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Complaint Review: Nationwide Relocation Services, Inc.

  • Submitted: Fri, August 01, 2008
  • Updated: Wed, February 06, 2013
  • Reported By: Springfield Missouri
  • Nationwide Relocation Services, Inc.
    6245 Powerline Rd. Ste. 202
    Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Show customers why they should trust your business over your competitors...

Unbelievable!!!! I am in the middle of the scam right now! I moved from Florida to Missouri and found Nationwide Relocation Services, Inc. on one of those fraudulent websites. They advertise as "Full Service", so I was unaware that they were only brokers. Josh Wiley was my contact and when I spoke with him, he never told me he was a broker, and actually told me that they would be moving my belongings...NEVER did he discuss their services and that fact that they would be contracting out a carrier.

Wiley proceeded to ask me about my belongings, going down a list of items to see what I had. I told him about furniture and items that were not part of his list, I told him we would have approximately 60 boxes of varying sizes, and I explained to him that I had large, oversized furniture. He then quoted me an estimated weight of 4,991 lbs. which was significantly lower that other estimates I had received of 5,700 to 6,400 lbs. I brought this to his attention and he claimed that the other companies intentionally over-estimate a shippers weight to collect more money.

He quoted me a price of $2,607.68, again, significantly lower that the other quotes I had received. My fianc and I were on a budget, so this price worked best for us. Wiley then explained that we had to pay a deposit of $922.13 and we would pay the remaining balance of $1,685.55 upon delivery. He explained that we could pay with cash, money order, or cashier's check. He also informed us that this was a BINDING ESTIMATE and that they price could not change. He told us he would email us that Terms and Conditions and Estimate for Service (located under this title, is the word BINDING).

Wiley told us that he needed us to agree to the terms immediately since we had to move quickly (we called on 6/13 for a move on 6/20). If we did not pay the deposit and get the agreement back to him immediately, he would not be able to move us. We confirmed that the agreement stated it was a "binding, not-to-exceed estimate" (we failed to continue reading to discover that the Binding Estimate somehow can transform into a Non-Binding Agreement which is legally impossible). We agreed on pick-up dates of 6/20 - 6/21.

I explained to Wiley that we had to be out of our rental home on the 22nd of June, so it was imperative that their movers arrive as scheduled. He assured us that they would arrive on the 20th, and that the 21st was to allow for emergency delays, of which, we would be notified of immediately. The 20th comes and by 5 PM, we had seen nor heard anything from the movers. I call Josh to inform him that the movers have not arrived or called. He appeared shocked and very concerned and said he would call me right back.

An hour later, he calls to inform me that they got held up but would be at our home by 4 PM the next day, the 21st. I expressed my extreme disappointment that his company had failed to keep their commitment and that they were putting me in a very difficult position seeing as how we had to be out of the house on the 22nd. He was apologetic and promised me that they would be there the next day. The next day came and by 5 PM, nothing. I started frantically calling NRS, but they are closed on the weekends, so I left a message with Dispatch, Josh Wiley, and with Customer Service (no one ever responded to those messages in the following weeks).

The movers never showed up, and we had to be out of the home the next day for a 22 hour drive to MO. I was now going to miss my first day of work with my new job, and my fianc was going to miss his flight for a business meeting, resulting in lost income. We were furious. Sunday morning, the 22nd, we get a call from the driver informing us that he would be at our home by 10 AM...they show up at 12 noon. The truck was small, and had Duntara Moving and Storage written on it. We had never been given that name before, so we asked the driver who he works for.

He told us he works for Nationwide Relocation Services, Inc, and that Duntara was just a name for the moving section of NRS. We thought that it was odd that Wiley never mentioned that to us, but we had to be out of the house and we had a 22 hour drive, and it was Sunday, so we could not get in contact with anyone from NRS, so we allowed the movers to start loading our items. We had already packed everything. They quickly load the truck, and then the driver forces us to sign blank paperwork, threatening to dump our items on the street if we don't sign.

We had to sign under duress, not knowing what we signed. Our things were supposed to be delivered no later than 7/6/08. 7/6 comes and no delivery and of course, no one called us. I call Josh at NRS and ask why my furniture did not arrive, and where it is. It is at this time that Josh begins his sprint in the other direction. He puts me through to Customer Service where I sit on hold for 32 minutes. I hang up and call him back....he puts me through to Customer Service again. I sit on hold for another 12 minutes when finally someone picks up.

I explain to her my situation, she said she needed to call the carrier at which time I responded, "I thought you WERE the carrier." She did not respond and put me on hold. She comes back on and tells me my things will be delivered the next week. I demanded that she explain to me why I was misled into believing NRS was also the carrier, and why the driver told me he was employed by NRS. She said that I must have misunderstood, and explained to me that NRS is a broker and they simply set up the move with a moving basically, they are a completely unnecessary element that cost me $922.13.

I asked for the name of the carrier and a contact name and number, to which she told me that NRS works with the carrier and that I did not need to communicate with the carrier. I told her I was contacting an attorney...she did not care and placed me on hold. She then came back and told me the carrier was Duntara Moving & Storage, and gave me the phone number and the President's name, Mehmet (Mike) Ozen. I called the number, asked for Mike Ozen and was told that he does not take calls. I explained my situation and asked where my belongings were and when they would be delivered.

I reminded them that the last day for deliver was yesterday, 7/6. First, the woman told me that I should not be calling them because NRS is supposed to resolve issues between a shipper and the carrier. I told her that NRS gave me the number and told me to call them (Duntara). She then placed me on hold. She comes back and informs me that she does not know exactly where my belongings are, but that they would be delivered by the end of the week (7/10 or 7/11).

A couple of days later, around 7/8, LaVon calls to confirm that my belongings were delivered on the 6th!! We asked her if NRS even communicates with Duntara and explained to her the recent events. She said she would look into it and call us back...we never received a call back. By the end of the week, we had no furniture, and no phone calls, and of course, you cannot reach either company on the weekend.

So we were living in an empty house and had to purchase towels, silverware, etc. Monday (7/14) morning we began calling both NRS and Duntara incessantly. Josh would always put us through to Customer Service, and would never call us when he said he would, and never called us again. NRS was placing blame on Duntara and vice versa. Nationwide could never give us answers as to where my belongings were, and what was causing the delay.

No one ever called us to notify us of delays...they kept promising date after date, and simply would not show up...we always had to call them to get answers. On one day, Duntara told us they were just backed up and that my belongings were sitting on the truck. Two days later, a different representative from Duntara told us that the truck broke down the week before and my things were in a storage unit and would have to be re-loaded once the truck was repaired.

I was extremely concerned about the fact that my belongings had been moved out of a truck, placed in storage unit somewhere and I was never notified of where, and then re-loaded onto another truck. I explained that I was never told my items would be stored and moved so many times, that I never authorized such activity, and that I am to be notified of where my property is and when it is tossed around from truck to truck. I demanded to know where my belongings were being stored, she told me they were being stored in a warehouse onsite! She didn't know if it was secure, climate-controlled, or if my belongings were protected from weather and theft!

I called NRS to find out the name of the owner, and the Customer Service Rep (CSR) would not give it to me and told me he does not ever speak to customers. I told her if she did not give me his name, I was calling the police and reporting my belongings stolen. She placed me on hold, came back, and gave me the name Aldo Disorbo. I then called my father for help because my fianc and I could get nowhere and my father is prominent businessman in Florida and I knew he would be more likely to make progress. Somehow he was able to get Mike Ozen's (President of Duntara Moving & Storage) secretary to give him Mehmet's cell phone number.

My father called Mike Ozen and spoke with him. Mike began sighting bogus laws and was very defensive, but he committed to my father to have my belongings to me no later than Wednesday, 7/23. 7/16 came and furniture and no phone call. My father called Mike Ozen and asked why he did not fulfill his commitment at which time, Mr. Ozen denied ever even speaking to my father. My father was appalled, called me right back and said, "We have a problem, this company is scamming you." During the weeks prior, we did receive 3 total calls from NRS to confirm delivery....which we found very odd.

We continued calling both entities and were told that it would be no later than 7/23 and the driver would call us 24 hours before arriving in Springfield, MO. There was absolutely no sympathy or concern for our situation. On the evening of 7/22, we had not heard from the driver. We try to contact Nationwide and Duntara, but they were both closed for the evening. To make matters worse, on 7/23, we receive a call from NRS informing us that our belongings would definitely arrive Saturday, Sunday, or Monday, and that once again, we will hear from the driver.

About 30 seconds after we hung up with NRS, someone else calls from NRS and tells us that we now owe $2400 at the time of delivery because our load weighed over 1000 lbs more than they estimated. At this point, we were furious. We refused to pay the addition money and reminded the representative that we signed a BINDING ESTIMATE, meaning we are bound to the $1,685.55 and nothing more. The rep explained to us that the estimate was binding, but not the final charge????? We saw the word "BINDING" at the top of the page titled "Estimate for Service" and, we paid $922.13 for a "Deposit/Binding Estimate Fee", in addition to paragraph 8 of the Terms and Conditions which state, "Customer has elected a "Not to exceed cost" price, the total cost will not exceed the estimated amount,...".

We notified the rep that as stated in the Code of Federal Regulations, you cannot charge a fee for a Binding Estimate. In addition, a Binding Estimate cannot morph into a Non-Binding Estimate, which their Agreement states, making their Terms and Conditions invalid. The rep argued that no such laws exist and if we want our belongings off the truck, we have to pay $2400. We said we would see when the furniture arrived. This is when I began my diligent and relentless research into every law, statute, and organization governing the Transportation of Household Goods so that I would be educated and informed by the time the driver arrived.

The driver called us over the weekend and said he would be at our home Monday (7/28) morning. He called again Monday afternoon to inform us that he was being held at a weigh station for 10 hours about an hour and a half away from us, so he would not be at our home until Tuesday, the 29th. Given the lies and deception we had endured thus far, we decided to track down the weigh station they were being held at and call to confirm the driver's story. And he was telling the truth. He was being held because he had failed to make any entries into his log book.

The driver, Bryan Benedict, arrived at our home late morning on Tuesday, 7/29. The truck was a huge, blank, semi. My fianc was on his way home, so I was alone with these men. Bryan pulled out a stack of paperwork including the Inventory, the Bill of Lading that we never received a copy of, and some other yellow form that he wouldn't let us have, but I saw the words Non-Binding at the top of the page. All of the forms had my fianc's signature, but we were forced to sign them under duress when they were blank. I informed Bryan that we were never given a copy of the Bill of Lading, as required by Federal Law.

I also pointed out that nothing was filled out when we had to sign, and we never agreed to any of the information on either forms, as they were filled out AFTER we signed them and not in our presence. The Bill of Lading had an estimated pick-up date of 6/19 and a Guaranteed pick-up date of 6/20, however, someone later scratched out the 6/20 and changed it to 6/22 since they did not pick-up on the Guaranteed date, and knew they would have to compensate up for that. The estimated delivery date and Guaranteed deliver date boxes were left blank.

The delivery address was the wrong street number, wrong city, and wrong zip code, which we found odd. And the Balance Due of $1,685.55 that we agreed to as a Binding Estimate had been scratched out and changed to $2,335.03. I questioned Bryan regarding all of these items and he immediately called his boss, Mike Ozen. Mike claimed that we requested that our copy be mailed to us. We were never even told about the Bill of Lading, and we were never asked how we wanted to receive our copy. Besides, mailing it isnt even an optionmoving companies are required by Federal Law to give you a copy of the BoL before they even load the truck!!

All of this information I discovered too late. I then asked Bryan to ask Mike which copy he mailed, because the white, pink, and yellow copies were all right in front of me. He did not give an answer. Bryan ended the call and demanded the payment of $2,335.03 in cash ONLY. I brought to his attention that the Estimate for Service and Terms and Conditions from NRS stated that acceptable forms of payment were certified check, money order, cashiers check, and that Federal Law states that a moving company is required to accept a minimum of 2 of the 3 following forms of payment:

1. Cash, cashier's check, money order, or traveler's check;
2. Valid personal check, showing upon it's face the name and address of the shipper or authorized representative; or
3. Valid credit card, which shall include, but not limited to, Visa or Mastercard.

I explained to him that Federal Law also states that the acceptable forms of payment listed on the Estimate for Service must be the same as those listed on the Bill of Lading and vice versa. Of course, he had no idea what I was talking about and continued to demand payment. I told him I was not paying the additional money. He again, called Mike to inform him of what was happening. At this time, we are back outside at the truck and my fianc arrives home, and parks right in front of the semi's cab.

I pulled my car up behind the semi, because I had found in my research that these moving scams involve the drivers taking off in the truck with the shippers possessions, and I was not going to let that happen. My fianc looks at the paperwork, confirms that we never agreed to any of it, and that NRS's Agreement contradicts Duntara's paperwork. We continue to refuse to pay and demanded that they relinquish our belongings.

The driver informed us that this happens every time we try to deliver and his partner told us that this was his first ride with Duntara and they were having this problem with every delivery they tried to make. He also stated that the company was shady and that he wanted to terminate his employment upon return to Florida. We went back and forth with them, sighting Federal Law. Bryan kept calling Mike Ozen; we called some male friends for support. My fianc had a confrontation on the phone with Mike at which time Mike threatened to come after us if we did not pay the full amount, in cash only.

He had no interest in our position and he sure didn't want to be told about all the Federal Laws he was violating. I then called the USDOT's Enforcement Division and spoke to Randy. He confirmed that Duntara was clearly in violation of several Federal Laws governing their business, but there was nothing he could do. He also informed me that moving companies could not demand cash only for payment, and are required by law to accept a personal check, cahier's check, or money order.

He advised us to file reports with the FBI and the FMCSA. We then told the driver that the USDOT Rep told us that by law, they have to accept a personal check or money order, so we would write a check for the full amount. Bryan told us he was not going to accept anything but cash. He called his boss, Mike, again to let him know we wanted to pay with check or money order and Mike said absolutely not. My fianc got on the phone with Mike and informed him of the Federal Law, but Mike said we didn't know what we were talking about and that if we did not pay with cash immediately, he was ordering his driver's to leave and we would never see our belongings again.

The driver, Bryan, and his assistant close the doors on the truck and call the police on us. Randy from the USDOT assured me that this was a civil matter and that the police would be of no help to either party, as they are legally required to remain neutral in dealing with civil cases and can only observe and step in if there is an assault. Three officers arrive at our home. They remind us that they cannot get involved, however, they spoke to all parties, and reviewed all of the paperwork.

One of the men, a Corporal, even told me that we were wasting their time, and we needed to just pay up.I was appalled by his statements. We notified the police that we tried to pay with a check or money order, but the driver would not accept anything but cash. I tried to show them in the Household Moving Services, Chapter 507, F.S., statute 507.05, paragraph 6, where it requires movers to accept money orders or personal check. I also attempted to read to the Paragraph 2 of Statute 507.06 stating the following:

2. A mover may not refuse to relinquish household goods to a shipperbased on the movers refusal to accept an acceptable form of payment.

One of the officers went over the paperwork with my fianc and me and said that we DID sign agreeing to pay so he could not make them unload the truck. We pointed out where the original amount owed had been scratched out and changed AFTER we signed, so we in fact, did not sign agreeing to those terms. The officer told us it didn't matter. All parties began arguing and we kept trying to show the officers all of the Federal Laws they were violating.

The Corporal became very sarcastic and verbally attacked me and my fianc, siding with the movers. He ordered my fianc to go to the bank and withdrawal the money to pay the movers, or he was going to let them leave. We were being betrayed by our own local police department. My fianc went to get the money, and the officers departed. When he returned, he showed the driver, Bryan, the cash but continued to insist that we were not paying anything until the truck was unloaded. Bryan refused. There were some words exchanged between all parties, then the driver and his partner got in the truck, and we all took a break.

My future father-in-law later approached the truck and offered the money to the driver, but he refused the money and told us it was too late, that he called the police again for a police escort. At that time, my fianc and the other gentlemen we had there to help us, opened up the back doors of the truck and began unloading our belongings ourselves. We only got a few boxes and my great grandmother's china cabinet out of the truck before the police arrived.

My fianc was inside the truck with a stack of boxes on a dolly when the Corporal from the earlier visit ran towards us, walks by me as I try to talk to him, tells me I must know everything, calls me sweetie, and tells me to shut up. He walks up to the cab of the truck to see the driver (apparently, Bryan had called and reported that he had been physically assaulted by my fianc, however, there was not physical evidence, because no one ever laid a hand on anyone).

The Corporal runs back to the end of the semi, orders everyone to stop what they were doing and demands my fianc get out of the truck. Two other officers arrive and do nothing to help us. Before my fianc could even take a step, this Corporal runs up the ramp and onto the truck, pushes my fianc back and pulls out his tazer and puts it in my fiance's face. I was in tears, begging for him to stopall we were doing was taking my personal property that the movers were trying to hold hostage to extort more money.

The Corporal responded by telling me I had a very colorful imagination. He continued to push my fianc around and old his taser to his facehe wouldn't let my fianc off the truck, although he was demanding he exit the truck. My fianc asked him what law we were breaking and the Corporal stated, I'm sure there is some law out there that you are breaking. We were begging and pleading with the officer that this moving company was breaking multiple Federal Laws and were a fraudulent company who was pulling a very common scam on us.

The Corporal said he did not care, we were full of s**t, and that WE were trying to scam the moving company!!! I felt so helpless and violated. My fianc was outraged and shouting at the Corporal. The Corporal then threatened my fianc by stating that he would remove his badge and call his buddies to come kick my fiance's a**. I was dumbfounded by the Corporals behavior. He refused to take a statement from me or my fianc and threatened to arrest my fianc, but couldn't tell us under what grounds.

He then takes statements from both Bryan and his partner, who lie and tell the Corporal that my fianc and acquaintances jumped them. The other two officers took me and my fianc aside and we tried to explain what was going on. Neither officer asked us our side of things. I told the two officer's that it was my understanding that since this was a civil matter, that by law, they were not permitted to make any decisions in favor of either party, were not permitted to force us off the truck, nor could they keep the truck there, and I wanted to know why they told us when they were called out the first time, that they could not get involved, but then gave us an ultimatum to either pay, or they were going to tell the truck to leave.

I emphasized the fact that they were clearly siding in favor of the moving company and they were allowing them to commit several Federal Crimes. I told them if they let the truck leave, I would never see my belongings again. The officer's responded by telling me that because there was an assault, they now could get involved. I replied by first, telling them there was never an assault, and that we are dealing with a fraudulent company who has done nothing but lie to and deceive us for 5 weeks.

I then told the officers that I understand them intervening if there was a physical assault, as that is one of the areas that police officers can enforce the law, however, the fact that this is still a contract issue and a civil matter, they do not have the authority to intervene regarding that aspectonly the assault, if there had been one. Neither officer could say anything.

Suddenly, I hear the semi truck start, and I begin crying asking the officers and the completely inappropriate behaved Corporal to please not let the truck leave, they cannot hold my things hostage. My fianc approached the Corporal with the $2400 cash and told him we would pay. The Corporal told him that it was too late, and that we deserved to never see our belongings again with the way we behaved.

He accused us of breaking into the truck and stealing my own belongings. I was crying father had made and painted some furniture for me when I was a little girl, and it was on the truck. I had family photos, and heirlooms that can never be replaced. My fianc got in our car and left. The Corporal and the other 2 officers, for no reason, chased him down in their cars.

The Duntara moving truck had pulled off the side of the street right outside our neighborhood, so my fianc pulled over and tried to give them to money so they would come back with our thingshe knew I had valuable items on the truck, he knew what the furniture from my father meant to me, and he couldn't bear to see me so upset. He was trying to get the driver to come back, but suddenly, all three cop cars pull up, grab my fianc, slam him up against one of their cars while Bryan, the driver, starts yelling that my fianc assaulted him again!!!!

They handcuffed my fianc and humiliated him on the side of a busy road. He is a well known business owner, so this was devastating for him. The owner of Duntara, Mike, was on the phone and told the officers he did not want to press charges at this time, so my fianc was released. Somehow, we had become the criminals. We are residents of Missouri, and our own police turned on us and allowed a fraudulent moving company out of South Florida to basically steal all of our possessions. I was in shock, I felt so helpless.

I felt like no one would help us, and I would never see the furniture my father made for me ever again. I called Nationwide Relocation Services, Inc., as I hold them responsible for everything. Josh Wiley answered his phone thinking he would never have to deal with us again. He was shocked when I told him who was calling. I calmly told him that Duntara was trying to extort me for more money, refused to deliver my possessions, and have now driven off and told me I would never see my belongings again, and I wanted to know what NRS and Aldo Disorbo plan to do about it.

He placed me on hold. A CSR picked up, I told the woman I did not want to speak with her, that this situation had reached a whole new level and I demanded to speak with Mr. Disorbo himself. Again, I was told that he does not take calls from customers. I said that I was calling the police in Ft. Lauderdale if he would not speak to me. She placed me on hold. I waited for almost 20 minutes before the line suddenly disconnected.

When I tried to call back, no one would answer the phone. I then called Duntara Moving & Storage to ask them to please send the driver back, that we would pay him the cash. The line rang once, and then hung up. I called 8 more times and the line would ring once, and then hang up. I was positive that both companies were suddenly going to disappear. The 9th attempt, I got a CSR at Duntara. I was in tears and asked her to please call the driver and tell him to come back and accept our cash. She placed me on hold.

The President, Mike Ozen, then got on the line. I again, asked that he have to driver return, that we would pay the cash. He told me that he will not allow the driver to return because he fears for his safety. He said it was too late and that he had reported me and my fianc to the FBI for breaking into their truck and stealing my own belongings. He told me that the truck was going to Chicago, but that if I wired him $10,000 immediately, he would bring our possessions back to Springfield and put them in storage.

I told him that was extortion and wire fraud, and that it was a violation of yet another Federal Law to demand that a shipper wire you any amount of money before you will bring their belongings to them. I told him that I know his company and NRS are pulling the most common moving scam used by all of these fraudulent companies, and that I know he would take my money and run with my belongings. I told him I would do no such thing. He said that I would never see my possessions ever again, and hung up on me.

Shortly after I hung up with Mr. Ozen, Officer Andrews called me to find out if I spoke with anyone from Duntara about getting my belongings brought back. I told him about my conversation with Mike Ozen. Officer Andrews told me that it WAS against the law for the moving company to take your belongings out of Springfield, and that he would be required to place them in a local storage facility of which he will have to provide me with the name and location.

The officer asked for Mr. Ozen's phone number, I provided it to him. He said he would call me right back. About 20 minutes later, Officer Andrews called and told me that he informed Mike that he must return my belongings to Springfield and place them in local storage. Mike told Officer Andrews that I would receive a call in no more than 2 days to deliver my belongings to a local storage unit.

He denied demanding that I wire him any money. I told the officer that I appreciate the effort, but that Mike is a liar, and I will never hear from him most likely, never get my things back. He assured me that Mike gave him his word. I chuckled and said ok. That was 3 days ago.I have not yet heard from anyone about the location of my belongings. I called the police station to file a stolen property report, and they sent an officer out to our home today, 7/31.

The officer was someone new and was extremely helpful. He explained that he cannot take a stolen property report because it is still a civil matter. He said he wished he could do something, but that the government and the system are so screwed up and do very little to protect the victims of these types of crimes. He did confirm that the behavior of the two officers, and the Corporal was extremely inappropriate and that they are not permitted to do what they did.

He told us that they had no right to make us stop unloading our things, or to stop the truck.they should have been there just to monitor the activity and intervene only if there was an assault. He told us who we could contact to report and file complaints against the Corporal and officers. He said that he was very sorry. The actions of the Corporal are the only reason I may never see my things again.

The officer stated that he wished he had been the one on duty, as he would have never intervened by forcing us off the truck. He would not be able to stop the truck from leaving either, however, the truck could not leave with the ramps down and the doors open and the cargo unsecured. Basically, I would be sitting in my home right now with my possessions if it weren't for the Corporal.

I have contacted the US Department of Transportation, the MO Department of Transportation and the FL Department of Transportation. I called the Attorney General in FL as well as the State Attorney's Office. I urge anyone to please please call Move Rescue. They are very aware of NRS and very familiar with Aldo Disorbo. They cannot take direct action, but my contact said that they are the organization that stay on th FMCSA's and the FBI's face and provide them with all of the complaints so that a Federal Investigation can be opened.

You MUST file a very detailed written complaint to the FMCSA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration). They will assign a Transportation Specialist to you who will assist you in contacting all the people and organizations that can help. And PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE contact your local FBI as well as the FBI on Miami. They take your report, an investigator reviews it and then calls to interview you. The woman I spoke with today with the FBI in Miami said that they are familiar with NRS and Aldo Disorbo and need more complaints filed to open an investigation.

You MUST call the FBI. File complaints with the National BBB, your local BBB, and the Miami BBB. Contact the FL Highway Patrol. Write the Congressmen your state AND in Florida that represent the appropriate region of your state and FL. We have to be relentless! My contact at Move Rescue told me that get multiple calls a day about Nationwide Relocation Services. The BBB has received over 1000 complaints in the last 36 months; that's almost 28 calls a month, approximately 1 call every business day for the last 3 years!! Yet they have an A rating????

I also found a Los Angeles Times article from 2002 stating that Aldo Disorbo is a notorious figure in the moving industry in South Florida. He often uses the names of family members for his various companies Stefano Disorbo and Anthony Disorbo. He even named his 2-year-old daughter as a vice president.

In 1997, during the initial sting operation by the FBI and FMCSA, Disorbo was banned from the moving industry for 3 years as part of one of the settlements of a lawsuit by the state of FL. He later served 2 months in jail on a contempt charge for violation this ban. Authorities are very familiar with Disorbo and know that he is a behind-the-scenes operator of numerous moving companies. I cannot begin to site the number of Federal Laws and Statutes that NRS violates on a daily basis.

The moving companies are Nationwide Relocation Services. Some even share the same address. So you try to go after NRS directly, and they disappear leaving you to chase down the carrier who may be working in cubicles right next to one another. Disorbo changes out the names of his moving companies and is constantly creating new and bogus moving companies, not licensed and on the BBB website, but not a member, and with no contact name. He operates the following companies just in the Ft. Lauderdale area:

All Coast Transporters
American Van Lines of California
Move Cost
Nationwide Relocation Services
United States Van Lines
World Moving Services
American Relocation
Nationwide Auto Transporters

We need to fight to get this criminal behind bars and then deported, just like the owners and associates of the infamous Majesty Moving and Storage, Inc, during the second FBI sting in 2001 that again, imprisoned and shut down moving companies and brokers all over the country, and many will be deported upon completion of their various sentences.

Let's do this together. (((email redacted))). Please help me.

Springfield, Missouri

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#1 Consumer Comment

Happy to Report

AUTHOR: suzannel - (United States of America)

I am happy to report that my complaint regarding my move with Nationwide has been satisfactorily resolved. 
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#2 Consumer Comment

Please Report Nationwide Relo to DOT's FMCSA Enforcement Div

AUTHOR: suzannel - (United States of America)

Please Report Nationwide Relocation Services behavior  to DOT's FMCSA Enforcement Div at 888-368-7238 and Move Rescue at 800-832-1773

FMCSA can fine them and there are new laws to get customers reimbursed for their losses. 
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#3 UPDATE Employee

Dear customer

AUTHOR: Nationwide Relocation Services - (United States of America)

Nationwide Relocation Services regrets to hear of your dissatisfaction with our moving services. With the information you have provided us with, we are unable to locate your move with us. We are aware that you would like to remain anonymous, however, if you are indeed a customer we would like to speak with you to address your issues. Call us at 1-888-219-7171.

You may contact us at our office to discuss your concerns as soon as possible as we always like to ensure that our customers are satisfied with our services. Please call and provide your name and job ID # so we can better assist you with with your issues.

Thank you.


Nationwide Relocation Services
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#4 Consumer Comment


AUTHOR: TRUTH BE TOLD! - (United States of America)

I have been relentlessly fighting against this scum business for almost 2 years. 

I contacted and reported to "ALL of the above" plus the media, and NO one would do anything except ignore me, or just take my info, or pass the buck!

However, I am NOT giving up!

Those scum are begging to be put behind bars! 

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#5 Consumer Comment


AUTHOR: johndoe - (USA)
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#6 UPDATE EX-employee responds


AUTHOR: FORMER EMPLOYEE - (United States of America)

I am an ex employee who was fired because i would not part take in the deceitful acts being commited against innocent customers, but i am proud to say that was the best thing they did for me because no longer do i have the lie everyday to innocent customers and no longer do i have to part take in the rip off an scams activities on a daily basis.

all they do is steal cheat and rob customers out of their hard earned money, they are all theives too bad there are hundreds of other people who would be a victim of this robbery an deceitful b*****d of a company....but what goes around come around its just a matter of time before they crash an burn.
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