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  • Submitted: Fri, January 04, 2013
  • Updated: Tue, January 22, 2013
  • Reported By: Susan — Florida USA
  • Paranormal Research Society LLC
    4820 Smith Creek Parkway, #105
    Raleigh, North Carolina
    United States of America

Paranormal Research Society LLC The Bureau, Ryan Buell, Sergey Poberezhny Defrauds customers - Does not book event sites - Broken promises to provide refunds Raleigh, North Carolina

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Show customers why they should trust your business over your competitors...

     Ryan Buell is the director of Paranormal Research Society (hereafter referenced as PRS) and for 5 seasons he had a show on A&E TV called Paranormal State.  It's been off the air for about a year.  He makes money now by scheduling, selling tickets to, and sometimes having events people pay to attend. In this capacity, he has proven himself to be a thief and a liar, defrauding ticketholders of thousands of dollars and costing them even more in travel fares and hotel expenses they have paid for events he has cancelled at the last minute. 

Field Trip 15 The End Orlando, Florida

    On 9/14/12, my daughter bought a ticket for PRS Field Trip 15 - The End, an event which was to be held 9/27/12 - 9/30/12 in Orlando. She paid $308.49 (including the $8.49 service charge from the online booking site, Eventbrite).

     Since the site did not show much information on where to go for registration or where to stay, my daughter thought the information would be provided either on the ticket or in an email once she purchased the ticket.  It was not.  I tried Facebook messaging Ryan and emailing them.  I was not getting a quick response and we needed to plan where we were going to stay.  I had seen one of the events was supposed to be at the Hard Rock Hotel in Orlando. I called the Hard Rock Hotel and was told that although other ticketholders had been calling and asking about the event, they knew nothing about it.  I then got a Facebook message back from Ryan's Facebook account from someone named Cereza who told me that some of the events and speakers were to be at the Hard Rock Hotel. I wrote a Facebook message back to Ryan's account letting them know I'd called the Hotel but the hotel staff said they had not heard of the event other than through ticketholders. 

On 9/23/12, my daughter got an email stating they were moving the event to the Castle Holiday Inn.

We booked a room at the Castle Holiday Inn in Orlando where PRS stated they would hold part of the event. We arrived at the hotel on 9/27/12 and checked in. However, the hotel staff told us that the event had been cancelled. We stayed the one night and the hotel let us cancel the rest of the reservation.  My daughters additional expenses amounted to the 1 hour of travel to the hotel, the one night hotel stay, and 2 days off from work.  My daughter was lucky as we lived close by.  Others were not so fortunate, having arrived by plane from places like Oklahoma and Illinois and Ontario, Canada and having to stay at their hotels until their planes departed, their trips were far more costly.

When we got into the hotel room, it had Wifi, so my daughter checked her email and found the assistant director to PRS, Sergey Poberezhny, had sent her an email 9/26/12, one day prior to Field Trip 15,  aborting the event due to illness. I felt uncomfortable about it after reading it because it did not sound like a professional email from a reputable business.  Sergey asked ticketholders to keep what he said private about the cancellation of this event.  Red flags were going up with that. The email had gone to my daughters spam mail since she had not had a previous email from him, so she had not seen it.  We had written emails to PRS after Sergey had written this email, but before we had seen it attempting still to get more information on the event, but they had not responded.  

My daughter immediately called her credit card company and let them know that the event had been cancelled and the charge should be refunded and she was disputing it. She also let them know that we would only be spending the one night at the Castle Hotel. She then sent a reply to Sergey's email and told him she wanted the cost of her ticket refunded. We left the hotel on Friday, 9/28/12.

When he cancelled the event, Sergey asked ticketholders to give him until Friday to respond. When he did not respond, my daughter sent emails to Sergey and PRS asking if her credit card had been credited the $308.49 for the cost of the ticket.

On 10/2/12, she received an email from Eventbrite, the company that took the order for her ticket.  The email said that her refund had been processed by Paypal and to allow up to 4 business days for the refund to appear on her account.  This was followed on the same date, 10/2/12, by an email from Sergey asking for her patience as they work to process our request for a refund.   On Monday, 10/8/12 at 9:40pm, she received an email from PRS stating they had received her request for a refund. They asked her to respond with the type of ticket she purchased and afterward allow 3-5 business days for her request to be processed. This confused her since Eventbrite had already sent an email on 10/2/12 stating they had refunded her the cost of her ticket.  This was the last nonautomated email my daughter received from PRS or staff concerning her refund. From this point forward, they have failed to respond to any emails my daughter or I have sent them. 

 On Tuesday, 10/9/12 at 7:35am, my daughter responded to PRS by email that she had the $300 ticket, the total (with the service charge) was $308.49. She told them about the Eventbrite email stating they were going to issue the refund and told them there had been no refund to her credit card yet.

Because my daughter had received the email from Eventbrite stating her refund was being processed, she was not too concerned at that point. As it came time for her bill to be due at the end of October, she called her credit card company and they told her there had been no refund to her credit card. She sent emails to PRS and their staff starting 10/22/12 to the 11/16/12 and they failed to respond. They also failed to respond to Facebook messages and posts. We tried to contact them by phone or mail, but they had no legitimate business address or phone number posted on their sales material or their website.  We sent emails requesting business contact information and again, absolutely no response. PRS is listed as active LLC in Pennsylvania online records.  Their business address is listed as 507 Marjorie Mae St, State College, PA 16803, Centre County. However, a prior unhappy customer sent the police to that address who found they had moved from there years before without updating their address with the Pennsylvania State Corporations Bureau, the address where they are supposed to accept process service.  The PRS website states that they had moved from State College to Raleigh, NC.  They have also started operating under the name, PRS,LLC, The Bureau, or sometimes just The Bureau and collecting annual membership fees to be part of The Bureau.    However, I could find no business listing under North Carolina Corporations Bureau.  The Pennsylvania Corporations still shows the PRS, LLC as active.

Monday, 10/22/12, my daughter mailed her credit card company copies of the documentation they requested showing the transactions and events. She also sent an email to PRS letting them know she had sent the documentation to her credit card company disputing the charge.

Friday, 11/2/12, over a month after the event, PRS still had not refunded her money or credited her credit card. She sent a demand for an explanation as to why PRS has not refunded the $308.49 price of her ticket to Sergey and to PRS.

 The last time PRS responded to her was 10/8/12.  After that time there have been many more emails that she sent to them and they would not acknowledge them. We attempted to find a legitimate business address and business phone number for them but there was none on their sales information or their website, nor would they respond to email and Facebook messages and posts for this information. 

Camp Paranormal New Hope Camp, Chapel Hill, North Carolina

Since they were advertising a new event, Camp Paranormal, in North Carolina in March 2013 at New Hope Camp and selling tickets for it through Eventbrite, I figured PRS would have to give the New Hope Camp their business address and phone number so I called the camp. The woman at the camp said that PRS had been there the prior weekend for an event and that they had bounced the check for that service. She said that PRS had not booked any event there in March 2013. I sent an email to the woman with the website showing their camp was being advertised for the March 2013 PRS event.  The woman from the camp wrote back that they contacted PRS and told PRS they had to stop using the New Hope Camp information until they signed a contract. The woman at the camp gave me the North Carolina address for PRS: Paranormal Research Society - Ryan Buell, Director, 4820 Smith Creek Parkway, #105, Raleigh, NC 27612.  PRS continued selling tickets to this event through Eventbrite, even though they had not booked the advertised location.

At this point, my daughter filed a complaint at the PA Better Business Bureau as the PRS is listed as an active LLC in PA. The Better Business Bureau listed PRS as believed to be out of business.  Joyce, the woman handling the complaint, told me that PRS had 4 previous complaints and that he failed to answer any of them. She suggested that we file a complaint with the Attorney General immediately.  Ryan also failed to answer our complaint.  By continuing to show PRS as out of business, the Better Business Bureau does not display the rating for the PRS, which is a disservice to people still being defrauded by this company which is very obviously still in business.

     Ryan had moved PRS to Raleigh, NC this year so we filed a complaint with the NC Attorney General online. Their phone number is 919-716-6400 and they are located in Raleigh.  To file an online complaint or for more information, this is their website:  

Lizzie Borden Lockdown

 Having not booked the Hard Rock Hotel for Field Trip 15, and now being told that they had not booked the New Hope Camp for the upcoming Camp Paranormal,  and because of their continued silence in response to the many emails and messages that we sent, I began to do an internet investigation of PRS business practices and found that in November 2011, PRS had sold tickets for a Lizzie Borden Lockdown at the Lizzie Borden Bed and Breakfast in Fall River, MA. I found several posts on line even into May 2012 of people complaining that Ryan had cancelled the event and they still had not gotten refunds 6 months later.

I called the owner of the bed and breakfast, LeeAnn, at 508-675-7333. LeeAnn told me that PRS had called her and discussed the event with her, but when told that they would have to leave a deposit to hold the rooms, they said he would get back to LeeAnn. She said as the time grew near, PRS had not called her back so she tried to contact them, but they would not respond. She said that finally she had to take reservations. She said they never did call her but the date of the event a woman flew in from out of town for the event not knowing PRS had cancelled it. The woman was stranded there until her plane departed. Lee Ann said she felt so bad for the expense that the woman had made to get there that she let her stay free in an empty room on the 3rd floor until her plane departed.

I was told by one of the Lizzie Borden ticketholders that Ryan had told them he would rebook the event in March, but he never did. I was told he told the ticketholders that LeeAnn had double booked the hotel when in fact he had never booked it at all. I asked LeeAnn if PRS had attempted to book again in 2012 and she said after that one time, she did not hear from them again. I told her that I had heard Ryan said that she had double booked the site and she said it was not true.

The woman whose post I read on Ryan's Facebook who still had not gotten her refund from this Nov. 2011 event in May 2012 got back to me and told me she still had not received a refund.  I have been in contact with three other people who said they still have not received their Lizzie Borden refunds and have heard of a fourth who said she did not get her refund, either.

 I am in contact with other members of Field Trip 15. They, too, asked for and were told they would receive refunds for their tickets and they never did. As with me, PRS is ignoring their emails.

My daughter realized she was dealing with a company and with people who were defrauding their customers.  She filed a complaint with the FBI Cyber Crime Site on their online website at:

Since Ryan has moved his PRS to Raleigh, North Carolina, I contacted ABC investigative news team there.  They agreed to look into the business practices of PRS. 

Since I am not an investigative reporter and I have found out as much as I have about PRS through public sources, I would think from September 2012 to January 2013 that one of these agencies could have made more progress with the resources they have available to them to help put PRS out of business, charge the officers of PRS with the crimes of theft and fraud they have committed, and start moving them through the criminal justice system toward the ultimate outcome of restitution for the victims for travel expenses and ticket costs and prison time for fraud and theft. 

 My daughter did get her $308.49, but not through a refund by PRS.  She got the funds back through a charge back by her credit card company due to her disputing the charge.  PRS never refunded the money as they have not refunded the money to the many others who have lost thousands of dollars in airfare, hotels, and costs of tickets. Two women came to Orlando for the field trip from Oklahoma and spent $2500 each and as one said got nothing for it. Another woman flew in from Ontario Canada and had $1500 expenses and as of the first of the year was still waiting for her refund.  A young girl and her parents came from Illinois and are out $900 just for the tickets alone.  A woman in Massachusetts is out over $600 for her 2 tickets to the Lizzie Borden Lockdown.  And on it goes. 

Eventbrite and Paypal

      Both Eventbrite and Paypal were contacted very shortly after we discovered that PRS was refusing to refund my daughters money for this cancelled event.  Paypal flat out refused to even talk to either her or me.   Eventbrite took down all the information above and sent an email saying they had started a investigation into the PRS fraud allegations.  Since Eventbrite sold the tickets for these events, there is really no one in a better position to do a fraud investigation. They have all the names and the emails of people who purchased the tickets.  They can still find my daughter by her email address.  As I told them, all they would have to do is contact the rosters of the Field Trip 15 and Lizzie Borden Lockdown and ask each of them if they had gotten a refund or had accepted a credit for these events.  I told them they should also check to see if there is even going to be a Camp Paranormal since one of the people who purchased a ticket has now gone on Ryans Facebook account complaining that she cant get a refund or even access credit for her cancelled Camp funds.  Since Eventbrite was still selling extensions for this Camp event and taking payments on time for it, I told them they should really check to see if the event had been cancelled and told them again that the New Hope Camp was still saying PRS had not booked their site for the March 2013 event as PRS had advertised.

I was assured early on by Eventbrites customer service staff that they did not want companies who defrauded their customers using their services and those types of companies were removed.  To date, Eventbrite still is selling tickets for PRS.  I called and spoke to one of their supervisors in customer service, told her I was filing this Rip Off Report, and gave her a chance to make a comment.  She said the fraud unit would send me an email that same day.  They did not.  If they are not part of the solution, as in this case, they are definitely part of the problem.  And knowing the problem, they continue to assist PRS allowing them to defraud even more people by continuing to sell their services.  I would never purchase another ticket from Eventbrite for the lack of service and support they gave my daughter and for continuing to do business with a company who is stealing money from their customers. 

I am grateful I do not use Paypal since most of the people who have not been able to get chargebacks are people who paid through their Paypal accounts.  When I spoke to the Federal Consumer Agency, I was told that the banks and the charge card companies are regulated by the banking commission and each state has their own banking commission.  I was told if you dispute the charge and the credit card company or bank will not work with you, that you can then file a complaint against them with your state's banking commission.  I was told this makes it easier to get a chargeback and get your funds returned.  However, those using Paypal have told me that even though they have filed complaints, Paypal refused to give them a chargeback.

I am pleased to see that the Rip Off Report is read by lawyers, media, and law enforcement and would welcome contact from anyone who would like to assist the victims of PRS and bring PRS to justice.  I do have the documentation, the emails, the Facebook messages, the screenshots, and contact with some of the other victims of PRS.  Also, if you are a financial victim of PRS, some of the victims have formed a group and have information on some steps you can take.

I wish someone had written a Rip Off Report before my daughter had purchased her ticket as I would have found it and she would not have purchased the ticket.   It will, however, be the last chance PRS and Ryan Buell have to steal from her.  I had attempted contacting Ryan Buell, director, and Sergey, assistant director, of PRS in every means possible.  I sent emails, Facebook messages, and mail to their PO Box, I posted on their Facebook sites until they banned me from posting, and I posted on their PRS Forum until they banned me from entering that site.  Ryan Buell has responded to our complaints in a recent open message to his PRS Forum, so I know he is very aware of this issue, and yet he still will not refund his customers their money. 

 I am grateful that the Rip Off Report allows a forum so that others can see the truth that Ryan is trying so hard to hide.  I am grateful he is unable to control the content. 

May this post serve as a warning to prevent future financial victims of PRS and may it serve as a catalyst to the criminal justice system to come to the aid of the victims and to punish these criminal offenders.  Both my daughter and I will be more than happy to provide legal statements and testify against them in Court, which is the only public appearance we have any desire to see Ryan Buell at. 
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#1 Consumer Comment

To "Don't be Fooled"

AUTHOR: Tired of being ripped off - ()

I was referring and addressing my comments to Don't Be Fooled" and not to Susan for my comment titled "You must be a Holly clone". Sorry to Susan for any misunderstanding.

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#2 Consumer Comment

You must be a Holly clone

AUTHOR: Tired of being ripped off - ()

I can see that you are one of the many kiss-a** follower of Ryan and PRS. People are not spending their time just shooting the breeze and talking about getting scammed for nothing.

For the Canada tour, for example, I called the venues and have recorded messages and e-mails stating that either PRS NEVER ever booked the venue or else they never got back to the venue with the deposit and signed contract despite repeated efforts by the venue to contact them. So guess what, the venue had to finally cancel them. People showed up at venues and PRS was not there. Some never received anything about it being cancelled or else it was sent out on the day of the venue. Great timing when some are on the road on their way to the venue already. Never mind that the venue was never BOOKED IN THE FIRST PLACE!!!!

Should have seen it coming as at the very first retreat held the caterer left the same day as I believe he never got paid and/or something was wrong with PRS's visa. Then we got stuck with the horrendous cooking at all hours of the day by the untimate kiss-a**, Holly. 

Just for the Demonology class, it is going on 3 years now to be done and yet PRS has at least $35,000 of people's money and we have nothing. Never mind all the Gold members, Legacy members and all the rest of Bureau members that PRS received when they first restarted the Bureau. Chip Coffey says it runs in the 6 figures what PRS owes back for refunds. Those refunds will probably come due to a class action lawsuit as peopel are STILL waiting for refunds. And who is PRS to say you can only have a credit for something else. Well the ones who tried to contact PRS for their credit to use for another event, guess what!!!!1 PRS NEVER responded and did what they continue to do, ignore and then if you persist, block you from trying to get answers. Who the hell do they think they are????

Now PRS turn around and put in a clause that says they can cancel and the indefinetly postpone any event and keep eveyone's money until the time that MAYBE they will have it again. Plus if Ryan is using the big "C" excuse then how dare he keep planning event after event after event and then on top of it never book the venues when he has no way or intention of completeing them. Maybe he should lay off giving Sergey black eyes and take a long and hard look at himself and look at how far he has sunk.

The truth is getting out there as more people are experiencing for themselves the scams that has been going on for awhile. The truth will not be silenced. Stay strong everyone as we may all soon be able to witness the downfall of PRS.


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#3 Consumer Comment

Speaking Up

AUTHOR: Anon - ()

I wish to please remain anonymous and truly do not want to start a fight or be bullied. I know a lot of you on here from meeting you in the past and I know how passionate you are about PRS and I do commend you all for sticking up for what you believe in. I also commend those who have spoken up and who are seeking some form of justice or recognition for their grievances.  

I knew Ryan for the better part of a year. I volunteered for a few of his events and even became friends with him and his family. I had to walk away from PRS due to some effects the environment were having on me. I know some may counterattack this, but after my time with PRS, I suffered from demonic oppression and experienced one of the worst nights of my life. I have never been able to speak to anyone about this attack and it still haunts me to this day. I have the same reoccurring nightmare brought on from this that has caused me a great deal of pain. I do not blame Ryan or PRS for has become my burden and I thank God my significant other is understanding of it when I wake up terrified and shaking. Since then I have been re-baptized by my church and live my life "souled out" for the Lord. 

All that aside. I truly thought Ryan to be a friend. This was until a trip was planned, then canceled by him last minute. Ryan promised to repay me the funds lost. After some time, Ryan disappeared from my life. I contacted him multiple times in the months following, eventually just asking for him to at least say he wasn’t going to repay me. I would rather someone come clean and say no, I am not paying you back than to completely (for lack of a better word) "Ghost" on me. 

I have no anger towards Ryan or PRS, and I simply do not care if I ever get repaid those funds. It just breaks my heart that this has happened to me in this capacity and has happened to many others. 

I remain neutral in my opinion of PRS, and I do thank them for the time I spent with them. I learned a lot about myself and grew as a person. My only regret is allowing something dark to enter my life. 

Thank you for letting me speak up and I pray that any issue is resolved in a quick and painless manner. 



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#4 Consumer Comment

Toronto Tour April 2014 Cancelled

AUTHOR: Canuk Hockster - ()

So it has been said now that Ryan's 2014 April tour has been cancelled.   So what happens now to all the ppl who spent hudreds upon thousands of dollars fort his tour?  When will it stop? Who do you report him to????  This is WRONG!

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#5 Consumer Comment

Getting bad

AUTHOR: Crazymama - ()

Each day I hear more and more bad and negatives things , I belived in them, I belived in the dream, I think we all bee. Taken for fools, and it breaks. my heart in pieces thinking these things

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#6 General Comment


AUTHOR: Disgusted - ()

Nothing has changed, quite heartbreaking to say the least

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#7 REBUTTAL Owner of company

Lizzie Borden field trip 2011

AUTHOR: Victoria Davis - ()

My name is Victoria Davis, I purchased a ticket for the Lizzie Borden field trip July 28, 2012. The field trip was to take place November was cancelled. I was told at that time it would be rescheduled March 2012. I was fine with that. I had been on a field trip with PRS in Gettysburg prior and had a great time. I, to this day have never received one penny of my $308. I paid with a debit card from my credit union and was unable to get any money back.I never was compensated in ANY way. This whole thing was a scam. I hope one day to get something but am not holding my breath. Thank you for listening. Just sick of seeing comments that ALL the people who purchased tickets for this particular field were refunded because it's a blatant lie.   

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#8 UPDATE EX-employee responds

Umm? Where'd this all come from?

AUTHOR: Victor Sharp - (United States of America)

I never claimed to be an employee of PRS.  I was a "volunteer" Ryan Buell, Robert Crook and Alex Matusao can verify this.  As far as me contacting anyone that is quite strange as I haven't even been on Social Media and am on a trip to New York City.

I have messages from Ryan Buell, Robert Crook and Alex Matusao stating the above information.  I also have always used my name and haven't come on this site to bash any of the staff of PRS.  I was responding to a post made by Holly Faust who claimed I was misrepresenting myself as a PRS "employee" which is not factual.

If you wish to contact me to sue or file a police report I am pretty sure you can get ahold of me.

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#9 Consumer Comment

Victor Sharp LIAR

AUTHOR: ParaUnity2013 - (United States of America)

I did a search on Victor Sharp who claims to  an employee/volunteer for PRS talking bad about Ryan Sergey and Eilfie and it looks like he has his own paranormal team and they have their own issues.  Theres even screenshots!!!  Vic where's your paystub to prove your an employee?  Moderating a FB fan club isn't staff status sorry buddy!

These people on the hater side are nuts!  If thats the kind of people this advocacy group are filled with, hang on to your trousers!!! Its going to be a bumpy ride!!!  This is the same guy who claims a staff person was saying Ryan was using money for drugs.  Are you really going to believe this nutcase?
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#10 Consumer Comment

To Victor

AUTHOR: Don''t be fooled - (United States of America)

Well Victor it seems that you have seen the need to viciously attack someone yet again.  I would have to say your Facebook page has become one of my favorite to watch and get screenshots from as is your girlfriends.  Your consistent need to falsify information accuse people of being sexual predators and even make fun of a person with a serious illness.  I notice you never have the cojones to leave the posts up for long.  But I do have them all and your constant threats of using your gun as does your girlfriend are very alarming this day and age.  You do realize once something is posted on FB even if you delete it.  It is still there every post has a unique number and with that number the main systems at Facebook can pull that post directly up and have record of it for use in any court proceedings.  I do hope that all of those you have harrassed and defamed come forward and report what they have done.  I have heard from several that they have taken every extreme necessary because you simply refuse to stop contacting them.  That you go from uber friendly to a raving lunatic in mere seconds.  You chose to compare people to grimace and the lies you continue to spew about members of the PRS community are quite comical but at the same time very derogatory.  You claim that you are such a devote Christian well I hope you are on your knees praying every night for forgiveness of the hate you spew against very kind and very generous people who donate a lot of their free time to an organization expecting nothing in return.  Word of Advice your Daddy's money can not by you out of hell!
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#11 Consumer Comment

To Dude Where's my refund

AUTHOR: Don''t be fooled - (United States of America)

You have listed here you are a consumer advocacy group, yet all you do is give a generic email address at yahoo and no further contact information.  In my eyes that is a bit shady.  Also if you are a consumer Advocacy group where are your credentials I have been looking and searching yet I can find no information on this consumer advocacy group anywhere.  No filing of a fictitious name application not verification that you are even in fact a group.  There is no group website to go to for further information nor is there anyone to speak with an actual person. 
I have been following this quite firmly and have spoken to several people in the legal field.  What all of these people have been complaining about is basically getting money back for something they feel did not live up to their expectations.  The contracts that they all signed quite clearly stated that the even was nonrefundable UNLESS the group themselves cancelled the event.  The only event that I know of being cancelled was the Lizzie Borden Lockdown and I am pretty sure those people were either refunded or given credit towards something else.  As for the fabled FT 15 a lot of those people were given a credit towards another event or are now reaping the benefits of going to the replanned FT 15.  Fact is that event was not cancelled and in fact is being replanned it was postponed.  All these people complaining I need the money for this or for that.  You need to think you wouldn't have had that money to begin with if you attended so why spend money you do not have. Basically police being contacted to investigate these childish claims are completely inappropriate and are costing the taxpayers money and resources that could be better used to protect our children in their school and also getting real criminals off the streets.  But, instead you want to continue to make ridiculous claims that are actually more beneficial to the civil arena than any criminal one.  You bought tickets for an event and it didn't go they way you "felt" it should well tough crap that's life get over it already and move on. 
Devote your time to more appropriate things.  I have attended many of PRS events and still continue to do so.  I have been there from the beginning and have been quite happy.  This simple fact is no real problems started to occur until Ryan himself was diagnosed with a very severe form of cancer.  You are all attacking someone who is trying his best to give "people" what they want while fighting a battle for his very life. 
Also they want people to think the pro PRS crew are viciously attacking members of this anti PRS community well that is also a load of dung.  Anyone doing a search on social media FB and what not can see the vicious attacks being made against anyone who posted something positive on this thread.  I have plenty of screen shots and proof to back this claim up because like I was saying I have been sitting back and gathering data and proof against this group and looking at things from both sides.  Furthermore they have even chosen to attack a member of the group not even listed in this claim and her family.  Why?  Because they simply do not have the evidence to back up their claims.  These people who have started this thread and continue to keep it going are nothing more than CyberBullies and ParaBullies who have started a vicious vendetta against someone who at this moment is weakened and of course they seem now as the perfect time to do it, just as he is getting back on his feet and moving forward with something that will mean a lot to the paranormal community as whole for years to come.  Jealous? Maybe.  But my feelings are they are just upset because they are not getting the attention they seek from someone who in their eyes is a "celebrity"
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#12 General Comment

Never Listen to a PRS 'Crook"

AUTHOR: KIRBY ROBINSON - (United States of America)

BREAKING NEWS! Ryan Buells Been Caught with his Pants Down
or was that a False Police Report in his Hand?
For all those thinking that we dont have reporters everyplace, please think again. We catch Ryan Buell and his tool crew up to no good.
We have to share what might be Ryans new theme song:

Robert Crook, a lawyer and part-time moderator on the message boards, makes sure Ryan and crew only read and hear what they want to. Mr. Crook is always worshiping Ryan and he tries to spin a story to please his dark master. Yet this lawyer named Crook ultimately fails.

Here he spins a story with the help of Ryan:

to see the shots from the posted conversation go to 

But here is the truth:

The REAL story is that several days ago, Ryan called the Lakeland, Florida police and falsified a police report stating that Susan Grace was harassing and stalking him.  Among his allegations was that Susan had repeatedly called him.  Susan told the police they would not have to get a search warrant; they were welcome to check her phone records, as she has never, once called him.  In the course of speaking with the officer, Susan told the officer about the fraud and the refunds.  This caused the officer to open an investigation, and we have provided the officer with a list of individuals who have indicated to us they are willing to give statements.  To my knowledge, no one is being contacted by the police unsolicited.  However, it would appear, from Roberts posts, that PRS is instructing its Bureau members and fans to not cooperate with the police.  In a sense, this could be a good thing, because the police arent going to hear anything positive about PRS if the only people willing to talk with them are the unhappy customers that are still owed refunds, but it certainly sounds as if Ryan must be panicking if he doesnt want anyone to be honest with the authorities.
And even more great new those who have fallen under PRSs bad business practices:
 For anyone who may feel they are owed a refund from the Paranormal Research Society (PRS) for events, classes, merchandise, or any other reason: A consumer advocacy group has been formed and is working with police to try to get your money refunded.
If you are interested in giving your statement - and potentially getting your money back - please provide your full name, address, and telephone number Please include in your email a description of the item or service you believe you are owed a refund for and the dollar amount you are owed.
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#13 Consumer Comment

Corrections / Clarifications

AUTHOR: Dude, Where''s My Refund - (United States of America)

Additional information has come to our attention which warrants a few corrections/clarifications to our post above.

It is our understanding that Mr. Buells complaint to the Lakeland City Police was not looked into further after the officers preliminary investigation.  The Polk County Sheriff has initiated a separate investigation in response to customer complaints.  Therefore, our previous statement that it was the officer taking Mr. Buells complaint that initiated the investigation as it relates to refunds was inaccurate.  They are actually two separate matters.

The sheriff is aware that tickets were purchased through Eventbrite and may have access to a roaster of individuals who have purchased tickets to PRS events.  Thus, there is some possibility that if you have purchased a ticket to a PRS event in the past, you may wind up being contacted.  Further, as more ticketholders file complaints with the FBI and/or their local police offices, there most likely will be more law enforcement officials investigating the matter and asking questions.  We have no control over how the police may conduct their investigation.  It is always wise to make sure you know who you are talking to.  Getting the officer's name, a work phone number where you can call the officer back, and the office where the officer works out of is prudent.

You are still encouraged to file a complaint through the FBI Cyber Crime Complaint site at website if you are owed money.  As an additional measure, you can follow up with your local police department. Be sure to bring your FBI complaint number with you and give it to your local sheriff when you file your local complaint.  The police are viewing the refund of the ticket price as a potential criminal matter, and only ancillary expenses (travel, lodging, time off from work, etc.) as civil.

We sincerely apologize for the errors contained in our statement above and hope this post helps clarify matters.  As always, if you have any questions or concerns, you may email us at

A Consumer Advocacy Group
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#14 Consumer Comment

Being Contacted By Police

AUTHOR: Dude, Where''s My Refund - (United States of America)

It has come to our attention that Robert Crook, PRS staff and associate attorney at Bradley & Gmelich, has made posts to PRS social sites indicating the following:

Recently, a number of people have been contacted by a man posing as a law enforcement officer, seeking any information concerning Ryan [Buell] and PRS.  This claim is bogus.  There is no law enforcement organization seeking information about anyone affiliated with PRS.

He then further indicates that the individual(s) who have brought this activity to his attention wished to remain anonymous.

We cannot corroborate the claim that a man impersonating an officer is contacting individuals within the PRS community at random.  However, we can confirm that Ryan Buell, director of PRS, recently contacted Lakeland, FL police and filed a report, the contents of which the investigating officer found to be inaccurate.  In the course of investigating Mr. Buells claims, the officer was told about the refunds issue and decided to open an investigation into that matter.

To aid law enforcement in its efforts, we have prepared and provided to police a list of individuals who voluntarily gave us their names and contact information and expressed that they wished to make statements.  Only those people who have given their names should be contacted by police.

While the investigating officer has, at this time, indicated he feels the claims are primarily civil in nature, he has deferred the matter to the FBI (as the purchases occurred over the internet) for further review.

We have been directed by law enforcement to instruct those seeking a refund to file a report using the complaint center.  Your report should subsequently be routed to the appropriate law enforcement agency.

You also have the option to commence litigation against PRS to seek reimbursement of any monies you may be owed.  We are happy to help with attorney referrals, but we cannot give you legal advice.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at

Thank you,
A Consumer Advocacy Group
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#15 Consumer Comment

To stay on track....

AUTHOR: Former Supporter - (United States of America)

I previously wrote about how I felt PRS had become a pyramid scheme. Even though Ryan Buell and the other PRS members are well aware of this page and these issues as proved by their comments about this on their private forum, I see that no one from PRS has responded here. 

There is no accountability by Ryan or anyone else. The refunds that may happen because the police are now looking into it will be paid out of ticket sales for FUTURE events. Events that may not even occur or may be different from what is advertised. 

A pyramid schemes continues to work as long as the organization has enough income coming in to pay off bad debts. In this case in recent days, Ryan/PRS changed their mind about never hosting another field trip again because since the scope of their bad debts was made public they needed the level of money that only a larger FT (field trip) can provide.  They also have a upcoming "camp" for March that others have spoken about. These events were likely planned to attempt to raise funds to pay off the outstanding refunds to keep the police and others at bay.

If you purchase tickets NOW for a field trip in May (and maybe for the Camp in March), you won't be able to get a refund from Paypal or your credit company as it would be outside of the normal 45-60 day window that you are able to file a claim. 

That means, even if you are the biggest PRS supporter ever going to the May FT, I would purchase my tickets no earlier than 45 days from the event date. I would also not book any PRS events or classes with Paypal as it doesn't offer the same level of consumer protection. 

Purchasing tickets earlier than 45 days out, is a serious risk given PRS' past issues with canceling, and altering events. Flights (if needed) will likely not increase enough to warrant the addition risk of purchasing a ticket earlier. If you are local to the even or will be driving, I would wait even closer--perhaps 2 weeks out, to make sure you have a clearer view of what the event will be. 

I would also require that the event payment page states who from PRS will be attending the event. That way if you are expecting Ryan Buell and he fails to show up, you have rights to receive a refund. Ryan failed to show up during at least one even well before he was sick but no refunds were issued. Other events have had promised PRS cast members not show up even when they were included in brochure photos for that event. 

Also, I would ask in advance what their policy is when promised events are adjusted or canceled. PRS FTs have a VERY long history of advertising one thing and delivering another. 

You should also make sure you know exactly what meals and/or lodging is included with the ticket price. Past events have promised meals that attendees were forced to pay for. Salem's EE dinner being one example. More recently items that were covered in past FTs have been not included in the ticket price without warning. 

If prints or other keepsakes are promised, what is their policy when they are not delivered? I personally have many prints and other bonus items that were promised as part of the ticket price but never delivered. That has become very common with PRS events. I would like to see a 10% automatic refund if such items are not delivered by an agreed to date.

If they cancel events/classes, even as a supporter, you should ask and receive a refund not a credit. Why? Because you have no legal rights in case a credit is unable to be used. If you purchased a ticket for FT 15, but want to go to future events, I would still request a refund now. Then if you later (within 45 days of the new event) purchase a ticket, you have more legal rights (including being able to do a credit card charge back).

I repeat, there is no reason to pre-purchase tickets past 45 days out. None of the PRS FTs have sold out since mid 2010. PRS may claim there is limited tickets but not even the EE/VIP tickets normally sell out. 

If they claim they can't plan an FT without a certain number of tickets sold, that too is wrong. Any events should be able to be planned and deposits placed by using existing funds. Selling tickets to raise funds for something you can't deliver without XX tickets sold is fraud. They must be willing and able to run the event even if just one ticket sells. That is the risk they take when putting on such an event. 

PLEASE take a moment to consider this advice and warn others (not to scare anyone, but to be smart when booking any such events).

-- No purchases past 45 days out (with air travel)
-- No purchases past 14 days out (if you are driving)
-- No purchases paid using Paypal
-- Promises of certain talent being present (if you want to make sure the event includes someone)
-- Promises of exact events, policy if altered or canceled.
-- Promises of included meals and/or lodging, policy if altered or canceled.
-- Promises of included prints, bracelets, etc., policy if altered or canceled.
-- Event hosts should never require a certain amount of tickets sold by a certain date.

Get it in writing before purchasing a ticket. If they are not willing to be clear about what you will get and when, stay away until they will be upfront and share their policies about changes.
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#16 Consumer Comment

We Can Help!

AUTHOR: Dude, Where''s My Refund - (United States of America)

Ladies & Gentlemen:

We represent the interests of a group of individuals who are seeking refunds from the Paranormal Research Society (PRS).  We are currently in contact with a police detective who is diligently investigating these cases. The detective would like to have the opportunity to interview those individuals who feel they are owed a refund from the Paranormal Research Society (PRS) for events, classes, merchandise, or for any other reason.

If you are interested in giving your statement (and potentially getting your money back) please provide us with your full name, address, and telephone number at  Please include in your email a description of the item or service you believe you are owed a refund for and the dollar amount you are owed. We will promptly pass your information to the police, who may follow up with you directly.

We thank you in advance for aiding our cause and for standing up for yourself and what is right.

A Consumer Advocacy Group
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#17 Author of original report

Upon Reflection, Can We Find a Solution?

AUTHOR: Susan - (USA)

This thread started out with a description of events that happened to my daughter and to other ticketholders who purchased tickets to events that were cancelled, they were promised refunds, they never received their refunds, and now their emails and inquiries are going unanswered.  But I also set a negative tone to this thread by adding negative judgments rather than just telling the facts and letting people decide for themselves as I should have done and for that, I apologize.  It is much more difficult to come up with any positive solution when you start off with negative judgments.  

As I have said, my daughter did get all her ticket money back through a charge back through her credit card, it was not a refund.  Since this had never happened to her before and since it was also outside my experience, we had no idea of what to do or who to turn to.  During this time before Carol got her charge back, we met some wonderful people who stood by Carol and gave her encouragement, support, and advice.  Many of these people who stood by Carol were also owed refunds but they had unfortunately paid by Paypal and Paypal would not charge back their ticket costs.  Until all of these people receive their refunds, I will stand by them as they stood by my daughter.  That is my agenda.  I have been angry about these people who stood by and helped my daughter not getting the refunds they deserve, but anger is not going to solve the problem.

Many of these posters here and the ones who helped Carol have a history with PRS.  Many were once members of that community and told me how it had started off as a wonderful organization to be a part of, how their customers were treated so well that they felt like they were part of a family.  Somewhere along the way for some customers, PRS went off track and they have legitimate complaints that should be addressed by PRS.  The ones who were promised refunds from the cancelled Field Trips should receive those refunds promptly.

It also should be noted that PRS has made some positive moves toward addressing some of these problems.  Many people did accept credit in exchange for their ticket.  Some have already used those credits.  PRS has planned a make up Field Trip to Savannah, Georgia in May for the Field Trip 15 people who opted for that choice.  Having lived there, I can say it is the most beautiful city Ive ever seen and there is a wonderful nighttime haunted ghost tour that leaves out of the parking lot of the Pirate House at night that was well worth the money.  The Pirate House is a very old restaurant filled with history and they have the best buffet Ive ever been to.  PRS has also announced they have a new venue for Camp Paranormal, which is scheduled to occur in March. 

I should have just stuck to facts without adding commentary and not set the negative tone this thread took.  Again, I apologize for this.
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#18 UPDATE EX-employee responds

Holly Stop with Your Lies

AUTHOR: Victor - (United States of America)

Holly unlike most of the posters I am gladly using my real name.  This site has my address and contact info.  You told me about 15 times tonight that you wanted to sue me.  By the way, I never would have found this site if you hadn't attacked Nicole and in the same sentence drag me into this issue!

For the record my name is Victor S****.  I was hired as a volunteer to moderate the PRS Facebook Forums.  I was let go due to the fact of lack of participation due to my health.   No big deal right? Well Ms. Holy Faust-Staples said I was A) A PRS Employee who was fired by Ryan Buell for "serious reasons".  I have written evidence from Ryan Buell, Robert Crook and Alex Matusao that I was let go due to lack of participation and I was never a PRS Staff member.

Holly Faust-Staples has continuously threatened myself and my girlfriend with various lawsuit from harassment to harassment.  She has publicly violated Title III of the American's With Disabilities' Act by disclosing the status of my health without my consent.

This woman has threatened myself and my girlfriend with countless unfounded lawsuits, which all have been documented.  Tonight she stated that she would be contacting the Illinois Board of Mental Health which is not only a violation of the American's With Disabilities Act as Ms. Faust is not a doctor, she does not reside in Illinois, she knows that I am being treated at Loyala University Hospital ranked second to John Hopkins.

All of her threats have been stated as a member of the Paranormal Research Society.  All of my evidence will be submitted to my lawyers on Monday and Ms. Faust will be served to fullest extent of the law.  And to the others here who are trying to publicly "out" people while hiding yourselves, do what I do and say who you are.

As I originally stated, I have personally spoken with Mr. Buell, Mr. Crook and Ms. Matusao and none of them are any part of my issue with Ms. Faust.  All three of them have been incredibly helpful.  However I will not be threatened, I will not have my girlfriend threatened when she is going through medical hell. 

So I hope all reading this takes Holly Faust-Staples posts with a grain of salt.  She is great at running her mouth behind a computer but we'll see how she behaves under deposition.
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#19 General Comment

from inside PRS

AUTHOR: KIRBY - (United States of America)

I was involved with PRS' General Membership from 2010-2011. During this time I witnessed lies and bullying and unprofessional behavior to an incredible degree. I watched a smear campaign unfold aimed at destroying a friend's life. I read horrific Facebook posts that were aimed at completely crushing others. I saw a friend lose her job based on manufactured complaints.

I can only say here that what goes around comes around. While I am saddened by the cancer diagnosis it in no way excuses what can only be described as truly evil behavior done with full intent to harm others. Worse, whatever evil surrounds PRS rubs off on those around them. I have hesitated to say anything about my experiences with PRS, but am glad now to have the opportunity to do so. Keep up the good work Kirby. 
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#20 Consumer Comment

Lee get over it

AUTHOR: Holly Faust - (United States of America)

Lee or shall I say Leslie we have figured it out and know the pot you were stirring.  And for the record you once told me that your affiliation was none of my business.  My career path is none of yours but anyone who is my friend on Facebook and has worked with me knows well and dandy.  I am done with this discussion because I am now realizing finally the sick and deluded people I am dealing with.  Have a good day you will all be in my prayers and intentions.
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#21 Consumer Comment

Pennsylvania Law

AUTHOR: Holly Faust - (United States of America)

For all who think I do not know the laws of my own state here you go. directly from the Pennsylvania Department of transportation Under are law a hit and run would be looked at as a high BAC regardless of BAC level so in the case from your research under PA law it would be with  1 prior DUI offense
1st degree misdemeanor 18 month license suspension 90 days to 5 years prison $1,500 to $10,000 fine alcohol highway safety schoo ltreatment when ordered 1 year ignition interlock
Pennsylvania I will remind you technically is not a state it is a commonwealth and is well known for plea bargaining and lessening of sentences and quite frankly I do not get why you see the need to drag Elfie's mom through the mud also at least people will see exactly well people can at least see your modus operandi just by seeing your need to consistently attack anyone and everyone.  Like I said these reports are coming from noncredible sources and anyone who has read the thread has heard the original complantant state she did not purchase anything and her daughter the one who did actually did receive her money back although not as quickly as the felt.  Taking a closer look at Susan Grace's FB will show you the vendetta she has against PRS to the point she herself has admitted to starting a second Facebook page again breaking the rules Because Facebook TOS states a person can only operate one account.  That is the reason fan pages were started in the first place for those who exceeded the 5000 limit imposed by facebook.  So all in all believe what you want but I am sincere in saying this attack is becoming vicious and needs to stop.  You people need to grow up and find something better to absorb your time with.

.08 DUI Legislation

Act 24, which lowered Pennsylvania's legal limit of alcohol from .10 to .08, was signed into law on September 30, 2003.
The new Driving Under the Influence (DUI) Law creates a tiered approach toward DUI enforcement and treatment, and includes many changes to the penalties, terms of suspension, fines and other requirements. The combination of an individual's Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) level, and prior offenses, determines the licensing requirements and penalties. The new law focuses on treatment for first-time DUI offenders, rather than strictly punishment and suspension.

There are now three levels of DUI:

General Impairment (.08 to .099% BAC)High BAC (.10 to .159% BAC)Highest BAC (.16% and higher)

Under the new DUI law minors, commercial drivers, school vehicle or bus drivers, and offenders involved in an accident that injures someone or causes property damage may be subject to the high BAC penalties even if their BAC is not in the high category. Offenders who refuse breath or chemical testing may be subject to the highest BAC penalties. The following charts show the penalties for each of the BAC categories:

General Impairment penalties (Undetermined BAC, .08 to .099% BAC)

No prior DUI offenses ungraded misdemeanorup to 6 months probation$300 finealcohol highway safety schooltreatment when ordered

1 prior DUI offense

ungraded misdemeanor12 month license suspension5 days to 6 months jail time$300 to $2,500 finealcohol highway safety schooltreatment when ordered1 year ignition interlock

2 or more prior DUI offenses

2nd degree misdemeanor12 month license suspension10 days to 2 years prison$500 to $5,000 finetreatment when ordered1 year ignition interlock

The new law creates a higher set of penalties for those having higher BAC levels. It allows
for treament at all levels, and requires alcohol highway safety school for all first and second time offenders.

High BAC penalties (.10 to .159% BAC)

No prior DUI offenses

ungraded misdemeanor12 month license suspension48 hours to 6 months prison$500 to $5,000 finealcohol highway safety schooltreatment when ordered

1 prior DUI offense

ungraded misdemeanor12 month suspension30 days to 6 months prison$750 to $5,000 finealcohol highway safety schooltreatment when ordered1 year ignition interlock

2 or more prior DUI offenses

1st degree misdemeanor18 month license suspension90 days to 5 years prison$1,500 to $10,000 finetreatment when ordered1 year ignition interlock

3 or more prior DUI offenses

1st degree misdemeanor18 month license suspension1 to 5 years prison$1,500 to $10,000 finetreatment when ordered1 year ignition interlock

For those at the highest BAC levels, the new law has strict penalties, but also allows for treatment. This even-handed approach allows for individuals to receive counseling for their alcohol problem, while still penalizing those who choose to continue the dangerous practice of drinking and driving.

In addition, drivers under the influence of controlled substances and those who refuse breath or chemical testing are subject to the highest BAC category penalties.

Highest BAC penalties (.16% and higher) or Controlled Substance

No prior DUI offenses

ungraded misdemeanor12 month license suspension72 hours to 6 months prison$1,000 to $5,000 finealcohol highway safety schooltreatment when ordered

1 prior DUI offense

1st degree misdemeanor18 month license suspension90 days to 5 years prison$1,500 to $10,00 finealcohol highway safety schooltreatment when ordered1 year ignition interlock

2 or more prior DUI offenses

1st degree misdemeanor18 month license suspension1 to 5 years prison$2,500 to $10,000treatment when ordered1 year ignition interlock

The following outlines specific components of the new law, and changes from the previous law that impacts DUI drivers.

Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) Levels

The Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) level for per se* DUI is lowered to .08%.

-Effective September 30, 2003

Penalties for DUI will be based on BAC and prior offenses.

-Effective February 1, 2004

Accelerated Rehabilitative Disposition (ARD)

Requires courts to impose suspensions for BAC ARDs based on the following BAC ranges:
Less than .10% - no suspension,.10% to less than .16 - 30 day suspension, or.16% and above - 60 day suspension
-Effective February 1, 2004

License Suspensions

Suspensions will be imposed as follows:

BAC below .10% and incapable of safe driving: No suspension for first offense if the driver meets certain criteria;
12 month license suspension for second or subsequent offense.BAC greater than or equal to .10% and less than .16%: 12 month license suspension for first and second offense. 18 month suspension for third or subsequent offense.BAC greater than or equal to .16%: 12 month license suspension for first offense. 18 month suspension for second or subsequent offense.Out-of-state DUI convictions: No suspension for first offense; 12 month license suspension for second or subsequent
-Effective February 1, 2004

DUI Treatment and Evaluation

Treatment and evaluation processes are geared to rehabilitation.

-Effective - Phased-In Through 2009

Ignition Interlock

Drivers who receive a second or subsequent DUI violation on or after September 30, 2003, can no longer serve an additional one year suspension in lieu of obtaining an ignition interlock device. Drivers are required to install ignition interlock on all vehicles owned (including leased) before driving privileges can be restored.

-Effective September 30, 2003

Additionally, the following exemptions and penalties have been added:

Financial Hardship Exemption:Drivers may apply for an exemption from the requirement to install the ignition interlock device
on all of their vehicles. If the exemption is granted, ignition interlock installation will only be required on one vehicle.

-Effective February 1, 2004
Employment Exemption:Under certain circumstances, ignition interlock restricted drivers may operate employer owned
vehicles but only in the course and scope of employment. The employee must notify the employer of the ignition interlock restriction and carry proof of employer notification on a PennDOT form. The employer owned vehicle cannot be a school bus/vehicle or large passenger vehicle.

-Effective February 1, 2004
Ignition Interlock Violations:Individuals convicted of driving without or tampering with the ignition interlock device will
have their ignition interlock period extended 12 month from the date of conviction for the first offense and will have their driving privileges suspended for 12 months for the second or subsequent offenses.  Upon restoration they must comply with ignition interlock for 12 months. Individuals, whose driving privileges are suspended during the  ignition interlock period for a non-ignition interlock violation, must complete the ignition interlock period upon restoration.

-Effective February 1, 2004

Occupational Limited Licenses (OLL's)

First time DUI offenders may be eligible for an OLL after serving 60 days of their suspension. Individuals whose licenses are suspended for 18 months (for DUI or refusing breath or chemical testing) and have no more than one prior offense may be eligible for an OLL with an ignition interlock after serving 12 months of their suspension. In addition, first time underage
drinking violators may be eligible for an OLL.

-Effective February 1, 2004

Expungement of Accelerated Rehabilitation Disposition (ARD) Records

PennDOT will automatically expunge ARD records after 10 years providing a person's operating privileges were not revoked as a habitual offender and/or the person was not a commercial driver at the time of the violation.

-Effective February 1, 2004

Credit (Suspension)

Individuals suspended for driving a vehicle not equipped with an ignition interlock device or driving under a DUI-related suspension, with a BAC of .02% or greater cannot receive credit for their suspension until jail time has been served.

-Effective February 1, 2004

Implied Consent/Breath or Chemical Testing

Suspensions for individuals who refuse to submit to breath or chemical testing may be increased. Breath or chemical testing may now be required for individuals who are arrested for driving under a DUI-related suspension or driving without an
ignition interlock device.

-Effective February 1, 2004

"Per se" is a Latin phrase that means "by itself." Evidence that a person drove, operated or was in control of a motor vehicle with a BAC of .08% or higher is enough by itself to convict the person of DUI. A person with BAC less than .08% might still be convicted of DUI is there is evidence that he or she imbibed enough alcohol to make him or her incapable of safely driving, operating or being in control of a motor vehicle.
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#22 Consumer Comment

Holly, your ignorance is showing, again, dear.

AUTHOR: Lee - (United States of America)

I don't know what types of jobs you have held or even applied for, but we must be on totally different career lines here. Every job I have held/ applied for not only demanded a clean driving record with zero DUI or DWI's on them. As a police dispatcher here in the state of Florida back when my children were small, that was required. Even my first job in college selling drive thru dairy products required that, along with drug testing and a lie detector test. That last one was for a minimum wage part time college job. My Federal career was well beyond that, requiring clearances, random drug/alcohol testing, psychological testing along with a medical clearance very similar to what professional airline pilots must do.

Back in the 80's as a police dispatcher for the largest county in Florida( you know, answering 911 calls, sending officers into serious situations, knowing where all of my team were at any given time, little things like that?) I learned a few things about the law and one of them is that DUI in many cases can be a felony. Things like hit and run, depending on damages or perhaps vehicular manslaughter, or your fifth DUI makes it a felony, so Mrs. Music appears to be about three away from that, and depending on the hit and run facts may also be a felony.

As a retired air traffic controller (one of about only 14,000 active civilian controllers in the US), I can assure you that any DUI, misdemeanor or felony could easily cost you your career and more.

I am not familiar with fast food restaurants or superstores, so I don't know if they ask little questions like that, but they did ask my son for his temporary job at Target after his military enlistment was complete and he waited to finish college on the GI bill. They certainly asked for proof that he did not when he got hired by a very large airplane manufacturer helping to build those minor little airplanes...

Get over it Holly, the Sheriff and his Detectives here in Polk County decided that Ryan's request to have Ms.Warren cease and desist order filed backfired. They are finishing up with those of us who were defrauded and cheated by darling Ryan in the next few days. They seem to dislike fraudulent behavior too. Amazing how fast the email announcing the FT 15 to be held in Savannah appeared several hours after the first report was taken. I don't believe in coincidences. Have a great day!
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#23 General Comment


AUTHOR: Beth - (United States of America)

Holly, I don't know what state you live in but a DUI, especially a hit and run, most certainly IS a felony and subject to a fine and/or jail. It also most certainly IS looked at when looking for employment! It is a major moving violation that does stay on your permanent driving record for seven years and going to traffic school does not erase it.
Guess if I was a drinker I'd want to live in whatever state you reside in!
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#24 Consumer Comment

mr robinson

AUTHOR: Holly Faust - (United States of America)

A dui is not a felony for 1 and as a matter of fact it does not even come into consideration for employment records. And your grasping at straws here. Being vindictive and nasty. How about you report on susan and these other people creating groups with the sole purpose of defaming PRS. Than we can have an adult conversation as foe you suzanne. I am not a TV watcher so the whole fan thing is not an issue with me and I wont cry like a baby when there are bumps in the road.
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#25 Consumer Comment

Wow Pathetic

AUTHOR: Patient Long Enough - (USA)

Wow that's all you can do Marsha is come up with insults to someone's health and the state of Florida?  Reaching now aren't we?  Let me ask you something if you paid to attend an event and it was cancelled and after almost 6 months they refused your refund how the hell would you feel? This did not start out as any attacking it was a simple complaint because we want our Effin $$$$$$$$$.  It's a shame it's turned into more.  But tell me wouldn't you want your money and who the hell are you to say we don't deserve ours? I personally never want to attend another PRS event or have anything to do with them once my $$ are finally refunded!  Its the LAW when you don't provide a service then you give back the money!!!! No EFFIN excuses!  Can't you minions get that through your heads? LMAO!
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#26 Consumer Comment

Wow Pathetic

AUTHOR: Patient Long Enough - (USA)

Wow that's all you can do Marsha is come up with insults to someone's health and the state of Florida?  Reaching now aren't we?  Let me ask you something if you paid to attend an event and it was cancelled and after almost 6 months they refused your refund how the hell would you feel? This did not start out as any attacking it was a simple complaint because we want our Effin $$$$$$$$$.  It's a shame it's turned into more.  But tell me wouldn't you want your money and who the hell are you to say we don't deserve ours? I personally never want to attend another PRS event or have anything to do with them once my $$ are finally refunded!  Its the LAW when you don't provide a service then you give back the money!!!!!! No EFFIN excuses!  Can't you minions get that through your heads? LMAO!
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#27 Consumer Comment

Hey Holly

AUTHOR: Diane - (United States of America)

Apparently you are only picking and choosing what you want to read on this site, and have not read any of Susan's posts. Because if you had, you would have posted your comment regarding her refund. You might want to check back and reread the posts that are written on this site first before making further comments. 
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#28 Consumer Comment

Sticking the Topic

AUTHOR: Marsha Mellow - (USA)

Im sorry, Mrs. Warren.  Just like you and Mrs. Gaton, I'm an older woman, and I sometimes forget my manners. Like you, I love laying back on my sofa, watching true crime shows.  You followed the Dee Dee Moore trial.  You know how exciting it is to watch drama unfold right in front of your screen!  

Although if I was in Florida, and someone had asked me to fill up a hole and cover it with cement, I'd know a body was down there.  That's the way it all works in Polk County isn't it?  But Dee Dee's ex isn't the sharpest tool in the shed, so I guess it's no wonder she got as far as she did.  

I suppose its no secret that in a way I admire you, Susan.  You have found your great purpose late in life, unstuck you posterior from your sofa, and now you have so many interesting new friends to show for it.  PRS has stolen other peoples money, and you are here to get justice for those people! 

And look at what you have managed to do with your singular effort:  you got poor Kirby Robinsons colonoscopy bag all twisted in a bunch!  (Although he's not complaining. The last time Kirby had any action down there, Jimmy Carter was President.)  

I take it then that there is no criminal investigation and, aside from Mr. Robinson's High-on-the-abnormal site, no media interest.  Am I correct?

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#29 Consumer Comment


AUTHOR: Diane - (United States of America)

Mental illness? First you labeled Susan that in the forums, and now you are doing it here to Tammy. Seems like a reoccurring theme with you. Along with Ryan's "they are all in love with me - fangirl" comments, they are getting rather old, not to mention tiresome. It might be a good idea to come up with original material. 
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#30 Consumer Comment

Have to say this has becoming amusing

AUTHOR: Holly Faust - (United States of America)

I promised myself I wouldn't respond but I just had to.  After looking over the facts Susan the fact is you received your money back but just chose to file this report anyhow.  Which, in my opinion, shows that this runs much deeper than you just not getting a refund.  Anyone who looks at your FB page and the lengths you have gone to even after the money being refunded to you can tell there is much more here than your dissatisfaction.  You, again in my opinion, are seeking attention and sympathy.  Why have you not mentioned the fact on your personal page that you have been given a full refund of the monies owed?

What fans the flames more is that disgruntled former members of the group have joined in your delusions.  One who tried to make profit off of Ryan's illness and several others who have either been fired or banned from PRS for various serious reasons.  The fact is you have received a refund PRS owes you nothing so in the eyes of the court you do not have a leg to stand on.  The fulfilled your request for a refund although not as quickly as you would have liked, but sometimes in reality that is what happens.  Hopefully at some point you're mind will get occupied or obsessed with another vendetta and you will move on.  All I can say is that I will pray that God can open up your heart to forgiveness and allow you to move past all of this hatred.  Hopefully someday you will realize that by attacking people and making false accusations you only create mass hysteria and chaos and that actions sometimes speak louder than words.  The only comments I have seen on here are from people afraid to admit who they are for so called cyber bullying.  Well I have thread after thread of threats and craziness that have been sent to my personal inbox from the people on your side of things.  And some of these people are not even entitled to refunds because they chose not to attend events either because they opted to work over time for extra money or simply chose not to go.  And in those instances they made the choice knowing full well they signed a contract stating they would not be refunded.  The only event to have issues was FT15 every other event has gone off.  Yes there has been delays in webinars but those are also being worked out. Sometimes patience is the best virtue that we can have.  Also faith is another.  That is something I have learned through all of this. 
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#31 General Comment

something o think about

AUTHOR: KIRBY ROBINSON - (United States of America)

Paranormal DUI PRS Hides in the ShadowsBy Kirby Robinson

We sometimes have to remind our haters that the EYE ON THE PARANORMAL is not a personal blog. It makes no difference who is a contributor; this is a news, information, and personal opinion blog. Our souls arent owned by anyone. We dont kowtow to any para-celeb, real or fake, or to any paranormal organization, group or show.
We report the news that we uncover. We dont partake in cyber-bullying. Just as with any news organization, the reporters job is to report the news.

Back to this business Weve recently uncovered some shocking information concerning misconduct by members of PRSs management team and Ryan Buell. If youre a regular visitor to the PRS boards, or a long time follower of PRS, youll recognize the name Susan Music a/k/a Shadowtime. Ms. Music is a moderator on the PRS board. Shes also a website administrator, and over the past few years, has played a big role in the management of PRS.

What PRS has worked hard to keep from the public is the fact that Ms. Music has been arrested for DUI on two occasions: in 2009 and in May 2012. Last years arrest was more severe as it was a hit and run. According to the police report, Ms. Music was visibly intoxicated and her blood alcohol test resulted in a reading of .232, which is almost three times the legal limit.

DUI #1
DUI #2
We have to ask if such a person with two DUI charges filed against them should be allowed access to personal information and data? Should such an individual be in the role of giving advice to the public? In my personal opinion, no. But it seems that PRS tends to differ.

Here are some links that share the total cost of people who drive under the influence [statistics show if you are arrested once for DUI youll end up with at least five DUIs in your lifetime].
In closing, we ask that Ms. Music step away from the paranormal field and spend some time listening to the following: Made Milwaukee Famous by Jerry Lee Lewis Like Beer by Tom T. Hall
Let it never escape anyones minds people who drive while intoxicated are potential killers.
Keep on soldiering on until next time.
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#32 Consumer Comment

Hey, Robert

AUTHOR: Mara - (United States of America)

Hello, Robert.

Although Ryan is free to expound on his own comment, if he wishes, I believe he was actually referencing the cyberbullying issue, wherein I was trying to explain to Holly why a posters screen name should not singularly discredit that posters argument (in that posters may have their own reasons for choosing whether or not to identify themselves).

You are incorrect in stating that I have never attended a PRS event.  I have, in fact, attended 3 of them.

The issue of substance abuse was not raised by me.  It was first raised by youreallcrazy, who indicated that a PRS staff member had informed them that Ryan was using profits from PRS activities to purchase drugs.  I believe my post is clear in that I stated normally this would not be relevant to the discussion.  However, it can be relevant in the case of a young lady who was denied a refund when she was forced to leave an event upon being informed that the only place for her to sleep was among intoxicated strangers.

I outlined precisely what my firsthand knowledge on the subject is, namely, that information which is readily available through public records searches and a PRS radio podcast. I made no speculations.

I think at this point, its quite telling how PRS only defense here is to attempt to make personal attacks on people.  If you had a real argument, you would have made it by now.  But we have yet to see a bona fide and respectfully set forth position from anyone officially representing the organization that even explains, let alone legitimizes, the complete failure on the part of PRS to issue refunds where they are due.  We have yet to see an explanation as to why emails have gone unanswered and what is being done to ensure emails are routed properly in the future.  These people have not been told concretely when their refunds can be expected to be processed instead of being repeatedly given the run-around that youre working on it.  You have done nothing but waste a lot of verbiage dodging the problems that are inherent to the poor management of your business operations.  If PRS keeps addressing concerns with pompous attitudes, none of these problems will ever get fixed, and you will eventually be the makers of your own demise.

I think your actions here and on your forum speak volumes for themselves, and any person reading your comments can now make an informed choice as to whether or not PRS is an organization they wish to involve themselves in.

I truly wish you the very best of luck.  As we communicated the other day, I am not insensitive to all of the pressures getting thrown at you.  A lot of people are beginning to knock on your door to collect, and PRS seems unable to muster the resources or wherewithal to handle these pressures with grace, tact or effect.  It's unfortunate, because PRS was once an organization I firmly believed in.  A year and a half ago, I would have been on the other side of the line rooting for you guys with just as much fervor as I have seen displayed here by your fans.  I can no longer do that, though, and you only know (and obviously are not sympathetic to) an exceptionally small part of the reasons why.

It saddens me our divorce has not been amicable, but you're not helping your argument by making things personal where it is not about you and me.  This thread is about refunds.  I am only here in Susan's defense, because I can testify with firsthand knowledge that certain statements made about her by PRS are false.  If you guys want to talk about how to mend the differences - awesome.  If your only objective is to try to figure out how you can hurt my feelings some more, you'll find that it won't be very effective.  I can walk away from this discussion unbruised, but you'll still be dealing with a mess long after I've gone.

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#33 Consumer Comment


AUTHOR: Suzanne - (United States of America)

Sorry about your lame argument Holly but I am using my real name and city I live in. I am not imtimidated by any of you cult member zombies who worship at The Church of Ryan Buell. You make be happy with what you received and dance around the fact that it WAS NOT what you ordered, plain and simple, that you made the best of what you were handed, JUST BECAUSE you wanted to be near your cult leader.

You people need help, but you will never admit it. You believe you are on some great spiritual quest led by Mr. Buell just because he "hunted spooks" on television. Now you have paid him big bucks and feel that gives you some sort of connection to him. Yes... you have fell for his con game and he is laughing all the way to the bank. You and your friends may be getting some "spiritual" thirst quenched as you continue to gab in your freaky closed FB, as my friend tells me all the weird wigged out things you people discuss.

You individuals have a right to be as weird as you want, that is not my concern, what IS my business, however, is that you BUT OUT  when it comes to people wanting their money returned. So you don't want a refund. Goody doo dah for you. Just because your looney toon needs were met, those of us who live in REALITY did not have ours fulfilled and we want cold hard cash back in our pockets.

Quit talking down to us because we aren't some weirdos on your cult secret FB, we don;t want to be nor do we have to be. We never signed on to be a disciple of Ryan Buell. You may want to be a groupie and pay for the chance to get near him, we don't want to nor do we desire to.

If you live in fear that this may destroy your precious PRS cult zombie group if they have to pay back the monies they own people, THEN TOO DARN BAD. That is the way of business. You cannot support it, you go bankrupt. You really do need to try and find some sort of life besides being a groupie and PAYING to follow Ryan Buell around the country just to maybe get the chance to see him and meet up with other individuals who have NO LIFE as well and want to "catch a glimpse" of the "great one".

You people are PAYING MONEY just to see this man. And then he doesn't even show. At least if you go to a concert or sporting event, you are gonna see the show. You people are borderline hopeless. I will never stop fighting until I get the things I ordered. I am SO ANGRY that I was cheated I am seeing red more and more.

Good day Holly and again... GET a life!!!
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#34 General Comment

Hey Marsha

AUTHOR: Beth - (United States of America)

You know "Marsha" you seem to have no problem calling people out using their full names and yet you hide behind your rather foolish name. If you want to personally attack people who are pointing out that they are deserving of refunds and trying to get PRS and Ryan Buell to do the right thing then why don't you identify who exactly you are!! As I too have also been a victim of fraud with the infamous incomplete Demonology class, I too would like to know when he and PRS plan on making right on all the money and promises that are do.

Posting pictures of Joan Crawford serves no purpose and if anything shows just how little of a defense PRS and your "legal team" have to stand against the accusations that have been made. BTW any fool can pull up ones criminal record as they are public record so that is not even an issue. So stick to the actual points that are raised and stop attacking people posting on a personal level because the only ones that look bad is you!
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#35 Consumer Comment

Back to the old attack and change the issue game

AUTHOR: Lee - (United States of America)

It does not matter who Mara is if she has an issue with PRS and refunds. She was verbally abused trying to get her refund by going to the only venue she knew would get through to PRS. Their holy forums, the ones where only positive and idolizing things may be posted.

Just like then, when she hits a nerve, or any of us do, you all go on the attack. Protect and defend the cult. Those of you who keep trying to character assassinate anyone who is legitimately trying to get back what they are owed just keep proving our points. Again, thank you. 

Please go on helping our efforts, we appreciate how much you help us. Every time you post one of these rebuttals, you affirm what we are saying.
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#36 Author of original report

Stick to the Topic

AUTHOR: Susan - (USA)

     Both PRS "customer service" and their followers are putting on a very good show on things you might want to consider when purchasing a ticket to any event that PRS puts on. 

     Though some have suggested it, I do not hate all the PRS fans as I don't know them.  The former fans that PRS has stolen from I have found to be very nice people, so I'm not prejudging any of the ones I don't know. 

     I do not like the rabid variety of follower who have no argument that will hold water about the truth of the situation so must resort to cyber bullying and personal attacks.  Your desperation to try to defend PRS's undefendable position is showing.  But you are an excellent example of a previous poster's description of attacking any individual who exposes the truth about PRS and the director, Ryan Buell, who is ultimately responsible for all of PRS actions.  So, darlin', why don't you find something positive to do with your time?  Possibly like directing your attention to helping to clean up PRS poor business practices.

    You can't take away freedom of speech and our right to post what PRS has done to their customers.  Your attacks on a person who exposes PRS for what they have done does not change the truth of the situation.  It has, however, encouraged more people who have not received their refunds to contact me.  And it has encouraged some of the members of your PRS fan club to contact me with their support for these ticketholders who have not received their refunds and their disappointment in PRS.  I'm glad the word is getting out even within your group, and for those who have sent their words of support, thank you.

     The topic is that PRS sold tickets to events at places they never booked.  They then cancelled the event.  They promised refunds.  They did not follow through on their promises with many of their ticketholders.  They still have not followed through with some of these ticketholders and they have effectively stolen their money.  It only takes about 5 minutes to issue a refund.  Some of these people have been waiting over a year for their refunds.  Their requests for refunds have been ignored.

     People can make their own decisions if they want to risk hundreds of dollars for an event given the background of what has happened to other PRS customers and how they are treated when that event does not occur. 

     As with Mara, it really makes no sense to continue bantering with you over your personal attacks and goading.  The issue are out there, Ryan Buell and PRS are very aware of them, and still some of the ticketholders of cancelled events do not have their promised refunds, some more than a year after the event.

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#37 Consumer Comment

Hello Tammy!

AUTHOR: Marsha Mellow - (USA)

Tamara Gardner! You are a bit of a celebrity around here, you actually suing PRS and all.

I should have recognized you.  Im sorry, dear.

I think what theonlysaneoneleft is referring to is you is your comments about drug and alcohol abuse.  Since you have never been at a PRS event, you would not know about any such thing.


It would be like speculating on your long history of mental health problems.  Im sure you would not

like your fellow students and professors at Concord Law School to speculate on your sanity. 

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#38 Consumer Comment

Hey there

AUTHOR: Mara - (United States of America)

Hey theonlysaneoneleft,

Yes, Mara is a commonly used nickname for me - both online and off.  I'm not sure what your point is, but I believe I am capable of using my own discretion in how I like to refer to myself.

I have plenty of documentation to back my statements, all of which are true.  Being that I am not only a student of law but have extensive real world legal experience, you'll forgive me if I'm of the opinion I understand the law better than you do.

Finally, I believe you will find that each of my arguments above is directly on topic: refunds and why they should be issued.  If you would like to contribute substantively to that discussion, wonderful.  Please explain why it is that you think people should or should not be issued refunds for a canceled/never booked/indefinitely postponed event.  Otherwise, trying to goad me into petty bickering is not going to work.
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#39 Consumer Comment

Try to keep on the topic at hand

AUTHOR: theonlysaneoneleft - (United States of America)

Hey "Mara"....

First off, you may want to try and use a different screen name than you do on every other forum/blog/posting opportunity you have ever had to try and avoid this "cyber bullying" that you LOVE to accuse other people of on such a consistant basis. Perhaps an introverted look inside should be in your future to really see the true definition of the term.

This issue is one thing, and like all of you, I do not discourage the expression of frustrations about refunds and customer service when it comes to the Paranormal Research Society. However, making accusations about members and associated members of the society that are unfounded and if true (which I highly doubt) you as a student of Law should know how illegal that is. For shame.

My recommendation is to open up those expensive text books of yours and figure out exactly what you are trying to accomplish here. Let me give you a quick lesson...the best way to win a court case is to stay on the topic at hand. The more wild accusations you bring in to it may distract the jury for the time being, but when they have the chance to get away from you and crunch the information...the verdict will not be in your favor. And while those books are cracked, check out the glossary in the back and look up "cyber bullying".
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#40 Consumer Comment

Thank you Susan Warren!

AUTHOR: Marsha Mellow - (USA)

Thank you, Susan, for clarifying your position.  I was not sure.  One would think that with all of the commentary about Ryan being a liar and thief, that you had some personal interaction with him.  And it has not just been here, it has also been on your Facebook page.  You are Susan Grace on Facebook, are you not Mrs. Warren?  

Perhaps you had forgotten what you wrote, you poor dear.   It sure did not seem like you never saw yourself as a victim  I will see if I can attach a photograph of the passage, but it seemed that you were pretty intent on injuring Mr. Buell in any way you could.

It also seems like you have convinced a lot of people that he has proven himself to be a thief and a liar, defrauding ticketholders of thousands of dollars.

I suppose what I do not understand is, if Mr. Buell is a thief, then why is he not under arrest?  Oh thats right, he is under an investigation. 

But then who exactly is investigating him?  Local law enforcement?  The FBI? I am sure we would all be interested in getting to know which detectives are performing that investigation. 

Please give us some names!  There are many stories to tell!
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#41 Consumer Comment

Thank you Susan Warren!

AUTHOR: Marsha Mellow - (USA)

Thank you, Susan, for clarifying your position.  I was not sure.  One would think that with all of the commentary about Ryan being a liar and thief, that you had some personal interaction with him.  And it has not just been here, it has also been on your Facebook page.  You are Susan Grace on Facebook, are you not Mrs. Warren?  

Perhaps you had forgotten what you wrote, you poor dear.   It sure did not seem like you never saw yourself as a victim  I will see if I can attach a photograph of the passage, but it seemed that you were pretty intent on injuring Mr. Buell in any way you could.

It also seems like you have convinced a lot of people that he has proven himself to be a thief and a liar, defrauding ticketholders of thousands of dollars.

I suppose what I do not understand is, if Mr. Buell is a thief, then why is he not under arrest?  Oh thats right, he is under an investigation. 

But then who exactly is investigating him?  Local law enforcement?  The FBI? I am sure we would all be interested in getting to know which detectives are performing that investigation. 

Please give us some names!  There are many stories to tell!
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#42 Consumer Comment

Class Resuming?

AUTHOR: Suzanne - (United States of America)

I tried to take one class, and it never got off the ground when it was supposed to. I also attempted to view the supposed taped videos of the few classes that were held and never could find them.

Do not be surprised if the Demonology class never resumes. I have a friend who tells me what is happening on that cultist secret FB site of theirs because I never had the stomach to join. It was all in all too weird for me in the first place.

She informed me that Sergey said another class had been cancelled for last night, some para lab meeting class. Surprise surprise. Yet something else cancelled, and what timing. Have they no shame?
She also mentioned that Betsy Craig has removed her post I mentioned in my rebuttal in here. Not sure why except her fellow cult zombies told her to? This is the only thing I can guess.

Again I do not belong the "secret PRS FB" and never have. I am very proud to say this. It has always struck me as creepy when my pal talked about it and all they discussed there, totally like zombie cult members. Sick and people who have no lives of their own.

Pathetic how they are letting two people who appeared on some petty television show run their lives now, but when you have little to no self worth, and want to get validation for your weird beliefs, you will huddle with others like yourself. They are to be pitied, but they are not to stop the rest of us from trying to get our money back, THE CHURCH OF RYAN BUELL or not.
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#43 Consumer Comment

Simple as 1, 2, 3

AUTHOR: Mara - (United States of America)

A couple of comments that I want to make:

FIRST, it has been repeatedly stated that if you had a good time at a PRS event and are happy with the organization, that is wonderful.  No one is denying that you are happy.  But you are trying to use your satisfaction with your own experience to argue that people who are rightfully owed refunds should not have them.  If you dont immediately see why this is not helpful, consider that what you are saying is essentially the same as: If I buy a ticket for a Madonna concert that is canceled the day before the event, I should not be refunded because other people like Madonna.  I hope you see why that is utterly nonsensical.

Holly, you wonder why some people dont want to post their names.  That would be because in my own experience and in other peoples, certain PRS community members can become so overly zealous in protecting and defending PRS that things can quickly escalate to the point it legitimately creates true cyber-bullying and safety issues.  I believe we are seeing some of that now.


Fact:  Susan Warren has never been owed anything by PRS.  She has no legitimate reason to be upset at PRS. Fact:  Anyone can report crime, whether it be the victim or a witness, so your point is sort of lost on me.  Regardless, she has legitimate cause to be upset because someone she cares about was caused a great deal of headache by the actions and inactions of the organization.

Fact:  Her daughter, Carol, is over thirty years old.  She is not a helpless girl.  In fact, she received back all of her money that she spent for the field trip ticket.  Facts: (1) Ryan is over 30 years old, and he sends in not one person but multiple supporters to advocate for him.  He confers with his legal counsel to advise and advocate for him...  By your own logic, we are to conclude that Ryan is helpless because people help him.  (2)  Carol received her money back, but she and her mother still had an overall negative experience, and they are allowed to say so. Additionally, others are still owed money in various forms for various reasons, so her post opens up a much needed discussion on this topic.

Fact:  Kirby Robinson is only involved in this matter because he has his own quack theories about the bible and paranormal investigations   Fact:  This discussion is open in a public platform, and it is open for any member of the public to participate in, regardless of how much you personally disagree with their theories on unrelated matters.

Fact:  Susan Warren is on a vendetta that makes no sense.  This is not a fact; it is your opinion and it makes no sense.  If I witness questionable conduct, I speak up about it, not because its vindictive, but because it is socially responsible.

THIRD, the issue of alcohol and drug use has been raised. I will point out that Ryan states rather plainly on his radio podcast show that he has struggled with an addiction to prescription pain medicine.  As of late, whenever this is mentioned, he denies this struggle, but its still on a recorded interview that he said that it has been a problem for him. His half-brother, who has organized events on an internship basis, has drug possession charges on his criminal record, and his website administrator has DUI charges on hers, the most recent of which is currently scheduled for a criminal pre-trial on January 24th.

Normally, I would say it's irrelevent to this discussion and that I dont have a problem with having a few drinks during a business dinner or what is really a social event for field trip/retreat attendees.  But when attendees tell me that they are being driven during an event by a PRS staff member they describe to me as stoned and drunk, or they are forced to leave an event because the only place for them to sleep is in a common room with strangers who are visibly intoxicated, it does become a point of concern relevant to the issuance of refunds.  No one should be denied a refund because they put their safety first and chose to leave a precarious situation

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#44 Consumer Comment

Demonology webinar

AUTHOR: Diane - (United States of America)

I'm sorry I misunderstood, class had NOT resume last night. Silly me. 
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#45 Consumer Comment

Demonology webinar

AUTHOR: Diane - (United States of America)

From what I am aware of, the Demonology webinar has resumed last night. Now how come I didn't get my evite? 
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#46 General Comment

More reports of PRS misdeeds

AUTHOR: KIRBY ROBINSON - (United States of America)

More people have something to share 

 was also in the Demonology class that was never finished. The classes were postponed time and time again. At the time we were all concerned for his health, and actually suggested for him to take some time off in order to get better. He seemed to appreciate the suggestions, and took us up on our offer. That was over a year ago, and we still have not resumed class. Ryan is doing much better, so why haven't the classes resumed? 

A few months back he sent out an email stating that Father Bob and Michelle Belanger was going to finish teaching the course for his students. Hallelujah the classes were going to continue, or so we thought. When a close friend asked Father Bob when the class was going to resume, he was unaware of the situation nor had spoken to Ryan about it. Now I am pretty sure that Father Bob did not lie about this.

Other classes have come and gone, yet the Demonology class is still pending. Others might think it is ok to allow empty promises to continue, but I think too highly of myself to not continue to hand over my money to someone who just doesn't seem to give a d**n. I'm done.


 paid over $50 for the "I am six" webinars. The details that were provided stated that the family involved would be taking part in it to help understand more completely what has happened to them. To my surprise, forum members were told by a family member who posted quite often that PRS neither asked them to participate or asked their permission. I was horrified that they would further victimize this family.

The webinar was postponed several times over at least a 3 month period. We had also been promised access to the recorded event in case we were unable to attend the actual date after so many date changes. I was unable to attend and could not access or find said webinar.

In addition, we were given another webinar to be hosted by Ryan Buell that was in fact hosted by Sergey poberezhny. It ended up being an hour or so of bs with chatting about random useless blather.

That is not what I paid for. In addition, since I was owed a partial refund for the disaster of the Salem field trip, I was told by the very short term employee, Luke, that it would be free for me and not to worry about it. He would take care of my refund. Luke suddenly stopped answering emails, as did all PRS officers. Then suddenly they stated that he had left them for a better job. I can only surmise that he either was not paid, like other former employees (that Ryan personally told me were "disgruntled") or he realized what type of organization he worked for. That means I am also short $50 and never got what was promised. Again.

.In July of 2012 we signed up to attend a field trip put on by PRS in Orlando in September. We opted for a regular ticket making 3 payments for a total of $308 each. These payments were made via Eventbrite and Paypal. The original location for the event was to be the Hard Rock Hotel in Orlando, we opted to not stay there due to the expense of the rooms, but prepaid for our hotel closeby. We were given a tentative schedule with all these wonderful things planned and were very excited about our trip. The day before the event while we were picking up our rental car we rec'd an email from Sergey stating Ryan was ill and the event was postponed but if we wanted a refund please allow him till the end of the week to give us the information on how to go about it. Being our hotel was paid for already and the car we went ahead and went to Orlando. This incurred way more expenses as we had to pay for more things to do because the event was not happening. Also let me mention that 2 weeks before the event they changed the location from the Hard rock to another hotel which didnt effect us but many other's had booked and paid the deposit on their rooms there. 

When we returned from our trip I emailed PRS asking about refund and what we need to do. On September 26th I received the following:

"We have received your request for a refund for 2 Standard tickets. We are sorry to hear that we were not able to meet your satisfaction. PRS will do its best to make it up to you. Please allow at least 3-5 business days for your request to be processed. Due to recent high volume of requests, the processing time will take longer than usual. We apologize for the inconvenience. You also have the option of requesting a credit towards a future PRS event or webinar. Sincerely,PRS"

I wrote them back and politely told them that we did not wish to attend another events and please refund our $$. Heard absolutely nothing back and when emailed only received automated responses. After about a month or so and feeling I had been more than patient with the situation I contacted Paypal who of course did nothing and then Eventbrite and was told they could do nothing.

Finally on November 25th almost 3 months after the first email I got this:

"As we stated before...We understand that some of you may insist on asking for refunds before the new outline for the postponed event is announced. Unfortunately with the sunk cost for the event, the uncertain count of how many refunds we are to expect and other expenses we are not able to issue to refunds to everyone right away. If you had already emailed us requesting a refund, you do not have to email us again. You are on the list as one who has requested a refund.
Thank you,

I had NEVER been told this information and sunk cost for what? They did nothing? We do not want to attend the event, we don't have the $$ not the desire! Then just like another person who has complained on here I too was banished from facebook pages and attacked for posting questions or comments about refunds. Even told that me wanting the $$ back in time for Christmas was unreasonable.

This is the most unprofessionally run organization i have ever had contact with. They have no concern and have proved that via their lack of consideration and communication. I am sorry if Ryan is sick but that should not be affecting our getting refunds. What really pisses me off is that before they have taken care of this they move onto advertising other events and their precious "Bureau"

I might never get my money back however now that I have an address I will be filing a formal complaint with someone that might be able to help. I just want it known and i'm sure all the PRS worshippers will try and respond to this...what kind of rip off organization this is. Sorry I don't worship at the altar of St. Buell!


First of all let me state I used to be a huge fan of PRS and Ryan Buell. I took one webinar that was very good and then signed up for another "Demonology" which as yet to be finished over a year later, with LOTS of promises to do so. Not to mention another webinar "I am Six" in which were promised interviews with the family and also that recordings would be posted if we had missed a night of class. This also has never been done. Also I can't tell you how many times we have been left wondering if we have class tonight only to be informed at the very last minute and late I might add.that class is cancelled or whatever. This should have been an indication to me that we aren't important except for our $$. I can live with that but what I can't live with any longer is being ignored about a refund of $600 owed to myself and friend for a "FT 15" that NEVER happened...... 


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#47 Author of original report

Response - Try reading the posts before

AUTHOR: Susan - (USA)

Marsha, I enjoyed your post.  And Holly's as well.  I don't hate either one of you.  If Holly, Betsy, and you are happy giving PRS money for an event and having it cancelled and then accepting another totally different event in a different part of the country which has no resemblance at all to the event you paid for or their classes, which as has been said have been subject to not being completed or being rescheduled, I'm happy for you.  I'm also glad that you can come here and voice your opinion and not have it deleted just because someone doesn't agree with you.  That's what free speech is all about.  I  know you may be accustomed in your group to being able to delete opposing opinions and banning the poster or disliking them and their comments anonymously now, but that is the benefit of being able to have this topic posted here, where all sides can be heard.  I may not understand your decisions to accept something different than what you paid for, but it is your choice.  And I believe you are projecting your own desire for Ryan's attention onto me.

It was Carol's choice and the choice of some the other people who have posted here to request their refunds.  They were promised refunds.  They did not get their refunds.  Some have been waiting over a year from the Lizzie Borden Lockdown of November 2011.  Others say they paid for activities within the event that never happened and again, they were not reimbursed.  PRS has refused to give them back their money.  In fact, PRS has refused to answer their emails and chose to ignore them instead.  So they have defrauded these people of hundreds of dollars.

If you are going to dispute a post, you should read the post first.  You should take a few minutes and reread the original post.  I HAVE NEVER PURCHASED ANYTHING FROM PRS.  Until my daughter purchased the Field Trip 15 ticket, I did not know much of anything about Paranormal State or Ryan Buell.  My daughter had me watch a few of the DVDs with her.  It is not something I would be interested in so I would not spend hundreds of dollars to go to an event like that.  I HAVE NEVER SAID I HAVE PURCHASED ANYTHING FROM PRS, regardless of any lies to the contrary.  MY DAUGHTER purchased her one ticket for $308.49.  I did pay for the unnecessary one night stay at the Castle Hotel, the site PRS said they booked for the event, and we were told upon arrival that the event had been cancelled by hotel staff.  They were kind enough to let us out of the remaining nights of the reservation, and since we only live an hour away, transportation costs for us were minimal. 

 By the date November 9, 2012, the date you have referenced, my daughter had already been promised a refund, been told that the refund had been processed (a lie), and had not received that refund.  After October 8, 2012, PRS was no longer responding to her messages or her emails (other than the automated answers on the email address they told her to write to that they never replied to).  They had not given her the promised refund and then they ignored her.  Unlike legitimate businesses I had dealt with, I could find no current business address or business phone number for PRS, nor would they provide one when requested by email.  Now rather than rehash the first post, you can go back and read the progression of my attempts to get contact information and what I found out about PRS in that process.  So if you say that on November 9, 2012, I wrote, November 9, 2012:  "These weasels are in your neck of the woods, albeit a bit north.  I am astounded by all that weve uncovered since they refuse to refund Carol's money.  I'd like to see them stopped for good.  I'd like to see justice.  They picked on the wrong person.  And at the moment, I have lots of free time and I am one angry mom.", then I'd have to say at that point and time while they still had her money and were defrauding her, I guess I was pretty restrained in my comments.  You're not saying who I said it to or where I said it, however.   When someone steals $308.49 from a member of my family or a friend, and then ignores them, I'm going to be angry about it.  I'm sorry if you don't have a family or friends who you are close to or who is supportive when you have been taken advantage of.  If you don't understand that concept, there's no way I'm going to be able to explain it to you.  I don't remember where you got that comment from or who it was sent to or posted to, but it sounds a bit restrained for that time when my daughter and our new friends were still was being financially victimized by PRS and I really was astounded by what I had found out by that time. 

As the post above says, later in November 2012, MY DAUGHTER GOT A CHARGE BACK from her credit card company after disputing the charge and presenting her evidence.  Again, if you would read the post it clearly states THE CREDIT CARD COMPANY charged back the charge and returned her money.  She never got the promised refund from PRS.  So, yes, as I said before, Carol did get all of her money for the ticket and service charge back, but it was NOT because PRS did the right thing and returned it.

Just as you do, Kirby Robinson has every right in the world to express his opinion on this site.  Again, PRS does not get to control who can post and what they can say here.  His observations have been very insightful and have provided exactly the scenario that has occurred.  PRS cannot argue the facts.  They have withheld refunds from their customers for events they cancelled.  They still have not paid all the people they owe.  They have promised refunds and have not delivered.  They have failed to answer their customers' emails.  They are defrauding these people of the prompt refunds they should have provided.  Those are the facts.  I have never seen a company handle customer complaints like this.  So instead of dealing with the facts, you try to change the focus, but it is not working for you.  Instead, people can see right through you.  And still PRS has not corrected this problem by providing these people with the refunds they deserve.  So, Kirby Robinson, I believe your past experience holds true in this case as well and I appreciate your insight.  It is a shame that Ryan Buell won't debate you.  I think I would enjoy that.

I agree with you that the show had definitely run its course just from the few episodes I saw.  We do share common ground on that opinion.

I've pretty well made it clear why I posted here.  I don't want to see anyone else defrauded by PRS.  I want to see the people who are owed refunds get their money back.  I would like to see the criminal justice system come in and do an investigation of PRS and its board members.  I would like to see charges filed and I would like to see PRS have to pay restitution to these people for their tickets with interest, and their travel expenses for events that were cancelled at the last minute for those who want the reimbursement.  I would like to see PRS either being run as a legitimate business (one that doesn't defraud its customers) or have it shut down.  I don't like injustice.  I  would like to see Justice for the people that are still being financially victimized by PRS.  And I want others to be aware of what has happened in the past so they can make an informed choice if they want to risk their money on future events.  If you want to call that a vendetta because you feel it will take the focus off the real problem and put it on me, then that is your option. 

So, Marsha, I don't see myself and have never seen myself as a victim at all in this case.  But I do see many other people, some of whom I now call friends, some very wonderful people, who are being financially victimized by PRS. 

And Marsha, I absolutely do not hate all the PRS members as you imply.  I don't know most of them.  I believe you could be projecting your own feelings on me.  I do dislike what PRS has done to my daughter and these other people.  Broken promises, lies, and defrauding them.  And now resorting to personal attacks on me, particularly on their PRS Forum, rather than just refunding these people's money and solving the problem.

I hope you and the other PRS members continue to have only positive experiences and that in the future, promises are kept and not broken.

I could find no legitimate, current business address or business phone number for PRS and they would not answer my email requesting one.  When I called New Hope Camp and asked for the PRS business address, I was told the address  was given to them when they booked the PRS Halloween event.  After it was given to me, I did a 411 reverse address search and found it right online with Ryan Buell's name and a phone number.  Not exactly a private address when it is right online and they were using it with their event per New Hope Camp.  You can go to and get the address and phone number right online.   Carol needed an address and phone number to put on the legal complaints.

PRS had plenty of chances to do the right thing and pay back the money they owed these people and they did not.  Anyone who believes they see a crime can report it.  Anyone who sees a company defrauding the customers can report it.  That's why we're here.
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#48 Consumer Comment


AUTHOR: youreallcrazy - (United States of America)

Their radio host and new event chick, Alex (I think she also answers FB messages and tweets and whatever), has said to people that Ryan spends the money from PRS on drugs, and maybe even his own cancer treatments (I don't think you can do that). That would explain why the checks keep bouncing!!! And yeah, of course he would deny it and people and fangirls are going to attack, but if you don't know for a solid fact that this is not true, then just stop before you start. If Alex is lying about it to everyone, then she's nuts. If she's not, then only her and Ryan will know for sure. And PRS should think before they hire crazy chicks who can't keep teir big mouths shut about Ryan and Sergys sex life or how much sexy emails they have, or how much crack Ryan smokes. They even hire (well, their not paid) crazy people to be secret "volunteers" and spy on their fans. They have like secret FB groups where they all get together and talk about who is crazy and who should be blocked. And everyone in there is probably nuts to do things like that! What kind of professional business does stuff like that?! Ryan will ask people to do like "investigations" on other people, to find dirt on them. This is not a professional business owner, he is a psycho on drugs who never grew up and has too much money. 

Oh and as for the retreat-- I heard people werent fed till like 10 at night and everyone just ordered pizza. LOL!!! I also heard someone got sick because the pork chops weren't cooked all the way through. They could get in big trouble for serving food like that! My dad said you haveto have special insurance for when people get sick. 
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#49 Consumer Comment

A Mother's love!

AUTHOR: Justice - (United States of America)

Please for the future, those of you who want to attack Susan Warren and others please get your facts straight first!

"Susan Warren has never been owed anything by PRS.  She has no legitimate reason to be upset at PRS"

Susan's child paid good money to the PRS for an event that was canceled by them. When she repeatedly asked for a refund she was ignored. Any parent would say that this is a legitimate reason to be upset!

Her daughter, Carol, is over thirty years old.  She is not a helpless girl.  In fact, she received back all of her money
that she spent for the field trip ticket"

As stated many times before PRS did not willingly give Carol's money back. Carol received her refund by involving a third party and doing what is called a credit card charge backlook it up if you dont know what that is. In laymans terms PRS was forced to give Carol back the money that was owed to her. There are, however, countless others who are still
waiting for refunds from PRS.

"Kirby Robinson is only involved in this matter because he has his own quack theories about the bible and paranormal investigations"

This is not a fact but an opinion.

To Marsha Mellow; to say that Susan has too much time on her hands is an insult to any parent and citizen in a free country. There is no such thing as too much time on your hands when it comes to protecting your child and standing up for your rights.

You said that the statement you quoted from Susan tells a lothere is what it tells me:

A mother is upset that her child has been taken advantage of, victimized and then ignored after asking for help. This mother searched for answers as to why this has happened and in doing so she uncovered skeletons, monsters and demands beneath the PRS surface. These skeletons in the PRS closet are only known to a few who have been too frightened to reveal what they know.
They are frightened because of the demoralizing attacks and threats brought on by PRS.  But this mother is not afraidshe
wants to see these monsters stopped for the sack of every man, woman and child.
She wants to see justice. And she wont stop until she does!!  In doing so she has given other people the strength they needed to shine light on the truth of this situation.

You also say, it tells us that she sees Carol, her
full-grown daughter, as incapable of helping herself.

What it tells me is this: 
Susan loves her daughter enough that she will take any bullet that comes her way. She will face all evil and stand up to every attack. She will not back down to any fist of insults that people like you throw at her, because she is one angry mom who believes justice will be served!
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#50 Consumer Comment

Not owed a dime

AUTHOR: Holly Faust - (United States of America)

I would just like to add I am not owed a dime of money.  All of the events that I have attended have gone off and yes with some kinks but they did occur.  I also know others who are complaining who are not owed money because the events they were to attend went on and they CHOSE not to attend.  Yet they are quick to jump on the band wagon because they figure they could get a quick buck.  I also have proof of that with several complainers.  Isn't it funny that those of us who are happy and not owed a dime are not afraid to have our full names and locations released yet those who want there money back and have these complaints are using fake name and pseudonyms.  That should tell you something.  I have come under attack for my support of PRS and I just say let the haters hate.  I have had enough of it and will stop giving this woman the attention she is so craving
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#51 Consumer Comment

Not owed a dime

AUTHOR: Holly Faust - (United States of America)

I would just like to add I am not owed a dime of money.  All of the events that I have attended have gone off and yes with some kinks but they did occur.  I also know others who are complaining who are not owed money because the events they were to attend went on and they CHOSE not to attend.  Yet they are quick to jump on the band wagon because they figure they could get a quick buck.  I also have proof of that with several complainers.  Isn't it funny that those of us who are happy and not owed a dime are not afraid to have our full names and locations released yet those who want there money back and have these complaints are using fake name and pseudonyms.  That should tell you something.  I have come under attack for my support of PRS and I just say let the haters hate.  I have had enough of it and will stop giving this woman the attention she is so craving
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#52 Consumer Comment

Susan Warren and her daughter, Carol, are not victims

AUTHOR: Marsha Mellow - (USA)

While some people have a factual basis for negative or ambiguous feelings about PRS, Susan Warren is not one of them.

Fact:  Susan Warren has never been owed anything by PRS.  She has no legitimate reason to be upset at PRS.

Fact:  Her daughter, Carol, is over thirty years old.  She is not a helpless girl.  In fact, she received back all of her money that she spent for the field trip ticket.

Fact:  Kirby Robinson is only involved in this matter because he has his own quack theories about the bible and paranormal investigations through which he disagrees with PRS' methods as depicted upon Paranormal State.  He has been on PRS' coat-tails for years trying to get himself known to the world at large through expose books that are published years after the show has run its course and which few people buy.  

Like Susan Warren, Kirby Robinson is owed nothing from PRS.

Fact:  Susan Warren is on a vendetta that makes no sense.  Holly and Betsy are owed money.  They have status to complain, yet they are not doing so. Seems like some people are correct in that Susan Warren is trying to create a controversy.  Here is what Susan wrote on November 9, 2012:  "These weasels are in your neck of the woods, albeit a bit north.  I am astounded by all that weve uncovered since they refuse to refund Carol's money.  I'd like to see them stopped for good.  I'd like to see justice.  They picked on the wrong person.  And at the moment, I have lots of free time and I am one angry mom."

The statement tells us a lot. 

First, Susan has too much time on her hands.  Instead of volunteering for charity, she is draining time and emotional resources of a lot of people.  Second, it tells us that she sees Carol, her full-grown daughter, as incapable of helping herself.  Third, it tells us that Susan sees herself as a victim, even where she was never a victim to begin with.  

Unfortunately, the many who have had positive experiences on PRS events are not going to try to come here and convince a group of negative people, many of whom have their own peculiar reasons for disliking PRS and its members.
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#53 Consumer Comment

Susan Warren and Carol, her daughter, are not victims

AUTHOR: Marsha Mellow - (USA)

While some people have a factual basis for negative or ambiguous feelings about PRS, Susan Warren is not one of them.

Fact:  Susan Warren has never been owed anything by PRS.  She has no legitimate reason to be upset.

Fact:  Her daughter, Carol, is over thirty years old.  She is not a helpless girl.  In fact, she received back all of her money that she spent on this trip. 

Fact:  Kirby Robinson is only involved in this matter because he has quack theories about the bible and paranormal investigations which he disagrees with PRS methods as depicted upon Paranormal State.  He has been on PRS coat-tails for years trying to get himself known to the world at large through expose books that are published years after the show has run its course and which few people buy.  

Like Susan Warren, PRS owes Kirby Robinson nothing.

Fact:  Susan Warren is on a vendetta that makes no sense.  Holly and Betsy are owed money.  They have status to complain, yet they are not doing so.  Seems like some people are correct in that Susan Warren is trying to create a controversy.  Here is what Susan wrote on November 9, 2012:  These weasels are in your neck of the woods, albeit a bit north.  I am astounded by all that weve uncovered since they refuse to refund Carols money. Id like to see them stopped for good.  Id like to see justice.  They picked on the wrong person.  And at the moment, I have lots of free time and I am one angry mom.

The statement tells us a lot.   First, Susan has too much time on her hands.  Instead of volunteering for charity, she is draining time and emotional resources of a lot of people.  Second, it tells us that she sees Carol, her full-grown daughter, as incapable of helping herself.  Third, it tells us that Susan sees herself as a victim, even where she was never a victim to begin with.  

Many can post here that they feel that they have been wronged, but many more can post that they have had a positive experience with PRS.  Unfortunately, the people who have positive things to say, are rarely, if ever, going to waste their time coming here to convince anyone. 
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#54 Consumer Comment


AUTHOR: Disillusioned - (United States of America)

Why would any of us be taking the time to "Get Ryan Buell?"  We just want our money back for whatever it was we paid for and didn't receive. Trust me I have WAY more important things to do in my life then to try and give a d**n about Ryan Buell.  Had they shown even a bit of concern and consideration for those of us wanting a refund instead of ignoring us i might not be taking the steps i am either.  I consider myself a smart and professional person and I was always polite in my emails etc. When u start being ignored is when you start getting pissed!   Cult is a very good description...PRS Zombies LMAO!  GIVE ME MY MONEY!  I too have filed with Attorney General and have an attorney working for me also.  Unprofesisonal fake scammers!
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#55 Consumer Comment

Hoping to save others through experience

AUTHOR: Justice - (United States of America)

As a former supporter and Field Trip attendee to five field trips in a row plus an attendee to two other PRS events I can honestly say that I know PRS very well and know all too well of their unprofessionalism. 
I understood that the members of PRS was not as professional as some in their fields but I did and still do believe in Paranormal Research so I didnt have a problem supporting this Society. Because of this I gave PRS chances to rectify their unprofessionalism which is why I went to more than one FT. However, I soon realized their professionalism was getting worse not better.

One instance of this was in New Orleans during FT11. Ryan and Serges alcohol consumption was staggering. They were accepting drinks from both men and woman for hours at a bar on the Saturday night we were in the city. Needless to say this trip was not at all about the paranormal but instead about spirits of a different kind. First of all it is unprofessional to accept drinks secondly to do so when you are on the clock is absolutely unacceptable. 
A lot of my other experiences echo those that have spoken already. For instance, Ryan and Serge showed up late to events such as FT9 in West Virginia where they missed the entire first day. The crew didnt have any answers as to why they were late or where they were. As a result the attendees were left in the extremely hot West Virginia heat to wait for instructions. Those instructions never came until later that evening. 

Another example of their lack of organization and unprofessionalism came during FT10 in Charleston, SC back in Nov. 2010. The city itself was great but once again the organization was kaotic at best. I had purchased a VIP ticket for this event simply because it was indicated that a dinner cruise would be included. This was something that, above everything else, I was looking forward too. But much to my disappointment, this dinner cruise was canceled by PRS just an hour or so before the dinner was scheduled. Instead we all gathered at a local pub for dinner. No apologies were given or any effort to rectify this very big error. 
Ryan also did not show up to the Reynolds Mansion Lockdown in May 2011. This was another instance that no explanation was given and no apologies made. 

Fortunately I stopped attending these events before it got as bad as it has in recent months. But because of how things have progressed I hope for everyones sake that our experiences can save others from being victimized. 
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#56 Consumer Comment

This is Absurd

AUTHOR: Suzanne - (United States of America)

Reading this has made me want to respond. I too have had my problems with PRS, not getting items I wanted after sending in the money. I wrote to Sergy himself wanting to know where my items were, and never received a response.

I am not made of money, and want a refund. If I do not get the merchandise promised, then that is what I deserve. I am sorry, but that is the way of business. The above poster is just part of a PRS Facebook that had the individual Betsy Craig post on and inform them all to come here and I quote:

"Time to stand up and protect PRS, The Bureau and everything Ryan and Sergey
have done and are doing for us. Please read this -- if you can make it
through the hatred -- and leave the strongest respectful rebuttal you
can. It's our turn to "give back".  "

This was her exact posting and it has caused numerous members who "worship" Ryan Buell and PRS to come here and in their anger to send rebuttals just because they feel upset.

I am here because I want the world to know this is happening, people are being told to come here and defend PRS. I have nothing to give back to them, they have done nothing for me except take my money and continue to ask for more. I regret I was roped into this group of zombies and people who now act like cult members who are trying to protect their leader.

I just want my money back, and want the world to know what is going on.  PRS has never bent over backward to do anything unless you send them payment for something. This is a scam pure and simple and I refuse to be deceived any longer.

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#57 Consumer Comment

Diversion Tactics

AUTHOR: Mara - (United States of America)

Kirby, you are correct that anyone who questions PRS is immediately painted to have dishonorable motives without even bothering to consider the facts.

Ive been made aware of certain postings made to the PRS website within the last couple of days concerning Susan Grace.  Those posts mention her by her full name and age.  Being a former member of the Refunds group she created and a personal friend of Susans, I can attest to several inaccuracies contained throughout the postings on the PRS forum concerning Susan and that group.  The most significant is that no one posted personal information about Ryan that is going to place him in any sort of danger. Moreover, I am not aware of any conduct by the part of any Refunds member past or present that would even remotely warrant the issuance of the restraining order posters are clamoring for. Finally, PRS representations that Susan is retarded and dangerous are totally unfounded.  The legitimacy of the Rip Off website itself was even called into question 

As if the discussion on the PRS forums wasnt enough of a deflection from the real issues and facts, PRS also proceeded to send out emails to certain individuals demanding links to the report be removed from their personal facebook pages complete with threats to call the police (for what, I have no idea).  I want anyone reading this to ask themselves if thats the way a legitimate business handles customer complaints.

Susans report is a factual, well-researched and fully documented narrative of her experience.  Where she chose to post it precisely is insignificant.  Additionally, a few complaints have been filed with law enforcement, Eventbrite, and local attorney generals offices.  If PRS is free of any wrongdoing, Im sure these agencies will investigate the matter and find it to be so.  All businesses occasionally have to go through such an audit, which should only be cause for concern if there is misconduct present.  If PRS is only going to be shown to be an above board organization at the conclusion of these investigations, why would they fight having that proved?  Think about it.

Consistent with past practice, PRS has decided to respond to the customers concerns by bullying and attacking anyone who thinks that perhaps such matters should be looked into, threatening to make false, unfounded reports to the police, resorting to childish name-calling and casting a false light on motives, character and mental health.  I am all too personally familiar with these diversion tactics, which are designed only to illicit emotional hysteria (Susans dangerous; we need to protect Ryan; forget about the refunds).  This is the smoke screen PRS lives behind to avoid addressing real problems.  I caution any reader of the comments posted by PRS on its forum against being romanced by such superfluous dramatics.

Had someone from PRS responded to Susans initially very cordial inquiries, I doubt things would have escalated to this point.  When people feel their voices are being heard, they have no cause to go digging around or to start aggressively pushing an issue.  Perhaps PRS will take this as a lesson to improve its system of communication with its patrons.  However, given my own experiences and the unbecoming attitudes being displayed on the PRS forum right now, I highly doubt PRS is ready to exercise that level professionalism.
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#58 Author of original report


AUTHOR: Susan - (USA)

I agree with what you say, Kirby Robinson, but I want to be very clear that it was my daughter's ticket to Field Trip 15.  i went along for the ride paid for and stayed at the hotel, the Castle, with her, but I never bought a ticket to any of their events.  I didn't even know who he was until my daughter decided to go to Field Trip 15 and made me watch some of his DVDs before we went.  So I'm not a fan of Ryan or his show.  I don't admire or respect him because of the things he has done to other people, mainly not refunding their money and dealing unfairly with his customers.

My daughter got her money back 1 1/2 months after the event through a credit card charge back.  PRS did not refund her money as they promised and then refused to answer any correspondence about the refund after 10/8/12.  You are right here, though.  Had they just refunded my daughter's money as they had promised originally, we wouldn't be having this conversation on the Rip Off Report site.  She presented the evidence to her charge card company and they charged back the total charge to PRS Paypal account.  PRS did not do the right thing and refund her money.  Her credit card company forced PRS into giving back her money through a charge back. 

While we were waiting for the promised refund to come through and for PRS to answer our many emails, I  got to "meet" others who had not received their refunds, including from the Lizzie Borden Lockdown, which was scheduled in November 2011, long before Ryan's August 2012 announcement about his health.  There are still Lizzie Borden Lockdown people who have not gotten their refunds, an event that PRS cancelled.  I "met" others who had not gotten their refunds from Field Trip 15.  It only takes the teenage girl working at Walmart 5 minutes to do a refund.  Some of these people have been waiting over a year.

 My purpose here is to let people know what my daughter had to go through to get her money back and what others are still going through trying to get refunds for events that PRS cancelled and postponed so they can make a choice of whether they want to risk their money.  It is not only the money for the ticket, but it is also the expense to travel that they are risking and that cost some of the ticketholders far more than the cost of the tickets.  Because of the last minute notifications, you may find yourself at an event that has been cancelled as the woman at the Lizzie Borden Lockdown did or the people at the Field Trip 15 did.  And I will disagree that everyone who showed up there was happy with the makeshift event they pieced together since I have spoken to peoople who went who were not happy at all and they are not happy they have not received their refunds.

 The very people who are supporting PRS are proving the point that you may pay hundreds of dollars for one event and end up not only having the event cancelled on you, but then being expected to go to a totally different event in a totally different area of the country, or accept classes you never wanted to take.  It is like buying a ticket for a Billy Joel concert in LA and getting a ticket for a William Hung concert in NYC.  Not exactly what you bargained for.  It goes beyond the concept of false advertising.

On the PRS Forum site, Ryan has now said that he changed the venue for Camp Paranormal because people complained about the original location being to dumpy (sorry, guys, got the screen shot).  On another thread about Camp Paranormal they were still talking about the event being held at the New Hope Camp so I'm guessing it was a recent change. Let's hope Camp Paranormal is one event where they will follow through on.   Again, a lot of people have spent a lot of money and are really looking forward to the event.

I'm glad that people are speaking out about the different things that have happened to them. 
This all could have been avoided if PRS practiced good business practices and when they cancelled an event, they refunded everyone's money promptly.   It is as simple as that.

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#59 Consumer Comment

Holly still cannot comprehend the issue

AUTHOR: Lee - (United States of America)

Everyone who posted about PRS, LLC's business practices have been succinct.

The issue that is at hand is that money was taken in advance for an event that was NEVER actually booked or reserved by any person representing the PRS organization at the location given, the Hard Rock Hotel, Orlando.

That was followed by a "postponement" one day prior to the prepaid event, months after the tickets were purchased. Emails were sent out explaining how to receive those refunds but were never followed up by PRS, LLC. That is fraud.

Requests have continually been made to get reimbursed, not to have the money put towards another event. That is the crux of the matter that the poster Holly Faust does not understand.

In any case, she continues to aid our cause by admitting that the attendees had to find things to do to have fun since they were already stuck in Orlando. That caused a great deal of money to be spent when those costs had already been covered by our prepaid tickets. For that, I would like to thank her for assisting us in proving that PRS never aided those of us who were stuck in Orlando. Her continued responses are welcomed.

The only matter that needs to be taken care of is that all who are owed full refunds for events either cancelled, postponed or not what was promised at the time of purchase to these events, be refunded in full.
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#60 General Comment

More Bad PRS S.O.P

AUTHOR: KIRBY ROBINSON - (United States of America)

As I stated in my first post anyone who might say anything bad will be painted as being jealous of Ryan and their motives have to be questioned. If the reader has followed the above posts, thats what has taken place. 

Just some things off the top of my head.

1 One poster said that they are leaders within the paranormal field, which isnt true. They dont make any public appearances unless it is their events. They make the public pay a steep price to hear them. [S.O.P. for a cult as many have said PRS has become].

2 Their current office is located in an apartment complex and no information can be found on the other 2 offices. 

3 Its always telling when members of the PRS cult/church try to spin our in-depth investigation yet theres never been one allegation weve made that has ever been disproved. Ive even offered to debate Mr. Buell in public and stated that he could keep all the funds for himself. Yet he hides and refuses to do so.

4 All this could have been avoided if they had returned Ms. Graces money. 
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#61 Consumer Comment

Falsifications of fact continue

AUTHOR: Holly Faust - (United States of America)

As for the comment about the food and decorations on this past retreat that is not factual in anyway.  How do I know this?  I have been cooking on all of the retreats.  And anyone who doubts that can ask anyone who has attended retreats since the first retreat.  As for the decorations I know that one person was asked to be in charge of that and she did bring some but I also know for a fact that Ryan and others purchased other decorations and they made it fun exciting group activity to decorate and no one was forced to do it.  I do know for a fact that there are many dietary restrictions for attendees and the menu plans and meals are greatly planned to meet all of those dietary needs.  Attendees are vegetarian, some are on gluten free diets and also have severe food allergies.  I do know at that there have been people who have decided on there own accord to go out and buy food, but food has been offered at all of the retreats because I have cooked all of those meals and have put a lot of time and effort into that.  I think people are really beginning to take these comments way out of proportion and these falsification are blatant lies.  Stick to the facts people and not pull these defaming lies out of thin air.  I for one have had enough.
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#62 Consumer Comment

better off doing it yourself

AUTHOR: Suzy - (United States of America)

On the last couple of events, field trip and retreat attendees wound up bringing and cooking food, setting up decorations, organizing activities, etc., while PRS themselves did relatively little or nothing at all.  Why would anyone pay $250 - $1000 to a third party to basically put on the event yourselves???  If you love your friends that much, organize the event yourself in the first place and pay a mere fraction of the cost.  Dont throw your money away to someone who is not providing you the service!
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#63 Consumer Comment

Address / Terms of Service

AUTHOR: Mara - (United States of America)


In response to your post, the author of this Rip Off Report is correct in stating that the registered agent address (507 Marjorie Mae St., State College, PA) listed with the Secretary of the Commonwealth is out-dated.  When I did not receive merchandise I ordered, and after 6 months of following up and then filing an attorney general complaint which was ignored, I finally filed a police report for fraud.  What follows below is a copy of correspondence from the detective who investigated my case (and got my money back):

To: ****
Subject: complaint of photo purchase
Date: Mon, 11 Jun 2012 10:09:13 -0400

****, I received notification of the complaint you filed against Sergey Poberezhny for failing to send a photo that you purchased off of his website in November 2011.  The complaint was forwarded to me since the address listed for Poberezhny was located within my jurisdiction (Patton Township, State College Pa).  However, when I went to the residence noted on the complaint (507 Marjorie Mae St) I found that Poberezhny moved from that address at least 4-5 years ago and the current resident was unfamiliar with him.  I was then able to locate a potential new address here in State College (324 Homan Ave, State College 16801) which is not in my jurisdiction, but I will attempt contact with him if you still have not received the photo or some other compensation.  Please advise me if you have had any further dealings with Poberezhny since the time this complaint was filed (05.31.2012) and whether or not this is still an active case.  You may reply directly to this email or you may contact me by any other means listed below.

Thank you,
Detective Erik Haas  -  #3812
Patton Township Police Department
100 Patton Plaza
State College PA 16803
814/234-0273 - office
814/234-0583 - fax 


Perhaps you visited a different address, but the authors point is that the one they have listed with the Commonwealth is no longer accurate.  This is concerning, because registered businesses are required to keep their information up-to-date with the State/Commonwealth where they are registered to do business, as the State/Commonwealth can act as a recipient of service of process in the event of a lawsuit.

You state that the contract indicates that tickets are non-refundable.  Although you can write whatever you want into a contract, that does not mean the terms of the contract will necessarily be upheld in court if they are unconscionable.  Here, the allegation is that PRS advertises events it has not yet booked.  They then cancel the event, and point to the terms of service saying youre out of luck? Facially, that certainly seems unfair because it is.  Where PRS does not provide the service that forms the entire basis of the contract, of course they have to refund you no matter what their terms of service say.

I am very happy that you and others have had positive experiences attending PRS events, no matter how irrelevant that point is to people who are rightfully owed refunds for events that never occurred.  Whether or not Ryan is sick is also just as irrelevant, as it is irrelevant whether or not you hate someone or (the rather humorous default PRS argument for just about everything when theyre backed into a corner) how much you want Ryans attention.  All that is actually relevant here is that if you pay for a product or service, it should be provided.  If it is not, you should be promptly  refunded.  It is that simple.
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#64 Consumer Comment

Oblivious to the real issue

AUTHOR: Lee - (United States of America)

This poster has been shown evidence links, personally been told of the issues and refuses to listen to anything negative about the company. She has called me names for posting the truth but names don't bother me. Truth does. Holly has said repeatedly that PRS is like her family and that all her events have gone off so well. 1. The Orlando field trip did not happen. 2. It was postponed. 3. People were stuck there and tried to have a good time. 4. Nothing done by PRS. 5. The show regular that she referred to paid her own way and apparently felt bad for those hosed by the group and since she is an author of note, was able to arrange meet ups at a well know book store. 6. That was not done by PRS.

All companies have issues of health, etc. They do not withhold refunds for events not held. As to the trick or retreat event, she knows full well that it did not go off as planned. At least for the lady that runs the camp. That information is on several ripoff reports that PRS bounced their check to her and have not booked that camp as listed on event rite tickets for March 2013.

This author, Holly has been ill and I feel for her. She however has zero concern for others of us who need our refunds for similar reasons
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#65 General Comment

The law

AUTHOR: Diane - (United States of America)

If the event was never booked or held, PRS has to give a refund, no matter what their terms of service say. A court is not going to uphold a contract that unjustly enriches one of the parties. This is incredibly basic contract law. In other words, if someone asks for a refund, PRS is required by law to refund the full cost of the item promised.
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#66 Consumer Comment

Trying to be a voice of reason between the two sides.

AUTHOR: Former Supporter - (United States of America)

To everyone who was sent here as a supporter of Ryan and the remaining PRS, please try to actually read the following with an open mind as former supporters like myself have read your comments with the same open mind.

First off, I am not here to attack anyone. I am just frustrated beyond belief of the power that Ryan has with his charisma and his sharp tongue, continue to keep the truth from being told. Most of what I will cover happened before Ryan got sick and was able to use that illness to further confuse the truth.

To start further back, I was very much a PRS supporter back in the day. In fact I went to four full field trips in a row, including one as a VIP/EE ticket holder. The people that I met (fellow field trippers mostly) have changed my life in many ways and have become real friends outside the FTs. I also became close to some of the past PRS members and cast members from the TV show. Please understand that I feel my money was well spent in regards to the people I got to meet, which very well might include some of the people reading this right now.

That being said, over time I came to know more than the average FTer about the part of PRS and the FTs that wasnt public. I have kept my mouth shut regarding these details for quite a while but I cant remain quiet any longer as Ryan is hoisted above his supporters without them knowing the true background.

PRS was and is a business and while it hides behind the organization status, it should be viewed as a business. PRS started the FTs to connect with fans and build up a following and it did amazingly at that. The first FTs were simple events that went well from all accounts. As PRS continued to do FTs they became more business like to produce revenue so the team could continue to work on free cases.  The problem became that Ryan (who ran the books) would fail to pay vendors for their services.

That is one of the key reasons PRS has gone through so many event planners over the years. They would fire (if they were being paid at all) them and then blame them or the vendors for failures. PRS would also blame their busy schedule when things would slip the cracks. Knowing how life is, the fieldtrippers took this at face value. The problem was that Ryan continued to use the FT money to fund his personal lifestyle and expenses and while some of that is understandable, he and Sergey used more than a small portion of the money coming in. That left the event planners with little to spend and promise after promise that bills would be handled by Ryan himself.

In fact even when money was way past due, Ryan leased a new building calling it Buell Tower 1. Publicly he said he owned it/had purchased it but that was not true. He later was kicked out of this building for past due rent. 

PRS then decided to quit their show and focus on FTs full time so they could finally relax after the very involved taping schedule. The problem was that the FTs didnt produce enough revenue to keep up what had become to be a pyramid schemenew field trips would be announced so old past debts could be paid, leaving little if anything to actually pay for the events that the money was supposed to be for. About this time some of the original members of PRS were either asked to leave or marginalized when they would bring up issues about money including expenses that Ryan had not reimbursed them for and payroll that he had not paid them. For the sake of respecting privacy, I will not go into more detail about this other than to say that Ryan started really burning through his supporters and his friends at a quick pace.

Starting in FT 9, West Virginia, Ryan and Sergey started arriving late or not at all to events and promised activities were never delivered.  PRS started cutting corners whenever possible for FTs. They hosted FT 10 at a hotel in Charleston, SC that was so poorly reviewed online that 75% of guests said they would NOT recommend the hotel. Why would they select such a place in one of the best hotel cities in the US? Because they were given free room access and food in exchange for getting FTers to book rooms in the hotel. PRS clearly didn't care about providing the best experience, instead trying to pay the least expenses possible.

The problem became worse as FT attendance continued to drop due to PRS not being on TV any longer and the fact that the regulars started getting fed up at the promises that were never delivered.  Big items like the boat cruise that was part of the EE experience that were NEVER booked, even though they were mentioned as part of the ticket up until the actual event. Another of these NEVER booked but promised items occurred during FT 12 in Salam, MA. Additionally, Field
Trippers will be given a private, FTXII only tour of the famous Witch House! Many FTers were very much looking forward to this as it was one of only two promised activities by name, and yet it was never booked. PRS blamed the failure on the venue but the Witch House staff confirmed that the location was never booked, nor was any deposit placed on the rental. Yet this attraction is STILL being bragged about on PRS site for the FT.

Past that, there was and is still a lot of money being misdirected or in the very least, consumers being led to believe their money is going certain places. Even while Ryan was unable to pay his staff or other PRS bills, he personally collected the vast majority of the A&E TV funds for himselfnot the society. His book funds went directly to him as does all his webinar classes. That is right, while most would understand SOME of the funds from these activities going to Ryan, it seems odd that none of the funds would support his baby, the society or help support future cases.

What should sicken every single person that reads this is what happened with the charity funds. During most FTs, Ryan would auction at least an item or two for charity. Bidding would commonly hit the thousands and everyone expected that those funds would find their way to the promised charity. More than one person with inside knowledge has confirmed that these funds never went to any charity. I simply ask Ryan to provide receipts for these donations to quiet this rumor. I know personally that over ten thousand dollars was raised in this method for charity so there is no way you wouldn't document such large thousand dollar plus amounts.

I have nothing against Ryan as a person. I understand that bills can pile up and you sometimes need to adjust things. The problem is that the people supporting him now do not know of this pattern of behavior so they continue to book events not realizing that there is a decent chance they either will be canceled or be dramatically different than advertised. The person that defended FT15, failed to make light of the fact that, regardless of the last minute cancellation, NONE of the venues that were advertised up until the actual even had ANY clue the FT was supposed to happen because nothing had EVER been booked.

Ask yourself this, why in the world would Ryan & Sergey ask attendees of that FT not to publicly say that Ryan wasn't there at all? How about asking Ryan why Eilfie, Sergey and Chris didn't attend the event to still follow through with it. I understand that Ryan may have been unable to attend but he was not in such dire condition that the rest of the now much smaller team couldn't have left for a few days to deliver on what was promised.

That being said, when that FT failed to happen at all, the VERY first thing that should have happened was a refund (not a credit as the stars failing health could impact future events) for those that purchased tickets. The funds wouldn't have hurt the small business because they never booked nor paid for anything so ALL of the funds for that FT should have been in the bank, unless my pyramid scheme theory is true. The fact that the camp for the last lock-down said they bounced a check confirms their history of not paying vendors. I would guess from what I have seen and been told, that at least one third of their past debts have never been paid in full.

The fact of the matter is that the financial situation of PRS (not Ryans personal situation) is so bad that they cannot possibly pay their past debts without some dramatic change of fortune. That means every time a customer purchases a ticket, they take a lot more risk than a normal event ticket (without knowing that risk because Ryan and friends work very hard to hide such issues).

This isnt about Ryan being a bad person or me attacking some sick weak person. It is about the business that PRS is and the risk that customers should know when prepaying for events and activities. I think PRS needs to declare bankruptcy and if Ryan and his few cohorts wish to continue to offer such events, the money needs to be placed in trust by a third party and his records need to be opened up. Also I think he needs to honor his commitment to those funds raised for charity, even if that has to come out of person fundsproviding proof that he finally made good on that promise.

If you are about to rate this not helpful because you support Ryan, PRS and everything they say, please think about why silencing my comments is useful. My comments are not personal attacks, are not because I am looking for money or any credits and they are not just about the FT 15 or issues after Ryan got sick. If there is ANY doubt that a FT, camp or other activity could be canceled, future customers need to know what they are signing up for.

The fact of the matter is that I dont have any reason to write all of this except I hate to see the people who supported him but wish to voice THEIR opinions get attacked. I also hate when people brush these situations off, as onetime events when there has been issues for years. The difference is that the pyramid is now bigger at the base which means they will continue to disappoint more, at least on larger items.

If you want to support the PRS society, make sure your funds go to the society and not Ryan and Sergey.

If you won a charity item at a PRS auction, simply ask for proof of that donation.

Understand that future customers should get a chance to see the risk in prepaying for events.

Ask yourself why so many businesses, landlords, past employees, and more would say that PRS & Ryan never paid their bills or placed deposits on locations or ever booked them at all.

If you dont believe what I and others have said, then call these places yourself and ask. The worst thing you can do is vote that what I say isn't helpful without checking the details out first. 
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#67 General Comment

The law

AUTHOR: Diane - (United States of America)

If the event was never booked or held, PRS has to give a refund, no matter what their terms of service say. A court is not going to uphold a contract that unjustly enriches one of the parties. This is incredibly basic contract law. In other words, if someone asks for a refund, PRS is required by law to refund the full cost of the item promised.
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#68 Consumer Comment

Questionable Motives

AUTHOR: Ginnie - (United States of America)

I am not the least bit surprised to see Mr. Kirby Robinson implant himself in the middle of this situation.  It is more than evident that Mr. Robinsons only means of obtaining attention is by jumping on board and attacking Mr. Ryan Buell and Paranormal State.  I am not here to make any personal attacks on Mr. Robinson but I do want to point out that he himself  has been accused of some rather unpleasant things, including ripoff reviews on this very site.  It is also difficult to conceive that Mr. Robinson is not the least bit motivated by jealousy or envy, especially when his book attempting to discredit PRS has been rated by most to be mediocre at best while Mr. Ryan Buells has been far more successful. 

As far as the initial complaint is concerned I too will add that I have not had any issues in my dealing with Mr. Buell or PRS.  It is true that Mr. Sergey Poberezhny asked for discrection at the time of the postponement of FT-15.  This was not some attempt at covering up anything fishy.  As stated above, it is a known fact that Mr. Buell is fighting a battle with cancer.  As a public figure there would have been a great deal of murmuring and speculation as to why Ryans health impeded the Field Trip to take place.  I dont think any one of us would appreciate rumors about our health circulating.  While Mr. Buell is a public figure, at the end of the day is a human being like the rest of us.  Granting someone the basic respect that any individual deserves in my opinion does not amount to anything illegal.

I wont get into all the legal aspects of this complaint because I dont feel capacitated to do so.  What I will say is that I have no doubt whatsoever that Mr. Buell and Mr. Poberezhny are decent and honorable men.  Common sense alone serves to demonstrate that they are not being fraudulent.  First of all, they have never left the public eye.  If all they wanted was our money they would have taken it and run.   Secondly, they have not changed their name.  If they were attempting to hide anything it would be logical to not keep the same name.  Lastly I quote a section of the complainants own post:

Since I am not an investigative reporter and I have found out as much as I have about PRS through public sources, I would think from September 2012 to January 2013 that one of these agencies could have made more progress with the resources they have available to them to help put PRS out of business, charge the officers of PRS with the crimes of theft and fraud they have committed, and start moving them through the criminal justice system toward the ultimate outcome of restitution for the victims for travel expenses and ticket costs and prison time for fraud and theft.

As you said you would think they could and yet they havent.  What that tells me is that there is nothing to substantiate said claims.
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#69 Author of original report

Emails and Messages

AUTHOR: Susan - (USA)

 I am aware Ryan announced on his Facebook in the beginning of August 2012 that he had pancreatic cancer and that Penn State graduate Rennie Dyball ran the story in People quoting Ryan's Facebook as the source of the information.  There was no need to mention it because Ryan's medical health had nothing to do with the refunds PRS owed ticketholders.

The Lizzie Borden Lockdown occurred in November 2011, months before Ryan announced he had pancreatic cancer.  There are still people who did not receive refunds from that cancelled event.  They all complained about not receiving a refund.  Some complained on his Facebook as well as sending emails.  I have the screenshots.  It should not be a requirement to have to complain to get a refund for a cancelled event.  If the event is cancelled, the refund should be processed.

Here's some Facebook Messages and Emails concerning Field Trip 15.  

Conversation started September 15 10:27pm


Hi there, Ryan...Can you please tell me exactly where The End Field Trip is meeting - what hotel, convention center, location? I can not find where the registration site is either on The End site where you order the tickets or on the actual ticket. I know this is supernatural and paranormal and all, but I'm not psychic and have been unable to divine the exact location. ;)

September 18  10:04pm

Ryan D. Buell

Hi, Susan,

The registration and lectures will be held at the Hard Rock Hotel in Orlando, FL.


~Cereza, PRS Staff



Thank you so much for telling me. I am very relieved. I had called the Hard Rock Hotel on Friday and

the woman in group registration had told me they knew nothing about it. She called me back on my cell on Sunday at 12:38pm from 407-...-.... and said that they've had several calls about it but they knew nothing about it. I could find nothing definitive on the site where I got the ticket to show where and when to go to registration and registration is next week. I appreciate your help


From: PRS - FT #15 Orlando 
Sent: Sunday, September 23, 2012 9:01 AM
 Subject: Message to attendees of FIELD TRIP #15: THE END

Attention Field Trip 15 Attendees!With the final Field Trip fast approaching we hope that you all are as excited as we are to say goodbye to an era of PRS with a bang! The team has been working tirelessly to make sure that this is one of the most memorable and exciting field trips of them all, but we need your help. We have developed a survey, at the link below, with a few questions that we ask all attendees to fill out. This will help us plan out the small details so that everyone is happy and well taken care of.There is another piece of news to share; due to unforeseen circumstances, we can no longer host FT15 at the Hard Rock Hotel in Universal. Fortunately we found another venue that is eager to have us. It  looks like a really fun place and has a very inviting atmosphere. THE CASTLE! Check out the details of the property: If you have reserved a room at the Hard Rock, please contact them soon to cancel your room.The hotel is not on the Universal property, but the good news about this, is that means the rooms are much more reasonably priced with parking and wifi free to guests.  There are also shuttle options available that could be utilized to reach the surrounding parks, including Universal Studios. We are arranging to have a block of rooms at a reserved price, and are looking to see who would be interested in staying here for the event. It is one of the questions on the attached survey. The room rates are $89 a night.With the date fast approaching, we ask that you fill the survey out as soon as possible. If you have any questions, or anything you would like to add beyond the listed questions, please contact us at eventsxxxxx.The last thing we want is to overload our field trippers. The tentative schedule may go through a few changes before the final version is announced. We do apologize for the last minute changes, and know how this can be frustrating.  But not to worry, there will be plenty of scares, laughs, memories, learning opportunities and adventures  to go around.Link to survey: you everyone and see you in Orlando!


From: Sergey Poberezhny 
 Sent: Wednesday, September 26, 2012 7:42 AM

 Dear Field Trip 15 Attendees,I never thought I would have to write this email you everyone, but it is with a heavy heart that I must take on this responsibility. Field Trip 15: The End was supposed to be an incredible event that would bring all of us together to reminisce and celebrate the end of a tradition that started in 2008. But more then that, it was supposed to help us transition into a new era. New friends and old friends, we regret to inform you that Field Trip 15 will not be happening this weekend.The last few months have been nothing we have ever gone through before. What seemed like a constant wave of attacks on our minds, bodies and souls, we have tried to put on our battle gear and go out attacking all the problems and difficulties that we had to face. Unfortunately there comes a moment where we cannot hide our pain and struggle anymore and we have to realize how much more damage is being done while we try to focus on everything but our health.As a group that went out to help those who found themselves alone and confused, Ryan and I are finding ourselves in the same position. Ryans health, physical and mental, has reached a critical point late last night where he cannot come to this event without making things worse for himself. I am making the choice, as hard as it is, to stay with him and help him through this. On top of that, two guest speakers who are close to PRS have also not been able to attend the event for personal conflicts. With this much degradation, we have decided to put a stop to this event and push it to another date.The last thing that I want us to do is quit, but I have to make an executive decision to throw in the towel and concentrate my efforts on healing Ryan, myself and the organization. As stated, for now, this event is being rescheduled. Unfortunately, with such a sudden occurrence of circumstances, I cannot give you anymore information other then we are tentatively thinking of holding this in either late December or early January. For those who have already made the effort to travel, or are currently traveling and find yourself in position where its too late to turn around, there will be an attempt to coordinate a meet up.I want to hear all of your concerns and go through the process of how to make this up to you. Please send me an email to events, with the subject FT 15 - (YOUR NAME). Please give me till Friday before I start responding to everyone and outlining a proposal for the new event and detailing out the refund policy.Lastly, I ask that you do not discuss this publicly through the social media. At the moment it is too early to raise any alarm bells and I do not want to cause any unnecessary panic. If you wish to leave Ryan a message, please send it to eventsxxxxxxxx with the subject, FT 15 - FOR RYANAgain, we sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this change may cause you and the delivery of this news being so close to the date. 


From: Events 
To: Sergey Poberezhny 
Sent: Tuesday, October 2, 2012 1:51 PM
Subject: FT 15 Attendees

Dear Field Trip 15 Attendees, We hope this email finds you well. Again, we sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this postponement may have caused you and the delivery of the news being so close to the date of FT15. To start the process of resolving this situation for all of you, we would like to collect information and feedback in an anonymous survey.  Please answer as honestly as you can, as it will help us collect valuable information in regards to rescheduling and what you all are looking for as a group in terms of PRS making it up to you for this change.  The link to the form can be found here: In regards to those requesting refunds, we humbly ask for your patience as we work on the most efficient and swiftest way possible to process your request. We thank you all for your understanding and patience during this difficult time.Warmest Regards, Paranormal Research Society


From: Eventbrite 
Sent: Tuesday, October 2, 2012 7:16 AM
Subject: Order REFUNDED for FIELD TRIP #15 THE END


 The following refund has been processed  through PayPal: Refund 
 Event Name: FIELD TRIP #15: THE END 
Order Number: xxxxxxxxx
Refund Amount: $308.49 

Please allow up to four business days for the refund to appear in your account. If you have any questions about the refund or the event, please contact the event host: Organizer

Thank you for using Eventbrite! 

The Eventbrite Team 


From: events
Sent: Monday, October 8, 2012 9:40 PM
Subject: RE: FT 15-

We have received your request for a refund. We are sorry to hear that we were not able to meet your satisfaction. PRS will do its best to make it up to you. Please respond with the type of ticket you purchased, and afterward, allow at least 3-5 business days for your request to be processed.  Due to recent high volume of requests, the processing time will take longer than usual.  We apologize for the inconvenience.  You also have the option of requesting a credit towards a future PRS event or webinar.Sincerely,PRS


Although Eventbrite said the ticket was refunded, it never was.  When the bill came due at the end of October, the charge was still on the bill.  After the October 8 email, PRS would not answer any other of the many emails sent concerning the refund.  Fortunately, the credit card company did the charge back to PRS Paypal account.


For those who are happy paying hundreds of dollars for one event and getting something totally different than what you paid for, or getting nothing at all, I know I will never understand you, but that's great for you.   But when I purchase a computer and open up a computer box, I don't expect to find an abacus inside, and I don't expect it to be empty.

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#70 Consumer Comment

It's a Gamble

AUTHOR: Alexander - (United States of America)

The issue is that this poster's research revealed that PRS promotes events it has not booked.  Based on what is described above, it appears that after they have collected the funds from ticket purchases, they then purport to "cancel" the unbooked event and then getting a refund for many ticketholders can be difficult.  Sometimes PRS does give refunds, if they like you or think you'll continue avidly supporting them.  Most others have to fight to get them, or never receive them despite repeatedly inquiring.

The first PRS event I attended occurred almost 2 years ago.  Not only was the event completely disorganized, but we were also supposed to get merchandise as part of the purchase price of the VIP tickets.  The merchandise was not given to us at the event.  Afterwards, we received an email that the merchandise would be mailed.  It never was.  I tried following up on this, but my emails were ignored.  The merchandise was a part of the higher ticket price, and I never got it.  My experience echoes that of many others.

The most commonly cited excuse is Ryan's cancer.  The event I describe above occurred BEFORE Ryan was diagnosed with cancer.  Many people who are owed wages, refunds, and merchandise are owed these things from years ago.  Regardless, being sick does not give someone license to engage in deceptive business practices.  If Ryan is truly so incapacitated with illness he cannot properly run his business, he should acknowledge his limitations and begin winding up the business.  That would be the responsible thing to do, rather than leaving people out thousands of dollars in unperformed services.

I find it difficult to believe they don't have the money to pay back these ticketholders, primarily because it's a refund of the exact same amount of money the ticketholder paid for the event.  Presuming PRS is holding the money in their accounts, as they should, it is just a matter of clicking a few buttons on a computer screen to transfer it back.  There is nothing complicated or time-consuming about this that it requires more than one person and less than 2 minutes.  Ryan regularly brags about signing up 7 digit deals and getting huge book advances... If we are to presume he is truthful, then PRS is a multi-million dollar business, not a "small, grass-roots" organization.  Then again, he could be lying...

Each person has their own experience.  If yours was good and continues to be good, great.  But it is always prudent to fully research a paranormal investigation team that puts on these types of events, as the industry as a whole is loaded with frauds and shysters.  If you plan on attending a PRS event, keep in mind that they generally run a couple hundred bucks a pop, and that if the event is postponed or canceled, you may have trouble getting your money back.  Whether or not you're willing to take the gamble is up to you.
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#71 Consumer Comment

Still Pleased and Still supporting

AUTHOR: Holly Faust - (United States of America)

There are a handful of complainers and whiners stirring the pot. The pot of someone who does not need the crap.

As for the offices in State College being closed for years.  That is not true because I did attend several events at the State College offices either in late 2011 or early 2012.  They did relocate offices.  But I have been to the offices on the above mentioned times for events. 
As for those complaining about refunds you need to read the contracts you sign on the refund policy I always do.  It does state that all funds are non-refundable.  Some of these people who are complaining about refunds have chosen on their own accord to not attend the events and still want a refund that they are not entitled too.  So now that I have gotten that off my chest here are my personal views

I attended my First PRS event in October of 2009. Since the I have attended field trips, open houses (at the state college offices), Seances (also at the State College offices), book signings, AGHtour events, all of the retreats, and the investigation held for bureau members. In the years I have been going to event there has never been any major snags. Some unexpected things have occurred, such as the penn state sex scandal breaking right before the Gettysburg 2 trip, but all of us there understood when Ryan took leave to go and cover the story.  The other members of PRS did a wonderful job picking up the slack and making it an enjoyable experience.

That being said there has been some minor snags in the past year. Cancer is a B*tch plain and simple. I don't speak from a stand point of a person on the outside. I speak of my own personal battle and dealing with it since 6+ yrs. Pancreatic Cancer is staggering, it completely turns your world upside down, this again from family experience someone very close
to me suffers from the disease. Ryan could have easily closed up shop and gave up all hope. Yet, he strives to continue the visions he has and where he wants PRS go, this is his legacy. I too am a member of the bureau I clicked that link to join the first 100 without a second thought, I believe in the vision, I believe in the bureau and most importantly, I believe in Ryan and PRS as a whole. My feelings are this I attend the events to learn, to enhance my skills, and to also get together with like minded people. My feelings are this, and you can take it with a grain of salt. Those spreading the complaints and rumors and this whole I hate RYAN BUELL and PRS campaign are doing so for the attention of a celebrity. To get to be around
or get recognized by someone who was on TV. When that was not met they went into full out complainer mode.

As for the retreats I have attended all of them, and yes things did not go quite according to schedule, but things did happen, we made many wonderful memories, and new friends. Ryan, who in my opinion, should have been home in bed did attend and made all efforts to sit with and be around the people who were there. We had an intimate birthday party for him. We had fire side chats and we also had meals and plenty of laughs, and participated in experiments. On the 2nd retreat there were
even more snags in the road. The guys were robbed and had to deal with police reports and the installation of security equipment and what not. The first night was bumpy but we ate we got to know the newer people there and also sat chatted and just relaxed. As soon as the guys arrived business was dealt with lectures were held, stargazing sessions
and scary stories in the graveyard. They could have simply stayed home to deal with their personal issues but they made it and made the best ofit. Even taking those of us who wanted to go to the mystery hole for a little fun before we all left for home. The last retreat, was by far one of the best to go off. Although tired it was the strongest I have seen Ryan in quite some time. We had a costume party and lectures,  trips to the graveyard, some experiments and even some fun and games to
go along with it. When the impending hurricane was passing through and some of us who lived north were stranded PRS went out of there way to make sure we had a place to go while we were stranded even giving refuge to some in his own home. And, to those of us who stayed elsewhere he did check to make sure we were safe. I remember the messages coming
across my facebook on my long drive back to PA. All in all I have NEVER had a negative experience with PRS. All the classes, and webinars that I have signed up for have gone off yes with some bumps but they have  happened.

As consumers it is our job to be educated, to understand what we are agreeing to. I remember Ryan asking us to embark on a journey with him with the bureau. He himself even said that he was not sure where this journey would lead us or even if it would take off. I have watched from day 1 when I clicked the button to join the first 100 this project go from a small area known as basecamp to the bureau site itself. To the trips, classes, webinars, groups, radio programming, now camp
paranormal. We are truly embarking on something quite unique for our field. I have been doing this almost 20 years and am so excited about investigating again because of the opportunities I have been given with in the bureau and because of PRS. I know there are more like me who have been around for quite awhile and have seen changes from the TV stars of
yesterday, the young group of college kids, to now leaders in the field, grown accomplished adults, making a difference in the paranormal community and educating groups all over the world. Helping to ensure a legacy for all of us and for future generations. I have to say I am a better person for meeting PRS. I am so glad I took that 3 hr car drive back in 2009 to talk to Ryan about my son. I can never ever thank them for everything that they have done for me in my paranormal work and also
in my life in general. I have been truly blessed to be part of this experience and I can not wait to see where we go from here. The future  is a mystery but in my eyes it is going to be an amazing one.
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#72 General Comment

This is PRS stranded mode of operation

AUTHOR: KIRBY ROBINSON - (United States of America)

 Having investigated PRS and Ryan Buell for years and uncovered so many deceptive actions by the group, it has led me to write three books on them and their show PARANORMAL STATE.  

The first comment to this report is the standard response that any critic receives: We are always right. If you challenge PRS, then you are A] Part of a conspiracy or B] Jealous of them.

I find it odd how they claim PRS is a two-man operation when they have 3 different locations. When you do elicit a response, you get emails from them with names other than the owners, namely Ryan and Sergey. 

Yes, it is correct that the office near Penn State has been closed for years. 

It is not standard business practice to send a customer an email asking them to remain quiet about dissatisfaction as is indicated in the above report. 

Lastly, its a shame that anyone has to deal with cancer. However, when a business is caught not being able to deliver their advertised services/goods repeatedly, that cant be the stated reason over and over. Additionally, a shortage of funding has to be questioned due to the fact that Mr. Ryan D. Buell publicly stated on his Facebook page, that he is doing very well financially. 

Kirby Robinson
Eye on the Paranormal

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#73 Consumer Comment

Bent over Backwards? NOT

AUTHOR: Disillusioned - (United States of America)

Bent over backwards is a total lie...there has been no communication or effort on behalf of PRS, Ryan or Sergey so not quite sure what the person who has posted a reubuttal is referring to....they have helped them out because she got a credit but some of us don't want a CREDIT we want our $$$$$$ and we are the people that are being ignored. I hope this person enjoys PRS camp and it works out....but those of us that have been ignored and not received refunds have every right to complain!
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#74 Consumer Comment

What the complaintent forgot to mention....

AUTHOR: Betsy Craig - (United States of America)

Ryan has been diagnosed with a life-ending disease -- Pancreatic Cancer.  It's well documented in the press.  When this happened, the overwhelming majority of us who are also members and purchasers of PRS and The Bureau's fieldtrips/classes/webinars took Sergey and Ryan at their word as we all have either personally had someone in our family go through a terrible medical ordeal or know someone who has.

Now that Ryan has been on the mend, as best someone with a diagnosis of pancreatic cancer can rebound, both he and Sergey have bent over backwards to credit and refund the accounts of those of us who have asked for them.  We all know we are not dealing with a huge corporation who has liquid funds laying around in an account to refund within days of an event being cancelled.  This is a small, grassroots 2-man group trying to keep a multitude of plates spinning without crashing and as it sometimes happens, some things have not happened when they thought they'd be able to get to them.  I suspect that when someone raves and screams they expect the squeaky wheel to get the grease so to speak, and that is not how it's turned out for this disgruntled poster.

I also paid for and attended Fieldtrip 15.  While my hotel was at my expense, those of us who attended, still got together, had meals together, attended day trips to amusement parks, went on a side trip to a nearby Florida city that was originally part of the trip offerings and attended parties.  One of the nationally known cast members of Paarnormal State held two get-togethers on her own time on two different days.  She spent hours meeting with every person who walked through the door.  She shared her personal stories with us and listened to ours.  She posed for photographs with participants.  She also attended a party where she spoke on behalf of PRS and told us to all sit tight and everything would eventually work out for Ryan and Sergey and all of us.  All of this went on even though Ryan and his business partner Sergey were facing a frightening illness.  There are many Facebook pages, YouTube videos and PRS website postings that show that the event still happened through the intention and wishes of attendees.

I requested my refund for Fieldtrip 15 be allocated to another event and it was done by PRS.  Since Fieldtrip 15 in September 2012,  I have paid for and attended 5 classes and webinars that PRS did advertise, received payment for through EventBrite and held for participants.  Also, there are great reviews of those classes and webinars to be had on Facebook and WizIQ.

There has been another event "PRS Trick or Retreat" marketed through EventBrite that people purchased tickets for, scheduled flights and rental car arrangements since Fieldtrip 15 and all who attended have nothing but glowing endorsements.  From the pictures and accounts of attendees, a gaunt and noticeably thin Ryan Buell attended, held discussions and event classes, meals and parties.  While he may have had to retire to his room early and take it easy more than he has in the past...he attended and so did Sergey.  Again, photos and personal accounts of this weekend retreat are posted on Facebook, YouTube and PRS website.

Camp Paranormal is scheduled, is happening in March and is not being held at New Hope the complaint poster here is completely misinformed and incorrect.  Camp Paranormal participants are already booking flights and making arrangements to attend.

There are two sides to every story.  There are hundreds of people involved with PRS who would communicate a similar experience to the ones I've described here.  I suspect only a handful of people can be found who feel as this complaint poster does here.  Sometimes things don't work out as planned.  But if you look at life through a set of glasses that sees conspiracy and the possibility of being ripped-off around every corner, then I suppose it's understandable that this complaint poster feels the way they do.  My suggestion would be to look inside your heart and realize the reality of what you are dealing with when you make an agreement with a small company such as PRS and act accordingly, or be angry and spiteful in the face of a terrible situation that couldn't be helped.  I only pray that the complaint poster here never has to be faced with the difficult set of circumstances Ryan and Sergey have been dealt.
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