggard tired over the hill woman who likes to call everyone "fat". 

For example: "Oh, I'm beautiful, funny and talented, Oh I'm a big person in corporate America, I'm a highly respected Media Executive and Stand-up dummy"  LOL. FANTASY TIME FOR LITTLE MARY, the OVER the hill wanna be,who cannot even act her own age,  LOL.  

LOL, now that's funny miss U.S.A. big shot,  that goes around violating everyone civil rights while hiding behind Joel Olsten and fictitious names on the scam sites that moreover thinks everybody else is wrong and scary Mary is always right. Even if others have proof of her wrong doing, no one in the world knows anything but little miss Mary yielding her twisted and distorted side of things.

Well, Miss "congeniality", we will post every time you open your foolish mouth, and if you think 1000,000 links are bad, then maybe we can raise it up to the neighbourhood of 5000.000 links over a vast array of search engines.

You nothing but a SCAM ARTIST to us who has repeatedly attacked and ripped off everyone who has ever tried to help you to my knowledge, who has moreover verbally attacked and abused the very policies of the scam forums that you have used as a tool in bashing and trashing other innocent people on.  Hell you even bash the scam forums and how worthless is this ? 

You know, I really hate to say this to you praintdummy however, I am obligated to say it by law, so please consider this your FIRST AND LAST WARNING,  ( TAKE DOWN YOUR NEGATIVE COMMENTS REGARDING Jan Windglows, James Morgan along with any other negative statements concerning the Windglows sites, or face legal consequences. 

I really hope you do the wrong thing here as you always do Prantil,  because I can really taste law suit and federal charges for impeding fair trade and an array of other numerous charges coming against you THAT WILL ONLY ADD TO THE ONES YOU ALL READY HAVE on you by others. 

I'm not to worried though because you never do the right thing because that would be to easy for you and you like getting into legal trouble, right ?  It's all most like you want to destroy your own life for whatever reason. Oh well that suits me.

Miss Prantil is anything but a true American as she proclaims to be, that moreover gives very little regard if any consideration to the U.S. Constitution, religion or the 911 crisis unless she can use it to her benefit in some way such as trying to make herself look like something she is NOT.   Or in harassing others and trying to build her own ego in the process of weaving her little webs of deception and lies through some kind of little weak power play.

She really doesn't have any accomplishments of her own to speak of and thus she waits for a man made or natural disaster to come along just so she can write some shallow little poem about it like she was really there standing in the rubble instead of ridding in a train going down the tracks somewhere, LOL.

What happened to you Prantil ? Did you get a little dust on your shoes in NY that day AFTER THE WHOLE  911 thing was over and thus began comparing yourself to all those good men and women that fell so tragically that sad day ? And is that why you think so highly of yourself now ?

Do you think yourself to be a American hero ? or are you referring to others that actually are American hero's ? Is this why you ride off of the coat tails of others because you can't make it on your own, ARE YOU A GROUPIE or something to that effect ?

Do you like all the attention your getting from me on the Internet these days ? and does it fulfil your need to lash out at people? I dare you Prantil, in comparing yourself to anything to do with 911, especially when your something that a good many of these folks stood against their entire lives in light that they were all law abiding, upright, honest, hard working and patriotic people, the very things you are not, and never WILL be.

That's fine Prantil because we would rather have you taking out your misery, and nastiness on us then some other innocent person that just happened to be minding their own business when you passed them on the street.  Besides, and contrary to what you believe your causing us through your illegal activities, your bringing us in business every day and were doing well even in these times.

No lie, your attempting to harm us in every way but it's having the exact opposite effect.  Like I said in other reports,  your making people curious enough to come and check us out, and then they see that your nothing but a liar and a trouble maker, that nothing you say is true.  Keep up the good work, fool. If this weren't true Prantil then why would we still be here four years later. You will NEVER bring us down, you  Mary Monkey Mongol.  Business is booming and thanks for your great advertisement ! 

Hey Prantil, if your charges against us are so solid then how come the police haven't approached or taken us into custody once over the last four years ? You keep blabbering about serving us papers of some sort, but over the past four years, we have never been served, never received a phone call from ANY law enforcement agency, EVER.  That is because we have done NOTHING wrong and you are such a blow hard LIAR, Miss Prantil.  Your stupid little scare tactics have not caused us to remotely break stride, just for your information.

I mean, you've charged us with enough high grade felonies, right from the beginning of all this and turned us into everyone under the sun, right ? Well, I can tell you why were still here and never went to jail for anything.   BECAUSE WE ARE A ETHICAL REAL MAGICAL SITE that doesn't engage in criminal activity like YOU do, Prantil.  If your charges are so solid then why would you have to threaten us with a civil suit ?  Why can't you prove our charges against you to be false ? OR YOUR CHARGES TO BE TRUE ? YOU CAN'T, because you are a liar and a scam artist, that's why.  You enjoy tooting your little horn on the Internet in hopes that someone will actually pay attention to you, ROFL.

 Since your under the impression that you are so patriotic,  let me ask you a few more things.  Is this why you go around bashing innocent businesses and private people while violating their constitutional civil rights in every way ? 

Such as the right to carry on free trade without harassment and impediment coming from someone like you; for example, the right to live in a peaceful and free way in a democratic society without being harassed by some A_S HOLE like you; the right to privacy in owning a telephone or email account without being continually harassed through it by someone like you Prantil with your hundreds of threatening calls and emails; the right to practice religion, or to have religious freedom without persecution from messed up self righteous idiots like you.

 The right to face one's accuser in a court of law especially when accused by some bumbling idiot like yourself; the right in NOT having certain city, state and federal agencies turned against one because they are obligated to investigate bogus reports such as the ones you turn in on anyone who opposes you . Wow, I guess you are an American hero, huh ?  I bet your doing everything you can to prosper everyone around you and further promoting growth in your over all community and country, ((( NOT )).  Your a JOKE Miss Prantil not to mention so very TRANSPARENT, SHALLOW AND NARROW minded. 

You proclaim to be an American living the American dream when in essence all you really are in reality is a 46 year old loser over the hill hag who lives off her mother like a parasite, who further likes to blow herself up like a puffer fish while trying to make her life seem better then it really is by piling one lie on top of another. Your someone who like to come off as somewhat intelligent by speaking about things you have very little to no knowledge about such as civil rights and other aspects of the United States Constitution.

You know, Prantil , the inalienable rights outlined in the constitution of the United States that keep society civil by protecting us from law breakers such as yourself.  I mean, your a great American, right ? Is that why you abuse different branches of law enforcement by using them to harass others along with other city and county agencies with your false reports against the innocent person or company; because they said something you didn't want to hear???  What about your frivolous law suits and attempting to twist the law of the land to your benefit and against others all the time, without much success I might add, but still attempting to do so. 

 I guess you really were living the American dream when you created seven gay web sites and tried to destroy another person's business whom hardly knew you.  Why? Just because he wanted you to leave him alone. " WOW " that was a grievious offense that you just couldn't tolerate, could you? Hey,what about the "Life Coach" who tried to assist you until she made the mistake in telling you the truth about yourself and how you railed against her on the net and in private by trying to destroy HER on-line business with your slanderous speech on the Internet?  Oh wait. I'm picking on you again, aren't I ? I guess you consider this statement to be stalking, slandering or false statements on my part, right ? TOO d**n  BAD,  Prantil but your a*s has to be EXPOSED for who and what you are.  RIGHT HERE, RIGHT NOW.

I am an American, Prantil,  and I believe in FAIRNESS TO ALL, FREE SPEECH, RESPECTING THE RIGHTS OF OTHERS as much as they will respect mine not to mention adhering to our U.S. laws. I believe in truth, honour and strength, I BELIEVE IN DIVINITY. 

I believe that when someone like Mary T. Prantil gets up on the Internet to bash another falsely then this adversity should be met with facts and truth. I believe that when one gets up on the Internet  with the intent in harming another unjustifiably then they have lost the right to their privacy and all pertinent information should be used in defence of the false allegations made against them, and this includes a persons history and location. What do you believe in prantil ? Let me answer this for you, You believe in nothing Prantil, because your a scamming Thief.  You have no enduring life values, no respect for yourself  or for anyone, and no nothing whatsoever about being patriotic, being a hero, OR being successful in your life in ANY aspect.  Face it, Miss Prantil, you are an over the hill LOSER and a FREAK who does not know what to do with herself or her life.

No, your not even remotely a patriotic person from the looks of it, Prantil, and your poems and papers on the subject of America suck, YOUR A FAKE in every respect because you attempt to damage free trade for reasons of self-gain or revenge. 

You aren't a spiritual person in any way, shape or form according to your own speech and actions towards others that go against everything spiritual that Jesus or any other spiritual teacher ever had to say about civil and righteous living. 

Your not a truthful person or one that believes in fair play to any degree because it's all about Mary T. Prantil and her stupid fake little fantasy pipe dreams and no one else. 

 I AM AN AMERICAN FROM A LONG, LONG LINEAGE of American soldiers who fought and died in the bloody battlefields both on American soil and in foreign lands so that you could have could have civil rights and freedoms to free speech and other rights to which you blatantly abuse, Prantil.

I dare you in saying that your a patriot, or a hard working American. Your anything but an American Miss Prantil out side of being born here who further has no love or respect for those who gave up their lives so that you could live free in a democracy. America is a ideology and way of life,  NOT SOMETHING FOR YOU TO ABUSE or use only when it serves you, Prantil, you low life phoney fake.

So, if your not the things you proclaim to be then what are you ?  Prantil, let me address this for you. Your a out of control malicious liar crook is what you are, who further likes to hear her stupid little name on the Internet. 

And so, let me say your name a few more times: Mary T. Prantil,  Mary T. Prantil, Mary T. Prantil, Mary T. Prantil, Mary T. Prantil is a Idiot Psycho. Did that make you feel better about yourself MARY?  Did that give you a little "attention fix?"  Your nothing but a person that likes to feed off of the EMOTIONAL PAIN AND DISTRESS OF OTHERS LIKE A BLOOD SUCKING RETARDED PSYCHIC VAMPIRE, who moreover believes that society owes you a living, that's all you are.

You Prantil, move from one person to the next while sowing your seed of havoc because this is a power thing for you, that moreove

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#1 Consumer Comment

Mary Prantil is HOTT-But Who Taught You To Write?


1.  Why do you have to underline everything.  Who Taught You To Write? (as in previous posts)

2. Why did you have to write these long titles under her pictures so that now No One can even see her pictures when they click on it (like in previous reports)-Who Taught You To Write?

She's HOTT

A.  Does she have a black man in her life?

 B.  Does she need a black man in her life?

....Because she is HOTT
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#2 General Comment

Mary Prantil AKA Honest Person Of Astoria New York Is Caught Red Handed In Scams

AUTHOR: Mary T. Prantil Is A Scam Artist - (United States of America)

Ending Statements
Regarding Mary T. Prantil and the forum sites. I believe that we've proven Miss Prantil in being a habitual, compulsive and obsessive liar, or a pathological liar as she believes her own malicious slander that she procures against others on the net etc. We've proven that this person is a scammer, thief, trouble maker, cyber stalker, harasser, con artist, scam artist, spammer, and two bit petty criminal through the provided sound bites and full voice mail recordings,

credible eyewitness statements, emailed statements, web site cross links, 66 pages of telephone spoofing records and so fourth. This person's only intent is in ripping off free services from unsuspecting on-line and land based businesses by charging back via Pay Pal, putting stop payments on checks, and writing bad checks for any services rendered by these companies.
We have proven beyond a reasonable doubt, that Miss Prantil scams innocent businesses and further harasses these same companies by posting highly inflammatory, hostile and negative speech about them in a effort to impede their free trade with others etc.  Without re-hashing what you've all read on this site, let me just get to the heart of this matter.  It's only through these scam forums, gripe sites or complaint boards that a person like Mary Prantil is given the tools for destruction against any company or person might offend her in some way.
These sites offer a subsequent abuser such as prantil the opportunity to get up on a national forum to spew and direct whatever slanderous, or disingenuous statements she will at whomever she will for whatever reason, while knowing that she can hide behind anonymity under the whistle blowers act, while even abusing the her right to free speech no less.

So, a person like Mary T. Prantil not only has the advantage in making false charges at a company or private person in relative safety from behind her fictitious names, but can also afford to abuse the first amendment of free speech for the sole reason she's not made to stand behind what she says against others.
These sites afford Miss Prantil the luxury to verbally attack, or slander others without fear of retribution from the average person, or victim.  Did I say Victim ? Yes, I did imply that when this occurs on air against the innocent then their are victims as a direct result.

 Why ? Because when a cowardly person such as Prantil engages in the activity of slander, blackmail, extortion and harassment on-line against others out of the blue, then they are instantly at a disadvantage in defending themselves against whatever statements are being made against them.
In essence, they don't have the option of facing their accuser.  Whenever you get someone like Prantil on the Internet, you must remember that this type of person is nothing but a coward posting her accusations, allegations or false comments in the comfort of her own home from behind a computer while using a fictitious name on a forum sites. Nothing more, nothing less.

This is a person who has no concept of  what truth really consists of, neither does she have a good understanding of why morals, values or standards are needed in a person's life, and thus when a person like this is allowed to interact with others on the I
nternet then problems are certainly in the making. 
 The Forum sites give a reckless and vindictive personality like Prantil the freedom to strike out at others with very little, to no regard concerning the damage she introduces into whatever situation she might engage in be it socially or professionally.

 The only thing that drives a person such as Prantil forward is the very nature that consumes her on a daily basis such as her obsessive, compulsive, raging temperament against anything that she conceives or perceives to be a threat to herself, This could be anything.  A word, a deed that was spoken in all innocence, a well meaning action or jester that didn't jive with her perception of the way things should be.
In short, Miss Prantil isn't a very intelligent person however, she does have a great love in making up hateful stories against others.  If this were occurring in a particular group of people that she happened to be around socially in a neighborhood such as Astoria, the group would eventually write her off as the "village clown" or the "village dullard" or "simpleton", simply because they have the convenience of seeing, hearing and trapping her in all her false statements. 
 On the net, it's a little different story because someone like Prantil can hook up to the Internet and some times come off as making authentic statements, especially when the person she's talking trash about isn't around to defend themselves. This is why Prantil posts all over the place in the hopes that the person she's talking about won't spot her trash talk and respond to it, and thus hoping that her negative statements will harm the person and or their innocent business without them ever knowing it.  
Like I stated previously, this type of a person is a uneducated, nasty and cowardly personality who typically never has the courage to face the one their accusing in most instances.  A person like Miss Prantil has to stay hidden because if she ever was made to answer to the charges she's directing at others in a court of law, her ignorance would absolutely destroy her and she would be exposed in a matter of mere minutes. 
What drives a person like this on ?  Well, in my opinion, and after knowing this Prantil idiot for three years or better, I would say hatred, greed, ignorance, anger, delusional thought process and just over all living in a fantasy world.  I would also speculate that Mary Prantil is a "man hater" that not only wants to use men for sex, but in supporting her financially as well.  Ok, we all know what kind of personality to stay away from here, so let's move on and talk a little bit more about the forum sites in the following paragraphs below.
 Let's start from the top concerning these forum sites. Firstly, most of these sites are built on the grounds that they provide the Consumer with a medium in which any complaint can be lodged by the Consumer against a company or a private person,  without fear of being retaliated against by any party the particular statement is directed against.

This is a noble venture and further operates under the first amendment outlining free speech and the whistle blowers act.  Then something questionable occurs by these same sites in that they invoke a very obscure law to witch protects them from the liability concerning anything someone might post be it true or of a slanderous nature.
Again, yet another strange thing occurs when these sites start offering various services to the Consumer  such as taking down any statements be they slanderous or true about a company or individual for a fee, or X amount of dollars. This is a highly questionable practice as it not only undermines free speech with liabilities attached but penalizes the business owner or private person by charging them monies to take a negative statement down about themselves.
So, you either have to pay to have the negative statement removed, pushed down on the engines, or you have to hire one of their on site law firms to represent you against the offender in court of law however, they fail to tell you that anything that occurs on the net in the way of a civil matter is very hard to prove, and that most courts aren't erupted to deal with internet matters in most if not all instances.

 Even if you were to win a civil suit and obtain a money judgment for damages you would then have to spend thousands of dollars more in collecting the judgment. Most of these scamming, slandering idiots don't have any financial worth to them to start with and that's why their out starting up bogus lawsuits and slandering businesses to start with.  
in short, all you do waste lots of a lot of time and money when you enlist the aid of these additional services found on the forum sites such as lawyers and other firms that want to push your bad links down off the net.

If you pay the site to have the bad links removed, or they agree to take the links down such as Consumer Complaints did for us on four or five occasions, then the offending poster will simply re-post on the company or private person as the sites in question either won't, or can't block the offending poster submitting the false statements. 
Again, the policies of some forum sites seem to be in pursuing capitalism more so then Consumer justice as it would appear.  In short, forum sites as a general rule depend on sensationalism and conflict for their very survival, and thus conflict is needed to pull people into the other services offered by the sites to which rarely ever resolves anything.

So, in essence most forum sites are using loop holes found in the United Staten Constitution to capitalize on to which is highly questionable as a matter of ethics, in my opinion, Yes, these sites can be helpful to a extent when used in the correct way however, when you get someone like Mary Prantil who has bad intent towards another because her scams were unsuccessful against them, then the forum sites give her a way to exact her revenge. 
Even though a person like prantil abuses the sites policies along with free speech etc, the sites find her activity useful in drawing traffic to them via her spamming countless negative reports, spamming increases their rankings greatly. Another thing that I'd like to make a point on here, most of these sites are Google sponsored web sites, and thus

Google will post any negative link on the search engines about a person immediately, or within a matter of minutes as this gives them better rankings as well. Incidentally, Google blatantly refuses to remove any post proven false or other harmful links while standing behind the first amendment along with many other forum sites like e-Bolger etc.
In essence, their exist a mutual relationship between the negative poster, the forum site and the search engines that in part harms businesses more so then prospering them. The sites in question benefit their own financial in take over any business that might be named through the bad postings that the anonymous poster makes against the businesses in question, and that's why these sites aren't a credible sources of information as far as I'm concerned. 
 Jan and I have been on the air for a good many years, we have conducted our businesses in a ethical and forthright way with the highest standers of Customer service. We've proven this over and over again through the years, yet we to have become a victim of these forum sites through prantil's activities, that these gripe sites have enabled to various degrees.
However, in our case we have taken the time to successfully defend ourselves on the air ways against this idiot prantil's slanderous garbage by proving everything she states, and has stated about us to be false in every way. Moreover, we have given her the opportunity to prove any and all of the statements or charges she's made against us to be as true over the last three years plus, but she has Failed in doing so in every way.
Miss Prantil has used deception, fear tactics, blackmail, extortion and other deceptive techniques to elude, or evade the issues of her espouser such as changing text in our posting against her, constant lieing and slandering, stealing user identities, attempting impede trade through actions and speech, making fake web sites on us etc, but none of this has slowed us down and only pushed us that much more to expose her to the public at large.
The forum sites have allowed Miss Prantil in stealing identities and User names on their sites to which she went on in creating entire post in the name of the person she was trying to discredit, prantil went on to post fake web sites on Twitter, Face Book, E-Bolger and others in a effort to confuse the public as can be seen all over the net and especially Rip Off Reports and Consumer Complaints etc.

 Especially during the time of my divorce and copyright issue with Mr. Cahill on ROR. One thing I will say in defense of the sites of Rip Off Report and the Consumer Complaints boards, and that is, even though Rip Off Reports didn't remove the trash post that prantil posted, They did in fact block her from making any other post.
 The Indian Complaints Board voluntarily removed the negative post on us as they could clearly see what was going on with this prantil scammer, they still do this to date without being ask by ourselves,  this in itself tells me that their a ethical, or decent site.

The American based Complaints Board also saw what was going on and removed several of prantil's trash reports on us as well, they did this numerous times at our request until we just ask that the post remain up to show contradictions in prantil's statements to which they honored. 
 I consider this yet another ethical site, however I do still maintain that these particular sites should take stronger steps to block people like prantil from their sites in a effort to protect the innocent from being unjustly attacked by someone with a petty grudge. 

Prantil abuses these sites and uses them to harm other people through by abusing their own policies against them or in just blatantly breaking these same policies.  The forum sites aren't even safe from this moronic idiot who believes she is above any law or site policy etc.
  Prantil was solely responsible in creating a lot of the conflict a couple of years back concerning the Rip Off Report conflicts because she was primarily engaged in the stealing of identities, the very thing she's always accusing others of doing to her.  Prantil would create fictitious post under a given persons User name, only to stir a bad situation that much more going on between others.

This was her sole intent or goal after all. It's a matter of public record that Mary T. Prantil hates ALL spell casters, psychic readers etc and further believes that were all Satan, that she is the defender of God and all his holy laws lol. You can also see this in her ROR and Complaints boards postings against us.
So, when you read these conflicts on the forum sites concerning Celeste Morgan, Mike Cahill, Stanley M. Cahill, James Morgan, Jim Morgan, Jan Windglows, Janhett Windglows, Janhett T. Windglows, you really don't know who posted what because Miss Prantil was up there copying and pasting everyone's post in sections in a effort to stir

 everyone up that much more under their assumed User names, not leaving out her posting under her Honest Person User and the numerous other postings made under her multitude of other User names,  as can be found on the second page of this site.
So you see, Miss Prantil has intent and motive to cause problems between magick sites as she believes them to be evil and that she's Gods Avenger even though she used these magical services over and over again from one site to the next, Does this make her a Hypocrite ?

 ANSWER: Yes. Does this make her a Bible thumping snake cultist with a twisted and severally sick view on Christianity ?, Answer Is: Yes. Is her post and other statements against spell casters, or any other person in the spiritual community credible ?, I would say definitely not.
 Is Miss Prantil a good Christian because she's always posting Bible verses ?, Answer Is: Not even by its lowest standards. Is Mary T. Prantil a truthful, forthright or well meaning person that fell victim to a scam operation as she suggest ?, Answer Is: I would say definitely NOT especially in light of all the evidence that has been compiled against her over the last three years plus. Has Miss Prantil excessively slandered and manipulated site owners and private persons for her own self-gain or revenge ?
 I would say that this has been proven repeatedly in the provided reports on this site. Moreover, Is Mary T. Prantil a petty criminal ?, their are many that would say yes, especially after looking at her criminal record background search. What about her work history ?, we performed a background search on the testimonials and job history she presents and found that she was either fired or didn't work for theses companies at anytime.
To sum all of this up, and to put it out there in total, there's nothing real about Miss Prantil, Not a clean criminal record, Not a outstanding job history, Not a inheritance of two million, Nothing. We did find something to her statement of being a stand up comedian however, she performs in tiny little waffle houses and very small, dank

armature clubs from time to time where she gets paid little to nothing for her trouble. Prantil doesn't work at any other job because she lives off her elderly mother who refuses to give her any extra money as she' afraid that she will spend it on drugs or alcohol according to what Mr. Cahill stated that she directly told him.
 So, this person lives off her mother while apparently abusing drugs and ripping off or scamming businesses when she gets low on the money Mom gave her to live on. This is a 46 year old white female who lives of mommy who is around 69 years of age,  who won't work or get along with anyone, who tended to get fired frequently when she did work as a result of her rebellious attitude and this is why she never could stay at a job for any longer then a year.

 Incidentally, Mary T. Prantil worked for companies through temporary services and not directly through any corporate company as she proclaims to have done in the past. Do you really want to believe anything this person says either in private or up on the internet LOL, Your answer should be NO.
A lot has occurred since the days of ROR in that we have all resolved our differences and have moved on with our lives, that is everyone but Mary T. Prantil. Still attempting to link all of our sites together, or group us all together, still trying to turn us all against one and the other, still slandering everyone especially the one who stayed with this crazy idiot the longest, and tried to help her the most being Mr. Cahill.
You can see Mary bashing not only Cahill along with us but slandering Michael Jenkins and two other people that have lawsuits against Miss Prantil there in New York currently.  My divorce is over and I'm on good terms with my Ex-wife Celeste, I'm on good terms with Mr. Cahill and Mr. Jenkins as everything has been straightened out a long time ago. We found out who was causing all the trouble, or stirring it any way, that would be Crazy Mary.
Because prantil has messed with all the post that ever were posted by any of us, because these forum sites are allowing her to run rampant. I would highly recommend that you call any of us through the contact information provided below to clarify any questions or concerns that you may have concerning anything you've read.  It's better to go to the source then getting your information coming from the scam sites on the internet regarding any of us.

Again, there are hundreds of postings about us posted on these scam complaint sites, some are real, but most are fabricated by prantil in her efforts to bring down the magick sites in question.  Don't believe everything you read out there because idiots like criminal mary t. prantil is on the loose and you and you just can't be sure who's writing what. .  
Usually if anyone has a problem with any of our sites, they will tend to resolve it with us and not post on the scam sites. Speaking for Jan and myself: We don't have dissatisfied Clients and never have as far as we know.   If you have any questions about any of these sites then please contact the Owners.  Thank you so much for taking the time to read this and please be safe out there when cursing the net. -----Jim Morgan
Professional Spell Casters
Enchantress Janhett T. Windglows
Telephone: 1-208-714-4348
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