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26, Report #359160
Aug 04 2008
05:32 PM
AOL AOL TWX extra $25.90 monthly charge Xxx Internet
I have been receiving bills from TWX*AOL for $25.90 even though AOL charges me $24.95 on another credit card. When I called AOL they said they had no record of the $25.90 charge. They did have a record of the $25.90 credit card but said the name on it was not my name, so they couldn't discuss any details with me. Judith Highlands Ranch, ColoradoU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
27, Report #21070
May 17 2002
09:28 PM
aol american online aol ripoff cancel fee Internet
ST Louis ripoff. I cancled aol over one year ago, and now they billed my checking account for $99.00 cancel fee. I was not told that if i went to another internet service that they would bill me for $99.00 for canceling their service. mary fenton, Missouri
Entity: Internet
28, Report #45135
Feb 12 2003
09:54 AM
Entity: Internet
29, Report #743084
Jun 20 2011
02:27 PM
AOL America Online-Time Warner AOL charging without authorization Internet
I have not been an AOL user in many years. However, when I looked at my bank statement this month (June, 2011), I noticed a $32.90 charge from AOL Service. So, clearly, they are taking money from my checking account without authorization. I attempted to notify them, but they don't have a readily available complaint department. I stopped payment with my bank for all future payments, but I have a feeling I have no chance of getting back the money that they've stolen from me.
Entity: , Internet
30, Report #389267
Nov 08 2008
04:18 PM
AOL*TWX AOL Frauduleny account charges Tampa Florida
Several months ago I found a charge from AOL*TWX New York on my MasterCard bill. I contacted Capitol One fraud services immediately. Capitol One canceled my card. issued a new one and said to expect an affidavit to formally dispute this charge in the mail. I completed and returned it and have heard nothing more from them about this. The charge has not re-appeared on my statements so I assumed it had been settled. Today I received a past due notice from AOL. I called the number listed on the bill and talked to Oliver at AOL customer service (boy, is that a misnomer!) I explained that I am not now, never have been and never will be an AOL customer and that I had already successfully disputed this charge with my credit card company. He gave me the song and dance about contacting fraud services Monday. I have read several message boards and blogs detailing the frustration of trying to speak to a human being at fraud services, even after waiting on hold for an average of an hour. Well, I am disabled, have a speaker feature on my land line phone and have all the time in the world to make the fraud department wish they had never heard of me. If anyone decides to file a class action law suit against AOL please contact me. Considering the state of our economy these days and the number of major companies on the brink of collapse i would take great joy in helping to push AOL over the edge. Ridge Runner Wytheville, VirginiaU.S.A.
Entity: Tampa, Florida
31, Report #1334680
Oct 23 2016
07:18 PM
AOL AOL Fraud Unauthorized Credit Card Charge Internet
Used a credit card to pay small charge to magazine subscription one-time only. AOL found the email on Gmail account, used credit card to charge/slam me $9.99 for a Privacy program they are scamming with....I did not sign-up for the program and have never used a credit card of any kind with AOL for any purpose. My telephone line is Frontier (horrible) and I pay for internet services with them, but never by credit card. How did they get my credit card info to unauthorized charge me??? Called AOL and complained that they used a credit card I did not provide them. I was told by their representative that the credit card information was 'collected' from a Gmail email account I use regularly to pay for a service that AOL is signing-up people with... The ONLY purchase I have made with that particular credit card was for $1.06 with a magazine subscription two weeks earlier. Rep told me that AOL got the credit card info from my Gmail account email. They literally SEARCHED my email for a credit card to use without my authorization. I never used that credit card for any other charge except the $1.06! AOL conducts FRAUDULENT business activities and charges cards without the owner's permission. I have PROOF that they dig thru emails for credit card information without the permission of the owner or the credit provider. In this case, a Capital Venture card which has been deactivated.
Entity: Internet
32, Report #45507
Feb 15 2003
05:51 AM
AOL Credit card scam Internet
I cancelled my AOL membership on 10/12/2002. Received cancellation confirmation on 10/18/2002: We are sorry to lose you as a customer, but we have canceled your AOL membership as you requested on 10/12/2002 On 12/18/2002 AOL charged my credit card another time $ 23.90 Called AOl to dispute the charges and was told that I had a second account. I never opened a second account and was not aware of a second account, AOL could have mentioned that when they informed me that I was no longer a member. On 2/14/2003 they still refused to credit the $23.90 back to my CC. Called Bank of America. They explained to me that if someone uses a second screen name it automatically opens a second account at AOL. This looks pretty much as a systematic trick to me: make people think that they are no longer a member with AOL and convert their second screen names into separate account and charge them... Steven apache junction, ArizonaU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
33, Report #45351
Feb 13 2003
04:31 PM
Aol rip-off internet
they charged my account $79.95 and i called to find out what it was and they could not tell me, they didn't know. Joseph sun prairie, WisconsinU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
34, Report #47636
Mar 02 2003
11:21 PM
AOL ripoff Internet illinois
When pulling up my checking account online, I noticed it stated I had a $0.00 balance. This was odd because I just got paid the day before. When reviewing the details I see a deduction of $1,278.40 listed as AOL Services. I don't have AOL . Have never talked to any AOL person, or made any kind of inquiry in any manner from AOL. I contacted AOL. Was told to contact my bank by the AOL customer service person. Contacted my bank the next day, and they told me to demand a refund from AOL. Contact AOL again and was told I would received a credit on my account in two to three days. Three days later, no credit from AOL. Called AOL to follow up. The AOL custom service person asked me for my AOL accont number. I don't have an AOL account I told her. She continued to refuse to help me without an account number. I requested that she transfer me to a manager who maybe could be more creative in helping me. The customer service ladies responce was to hideously laugh at me and tell me that the manager would not be able to help me either without an account number. Needless to say the manager did help me find the information on my report, but informs me that it will be 10 days be for I receive my money back. Meanwhile I have zero money. When did it become legal for AOL to steal? Debra lake villa, IllinoisU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
35, Report #28720
Sep 02 2002
12:42 AM
AOL ripoff consumer rip-off fraud Internet Internet
I have a long-standing AOL account in addition to several others that I use for personal and professional reasons. About 5 months ago, AOL initiated a promotion that offered to convert existing screennames into wholly independant accounts. If accepted, three free months of service would be given. As has become a customary practice, this promotion was offered with a splash screen upon quitting the AOL application. When I first encountered such a dialog, I was NOT offered a button or option to decline or dismiss, there was only one button to accept the offer. Rather than selecting the promo, I quit the computer. Nevertheless, the account was generated. I received an email verification of such, but email responses in protest were returned with the message that it was undeliverable due to that mailbox is full. Phone calls to tech support assured me that AOL recognized that I declined the offer and no more would come of it. On the fourth month hence, I noticed that I had been debited $23.90 in addition to my account fee. In contacting AOL, I was informed that they had no record of my declining the offer and that the three FREE months had elapsed. After having them verify that said account had never been used, it was cancelled and that I would be reimbursed and given two months credit on my regular account for my trouble. One month later, no reimbursement had been received AND I was once again charged from my regular account PLUS the same $23.90 for the additional service. In my subsequent contact with AOL, their words were that this was impossible. After two hours online and on the phone, and after twice being disconnected, it was determined that AOL was indeed at fault and that any future charges would be stopped. I have been promised a reimbursement check and will receive a two additional months of credit on my regular account. This just happened, so I am not certain if this will be the end of it. What concerns me most, however, is the apparent crux of the problem. As I was on the phone with the latest technician, he discovered that he could delete the service in question from my account, but that the request did not apply to the database -- when he refreshed the screen, the service reappeared where it had been deleted. He assured me that the correction had been made manually, but I am not so sure that other people aren't suffering from the same bug. Keep and eye out folks. Peter Vancouver, Washington
Entity: Internet
36, Report #79125
Feb 03 2004
09:19 PM
AOL ripoff Dulles Virginia
America Online Corp Office 2/03/03 Dulles Virginia 703-265-1000/fax 703-265-1101 To Billing Manager CC: to CEO Re: Gross over charge I am already sick of fighting your people about this matter. If you are not the one person that can correct this problem pass this on to someone that can. Back in March or April of 2003 I was going to cancel AOL and go to Netzero, because of their price plan. I was told by your AOL rep that AOL would match their price plan of $9.95 for unlimited use. Up until December of 2003 that's what we were charged monthly. Then all of a sudden in December we were charged $90. I called and was told that this was for some bring your own broadband. We have never and still do not have any kind of broadband. This was supposedly corrected in December, the charges where reversed. Then surprise!! January brings a $191.42 charge for the same thing. This time however I canceled AOL so this will not happen again. And your people told me on 1-27-04, that yes they see there was an error and that it was corrected in December, and that it would be corrected again..However when I called on 2-3-04 to find out where the refund was, I was told that the refund had been denied. The only reason they would give me, was because I cancelled my Aol subscription. This is terribly outrageous! First being charged for services never used or had by us. In this day and age this is considered stealing. I will state one more time, we have never nor do we now have any kind of broadband service. To top this all off, I talked to a rep named Sam the morning of 2-3-04, he had the nerve to say If I reverse the charges will you come back to Aol I said no, so of course then he told me there was nothing he could do. So, if I had said yes, I would get my $191.42 back??? I expect to be contacted when this billing error is corrected, but not until then.. I will hear no more Aol can't refund your money..Your company has abousulty NO right to charge people for services they do not have! Please note, I was never contacted by Aol about any changes on my account with them. I didnt find out until I was charged. Susan Spokane, WashingtonU.S.A.
Entity: Dulles, Virginia
37, Report #76012
Dec 27 2003
10:24 PM
AOL ripoff ripped me off Nationwide
Can not cancel aol account, they keep billing me for service after i have cancel the free trial i have my cancelation number, AOL is a ripoff, it looks like they do this alot. billing department does not have a clue about what is going on, AOL sucks Steven hot springs, North CarolinaU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
38, Report #78337
Jan 28 2004
12:31 AM
AOL ripoff, frauduleny billing Dulles Virginia
well, my mom handles my finances, which includes my credit card bills. i never look at them (but i will start to now)so, i decided to look at my statement for the month of Dec 03. then i see a charge from AOL for 23.90. im thinking this is insane! i have road runner. so i look up my past statements, and when i found out that i was being charged that amount and sometimes more since AUG 03 i was really pissed. the same VA phone number (866-215-7772) came up on my billing statement. and the weird thing is that my credit card which was being used expired AUG 03 and i didnt renew with the CC company. so im also wondering how the hell they kept on charging that account number till today. ill call them after this AOL thing is dealt with. ill never get another account with this CC company either. discover, there i said it. what AOL needs is a class action lawsuit! Juan ruskin, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Dulles, Virginia
39, Report #76895
Jan 12 2004
03:57 PM
AOL Ripoff unauthorized Credit card charge Internet
I have been charged for AOL online services when I don't use them at all I don't even know how they got my credit card number because I sure would never give it to them. I guess everyone knows what it is like to try to contact them. No email response, an hour on hold. Somebody needs to get a big lawsiut going on their butt Class Action! The lawyers would get rich so if you know any good ambulance chasers out there let them know! Mark Nicholasville, KentuckyU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
40, Report #78526
Jan 29 2004
12:11 PM
AOL Traveling ripoff! USA
I singed up for Aol Traviling, Then notified them I was no longer instreated in reciving their service, and was still billed out of my account at the amount of $89.00 the onely way to stop is to open new acount. Why! Mark Vilas, North CarolinaU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
41, Report #209018
Sep 01 2006
10:20 AM
Aol ripoff Internet
AOL fraudulently charged my account over $400 for premieum services which they acknowleged I did not order. Last year I asked for refund they wouldn't do it and credited my account for 15 months of service. I did not agree to it. Now that their service is free, I again asked for the refund. This year they said I agreed to the credit (which I did not and have the printed copy of the on-line refusal) and refused again to my request for a refund. Consumer fraud is a nasty thing especially for an international company like aol. I plan on taking it to a lawyer and the NC Consumer Fraud Division and will seek my $200 remaing balance and the typical legal fees which should be significantly higher than the $200. I have spent close to three hous on the phone and on-line trying to get my money refunded. Bill raleigh, North CarolinaU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
42, Report #170791
Jan 07 2006
07:19 AM
AOL ripoff Chicago Illinois
i tryed to cancil aol isp so many times they keep taking money out of my account so i callled my credit card company to stop them from paying it i figgerd the card company would stop it. they say no u have to call aol to stop it, i told the card company i did call them mamny times AOL said to me i need passwords and user information i did not have. AOL told me if i had that then they can stop charging me i told AOL if u look at my account u see i never used it for a year and thought it was canceled already. Everyone please be aware of the AOL ripoff anyone i know that has AOL has the same problem many of my sisters and my mom who all live in different homes have been ripped off by AOL my friends to have had the smamr problem AOL intentionally extorts money from all its costomers they have spcially trained people there to try to stall anyone canciling there service. i like to see xemplayess come forword to admit the special traning thye have had while working at AOL to admit that is is company policy to buy time t squeek out another month out of a costomer that dotn even use AOL anymore. Congraduations AOL u got rich from steeeling money for all your costomers!!! Michael elgin, IllinoisU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
43, Report #167189
Dec 07 2005
02:54 PM
AOL ripoff Virginia
I called to cancel aol dial up service. The rep give me a spill about high speed in my are through TWC 23.90 mo. Offer good til the end of 05. Said I could take the bundle # to TWC and get the equipment I needed If TWC had it. Advised to call TWC. I Did. what a hassle, not only did the orig. AOL rep. joked while giving the spill, but gave me wrong info (even stated I hope the head honchos aren't listening). I call TWC, they said they ain't heard no such offer. No record of order. Called back AOL insisted on supervisor. Well she was suppose to do 3 way with AOL and TWC and me got disconnected. I spent most of the morning, canceling out, hope I don't get charged anyway... Oh yeah, when I call back I got a confirmation #, and they said it's like high speed order never existed. I called TWC and had them note I'm not interested in high speed. Yeah AOL will try to rectify anything, what a laugh. They will lie thats for sure. Before wished me good luck on dial up, and suggested contacting my PC maker HA! I'm on earthlink again (dial up) and do NOT get booted. Yeah yeah ya get what ya pay for, and aol reps lie, for a FACT. Terry Rochester, New YorkU.S.A.
Entity: Virginia
44, Report #193374
May 26 2006
06:10 AM
AOL ripoff unarthorized billing USA USA
I signed up for a FREE 90 day TRIAL period with AOL. Don't you know those crooks charged my credit card, which I did not give them for 102.00. I called them and asked why, seeing I have not used their service but, only in the TRIAL period. I spoke with two differnt Reps. Both Reps told me two different stories. First rep said that I was being billed for 8 months of service. The second rep said that I was being billed for 4 months of service. The second Rep told me that I signed up for a 30 day TRIAL period, which is a lie. I still have the disk. It was a 90 day trial period. Both reps did agree that the service was not used past the TRIAL period. Recently I had my service through my local phone company. They admitted that they made a mistake and continued to charge me for services when they had shut the services off. They happily reimbursed me the monies that they charged me. Close to $300.00 dollars. But, noooooooooooooo not these crooks. They are operating illegally so close to the edge of the law that it is not funny. I predict that there will be a class action lawsuit against AOL involving former users that have been ripped off. I HATE AOL Louisville, KentuckyU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
45, Report #191279
May 12 2006
05:55 PM
AOL ripoff Internet
when you accept the 90 day trail offer they make unauthorize charges in your account during your free trail when they dont suppose to anonymous Memphis, TennesseeU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
46, Report #213083
Sep 27 2006
05:57 PM
AOL ripoff Internet
AOL Charging me after 3 years after I got a 1 year service with a new computer I purchased on june 03 before the year was up I called and cancelled, I went to comcast for high speed ( which by the was was great)and now I just got a collection notice that I owe them money $90, My phone number was always the same and so was the address if there was a problem they could have contacted me then 3 years ago. Dan naples, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
47, Report #215403
Oct 12 2006
10:19 AM
AOL ripoff Stelling Virginia
the took money from my checking for 2 years i don't have aol called them they said to bad sorry Vronch Rockford, IllinoisU.S.A.
Entity: Stelling, Virginia
48, Report #116098
Nov 04 2004
11:25 AM
Aol ripoff Jacksonville Florida
AOL is in the business to take peoples money. Don't fall for their free offers. Had two different accounts for 30 days free, called to cancel one of them at the 25th day, was told, Sorry, billing was yesterday, so you have to pay for a month, called to cancel the second one about the 22nd day, was told Sorry, billing was yesterday, you have to pay for a month. What a racket Rebecca providence, KentuckyU.S.A.
Entity: Jacksonville, Florida
49, Report #116495
Nov 06 2004
04:02 PM
AOL Ripoff Bank fraud Internet
I had downloaded a free virsion of aol internet. It stated if I did not want to continue my membership to contact aol before my free trial was up. (note I had given aol a banking acount # from an account that was made just incase aol tried to refuse my choice to cancel) I contacted an aol rep through the proper chanels to cancel my membership. The operator refused to accept the words I do not want your services They said they would extend my services for 3 more months for free. I said I didn't want them. I was then passed to what was supose to be a superviser. No one answered the phone. I waited a short while and called again I was given the same run around and routed to a phone that was not answered. When I finally called several times and asked to cancel they offered me more months I refused and wanted to cancel. Again I was given a do not take no responce and was routed to the same no answer line. That was over 7 months ago. I had went to my bank and put a block on any attemp from aol to withdraw from my account. I just recieved 11/6/04 a statment from my bank that I was overdrawn from my account and there was a charge of $23.90 from aol and $25. for overdraw fee. I was furious I called aol and they said they didn't even have my bank account number. But they some how had gotten my credit card number. Now I am even more upset. I asked the rep to speek to a supervisor. (BIG MISTAKE) I was routed to the infamous never answer phone. If there is anyone taking action with a law suit please contact me. I will be glad to give any and all information stating how they committed bank fraud and stole money from my account. I now have to cancel my credit card and change bank accounts at my cost just to prevent aol from steeling from me. Timothy Farmington, MissouriU.S.A. CLICK here to see why Rip-off Report, as a matter of policy, deleted either a phone number, link or e-mail address from this Report.
Entity: Nationwide
50, Report #113111
Oct 15 2004
12:53 PM
Aol Netmarket ripoff Nationwide
I got up on a friday morning and checked my account balance online only to find a $79.99 charge to my account from a company I have never heard of. I called the phone number on the charge only to be told that there was no record of me ever purchasing anything from the company (they searched using all sorts of different information). The company asked me to send a fax of the charges which I did. I called back four hours later and they told me that they did not know what was going on and that it would take three days to figure it out. They kept telling me that I was obviously a member if they charged me, like I was stupid or something. I asked to talk to a supervisor and they continued to tell me that, even though they have no record of my membership, I must be a member. Finally my fiance talked to a supervisor at this company and found out that they had renewed an aol service from two years ago (a service that I cancelled a few weeks after signing on for). Now they tell me that it will take 10-15 business days to credit me back and that in 30 business days they will decided whether or not the overage charges which I incurred because of this will be reimbursed. They caused the overage, they should reimburse my money. Lisa Reno, NevadaU.S.A.

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