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1, Report #38766
Dec 19 2002
05:36 PM
American Credit Solutions dishonest ripoffs Tampa Florida
I have recieved an offer in the mail from American Credit Solutions, I thought it was a good idea so I gave them a call and I was told that I would be offered a 5,000 dollar credit limit on a platinum credit card. So I gave them my account number. Once I have recieved the card in the mail I wasn't aware that it was a credit limit to purchase only in thier catalog. I called the company back to refund my money and I sent the package back since the ending of September but I have not recieved any refund credited to my account for what I have paid them for the card! And I was told that I should be expecting a refund in the mail before 60 days! And it's almost been three months now and I have not recieved anything! Juvy Spanway, WashingtonU.S.A.
Entity: Tampa, Florida
2, Report #112084
Oct 08 2004
11:23 AM
American Credit Solutions ripoff Tampa Florida
I am like the others reporting this rip. A promise to repair my credit lured me in. Larry bremerton, WashingtonU.S.A.
Entity: Tampa, Florida
3, Report #24127
Jul 07 2002
03:06 PM
American Credit Solutions ripoff Tampa Florida
I just was writing to let people know that they got me for $299 and i just think something needs to be done about this before some one in tampa gets hurt! Lamarr muncie, Indiana
Entity: Tampa, Florida
4, Report #26233
Aug 06 2002
01:38 PM
American Credit solutions ripoff Tampa Florida
Hi, I saw your website after a day I got ripped off by this fraudulent American Credit solutions ..They are changing their 1800 number constantly. The number which was on the post card they sent me has been discontinued.I am really sorry for all the people who have lost their money here..I too gave up my hard earned 199.95. I have called them up atlest 50 times to give my money back but all my efforts are in vain.. I think i have lost that money now with no hopes of getting it back..They seriously misled all the people and making money in illegal ways..Hope the govt of Florida stop this rogues before they rip off other innocent people Dave Hoboken, New Jersey
Entity: Tampa, Florida
5, Report #26157
Aug 05 2002
04:54 PM
American Credit Solutions ripoff Tampa Florida
I, to, similar to a person from Sacramento, Ca. received a yellow post card in the mail from American Credit Solutions @ 4618 N. Hale Ave, Ste 102 in Tampa, Fl. about a final notification regarding a credit card activation in the amount of $4,000.00. Not having received a credit card in the mail to be activated, I called the 800 number. However, it was busy, therefore, I decided to try my search engine on the internet... lo and behold, I found all of the many reports about the fraudulant activities available on the website about American Credit Solutions. Thanks guys... Additionally, has anyone reported them to the Federal Trade Commission, or the state regulatory commission within your state?.. Being a Virginian; my regulatory commission is the State Corporation Commission, I know that California has a Public Service Commission, however, some other states have Public Utilities Commission or a Public Trade Commission. The states and their respective regulatory entities are the only ones allowed to authorize American Credit Solutions or any other businesses to do business in your respective states. In the event, they are authorized interstate business, the FTC is your only recourse. Granted, the Federal Trade Commission has jurisdiction over all of the interstate businesses who try to conduct business in the entire country. Sam Norfolk, Virginia
Entity: Tampa, Florida
6, Report #26308
Aug 07 2002
11:01 AM
American Credit Solutions ripoff Tampa Florida
American credit solutions is a scam. They tricked me into giving them $200 for a gueranteed visa/ mastercard. They sent me a catalogue card instead, and said i have to spend $153 first, and make 3 monthly payments in orded for them to send me a unsecured visa card. i called every day for a month, and they gave me the run around, with no response from the company til now. American credit solution is a rip-off company, and should be put out of business under false advertisement. rachelle salinas, California
Entity: Tampa, Florida
7, Report #25173
Jul 23 2002
09:51 AM
American Credit Solutions ripoff tampa Florida
If it wasn't for this website I might have been out of money. On July 22nd I received a post card from this company saying that My husband and I have been approved for a limit of $4,000 and to please call to activate. The card also stated that this was our final notice. This card gave me a feeling that something wasn't right so thank you for this web-site. Kimberly Hopewell, Virginia
Entity: tampa, Florida
8, Report #50872
Mar 28 2003
01:45 PM
American Credit Solutions rip-off Tampa Florida
I received my platinum card after paying them $200.00. I ordered items from their catalog. Received a few items but did not get complete order. Cannot contact them. All numbers are false. Only was able to talk to a live person twice in two months time. Now I can't get anyone and all numbers I have do not work. Madeline Lyndhurst, New JerseyU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
9, Report #50252
Mar 23 2003
06:59 AM
American Credit Solutions ripoff scammed fraud Canada
On 2-7-03 someone had drafted $199.00 from my bank account. I called my bank to get info and they gave me a name (American Credit Solutions), and a toll free number. When I called the number I was told some package and a credit card (which I never even ordered) were being sent to my old address. I was informed by ACS that all I had to do was cancel and they would refund the money. Then we had to argue as they told me it would take 5 days to wire the money being that they were in Canada. Never understood that one. Five days went by and nothing so I called back. Repeated this for another five days and then called to speak to a supervisor. Same run around here and when I called back again, the number no longer exists. Eric Mayfield Heights, OhioU.S.A.
10, Report #39908
Jan 03 2003
10:18 AM
American Credit Solutions ripoff Tampa Florida
American Credit Solutions told me they would issue me a credit card they withdrawed $200.00 from my account and never issued the card. I just found that they were reported as a scam on the web. And I would like to find out how to recieve my money back and I would be willing to file suit and take any other actions necessary against this company to see that they are prosecuted for their actions. Timothy Phoenix, ArizonaU.S.A.
Entity: Tampa, Florida
11, Report #37955
Dec 11 2002
04:46 PM
American Credit Solutions ripoff tampa Florida
I was sent a letter in the mail that I was approved for a $4'000.00 platinum card. All I needed to do was give them $200.00. Then they would send it in the mail, along with a camera and 100 free rolls of film. They took my money and never sent anything. Michelle Alamogordo, New MexicoU.S.A.
Entity: tampa, Florida
12, Report #41738
Jan 16 2003
01:50 PM
American Credit Solutions rip-off Tampa Florida
$199.95 was drafted from my checking account on 5/1/02. I received the information, placed an order on 11/2/02 and paid $33.40. This check was cashed but I have still not received the products that I ordered. I called the Customer Service Line 866-411-1092 and was given another number, 800-470-0907. When I called this number I got the following recorded message: to send inquiries to: 2805 N. Armeda Ave.; Tampa, FL 33607. Can you help? Marla Austin, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Tampa, Florida
13, Report #41760
Jan 16 2003
04:45 PM
American Credit Solution send me a post card, saying that I been approve for 4,000 credit line. Once I made the phone call and send in 200.00, they then send me a packack. The pack was design so that I order 153.00 of stuffs, and pay 3 monthly payment. After the monthly payment I will recieve my 4k credit card. The packet was delieve on 06/03/2002, and now it is 01/15/2003. It was been 7 months, everything been pay for, and I have not recieve my credit card or stuffs. Their phone number does not work. $353.00!!! Please help me get my money back. Dai CA, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Tampa, Florida
14, Report #40784
Jan 09 2003
11:57 AM
American credit solutions ripoff Tampa Florida
I was Told that I would recieve a book to order from and they did send everything BUT they forgot to inform me that if you're in current bankruptcy they can't help you. I called them alot and got the run around about having to listen to the recorded tape and of course that took another 5-7 business days. Then they said I do not qualify for a refund because I can wait until my bankruptcy is discharged. Then I also read the fine print and found they want you to send in a percentage of the amount you're ordering, so I thought I had them then Wrong! I told them the lady did not say anything about having to pay ahead of time. They had to review the tape again. Another 5-7 days. I still have not heard anything. So I'm out $199.99 that might not be alot to some but it is when your husband is receiving unemployment. We have 4 children to support and I feel they did tret me very wrong. So if any one reads this do not order from American Credit Solutions they will rip you off. No matter how hard you try to get your refund you will never see it. Julie Mayville, MichiganU.S.A.
Entity: Tampa, Florida
15, Report #41255
Jan 13 2003
01:28 PM
American Credit Solutions ripoff Tampa Florida
I am very upset that they did this to me. i feel very mislead i am a college student who really needed the money to help me with me school fees. i know that two hundred dollars might not seem alot to people but as student that money would be greatly appreciated for my books. i eally hope and pray that they get what they deserve and thaat all of the other people that were hurt in this scam get some type of compensation. i am a very god feaaring person and i believe that everyone involved in this if not judged by us will be have to anwser to god. Shelley houston, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Tampa, Florida
16, Report #40613
Jan 08 2003
12:37 PM
American Credit Solutions rip-off Tampa California
American Credit Solutions took all my vital information promised me a 4000 credit card with 0% debited my bank account for $200 and never got back to me. The recording says they haven't recieved my money and you can get ahold of anyone phisically. Paul Stockton, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Tampa, California
17, Report #40670
Jan 08 2003
05:45 PM
Entity: tampa, Florida
18, Report #39675
Dec 31 2002
02:39 PM
American Credit Solutions rip-off tampa Florida
American Credit Solutions took $199.95 out of my account and sent me a package telling i was approved for $4000.00 and that i had to purchased an item from there catalog of 99.00 and that would help me rebuild my credit. well i did and i send them another $109.00 in a money order that was back in November 2002. I called a week before X-mas to check the status of my order and i was told that my order was being ship the following week. Now its a New Years Eve and i still havent reveived anything. i called the 1-800-470-0907 and get a recording for me to write to ACS 2805 N. Armenia Ave. Tampa Fl. 33607 Linda Kemmerer, WyomingU.S.A.
Entity: tampa, Florida
19, Report #39681
Dec 31 2002
03:28 PM
American Credit Solutions rip-off Tampa Florida
I got some mail about obtaining a credit card even if you have bad credit or slow credit. So I decided to jump to the ad. I gave them my account number over the telephone. The fee was $199.99 so I decided to give it a chance. I was skeptical about giving my account out over the telephone. They assured me that they was on the up and up. They said that my credit limit will be $4000.00. They got my money out of my account the day that was scheduled. I tought for sure that I was going to get the credit card. But all I received in the mail was a package with a book and a card for ordering out of the book. I called the number and they said that I had to make three orders so they can see if I would be relialble to pay the three purchases back on time. Then they will send the credit card of my choice. So, I order something out of the book a few weeks ago and I say where they had gotting the money out of my account for the orde. So I decide to called and see when will I get my order. I only got a message saying that to write to this address. So I tried the email address that was giving to me on the telephone at first and it said that this company was a ripoff company. Now, I am mad as hell. Because if this company is a ripoff then I want all of my money back. My $199.99 for the fee and my $78.98 for the order that I placed. I stucked my neck out on the line for this company. I trusted them even when I was skeptical about giving my account out over the telephone. Cynthia Brookhaven, MississippiU.S.A.
Entity: Tampa, Florida
20, Report #32318
Oct 11 2002
10:43 AM
American Credit Solutions ripoff Tampa Florida
we got a card threw american credit solution i can not use the card any where uless i give send them 400.00 desposit. i do not understand why i half to send them any more money. i heard they where ripping people off. so can you please help me wih this situation. my wife called about the card and they got rude with her and they hang uped the phone... charles golden bartley, West Virginia
Entity: Tampa, Florida
21, Report #34923
Nov 12 2002
12:39 PM
American Credit Solutions ripoff Tampa Florida
I applied for an american credit solutions credit card. I was told i was approved for a $4000 dollar limit and that they would take 199.95 out of my checking account and then the card would be sent 2 to 3 weeks after they received payment. Well i haven't received anything. When i went to check on the status i found articles saying that they were ripping people off. How can i get my money back and see to it that this company gets what it deserves? Matt Caledonia, Michigan
Entity: Tampa, Florida
22, Report #35244
Nov 15 2002
07:23 AM
American Credit Solutions ripoff Tampa Florida
I called to cancel the program on Nov. 4th, after calling in Sept. and Oct. to postpone the check processing, and was told they sumbmitted my check on NOv. 3rd. When I called in October I was told they would not process it until either Nov. 5th or 6th. Check went through my bank on Nov. 4th and I called company. Was told to call back on Nov. 8th to cancel. Was told then the check had not been returned yet and to call on the Nov. 11th. I called on Nov. 11th and was told by a male representitive of the company that he could not pull up my file by Social Security number so they have cancelled my file. Nov. 15th the check was processed again, another bouncing check fee at my bank, so I call American Credit Solutions. They told me they had no record of my call on Monday 11th. I was told to call again on Nov. 21st to cancel. I will call then but I am furious and this has cost me the bank fees. These people I feel have been ripped off and lied to. Thank you, Patricia Denton, Texas
Entity: Tampa, Florida
23, Report #29451
Sep 09 2002
08:32 AM
American credit solutions ripoff deception Tampa Florida
I recieved a card in the mail indicating I could get a, platinum unsecured, credit card. With a credit limit of 4000 dollars. This card said this may be your final notification confirm within 72 hrs. I called the number, 1-800-564-2517, and talked to John Fielder. The first thing he ask was the confirmation number. He started explaining the terms but he talked so fast I could not keep up with him. But I agreed to the terms and allowed him to withdraw the funds from my account. I called back to cancle it, But after the introduction, the phone went dead. I tried to call several times with the same results. I called my bank, to stop the withdrawal, for American Credit Solutioms, But they used a different name,(PhoneCheck 800-470=0907) I called coustomer service, at 800-470-0907, to cancle and ask for a refund. I was told I had to wait for the package with instructions for a refund. I recieved the package and I recalled coutomer service again. The coustomer service repasentive, at the number above, and was told I had to tell her how the program was misrepsented. I couldn't do that because the salesman talk so fast I cound not tell specifics. So I told her to let me talk to John Fielder, She gave a number that was no good. So I could not contact him. I checked the catalog and the coupons John Fielder said I would recieve. The coupons are for $50 EACH. But I cannot use them on the first order, I had to use them in 180 days and I cound not use them with orders less than $50. I was not notified of this. I will not activate or use this card. So any customers beware Jerry Cabot, Arkansas
Entity: Tampa, Florida
24, Report #31477
Sep 30 2002
12:46 PM
American Credit Solutions ripoff tampa Florida
I was on yahoo & saw your rip-off report about this company and wanted to let you know that i recived an identical flyer in the mail -i live in MA i was not taken advantage of due in part to your fabulous website that kept me from getting ripped off. i recieved a flyer in the mail for for a credit card that just happens to be the same one your complaint is about. I live in Masschusetts and belive that fraud over state lines is a federal offense and just wanted to pass along this information and let you know this company is still getting away with murder Stephen walpole, Massachusetts
Entity: Tampa, Florida
25, Report #31898
Oct 06 2002
06:50 AM
American Credit Solutions ripoff Lakeland Florida
I tried to cancel my entry with American Credit Solutions and the told me that my information would be cancelled. However, it wasn't until money was taken out of my bank account that I noticed they did not cancel my account. I kept calling the company over and over and all I got was a different number for customer service and no one would give me their name. Now, I'm out of $200. Kequa Arlington, Massachusetts
Entity: Lakeland, Florida

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