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76, Report #65176
Aug 02 2003
07:40 PM
American Credit Solutions IS A RIP OFF ripoff business from hell Tampa Florida
In April of 2002 my husband and I recived a postcard in the mail for a credit card. My husband called the number one the postcard and we were told that we would have to pay $200.00 for the credit card so we did. About one month later we got a card alright but not a credit card. We recived a book that we had to order out of along W/ a card from American Credit Solutions.It was not at all what we wanted so we called. It took us a long time to reach a person but when we did we were told that we couldn't get a refund. Then Hartford auto club started to take money from our account and Voice vox we never gave American Credit Solutions permission to give our bank info to anyone. How can people sleep at night knowing that they are taking money from people without them even knowing. The only money that we ever got back was the $99.00 from Hartford Auto Club and that took six months. Thats crazy.American Credit Solutions is a RIP OFF. If you gave them your bank info close your account if you dont you wont have any money when you wake up. we just got a big run around. We talked to alot of people and never got anywhere. I want my money back. Andrew Schenectady, New YorkU.S.A.
Entity: Tampa, Florida
77, Report #61130
Jun 19 2003
02:59 AM
ACS American Credit Solutions ripoff; and I'm out $200.00 Tampa Florida
ASC ripped me off period. I was told that I had a 30day money back gaurentee if I wasn't satisfied with the card. I called well before my 30days and they told me that at their discretion I would get my money back. You have to jump through rings of fire to get a hold of them. They kept giving me numbers that were out or order and busy all the time. Please do not go trough these people, I won't and I have made sure ALL of my family and friends know about this bull shit company! Natasha apo, ap, CaliforniaKorea, Republic of
Entity: Tampa, Florida
78, Report #61152
Jun 19 2003
09:04 AM
American Credit Solutions ripoff ripoff business from hell Tampa Florida
This company called me and told me I was to get a platnium credit card. I was lead to believe it could be used anywhere. After recieving the package in the mail I called and told them I wanted my money back. The lady I spoke to convinced me that this would be great to get my credit on track. Since then I have recieved nothing and am out 200.00 Danielle Bear, DelawareU.S.A.
Entity: Tampa, Florida
79, Report #98240
Jul 09 2004
11:58 AM
American Credit Solutions rip-off! Tampa Florida
company stated i would get a credit card for 5000 dollars after i gave them 199.00 dollars then i spent 81 dollars for items in catalog and never recieved them. nor did i recieve a credit card Harry toms brook, VirginiaU.S.A.
Entity: Tampa, Florida
80, Report #72295
Nov 18 2003
11:45 AM
American Credit Solutions ripoff Tampa Florida
i want justice because i never recieved my information and im out of $200 Anwar newark, New JerseyU.S.A.
Entity: Tampa, Florida
81, Report #71424
Nov 09 2003
02:06 PM
American Credit Solutions ripoff Paid $600 got nothing! Tampa Florida
Well I really don't know what all to put in this box. I have got a acs card and paid 200 dollars in activacton fees and then made a 400 dollar purchase and never got a remaining bill or items for the product I thought I was buying. Kevin lincoln, NebraskaU.S.A.
Entity: Tampa, Florida
82, Report #73468
Nov 30 2003
04:46 AM
American Credit Solutions $4,000.00 platinum Card ripoff.. Tampa Florida
I tried to cancel and get a refund within the first thirty days I was unable to get the (ran) return authorization number My benifits package was not complete it did not have my certificate for my free phone thus the benefits package was incomplete so i should have gotten my ran i was also told i could go to a web address to help with my account info i was unable to get into the web site Kerdell dennis fargo, North DakotaU.S.A.
Entity: Tampa, Florida
83, Report #52827
Apr 14 2003
01:57 PM
American Credit Solutions ripoff dishonest, fraudulent actions by company Tampa Florida
I was ripped off by American Credit Solutions. They called me and offered me a Platnium Credit Card, and asked for my account number to deduct $200 from my savings account. They then deducted the money and sent me a packet with a catalog and told me I had to buy things from their catalog. I was lied to and denied my refund by several employees and their managers. I want a refund. Andrew Groton, ConnecticutU.S.A.
Entity: Tampa, Florida
84, Report #55088
Apr 30 2003
10:41 AM
American Credit Solutions ripoff, misled, dishonest Tampa Florida
I opened this card with the intention of re-building my credit. I sent the company $199.95 for a processing fee. I was then requested to make a $99 purchase from a catalog containing items that I was not interested in. I called the company many times to cancel the card and receive my $199.95 back. I never received a call back, and later called only to be met by a disconnected number. I have been unable to reach the company by telephone, and recently learned that they are no longer in business and are facing a class-action law suit. April Atlanta, GeorgiaU.S.A.
Entity: Tampa, Florida
85, Report #26980
Aug 15 2002
09:35 AM
American Credit Solutions, Inc. fraudulent ripoff business Tampa Florida
I was contacted by American Credit Solutions. They promised hope of correcting my credit problems by getting a merchandise card then 3 months later a real credit card with a $4000 credit limit. After careful consideration and an emergency here at home, I felt the need to cancel the company's agreement. I went to my bank and put a stop payment on the account. I hope this works because it cost me $26.00 for the stop payment. I need this money because I am on a pension and cannot afford to be ripped off. Shanna Buckhannon, West Virginia
Entity: Tampa, Florida
86, Report #29421
Sep 08 2002
09:50 PM
American Credit Solutions FYI - WV - ripoff deception. Thank you Rip-Off Report Tampa Florida
I want those in WV to know this scam is circulating in our area now. Dont be decieved by these people or it could cost you dearly for nothing but a Huge headache. Just Read all the other entries on this company. Thank you RipOffReport for this service, What a great site!! Barbara Fairmont, West Virginia
Entity: Tampa, Florida
87, Report #29128
Sep 05 2002
02:00 PM
American Credit Solutions consumer rip-off fraud Tampa Florida
The American Credit Solutions really ripped me off. They told me that I would be receiving a card in the mail with a $5000 credit limit that I could use every where to shop with, like a visa. I dumbly gave them their processing fees and now I'm in desperate need of getting it back. They have done nothing and suggest you buy stuff from them to improve your credit. People out there. . .do NOT do it. It's a scam to take your money. If any one out there knows of a way for me to get my money back, please let me know! Sarah Redmond, Washington
Entity: Tampa, Florida
88, Report #28599
Aug 31 2002
08:13 AM
American Credit Solutions I stopped them dead in their tracks Tampa Florida
I strongly urge anyone has been ripped off to contact the Attorney General's Office in Florida and in their own State. I believe most State's Attorney General Offices have a Consumer Protection Division. Never, ever give out your social security number or bank account number over the telephone. I cannot emphasis that enough. My husband received a yellow post card from a company called American Credit Solutions saying that he was approved for a $4,000 credit limit and that he had not yet activated his card. Wow, he thought, maybe the card got lost in the mail. Better call right away. While on hold, I started getting a sneaking feeling that this company was going to try and sell him something. We were each on a telephone so I could hear what was being asked. Simple questions - name, address, date of birth, do you have a valid checking account (first suspicious question). My husband gladly gave the information - name of bank, street address and telephone number. Then he was asked for his social security number. There have been enough of warnings in newspaper articles to never give your social security number to anyone over the telephone. I quickly spoke up and said we refused to give that information over the telephone and to send me information in the mail. Well, that was that - they hung up. I then went online to find this American Credit Solutions. Came across a website that clearly stated in was not associated with the company from Tampa, FL. Punched in the name again with Tampa, Fl and found this site. I again urge anyone who has lost money to contact their State's Attorney's Office and the Florida State's Attorney. Possibly even the postal service should be contacted. Eileen East Have, Vermont
Entity: Tampa, Florida
89, Report #28289
Aug 28 2002
11:31 AM
American Credit Solutions dishonest ripoffs Tampa Florida
I was told I was approved for a $4000 credit card. I had to pay 99.00 to get it and card it was a paper card that allowed me to buy overprice dcatalog items. I was lead to believe that I was going to receive a Master or Visa card (gold status). I had to pay 99.00 to get it and I was alright with that so I paid them 99.00 check by phone and all I recieved was a paper card with some numbers on it and it only allowed me to but things out of an overpriced phone book. Shamarra Little Rock, Arkansas
Entity: Tampa, Florida
90, Report #28389
Aug 29 2002
10:23 AM
American Credit Solutions ripoff business from hell Tampa Florida
They had me send them $199.95 and said I would get back two credit cards one for anywhere and one for there cattalog. But i only got one and it was for the cattalog and there so called website witch doesn't work. Then they said I would have to spend anouther $100 to get my sacond card and it wouldn't come for three months. Of course all the stuff in the cattalog is crap. Malinda Midland, Georgia
Entity: Tampa, Florida
91, Report #28371
Aug 29 2002
07:51 AM
American Credit solutions ripoff Tampa Florida
I recieved a yellow card that stated that i had a 4,0000 credit card waiting for me. All i had to do was call. So i called & when i called i stated falling for everything that they was telling me but while i was talking to them i looked in the web and found out that they are riping off people. So when i told them that i was going to call my bank about there company trying to get 195.00 out of my checking account they got nervous and they also started getting rude on the phoen. So please be careful who you give your info. too. I could not understand how a company that wanted to give me a credit card for 4,0000 not have my social security # and my address. That's something that really puzzled me. Make sure you check up on these companys before you start giving info to them. Sincerley, karen Ridgewood, New York
Entity: Tampa, Florida
92, Report #28435
Aug 29 2002
04:00 PM
American Credit Solutions ripoff fraud dishonest Tampa Florida
I, teresa smith recieved a card in the mail on 6/3/02 stating that I was eligible for a $4,000 dollar credit status so I called the very next day to activate the card and I talked to this guy by the name of gary kirby. He explained in full detail of this card but he was talking so fast I could barely understand him!I remember him sying the card was going to cost me $199.95 and he would have to draft it from my savings or checking account so at the time I did not own either! so he talked to my sister and explained everything to her also and she gave him permission to draft the money from her savings account. On 7/13/02 and he told me that I should recieve the card around the 3rd of august well it's now the end of august and I have not recieved anything yet! $200.00 is hard earned money and I need It back can you help me? teresa crossett, Arkansas
Entity: Tampa, Florida
93, Report #31307
Sep 27 2002
03:48 PM
American Credit Solutions ripoff business from hell Tampa Florida
My mom contacted this company as a means to pay off her smaller credit cards. It was her understanding that once she paid her 195.95 she would recieve her new card. But when she recieved her card she found out it was not a regular credit card but had to use it towards thier merchandise only. When she contacted them to cancel and get her money returned they told her she was not eligible because she had agreed to everything they had said on the phone, when we explained that we did not fully understand the woman on the phone because she did not speak very good english they told us that was not a good enough excuse to have her money returned. So we said just to cancel the card any way and she would just be out the 195.95 and he still refused. I don't know how these people can legaly get away with this no papers were ever signed and no merchandise was ordered. I just hope by me writing this no one else will be swindled by this company. Tina Wenatchee, Washington
Entity: Tampa, Florida
94, Report #31054
Sep 25 2002
11:24 AM
American Credit Solutions ripoff consumer rip-off fraud Tampa Florida
my acccount was ripped off by these when I told then not to access my account.I have no money and my money was taken and I'm still trying to get it back. They have caused my acccount to be negative two times and i cant get my money back. I have four kids that Im raising and I need my money back. tosha newark, New Jersey
Entity: Tampa, Florida
95, Report #31162
Sep 26 2002
10:00 AM
AKA American Credit Solutions ripoff thieves Tampa Florida
I received the same yellow card from this bogus company two days ago. I really need some extra money, and I admit I've been trying to call the 1-888 number on the card since I got it, only to get a busy signal or a recording saying their closed, even during hours of operation. I decided to look up the web site and thankfully found these horror stories about people who actually got through to this company and lost their money. I feel so bad for those who were ripped off, and I thank God I found out the truth before I gave this company my personal information. The old saying, If it's too good to be true, it usually is, certainly holds true in this case. Thank you for your time and attention. Misti Fort Smith, Arkansas
Entity: Tampa, Florida
96, Report #25127
Jul 22 2002
06:21 PM
American credit solutions is a consumer fraud ripoff. Tampa, Florida
sent me a credit approval notification with a confirmation number. Asked for $199.95 claiming I would have a 0% interest rate until 2003. Also would receive 4x $50 certificates which could be applied to my first bill. Should my account be current after 3 months, my limit would be raised from $4000 to $7500. In 2003, my interest rate would be raised to 6% with no time limit to its being altered. marie bodega bay, California
Entity: Tampa, Florida
97, Report #25061
Jul 22 2002
05:42 AM
american credit solutions, A.C.S. ripoff, phone fraud, rape ripoff thieves tampa Florida
i activated my account, then called customer service to cancel. a lady told me my account had not yet been activated. i tokd her not to debit my account and that i didnt want the credit card or to build my credit. that night they debited my account by phone. no one has been able to help me get a hold of any one who can solve this. eric palmer, Alaska
Entity: tampa, Florida
98, Report #24219
Jul 08 2002
08:59 PM
American Credit Solutions is a ripoff. Tampa, Florida
I received a card in the mail stating I was approved for Platinum, Unsecured Credit Membership (Not stating Visa, MC, Amex). I then called the 800 564-2517 to give them my confirmation number. The number was busy several times and then when it finally rang, I got a total blank silence when my call was answered. I tried again 2 more rang, answered, recording ....nothing. I then went to search good ol' and typed in American Credit Solutions Tampa, FL and came to this website. ALWAYS CHECK THE INTERNET FIRST THANKS TO THIS WEBSITE MY ASS WAS SAVED! Chris Long Beach, California
Entity: Tampa, Florida
99, Report #25257
Jul 23 2002
11:16 PM
American Credit Solutions ripoff - info on Credit Card scam Tampa Florida
Received a post card indicating a $4,000 credit line Platinum unsecured credit card needed immediate approval to be authorized. Confirmation to be within 72 hours of receipt of the post card. Total sham Jim Miami, Florida
Entity: Tampa, Florida
100, Report #25361
Jul 25 2002
05:00 PM
American Credit Solutions ripoff consumer rip-off fraud victimized many consumers tampa Florida
ripoff is the exact word to describe what american credit solutions did to me.I gave them all of my information and they have already credited my account. i gave the company all of my information, and they have already credited my account for 199.95. i recieved a package that was completely different from what i thought it was gonna be. There was no credit card in the package, but only a catalog of products from their company that i don't even have any interest in. the card isn't even a credit card. now they won't give me my money back. Lisa Carson, California
Entity: tampa, Florida

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