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76, Report #419404
Feb 02 2009
09:04 PM
AAMCO Transmissions Huge Ripp Off!!! Griffin Georgia
I had a radiator leak and they told me it was the water pump and a small hose that needed to be replaced. The owner said that they would charge me nothing to look at it and tell me what it was. Guess what, he called and told me the problems and that it would cost around 300.00 to repair. I said I did not have that much and would come and get the car. All of the sudden he wanted to charge me for the diagnostics, which was 80.00. I let my father check the car and the water pump was just fine, it was just a 2.00 hose. Which he repaired and is now fixed. When aamco called they wasnt for sure it was the water pump I think they were just guessing. They said that they would replace the water pump and replace the hose for free. Guess what, he was gonna fix the hose and not change the water pump and charge me for it anyway. Please dont ever take you car there they steel your money. Mochue Griffin, GeorgiaU.S.A.
Entity: Griffin, Georgia
77, Report #481440
Aug 17 2009
08:04 PM
AAMCO - ISUZU MOTORS bad service Miami Florida
AAMCO waaaaaaaaaaaaay overcharged me to replace my breaks
Entity: miami, Florida
78, Report #728713
May 12 2011
07:55 PM
I took my truck to AAMCO in Bear DE for a diagnostic check of my transmission for $105. The next day I get a call from Dennis telling me that the test was inconclussive and needed to do a more extensive test to determine EXACTLY what's wrong with my computer. That test was $189.00. He seemed honest, so I agreed to the test. The next day, he told me that I needed to rebuild my transmission for $3900 (assuming nothing else was wrong inside once they opened it). I took my truck to DELTRANS on Old Baltimore Pike (about 4 miles away) and they told me that my transmission was fine and the problem with my truck had nothing to do with the transmission; it was a knock sensor in the engine. They only charged me $89 for a complete diagnostic. I still wasn't sure, so I paid another $95 to the dealership for a diagnostic of my transmission. They also told me that my transmission was in PERFECT condition and told me that the problem was related to the knock senson. When I confronted AAMCO, the manager, he told me that he was not going to re-imburse me because when a person gets fired at the end of the week for doing a BAD job, they still get paid. He also said that because I gave a bad review on AAMCO.com, he was not willing to work this problem out. Basically, if you have AAMCO rebuild your transmission, you have to worry if they actually rebuild your transmission or if they do, did you actually needed it done.
Entity: Bear, Delaware
79, Report #750311
Jul 07 2011
03:44 PM
AAMCO Sjr Gulfcoast MAnagement Inc. Lier and a Crook Houston, Texas
My a/c went out in my car i search the internet to find a repretable business who specialized in a/c it was a serveral business that I look up and call. Aamco was of one of them, when I call them it was late it was on Friday June 3, 2011 he told me to come on in they don't close until 6:00pm but I got there around 5:45pm. Mr. Brandon Clark was his name he was the manager. I own a 2006 still grey Mitsubishi Eclipse I inform Mr. Brandon the problem I was having with my a/c. I explain to him that I was inform that I need a compressor they would charge me $800.00 to put one on, so that why I am here to get a second opinion. And if that's the case then I need to find someone less expense to do the job if I have to buy the part myself and get charge for labor. Mr. Clark at that time said I will not know until he do a diagnostic test to determine the problem and I asked him and how much will that be because I don't have money to throw away it's hot out there, he told me it will be $92.50 I told him to go ahead and the last person put antifreeze in my car and two day later it was hot again so it should be good on antifreeze and if it's my compressor I need to know so I can go ahead and make arrangement, because I have had half of the money now if not all  of the money it would have depended on if that were the problem.  Mr. Clark went to consoled with the mechanic on duty and ask him if he would stay a while longer. After they got done with testing he came back in and said that they didn't see anything wrong with the a/c  for sure it is not the compressor that you need I start doing a Holy dance he took me out side to show me other things with my car like the brake fluid was out and some pieces like valve stem and what ever is a R134A. He did tell me  to do a complete check on the a/c they would have to do a flush to make sure there is no holes in the a/c system and I ask him how much is that going to be $240.00 more dollars and  to come back that Saturday morning I did.  That Saturday he flush it out and suprising to him there was no holes it should be fine now found if you have any problem bring it back after 4 days later I brought my car back to him and told him it's not working went got the mechanic  I struck with them mechanic got a little flash light went to the front of my car below where the radiator was and told us it a hole  a fews holes and I said oh but no there should not be any holes. He wanted to charge me $700.00 more I asked for the owner told him to have the owner to call me went by the company twice no responded. Brenda, Houston Texas                                            
Entity: Houston, Texas
80, Report #788775
Oct 14 2011
11:31 AM
AAMCO Kitchener Cost too much Kitchener, Ontario
using this garage cost us a lot of money - way more than it should have.
Entity: Kitchener, Ontario
81, Report #809215
Dec 14 2011
08:57 AM
AAMCO Furious and Frustrated customer Marlow Heights, Maryland
I had my transmission service at local AAMCO service center in August 2011.  After several days, I had not heard from the mechanic at the service center; I phoned the location and the manager told he they did not have a chance to check my vehicle.  He said he would have the opportunity to do so in a few days; I waited but still no one called.  Finally after a week I phoned the store and was told I had several issues wrong with my car and they could repair it but the est. cost would be around 23 to 2,500.00.  He asked if I wanted them to repair the vehicle and of course I said yes, please do.  After another week had pasted I still did not hear anything from the service manager or the mechanics, so I phoned.  I spoke to the service manager and he told me it would probably be ready in a few days.  I waited another week, only to find it still was not ready.  I gave them a additonal week and was told it was ready.  My husband drove the car home but found it wa leaking transmissin fluid, he immediately drove the vehicle back to the location.  After several days I phoned again and was told the vehicle would need additional days to resolve the problem, which they never stated what the problem was.  Finally, my husband phoned and was told was the issues were and was told the vehicle would be ready in a few days.   When he drove the vehicle from the shop that time, the dashboard lights were blinking and the car was cutting off; he again immeditatly drove the car back again.  At this point he was furious and told the service manager the issues he was experiencing with the vehicle.  After two more weeks, we were told the vehicle was fine; my husband again made an attempt to retrieve the vehicle only to find out it was again not ready and had to take it back again.   We were charged another fee for replacing some part and labor and was told the vehicle would be fine, but that was not the case.   Since all of this of occured I have had constant conversations with the corporate offices explaining my frustration.  Now its December , several months later and the same 2000 Nissan Altimate is having the same transmission issues that were reported back in August.  I had to have the vehicle towed to the location again becuase the gears will not shift in drive.   After speaking to the new manager at this location and explaining the history this Altima has had with this location, he later told me that the vehicle needs a transmission.   He explained there were some tranmission work done on the vehicle but he believes it now needs a transmission.   I explained to him how I paid $2500.00 back in August, his rebutal was yes you did but that was not for a transmission, he said several repairs was done on the vehicle and some transmission work but now it needs a transmission.  I explained that is a total ripoff and someone owes me a refund and explanation but no one had either to offer.  I have contacted the corporate office several times but no one is returning my call.   Please, please offer some suggestions or recommendations or legal advice on how to handle this matter. I had to rent several vehicles during this time for I have two jobs and work 30 miles from my home.
Entity: Marlow Heights, Maryland
82, Report #811511
Dec 19 2011
05:19 PM
AAMCO Globe Tires Deceptive Hackensack, New Jersey
Since all the commercials for Aamco on TV has gotten to my head, it came to mind when my Honda Odyssey started to have some problems.  The transmission started to slip. I knew of the free diagnostics that they offered, so I located the closest Aamco repair shop. I drove the car over there on Friday and they said it will take about 2 hours to finish the diagnostic exam. They called me about 2 hours later and told me that they would have to open up the transmission and check it.  I spoke to a Nick, and he told me that there would be a charge of $685 to do this physical inspection.  And that if I were to get the repair done by them, then that amount would be credited towards the repair.  They never gave me any contract or order form to sign either.  So I told him I guess we have to do it to find out whats wrong.  He told me that if I were to go ahead with the repair, the charge would start at about $1800 to $1900. I got a call Monday morning and was told the repair would cost me $3500.  He mentioned that the torque converter was the problem.  I wasn't ready to pay $3500 for the car.  It had over 100,000 miles on it, and it was still in running condition. So I told him that I might not get it repaired, thinking I'll end up still having to pay the $685 that was mentioned in the beginning, but he told me that even if I don't repair it, it would cost me $1400 just to put it back together! Now I was furious.  If I decided to get it fixed, it will cost me $3500.  If I decide not to fix it, I would still have to pay $1400 just to get the car back.
Entity: Hackensack, New Jersey
83, Report #1026936
Mar 11 2013
11:15 AM
Aamco transmission Terrible service Atlanta, Georgia
Aamco transmission on northside in Atlanta, ga is a total rip off! My husband recently went there to get his transmission fixed. First of all they gave him a set price over the phone, and when we arrived there, it was a thousand dollars more! A couple days passed and he didn't hear a word from them. He had to call up there! They told us that they were working on it, but they're extremely busy at the moment. And we drove past there a couple days later and his truck was still parked on the side. Like it had never been touched! They told him the price would be no more than 1800 but he ended up paying 2600
Entity: Atlanta, Georgia
84, Report #1034095
Apr 22 2001
12:00 AM
AAMCO Transmission Indianapolis Indiana
I had (I say had, because since September 5, 2000, AAMCO Transmission at 4016 N. Keystone Ave., Indianapolis, IN has had my van) a 1992 Dodge Caravan. The biggest mistake of my life was having it taken there. I had it picked up on a flat-bed and transported to the AAMCO since I didn't want it driven until it was fixed (the transmission had just been totally re-built and all it needed was a front pump seal). After almost 2 weeks of putting me off and giving members of my family, myself, and finally, my regular mechanic different stories, they told me that the transmission was totalled and would have to be completely rebuilt at a cost of between $1500. - $2000.!!! I explained that, that was impossible, the transmission had just been re-built and had not been driven even a complete mile since the re-build. The shop manager laughed in my face when I told him I planned to contact the corporate office concerning what I considered to be fraud on their part!!! To make a long story short, I have retained an attorney. I am also filing a complaint with the State's Attorney General and am planning on contacting the local newspapers and all the television news Ask Channel... For Help shows. All I can say is .... if you have a regular mechanic that you can trust - wait until he has time to take care of your vehicle before you take it to AAMCO. Without a doubt, if you are female and they think they can get away with it - you're in for a major rip-off.
Entity: Indianapolis, Indiana
85, Report #382398
Oct 17 2008
10:07 PM
Aamco Transmissions Negligent Liars Puyallup Washington
My car was towed to Aamco Transmissions at the end of June 08. I was told that in order to diagnose the problem they would have to charge me $895.00. I asked for the worst case - what would the total bill be if in fact it needed a new transmission - I was told about $1993.00. I agreed to the $895.00 which I was told would be credited if I went ahead with the repair. The next day I received a call and was told that it did need a new transmission. The cost would be $3300.00. I asked why it jumped up so much - I was told a bunch of bull that he knew I would not understand. I received the car back after it was repaired and was told to bring it back in 10 days for a check up, which I did. Shortly after receiving the car back after the check up - my daughter was driving home from her friends house and she said the car was shaking really bad. I told her we would need to take it in and get an alignment. She called me back a few minutes later to tell me that the front wheel had fallen off! She pulled into a gas station and the tire was laying flat. Not knowing that the tire had anything to do with a transmission repair, I had it towed to Pep Boys. I received a call about an hour later and was told by Pep Boys to come down and take a look at what they found. They asked me if I had had any work done lately, I told them I had a new transmission. They told me to bring a camera. I went down there and their service man took the pictures for me. I was told that when Aamco put the tires back on they failed to tighten the bolts that hold the wheels on. I called Aamco and told them about it. They are directly accross the street from Pep Boys and they came over and got the car. Aamco had to replace the axle and a couple other things because they were damaged beyond repair. I asked Aamco how this could happen. How could they let me drive away in a virtual death trap! My daughter was only traveling on a straight road when the car began shaking terribly, had she of been on the freeway and slightly turning the wheels, it could have been a terrible accident. The manager at Aamco apologized and said the man that worked on my car initially was severly repremanded. I called the Managers boss and told him that I feel that he should compensate me on some of the labor that I was charged. I paid $1500.00+ in labor and feel that I got extremely NEGLIGENT labor. He refused. He just ended up ignoring my requests. I had paid for the transmission on a credit card and disputed the bill. I finally got Aamco's response - I was shocked to say the least. After his employee admitted to me that they were at fault -this is what the Owner - Bob Leindahl had to say in the response letter - Ms. Roberts stated that the wheel fell off the car. Ms. Roberts ford was brought back to our Aamco Puyallup Center for an External Diagnostic Service at no cost to Ms. Roberts. We found the Left CV axle to be damaged. We replaced the Left CV axle at no cost to Ms. Roberts as a goodwill gesture and returned her vehicle back to her. He also stated in the letter that he would be more than willing to pay me the $140.00 that Pep Boys charged me for them to look at it and tow it. Thats really odd because Aamco paid it about 2 months ago. Beware of Aamco - some of their excuses to me for delays with my car: all my tech's are gone and I don't have anyone with a drivers lic to test drive your car - It takes longer to inspect the car when it can't be driven into the bay and we have to push it - but the worst excuse ...... our mechanic was severly repremanded Ms. Roberts for not putting your wheels back on!!!! Through their negligence, there could have been a serious accident and its obvious they don't care about their customers - I think 20% off the labor bill would have saved them alot of what they will be getting. I will see to it that everyone hears about their poorly ran business. Karen Puyallup, WashingtonU.S.A. Click here to read other Rip Off Reports on Aamco Transmissions
Entity: Puyallup, Washington
86, Report #924229
Aug 08 2012
10:59 AM
Aamco Very poor service Universal city , Texas
This location had a lot of great reviews which made it my first choice, however I am regretting my decision tremendously. They could improve their service by having more consideration for your customers time. An air conditioner problem that shouldn t have taken more than a couple of hours has become a three day ordeal. Technicians sometimes don t understand what needs to be done or require more time for testing, however to disregard the customers time and continually misjudge the ammount of time a repair takes is inexcusable. 45 minutes we were told on the first day, second day was bring it by for 45 minutes, and now on the third day 45 minutes has passed 4 times. Each time it has we have received the same just 45 minutes more. Meanwhile my job has been put into jeaopardy and still haven t gotten anything more than the 45 minute reminder. I can see from the waiting area bay window the mechanic eating lunch in my passengers seat. I guess the 45 minutes doesn t include lunchtime. From my iPad I will spend the next 45 minutes blogging and rating this branch of AAMCO. I have paid for a hose from houston already (day one delay), now they want more money for a valve. Is it the branch or just one really horrible mechanic, not sure.
Entity: Universal city, Texas
87, Report #931917
Aug 24 2012
07:52 AM
Aamco Russ my way or the highway Arvada, Colorado
says never had an issue with trust before, so why not let me see all new parts installed? buyer beware of old parts being reused.
Entity: Arvada, Colorado
88, Report #1060356
Jun 19 2013
10:41 AM
Entity: jacksonville, Florida
89, Report #1039730
Apr 01 2013
12:07 PM
AAMCO-Waldorf No repair, no parts!!! Waldorf, Maryland
I just found this site and I wanted to share what happened to me in 2008 when my minivan  went to this shop: I will give credit where it's due, my van  was towed from my home and  taken in- no charge. My transmission was busted. After the diagnostic service and I was quoted for the repairs of over $2000 for a 1999 vehicle and  was too high for me to pay in a reasonable time frame. (The cost was close to half of the vehicle's value, and I had no plans on keeping it to the lifetime warranty). After a lengthy haggle from the shop rep to get it repaired any kind of way- which was still too expensive,  he let the matter go. All I had to do was pay the diagnostic fee and get it towed home.  And this is where things went sour: 1. I did not receive a report as to what was wrong with my transmission. 2. The attitude change from the staff went from all text book to downright neglectful. 3. The Tow truck driver did not give me the extra time to get to my home and move some other vehicles about my yard which i was less than 10 minutes away. I  arrived, the van was delivered and it was literary threw it in my driveway where i did not want it to be (with no transmission since i could not move it under power. 4. The Tow truck driver in his haste scraped my full sized van that I had purchased while the mini van was in the shop and left a trail of red paint along the side. 5. Lastly, the transmission casing was left in the trunk area with NO internal parts whatsoever! I am sure that some of the components were usable, and I WANTED to see the damaged ones.  In the time that has passed, I have had many offers from potential buyers even if they hand to make repairs but no one wanted to be stuck with a full rebuilt transmission purchase.  I learn to let some things go and is the past 5 years I did my best to do just that. However this mini van is still in my yard unmovable and it's a constant reminder how I got the shaft with no gear lube. *picture pending*
Entity: Waldorf, Maryland
90, Report #1094512
Oct 25 2013
08:12 AM
AAMCO TRANSMISSION replaced transmission Kissimmee Florida
 we were in Kissimee for a job interview we were told in Miami, that the car's pump was not pumping correctly we got to Kissimee the car gave us problem we had it tow to Aamco they were going to check what was wrong they would charge $389.00 to see what was wrong they told me the transmission was gone it was going to be $2,153.96 and that the car would be ready in two days it turn out to be 7 days because when we went to pick up the car they did not let us take it because it had a leak I spend 7 days in hotels eating bills 2 car rentals and sunpass we finally get back to Miami the car breaks I had it tow to Aamco they said it was a gear they changed it at no charge we go back to Orlando the same problem we have the car tow to Miami back to Aamco were they kept the car for 7 days did nothing and then came up with different thinghs were wrong with the car at this time we took the car we are not going to do anything with Aamco      
Entity: Kissimmee, Florida
91, Report #1069793
Jul 24 2013
04:11 PM
AAMCO Transmissions Deceptive Lake Forest California
  I recently found myself in need of a transmission repair and much to my disappointment ended up at AAMCO Transmission in Lake Forest.  I knew keeping my vehicle at the dealership would be a costly mistake for this type of repair and decided to call around for additional quotes prior to making any rash decisions.   I then called AAMCO Transmission in Lake Forest as I thought they were a reputable business, was I ever wrong.  Ken greeted me on the phone with a joke “if you win the lottery, bla, bla, bla”.  He went on about their free diagnostic and from the sounds of it, the repair cost will be about $1,700 plus a torque converter if you need one for an additional $350.  This was to include labor and parts out the door.  If the rest is true or not is up to your discretion to believe as there is no way to tell if there was actually as much damage to the transmission as they have found during their free diagnostic and tear down.  So I’m under the impression that per Ken, they can do a full rebuild buying only the actual parts that I needed and saving me quite a bit of money.  Ken calls me back and tells me that they have the results and it’s worse than expected.  Some part of the gears had broken and was eating through the case, I needed a new case, the direct drum, forward clutch hub, and solenoids.  This was going to be $1,740 for the kit and then he started to break down all of these other parts.  Grand total $2,811 - Now I have another problem, it’s torn apart in their garage.  How did it go from $1,700 out the door to actually $2,925 with tax to get this fixed?  Almost twice as much as what brought me in the door.  Please don’t give me a fake off the cuff lowball quote to get me in the door and then slam me with an outrageous price.  Don’t believe this guy, he’s a real slick talker and full of it in the end.  Not to mention that my vehicle smelled like a grease pit.  It had black stains all over the floor mats, seat, steering wheel and door handles on the interior.  It looked like the mechanic had been living in the front seat for the entire time it was in their shop.  Have they never heard of floor and seat covers?
Entity: Lake Forest, California
92, Report #1085056
Sep 16 2013
07:08 PM
aamco transmissions rip off round rock Texas
They mark up there part prices 250% over dealer list  and there not dealer parts.
Entity: round rock, Texas
93, Report #1198445
Dec 30 2014
01:48 PM
aamco Disrespectful, Belligerant, Untrustworthy Los Angeles California
I wasn't only duped, I was accosted and assaulted.  This was probably the worst experience I've had in recent memory.  Honestly, I still can't believe what happened.  2 years ago I had the transmission in my F150 rebuilt at this shop.  At the time, I was debating whether to do the work or just trade it in.  The salesman who is also the manager, Vince, convinced me to do the work and promised that I would not have any problems after the work was done and a great warranty if I did.  He claimed that he had 3 F150's and he knew exactly how to fix it.  Under 2 years and only 9000 miles later my truck started throwing transmission malfunction errors.  I made an appointment and brought my Truck in for service.  A few days had passed and the shop hadn't called, so I called them to check in.  They explained that they found the problem, that a valve needed to be replaced.  They explained that if they couldn't find the valve, the would replace the valve body.  9 days later I got a call that they were ready to do the repair, but that I would have to pay for the electronic components that needed to be replaced.  I stated that I was disappointed.  This goes completely against what I was told when I had the initial work done.  I was offered a free oil change for my trouble.  When I declined the $15 oil change, Vince said that he would see what he could do.  When I arrived to pick up the truck, I was simply given the bill for the $288.85 with no mention of anything else.  I paid it and left.When I got to my truck and opened the door, not only was the truck filthy on the outside, but my light tan leather drivers seat was smeared and covered in oil.  The inside of the door panel was dirty from dirty hands and the paper on the floor mat, covered in mud was not even removed.  I returned to the office and told Vince of what I found.  Instead of coming out to see it himself, he sent a worker to clean it.  The worker wiped it for a few seconds and told me it was clean.  I explained that it wasn't at which time he exclaimed you're full of s***  and repeated it several times.  I returned to the office, quite angry and stated that the employee had just told me that I was full of s***.  Vince lured me outside and immediately got in my face.  I asked him if he wished to fight me and he accused me of disrupting his business.  I repeated again what the worker had said to me.  At this point, Vince turned to my vehicle and looked inside.  With the worker still arguing that it was clean, I tried to say something.  Vince cut me off and stated I have 3 F150's, I know the truck very well.  Not sure what that meant.   I asked him if they used seat covers when they worked on the truck.  He stated we have them.  I asked him if they used them, he admitted they don't.  After inspecting the seat, he turned to me and asked me what I wanted to happen.    I simply stated that I wanted my seat cleaned.  He went inside.  HIs worker returned with some cleaner and after a few minutes it was clean.  As I got into my truck to leave, the worker who had the passenger side door open tried to continue to argue with me.  I just told him to get out.  After repeating myself a few times as he continued to argue, he closed the door and I left.  I'm taking the time to write this review because what happened at this shop, to me goes so far beyond the simple fact that they lied to me when I had the work done initially.  They're irresponsible and disrespectful.  I do not recommend this shop.  I don't trust them and I didn't need the aggravation.
Entity: Los Angeles, California
94, Report #1233838
Jun 05 2015
04:19 PM
aamco No good.. customer service is horrible Brooklyn New York
 Plain and simple.. I took my 2007 Chevy impala there June 5th 2015 at 730 am.. I arrived at the aamco at 754 am.. which I was the second customer there.. The aamco opens at 8 am.. it is now 7 15pm and I have yet to hear a word about what is wrong with my car.. I got there told the mechanic I was hearing a noise he then checked it and said he needs to be put on the machine for deeper testing and if I want to leave the car I could he would take the car onto the bay in 20 mins.. so I then told him I would leave and he could call me and tell me what's wrong.. still no word.. I called 3 times 1st two times I was told my car was next in line 3rd time I was told they need permission to do a deep diagnostic test and it would be about 2 hours b4 they knew anything and that was at 1pm... now the timeline.. I reached at 754am left the car at 843am called 1 130 am called again 1225 pm and then 145 pm.. now it is 7pm and they are closed and I still don't know what's wrong with my car nor did they call me to tell me they needed to keep my car overnight.. so not only am I stuck without a car and don't know what's wrong but now I have to pay 142 dollars for a diagnostic test and I still don't know whats wrong with my car.. nor do I have my car..
Entity: nationwide
95, Report #1296009
Mar 26 2016
10:41 AM
AAMCO Rockville Keith Total Fraud Rockville Maryland
I've never been so disgusted and irate in my life with an auto repair facility.  Took my Yukon in for noises and rattling coming from underneath my SUV toward the rear end on a Good Friday before Easter 2016.  The problems would only surface at highway cruising speeds.  By way of background, I'm a car nut, an enthusiast.  I've worked on my own vehicles for years, was a sales manager of a leading national auto sales dealership and in that capacity, I test drove hundreds of potential trade-in vehicles to determine worthiness.  I know my way around a car.  That being said, I'm getting too old, too slow, and too impatient with newer technology, and my new house surroundings don't permit me to work on my vehicles any longer.  I'm quoted $90-176 inspection fee (yes, pretty steep), but if I choose to do the work at their shop, this inspection fee would be applied to the bill.  Fair enough, I think.   I dropped off my truck at 9am, and was told I would get a call back by 4pm.  Again this is a Friday before Easter and I had family flying in for the weekend and I needed by truck to pick up peeps and passengers.  Yes, dropping off this day is a mistake on my part. but again, we're talking about rattling and clunking noises at highway speeds only.   After no calls from them, I called the shop at 5pm; Keith is busy; he'll call you back shortly.  At 8pm my phone rings with Keith on the line; sorry it took me so long to reach you; I've spent hours test driving your car trying to find the problem but I cannot pinpoint the problem yet; but I did notice your front passenger brakes and rotor are excessivly wearing.  I think your brake lines and calipers are bad, so I'm going to want to fix that problem first, before I continue to the clunking noise because this problem could be causing the other; and I want to isolate your complaint by eliminating this problem first.   NOW LET'S WAIT A MINUTE!!  A possible brake caliper/hydraulic fluid hose diagnosis is causing a clunking and rattling noise in the rear?  Intereting... this is going to be good.  Keith said he test drove my truck at highway speeds at length, and was feeling the front right wheel was seizing up a bit, which could be putting undue stress on the transmission when shifting from 3rd down to 2nd.  Readers - I'm not joking about this.. this man, not knowing my background, and the fact that I'm a retired detective, is trying to tell me that the rattling vibration noise I'm hearing, and the clunking noise I hear only when I go over speed bumps, is being caused by the front brake system, that he felt seizing when the car shifts down from 3rd to 2nd.  AGAIN, my complaint indicated the problems arise only at highway speeds, or going over speed bumps.     I remind Keith that I had new brakes, rotors and brake fluid flush 4000 miles ago, that if his diagnosis is correct, we're only taking about replacing rubber hoses that carry fluid into the calipers for them to squeeze and release. I ask how much just for his proposed brake job - $551 he replies; tells me the hoses are $90; labor is 1.3 hours per wheel, etc, etc.  I may not be in the repair business, but I didn't exactly fall of a turnip truck either.  I question his diagnosis and fees with a detailed and knowledgeable level of questioning, and he begins to get upset, constantly cuts me off and tells me I'm not a professional, that he is.  (A professional crook and a liar, that I give him).  I tell him to wrap the car up right now that I was coming by right now to pick it up.  He says, he is closing his shop for the night, that it's my fault I don't want the work done, and that he is going to charge me a day of storage at $48 for picking it up tomorrow.  Seriously?   I bee-line it there while still on the phone (I live 3 miles away), hoping to keep him on the phone arguing with me while I arrive.  I finally convince him to put the wheels back on, which his subordinate does while Keith is still trying to defend an indefenseable position.   And now for the kicker - he gives me my final bill - $215.  What happened to the range of $90-176?  shop fees he explains.  What shop fees?  you didn't use any supplies?  he says the lift he used to hoist my truck to take the wheels off is considered supplies.  And he charges me $20 for fuel that he says he had to put in my car to complete his test drives.   What a liar.  I got my car with fuel indication of just over a 1/4 tank.  that's about $8.  I did drop it off a little low on fuel, so he is correct that he had to put some fuel, but he definitely didn't put $20.  That would have given me a little over 1/2 tank at $2/gallon.   LIAR, CHEAT, SCUMBAG
Entity: Rockville, Maryland
96, Report #1243092
Jul 20 2015
02:48 PM
AAMCO Incompetence At Its Finest Gresham Oregon
 We decided to bring our Jeep Grand Cherokee in for a transmission rebuild. The initial inspection happened and we got an estimate and agreed to the job. The shop had our Jeep for two weeks! This should have been a couple days at most. We had to get a rental vehicle, which cost us over $1000, including the cost of gas. The total cost of the rebuild of the transmission was over $2000. We got the Jeep back finally, we were asked to bring it back in to make sure everything was good. They inspected it, test drove it, and discovered there was a problem. They ensured us the repairs are covered under the warranty. We brought it back in, the parts were supposed to be ordered and it was supposed to be a quick fix, and should have had our vehicle back the next day. In all of the weeks we have been dealing with them, not once have we received a phone call from them. Not once. We have had to call them every day to find out what is going on with our vehicle. The first two weeks we were finally informed the manager had been fired for being drunk at work, among other things. The acting manager then had to try and fix all the problems he had caused. Last time they had our Jeep, we were waiting and waiting for results, a phone call, anything. Apparently no one knows how to order parts or track them. They had our Jeep for another week, and no progress had been made, so we came and picked it up so we could have our vehicle for the weekend since the temperatures were in the 90s and our Jeep has air conditioning. They told us to bring it back in last Monday, July 13. They told us it would probably be ready that day, maybe the next day. A week later they still have the Jeep, and still have not received one phone call. We have to call them every day and find out. Most of the time their answer is that they don't know what the status is. Not once have they called us, not once have their estimates meant anything. They simply tell us what we want to hear to get us off the phone and appease us until the next day when we have to call them back. The incompetence is staggering. It boggles the mind how no one ever knows where the Jeep is, where the part is, why it hasn't been installed yet, etc. We are far from a priority. The customer service, or lack thereof, is atrocious. They weren't even going to do this last repair because they said it wasn't part of the rebuild. They finally agreed to do it without charging us further. We had to call again today and find out what the hell is going on. Now they are saying they are going to have it done today and will call us. Not holding our breath.
Entity: Gresham , Oregon
97, Report #1272683
Dec 07 2015
07:12 PM
Aamco Transmisions Tranny NOT Fixed Fridley Minnesota
I am writing this on December 7 2015.Transmision in my 1994 Ford f-150 was shifting hard occasionally.I took it to Aamco in Fridley Minnesota to see if they could figure out what was wrong.They said the transmion needed to be rebuilt at a cost of $3000.oo.Two weeks later I got it back and it did the same as if it hadn't been fixed at all.I purchased an extended 3 yr. warranty.Since then I have had it in and out of there 13 times to get it fixed correctly.It was there for 6 weeks from June -July.I was told by Ray the manager that he was doing various tests on it and couldn't find anything.Then in August the Owner Brian Hiat got involved.Well now they are doing more testing and still nothing is fixed.I,m getting the run around from these people and feel I should take them to court.
Entity: Fridley, Minnesota
98, Report #1311735
Jun 16 2016
11:15 AM
Aamco FRAUD Albuquerque New Mexico
FRAUD!!!! FRAUD!!! I took my 2008 BMW X3 in for an issue of it missing. They told me I needed a new transmission. They kept the car for 3 weeks!   When I got it back, after them putting in a certified transmission, the car still had the SAME PROBLEMS AS BEFORE!  I took it back again, and now they say its the spark plugs and coil and want me to pay $1000.   This was the issue to begin with and the car DID NOT NEED A NEW TRANSMISSION!    THEY ARE A FRAUD AND DENNY THE MANAGER IS THE WORST!  BEWARE!!! DONT TAKE YOUR CAR TO AAMCO!!!
Entity: Albuquerque, New Mexico
99, Report #1311488
Jun 15 2016
08:15 AM
Aamco Con artists, rip offs and car wreckers. Riverside California 
Aamco will burn you. They are the worst auto mechanics That I have ever seen. Just stplaced a jack under the tank and buckeled it. Next they didnt repalce the transmission lines, instead took my fuel injection system apart? And the transmission lines popped under pressure 50 miles into the new 3800 dollar transmission. Stay away from these con artists! On the day I brought my car for transmission diagnostics, a man and a lady were cussing the Company out demanding that their car engine was damaged while in their care. Water in the oil and a major oil leak. 1st never let them drive your car alone. Never! Next demnd in writing ALL the parts they take off to be given to you AND all new parts they say they put in must be inspected by you before they install anything. Also the box and reciept from where and how much it cost.  We put a new torque converter in your car. OK where is my old one? no answer. They lie to you and damage your car then charge you to damage your car. When they put a new transmission in my cr, later I learn that all it needed was a 5 cent o ring. Thats right. A 5 cent part and instead they, took my fuel injection system apart? Was never requested. Next they put the new transmission in and didnt replace the old lines. Of course they popped at 50 miles into the new transmission. The lines are obviously cracked from age. I have them for the law suit. When I picked up my car, they said, their is your car. Get in it and leave! Hey my tail pipes are on wrong. They are sagging. Again just get in your car and leave. They drove my car 14 miles. Why? Went on a date? They pushed my car to a lift and I see my gas tank is buckled from a jack! In short I got no parts and was litterly kicked out! They purposely didnt replace the lines to void the warranty because you cant drive it. Next they want more money. I took it to another shop who charged me 750 dollars. That shop drove it. Why are all these dirty mechanics driving my Jag Vanden Plaz. Why, they are just bad people! Get every part. Never let any Mechanic drive your car. And always inspect the new part so they dont trick you. Just stay clear of AAmco. 
100, Report #106751
Sep 02 2004
03:59 PM
Aamco Thank you ripoff report for saving us from using AAMCO! Nationwide
My husband and I believed our Jeep Cherokee was having transmission problems and almost took it to Aamco. I did a search here on Aamco first and read all of the ripoff reports. Thankfully, we took the Jeep to a local transmission shop instead and were told that the transmission was fine and that the front wheel bearings needed to be replaced and that's what was making the strange sound. They didn't even charge us for the diagnosis. Needless to say we ended up spending under $300 to get the Jeep fixed. I'm sure if we'd actually used Aamco it would probably still be at the shop and we'd be looking at well over $2000. Thanks ripoffreport and to the victims who reported for saving at least one family the hassle and expense. RJ Bay Area, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide

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