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76, Report #104662
Aug 20 2004
03:49 PM
Aol ripoff Internet
I was using aol at one time when I decided to go to dsl. I called aol to cancell my subscription when they asked me to keep it for three months for free. I agreed for the fact that i had updated virus scans. Well, the following week I got my credit card bill in and realized that I was charged. I got on the phone and called them. They said it was a mistake and that they would take it off my bill and credit my card. Well, the following week I had a credit and under it I had another charge. I called again and they said the same thing. It's been three months now and I am still getting charges and I don't even have the service. I am in the process of speaking with manager to see what I can do. I will always suggest never to use aol ever. Tara Pierre Part, LouisianaU.S.A.
Entity:, Internet
77, Report #108566
Sep 15 2004
02:12 PM
AOL ripoff Jacksonville Florida
aol continued to charge my account for months after cancelation. When I finally got them to cancel, they would only agree to refund $60.00, about 1/2 of what they owed me (authorized by Gary F Huth). That was 4 months ago, I called today to find out where my check was and they told me it was so long since then, that I had to write a letter to their billing dept. Where does this end????? Candy Eagle Creek, OregonU.S.A.
Entity: Jacksonville, Florida
78, Report #173310
Jan 25 2006
09:06 PM
AOL ripoff unauthorized fraudulent billing dishonest Internet
AOL is a parasite of the world. They hammer people everyday about signing up for their terrible service, and even bill people who haven't setup accounts. Even if you can get an account cancelled, they will end up billing you again some time in the future. If they really had something to sell us, why would they need to do so much advertising (very excessive adverising). Perhaps if they spend less on advertising, they may be able to spend more on producing quality services... Cory Quincy, WashingtonU.S.A.
Entity: ripoff
79, Report #174807
Feb 04 2006
09:05 PM
AOL ripoff Dulles Virginia
AOL ripped me off from Feb. 2005 to Jan. 2006. I accepted the free trial offer 12-12-04, but I canceled 12-19-04. I even was mailed a confirmation number. However, AOL managed to still charged me from 2/05 to 1/06 from my debit account. I called again on 1-30-06 to cancel again, and got another confirmation number. They said why I kept getting charged is because I had TWO screen names and I had only cancel one screen name. I informed them when I cancel the service, I CANCELLED the entire service. Now I am sending letter of complaint and request for a refund to: Richard Parsons (Time Warner CEO), BBB, FTC, AOL(Dulles, Va) Billing in Fla., State's Attorney office). Gayle Baltimore, MarylandU.S.A.
Entity: Dulles, Virginia
80, Report #199088
Jul 01 2006
12:58 PM
AOL ripoff, dishonest, fraudelent billing NAtionwide
they offered me a $4.95 per month service and they are keep charging me $14.95 and now $14.95. the total of this charges are $154.6o. it should be $54.45 and the credit the owe me is $91.15 please help me. Maria GLENDALE, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
81, Report #196108
Jun 12 2006
06:44 PM
AOL free trial Ripoff Los Angeles California
There is nothing free about AOL's free trial. This is a negative option marketing program. Once they get ahold of your credit card account number, u will be an AOL customer whether u want to be or not. If you have given AOL your number you will be an AOL subscriber for the rest of your life, so just accept that and get over it. Does any one know of a class action suit against AOL I could take part in? Could they be sued for compensation for all of our time they have wasted? These nerds are really bad people. the internet service they provide has taken pornography out of the adult bookstores and put it in every home that has a computer. If the president wants really wants to take action against immoral people he should sic the federal trade commission on these b******ds! Charles Lilburn, GeorgiaU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
82, Report #132451
Feb 23 2005
07:57 AM
AOL ignores cancellation Jacksonville Florida
I got a call from AOL, telling me that I owed them money. At least that's what I think they were saying, the person spoke very little english, and I had to ask her to spell words several times. I told her my account was cancelled last September. She apologized. Then I received an invoice for 4 months of AOL, 4 months after cancelling. Not a peep from AOL in between September and February. Called the 800 number on the invoice, spoke with very polite Debbie from who-knows-what country, who put me on hold for a while. She said she found the cancellation, but didn't have the authority to cancel the bill. She gave me an address to write to. It was the same address written to in September. So I called another 800 number. This time Pauline, with less english ability than the others directed me to call a 3rd 800 number. Third try through the phone maze I was connected to someone (again very polite) who spoke excellent english. She asked for my phone number, but said the system didn't recognize it. So how did they call me? She asked me again for my name. Now my name didn't appear on the account either. So why did they contact me with that collection threat, if my name isn't on the account? Is the only reason for the bill because the credit card used to pay for the service was cancelled at the same time as the AOL account, so they couldn't take the money themselves? Diane Oberlin, OhioU.S.A.
Entity: Jacksonville, Florida
83, Report #153084
Aug 09 2005
01:19 PM
AOL ripoff Internet
I signed up for AOL as a result of a free 90 day trial offer. At the end of this offer, I cancelled the membership as to avoid a charge on my account. I know everyone will be shocked when I say that this membership was never cancelled. I had recently been laid off and had time to take a careful review of my checking account online. Long story short, I have been charged $28.90 every month since November of 2003. I contacted AOL and they were less than helpful. I spoke to someone in cancellation by the name of Melissa who proceeded to attempt to sell me AOL again. Seriously! As I am sure, she provided me her scripted answer of, I'm sorry m'am but we have no record of your cancellation! Uh, of coarse ya don't! She refused to let me speak directly to someone, and only advised me that she would give this info to her supervisor to investigate. I asked her for the supervisors name, apparently they aren't allowed to provide that information over the phone. Basically, I am out roughly $600.00 and AOL is not willing to help me out at all. I did contact my bank and was advised that they have a LONG history of doing this to people and the only way to stop them is to close MY checking account. So, because of their poor business practices, I am the one who has to do all the work. AOL, this needs to stop. Kimberly Mt. Washington, KentuckyU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
84, Report #153213
Aug 10 2005
12:42 PM
AOL ripoff, Billing Department Internet
Same story. Had six free months of service with AOL through a Dell computer. Never used because I could not download. Told customer service representative in January that I will not use. This month August, I received a bill through my VISA for $23.00. Called and explained to billing and cancellation. They were so rude! Truely wonder how they can be in business with customer service representatives that they have. Would not let me speak to a supervisor. Said they are canceling my service, will not pro-rate nor credit back for service they never provided. Rick Hope, MaineU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
85, Report #324067
Apr 06 2008
09:16 AM
AOL Shady Practices - Employee Guide Internet
This is the AOL internal collections guidebook for prying money out of delinquent account holders. The guide shows that AOL is following some of the debt industry's most egregious collection tactics by encouraging agents to deceive and lie to customers. After the jump we present AOL's scare tactics, tricks to negotiating a substantial discount, and the full collections guide. READ THE GUIDE HERE: AOL lies to their customers and has a policy of refusing to escalate to supervisors: The trick to getting an actual supervisor is to pretend like you want to pay your bill. If you haven't used your account for more than three months you can receive up to a 40% discount, perfect for those who have tried and failed to cancel your account. If you refuse to pay your bill, AOL will threaten to ruin your credit (with AOL): You can practically see AOL's lawyers cackling with glee as they drape their cloak of legal protection while daring representatives to choose between ignoring the guidebook and failing to scare consumers into paying their debt. AOL's abusive relationship with its members is not new, but it is surprising how enthusiastically they have embraced the standard lies and deceit peddled by the debt collection industry. According to our tipster, the guide is from 2006, but the tactics and policies remain unchanged. READ THE GUIDE HERE: Consumer N/A, New YorkU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
86, Report #69028
Oct 14 2003
06:22 AM
AOL ripoff ? Nationwide
Yes I also had a prob with AOL as well back in 2001, I was scammed by an email supposively about my AOL monthly payment, I lost approx about 300 bux to this scam that was sent to my email box. I did contact AOL about this prob n they had said since the bill was in my hubby's name they'd have to talk to him n we had a joint account! I had said that he had asked me to take care of it, and that he was at work. they still wouldnt let me handle it. Needless to say I had to have him call n that i was on the other house phone to help him out, they gave him a bunch of crappola n never refunded the 300 bux that was lost. AOL is a ripoff! From SC Sue Ft Scott, KansasU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
87, Report #69247
Oct 16 2003
06:04 AM
Aol Netmarket ripoff Trumbull Connecticut
I had cancelled my membership with aol and 8 months later I get a bill because they couldn't take it out of our account because we took them off automatic payment. I was told that my account was never cancelled. So, I had to go ahead and pay for a service that we hadn't used in 8 months. I had also tried to cancel that aol netmarket account when they took 79.99 out of our checking account - aol still had the account information - I was told to try it out and then I could cancel my account. I told netmarket that I didn't want to try them out, that I wanted to cancel, and have my 79.99 back into our account, they refused to cancel the account. We called 3 times to get it cancelled. Eddie okc, OklahomaU.S.A.
Entity: Trumbull, Connecticut
88, Report #53164
Apr 16 2003
11:54 AM
AOL ripoff dirty SOB's SPRINGFIELD internet
I purchased a new computer, it came with 6 months free aol. I am not supposed to be billed until September 10, 2003 those thieved stole 155.60 from my card. They refuse to refund me my money. I went online and found this Attorney this morning who is investigating AOL the investigator already called me he was shocked to learn AOL charged me 155.60 for a two day total no one can use that much in two days. they claim i 1555 hous for march 3 and from 10am-12pm march 4,2003 came to 155.60 Irene SPRINGFIELD MA 01104, MassachusettsU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
89, Report #54333
Apr 24 2003
06:19 PM
AOL unauthorized debit ripoff scam Tampa Florida
I went to the pharmacy to pick up my medication..the card did not work..not good. I wrote a check assuming the bank card machine must be down...not so! Looking on line I called a telephone number that was able to tell me that I had signed up for through AOL some privacy thing that would keep my credit card numbers private..OMG unreal!! I only have a debit card and I only use it for AOL and my medications. I have a brain tumor and they totally emptied out my account. I called my bank and they were kind enough to give me a provisional loan. I can not believe AOL!! I called their Fraud dept and they said they would give me the money back. Two weeks later..nada. I called AOL again. No record of my call! Duh. Well I cant be caught in that situation ever again so its Goodbye! AOL!! Funny I never dreamed they were dishonest like that. The treatment in the way of customer service was awful too. Not even offerering up a sincer I am really sorry..sheesh I about had a fit. I recommend anyone out there who is concerned about their cash like I am to go to the phone companies ISP or the cable one. Its too scarey to use AOL and they dont even care what they did. Thanks AOL!!! Karen Tampa, Florida U.S.A. Click here to read other Rip Off Reports on AOL
Entity: Tampa, Florida
90, Report #54509
Apr 25 2003
04:35 PM
AOL ripped off and scammed cancelled means?? Internet
I called AOL in October 2002 and asked them to cancel my account,and at that time they offer 2 free mths of service which I turned down. At that time I contacted my phone company and put a block on any further AOL payments. It is now April of 2003 and I find out that AOL has canelled my AIM address for lack of payment on an account that should have been closed along time ago. When I contacted customer service questioning why the AIM was cancelled they told me that I owe them a bill of $115.00 and that 85 hours of service were used under my daughters old screen name. I agree that my be true to some extent but if they had cancelled the account when they were asked my 14yr old wouldn't have had access. I told them that I was not responsible for their lack of actions and therefore refuse to pay the bill, and that I would contact an attorney if i has to. I'm sorry to say this but I'm sure I'm not the only one with this problem. Any sugestion? Jeanette LAKELAND, Florida U.S.A. Click here to read other Rip Off Reports on AOL
Entity: Internet
91, Report #55261
May 01 2003
12:15 PM
We tried one of those free trial offers with AOL and as soon as our free month was up we cancelled and rec'd a confirmation #. But then a few months later they were debiting our account again. In May they tried to debit $28.90 on the 21st and $59.10 on the 22nd. In June they tried to debit on the 14th $69.10 then on the 20th they tried to debit $115.60 and in the same day another $69.10. Don't tell me that is regular monthly charges! So in July I cancelled once again and rec'd another conf.# because they SAID they had no cancellation on file yet I had the cancellation # they had given me the first time. Now here we are in 2003 almost a year later and we rec'd a letter from our Bank saying they had charged off our account and now my husband can no longer get a checking account ANYWHERE! Jessica Midland, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
92, Report #96011
Jun 22 2004
10:00 PM
AOL ripoff Nationwide
I subscribed to AOL DSL service in February 2002. For the most part I was happy with the service, and in November 2003 I was moving and called customer service about three weeks in advance to inform them so that I could have my service setup at my new residence. I was told I would have to wait until I was already moved into my new place and I would have to call back. When I called back three weeks later, I was told I would have to cancel my account, send in my modem, re-order the service and they would send me a modem again. I thought it was a big hassle but I was happy with the service so I agreed and I cancelled my account. I was told to wait for a confirmation email (I still had dial-up service), which I never received. I contacted them a week later and informed them I had not received any emails from the company and that sending back my modem only to have the same model shipped back to me was a huge inconvenience. I was told again to wait for confirmation that the account was cancelled before returning the modem. About 2 weeks later, I noticed a debit to my checking account for $99 from AOL. When I called customer service I was informed that I was charged this fee for not returning the modem and that if I were to return it now they would only reimburse me for half the $99. The next day I contacted my bank, informed them of the situation, filled out an affadivit of unauthorized ACH debit, and my bank posted a $99 credit to my account within 24 hours. Thank you Commercial Federal Bank! Corey West Des Moines, IowaU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
93, Report #29423
Sep 08 2002
10:33 PM
AOL ripoff Jacksonville Florida
COMPANY OR ORGANIZATION INFORMATION: AOL Billing Operations & Svcs P.O. Box 17200 Jacksonville, FL United States 32245 7200 (800)827-6364 COMPLAINT INFORMATION: Complaint #: 798010 Complaint Type: General Complaint (not a car maker) Date Received: 9/9/2002 Primary Complaint Classification: Credit or Billing Disputes Secondary Complaint Classification: Service Issues Complaint: Aol charged my Visa Debit card 23.90 in September of 2002 when I had already cancelled an account with them in August after I had discovered that they had charged 23.90 to my visa for an account my husband had set up. They credited my account account a week AFTER I had called to cancel. I was told By Dorothy that my account would be credited right away. This unknown charge caused a check of mine to bounce so now I also have fees to pay after being charged for something that I had already cancelled and was told was credited. Now in September My account is being charged again for another 23.90 that I HAVE NOT authorized. When I called I spoke to JUDY a very rude and horrible woman who informed me that even though my account was being cancelled a SECOND time and received a cancellation # from her that My account was still going to be charged and there was nothing she could do about it. She Could not give me any information on the account because my ADDRESS did not match what they had on their files. My visa account matched well enough for them to charge me for something I neither want nor will ever use.( I have a cable Modem) but my address doesn't match well enough to give me any information on this account. At this point I will be calling the bank immediately to have this charge stopped but I will also be reporting this to the local authorities and to the District Attorney's Office. Desired Settlement: Refund Settlement Explanation: I want mY account to be credited and to never have another charge on it from aol ever again. I also want them to pay the bounced check fee that i incurred due to their fraudulent charges. Customer Service Rep: Judy Product or Service: Nothing Model Number: Account Number: Order Number: Salesperson: Payment Made: Yes Purchase Price: Disputed Amount: Payment Method: Credit Card Purchase Date: Problem Date: 8/11/2002 Complaint Dates: 8/11/2002, 9/8/2002 The bureau that will handle your complaint is: BBB of Northeast Florida 7820 Arlington Expressway, #147 Jacksonville, FL 32211 Phone: (904)721-2288 Fax: (904)721-7373 Email: WWW: Linda Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin Click here to read other Rip Off Reports on AOL STOP! ..before you think about using the Better Business Bureau (BBB)... CLICK HERE to see how other consumers were victimized by the BBB's false or misleading information. Don't be fooled! It has been reported, when there are thousands of complaints and other investigations underway by authorities, the BBB has no choice but to finally give an UNsatisfactory rating to a BBB member business that is paying the BBB big membership fees every year. When a business is reported that is NOT a BBB member, BBB files WILL more likely show an UNsatisfactory rating, then reportedly shake down that company to become a member of the BBB. One positive thing about the BBB is, either way, if a business has an unsatisfactory rating with the BBB, you can be sure, the business is bad. But what about all those BBB member businesses that had complaints filed against them? Consumers never get to hear about them. What about the BBB advertising to the public? Is this a false and misleading perception they are giving about consumer confidence when dealing with a business? Click here to understand more of what consumers and business alike are saying about the BBB. You decide. ..Remember. The BBB membership is not earned, its paid for!
Entity: Jacksonville, Florida
94, Report #95917
Jun 22 2004
11:12 AM
AOL ripoff Sterling Virginia
This letter is to official report AOL for abusing Joan T ***** and her account, ****** On June 20, 2004, I received an email that I thought was from one of my group members. It was for a link to pick up a picture for a project that one of my other members was working on. I clicked into the site and it brought up an AOL Site complete with links that worked, AOL Disclaimer and their triangle. I spent a half hour checking out this site and making sure it was okay and legitimate. I even emailed the person who sent me the site. I knew my member who needed the photos was on a time crunch so I went into retrieve the picture from the site, which of course required my putting in my password. Once I opened the picture, I began to get suspicious because it did not tell me who it was from nor was it related to the project. checked the site further and it took me to all my personal AOL links and email so I thought well maybe it was legitimate and one of my friends was playing a joke on me. But to play it safe, I immediately reported this incident to all of the above mentioned Internet Abuse sites. Today, I went in to check my sent mail and found 12 emails to people I do not know and each one of them had twelve emails or so BCC to others. I immediately called AOL technical support who set me to security who sent me back to technical support who sent me to Community Action who told me tough luck, my account was going to get closed down once it caught up with me. I said that was ridiculous since I am the one who reported it to them and am notifying them of what happened. They did not care. So I called into AOL's Executive Offices only to be told tough luck that this is the way the system works and they cannot stop it from closing my account. I am floored that this is how I am being treated after being a loyal customer for over 15 years. I have never switched Providers even when I have one that I have to pay for through my Cable Company. This is an atrocity that AOL disregards their customers and treats them with so much disrespect. I would appreciate someone looking into this situation and making sure that my account with AOL is not disconnected or otherwise have my service disrupted. AOL's attitude is that I am responsible for my account. Well, I did everything humanly possible to protect myself, going as far as to email the sender as well as thoroughly check for AOL's disclaimer and icon and made sure all of the links took me to my actual AOL account which they did. I should not be penalized for someone else's scamming of AOL. This should solely rest on AOL's shoulders for not finding another way to protect us from Scam artists without making us suffer. Please investigate this matter immediately as they refuse to connect me with the President of AOL or Vice President to discuss this matter. Thanks, Joan Southbury, ConnecticutU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
95, Report #3394
Sep 21 2000
12:00 AM
I recently was having a conversation with a friend who for years has on and off again used AOL. She signed up using the first 500 hours free and then decided that she didn't want to be on the internet any more couldn't afford it. Well she was going through her credit card statements and found that AOL had charged her for a screen name she never ended up using. Then about 4 months ago, she got a new PC and decided to try aol again. Well, her computer had to be sent back, so in the very beginning of August, she cancelled, well they charged her for September, but to make matters worse, again, she went through her statements and found out that AOL Charged her 2 x's in May & June. First time she called they would give her a refund for 4 months, she never got it, she called back and the gentleman that she spoke to told her they would only credit her for 2 months. Currently AOL owes her about $130. Can you believe this. What next.....
Entity: Jacksonville, Florida
96, Report #2120
Apr 20 2000
12:00 AM
AOL does not TELL members VITAL FACTS
Is there any way I can email you stuff already formatted on AOL message boards? If not I'll have to get to it later. AOL has a devilish combination of DECEPTION and CONFUSION and OMISSION in their general information screens, and ABSOLUTELY CRUCIAL FINANCIAL INFO for the account holder that is NOT in ANY of these screens, but ONLY in the member contract itself that a lot of members don't even read. This leads I am sure to thousands and thousands of dollars worth of business for the company store (SHOP DIRECT) that they wouldn't otherwise get. If you're curious and have access to an AOL account check recent posts by hpghpg (that's me) on the Members Helping Members message board (Keyword MHM) called Billing and Pricing Questions. If you want to answer tho email me at Have a nice day.
Entity: Nationwide
97, Report #12070
Jan 21 2002
12:00 AM
AOL determined to get money through fraud
In October 2001, I claled Aol to cancell my account. Like all other times, they tried to talk me into keeping it by offering me free months. I declined, and told them my acount was closed and I didnt have a phone any more. The girl I spoke with, said she would make note of it in my records. The next month, I received an email notice from AOL telling me they had tried to debit my account and it would not go through. Again, I called and spoke to someone and explained my desire to cancel my account. I told them I dont want an account and I dont want any free months. The girl I spoke with this time said she would give me a month free, and I said I just told you I dont want it. Her reply was I had to take it because their computers were down and she could not pull up my account. But as soon as she could, she would put it in my record I wanted to close it. Here it is January, and I just received an email from their Billing Mgr. that I have given them permission to debit my account. All this time I thought My account had been closed. When I try to email them on this issue, it comes back they are not receiving mail at this time. Kim Click here to read other Rip-off Reports on AOL
Entity: Nationwide
98, Report #15467
Mar 01 2002
12:00 AM
AOL withdraw without concent
I have had problems with Aol every sinceI purchased thie Gateway. A year long free Aol online account came with it. I have had to call several times before and each time the problem was supposedly fixed. I have also purchased several items and returned them. I talked to AOL on app 01/28/02 and again she fixed my account On 02/14/02 I was charged $24.00 for Shop Direct Purch and I haven't bought any thing lately. I called the 1800-573-9023 # wad switched from dept. to dept. till finally after 45min was cut off. Please notify me app how long I should wait for this report fo return to me. Thank you Peggy Horne Peggy Orrum, North Carolina
Entity: Nationwide
99, Report #22581
Jun 12 2002
02:16 PM
AOL Billed my account without permission
I was billed for AOL. My server is Someone has accessed my account number and used it. I did not give my permission for this. I want my account credited back immediately. Doreen Allendale, Illinois
100, Report #21928
Jun 01 2002
03:31 AM
AOL Impossible to change servers? Internet
I recently called AOL to discontinue my service with them. The representative I spoke to on the phone said that my account would expire on the 13th of the following month, that I would not be charged for the last month since I was a long time customer and I would have full access to my account until that time. In the meanwhile, I had signed up with a new internet provider and started using that provider. The following month there was a charge from AOL on the credit card statement. I called AOL to try and straighten these charges out on the account. The first person I spoke to informed me that when I had originally called to cancel my account, apparently the person I spoke with never canceled my account, and that I supposedly agreed to a one month extension, at which if I STILL wanted to cancel at the end of that free month, I would then call back to cancel it AGAIN. Basically, this representative told me that I was supposed to call back at the end of the free month to REALLY cancel the account. None of this was explained to me the first time I called to deativate my service. It was understood to me that the account would be cancelled on the date I was told and that I would not be charged for that last month of service. I was then told that due to the misunderstanding, they would go ahead and give me 2 months of free service. When I made it clear that I wanted my money refunded and did not want any more service from them, the representative agreed to refunding me part of the total. I then asked to speak to a manager to discuss this with them. The manager I spoke with gave me such a run around!! He refused to credit any money back and said that the representative had no authority to even athorize that. He then repeated the same offer of giving me 2 free months for what he referred to as a misunderstanding. I explained to him that it was NOT a misunderstanding, that at no point in the initial call to cancel the account was I told that I was getting a free month to decide if I really did want to cancel. I called to cancel, I wanted it canceled. I did not want the 2 months of free service only to have to go through all of this again! The manager had absolutly no customer service skills, was rude, and was basiclly calling me an idiot for all of these so called misunderstandings that kept happening. I will never return to using the AOl service, and would advise anyone else to stay clear of them as well. Catherine Manasass, Virginia
Entity: Internet

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