On Wednesday Feb 2,2011 I placed an online order at Papa Johns official site: http://order.papajohns.com/index.html After placing my order and entering mycredit card informationthe payment could not be verified. Concerned that something was wrong with mycredit card, I logged intocredit cardonline and there I found a pending transaction from Papa Johns.

I called the store and asked if they received my order, they had not. I was told to call 1-877-547-7272 for assistance. I was on hold for over 30 min before I spoke to a lady who was rude. I called mycredit cardcompanyand then called 800 number, merged the calls and was on hold for an additional 45 min.

The supervisor James Hand blamed mycredit cardcompanyand said they could not give thecredit cardcompanythe merchant ID required to release my funds.

After 1 and 30 hours of being placed on hold and thecredit cardcompanyand papa johns arguing. My funds were released. However my evening was ruined, dinner was 3 hours late.

When I asked for my pizza for free, they only gave me 50% off. WHAT an insult!

I spoke to the manager Adrian McCaw from mylocalstore, he didn't seem to really care that I had spent 2 plus hours with papa johns online. I will NEVER order from this store EVER again.

Papa John's Store #1997
4980 West Ray Rd
Ste 1G
Chandler, AZ 85226

I have spent thousands of dollars on Pizza from Papa Johns and this is how Valued I am....... Never order ONLINE with Papa Johns.