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  • Submitted: Tue, February 11, 2014
  • Updated: Mon, November 02, 2015

  • Reported By: Anonymous — Traverse City Michigan
(((REDACTED))) (((REDACTED)))a, Michigan USA


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(((REDACTED))) Was married to (((REDACTED))) the cousin of her current husband (((REDACTED))). (((REDACTED))) has taken on the nickname "Black Widow" due to her use of men. Draining them of their money. Then latching on to whom ever is closest or convienent for (((REDACTED))) to make her next victim. 

(((REDACTED PER COURT ORDER))). (((REDACTED))) in November of 2002. (((REDACTED))). At (((REDACTED))) twin brother's funeral. As (((REDACTED)))was still in shock that her brother was laying there dead. (((REDACTED)))and other family members that had vendetta's against (((REDACTED))). Without (((REDACTED)))knowledge to this matter. Acted them out on (((REDACTED))). As the funeral took place. 

Police were called and there is a lot to this story. A police report was filed. Karyn is in the process of a book and it can not all be released on here as we would like. We will keep you posted if you are interested. 

(((REDACTED))) would like to go around telling everyone she was the Mother instead of (((REDACTED))) Sister. Due to the Controlling Narcissistic (((REDACTED))) has become. (((REDACTED))) was jealous of her Sister (((REDACTED))). For years (((REDACTED))) avoided (((REDACTED)))and other family members. So much so. That (((REDACTED))) never allowed anyone to let them know where she lived or what her address and phone number was.

(((REDACTED))) lived a very secret life. In fact. (((REDACTED))) had even alientated her own son, (((REDACTED))) that (((REDACTED)))lived with helping (((REDACTED))) as a single parent since (((REDACTED)))was a baby. (((REDACTED))) would go on to tell her Mother. Her and (((REDACTED))) Mother. That (((REDACTED)))took her for a ride. That (((REDACTED)))ran up her bills and never paid her. First off. If you know (((REDACTED))) . No one lives in her home without paying her! (((REDACTED))) currently had her brother (((REDACTED)))living with her and she and her new husband (((REDACTED))) have made sure they will get their money when (((REDACTED))) lawsuit is settled. Brother of (((REDACTED))) and (((REDACTED))). 

(((REDACTED))) Ex-Husband. Cousin of her current husband (((REDACTED))). Is susidal since the divorce with (((REDACTED))), and doesn't have a dime left of the inheritance. That (((REDACTED))) had recieved when his mother (((REDACTED)))pasted away. (((REDACTED)))actually went out to Arizona to live with a cousin and now had to return due to his state of mind and the after effects of being married to (((REDACTED))) Currently (((REDACTED))) lives with his ex-wife and cousin who is currently married to (((REDACTED))). 

(((REDACTED))).  Sister. Came home to Chicago due to an abusive husband with her two kids. Not once in the 3 1/2 years that (((REDACTED)))lived there did (((REDACTED)))ever have (((REDACTED)))come to her house to visit. (((REDACTED)))would come to the Mother's where (((REDACTED)))lived to visit here and there. Never bringing her husband to possibly finding out the truth. About the women he was married to.

(((REDACTED)))would attend going to court to fight (((REDACTED)))'s assranged husband here and there. Only for the reason. (((REDACTED)))had a secret crush on (((REDACTED)))'s legal representation. Attorney John D Landry of Illinois. (((REDACTED)))couldn't believe the flurtation that took place. Specifically from (((REDACTED))). (((REDACTED)))and Attorney John D. Landry of Illinois were in a relationship. That is also recorded with the A.R.D.C. of Chicago. 

John D. Landry would later go against (((REDACTED)))his own client. After John D. Landry convinces (((REDACTED))) to release him from her case so that they could be together when (((REDACTED)))turns up pregnant with John D. Landry's baby. Then later convinces (((REDACTED)))that if she would go through with the pregnancy and the time frame (((REDACTED)))got pregnant. It could ruin his career. After Attorney John D. Landry knew full and well the consiquence of his involvement with his client. (((REDACTED)))had problems in carring two pregnancys and has been phycially ill for years. John Landry knows of all (((REDACTED)))'s medical mishaps and still puts her in such a position. This attorney should be disbard! He has a record of trying to distroy two other female clients that (((REDACTED)))found out too late. John D. Landry even breaks on of their jaws. 

Attorney John D. Landry now team up with (((REDACTED)))'s Mother (whom is mad at her for not helping mom illegally enableing another sibling with a legal document. (Witnesses) The Mother favored certain children for being her "golden child/children" in this case. Whom ever paid Mommy's bills, gave mommy money, bought her the best presents were her "Golden Children" (((REDACTED)))has collected and saved many letters from her Mommy Dearest through out the year of this Women that was called Mother. Calling her names. Swearing at her. Telling her what a bad Women Karyn was for not attending to her Mother's Needs. The letters are to say the least. The most unsettling letters I ever read in my life! How this women is still standing here today to tell her story. I am shake everytime I read on of her Mother's letters!

(((REDACTED)))(who is upset that (((REDACTED)))had a relationship with her appointed next victim (John D. Landry) I am sure was unaware. Although when (((REDACTED))) approached (((REDACTED))). Tells (((REDACTED))), "I told you I would help you find an attorney! I didn't tell you to f*** him!" Again. (((REDACTED))) takes presedence and control as if (((REDACTED)))paid for (((REDACTED)))'s Attorney. Or that she had anything to do with Mr. John D. Landry looking across the room at this beauty and marking her as his victim. 

Attorney John D. Landry was told in his office while (((REDACTED)))was present with her sister ((((REDACTED)))) that she never calls or comes to see since her return to Chicago. As (((REDACTED)))sat in the chair in this attorney's office crying her heart out "that she was still in love with her husband!" (((REDACTED)))clearly making a point of it and telling Mr. Landry that (((REDACTED)))& (((REDACTED)))have had many break ups. They love each other. I do see them getting back together. As (((REDACTED)))carried on with counselor Landry. 

(((REDACTED)))tells (((REDACTED)))when leaving the office of Landry and Associates. "Just make up with (((REDACTED)))and go home. It's not the first time he has hit you and it won't be the last. What did you do to deserve it? Your no angel. What did you do to piss him off?" "You spoiled b***h!" (((REDACTED))) said. Her heart sunk so deep and she felt a lump in her throat that her sister/ mother would even say such a cruel thing. Although (((REDACTED))) has made many statements to (((REDACTED)))through out her life. Since the time (((REDACTED)))was a baby and (((REDACTED)))wanting to go out with her friends to drink. (((REDACTED)))was appointed to tend to the three little children of the family of 9. 

(((REDACTED)))resented her unclaimed roll of Mother. This is where (((REDACTED)))tells me that (((REDACTED)))took the roll on as Mother. Their Mother had children to take care of the children. (((REDACTED))) was in attendance although never liked to do anything more than sit and watch t.v. aka. her soap opera's as she (((REDACTED))) pulled (((REDACTED)))and (((REDACTED)))out of highschool. For (((REDACTED)))to be the Mother & Kurt to be the father and go to work. (((REDACTED))) didnt' want to be bothered. She has it rough enough trying to raise her own children. (((REDACTED))) would be so selfish to put the burden on (((REDACTED)))& (((REDACTED))) the oldest two to become stand in's. 

(((REDACTED)))one time while she and (((REDACTED)))were together. Made a comment to (((REDACTED))). "(((REDACTED)))told me you arent' pretty at all!" This is suppose to be on of (((REDACTED)))very good and long time friends repeating this to her little sister. Sounds insecure to me! On & On this wheel goes. I have read all the ugly letters  M(((REDACTED))) had written. I have never seen so much jealousy in my life. Yes that is right (((REDACTED))). We have them. (((REDACTED)))has held on to all over the years and you are going to be exposed for what you have done. 

(((REDACTED))). Another sibling of (((REDACTED)))'s that actually physcially hurt (((REDACTED)))at age 16 to the point (((REDACTED)))tried to kill herself. (((REDACTED)))- also has UNPROTECTED her own daughter with sexual abuse. To this day (((REDACTED)))and her sister (((REDACTED)))are very close. Due to the illigal activities they harbor and have taken out on (((REDACTED))). Making (((REDACTED)))the Scape Goat! 

(((REDACTED)))has done such horrible illigal things to (((REDACTED))). So to her own daughter she refuses to protect a molestation she undured. (((REDACTED))) tried to call (((REDACTED)))out about NOT taking action. (((REDACTED)))is told it's "none of her business" as (((REDACTED)))watches and counts the days that this will come out in her neice and hurt her.

Harboring something so hurtful. (((REDACTED)))tells me she knows. It has effected her and she wished that someone came to her. (((REDACTED)))tells me that she had tried to tell teachers. They all just called (((REDACTED))). Because the one she ((((REDACTED)))) reported it to. (((REDACTED)))her sister is still friend with as of today.

(((REDACTED)))and (((REDACTED)))were the two that took (((REDACTED)))into emergency after (((REDACTED))) made (((REDACTED)))sit  in front of her to yell at her. (((REDACTED))). Is going into shock from what she had taken. (((REDACTED)))dropped (((REDACTED)))off at the emergency room. While (((REDACTED)))drove. Never hearing from her sister (((REDACTED))) again. No concern for her little sister

(((REDACTED))). A brother that was in on the (((REDACTED PER COURT ORDER))) and harming (((REDACTED))). The brother that was trying to take over a home in a family disbute that (((REDACTED)))'s Mother dragged (((REDACTED)))into being that (((REDACTED)))was a loan officer at the time.  (Since has apologized to the victim (((REDACTED))) in a letter. For his part of what took place. (((REDACTED))) is no longer with us. He passed in August of 2012. (((REDACTED)))'s belief is that their Mother had held on and carried out all punishment and orders through (((REDACTED))). That (((REDACTED)))didn't have a life due to thier Mother and her way. 

(((REDACTED))) is also a racist as her new husband is accused of being. Such a big raciest that she ((((REDACTED)))) never had anything to do with her Nephew (((REDACTED))) and his two siblings. (((REDACTED)))and (((REDACTED))). Nor did (((REDACTED)))ever have anything to do with her sister (((REDACTED))) who is a poor abandoned soul. Who suffers from being a drug addict due to being kicked out of the house at the age of 16 due to a pregnancy. (((REDACTED)))has helped her sister (((REDACTED)))for many years and her children. Mother. The roll of Mother should have gone to Ms. (((REDACTED)))n with all the things she has endured through her Birth Mother and the sister who claimed Mother.

(((REDACTED))). From what you have done to this beautiful sister of yours. You are truly as evil as you could possibly be! You all gathered together and tore (((REDACTED)))apart and left her bones for the voltures to peck at. Does it even bother you that you attended her daughter's wedding that you and your siblings alientated her from? Her heart bleeds for her son and daughter!!! She has letters from you that I read. How could someone go from being against her abusive husband to being for him? 

Alot I would love to post on here and I will surely try. Then let all see who you are and what you have done. Charater Assassiantion is what you did to your younger sister. Out of jealousy and rage. To protect you and all your lies and deceit. I just wonder. Do you believe in God? Do you think you will go to heaven or hell. 

Yes. Your sister gets it. You were hurt too! But she was the only sister that can say. Babysat for each and everyone of the grandchildren. Watched them grow. She was the last to have children. Thinking it is her turn for all of you to protect her as she had done for you. 

How does all of this go on? When you have an attorney around you can get your way? What is the price on pays in cash to rip a Loving Mother apart? (((REDACTED))) paid in tears and years waiting for over a decade for you to realize the damage you did with the attorney's and professionals you used to tear her apart!!! How is this not a crime? How did your husband play a roll?

You have blasted (((REDACTED)))all over the internet. Yes. We found him the web guy that has you advertising a weak and very volrable state your sister was in at the time! It's just a matter of time to they press charges. Arizona. Come on. Did you not think that it would be connected to you (((REDACTED))) and your sister (((REDACTED))). The internet embarrasment. Friend of (((REDACTED)))? If anyone has seen the video with (((REDACTED))). In that video. (((REDACTED)))has lost her twin brother, her children have been taken away. She had no means to fight for them. Due to (((REDACTED)))'s health. 

(((REDACTED))) has been just diagnosed as of October 2013. She has a rare disease. It was never that she was lazy (((REDACTED)))was it. (((REDACTED)))had more life in her than anyone I had ever known! (((REDACTED))) was sick. Instead of any of you taking the time to help her. You beat her up and beat her down! 




This report was posted on Ripoff Report on 02/11/2014 02:25 PM and is a permanent record located here: http://www.ripoffreport.com/reports/names-redacted-due-to-perceived-harassment-cyberstalking-cyberbullying-revenge-post/redacteda-michigan/names-redacted-due-to-perceived-harassment-cyberstalking-cyberbullying-revenge-1122828. The posting time indicated is Arizona local time. Arizona does not observe daylight savings so the post time may be Mountain or Pacific depending on the time of year.

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