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  • Submitted: Thu, December 17, 2009
  • Updated: Thu, December 17, 2009
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Pasqualina - Clairvoyant-Psychic-Astologer i fell for it dont you fall to Internet

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hi every one i just got ripped off by this wonderful person called Pasqualina lol see i can see the funny side of it i guess.

she said 1st off i would come into money on the 20th (yes i know it hasn't happened) but i paid her cause she said she would tell me. but when is that exactly cause i got the 2nd (the one i paid for) today and still no hint.  actually it was like the 1st reading never happened.  and what in gods name will she tell me on the phone cause if i go by the 1st one all the luck will pass by the two weeks it takes her to call. at lest i smelt the rat before i paid her for them. 

yes i know i should of come here frist actually my inner self yelled at me to do just that it screamed at me but i thought she sounds like she knows her stuff.  then todays email had me go cold from the frist line its nothing negative it was the 'period i will indercate later' bit that did it for me cuase thats what i thought the paid email was for, and when i read the whole thing there was still no date or time or when i use them come on.

people dont waste your money please shes a the biggest con i have heard of  this was her reprot for me:

First of all,
 here are your 7 lucky Numbers for your games:

2 - 8 - 16 - 20 - 31 - 32 - 41.

You will the possibility to use them 
within the favourable periods I am going to indicate.


Now here are my first revelations, my dear ........
Do follow all my advice carefully !

In the IN-DEPTH Confidential and SECRET STUDY on your LUCK opportunities that you are about to read, you will have to be ready to seize the HELP I intend to bring to you.

I am going to give you the support you need in order to solve all your urgent problems.

I am going to tell you about the POSITIVE CHANGES that you are going to see realized. This comprehensive action is going to enable you to benefit from the LUCK, MONEY, LOVE, HAPPINESS and SUCCESS OPPORTUNITIES in all kinds of fields.

You are going to live the life full of JOYS that you deserve. Take advantage of all the good things that the future holds for you!

For that purpose I am asking you to read the whole of the revelations and advice that are included in my study about you.

At last you will be able to take advantage of the HAPPY LIFE you are so much entitled to. You do know that we are going to succeed!

I felt a strange sensation in me, when I read your mail this morning. It is true that I receive hundreds of messages from people asking for advice, and in the middle of this mountain of post, it is your mail my dear ......., that I took out first of all.

It was a kind of impulsion, that I sometimes experience, that seemed to say to me: you are needed right now!

It was as though I'd sensed that the moment had arrived for you to reach the true happiness that you deserve so much! I can tell you right now that I haven't made a mistake: at the hour of your birth, a multitude of components subjected you to the direct influence of special astral waves, and which have made you, in particular, someone, unlike any other person.

These are the same components that have enabled me to determine, by studying your astral sky, shining in brilliance, a beneficial period for you, and as I have said, particularly amazing. The signs are clear, pointing obviously to the promising future that you might well have wished for, yourself. Before going any further I would like to talk about you: For far too long now you've had to bear the injustice of a very difficult life, continuously without luck, suffering the frequent disappointments that you do not deserve!

For far too long now, my dear ......., you have been the innocent victim of this negative environment of evil spirited waves which paralyse you. All this must be brought to an end, and if you agree, we will begin straight away! Firstly, we need to look at the weaknesses in your present life, in order to improve it.

There is one thing that I can tell you straight away, and that is, that judging by your character, you have many positive abilities, and potential, as you have the intuition of foresight, and quite a lot of perseverance, but unfortunately you have not always known, or were able to adapt these precious qualities to the difficult circumstances of your life.

You are someone of sincerity, someone faithful, and hard working, and these remarkable qualities should allow you to succeed in doing all that you wish. However, it seems to be the contrary, as they serve you by attracting ever-lasting problems and repeated failures.

But you mustn't, on any account give in to permanent failure: on the contrary, you should exploit to the fullest the overwhelming period of my dear ......., luck that has appeared in your astral destiny, you must make the effort to break free form this vicious circle in which you've lived, locked up, for far too long. Take the hand that I am holding out to you, to make the best, as fast as possible, of the promises made to you by the sky!

Knowing your strengths and weaknesses, it will be much easier to act in the right way, that is in the Successful way, leading to happiness and to total bliss. Therefore I am going to tackle the different problems with which you are confronted, so that you can take advantage in the best conditions possible, of this particularly beneficial period, due to arrive!

Whether it should be on the subject of money, heart matters, emotions, or luck, whether your problems should be of anguish, anxiety, or causing depression, I would like to light up the right path for you, the pathway that leads for definite, to success.

Let's now look, in the direction of finances. In this subject, you have been for a while now, in abundance of money and your situation appears form an objective view, to be much better than it is in reality.

Why? Well, because the real chances have already passed you(one in particular, very recently), but your worries have caused you to waste these chances that as one might say, were "missed"! However, fate continues to be favourable on your part, and other quite spectacular new chances might will appear for you, very soon now, in the coming weeks.

Sometimes, you have to be optimistic and wise in your actions, and not act too hastily, especially as the chance of gaining money awaits you (in fact it's the most important chance that you'll have ever met.) This chance is doubled by a pleasing sign still a little blurred, but which could perhaps be an unexpected voyage, the success of a campaign, a certain change perhaps, or maybe inheritance?...The glorious arrival of even unexpected money etc ...

So if you don't want to let success get away again, I'm reminding you not to make the same mistakes as made in the past. Be resolutely optimistic, and don't give up the fight. Take advantage of this occult protection that I am offering you de grand Coeur and take your true place in society.

What's more, favourable predictions are seen in your astral sky, a beneficial period is in view, and it would be too much of a shame to miss this nouveau!

But YES!

You truly have more strength an potential in you than you could possibly imagine! All hopes are permitted to you, on the condition that of course you really want them to be fulfilled. ALL HOPES ARE PROMISED TO BECOME REALITY, by the Luck of Money.

So my dear ......., give me your hand my dear ......., as time is short, and there isn't a moment to lose!

On the subject of feelings, my dear ......., your situation is hardly ever bright. You could even say that it is close to being catastrophic if your process of reversing the situation had not begun. However, there is no longer a need to worry, as this is a decisive moment in which we are going to put an end to this solitude which has weighed you down for far too long.

We will achieve this in a very assertive way, in the beneficial period that will be of great help on this particular subject. All of this is indicated in your astral sky. We are going to make the confusion disappear ,(the confusion that places you in a true prison of misunderstanding, preventing you from communicating from others.) Affection, friendship and love are your most elementary rights. As soon as you have re-gained your self confidence, after having eliminated your psychological magnetic blockage, you will be able to claim your win over that which makes your daily life so dull.

And then you will be able to find the way to success on the emotional side of life. But do not delude yourself, the fight will be tough, and that is why I want to bring you all of my support, so that finally you will know no longer, what these things really mean: sadness, sorrow, solitude, and suffering, or indeed depressionbut you must understandthis blockage that exists today must be got rid of, as there is a risk of it continuing to bar you from the one that you love. Destiny is asking you to act without delay, for your own good. For you to move from a negative state to a completely positive state, capable of ensuring your future of HAPPINESS!

As with most things in life, if you examine the situation very closely, it often proves to be less catastrophic than you first believed, and therefore you would be wrong to continue to worry. Take the hand that I am holding out to you, and together we will take the road that leads to the goal that we have set for ourselves. I am therefore going to continue to undertake work that should help you to reach this goal, with the use of my occult powers.

And if you wish to, you can make the best of this true gift from above, a gift that will greatly influence your near future, and that the stars are allowing us to glimpse at in advance. Keep in mind the fact that I am here, close by your side, my dear ......., to help you!

It is absolutely essential, my dear ......., that in order to put you back on the track of successes and positive results, we should start off with the reconstitution of your ability to fight for victory at every moment of your life, whatever may be your concerns or worries. All your abilities I repeat this, have remained perfectly preserved deep inside you.

WE lust draw them out as they still constitue the only potential on which you can rely. Of course, you have the right not to believe me because you are not able to use them, (except on very rare occasions) and mainly because for far too long now, you have been far fromspoiled by life. And all these growing difficulties, repeated disappointments, unsolvable problems and clinging bad luckhave made your life unbarable. And as you are aware, it is impossible to cope, such a state of anguish, of anxiety and of complexes has created within yourself a sickly skyness which paralyses you when you are facing akward situations.

But, fortunately, as I have already said, we shall soon be able to restore within you your positivepsychomagnetic pole, your very first strength, without which you will never be able to become what you wish to be. Only at that very moment in time, when everything will be put back in order with disconcerning ease, you will be able to control luck, grasp it as it goes by, tame it at your service, so as to benefit to the maximum of all the successes this may suggest.

From that moment, in a hardly perceptible way, you will direct your steps, without noticing it at first, towards the well being and you will unlock around yourself a wave of friendly, attractive and affectionate relationship which will pleasantly surprise you and will soon make your life easier and much more pleasant. One after the other, all these positive events which are about to occur will obliterate forever all this anguish, those anxieties, which spoil your life. Soon, an enjoyment of life, a hope in your future and a new feeling of security will take up their deserved space in your daily life !

From success to success,my dear ......., you will soon forget your failures because we will put together the ideal conditions for you to grasp and use the favourable opportunities which will present themselves to you. I am totally convinced of this !

Finally, my dear ......., after everything I told you, it seems normal, as let foreseen my very first impressions, your situation of today could be summarised as followed : following different circumstances, I think that it is not necessary to talk again about it, but the evil manipulations play an important role, you are completely imprisoned in this network of negative waves that cause, in you, a continuous block of all your personal faculties !

You completely lost your self-confidence. Your magnetic positive dynamism has completely disappeared, and it seems as if you live blindness, and this is shown by a certain number of mistakes that lead you to irreparably failures. Every difficulty in life has become for you an unbearable ordeal, you collect the bad lucks and you collect like that all the problems. Your life has become a hell !

I can understand very good that you have some difficulties to stand this and that you revolt yourself against too much of injustice. You are right now at the food of an insurmountable wall that is in front of you, and that block the way that should lead you to happiness.

Thats why my dear ......., we have to act, and to act very quickly. If you want to get over this obstacle and find back success and chance, that are the essential keys to open the door to happiness ! The astral period that I have found, and that announces itself as being favourable, among those that you have known these last weeks, and that you have unfortunately missed, will soon be there, it will be short. You have to be fit again to get in the best conditions all the chances that it has. Because if you let it escape now, this would be a too important loss, and you would suffer for a too long time of the consequences of it, and you know them already too well !

Lets try together to get your original strength out again, and that your current blocking leaves the place to a lightning flowering of your personality. I will try with all my strength and all my astro-mediumnic powers, you can count on my aid in this fight ! And dont forget that Im with you !

I have another important piece of information to reveal to you my dear .......! I think that this is the perfect chance to speak to you of this information. You are probably already aware of the subject on which I am speaking. You possess certain powerful, magnetic abilities, as part of an occult gift. But you cannot put these abilities into practice, due to a vicious circle of negative waves, which imprison you.

This ability that you possess simply needs developing, so that it can be exploited to the maximum, firstly for yourself, as it can allow you to quickly benefit, (if you decide one day), to make considerable improvements to your life, and why not even a change, by moving into something lucrative, that you are passionate about. In the same way, you can bring to your family circle, or even to a greater audience, precious help, at all times, in improving their own situations, when they are in need of this help.

When we are to carry out such work together in defeating this harmful environment, I will be of much help to you, by bringing you the first knowledge in occult practises, that is, if you express the desire to put to use this gift. I sincerely believe that you are capable of making the effort necessary to recognise this gift, and to achieve success, as it would be a real shame to ignore or waste it. In accepting this talent which you possess, you will be able to find your personal balance, and bring to others moral support, to show concern, and bring friendship.

You will be comforted and reassured, yourself. In other words, you will have found you're place in our society. Look back at what has been said, think it all over. We will firstly get rid of all that prevents you from reaching the essential goal of life: true happiness brought by the happiness of others.

Together, and thanks to my amazing occult powers, we are going to say goodbye, with haste, to the negative waves, which paralyse and imprison you. As a result my dear ......., you will benefit, by becoming more open, which will enable you to exploit this gift, to the maximum. A gift, that the skies have graced you with!

It is a chance that you considered my offer favourably since the incredible lucky period I have already talked to you about is just about to start and I absolutely wanted you to be in the most favourable conditions in order to benefit from it in all its splendour! This is what I want for you! I would have been immensely sorry, had I not been able to have you benefit fully from these wonderful moments that are arriving.

Therefore I was expecting your agreement impatiently since as I thought of your position, some premonition came to me and I was quite afraid that you might not reply. This is precisely for that reason that -without your definite agreement- I took the liberty of going further into my astral studies about you.

Time is lacking indeed! I mentioned that fact in my first letter. As far as luck and success are concerned your abilities are still intact deep inside of you, but they are paralyzed by that ray of negative waves you are the innocent victim of. Besides, it will become impossible for you to react positively if we wait any longer.

Unfortunately, with all your strong values remaining be blocked, you could be led toward successive failures and heading toward some catastrophic situation, without noticing it, that could turn impossible to solve.

So, I say there is NO WAY you are going to resigne yourself against those failures. You must immediately get back on your feet and be able to fully bet on the entire potential that you have kept intact inside of you. Now I am telling you honestly that all the conditions are here for you to join the winner's side, the side of those life grants its luck benefits, as well as happiness, and success, the side of happy people.

Take my hand and let us take the path toward success! The sumptuous beneficial period is approaching. Let us remedy right now the negative aspects (but above all reinforce the positive and best aspects) of your present life, since everything can change very soon ! I confirm that, considering your personality and possibilities, your abilities are intact.

We have studied together what happened in your life, but let us focuse on what is going to happen thanks to my help. Do read carefully what follows, do concentrate on what I want to tell you and on what I can do for you, as it is high time you reacted against all the obstacles on your way toward success. Because together we are going to WIN!

As regards your situation in particular one has to humbly admit that life hasn't been generous with you and that many times, you missed opportunities that could have helped you to take what you wanted from life. You just couldn't or didn't know how to seize these opportunities because your physical forces were blocked and prevented you from doing so.

However, during these moments of your life and because of that genuine wall of negative waves, you did not manage to see or recognize on time its favourable moments. Let us forget about the past, there is no use in lamenting one's fate, because the Future, the near future appears favourable. This time you musn't miss any opportunity. You will have to be watchful.

This fabulous period is approaching indeed! You must be prepared on time in order to benefit from it. You must take what is best from it, because as soon as this period vanishes, you will have to start waiting again and then you may have lost part of your vital strength again.

Therefore, there is not a single moment to lose, my dear ......., if together we intend to make you become self-confident again and restore that hope of a life full of happiness, serenity and money.

But do not forget that it all depends on you ! You must react quickly in order to free yourself from this vicious circle of negative waves since it is only when you have done so that your state and all conditions will be most favourable for you to improve your environment as far as love is concerned.

The beneficial environment of the next few weeks my dear ....... will be a veritable GODSEND for you : you musn't give in then as such an important is approaching.

So you musn't forget that I AM THERE IN YOUR LIFE, JUST BY YOUR SIDE to bring you help.

It is an absolute necessity, if you desire to find the way to success, my dear ......., to recover your entire ability to fight for the victory in all moments of your life, whatever the aspect of your life that concerns you and worries you.

Your entire abilities, let me repeat it, have remained perfectly intact inside of you. We must drag them out again since they still form the only potential you can rely on. Of course, you are perfectly entitled not to believe me since life hasn't been generous with you sofar.

And it is those growing difficulties, those repeating disappointments, unsurmountable problems, this persistent bad luck, that create a life that you find is unbearable.

Besides you have realized that it has become impossible for you to escape from it, as such a state of distress, anxiety and such complexes have caused inside of you some obsessive timidity that paralyzes you and prevents you from facing all events on tough times.

However, as I have already told you, we will fortunately manage to restore your positive psychic pole, a prime quality, without which you would never manage to become again what you long to be.

At that very moment, when everything is back into place you will be able to command luck, to seize it as it passes by, to tame it so that it works for you and thus take full advantage of all the success it implies.

From that moment on, imperceptibly, you are going to make your way, first unwillingly, toward some better-being, and generate a wave of friendly, sympathetic and emotional relationships around you, which will be quite a pleasant surprise and which will ease your life and make will it more pleasant very soon.

Each and every one of all these positive events that are going to come about will erase the distress, the anxiety that have been ruining your life. The joy of living, confidence in the future and a new feeling of safety will very easily take the place that is theirs in your every day life.

As success lingers on, all the setbacks you have experienced will be forgotten very quickly, because we are going to bring about the ideal conditions that will enable you to seize and use all the favourable opportunities that are arising for you!

Do think about this, ......., think it over carefully.

Let us get rid of all that prevents you from reaching the essential meaning of life : your happiness through the happiness of every one around you. Together, thanks to my mighty occult powers very soon, we will be getting rid of all these negative waves that paralyze you and imprison you.

Thus, my dear ......., you will be at the personal peak that you deserve to reach and you will benefit from it.

Since you and I have been in contact you've probably already felt my presence just there next to you.

Actually, although there was no formal demand from you, I took the liberty of taking a more extensive positive action on your behalf and I am sure that you can already tell me that this action has already generated its very effects on you. Consequently you have already taken steps you would never have dared to take not very long ago!

An efficient and positive action is just starting and very soon you will realize how much we will be able to very quickly achieve results that will be absolutely extraordinary.

This derives from my power as a Medium, which I have put at your service hoping that very soon and through our numerous contacts you are going to feel the profound effects of my psychic force

This will be easy for you ........ In order to benefit from this beneficial work, you will only need to be free, once every week, preferably in the evening, so that together we can work fruitfully.

For that purpose, you will only need to give me your agreement using the form I prepared for you and indicating me the hours and the days when you can possibly be free.

From that moment on, my magical powers will intervene for you very soon in order to get you away from the state of negativity you are in and so as to lead you again on the way to success without losing a moment. Then you will be able to benefit, in conditions that will be most favourable, from the extraordinary beneficial period of luck I foretold.

At last, you will manage to master your own fate, restore a feeling of efficiency thanks to the intervention of my strong magical powers.

At last you will feel free, at last you will be able to decide on what is beneficial and salutary for you. In other words, you are going to 'LIVE', my dear .......!

As regards this particularly delicate work, I am going to do my best so that you can take advantage of an amount of fees, which for you, will be quite affordable, taking into account the importance of it as far as your future and the stake of the challenge we are going to win are concerned.

Of course, if you prefer to pay my fees by instalments, then you will only need to state it clealy on the form handed out to you, just as you will need to indicate the payment facilities that you would like to be granted.

It is important that you sent me as soon as possible the first payment together with your decision, which should be at least two weeks before the beginning of our contacts, so that I can make all the necessary arrangements. This is essential so that we can manage to obtain results in the most favourable conditions

Our success depends, above all, on an intimate and mutual trust between you and I.
I am convinced that very soon we are going to witness important changes in your life, thanks to the action that together we are going to undertake. Hand in hand, we are going to walk the way toward success.

As soon as I receive your definite agreement, I will forward you my instructions so that the series of our psychic contacts works out perfectly.

On no occasion ever, these instructions must be disclosed to whoever. This is a rule that must be strictly observed as far as occult actions are concerned in order to guarantee their effectiveness. I will also address you my remarks as long as we keep in contact. You will have the possibility to use these remarks as a real guide, which will enable you to get the most, from that moment on, of all the good opportunities that will be arising for you!

This will be our mutual secret as the rich experience you will go through will bring you the knowledge that is essential for the full and successful realization of your future life. Then you will be able to solve your problems easily and to find the precious indications that will help you to follow the good path of life !

I know well the force of extrasensory perception that I will pass on to you for I have always worked on it. This FORCE will permit remote communication between us, just like two prepared " spirits ".

It will all come from this force, this ability to overcome the obstacles, blocks and inhibitions that life has spread on the path you are following.

Thus we will bring about a new day when everything becomes clearer and simpler, when the answers to all your personal and intimate problems appear more clearly.

EVERYTHING will happen without a ounce of distress, tension, without dangers of any kind, without any special measure other than these few simples instructions that I will submit to your consideration as soon as I receive your agreement.

So it will be, if you observe the prescriptions I will give you. Then you will be able to become a lucky, rich, happy and satisfied person.

You will see that your lucky star never let you down.

But there is no time to lose. First of all you must restore the balance, that is within you, between what is positive and what is negative. Then you must ensure that the positive side of you has a definite influence on yourself and enables you to have access to the benefits that the periods of great changes that has been announced will bring you : joy, success, happiness, EVERYTHING THAT YOU HAVE DESIRED SO MUCH!

Please return your agreement without delay and indicate the dates and hours that you have chosen for our contacts.

I am already very close to you and my presence by your side, which you will feel during each of our contacts, will be an obvious sign of success for us.

But you must absolutely understand that together we will have to invest all our strength for that purpose : me, my most powerful magnetism and my occult sciences, you, my dear ......., your will and determination to get away from all the problems that have been ruining your life!

Success will be reached on that very path! For that purpose, you will receive my INSTRUCTIONS in order to allow this transfer of positive magnetism and of BENEFICIAL FORCE from me to you.

Now you know that thanks to my action on your behalf, my sincere friendship and my devotion are going to take you actively toward a brilliant future, lead you to all aspects of success, to all sorts of achievements and at last you will be able to benefit from the real CHANCES brought about by the WONDERFUL AND EXTRAORDINARY OPPORTUNITIES that life holds for you!

I am at your service from now on, as you know. Don't be long in addressing me your agreement. I am looking forward to hearing from you soon.

           With all the warmth of my friendship,

                          Your friend

Please don't be long in having a look at my offer and in giving me your agreement in order to benefit from the WONDERFUL AND EXTRAORDINARY OPPORTUNITIES OF LUCK as far as Money, Love and Happiness are concerned! I promise to undertake complete action at once. I will send you my secret instructions and advice whose aim is success and progress in the work carried out for you! We will keep in permanent contact, just as I will keep you informed on all achievements, as often as is expected on such undertakings.

We are going to overcome all the obstacles, blocks and inhibitions that life has spread on the path that you are following.

For that purpose, you will only need to give me your agreement without delay, using the form handed out to you, and to indicate the days and hours when you can possibly be free.

So, click here, and order for the psychic contacts


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