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  • Submitted: Wed, March 17, 2010
  • Updated: Wed, March 17, 2010
  • Reported By: sabrina — Supply North Carolina USA
  • Money bookers
    5042 Briscoe St
    houston, Texas
    United States of America

Money bookers Nathan Scott trying to buy a new car online houston, Texas

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Well just recently i found a new 04 Honda Civic with only 75000 miles on it in raliegh, NC on I emaild the guy whos name was Nathan Scott and asked how much he was selling it for. he emailed me back a few days later and appologized for taking so long he was currently in london, ontario canada and that he was really busy between work and getting a divorce but he was selling the car for only $3200 and that was his final offer.  I thought it was a wonderful deal so i asked him when he was going to be back in the sates so that i could go see the car and i asked him where the car was. He told me it was in NY. Then he emaild me back and said that he had made a mistake that the car was in a warehouse in houston texas and sent me pictures i requested and told me to get back up with him if i was interested. So after seeing the car i was very interested and replied yes i want the vehicle. [continued below]....

..... I was a little concerned because i was told the car was in three different locations but i was so excited about gitting this car i overlooked it ( bad mistake). He emaild me back and told me that i would be dealing with a company called money bookers and told me the steps on how everything works, he said that i would give them a fourth of the price which is $800 and then they would ship the car to me and i would have 14 days to decied wherther or not i want the car and if i didnt then my money would be given back to me in cash right there on the spot or if i wanted the car then i would just send the rest of the money, he said the price of the car covered the sale the shipping and the insurance for the shippment. He told me he was going to open up the case with money bookers if i still wanted the car. Sounding to good to be true i said yes. the next day money bookers contacted me via email they basically told me the same thing he did about how it works and asked for my full name and address to know where to ship the car. they told me to send the $800 and upon confermation of the payment the car would be shipped off imediatly they gave me my case number and told me were and to whom to send the money to via western union. This is what they said:

Pending Delivery Shipment

  (Keep this for your records)

    Transaction #MB01008744
    Transaction Date: March 16, 2010

   Buyer's Details:


   First Name: Sabrina

   Last Name: L. B.

   Address: (((ROR redacted)))

   City: Winchester

   State: North Carolina

   Zip code: 28462-5437
  Phone Number: (((ROR redacted)))

   Country: United States of America


   Seller's Details:


   First Name: Nathan
   Last Name: Scott
   Address: 10217 TENEHA STREET

   City/State: Houston,TX

   City Code: 77037
   Country: United States Of America



  Shipment Information:


 Handled by:

Moneybookers- Online
Moneybookers- United States

 Guaranteed delivery:

3 days after payment confirmation

 Declared Value:
 Commercial Value:
 Days for Inspection:

USD 3,200.00
No Commercial Value
14 days upon the delivery


 Description of Goods:
2004 Honda Civic

 Additional Services:

 Status of Inspection:




USD   0.00

*Note: Shipping expenses are covered by Seller.


   Shipment Information:


 Package 1 of 1


 Tracking Number:



 Package Type:


Moneybookers Insured

 Insured Moneybookers Amount:
 Insured Moneybookers Deposit:
 Insured Moneybookers Remaining Balance:



 Our department require the payment to be done through Western Union money transfer service to our Verified Agent  : 


1) Click HERE to locate the nearest Western Union Office.

2) Make the payment for the deposit using our verified Moneybookers Representative details as receiver:




MoneyBookers Verified Agent Details:

   Name: Darwin Jarrel
   Street: 5042 Briscoe Street
   City: Houston

   Zip Code: 77033
  State: Texas
   Country: United States Of America


3) Fax the Western Union receipt at the following fax # : +1 (484) 313-8996

    And possibly e-mail us - by replying to this e-mail - the following details from the payment receipt:
           - MTCN - 10 digits number from the receipt

           - Sender's Name and Address

           - Receiver's Name (MoneyBookers Agent)

           - Amount Sent



So i sent the $800 dollars and sent them the information the requested from me. then they sent me another email for me to fix the name on the western union thing andthis is what they sent:

Dear Client,
                    We are sorry disturbing you,we are writing in regards to the transfer you made,we want you to make the following correction by calling western union and add the names to three names,it is complicating over here to get the money,the western union agent wants a three name other as on the documents of the receiver.

Receivers name :Darwin Jarrel Lewis

        So correct it to this names above.and get back to us as soon as possible.
                                           Thanks for understanding.


So i called western union and fixed the problem and wrote them back to let them know that i had fixed it. the next day they sent me another email saying that they needed more money $1250 to be exact for insurance on the shipping of the car. they were holding the car until they recieved the payment and as soon as it was confirmed they would send the car imediately to me at my address. this is what was sent to me:

Dear Sabrina ,

This message is sent regarding to the status of the delivery.

       We regret to announce you that the shipping process will be temporarily put on hold due to the fact that a tax problem occurred during this transaction. We apologize for the misunderstanding! Your vehicle is not insured for shipment and the problem is that you are requested to pay for a refundable insurance fee
covering this transaction ($1,250.00 USD ).The requested amount is fully refundable upon delivery of the vehicle including an additional fund added by the insurance company for taking the risk to insure your vehicle plus the Western Union charges. In this order the vehicle should be insured during the shipping and before its arrival at the buyer's address. The shipping will be on hold until our company will be paid for covering this transaction. Again,we are sorry for this impediment but this is one of our company's policy regarding the fact that in order for the shipping to be continued in optimal conditions, all the necessary measures regarding the security of the product to be taken. We must take important security measures regarding this transaction from its start until the moment it closes and both parties are satisfied by our services. If you want to speed up the delivery and have the car shipped at your address in time you should pay the refundable insurance fee and the mentioned amount will be 100% refunded once the car safely arrives at destination, including the additional funds and Western Union fees.

So the amount that you will receive upon delivery is $
1,250 + $500 (added funds by the insurance company ) + the Western Union Charges.

 We require u to keep a copy from the Western Union payment receipt so you can get a full refund for the insurance amount.
In case you consider yourself unable to perform the above required conditions, we will have to wait until you will cover the taxes.Please let us know if you agree on paying in order for the delivery to be proceeded. In case you agree, make the payment to the address below and then send us the payment details, so we can continue with the delivery immediately.

The Address is :

MoneyBookers World Wide Verified Agent Details:

   Name: Darwin Lewis
   Street: 5042 Briscoe Street
   City: Houston

   Zip Code: 77033
  State: Texas
   Country: United States Of America
  Amount:  $1,250 USD
  Test Question: What For?
  Answer: Insurance

e-mail us - by replying to this e-mail - the following details from the payment receipt:
           - MTCN - 10 digits number from the receipt

           - Sender's Name and Address

           - Receiver's Name (MoneyBookers Agent)

           - Amount Sent

We remind you that we will keep the entire amount of money until the vehicle safely arrives at the destination and until we are confirmed that the buyer is satisfied with it and in case everything proves to be in order, we will pay the seller the entire sum for the vehicle.
For any information you desire please e-mail us and we will be more than pleased to answer all your questions. Once again,we are sorry for this issue. Thank you for your support and cooperation regarding this whole transaction!

MoneyBookers Financial Departmen




to say the least i was very unhappy i was not told in the begining that i was going to have to pay this i was told by the seller that the cost of the car covered the insurance so i wanted to talk to someone and see why i was having to pay  for this now. they didnt give me a website or phone number to call if i had any questions so i looked up and found acustomer service number. When i called it they told me money bookers does not have warehouses and they do not use western union for any payments. So i should report them because i have been scammed. I was very upset i wrote them back and let them know what the coustomer service person said and i wrote Nathan Scott and also told him. they tryed to say that they were ligit and that i should go ahead and send them the money. this is the rest of our conversations and yes these are copied straight from my emails with them:


I called your customer sevice phone number on and they told me they do not have any warehouses and they do not deal with western union so i should report this to the police. So i guess that is what im going to do unless you can give me my money back asap or prove otherwise. thank you very much.



Dear Sabrina 
                            You are very right about all what you have said,but Madam we are sorry to let you know that in moneybookers we have separate departments which belong to various issues maybe you had to contact the escrow service department only,then we are very sorry and you should blame your self for the confusion because you were to get all informations from us and not go around doing research because you will help confuse your self the more,Now we are not interested in making money but to serve our customers.So it will be better if you can withdraw the statement you just made.get back for if having anymore questions.


Please respond to this email with information regarding your case, complaints or payment details.


Im very sorry but i did not go around doing research i went to to find a phone number to talk to someone about why i needed to send more money because no one told me from the start that i was going to have to pay for the insurance on the vehicle in order for you to send it to me. I was told that it would be sent after i sent the $800. You did not give me a web site or a phone number to call if i had any questions other then to email but i would like to be able to talk to an acutual person via phone. and since you said you were from money bookers i figured id find a number on that website so i do not see haw it is my fault im confused if you ask me its yours because you did not tell me where i could got to find out any more information so i had to try and figure it out myself but i didnt do any kind of research other than going to the money bookers website which is who you say you are. I just dont want to be scammed i cant afford it  i really need this car and the money i have so that i can get one im sure you understand that. If you could give me a number to call or a website i could go to, to further straighten this issue out i would greatly appreciated it thank you very much.



Dear Sabrina ,
                 Well from that perspective we now understand clearly your points,but you don't have to run into conclusions like that,any way about the number that can be provided to you,but we wish to notify you that,you will find difficulties getting to us by phone because we have a lot of transactions to carry via phone (713-469-5142), so the best way which you can reach us is by mail and we shall give you exactly what you need.As for the insurance we don't have anything to say about that ,the money is %100 refundable and it will be cash payment,so is there any other question you have?just let us know as soon as possible.


If i am not satisfied and i want my $800 back before i get the car or send anymore money can you give it to me, please via western union?


Dear Sabrina ,
                 We told you he is not on seat and so  its out of our company policy for us to give the directors number,he attends to customers only when  he is  in the company ,


When is he going to be back so i can talk to him. and how do i get ahold of him when he is back if  you cant give me his number?



Dear Sabrina,
                 Madam,we wish to inform you that this is a company you are talking to moreover a large business enterprise,we fully understand that we are in possession of your $800 but that does not give you the room to talk rudely to us ok,so try to control your emotions for once and understand what we are talking about,he is the boss and he decides on when ever he wishes to come to the office,We shall let you know when he comes ,but not today.So i hope that answers your question.


ok well i would like to cancel and get my money back so if you could do that for me and keep me updated on when i will be recieving it thank you very much.





And this is the conversation between me and Nathan Scott the supposed owner of the vehicle these are also copies of the actual conversation via email between me and him:



I called the customer sevice number on after recieving an email that i had to send more money for insurance on the shipping of the car and they told me that they did not have any warehouses and they did not deal with western union so i should report this to the police beacuse i have been scammed so i either want my money back or proof that this is ligetament or im going to have to report this to the police like they said which really sucks because i want this car. Sorry and thank you very much.



      i totally do not understand what you are talking about,because i know the career i kept my car in was moneybookers and it was at their warehouse in Houston TX before living,so please are you making a mistake here or what,i know you need this car and i can't play around with your money plus your hapiness,so please lets see what to do about this,rather than sending threats ok.get back asap.

I recieved another email from the moneybooker people after i sent the $800 that said i had to send an extra $1250 before they will ship me ther car because it has to be covered by insurance and it will be given back to me after the car arrived plus an extra $500 for the risk of insuring the vehicle and the western union expenses but no one told me that i was going to have to pay that until after they already recieved the $800. I just dont want to be scammed i really cant afford it i need a car so i need money to get one im sure that you understand. I would like to get your phone number so that i can further talk to you about this situation please. So get back up with me as soon as you can so we can get this straightend out.


thank you


     remember i told you i just came into Canada and i am very busy man and im trying to meet up with the demands here,i am not financially stable that's why i had to sell the car you are buying for such a price,so right now i don't have a phone number,moreover my job does not permit phones to make you feel a little bit comfortable i will can pay in 300usd right now to money bookers because that is all i have at hand,and i am doing this because i want you to see that i trust where i put my car and i assure you this is not what you think ok,am firmly behind you,remember i don't want to hurt your feelings or make you unhappy which is my goal for now.please lets not take this too far ok,just let it go and see what can be done at least the money is refundable.get back asap.

i know that you said you were very busy and i do understand your situation but you have to understand mine i just dont want to risk sending any more money not knowing if it is a scam because if it is my money will not be refundable i will just be out of alot of money and then i wont be able to afford another vehicle. i would just really like to be able to talk to someone either you or them to make me feel better about this whole situation. I just dont understand why i wasn't told initially before i even sent the $800 that i was going to have to send an additional $1250 for the insurance on the car. Please get back to me im not trying to cause problems for you or not pay for the car im just trying to look out for myself also to make sure im not going to be out of a car and money because i cant afford to loose out on $2050 then i wouldnt be able to buy a vehicle.


Thank you


      please in the name of God i my head hurts when you talk about this transaction being a scam ok,because i know this is for real and the car is there packed,you got to understand that this is a big company made of different branches and different transaction,so it will be very hard for me to get to them and instruct them to call you after you have their email which they know they can provide all vital information via mail,so you see how complicating this is,we have come a long way and you are like a friend to me and so lets no querrel on this issue,i just want you to give me %90 of your trust and i assure you,you will have this car and you won't regret ever contacting me ok,i have to live my job just to attain to you now,so just imagine what i am going through now,which is very risky for me to loose my job,so try to petty me too,remember i need a car also like you,so what if someone does thesame thing to me as what is happening to me,i will abviously feel bad,so i understand your situation thats why i am firmly behind you ok.

Why do they need the extra $1250 now after i was first told all i had to send was $800 and the car would be shipped to me after confermation of payment no one said anything about having to pay for insurance on the vehicle. In your email to me you said that the $3200 covered the price of sell, shipping, and insurance.

          i was also very confused when that came up because as far as i know i told them the cost price of the car and i was under the impression that they will cover the insurance of the car,but to me it seems as their shipping policy is for the buyer to ensure his or her goods before shipment,so its actually not my fault,i was ignorant because i have never done this where do we go from here??
   get back

How do you know you can trust them if this is the first time you've done this they could be scamming you also. My mom did some research on this whole thing and we have found out that money bookers and escrow do not deal with warehouses or western union, also if you call them and you get an anwering machine or just never get to talk to a real person then it is more than likely a scam because again money bookers and escrow do not have answering machines in any brach of work they do. It just really seems suspicous to me thats all and im trying not to get myself in a mess.Thank you.



     do you know why i am trusting them? its because i drove my car and packed it in their warehouse,registered it and i was more familiar with that because one of my friends did same thing,so i can not be scammed on my own part,i know you really feel bad or suspicious about this whole thing but,you have to atleast trust me,that  means you don't trust me and you don't trust the money bookers?

look im just trying to look out for myself here and no i dont fully trust anyone past experiences have taught me that, but is there anyway you could show me proof of your agreement with them im sure you had to have a contract of some sort with them for this whole deal you could email it or fax it or something? I would just feel better if i had some kind of proof from someone not just being told this is whats going to happen you know.


      to be honest with you,i will take sometime to search into my files to get such a document ok,but since you dont trust me nor money bookers then you should note that i must not or was not forcing you to buy only my car ok,at least you have said your own,since you dont want to pay for the insurance,i can't risk my Job over here trying to solve a problem which you don't want it solved,so find a way to get your money back from the money bookers and forget about my car ok,im going back to work.

I do want the issue resolved thats why im talking to you.




And after i sent this last email he has not emaild me back. I told the people i want my money back that was today and im pretty sure there not going to give it to me but will see how it goes but thanks to seeing all of these reports that are like mine i have only lost out on $800 and i did not send the rest that they were asking for but i still would like to get that money back with my current situation this put a big damper on my car buying i am not working and this is all the money i have so if you could help me i would greatly appreciate it. thank you very much.

USD 3,200.00
USD 800.00 (25%)
USD 2,400.00




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