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26, Report #200841
Jul 13 2006
08:20 AM ripoff Seattle Washington
This letter best explains my situation:, Inc. June 15, 2006 Bill Department PO Box 81226 Seattle, WA 98108-1226 (((ROR redacted name and address for security purposes))) To Whom It May Concern: I am writing to make you aware of my dissatisfaction with your website. On May 9th & May 13th of this year I ordered six (6) items from your site. I used the savings account option at your checkout. I bank with KeyBank in New City, New York. My savings account number is; (((ROR redacted acct # for security purposes))) The bank's routing number is (((ROR redacted for security purposes))) Somehow according to your company the charges did not go through. I have more than enough money in my account to cover the total charge of $230.21. I received five (5) letters from Certegy Payment Recover Services, Inc. alleging that I owe $323.21. The extra hundred dollars ($100) is for bounced check fees. I did not use a checking account. Attached please find five (5) PAID RECEIPTS FOR ALL SIX PURCAHSES! This is proof that I paid in full. It is your job and duty to charge me and collect all monies before sending me my items. All I did is go to your sight to buy things. This is something I will never do again. You have no right to treat me like I stole something from you. I followed all your procedures. In the adult world when you make a mistake you pay for it, not the customer who is still, by the way always right. There are plenty of other places to shop online that don't harass people and try to cheat them out of another 44%. This was the single worst shopping experience of my life. Going forward, you should be less sloppy in the way you conduct your day-to-day business. It is impossible to find your phone number or your address on your site. Are you afraid of how many complaints you would get? I had to call the 800 directory for your customer service phone number. Why should I have to go to to find your phone number and address? Please try treating the rest of your customers with some grace, decency and common courtesy. Frank k New City, New YorkU.S.A. Click here to read other Rip Off Reports on CLICK here to see why Rip-off Report, as a matter of policy, deleted either a phone number, link or e-mail address from this Report.
Entity: Seattle, Washington
27, Report #415920
Jan 25 2009
08:51 AM Shipping? NOT!! Internet
Beware... makes no distinction between SHIPPING and MAILING ... I have a P.O. Box because my house is on a major 4 lane highway ... not to mention a major intersection. My neighbors mailbox has been mowed down 10 times in 8 years and only once did the drivers insurance company (progressive) bother to locate or reimburse her for the box and post. I simply did not replace mine the first time it got mowed down. As a result ... you cannot MAIL to my home address and obviously you cannot SHIP to my PO Box. MAILING and SHIPPING are NOT the same thing. The distinction is clear. You cannot SHIP to a mailbox or PO Box. It would be easy for to clarify this but they won't. They make the point of telling you on the shipping (as they call it) page that you can't choose the method. Fine place to state that their version of shipping includes MAILING, but they don't. There is no way for you to know whether they are SHIPPING or MAILING, therefor, you have no way of knowing what address to provide. Congratulations on a world record time at pissing off ... not to mention losing a customer. Kj villa rica, GeorgiaU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
28, Report #19291
Apr 22 2002
04:33 AM Amazon Poor Service and Book Review Fraud Internet
I have used for years but now it seems that is up to a couple of tricks. Here are my concerns: 1. As soon as you place an order your items are placed in a shipping soon status (about five minutes after your order). What this means is that you cannot modify or cancel your order with 2. You items are in this shipping soon stats for days without shipping., it appears, is doing this so the customer cannot change their order before it ships. 3. In prior years when I used I found it a great experience, now I see these shifty practices. This is the third time I've ordered things from this company only to see the status within five minutes - Shipping Soon. One of my orders was not received for 30 days. That's what I call shipping soon! 4. The final concern I have about is that there seems to be a manipulation of the book ratings on their site. I've talked to several people who have given books a one star rating, yet their reviews never appear. If you look at recent book reviews you will be hard pressed to find any one star reviews. Why is this being done? Most likely to manipulate the overall review ratings so they will sell more books. Bottom line on - DON'T TRUST THEIR REVIEWS and you can be sure that SHIPPING SOON means anything from the next day to the next month. Shame on you! Your service was better in prior years! Sherry Boston, Massachusetts
Entity: Internet
29, Report #10791
Jan 06 2002
12:00 AM
Used merchandise purchased on ripoff
I purchase a used 13 piece set of Farberware on The site indicated that used items were returned items and that the box had been opened. I thought, no problem, just like in a store they would check that the items are still in good condition. WRONG! I opened the box to find the handle to one of the frying pans busted off and scuff marks and dents. Click here to read other Rip Off Reports on
Entity: Nationwide
30, Report #24157
Jul 08 2002
08:01 AM ripoff Internet Internet advertised MS Windows XP Professional for $109 after 2 mail in rebates of $45 each. I reported to them that the rebate coupons were identical and i would like to get the second coupon. First they denied there was a problem, but I persisted. They informed me that it was an error and the second coupon would be corrected and I should check back on their website in a few days. I placed my order and received the software. The coupon had not yet been corrected, and I continued to correspond with amazon. Through numerous emails, they never informed me that the rebate was an error and that there was only one rebate available until after I loaded the software. They refuse to honor the advertised price of $109 and they have failed to pay any rebate even though I submitted the proper paperwork. This is a clear case of fraudulent advertising. Bill Canton, Michigan
Entity: Internet
31, Report #38418
Dec 16 2002
07:57 PM ripoff fraud scam Seattle Washington
Mistreated and ripped off - they usecustomer credit cards for interest-free loans ..... is using customer credit cards to float themselves short-term interest-free loans. They do this by debiting your account and waiting weeks to ship your products (most companies do not debit your account until your order is actually shipped). If you return items, it may take months after they receive the goods for them to return the money to your account. The details: I placed an order with for two books on 9-20-02. Both were listed as being in stock. My account was billed for $36.90 on 9-23. I chose the free shipping offered at that time. On 10-4-02 I emailed a complaint about the fact that while I had been charged for the order almost two weeks ago, the books had not been shipped. I continued to email them and received only unsatifactory answers - answers that had clearly been cut and pasted from boilerplate text. On 10-11 my account was credited $36.90. On 10-14 my account was debited $20.94 twice for a total of $41.88. Note that the total magically increased by $7.98. I finally received my order on 10-25, four weeks after my account was debited. Understandably angry about the service, I returned the books on 10-28-02. Since I live in the same town, they should have received them by 10-30 at the latest. Finally, on 11-11 they credited me $16.95, not the full $20.94 (which was an overbilling in the first place). After several more emails, I was promised the remaining refund by 11-24. It is now 12-16 and I have not received it. They held money from my personal account for four weeks the first time, and have now held it for over 6 weeks. I'm pissed off!! Sandy Lexington, KentuckyU.S.A.
Entity: Seattle, Washington
32, Report #885274
May 20 2012
06:15 AM Withholding funds from seller, Internet
My account is under review because they said I am operating two accounts, but my daughter has one and I have one. No one is leaving feedback and I have more orders now,  I am told I must close the listings and they are withholding my funds pending the review. I have over $500 and have sent all items and don't have any other info then the USPS tracking. What can be done to get the money from them? Are they allowed to keep the money when items have been sent. The items are also non returnable per their policy. If anyone wants to go into class action lawsuit against Amazon, contact me. I will never sell on Amazon again but want my money, it's ridiculous and now I look and see this is common practice of Amazon???!
Entity: , Internet
33, Report #903699
Jun 27 2012
12:15 PM Non-Existent Customer Service Seattle, Washington
This review is about Amazon's policy of allowing sellers to ignore customer emails and do nothing about it. I was told by an Amazon CSR that there is a policy that sellers must follow regarding responding to customer inquiries, however, they do not give seller contact info to buyers, nor will they (Amazon)contact the non-responsive sellers directly. I sent two emails, one on 6/06/12 and one on 6/10/12, to Blue Light Bargains, which is a seller on Amazon, and have not received any answer to this date (6/27/12). I find Amazon's policies regarding their sellers lack of responses to buyer emails both negligent and ignorant. I received an answer from the last Amazon CSR I emailed that the problem was being addressed by another department (Amazon's Technical Team) and I would hear a response from them in two days--that was on 6/20/12 and still no answer after seven days. If this is any example of Amazon's approach to customer service, then I urge anyone who buys on Amazon to think twice about making a purchase there. Amazon simply does not care about it's customers--I guess that's what happens when a company gets as big as they are.
Entity: Seattle, Washington
34, Report #526141
Nov 19 2009
10:30 PM KatrinaMM Internet
I ordered an obscure hard to find movie from KatrinaMM at several weeks ago.  I received a message saying that the package had been mailed during the first week of November.  KatrinaMM did not send a tracking number. We all know that the U.S.P.S. borders on incompetence.  I sent KatrinaMM a message requesting the tracking number so that I could find out what the postal service did with it.  She did not respond.  I waited a week and sent her another message requesting the tracking number.  She did not respond.  Failure to respond after two messages leads to believe that the package was never mailed at all.  I suppose she probably thinks that nobody would go to all this trouble over $5.I try to order goods from those that have had a relatively small number of orders.  It gives those sellers a better chance of attracting more customers.  Most sellers value that. 
Entity: , Internet
35, Report #673770
Dec 20 2010
08:55 PM Free shipping - not Internet
Was thinking about buying a book but waited until Dec. 17 because many companies were offering free shipping that day only. On Dec. 17th, I received an e=mail from telling me that if I bought from them today, I would get free shipping. When I got to the end of the order, they tell me that I didn't qualify for free shipping and they would charge me 3.00 for shipping. Have been a regular customer for over a year and have ordered 8 or 9 books during that time. Well, no more for me. Its back to Borders and my dicsount card. Steve Las Vegas, Nevada
Entity: , Internet
36, Report #671611
Dec 14 2010
07:40 PM
I just tried to set up an account to sell a used book. Presumedly that subscription should cost at most $0.99/ month. As a matter of fact I did not go through the setup process and could not list any item for sale. Somehow Amazon subjected me a $39.99 charge. Following my complaint, they just canceled my account but still maintained the charge. Name: Luc Email with
Entity: , Internet
37, Report #510442
Oct 16 2009
04:50 PM Amazon Double Dipping Alliance Employees ? seattle, Washington
Are amazon alliance employees double-dipping? Myself and many others have been banned from selling from Amazon ,even though are feedback has been in the 98-100% range.(Mine was and still shows 100%). Though there were no customer complaints , I was accused of selling copied media (IE CDRS/DVDRS). I never did ,all items were factory made,usually sealed. Out of over 3500 sales does anyone believe someone would not have complained,Emailed me or left bad feedback? I presented my case to Amazon several times ,assuming my proof and common sense(on their part) would prevail. Wrong! Automated email responses and lazy employee responses ,til Amazon Alliance stepped in with After further review we are sorry you can no longer sell on Amazon. They further stated that there was a reason,however they would not reveal it!! The only thing that makes any sense to me is either 1. They are too lazy to really dream up some sort of plausible explanation or 2. Someone or somebodies are double-dipping - selling under psuedonames on Amazon on their off hours , while eliminating the competition under Amazon's watch,never being called in to judgement. I would love to have someone investigate this.         
Entity: seattle, Washington
38, Report #542395
Dec 19 2009
05:01 PM
AMAZON.COM they scam me Internet
they scam a $79.00 to my check account
Entity: , Internet
39, Report #539334
Dec 14 2009
05:39 PM Magazine subscription Internet
More than 3 months ago I purchased a 1 year subscription to THE NATION magazine.  I have not gotten a single issue yet and it was supposed to start about a month ago, according to Amazon.  I have made numerous calls and emails to both and the company that handles their subscriptions, Magazine Express, and it is supposidly being investigated, but after more than 3 months, still no magazine.  This is the first and ladt time I ever order a magazine subscription from  I have done lots of business with for merchandise and never had a problem, but apparently when it comes to magazine subscriptions, stay away!  By the way, I also contact THE NATION directly and they have no record of a subscription purchased on my behalf.
Entity: Internet, Internet
40, Report #586269
Mar 27 2010
03:46 PM FRAUD, Internet
This is the same scam running by Amazon for years. They take in un-suspecting sellers and let them sell on Amazon. Once the seller has some good money over $1000 they put the account for review at 15, 30 days intervals. After first 15 day review they remove the restriction and once 30 day come they again suspend you at time of payment to your bank. They keep the money in reserve for 90 days with no interest and finally release your money and permanently ban you for life. Amazon collect interest for millions of dollars in it reserve and repeat the process for new un-suspecting suckers. It is so sad Amazon is allowed to carry out this scam for years and nobody filed a lawsuit against Amazon. Amazon also require you to fill the orders you receive during the initial review process. Dont do this. Its a trap. Amazon only freeze your account and hold all money in reserve for 90 days.Their A-Z claim is another scam. If any buyer claim non-receipt of item Amazon require signature confirmation as proof of delivery and even wont accept delivery confirmation or you will loose the claim and Amazon will remove the money from your account. Same with item not as described claims. They just refund buyer without any investigation. Same rule apply for any site using checkout by Amazon. So if you are a seller dont accept this payment method or you will loose the item plus money as A-Z claim terms state that buyer dont have to return the items.
Entity: , Internet
41, Report #570184
Feb 16 2010
09:50 AM Nigerians apparently hacked into my Amazon account Internet
Today, I ordered a movie from, and there on the section that had the addresses I usually ship to (my home address, my mom's address, etc.) was a Nigerian account: oluseye olayiwola po box 1059 sapon abeokuta abeokuta, ogun, 234039 Nigeria Phone: 07069471611 This means they hacked into my account and had access to a lot of info, including financial info. I took my c cards down, called the bank, and tried alert amazon but was met by a wall of e-mails and forms to fill out that had nothing to do with my problem. My recommendation: check your accounts and take your cards off amazon if they are stored there...I'm still waiting for amazon to get to me.    
Entity: , Internet
42, Report #572188
Feb 20 2010
06:05 AM amazon is a big s**t! Seattle, Washington
I have placed an order with amazon. I have received some gift cards. When I placed order, amazon asked me to change my password. Once done, I was asked to provide my credit card deatils and was asked to contact with bank. I was surprised as there was no bank involvd and their customer service is just used to sending pre-written replies. Afetr several contacts, I was told that one of the gift card I used has a problem and they have blocked all of my gift cards. Despite several tries, they have not replied even a single email. I am out of $300 due to this. I have earlier listened that they are in the business of selling gift cards and later deny purchases with these gift cards, however I never believed this as they are a big company and how a big business can do this. However I was wrong and understnad people are not wrong about them. They steal people money this way and are able to sell other products at a lower price just due to this. A BIG S**T COMPANY!
Entity: Seattle, Washington
43, Report #486643
Aug 28 2009
01:00 PM Amazon Suspension? Internet
I have been a Pro Merchant for over 2 years. Weekly volume of almost 20K. Quit my job to do this. Suddenly I am suspended for selling copied media. All my product is bought from distributors and manufacturers. Nothing is ever copied or illegal. My feedback was 99% positive. I provided great prices, great product and quick shipping. Now I am suspended, they are holding my 3K for 90 days and all I get a automated person to talk to, no explanation of what product they considered copied. No communication in response to my great performance on Amazon. How is this allowed.
Entity: , Internet
44, Report #806276
Dec 07 2011
03:15 PM Complete Idiots Internet, Internet
I went into my account changed my credit card and they charged the orginal card I entered in 2008 and cancelled in 2010.They sent canned responses emails and only allow you to send positive feedback to them for their website.There is no place for them to allow you to post negative stuff about them other than an email.They were rude and ignorant in their approach to me.I will never do business with them again
Entity: , Internet
45, Report #1071574
Jul 30 2013
10:42 PM AMAZON A RIPOFF Seattle Washington
They ripped me off - $387.Jim McGovern(((ROR redacted)))
Entity: Tasco, Washington
46, Report #897323
Jun 14 2012
06:02 AM a-z claim error Seattle, Washington
I am a seller on Amazon. We receive the order from amazon and ship accordingly. We lost a claim when the customer stated he did not receive merchandise. The customer used an incorrect shipping address and notified amazon of such. Amazon still found in his favor and refunded his money. I am out the product, money and now have a negative a-z claim against my account. Has this happened to anyone else? How can I recover my lost funds and product?
Entity: Seattle, Washington
47, Report #900262
Jun 20 2012
10:19 AM frozen account no explanation, Internet
I opened a new account within the last 30 days when my husband purchased me a Kindle Fire for my birthday.  I made multiple purchases on said account for accessories for the Kindle Fire. Last night I purchased a stylus and a usb cord for my Kindle Fire.  I did not change the credit card or address that was on file, I used all of the exact same information that was used on all of my previous purchases. I attempted to log into my account this morning and was prompted with an error saying my password was incorrect.  I reset my password with them, and was met with the same error. I called customer service, and was told that my account was frozen, but they could not tell me why, and that an account specialist would contact me within 24-48 hours by email regarding the freeze.   I inquired as to why I had not been informed by email or telephone that my account had been frozen, and the representative said that it should send out sometime later today. My issues are: 1.  I was not informed my account had been frozen.  2.  I cannot speak with a representative that actually knows anything about my account, and why it is frozen.  3.  It was hinted towards that my address on file was fraudulent for the order I placed last night, even though it is the exact same address I have used for multiple purchases in the last 3 days. I even spoke with a supervisor in customer support, and she could not tell me why my account was frozen, or how to get a hold of the department that froze my account, that is the only department that can give me an explanation on anything.  I was told this department does not have telephones.  
Entity: , Internet
48, Report #981278
Dec 12 2012
07:48 PM subscribe and save is unfair Internet
I have a similar experience with a Subscribe and Save item, although the price did not increase by 10 times. I cancelled that subscription. I have one other item and the price has kept steady. However, I still think that is wrong to do this. They say the S&S price fluctuates depending on when it is ordered, but I haven't seen the price change at all for the item. In my opinion it is a bait and switch. There is no advantage to subscribing if the price goes up and costs more than if you got it through a local store or vendor. 
Entity: , Internet
49, Report #1036445
Mar 20 2013
02:02 PM Bait & Switch Internet
Ordered a Capresso Infinity 560.01 for $68.98 back on Feb. 7th, 2013 which was to be delivered in March.  Then I get an email saying it's been delayed and they might have it in April.  Meanwhile, they are selling them for $89.00 and have plenty in stock.  Customer service gave me some song & dance about their marketing partner but I bought it from Amazon, and if Amazon has them they should honor their contract and ship it to me.
Entity: , Internet
50, Report #1042767
Apr 12 2013
12:03 PM price gouging, Internet
AMAZON.con will not allow any review to the system that is negative. I was looking for flour. This flour was priced much higher than what I can buy in a local health food store but i assumed that it was just a much bigger bag of flour. I mean after all , who lists things on Amazon that are DOUBLE the price of what is on the street. Well guess what? it is just OVER PRICED! I contacted Amazon and the BENSTORE, who politely told me to jump in the nearest pond. Amazons review system ONLY allows for positive reviews and keeps rejecting any review i try to write that has a negative content. BE CAREFUL when shopping Amazon!!!
Entity: , Internet

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