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  • Updated: Sat, October 17, 2015
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    , Pennsylvania

(((REDACTED)))(((NAME(S) REDACTED DUE TO PERCEIVED HARASSMENT / CYBERSTALKING / CYBERBULLYING / REVENGE POST))) | RIPOFF REPORT POST-PUBLICATION CONTENT REVIEW: EDITORIAL REDACTIONS |stalker and sociopath, cyberbully, pathological liar, slanderer, abuser of the disabled, homophobe, racist and bigot Mifflinburg Pennsylvania

*Consumer Comment: Good observation

*Consumer Comment: She's completely insane

*Consumer Comment: leopards don't change spots

*Consumer Suggestion: Doing exactly what she is sqawking about?

*General Comment: DEAD ON FACTS!

*General Comment: THE CONCERN IS LO IS ALLOWing this bullying in the work place.

*Consumer Comment: You can report this freakshow's stalking to police here

*General Comment: Sad story

*Consumer Comment: Another stalker (((REDACTED))) rears their head apparently

*REBUTTAL Owner of company: Yes indeedy, this is (((REDACTED)))

*Consumer Comment: Lies out of Texas

*REBUTTAL Owner of company: Hm this (((REDACTED))) as evil as (((REDACTED)))

*Consumer Comment: (((REDACTED))) sounds like an alias of (((REDACTED)))

*Consumer Comment: confirmation?

*Consumer Suggestion: MY TAKE on THAT is:

*Consumer Comment: interesting

*Consumer Comment: CLARITY

*UPDATE Employee: Live Ops stand up and take ownership

*General Comment: Justice is swift

*REBUTTAL Owner of company: for(((REDACTED))), et al

*Consumer Comment: Wow! Thanks for telling us about this racist

*Consumer Comment: She is gone?

*Consumer Comment: I'm gonna venture that (((REDACTED))) was terminated for her stalking

*Consumer Comment: It is about time!!!

*Consumer Comment: She is still There and allowed to BULLY her co wokers!

*Consumer Comment: No worries - the psychopath will be gone soon enough

*Consumer Comment: yes

*REBUTTAL Owner of company: (((REDACTED))) posts on the White supremacist website Stormfront

*General Comment: Ridiculous

*Consumer Suggestion: Beyond

*Consumer Comment: (((REDACTED))) - another false alias of (((REDACTED))); also (((REDACTED)))s posts on the hate site Stormfront

*Consumer Comment: Insecurity?

*Consumer Comment: Disolusioned

*Consumer Comment: Negligence

*REBUTTAL Owner of company: Case Closed?

*General Comment: this is insane!

*Consumer Comment: empty cup

*Consumer Suggestion: throw away the key

*REBUTTAL Individual responds: I am innocent of all charges

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(((REDACTED))) of (((REDACTED))) PA is an unemployed welfare recipient and internet sociopath, who has been stalking various individuals and their families for over 5 years, mainly on Facebook and a few work-related websites. This includes individuals who she believed to be on medications, or suffering from a disability,

(((REDACTED))) (along with a small 'clique' of internet freaks) are the type of sleaze who spend most of their day perusing the internet for vulerable individuals to target for no reason other than sadistic kicks.

An exerpt of some of the message is listed at the bottom, however the 'abuse' includes anything from mocking their disability or alleged disability, to sexual/violent harassment, to racist/homophobic slurs, to prank calls, to threats against peoples' children and their families (in one instance and individual was threatened to have pictures of their daughter taken from Facebook, photoshopped into pornography, and uploaded to a porn site).

(((REDACTED)))decides who 'gets it', and one of her 'internet friends' carries it out (or vice versa). If you think "Mean Girls (or Natural Born Killers if you prefer)", except in their 30-50s, overweight, less hygenic, little to no social contact outside of the internet, then you have these "people" in a nutshell, excuse the satire.

Aside from the cyberbullying and stalking, (((REDACTED)) is also a patholigical liar and pretty apparent narcissist/sociopath. Mary has given various fake bios of herself which include fictional past jobs, education, and friends/relatives. Often these lies are so blatant and apparent that even a child could point them out, yet when confronted (((REDACTED))) enters 'panic mode' and sticks to them, even to the point of contradicting herself a sentence later, leading one to wonder if she's literally delusional enough to believe her own lies.

Probably the 'lie card' (((REDACTED))) enjoys pulling the most is claiming that she (or one of her creepy 'friends') was sick/ill/stalked/threatened/harassed. When (((REDACTED))) isn't antagonizing a woman on medications to see if she can make her cry, or threatening to take pictures of a woman's children off of her FB and edit them into porn, she (Mary) is crying about how "mean" X person was to her - which is probably one of the best tells of a sociopath. Here's a favorite Martha Stout quote for reference:

"Rather, the best clue is, of all things, the pity play. The most reliable sign, the most universal behavior of unscrupulous people is not directed, as one might imagine, at our fearfulness. It is, perversely, an appeal to our sympathy."
— Martha Stout, Phd (The Sociopath Next Door)

Examples of (((REDACTED)))'s fake biography information include non-existent "CEO"/"lawyer"/"politician" friends, and even a fictional past job as a counselor for battered women (and yes, this is the same scum who's harassment victims include women who've survived domestic abuse - (((REDACTED))) and her ilk try to pick these people out, feeling that they're vulerable).

Look as hard as you want, you really can't find a more depraved individual outside of the sex offender registry, or the tabloid journalism industry. However simply being lower than pond slime wasn't the reason for this report, as will be explained below below.


More recently (starting at least a year ago) (((REDACTED))) has ventured into libel, and making false police complaints against individuals for the pupropse of harassment. She seems to have upped the antics after her real name and and address were discovered, and after Mary and a 'younger internet boyfriend' of sorts was banned from a work forum (think Bonnie and Clyde, or Mike and Mallory if you prefer - only creepier).

On two seperate occasions, (((REDACTED))) stalked an individual by making false police complaints that they had either "hacked" or "impersonated" her or a friend's account on FB, neither of which were true.

(((REDACTED))) also lied claiming that she had a "police order" for a person not to contact her, and posted what she claimed was the text of a restraining order.. However it turns out (((REDACTED))) had simply copy/pasted text from a Calfiornia state website and typed in her name. (Keep in mind this is the wrong state and that neither of the parties were from California). The is the exact website where she copied the text from:

(((REDACTED))) lives in Pennsylvania, yet claims that her (non-existent) 'lawyer friend' doesn't even know the difference between individual state laws, and don't know that typing your name on isn't a 'legal signature' to begin with, or that restraining orders have to be delivered in writing, not copied onto a web board - et cetera. Unless there is a "special ED" version of law school, then Mary's "lawyer friend" is about as real as
any of her "CEO friends".

Even stupider yet, (((REDACTED))) threatened to print and mail copies of forged restraining orders and sent them via "certified mail" to two individuals' addresses (one of which was the wrong address). Apparently (((REDACTED))) is also doesn't seem realize that forgery is a felony, and if she were to harass a person via the mail in a provable way which see decribed, she would be in huge criminal trouble as well. (As of this report, none of these "certified letters" have arrived yet, and if they do, this will be updated to this report, along with the legal actions which follow). Fortunately for the rest of us, (((REDACTED))) seems to be as stupid as she is despicable.

Wrapping up here - (((REDACTED))) also made a purposely defamatory statement about an individual, claiming that a police officer told her the person has a "record" of filing false police reports in their "precinct". But (((REDACTED))) is apparently too stupid even know what a 'precinct' is - there are no "precincts" in this individual's city of residence, nor does this individual have any criminal record of filing false police reports. This seems to have been in retaliation to having been contacted by the local police or Sheriff in Union County over her stalking.

The problem with sociopathis is that they have to be intelligent in order to lie effectively. Being stupid and a liar just usually just results in shooting oneself in the foot, as (((REDACTED))) has experinced many times over - but still been too stupid to learn so far. However it seems this time she's provided plenty of evidence to use against her in a libel lawsuit or criminal case, and may be experiencing the end result of her own stupidity first hand.


Below are some exceprts of (((REDACTED))) stalking and harassment, inclduing some of those of her other 'partners in crime' (names of any of the other 'freaks' will not be mentioned in this report, because this is about (((REDACTED))).

How do you think (her name removed) would feel if someone doctored up a photo of her daughter and posted it on a porn site? Because there are already pics of her daughter in the public view.
I am sure it would upset her
Yes, it certainly will.

Poor [name removed] doesn't get sarcasm.
By the way after all the years of you posting your BMs' and other personal stuff, you've never mentioned your family. That's rather sad. Good think we can read all about them on the internet
Thank you for being so kind, understanding and coPETHETIC!!
Buwahahaha Buwahahaha..
I sleep very well now.
Just a hint,you look drunk in your avi.
PULEEZE pull out the Nubrillaince to help disguise yer wrinkles.
Perhaps, too many "vaccum" jobs? should try "vaccuming" your own husband?
OR [name removed].
Either way, someone would get JEWED**

---(((REDACTED))) forging restraining orders from the wrong state---

You are a monster...a sick, twisted monster.

Oh, and here is a copy of a letter that I sent as a reply to your Samuel upon the receipt of his last threatening message to me:

I was advised by an attorney to send this. If I hear anything more from him, both of you will receive a copy of this by certified mail, before I visit your local police department:

This is to serve notice to (name removed), as of March 28, 2013:

(forged CA state restraining order text removed)


(((REDACTED))). ********
March 28, 2013

and while I'm at it, here is your notice, (name removed). This is all legal like and everything:

This is to serve notice to (name removed) as of April 19, 2013

(forged CA state restraining order text removed)

The notice that I posted is considered legal notice throughout the United States. I called my long time friend and attorney, and he advised me to go ahead and use that.

By the way, (name removed)....don't say that you weren't warned

---(((REDACTED)))s lie about criminal record regarding false police reports---

(location removed) police ordered (name removed) not to communicate with me on facebook and twitter, and through (name removed) forum account

Another police officer who took my testimony was also kind enough to warn me that (name removed) has a history of filing false police reports at that police precinct to get back at people, and he advised me what steps to take in order to protect and prepare myself for anymore of (name removed)'s dirty tricks. They know you very well at that police department, (name removed).

hi looser
good to see ya and yer old crusty btch. [wink]
newayz i gotta go to capital one now. it was nice talkin to ya. [wink] [wink] [wink]

To whom it may concern:

This surely can't be (name removed), posting through (name removed) forum account


Quit w****** in front of everyone while your husband sits at home alone. Gross.

She's hoping that someone is married to the Orkin Man - she has a nice case of crabs. Lmao


Go kill yourself you c-nt wh-re.

Go take a nice Sunday drive, maybe we'll get lucky with an out of control speeding truck.


Why don't you go hang out with your old man or something?
oh yeah
He left you for a younger version.
One who has a general idea of hygiene...
Now go take another crotch shot for Craigslist.


If (name removed) is using sonicare for her horse teeth then she needs a refund. Tell you what. Next time you and her are riding your bycicle take her by the car - wash and use the BIG brush. A normal toothbrush won't do much for those cheeto teeth.  As for a smell. I didn't notice as I wouldn't get close enough. Next time you go down. gag gag gag gag (shivers) check her for scabs. That sh*t in between YOUR teeth (name removed) may not be just from food.
Now if you have fetal stains in your panties (name removed) I would suggest that you not wear granny panties.


Your wh-re......excuse me.......h*o dunk town in (location removed), really IS NOT all that far. Perhaps I should Map Quest it for you.......sweetie pie?! My 'little friend' would be happy to take care of you Do you need a map pin pointing your location? Just so you know where you're at? Hundreds, if not thousands of us would be more than happy to show you where you live. Forgot your address, telephone #, bank, etc.?

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#1 Consumer Comment

Good observation

AUTHOR: Kim - ()

The above report is is a pretty thoughout assessment of (((REDACTED))) - this individual is totally untrustworthy and dangerous to others online - and may end up finding themselves in front of a jugdge or even behind bars if they don't back off. I almost feel sorry and embarrassed for (((REDACTED))) in a way - she seems like the kind of person who spends 8-10 a day updating their facebook wall and has little to no friends outside the internet. Her behavior is downright creepy and cruel, and apparently she's been breaking the law too - hopefully people will keep on documenting anything else she does so that eventually she can get what's coming to her with the law.

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#2 Consumer Comment

She's completely insane

AUTHOR: anonymous - ()

Wow, we must've missed the stalker's reply. I don't know why she botheres repeating the same lies when they've already been address in the report

First, what kind of reply is "I am innocent of all charges?" - I wasn't aware that Ripoffreport was a court of law. Remarks like that further just lead me to believe this individual is completely schizophrenic.

As already mentioned,(((REDACTED)) (and a few other individuals not mentioned in this report, including a creepy 'internet boyfriend' of sourts with an alias "Mistermusic Musicplease", who was banned from said work forum for sexual harassment) have been involved in stalking of several individuals spanning 1-5 years. This has all been documented in the report, along with actual quotes.

Not only was the harassment and stalking taking place online, but in person as well - including searching out others' names and address, as well as those of their relatives, and making crank police calls to relatives of her stalking targets (since they didn't locate the actual individuals' addresses)

More recently a few of the individuals (not listed here, but may be listed in additional reports) were finally brought to the attention of LO and were banned from the website (and hopefully terminated for harassment as well) - I'm not aware yet if Mary was one of the individuals who was banned/terminated, however she seems to have kept a lower profile after evidence of her stalking was show to authorities, and the police told her to cut it out.

Here's one of the police reports filed against (((REDACTED))) for her on and offline stalking of others and their children is here: looks like it wasn't included in the original report - (((REDCTED)))***

Any further will be added to this report, and be reported to her local authorities (and federal authorities) in (((REDACTED))), PA.

Interestingly this page seems to have about 214 hits to date according to Alexa. If it were shown to just 10 people on FB a day, then in 1 year everyone in (((REDACTED))), PA with a Facebook account will have seen it.

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#3 Consumer Comment

leopards don't change spots

AUTHOR: daisy - ()


Picture a woman posting LONG directions on how to condemn people, while trying to recruit others to do the same.  Normally targetting individuals, the deal was power in numbers and to (((REDACTED))), the more the merrier.  In open  forum she would lay out her strategy, all the while preening her expertise at various things, between bragging about her family or her alleged accomplishments and commanding orders for others to follow her 'lead.'

Poor (((REDACTED))).  A real pity that a human being has to stoop to generating and fabricating trash about others and then proceeding to try to defame them.  (poor(((REDACTED)))



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#4 Consumer Suggestion

Doing exactly what she is sqawking about?

AUTHOR: daisy - ()

Til things are set in motion?   Ok now there is another appearance of the typical pattern of 'setting things in motion' and promising to keep others informed.  What 'things?'  What is (((REDACTED))) doing while complaining things are done to her?   (stay tuned?)

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#5 General Comment


AUTHOR: TheVoiceOfReason - ()

 I am a victim of  (((REDACTED))). I was shown this web site today, and I want to say this woman is not ok. She has harrassed people that do not agree with her  political views. She has used a work forum to try to push people into sucidal modes. She is the definition of disturbed. LO has allowed this, and backed her up. I have not had any of the legal issues with her, as I try to avoid her, But please do not listen to her response, she is not well, and we have a right to voice it on the internet. It is a free country. (((REDACTED))) get some help!

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#6 General Comment

THE CONCERN IS LO IS ALLOWing this bullying in the work place.

AUTHOR: TheVoiceOfReason - ()

 One of the most important things that needs to be addressed in this report. Is that (((REDACTED))) is Seriously bullying in a work place. That work place is backing her, and participating in the bullying. LO is just as Guilty as (((REDACTED))) is. I hope someone addresses this company allowing this sort of activity.

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#7 Consumer Comment

You can report this freakshow's stalking to police here

AUTHOR: anonymous - ()

Cyberstalking and harassment is a crime, and you're more than free to report here (Union County, PA Sherrif's office) - keep in mind her address (in (((REDACTED))), PA) and phone is listed at the top if you need it. (Her birthdate is(((REDACTED))) - you can give this to police if needed for identification).


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#8 General Comment

Sad story

AUTHOR: Bobbie - ()

This report was written by a rather sad little man that contracted with a WAH company that (((REDACTED))) and I both contracted with.  The company has a forum and the actual author of this pack of lies is a youngster that was 18 when this all started a couple of years ago.  During for discussions he would get very angry if you disagreed with his comments and even angrier when you were able to point out (especially with documentation) how wrong or ignorant his comments were.

He and a friend of his begin to stalk the people they did not like on facebook...he stalked me but I didn't find out about for a year because I didn't know you had to "boxes" in your facebook messages LOL.  I could throw a lot of rocks back about this youngster's behavior but that is senseless. He was actually tracked down because (((REDACTED))) did report him and some of the things he did really crossed the line.  He lost his contract with the company we worked and shortly thereafter his co-conspirator lost hers too.  During the process of (((REDACTED))) and a few others making complaints about him we found out that the poor kid lives (or did at that time) in his grandmother's basement and it really is a sad case of an immature young man that was on a revenge kick.

Hopefully this kind of childish behavior is as far as he will take it, in his message to me he simply listed a lot of information (some correct and some incorrect) which was just designed to scare me (address, phone number, names of my kids and husband) that is how he started on all the parties that chased around the web attempting to terrify.  I do not know how he got this California location, anyone that can run IP addresses will find he lives near the Ft. Worth/Dallas area. Virtually every negative comment he made about (((REDACTED))) is a lie.

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#9 Consumer Comment

Another stalker (((REDACTED))) rears their head apparently

AUTHOR: anonymous - ()

Yes daisy - the individual below (((REDACTED))) is another one of (((REDACTED)))'s depraved cohorts, who along with(((REDACTED))), coordinated some pretty despicable stalking and sexual harassment of LO agents.

What's so ironic is that she's simply quoting her own experiences and trying to 'pin' them on others.

Around September or so, we did finally manage to get in touch with someone higher up at LO - this resulted in (((REDACTED))) and a few other of (((REDACTED)))'s creepy internet friends getting banned or terminated from LiveOps for her stalking. (((REDACTED))) is still reeling with rage over this (since other than stalking vulernable individuals online, she had next to no social life, and I believe even her own family knew what a lowlife scum she was and shunned her) - so in retaliation, they decided to google the names of my relatives and threaten them from blocked phone #s in an attempt to get to me - they couldn't locate my address, so they located the address of one of my grandmothers, and in fact just the other night she got some creepy messages threatening harm against me - (I live at my own place, and the stalkers mentioned here know this, as they were contacted by police and told to stop contacting relatives in an attempt to get to me)

Me myslf, I'm still on decent terms with LO in spite of the attempts by psychopaths like (((REDACTED))) and (((REDACTED))) to harm others out of revenge (and thanks to my ccontacts with some higher ups at LO, it was all sorted out and the damage was undone to me and some of the individuals that Mary and company tried to harm). (((REDACTED)))'s getting scared now that her actions are being outed and reported to higher ups (she had a littel freakout the around November 4th or so when she learned that her attemps to harm me and another agent's contracts backfired big time, and simply resulted in a few of the scum losing their contract with LO). so she's going pretty desperate.

I have a feeling that the psychopath's going to 'recruit' more scum in her defense now that the cat's out of the bag. In the meantime though, it's nice that (((REDACTED)))and this "(((REDACTED)))" are too stupid to realize that even blocked phone #s can be traced if you just request your phone service provider to release a history of calls received to you - I'm going to contact the local police and FBI over their latest stalking attempts, and I'll keep you in touch with the outcome

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#10 REBUTTAL Owner of company

Yes indeedy, this is (((REDACTED)))

AUTHOR: Bobbie - ()

I realize, (((REDACTED))) that you live in a world based on lies, is so very easy to see who has been sneaky snaking around using their hacking skills to get into peoples personal information.  (((REDACTED))) baby, I don't care if you live with your granny or not, you can live in the presidential suite of the Hilton and you would still be a slimy crybaby and the kid on the playground that starts a fight and when they beg the other person to let them go they sneak up behind that person hit 'em in the back and run home to mommy as fast as they can.  (((REDACTED))) is to stupid to worry about and (((REDACTED))) would rather climb a tree and lie than stay on the ground and tell the truth. 

THESE PEOPLE are a pretty darn good example of people that are conservative republicans, they are terrified little people and feeling like they are hurting someone else, or that they are better than someone else is the only thing they can do to try to feel like they are decent human beings.  HEY it could happen!  I doubt it these people will be just as petty, just as big of liars and just as pathetic 10 years from now.

(((REDACTED))), because I don't have to be ashamed of who I am.

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#11 Consumer Comment

Lies out of Texas

AUTHOR: Joy F. - ()

I'm here to say theses things being written are lies. My name is (((REDACTED))) and this is my fault. I sincerely apologize, I allowed my hormones (while going through menopause) to dictate my decisions and have aligned myself with someone I am terrified of. This person is not (((REDACTED))) but is (((REDACTED))). I should have spoken up sooner but he has already cost me my job and my reputation. I  am a witness first hand to his harassment and stalking of others but was too scared to try to stop him. I've literally been losing my hair because of all the stress and guilt. Please take this report about Mary off this site. He can't see me can he? Thank you. 

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#12 REBUTTAL Owner of company

Hm this (((REDACTED))) as evil as (((REDACTED)))

AUTHOR: anonymous - ()

Won't give all the details, but this (((REDACTED))) is another twisted individual with a personality disorder who's involved in this

Not gonna dredge up ancient history, but (((REDACTED))), and a few of the other derpaved individuals mentioned were involved in some sadistic stalking of others and their families, even up to threatening to take pictures of agents' children and photoshop them on a porn site - the reports are similar since all of these individuals were involved in some creepy group harassment of others and their children, comprable to "(((REDACTED))) or (((REDACTED)))  (they're 'high functioning sociopaths' in the best sense of the word). One of the worst of the bunch. Another one not yet mentioned (((REDACTED))) - and was contacted by her Sheriff over the stalking (which violated cyberstalking and cyberharassment laws in her state). The, and behind the scenes were intentionally coordinating this harassment - so while not (there are dozens more not even listed here), they're all equally involved, and if this ever went criminal, would all be equally involved in the eyes of the law - hence why all of the reports are similar. (Seems , and even possibly inventing false identities at this point, now that her Ripoffreport is going viral).

What's ironic is that (((REDACTED))))'s delusional rants is that (((REDACTED))) apparently things this is some weird "Republican conspiracy" against her. Yet (((REDACTED))) herself admits to being a former racist and Republican (I have no idea where she gets that from, so it sounds completely delusional. Not to mention that one of the other stalkers that her and (((REDACTED))) 'palled around with a fundamentalist Christian and anti-Semite, who is/was an active member of an anti-gay, fundamental Baptist Church' so to speak (in fact some of the creepy comments which've been saved involve vicious anti-Semitic slurs). Now all of a suddent these self-admitted right-wing Reublican Christian bigots are 'changing sides', and accusing their victims of being that? Wtf, makes no sense (but then again, we're dealing with insane individuals here aren't we)

Seems like they 'change' politics about as often as Britney Spears (or Rochelle P while we're on the subject) changes underwear, lol

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#13 Consumer Comment

(((REDACTED))) sounds like an alias of (((REDACTED)))

AUTHOR: anonymous - ()

I suspect that the commenter 'agent' below may just be a false identity of (((REDACTED))), and uses some of the same language style (I noticed that started 'recruiting' others to come and 'astroturf' this page after it started getting hits from other victims of theirs') But nevertheless I'll humor it.

If '(((REDACTED))) is really an active agent of LO then it'd know that posting public screenshots of the forum might violate the 'confidential information' agreement of LO

As far as police report numbers, anyway, here are 6 of them filed with the internet crimes division of the FBI, spanning July 2013 as far back as May 2012 (there are others too, such as with the Sheriff's department in  (((REDACTED)))FL, regarding (((REDACTED)))' threats to photophop images of another agents' child into pornography, but these are the ones I've got on hand for the moment):


The problem with creeps like this (((REDACTED))) who refuses to identify themsevles is that they're just apologists, intentionally astroturfing just to downplay their involvement in this despicable behavior (either a sock of Mary, or some other lowlife scum recruited here at the stalker's request) lol.

But anyway, of course the reports are all similar, and similarily worded, since they involve a creepy little group of individuals all involved in the same incidents - all coordinating their harassment (both on and offline) behind the scenes for sadistic little kicks, and continuing even after a few of them had to be contacted by police regarding it - as mentioned in each report, the quotes listed are a summary of the creepy messages that people were receiving in general (not 'all of them' are attibuted to asingle person), but since all were mutually involved, it doesn't matter (in the eyes of the law,, if people are coordinating harassment or violence as a group, then they share collective blame. I'm no legal guru, but feel free to google a Judge Judy episode where she discusses a conviction she handed down to 'a group' of stalkers while she served as a judge in family court  if you're really this clueless about how the law works, lol)

Oh and 'agent', aka (((REDACTED))), you really need to remember to take your Thorazine before you try anything stupid from now on - because the creepy threats that a relative of mine received by phone just on 12/19/2013 can be tracted after her phone service provider is contacted, and can be used against you with your local police, mark my word on that. Third time's the charm ain't it?

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#14 Consumer Comment


AUTHOR: daisy - ()

Reading about the antics of an apparently angry and vindictive person, aka (((REDACTED))), and now all these other names are here, leaving the question:  Who is this Bobbie person?  A cohort of(((REDACTED)))'s, apparently.  Also a negation to anything resembling credibility in (((REDACTED)))'s post.  It is obvious in reading the post(s) of "Bobbie" that he/she shows inclinination to be combative and purposely demeaning, while at the same time possessing virtually no ability to accept that the curtain has been drawn, and her cohort's antics exposed.  The deeds and self proclaimed attempts by (((REDACTED))) to cause strife to others is being not only (attempted to be) "justified" yet also condoned.   Can we say birds of a feather?  (although that digresses from the subject of THIS ripoff report)  Someone seems to have a devout hatred of anyone affilitiated with 'republican' and that is one thing: PREJUDGEMENT aka a PREJUDICED view.  Stating he/she doesn't have to be ashamed,  it isn't that he/she doesn't NEED to be ashamed.....rather he/she doesn't KNOW it.

More than one person has witnessed (((REDACTED))).  That is not ONE (or even two) disgruntled people, it turns into multiple incidents with multiple witnesses.  And watching this subject, what is coming out in defense is so riddled with insults and gossip, that it is more a CONFIRMATION than a defense to the validity of this report.



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#15 Consumer Suggestion


AUTHOR: daisy - ()

Hard to believe any rational adult human would indulge in the activities of (((REDACTED))) (and, apparently, her crew), is my take.

Who does such things, then points the finger at others(the ones THEY target in the first place)?  Only the guilty, trying to redirect the focal point from themself(themselves).  No doubt someone won't want to accept that and (((REDACTED))), apparently, needs to mind (((REDACTED)))'S business.  With that amount of venom, there is also no doubt she will be kept busy.

Note the audacity and the less than mature verbiage in the context of the rebuttles that are defending (((REDACTED))). Now you are listing various names that (((REDACTED))) has found animosity with?  That just proves the point.


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#16 Consumer Comment


AUTHOR: daisy - ()

This is getting interesting.   First "Bobbie" et al mentions this "Joy" as one of those less than desirable and then "Joy" comes in to down herself and back (((REDACTED)))?

Sorry.....doesn't flush.

Ding Ding Ding ...(more) points against (((REDACTED)))'s case

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#17 Consumer Comment


AUTHOR: daisy - ()

After reading all of this, I have come to a conclusion.  (((REDACTED))) is guilty as charged G-U-I-L-T-Y of what this report states. It is obvious, and (((REDACTED))) if you get cohorts to back you make sure they are both literate and able to shed a GOOD light on you, as you ARE judged by the company you keep. 

Shame on YOU,(((REDACTED)))

It is a wonder the company involved allows that......

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#18 UPDATE Employee

Live Ops stand up and take ownership

AUTHOR: TheVoiceOfReason - ()

 First of all, someone on here is using Joy's name to post, and that is wrong, that is not Joy...If that does not show you how desperate this (((REDACTED))) is, forging other names, nothing will!


  Live ops as a company is aligning with people that bully others in their work place. Live ops needs to re-instate anyone that attempted to defend themselves, and is a victim to this clique.(((REDACTED))) is quilty of bullying, and severe harassment. Bobbie is another one of that clique. Live ops has been sued before, and I see that in future for them again. Please everyone take a stand, there is strength in numbers.

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#19 General Comment

Justice is swift

AUTHOR: TheVoiceOfReason - ()



    I do not work for this company, and never have. I have read all these posts. I can not imagine anyone making up such detailed information. If the poster of this report is only 18, then this older woman(((REDACTED)) should be ashamed of herself, along with her friends (Such as this Bobbie man). This is Pure disgusting activity. Too many Inocent people die after such attacks. With all the sad things we read in the news now days, acting like this is just the beginning of a serious situation. (((REDACTED))), I have shared this with others that I know online, and your name is being spread around as we speak. I hope justice finds you soon.

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#20 REBUTTAL Owner of company

for(((REDACTED))), et al

AUTHOR: daisy - ()

Wise words for (((REDACTED))) et al:


Oh what a tangled web we weave

When first we practice to deceive.....

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#21 Consumer Comment

Wow! Thanks for telling us about this racist

AUTHOR: Brent - ()

D***! I'd seen this individual occasionally in the LO but never thought anything of them. Looks like we do have a real life psychopath named (((REDACTED))) lurking around the forum - it's scary that the world's got people like this in it, but great job exposing them.

I'll be forwarding this to everyone from LO I know on FB - good catch - I just hope the police can do something about this insane individual!


Oh and I just did a search on her name and I found this - looks like it's not just us here saying she's dangerous either. Creepy...

"Do not work for(((REDACTED))) - this person is dangerous!... I used to work for her and it was the worst time in my life. (((REDACTED))) has psychical problems and because of them suffer all her employees. she may shout on you without a reason or abuse.


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#22 Consumer Comment

She is gone?

AUTHOR: Karen - ()

Word is that LO finally got rid of some of the undesirables clogging their agent roster and forums.  Does that include (((REDACTED))).  Finally?  It seems (((REDACTED))) has been taking credit for the termination and banning of other agents, and sending them warnings in the forums.   Either she has been promoted to that status or, perhaps, it is still just evidence of her inflated ego.  Amazing how some people gravitate toward negative, both supporting and extending it.

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#23 Consumer Comment

I'm gonna venture that (((REDACTED))) was terminated for her stalking

AUTHOR: anonymous - ()

As mentioned (((REDACTED))) is a paranoid schizophrenic and SSI recipient and isn't compentant enough to feed herself without professional assistence let alone get promoted to a management positon - after an investigation I believe that (((REDACTED))) (and company) was terminated for her antisocial behavior, much to the benefit of the LiveOps community (though I'll verify this myself before making any further assertions).

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#24 Consumer Comment

It is about time!!!

AUTHOR: TheVoiceOfReason - ()

 Please Let us know what you find out, because I am a contractor at Live ops, and I am also a victim of (((REDACTED))).  The things she did were just unbelievable and cruel, and from what I get she is still running wild in Forums, and Live Ops have done nothing to stop this insane person. Live Ops needs to be held Accountable, and (((REDACTED))) needs to be stopped! I will keep looking here, to see if there is any updates, thank you so much for posting this and updating us.

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#25 Consumer Comment

She is still There and allowed to BULLY her co wokers!

AUTHOR: TheVoiceOfReason - ()

From what I am being told, (((REDACTED))) is still in LO Fourms Bullying her co-workers, and Live ops Supports her and does not stop her from this justice....all the more reason to refuse to work for Live ops.

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#26 Consumer Comment

No worries - the psychopath will be gone soon enough

AUTHOR: Django - ()

I forgot to provide her agent ID last time I was talking to Lisa White - I'll get her worked up enough for another round of convo with me after I finish this beer and cigarette and make sure that this Shirely Phelps-Roper wannabee (((REDACTED))) is tossed out - and hell if the speculation is true that LO is actively protecting (((REDACTED))) (which I doubt, since what motivation would LO have to protect a diagnosed paranoid schiozphrenic and welfare leech) - well then it's LO who's gonna answer for that, lol

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#27 Consumer Comment


AUTHOR: Suzy - ()

Yes, please keep us informed.  (((REDACTED))) is a detriment to others.  A real piece of work that is not satisfied unless undermining or demeaning someone else.  (Mostly she is bragging about false accomplishments and is a virtual peacock strutting her FAKE 'feathers' - with about as much weight to them as what she is saying.......hint - NONE).

(((REDACTED))) will define (((REDACTED))), and will also pave the way to her own miserable future.  Hopefully she will wallow in that, oblivious as she is now, and mistakenly perceive that she is both important AND worthy (sorry, (((REDACTED)))...).

If she is still working LO, then that just SHOWS that LO is just like (((REDACTED))).....both in the support of her and apparently shares her same lowlife perception of 'success.'


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#28 REBUTTAL Owner of company

(((REDACTED))) posts on the White supremacist website Stormfront

AUTHOR: anonymous - ()

So I've done some investigation, and I've learned that (((REDACTED))) is quite possibly a member of the white supremacist/anti-semite/anti-gay website Stormfront (founded by ex-KKKlansman Don Black) - I'll be posting screenshot evidence shortly

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#29 General Comment


AUTHOR: bunnytoes - ()

I don't know this (((REDACTED))) person, but from reading the complaint, the real stalker seems to be the anonymous person making the complaint.  Mr./Mrs. Anonymous has shown no proof that any of these allegations have occured.  Sounds to me like someone trying to "get back" at someone else with ridiculous accusations.  

The one thing that worries me is that this woman's personal, name, address and phone number were posted.  I thought this site was for business ripoffs, not for ridiculous flame wars and the posting of personal information, instead of business information.

Where are these people being terrorized?  Where are the police reports?  Where are the follow ups?  Why haven't all these victims made their own reports?  Where is a report where she's ripped someone off?  

Maybe I'm just too old to understand how ripoff report works, but if being able to use it just to flame people you don't like, then you can have it.  

The whole complaint is ridiculous and juvenile.  

One last thing.  People need to stop posting pictures on public platforms if they don't want them used.  If you care about your children as much as you claim, stop being a fool and posting them.  Learn self control.  

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#30 Consumer Suggestion


AUTHOR: Anonymous - ()

Since there is no "dementia report" no "jerk report" and no "vindictive bully report" this will apparently have to suffice.

(((REDACTED))) spent much time demeaning others in a work forum, day in and day out.

 MOST of what was posted by (((REDACTED))) was just her tooting her own  horn, bragging about herself, her family and supposed accomplishments.  Peppered between the fantastic feats listed were derogatory comments about her fellow agents at work.

(((REDACTED)) spend so much time posting long posts in work forum describing her wonderfully awesome self, all the while trying to get others to "write to corporate" to get other agents (whom she apparently disliked) FIRED.

 She is a piece of work, a ripoff of a person and if the proverbial shoe fits - she can WEAR it.

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#31 Consumer Comment

(((REDACTED))) - another false alias of (((REDACTED))); also (((REDACTED)))s posts on the hate site Stormfront

AUTHOR: Snyder - (USA)

Just a quick update some google searches indicated that (((REDACTED))) in the comment below is another false identity used by (((REDACTED)))- she's got several fake handles, including impersonating the names of other individuals at the company who she was stalking, which is a crime in her state of Maryland - a felony even if memory serves me right.

Another alias that (((REDACTED))) is using around the net is (((REDACTED))); and while I'm on it this reminds me of the post below mentioning (((REDACTED))) posts on the hate site Posts under that name were discovered on including racist and homophobic comments which are likely (((REDACTED)))'s as well, since no other person posts under (((REDACTED))) as far as my Google searches go.

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#32 Consumer Comment


AUTHOR: Anonymous - ()

White Supremist?  Oh the might explain all the self promoting (over compensating in the form of flat out bragging, usually) in the LO forum.  The cry of the insecure.......was almost funny in forums when she would brag awhile and then turn on other agents with a vengeance and a request to accompany her in writing to corporate to get them fired......(what a pal).

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#33 Consumer Comment


AUTHOR: TheVoiceOfReason - ()

 I keep checking, and she seems to be going no where........I wish you were right, but unfortunatly, I do believe LIVE OPS is protecting her, and her Liberal, BULLY...agenda..I am still contracted for LO, but I refuse to work there, as long as they support people like her.....

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#34 Consumer Comment


AUTHOR: anonymous - ()

Reading about this character is scary.  Why does this company not do something about her?  Are they not negligent for allowing her to rampage on their forum?  It appears to have gone even farther than that.

Aren't there mental requirements for these types of employments anyways??

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#35 REBUTTAL Owner of company

Case Closed?

AUTHOR: daisy - ()

LOL, some doth protest too loudly, and to offer "evidence" of their inablility for peaceful coexistence.  (one would think they'd be embarrassed).

Either way their bullying is dually noted before any of their 'show and tell i can't get along with people,' IS the subject of this report and has multiple witnesses....


case closed?

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#36 General Comment

this is insane!

AUTHOR: Agent - ()

i can not believe that someone got their feelings hurt so bad by the LO Forums that they stoop to this level of childishness. I thought you had to be at least 18 to work there but it looks like these work at home companies will hire anyone, and the bigger high school mentality-the better! 

Ive seen the multiple Ripoff reports about agents that work at LO. They all say the same thing, only names and locations change. the same copy and paste job on each one and the so called quotes were from the forums. and most of them werent even from the people on these reports! half of these quote that are supposed to be from these forums cant even be found anymore since LO removed most of them. it looks to me like someone that argued with these people constantly in the LO forum got their feelings hurt and is lashing out. or no longer has access to these forums and has to have the last word. 

wheres the proof? any one can copy and paste a few paragraphs and claim it was written by this person? where are the screen shots? where is the proof from the "victims" that are being sexually harrassed and threatened? i only see three people commenting on marys report, still no cold hard evidence. just some words that may or may not be hers. where is the  so caslled police report? anyone can type some numbers and put ***** and the end to make it look part of a police record. wheres the contact info to the police officer? or the fbi? so these other so called victims can contact thek? is there even a report filed? doubt it. anyone that believes this hogwash without seeing real proof is gulible.

all of this is from a work forum vendetta going back several years. i can even tell which side these reports are coming from because i do not see rip off reports of carol, joy, michael, robert, angela, marilyn, gina, teresa and many many more. Any one that has been in the forums as long as i have (im a four digit, real LO agents will understand that) can see that this is all very one sided and the person making these reports are not admitting to their fault and their friends involvement in this entire thing. very childish, creepy, and stalk-like to do this. you all should all be ashamed of yourselves! 

and if anyone does not believe me, see for your self. go to browse categories - workplace bullies - on page 1 is tiffany w. created on dec 02, an LO agent - page 2 is roslyn (roz) s. created nov 10, an LO agent - page 5 mary n. created july 09, an LO agent. i was also told that there are ripoff reports for Lo agents Kimberly d., rochelle p., and bobbie e. but i have yet to have seen them yet. i do not have the time to search every page but do look up the others and see for yourself that they are all alike! the writer must have no solid proof or is simply lazy and uncreative! 

 and ill say it agsin, shame on you! this only shows proof to me that these women are the ones being harrassed and stalked!


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#37 Consumer Comment

empty cup

AUTHOR: daisy - ()

Apparently more than one person substantiates this, so the gossip laden post in defense is a dud.

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#38 Consumer Suggestion

throw away the key

AUTHOR: daisy - ()

'People' (and this is using the term loosely) like this mary person are dispicable in their stalking and bullying.  Severe psychosis is indicated in these types of personality disorders and they are MOSTLY unfit to coexist with others.  (how DID this one slip through so many cracks of society, from school to parents????)

A shame for those who are the subjects of her nonsensical yet vehement rampages.   Unfit for ANYONE to they have 'people kennels?'   No kill whatever...?

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#39 REBUTTAL Individual responds

I am innocent of all charges

AUTHOR: Mary - ()

To whom it may concern:

I am innocent of these charges that appear on this page.  I was just notified of this attempt to ruin my good name as of today, July 7, 2013.

I intend to do everything within my power to restore my good name.  I am innocent and have not stalked or harassed anyone. The individual/individuals who have filed this report against me are actually the perpetrators who are guilty of stalking and threatening a number of agents, like myself, who contract with LiveOps as independent contractors.  The harassment and stalking has been ongoing throughout the past 1.5 years. 

We have reported them to facebook, to their local authorities, as well as to the LiveOps company.  The result is that some of them have since been banned from our work forums at LiveOps.  This past Spring 2013, authorities in the home town in Texas of the main culprit ordered him not to have any contact with any of us. But, it appears that more drastic action will need to be taken over the coming weeks and months.

If possible, I will report back once everything has been set in motion, including requiring Ripoff Report to remove this false and damaging report that could very well ruin my life.  However, I intend not to disclose anything else at this point in time until I am able to secure legal counsel.

Thank you for reading.














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