Hey folks, just wanted to post a follow up to this, in case anybody would like to know how it panned out. It is much overdue, so apologies.

I was contacted by Richard Anderson (above) via email. Over the next two days, I received more replies from him than I had in the two months I had been at with the XO. After 2 days of sorting out some details with the banking info, my withdrawal was finally processed, and a few days later I did finally receive the funds. Guess the forum posts were kind of a big deal.

According to Richard, the account manager with whom I was dealing with (Mark Goldman) was fired. Don't know if that's the truth or not, but that's what they have told me.

I was also contacted by their customer relations department offering me some bonus funds in exchange for either deleting or appending my posts to include the resolution. I turned down the offer, because I'm not a big fan of bonuses, on account of the volume requirements and what not. But I figured it's only fair that I still post the resolution to this mess.

Anyway, since then I have continued trading with them, just because I had some funds still left. Haven't had anymore issues since that big mess. Have made a couple withdrawals without incident, and trading is going relatively well.