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Complaint Review: Ray Brandt Nissan, Premier Nissan, North America Nissan Corp, Better Business Bereau

  • Submitted: Sun, January 27, 2008
  • Updated: Thu, March 11, 2010
  • Reported By: New Orleans Louisiana
  • Ray Brandt Nissan, Premier Nissan, North America Nissan Corp, Better Business Bereau
    1884 Westbank Expressway, 6636 Veterans Blvd.
    Harvey, Metairie, Louisiana

Ray Brandt Nissan, Premier Nissan, North America Nissan Corp, Better Business Bereau cheated, deceived, taken advantage of, dishonstly obtained profits/tricked, mislead and lied to, beat Harvey, Metairie Louisiana

*General Comment: Response to Ridiculous

*Consumer Comment: oh yeah i also forgot to say...

*Author of original report: Please Re -read

*Consumer Comment: Some of Your Concerns

*Consumer Comment: I Wonder Why?

*Author of original report: Still Missing the Point

*Consumer Comment: That many miles?

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Good Evening, To Whom It May Concern

The BBB should have me in there system for many legitimate consumers complaints/concerns. However, I have only received one satisfactory result, but that is also the same result I continue to complain about and that is mainly customer service or the lack of customer service.

However, since that time I have noticed that the BBB seemed to be more in favor of the large company/corporations/members instead of for the consumer/customer. I purchased what I thought was a brand new (Frontier) truck from Extreme Nissan (went out of business) in 2001 w/55 miles on it but I immediately begin to have problems w/the steering and a burning smell every time I return to the service department I was told there was nothing wrong w/the truck.

So I went to another service department (Ray Brandt) and was also told that nothing was wrong w/the truck they sent me away. I was on my way to military duty/orders and I had my young niece w/me. We stop at a rest area and when we attempted to leave the truck would not start this was only 3 months after purchasing it.

Well after I had to find a ride to where I was going because even at that time the service was bad and Extreme Nissan would not provide me w/ a rental car when it was clear that the car was inoperable and no fault of mine. That is where the suit came to you I did win the case somewhat. They did replace the engine/transmission because it did burn up and stop running and they put new tires on the truck because of the steering problem.

In addition to me not taking the suit any further which I could have, but Nissan Corp offered me an extended Gold Preferred Warranty that they stated would cover my truck from bumper to bumper. That was not true. Well that has never happened and I continue to pay out of pocket for parts that are covered, but at some point many service departments could not find the extended warranty information in their system.

At this point my truck is at 98,720 and the warranty is do to expire at 100,000 miles or in February sometime. Over the years I would go to the service departments w/legitimate complaints/concerns and the service advisor would act as if they were giving me something and I still experience that until this day. That is very sad for someone who's job it is to make sure that customer is satisfied, but in most of my encounters it is just the opposite.

I did not ask for a brand new truck that I bought w/my hard earned money from their (Extreme, Ray Brandt, Premier) Nissans sales name sake/counter part to break down, how ever you want to classified it. But I have gotten the question where did you purchase the truck from? to me that should not matter, but what should is good customer service skills from the service advisor/manager.

Unfortunately it doesn't. This story w/Nissan could go on but I'll try to make my point. Several months ago I came to you BBB and Nissan North America for assistance w/a problem w/Premier Nissan and their poor service and for charging me for drive belts. And a little later they changed an AC/line.

To my knowledge that was never resolved by BBB or at least I never received an end result (Premier). So in an attempt not to return to Premier Nissan I went to Ray Brandt, well the AC line started to leak again, but I went to Ray Brandt in hopes that they would get it right. I was informed by a service advisor (Jason Sylve) that the other (2nd) AC hose was leaking and should have been changed at the same time as the first one that Premier changed.

He concluded that the service technician did not know what they were doing. And that they would get it done right. Sound great that someone is going to get it right. While I only went there for that 2nd leaking AC hose and another hose that was leaking and I now know that that is the power steering hose which is leaking all over my motor and is now sitting in Premier Nissan's yard.

Jason informed me that the Timing Belt really needed to be changed and I should get it done before it breaks and stop my motor/engine. He did not state to me that I was in need of the Timing Belt to be change do to simply needing to be changed do to maintenance which I found out is just a play on words and North America Nissan is just fine w/the fact that a service advisor uses the words maintenance and recommendations interchangeably and that is how the customers loses their money ($932.27) and also their trust in these people.

I would like to receive a refund for that service that was not provided. I paid Ray Brandt Nissan a total of $ 932.27 and the services was not render nor needed. Now according to North America Nissan/Premier the Timing Belt is covered under the warranty that I have, but because Mr. Jason Sylve chose to tell his supervisor/manager Mr. Scott Duffourc that he told me that the timing belt ($ 379.95+ tax) was recommended and not needed, North America Nissan sided w/the service department and would not cover it because Ray Brandt/Mr. Duffourc stated it was maintenance.

I requested the old parts/belts back from Mr. Sylve and he told me that the tech threw them out, well I told him I need to see that belt and he had me to travel back the next day just to wait 30 minutes while he came back with a belt that I can see was not in need of being changed and have since had other techs/mechanics to tell me that the belt was in good condition and could have lasted for several years and did not need to be changed at that time. (I still have the belt).

I was also charged $ 499.00 for a 60,000 miles service check up according to Mr. Jason Sylve, but on my receipt it states that I received a 90,000 mile check up although my truck had well over 96,000 miles and I should have been charged for the next check up whatever that is. It really does not matter what he overcharged me for I would like a refund do to the fact that both of those service check ups should covered/fixed that leaking hose and it did not.

I did bring my concerns to Mr. Scott Duffourc attention at the time that this incident occurred ,but he seems to believe and stated that his service advisor " Mr. Jason Sylve did me a favor by prematurely changing that timing belt, because if he would not have changed it the motor would have went out and I would have been spending about $3,000.00 instead of a few hundred" and I believe that he did himself a favor because he received the commission from my money.

I also asked for a manager over him at the time that myself, Mr. Sylve and Mr. Scott was talking and he informed me that there was no one over him regarding higher management. And in an effort not to lose my patience and get the work done I still returned to Ray Brandt Nissan to get work done and on the day I returned. I asked Mr. Sylve to get his manager to come look at the leaking hose under my hood which Ray Brandt tech stated was do to my power steering pump going out, but according to Premier Nissans tech I do Not need a power steering pump only the hoses are needed.

But anyway Mr. Sylve did get his manager to come out to the truck and I did very nicely ask them to take a look at the bad leak under my hood several times. Mr. Duffourc got frustrated at/with me and stated that I needed to tell him what the problem was I in turn with my own frustration from this whole bad service deal informed him to asked his service advisor what the problem was. Mr. Duffourc stated " I do not have time to play games with you".

Yes, at this point I did pretty much lose it and informed him that after taking my (a few profanities were used at the time and they were not directly to him) they were do to the fact that I told him that he just took my dam $932.27 and you have the nerve to tell me you do not have time to play games.

After that I went into the waiting area only to be approached by a sheriff (Mr. Perez) who was very professional and understood my frustration and listen to what I had to say. He informed me that Ray Brandt Nissan at this point was refusing to service me/my vehicle and I needed to leave, I did asked for report of the incident or something in writing I was informed to simply call their office and request a copy of the log statement.

I was escorted out of the Ray Brandt Dealership only because they could do that and because Mr. Duffourc is simply not capable of handling customer concerns in a professional manner. I did make several attempts to contact Ray Brandt Nissan and the manager Mr. Bussey in person (before being escorted off the property) by phone and e-mail to no avail.

New issue my truck stop running on yesterday Friday 18 January 2008 the fuses kept blowing out, so I informed the service advisor Phil of that and he informed me to have it towed in , but I would have to pay so I informed him that I would just wait. I then called North America Nissan only to find out that the tow would be covered by the warranty and I would receive a rental car, so I called Phil back to inform him of that as well as left several messages to that fact.

He never called me back so I waited on my insurance company to send a tow truck, my truck arrived at Premier Nissan after 6:30pm and I was misled to believe that by them saying their service office was open until 9pm I would get to see/talk to Phil. Well they have someone there to just take your keys and find out what is wrong w/your vehicle. So I left my car and the person that takes the keys tells you that the advisor will call you the next day just to at least let you know they are aware that you brought your car in.

I never received that call from anyone and only to go there today Saturday 19 January 2008 and find that they close at 2pm and again I did not get a (courtesy) call back from Phil. So I am without transportation until Monday, they really think they are hurting the customer but what they are doing is continuing to show a lack of customer service skills/abilities. I had my truck towed through my insurance because I could not reach Nissan's.

Now if they still would like to believe that it is just me the (complaining customer) who is never satisfied or them who have no clue on/in delivering customer service which is what they are being paid for. Some of their service advisors are under the impression that they are giving you something and it is their duty not to give it to you/not to let you have it! It is really my hope that this very extensive e-mail would reach some one that could help make a difference in this situation and service in general.

I am exhausted and have ran out of options for good service or any service from Nissan. I also hope that this e-mail would reach both Nissan's Ray Brandt/Premier and North America Nissan Corp.(consumer affairs)

PS, although I did not purchase a vehicle from either of these dealerships, I have owned two Nissan vehicles ( 2001 Frontier new , 2006 Quest new) and drove a (280zx 1982 used) for many years and have given both these dealerships some service/business it seem as if they have forgotten that very important fact, The purchasing/buying experience is totally different.

I do believe this could/should be a Give and Take situation. I will Give you/your (Nissan) company my business and pass my great experience on to someone I know. If only your (service, techs, managers GM's) take the time to education the consumer/customer on your product and deliver exceptional service!!!

I stated earlier that just maybe this could be resolved,but now I am beginning to believe that Nissan is not interested in providing good customer service and that to me will make this situation that much harder to solve/resolve

Thank you,

Good Evening, To Whom It May Concern

My story continues. I have been calling Nissan's corporate office all day since this morning 24 January 2008 from the Enterprise Rental Company only to be told that they have to talk to the company's manager (Phil). As stated in my e-mail above I just had my Nissan Frontier towed through my insurance company instead of by Nissan's warranty, which was supposed to have my truck towed and give me a rental vehicle.

This took place last Friday and I had to go to their service office to get a rental car(well really my brother had to go for me) the car according to the corporate office stated is good for a four day rental, but only when your car has been in the service department between 16 and 24 hours. Remember, they had my truck since last Friday 18 January 2008 and I had to go to them to receive a rental car approval number, because they did not return any of my calls.

Today Friday 25 January 2008 I turned the rental car in and I had to pay $35.00 out of pocket for the fourth day because Premier/Manager refused to pay for the day that should have been covered to start with. I am now again with out transportation.

I had to pay $108.84 because Premier Nissan of Metairie (6636 Veterans Blvd.,504.455.5800) technician claim that the problem that I was having was do to wiring from my radio system and he did not bother to find the real problem because he was to focused on the wiring from my radio that the audio person I had already rechecked his work.

Well, I informed Phil not to go any further w/trying to find the problem because I would have to pay $108.84 for every additional hour. I told Phil that they owe me a tow since I had to have my truck towed as a courtesy of my insurance company because I could not get them to tow it in.

He informed me that I could have my truck towed and they would pay for it, he went on to say that if I get someone to look at my truck and find that it was not the wiring from radio/amp that they/Premier Nissan would take care of it/refund. (my niece was there and could confirm what Phil stated).

That all I had to do was bring the receipt from the electrician that found the problem and if it was a part that was under warranty that I would receive my $108.84 back. Well, that was one reason I was on the phone w/their corporate office and they did confirm that the part (reverse lamp switch) the electrician found was covered under warranty and that I was entitled to a rental car as well.

The electricians cost was approximately $148.00 I do not have the receipt w/me at this time for the accurate cost. Phil, from Premier Nissan was given the shop's name (Louis Auto Electric 2718 S. Miro St. New Orleans, LA 70125 (504) 822-8773 address, phone number and the electrician's name (Kenny) where they (Nissan) had my truck towed and the problem had been found.

However, the shop owner/electrician was never contacted by Phil/Nissan when the truck was brought their. It only took the electrician less then a day to find the problem and he called me. I then went over to Nissan today to inform Phil that the gentleman at the shop found the problem (reverse lamp switch) and was just waiting on a call from them to inform them of the problem.

I also faxed a copy of the receipt from the shop's owner that explained the problem and cost to the manager (Pat) office and attention to Phil. I called the electrician to find out if Nissan's tow truck showed up yet or did anyone call him he stated no. I called Nissan to find out what the problem was I told the by Pat that Phil stated that the truck would be their before the shop closed.

It did not happen, the electrician told me he would be there a little late today and would let me know what happened. Well, I received a call about 5:30pm from Nissan's tow truck guy asking me what was the address to the shop and how to get there. I told him to call the shop and talk to the electrician and he did catch the guy at he shop, but he was on his way out of his shop.

The tow truck guy called me to tell me that I had to pay the electrician first before he could tow the truck and the electrician is not releasing the truck until he is paid. The electrician informed me that the company usually send the check w/the tow truck driver. Well the driver told me that Nissan (Phil) stated that I had to pay the man and I would get reimburse, well I am not paying anything out of my pocket.

So, I guess my truck will stay there until I receive my $108.84 for a covered part ( warranty) and $35.00 rental car (4th day) and my guess is that the shop owner/ electrician is not releasing that/my truck to Nissan until he is paid also.

I am awaiting a response about Ray Brandt Nissan's issue.
(((address and phone number redacted)))

I am tired of this companys lack of professionalism and bad service.

Thank you in advance

New Orleans, Louisiana

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#1 General Comment

Response to Ridiculous


First, why were you yelling in computer speak. 

I have no direct complaint with this dealership, but I do, as a female, need to relate problems that have occurred for me and another family member during repairs of problems with our respective vehicles.

I was out of town, away from my trusted repair personnel, when our pickup truck required the replacement of a crucial, although, inexpensive part (luckily). I was told by the repairman it was to be replaced with a brand new part. No more than 3 week later, that same part failed. I was now back at home and could have it assessed by our local and trusted technician. The part had been replaced with a used one (easily detected by wear and tear of the part).

If it had not been a 5 hour drive to confront the original technician, I would have brought it back it the mom and pop garage where I had had it originally repaired. 

Luckily for me, I do not have too many of these stories to relate. Even better, and thankfully, this old part did not leave me dead on the road on a dark night on a lonely stretch of highway.

However, I do personally know someone who has had a much more serious problem involving one of the big 3 car dealerships (not Nissan). Again, this was and still is a female requesting the repairs. 

This person has a standard vehicle which was covered by a 7 year warranty. Approximately one year after purchase of the vehicle as new, the transmission would not go into reverse without numerous attempts. This did not occur every time it was put in reverse, but often enough to cause concern. 

She took it to a trusted mechanic. He was able to identify the problem immediately and even showed her the problem (something with the shifter). Since it was under warranty, this mechanic could not do the work and have it covered. 

The owner took the vehicle to the dealership where it was purchased. Since it was an intermittent problem and they could not replicate the problem, they would not even look at the shifter (as the 1st mechanic had) or do any assessment at all.

Now, fast forward 7 years and 4 dealerships later, from Louisiana to California, the warranty has expired. Oh, and yes, as someone stated above, this owner could have been classified as a "letter writer", but to no avail. The owner takes the car in for routine service (which she has done per the manual throughout), having given up on the reverse problem, never even mentions said problem. And guess what, the lot attendant, not even a mechanic, says to her, "Do you know you have something wrong with your reverse? It's probably your shifter." 

Being a "letter writer" and having kept meticulous records, she is contacting anyone who can assist her in this matter. At this time, it looks like the dealerships and extended warranty company are going to get away with this one.

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#2 Consumer Comment

oh yeah i also forgot to say...

AUTHOR: Ridiculous - (U.S.A.)

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#3 Author of original report

Please Re -read

AUTHOR: Yolanda - (U.S.A.)

I will try to make this short. I received most of if not all of the information from Nissan Techs themselves and a service advisor if they do not know their own products that a/the problem. Notice I stated the between Premier and Ray Brandt are the ones that would tell you one thing was wrong w/ the truck and when you turn around the other Nissan is saying it isn't so.

Well, there you are you may not want to bring your vehicle to your own company. Between North America and the franchised Nissans which they are so quick to point out cover very well for each other. What I Mean is no one wants to take responsibility for the misinformation that the people with in their own company is giving out to customers.

To me it seems as if the techs are not qualify for their job and the rest of management have to try to fix that. Case and Point Premier Nissan asked me not to return to their franchise because a CF file was open on them. That's fine with me if they refuse to except corrective criticism that not good. But the problem I have in addition to them not correcting some of the same problems I went their with /still exist.

My security bottom to unlock my doors was working well when I brought my truck to them. Upon leaving I could not open the doors with the remote and asked a tech about it he said all it needs is a battery I went that, I am not sure of why , but I did. I went out to get a battery and guess what? that's right ,it is not the problem.

Well, just from explaining the problem to Certify/quality mechanic and notice I did not say electrician. It was explain to me that because the security light blinks when that door is open and it should work the opposite when the door is closed. What he stated is the wires seem to be crossed, but to verify that he also stated that I should take it to a Certify electrician to make sure.

That is the way a certify/quality/professional mechanic should respond to a customer who her self does not know what is wrong. That just might minimize some of Nissan's complaints. Not by bruising her off ,oh it just needs a battery without checking the problem out first or having her pay $95.00 +tax's before you know what the problem is that's how Nissan does business. I can only wonder how did the wiring get crossed up. Please reread not that it will change your view but I am not sure you are getting the point either.

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#4 Consumer Comment

Some of Your Concerns

AUTHOR: Jason - (U.S.A.)

I had a very hard time understanding most of your post, but I will try to address what I did catch.

If your vehicle had only 55 miles on it when you purchased it, it was new. "NEW" vehicle means one thing, that the vehicle has never been registered in anyones name. It could have had 500 miles on it and still be sold as new. Dealerships sell "Demos" all the time as new and they could have more than 2000 miles on them. But seeing as your vehicle only had 55 miles on it, IT WAS AS NEW AS NEW GETS.

The timing belt issue, timings belts are maintanience "wearable" items, meaning they are not covered under the vehicle manufacturer warrenty, unless they fail before the recommended replacement interval. Did your timing belt break? If not, then its not warrenty. If you were told the timing belt should have been covered under your warrenty that Nissan gave you (which is simply a Nissan EXTENDED warrenty, not factory warrenty, there is a big difference), that person had no clue what they were talking about and terribly misinformed you.

Replacement of a timing belt isn't a matter "needing it", when you "Need it", well, its too late, you have done possible major engine damage(which in turn whouldn't be covered under you warrenty, because you didn't perform the recommended maintanience). Timing belt replacement is usually recommended from 60,000 to maybe 100,000 miles depending on the manufacturer. It is considered "Preventative Maintanience" meaning it should be done before it is needed. If you had a Auto Technician tell you that the timing belt could have lasted for years even though it was well past its recommended replacement schedule, well, I would never bring my car to him again.

I will have to go back and read your post again to refresh my memory on some of the other issues you wrote about. I will post my suggestions for those later.
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#5 Consumer Comment

I Wonder Why?

AUTHOR: Cory - (U.S.A.)

"The BBB should have me in their system for many "legitimate" consumer complaints/conserns". In the business world, she is known as "the letter writter". Or, the pen is mightier then the sword.
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#6 Author of original report

Still Missing the Point

AUTHOR: Yolanda - (U.S.A.)

No, Pat/Patrick I do not and could not possibly want them to make something work as if it were brand new. Apparently it was not new when I PURCHASED it, because it completely stopped running after three months. However, I still had to pay the note on it. My point is plain and simple the Nissan's mentioned in my report should work as a team instead of individually trying to earn profits by overcharging the customer/consumer when it comes to any kind of warranty. Honor the warranty. I do believe when the franchised company (Nissan) encounter these types of problems they should take it up w/ Nissan North America Corp. and not the customer/consumer. Satisfy your customer on the spot! and give them a reason to want to return, and they will. The companies I have been dealing w/ may be just as tired as I am, but they still refuse to do what is right. By that I mean hold your technicians, service advisors, managers and GM's responsible for the work that is not done correctly and not the customer.

Pat/Patrick, really it doesn't matter where it was purchased or how many miles it has on it. If it is still under warranty they should fix it with NO Problem and certainly NO Money out of the Customers Pocket.

Thank You.
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#7 Consumer Comment

That many miles?

AUTHOR: Patrick - (U.S.A.)

I'm sure those dealerships are just as tired of you as you are of them. That many miles on the truck and you are wanting these dealerships to make it as if it were brand new. And you did'nt even purchase it from them. Yea Right!
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