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76, Report #193909
May 30 2006
03:37 PM
American Home Shield Ripoff Hidden charges denies warranty pays for certain items Nationwide
I have AHS warranty for specifically my central heat and air conditioning. Paying the service fees monthly should ensure the customer doesn't get ripped off by ahs when the time comes to use the coverage. I was told by an AHS rep that the 10seer a/c units were not being made anymore and there would be no parts available if the unit breaks. I paid an additional $40.00 for the 13 SEER upgrade just for that reason. Saturday May 27th my A/c Unit went out. I was out of town and my daughter called me about the unit. I called AHS and got a work order for a local company. Monday the A/C owner came to the house looked at the unit and said the fan blades gave out from metal fatigue and tore out the cooling fins. He called AHS told them the problem and GOT AN AUTHORIZATION from the AHS customer Rep to replace the unit, as there are no parts available. The unit was replaced Tuesday May 30th and I had to pay the bill, AHS said because the A/C company installed the upgrade w/o thier permission they now would not give me a buy out for the upgrade. Texas has had 90 degree days since last Saturday who in thier right minds is going to wait to make sure AHS says OK you can install the 13 SEER unit when they know there is nothing available, and then say its ok to install the unit after all. This is the last time I'm going to be RIPPED OFF by the double talk. Bruce San Antonio, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
77, Report #194738
Jun 04 2006
02:07 PM
American Home Shield ripoff unreliable unresponsive money stealing idiots with no morals Carroll Iowa
I have had a contract with AHS for over a year. I bought the warranty because I live in a house that was built in 1984 and I knew, as things start going out, I would not have the money to replace them. To start off, I pay a 45.00 service call fee anytime someone comes out. I have called them on three separate occasions about a toilet having a leak. They have come out three times, therefore I have paid 135.00. The toilet is still leaking over a year later, and to top it off, before we knew the toilet was even leaking again, it had already ruined our new tile that we had put in around the same time we started calling them. I could have hired a plumber and had it taken care of for no more than 100.00. How do I know this? I had one come out and quote me that does free estimates. Where is the money savings there? Then, my upstairs A/C unit broke on around May 25, 2006. I called them and they came out on May 26th. The repairman said it was a maintenance issue. I change my filters the way I'm supposed to. I also wash out the unit every other week or so to make sure it runs properly, but now, I have to cover it. The repairman did say that for a price, he could clean out the unit and turn it in as just a blower motor out and AHS would cover the rest and he wouldn't tell them any different, but I had to come up with the money right then and do it that day or else he would turn it in as a maintenance issue and I would be liable for all of it. How shady does that sound? Obviously, since I don't have money, I had to just let him turn it in as a maintenance issue. I didn't have the almost 400.00 that he demanded on the spot for screwing his company! On June 1, 2006, I had to call again because my downstairs unit was out. I was told that it was not an emergency that I did not have A/C. What constitutes an emergency? I'm in Dallas, TX where the humidity is 80% and the heat hits over 100 degrees this time of year and people die due to extreme conditions, however, that apparently does not constitute an emergency. I wouldn't know though, because when asked, they refuse to tell you because then you might call in everytime with an emergency and it would cost them too much. That was the reponse I got from a Supervisor. It sounds to me like they don't have an emergency plan, they just advertise it to suck you in and take your money. There are plenty of A/C repair companies just in my area alone that come out at all hours of the nights, weekends, and holidays and a lot of them do not charge any additional cost for that because they are a 24 service and can make their money without charging extra. Believe me, before I had this service, I had to call a couple of them..... On Friday, June 2, 2006, I had the same company that offered a bribe call me and say that they would come out on Saturnday and that was the best they could do. I went ahead and set the appointment, but I called AHS back and told them to find someone else to do it quicker. The repair company told me they would call my cell phone before they came so I didn't have to sit in the heat. They never called and never showed up. On Sunday, after staying out of the house for the night, I come home to a house that is almost 100 degrees. I have been calling AHS and no one is helping. They have been rude, told me that it is still not an emergency, and that I will have to wait until tomorrow. After threateneing suit on a few occasions, now they have stated that they are trying to find someone, but I need to stay by the phone and they will get back with me sometime in two hours. If I don't hear from them, I need to call back in. By that time, it will be late and I have to work in the morning. Even if they do get someone out, it will be morning before it starts cooling off in the house anyway. They have taken my money month after month and every time I called for service, yet, I still have yet to see any benefit from it. They have done nothing to help and now, I am worried that we are going to have problems even getting them to cover what's wrong with the A/C on the bottom level. I think they are a scam and I would not recommend them to anyone. I will be searching for another warranty company as well as for an attorney for this matter. If there are any attorneys out there that would like to take this case, please let me know. Shelley Carrollton, TexasU.S.A. Click here to read other Rip Off Reports on American Home Shield
Entity: Carroll, Iowa
78, Report #193014
May 23 2006
08:10 PM
American Home Shield ripoff San Antonio Texas
Back in 2003 our AC unit stopped working. Seeing that we had a warrantee with AHS we thought it was covered. When the technician came out he said that we didn't take care of the unit and that the claim was denied. So I had the AC unit replaced at my our expense. Now in May 2006 the AC unit went out again. Again we thought we had everything covered but when I called AHS they told me that the AC unit wasn't covered because I never gave them a copy of receipt for the repair. I can't find the receipt at this time but I know that the unit is registered with the manufacturer. Now I'm just waiting for that information. I have been reading all the negative information about AHS and doubt even with the confirmation that I had the unit repaired I will get the new unit repaired. Something needs to be done about this company, they'll repair the low cost items but not the high value items. I plan to add my name to the list of people requesting a class action lawsuit against AHS. Lawrence San Antonio, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: San Antonio, Texas
79, Report #220120
Nov 11 2006
11:19 AM
American Home Shield Finds ways to not approve repairs Ripoff Internet
That is it ! I am finding another Home Warranty Company today. After 4 years with American Home Shield I am switching to another company. The final came today when I received a phone call from the customer service department to again tell me my repair is not approved. Here is a history of things that has happened while paying $ 491.00 per year for a warranty service AND $ 45.00 for each visit from a tech: 1. Dishwasher. Called AHS as the dishwasher runs, yes but the buttons on the front do not function properly. I can only use one setting. I paid $ 45.00 for a tech to tell me that the buttons had to be cleaned. AHS told me that the dishwasher was functioning fine. I removed the entire front piece of the dishwasher and cleaned every button, had the tech come out again and they still told AHS it functions. OUTCOME: AHS will not replace because it still functions 2. Hotwater Heater: We had a link in our old hotwater heater. Called AHS and they had Dee's Plumbing in Simi Valley come out. The tech replaced the water heater. We upgraded to a 75 gal water heater and had to pay $ 400.00 for it. Our plan states that we get upgrades up to $ 250.00 yet we still had to pay an addtional $ 400.00 for the new water heater. 4 months later, we began to notice that the pilot light continues to go out on the water heater. We called AHS, they sent out a tech (cost us another $ 45.00) and the tech told us gee, I do not know what could be causing this. He replaced one part and left. Three days later, the pilot light went out again. Called AHS, they told us they would send a tech. Another tech from Dee's Plumbing shows up...he replaced the vent and then told me this is not our issue, you have to contact the Manufactor of the water heater. WHY am I paying for AHS and an additional 45.00 to have a tech tell me to call someone else????????? I'm sorry, I thought my water heater was covered? OUTCOME: On going issue, pilot light continues to go out. Yeah, I love to take cold showers! 3. Heating: We have noticed that the heating vents in our kids rooms has little heat coming out. Called AHS, they had a tech come out. He looked at ONE area in our house (we have 3500 square foot spilt house) and told AHS that is was the duct tape around the insolation coming off and that it was not proply installed originally. When AHS told me it was not approved, I asked why the tech only looked a ONE part of the ducting? AHS told me Our techs are professional and I'm sure they looked at the entire house duct line. Oh yeah, I guess I missed that part but I sure did not miss the part that they ruined my WHITE carpet when they went up in the attic. OUTCOME: AHS will not cover it because they stated that the actual DUCT sheet metal is in place properly. Even thou the tech never looked at all duct work. Summary: AHS is only out for themselves. They will find an excuse they can to find things not covered. The customer service is poor. They hire the cheapest contractors they can. I have had nothing but headaches trying to deal with them. I am now going to switch to another company that will treat me better. I purchased the Home warranty to have peace of mind but what I find with AHS, it is my hassle then anything. Carolyn Thousand Oaks, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
80, Report #105403
Aug 25 2004
03:36 PM
American Home Shield Of Texas A Division Of ServiceMaster ripoff Carroll Iowa
I am filing a complaint against American Home Shield and its air conditioning service company with the Texas Consumer Protection Agency and the Texas Real Estate Commission, which licenses home service companies in the State of Texas. The basis is the technician's claim that the 10 year old unit was improperly installed, and thus not covered. A second opinion said otherwise in writing. Anyone else want to contact me and join me in correcting this conspiracy? Send me an email. Gayle Dallas, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Carroll, Iowa
81, Report #132682
Feb 24 2005
03:02 PM
American Home Shield Rip Off: Not providing services. Nationwide Internet
We purchased a home on 7/2004 and part of the package was an AHS Home Warranty which was supposed to cover: Dishwasher, built-in microwave, cooktop, ductwork, heating,trash compactor, electrical system, plumbing, water heater,garbage disposal, range/oven. We had a problem with a fairly new dishwasher that came with the home and decided to use our Home Warranty. I was a bit leery of using it considering that I had seen numerous consumer complaints strewn all over the Internet, but took a chance anyway. Scott Innovations came out to check out the dishwasher problem and I paid them $45.00. The technician was here looking at the dishwasher not more than 10 minutes when it was determined that a clip had come off the heating element and melted the tub. Which meant a new dishwasher. This is what he told me and he didn't say anything about denying the claim. My husband received a phone call a few minutes later with the decline and was told that it was not due to wear and tear but rather it was negligence, stating that something from the top rack had fallen onto the element to dislodge it from the clip. I noticed nothing out of the ordinary about anything falling into the bottom of the dishwasher since we've had the home and I am always rather specific in how the dishwasher loaded and dishes get handwashed first before being placed into the dishwasher. For them to make an accusation that there was obvious negligence is purely an opinion and there was no negligence. When disputing the denial, I was granted a second opinion from another one of their listed contractors. I called the contractor to set up an appointment and he mentioned that he also received quite a history about the dishwasher from AHS (in his exact words). Basically telling me that AHS gave them their findings and conclusion from the first contractor. This does not make the 2nd opinion an unbiased one - the whole purpose of a 2nd opinion was to determine if AHS was responsible for replacing the dishwasher under the warranty and I don't believe they have a legal right to give this information to the second contractor who is supposed to write his own diagnosis independent of what was found by another company. David Tacoma, WashingtonU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
82, Report #115635
Nov 01 2004
05:19 PM
American Home Shield ripoff water well service Carroll Iowa
Back in June 2004 my water well went out. I informed Am. Home Shield of my problem through their web site. I took me calling them 2 days later to find out what was the situation with my request. They said they would call me back... Another day later--no call. I phoned them and was informed that they did not have anyone in my area to work on water wells. They asked me to contacted someone my self, pay for if out of my pocket and they would reimberse me. Everyone I phoned would not come out because they had been ripped off before by Am Home Shield. I finally had to hook up to city water. I have phoned them repeatedly to cancel my water well on my policy. (wrote letters also) But still being charged for it. I would be willing to join anyone in making them PAY! Kendra Hockley, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Carroll, Iowa
83, Report #145547
Jun 09 2005
04:39 AM
American Home Shield unethical, misleading advertising, intensional loopholes in contract, ripoff Carroll Iowa
AHS denied coverage on a 27 year old air conditioning unit by claiming that we had not kept up sufficient maintenance. The unit was in a home which we had purchased three years prior. Filters had been regularly cleaned and this unit and it's wiring and plumbing were simply old. This is why we bought the policy - to cover old appliance and systems in the home. This is what their advertising pitches. But when we really did have a failure in an appliance that had a large cost attached - they suddenly pulled out the fine print and claimed that it was our responsibility to prove to them we had provided maintenance on this unit every 6 - 12 months. We asked for a second opinion and they would send only one company - Stewksbury Appliance - one that we had major problems with before on another property. Although AHS had a record of our complaint against stewksbury - they refused to even try to find any other company to offer another opinion. We have been having 90+ degree days here in tennessee so we regretfully accepted their only source of second opinion - but, we were told it would be three days before they could come. Our tenents could not sleep in the home without air conditioning so we went ahead and paid $3000. to replace the unit. The person we got to replace stated that he thought maintenance had been fine and that the unit failed do to it's age. Parts for this unit were impossible to get given it's age and mode. It is clear to me that AHS takes this hard line and interprets maintenance in this way to avoid replacing costly items that the consumer believes will be covered. The marketing message sent sent by AHS is misleading and is not lived up to in their practices. I think this company should be exposed for the rip-off that it is. I have other examples I could provide of their methods to mislead and defraud consumers. I have my own home and rental properties and have used AHS for 8 years in Tennessee and 10 years prior in California. I always kept the contracts renewed in spite of poor service and questionable practices because I expected that when I did have a big money item fail - the policy would cover me. I was wrong. Susan Maryville, TennesseeU.S.A.
Entity: Carroll, Iowa
84, Report #125692
Jan 04 2005
11:08 AM
American Home Shield Misleading & useless service contracts. Rip-off! Carrol Iowa
I purchased an AHS policy when my wife and I purchased our home last year. Well, the time to call AHS came when our Garage Door / Garage Door opener mechanism failed and ripped some parts off. I called AHS, and they scheduled a technician to inspect the damage and evaluate the necessary parts. Well, the technician arrived 24 hours later, inspected the damage, called the AHS' calims line and determined that the damage was not to be covered under their policy. Why? Because on their contract it clearly (ha) specifies that the opener mechanism is not covered. Well, I chugged the bill, and shelled the money to have the same technician replace what was necessary. A month after the fact, AHS started sending me renewal notices...indicating how much money and peace of mind I could save. much money I had saved when they had to come REPAIR my GARAGE DOOR (!!!!!) I won't renew the policy...and I can assure most that their coverage policies are pretty useless unless you take a good hard look at their contract before anything and are willing to accept ammendments. Otherwise...they are an absolute RIP-OFF. Miguel RICHARDSON, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Richardson, Texas
85, Report #129630
Jan 31 2005
06:49 PM
American Home Shield misrepresents the parameters of their worthless home warranty Carroll Iowa
American Home Shield is a big sham. Quite frankly, this company hires incompetent and shady subcontractors to do service calls at your home, then the subcontractors tell you that they cannot do the work needed (even though it is supposedly covered), and then both American Home Shield and the unethical subcontractor split the proceeds of the service call, while the consumer is still left to deal with their problem. AHS is designed to make money while footing the consumer with a bill for porous service, and even more inconvenience when the consumer has to scramble to get a real service provider to address the problem at their residence. Someone please put an end to this horrible front of a home warranty provider!!! Jason Canoga Park, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Carroll, Iowa
86, Report #149898
Jul 15 2005
03:24 PM
American Home Shield Denial of Plumbing Claim Ripoff Carroll Iowa
Here is my horror story regarding American Home Shield. I purchased my condo on June 15, 2005 and got an American Home Shield warranty as part of the deal from the seller. Within one week of living in my condo, my upstairs toilet and bathtub started leaking into my newly-remodeled kitchen. I checked the specifics of my contract with AHS and saw that plumbing was covered, so I contacted AHS and they sent someone out to examine my plumbing leaks. The plumber determined that my pipes were leaking due to a bad remodeling job. He said that there was inadequate support for my bathroom floor and that floor joists that support my floor were cut away to accommodate the drain for my washing machine upstairs when it was installed prior to my purchasing the condo. As a result, my bathroom floor had sagged causing my pipes to crack and leak, and therefore my repairs were not covered by AHS. He called AHS then and there and reported this to them over the phone, and the AHS rep on the phone told me that my request for repairs was denied. I was not supplied with a written report stating any of this, nor was I supplied a receipt for my service fee which the plumber gladly accepted. Subsequent to this, I hired my own plumber to investigate all of this. He told me that the first plumber was completely wrong in his assessment as to why my pipes were leaking and he said that the cause of my plumbing problems was due to normal wear and tear and the age of my pipes - 51 years old. He also told me that he used to work for AHS and that they will do everything they can to deny claims and get out of paying for any repairs. This is the reason that he quit working with them. I am facing having to pay nearly $1,800 for plumbing repairs after only living in my condo for one month, in addition to paying to repair the damage to my wall, ceiling, and cabinets. I contacted my real estate agent, and he is contacting the local rep for AHS to convey this information to her. For anyone who is reading this contact your real estate agent or find out on your own who the local Account Executive is for AHS in your area. Most real estate agencies deal with reps from home warranty companies and can provide you with the name of your local AHS rep. The reps work with real estate agencies and come by local real estate office to drop of brochures for their companies' services. This might be one way to circumvent the Customer Service run-around that you get when you call AHS. Long story short American Home Shield is a fraudulent company that must be stopped! Robert Dallas, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Carroll, Iowa
87, Report #265513
Aug 06 2007
09:57 AM
American Home Shield Deceptive Business Practices ripoff Carroll Iowa
American Home Shield AKA AHS, not only does not provide all services as they advertise, they refuse to provide services per their written contract even when customers are left without a/c, electric, or appliances. AHS tries to enhance their profits by making homeowners wait with utility services, a/c, or broken appliances by demanding that their service tech companies who show up at a customer doorstep for alleged service, provide them with a parts list of what is needed for repair. AHS then refuses to pay the service companies for the parts instead ordering the parts themselves so they don't have to pay the service companies. This process takes an extra weeks at times causing the customer mush delay in repair. In our case it left us without air conditioning for over two weeks during the summer when the outside temperture was 112 degrees. Our family was forced to go without a/c for two weeks on one occassion waiting for AHS to get parts then an extra week for scheduling for repairs. On another repair visit AHS refused to replace covered house wiring which did not occur from spike or outage on a friday afternoon and left us without power until we could get another repair company on Monday to effect the repair. AHS Home Warranty services should be avoid at all costs as well as Coldwell Banker Home Warranty which conducts business in much the same way. Homeowners should find attorneys willing to file class action lawsuits against AHS for deceptive business practices, maybe then hurting them in the wallet will help although probably not cure their business practices. Tired of being ripped off tampa, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Carroll, Iowa
88, Report #262669
Jul 23 2007
02:14 PM
American Home Shield Rips Me Off Again with denied claims Carroll Iowa
Each time I call American Home Shield for a warranty claim they deny parts of the claim. A simple water heater replacement cost me $320 dollars. I really didn't save any money. $265 for installation of pipes that were not covered and the $55 dollar service fee. The last time I called they sent out the plumber on an ejector pump. After paying the $55 dollar fee the plumber told me the pump wasn't covered. Each time they come out for something they list a bunch of necessary items they claim are not covered. This is a complete rip-off company. Only small inexpensive things are covered but the big stuf, well they find a way to make the money back. I think the service technicians and Home Sheild have some little scam going to make themselves some big money. I work in the real estate field and am telling all of my collegues not to do it. It's an attractive selling tool but it's a rip off!!! Debbie Elmhurst, IllinoisU.S.A.
Entity: Caroll, Iowa
89, Report #332883
May 16 2008
08:25 AM
American Home Shield Denial Overturn Process Charlotte North Carolina
Since signing up for the home insurance with AHS I have called them about 8 problems and only one of them was approved, the rest denied. It seems like every time one of their contractors comes out to your house, they seem to have a lengthy reason for denying/not covering the claim. One of the problems that truly got me upset was when our 20 year old water heater started leaking in early March of 2008. I put in a ticket with American Home Shield and they sent out one of their contracting companies BK pluming in Charlotte, NC. The plumber said that the leak was caused because of the water pressure fluctuations caused by the City of Charlotte and therefore AHS would not cover the problem. Needless to say that the quote provided by BK Plumbing to fix the problem independently was outrageous!!! I had a tenant in the house so I had to have the water heater repaired ASAP. I called another plumbing company and they told me that the house had a water pressure regulator installed and that the reason BK Pluming and AHS had provided sounded like a bunch of you know what. The plumber who fixed the problem said that the heater was 20 years old and just had to be replaced due to normal wear and tear. After paying $900 for the repair I submitted the independent contractor's conclusion and the bill to American Home Shield's Inspection Services on 3/12/08 to see if they would overturn the denial. One of their researchers called me back, asked multiple questions and said that they would refund me $500 and that I should receive a check in 14-21 business days. When I tried asking why $500 and not the full amount, she said that $500 is the amount it'd have cost AHS to replace the water heater and that I should be happy that I'm getting anything. Needless to say that if they had approved the claim in the first place I wouldn't be out $900. But as I have learned after multiple encounters with AHS reps, there's no reasoning with them. OK, I was happily waiting for my check, at least something. A month later, the second part of April was approaching and still no check. I called American Home Shield to see what's going on. After multiple transfers and explanations on my part, one of their reps told me that the case wasn't closed out and the check, of course, hasn't been sent. They had to look into the situation. Called back the next business day and was told that it was now processed with the date of 4/18/08 and that I would have to wait up to another 30 days to get the check. Nobody would admit that they messed up the processing of the case and there was no way to expedite the check because that's handled by a different dept. Waiting again Here it is May 15, 2008 and still nothing. I called American Home Shield again. I'm already so used to the wait, multiple transfers, having to explain the situation to several reps, it feels like I have another job on the side - dealing with AHS. The last rep that I speak to is in the pay out dept and she'll contact the cash out dept to see if they can expedite them mailing a check since it hasn't been mailed yet. The rep asked me to check the status of the case in a week from now if I still haven't received the check. So here I am, 2 months after submitting the review documentation to the AHS Inspection Services and still awaiting for the promised check. I'm starting to wonder how many people go through this and if this is a standard occurrence/practice with American Home Shield, promising to overturn the denial and refunding some of the money and then relying on people not having enough time and patience to follow up and deal with this mess. I can't believe that a national company can treat people like this and still be in business Baiba Charlotte, North CarolinaU.S.A.
Entity: Charlotte, North Carolina
90, Report #348530
Jul 07 2008
09:32 PM
Save your money, Do Not Invest your hard earned cash into a shield that shatters as if it were made of glass. I'm a single mom who works. her butt off to own a home and protect my kids. I've been dealing with American Home Shield Warranty Company for 2 years. I've had them come out 5 times for the same issue (my A/C unit) the service technician tells me something different every time. Finally one of the techs said the system is dead and needs to be replaced. Now the warranty company tells me that the unit must have been struck by lightning, so it's not covered. I pay roughly $480.00 per year plus $55.00 every time there is a service visit, yet they refuse to cover the warranted unit. In 2 years I've spent a total of $1,215.00 on it and tonight it is 84 degrees in my house. My children and I are smoldering. The reason why I purchased a home warranty is to protect my family against unforeseen circumstances such as this. Im wondering how many others are having the same issue with Amer. Home Shield. Maybe AMERICAN HOME SHIELD just tries to screw single moms because they think they can get away with it. Tucker2008 Kansas city, MissouriU.S.A.
Entity: KANSAS CITY, Missouri
91, Report #243439
Apr 11 2007
08:33 AM
American Home Shield rip-off, bad service, incompetent customer service Carrol Iowa/nationwide
I ordered service for a stopped up drain. They sent a contractor, who said the problem was too difficult to fix, and told me to contact one that could access the drain from the roof, something I wasn't insured for.I called Roto Rooter, who sent a plumber out, who fixed the problem from the sink, not the roof. I forwarded the $155. bill to American Home Shield, which responded that they wouldn't reimburse because I didn't pay the bill for sending the first plumber! First off, they never billed me for it. Second off, why would I pay for a service that wasn't done??? I canceled my contract with them. Brad Aptos, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Carrol, Iowa
92, Report #260294
Jul 11 2007
08:39 PM
American Home Shield Finds anything to NOT cover repairs replacements Ripoff Nationwide
I have had AHS for two years now and during that time I have made 5 service requests and only one has been approved. Each time I have paid $45 (now $55) for a tech to come out and inform me that there is nothing they can do and that my repair is not covered. When I call AHS to question these decisions they hide behind the clause of your repair is not normal wear and tear or that repair is not covered. This week I paid $55 to have a tech inspect my non-functioning A/C unit. He informed me that it needed a blower motor which would have to be ordered. 8 days later when he returned to install the motor and he actually opened the A/C unit he informed me that the A/C coils were extremely corroded and that even if he replaced the motor it wouldn't last long and that he was now going to recommend that the entire unit be replaced. I just received a call from AHS saying the unit would NOT be covered as the corrosion was not normal wear and tear. So the 15+ year old corroded A/C unit must be replaced on my own dime. Nice timing considering it is 95+ degrees every day. Last month I paid $55 to a plumber to show up to my house 3 hours outside of his stated service call period and tell me I can't diagnose your leak because it could be located behind your cabinetry and that isn't covered. He was there for less than 5 minutes and I still had to pay the $55. When I had another company (not sponsored by AHS) inspect the leak they gave me a repair quote to fix the problem without disturbing any cabinets. When I called AHS to complain about the lateness of the contractor they basically said too bad, pay the $55. Last fall I had a repair done (the only request they actually covered) on my pool equipment. After the repair was completed my pool guy informed me that while the repair was acceptable to stop the leak, it was not done properly to code and may be called into question if I ever go to sell my home. When I called AHS to question the repair they informed my that I could pay another $55 to have one of their contractors come out for a 2nd opinion -- yeah right!! I have never dealt with a company in the customer service industry that is so uncooperative, rude and corrupt in my life. I am going to make it a constant habit to pass on my experiences with this joke of a company to every homeowner I meet. It may not make a difference in the great scheme of things, but if I can stop just a few people from purchasing an AHS contract I feel I have accomplished something. Brian Trabuco Canyon, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
93, Report #231592
Jan 20 2007
06:51 AM
American Home Shield Scam attempt and shoddy customer service ripoff Caroll Iowa
My initial letter to American Home Shield (AHS) explains the situation: To Whom It Concerns: After much discussion, my wife and I decided that we have no intention of paying the enclosed invoice, 76451262 12/05/2006. We firmly believe that payments should only be made when a service provider actually provides a service. Simply arriving at a potential customer's home is not a service. Moreover, what Burke Plumbing & Heating Inc.'s representative did was actually a disservice to us. (We considered billing and or suing you and Burke but decided the sums involved were too trivial to pursue.) The representative appeared to me a shyster, a con man if you will, somebody out to make a fast buck (actually hundreds of them) rather than to aid new homeowners in need. The plumber that I replaced him with, who fixed the problem for a small fraction of what Burke wanted to charge us merely to begin assessing possible problems, said that the Burke rep. was either dishonest or incompetent. Either way, he did nothing but waste our time and try our patience. I'd be happy to talk this matter over with a representative of American Home Shield at my home number but have little more to say other than we did not purchase the policy (the seller did) and value it little. Sincerely ... AHS responded with a form letter stating that the invoice was still due because somebody they sent arrived at my house. I scrawled on it that I'd see them in court. Predictably, they simply billed me again. So I called their customer service number and with considerable difficulty managed to extract from the CSR the fact that I needed to submit the invoice from the plumber who actually did the job. Like that matters! Given the CSR's attitude, lack of skill, and AHS's refusal to apologize or investigate Burke my hypothesis that AHS is running a giant scam is strengthened. The large number of similar complaints on this website is more proof as is there own website, which inter alia reveals the cloven hoof of their business plan, to sell to home sellers as a marketing device. For more on the FUBAR economics of the home warranty industry, please see my blog at (((ROR REDACTED LINK FOR SECURITY PURPOSES))) sorry, allowing you to give a competitors name would instigate others to just file against their competition, to only come back later to suggest their company your comments on this policy are welcome! CLICK here to see why Rip-off Report, as a matter of policy, deleted either a phone number, link or e-mail address from this Report. Robert Abington, PennsylvaniaU.S.A.
Entity: Caroll, Iowa
94, Report #249218
May 18 2007
11:43 AM
American Home Shield improper install scam not covered losses electrical breakers Columbus Ohio
I purchased a home in November and the sellers provided me with American Home Shield home warranty. Well, when we started having the GFCI switch continue to go off in the bathroom, we started investigating. My husband and I found that our garage outlets, the pool outlets and all the exterior outlets are off the bathroom outlet, not their own. I wasn't sure if this was covered or not; if it was - then the $55.00 service fee would have been far less expensive than paying an electrician on our own. If not, then we would just hire our own electrician to separate the wiring and add a dedicated breaker for the pool. I reported the problem, but instead of telling me up front that it was improperly installed and not a covered item, they sent 2 electricians to the home. They did nothing but tell me what I already knew and that it was improperly installed and therefore, not covered. Oh, and they mentioned that they don't come over to change light bulbs either! I phoned AHS to ask why they didn't tell me it wasn't a covered item and save me the $55.00 and the 3 days waiting. They said they are just regular people and didn't know if it was the problem or not. I told them that I am not accustomed to paying someone to come to my home to tell me what I already know. The AHS supervisor called me the following day. She was just as rude as the electricians and I told her that her customer service attitude was terrible since she kept interrupting and acted as if I was wasting her time. She told me that they don't know anything (I agreed) and they would never refund me my money. I am angry about the quality of workers they sent, the wasted time and money and the rudeness of the AHS staff. I was going to renew my policy this year, but I don't think they will ever cover anything - but will be happy to take your money time and time again. Donna Columbus, OhioU.S.A.
Entity: Columbus, Ohio
95, Report #62016
Jun 27 2003
05:19 AM
American Home Shield ripoff worthless warranty Houston Texas
Our compressor stopped working on a Saturday in the middle of summer in Houston, Texas. American Home Shield took 48 hours to get a technician out -- a contractor from a company called Cool Breeze of Sugarland. During the interim, the house was uninhabitable, so we stayed in a motel. The repairman took a look at the unit and declared it was the contactor that was at fault. He found two dead ants in the contactor and blamed us for failing to properly maintain the unit. Hence, AHS denied coverage. We ended up having to pay $120 for the cost of replacement of the contactor, as well as the visit fee. The unit STILL didn't work. He THEN told us there was inadequate voltage getting to the unit. A neighbor from up the street came by and looked at the circuit breaker. It turned out the breaker had gone bad -- THE PROBLEM HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH THE AC UNIT. We replaced the breaker ourselves and the AC came back on line. AHS told us they wouldn't resume coverage until the unit was inspected and found to be in good working order. I told them I didn't want that guy from Cool Breeze coming out again. So AHS sent out another contractor to look at it. He told us the fins were dirty, and he couldn't sign off that the unit was working until we had the fins cleaned by him -- for $185. We paid. All told, between the motel and the two contractors, we shelled out about $600. Add the $400 we paid to AHS for their worthless warranty and we ended up paying $1000 to learn a valuable lesson: AMERICAN HOME SHIELD IS A RIPOFF!!! We are lapsing the AHS policies on our house and our investment property, and we're telling EVERYONE we know to do the same. Spread the word. John Houston, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
96, Report #58813
May 29 2003
08:24 AM
American Home Shield ripoff slow prossessing San Antonio Nationwide
I have a home warrenty service contract with AHS. I had a water leak on a water heater. I called in a service call. I had a leaking water heater in a city in drought conditions and very expensive water. Water was running into the house!!! 36 hours after the service call, I received a call to scheduale the service...they wanted to scheduale it for 24 hours later. At this time, water would have been running in the house for 36 hours. I had already called my plumber and it was fixed within 6 hours for $10.00 more than the $45.00 service call would have cost me. If you calculate what the contract costs verses just paying for repairs as theyare needed, you can save the cost of the contract yearly and repairs will be cheper or near cost of the service call charge. No hassles with waiting for a service person to call and scheduale a repair. It cheaper and easier just to doit yourself with people YOU pick to do the job. Any reputable service person will guarantee thier work...who needs a rip off service company that does not do service? Philip c. San Antonio, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
97, Report #58493
May 27 2003
09:30 AM
American Home Shield One of the Biggest Wastes of Money Around
My air conditioning unit was not cooling, so I contacted AHS. They sent someone out, and I was told that preventative maintenance needed to be done, before they would try to figure out the problem. I asked them to do it, but I was informed that they didn't have time. I contacted another company and had the preventative maintenance done. They also cleaned the evaporative coils. I sent proof of service to AHS and they said That's not good enough, the air conditioner is no longer covered until it is in good working order. The evaporator coil needs to be pulled and cleaned. So I got the other company to come out and pull and clean the coil, I sent documentation to AHS. It still wasn't good enough. I called customer service. They acknowledged that the preventative maintenance was done, but I needed to get the Air conditioning unit repaired, so that the pressures are perfect and its in good working order. I asked, Isn't this what I'm paying you for? Tanita Shreveport, LouisianaU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
98, Report #102113
Aug 04 2004
12:05 PM
American Home Shield unintelligent service/slow response Caroll Iowa
Our water heater went out on July 23. We called AHS, the system indicated that someone would come out the next day. Nobody called us until Monday, July 26, they set up an appointment for Tuesday, July 27. I had to take off work each time someone was dispatched. I have called them about 40 times on this. It is August 4 and I still don't have hot water. First Repair company- looked at our 2002 Whirlpool water heater and said he doesn't work on them, left. I called, upset because they didn't send anyone who can work on a Whirlpool. Second Repair company- Wednesday, July 28- Looked at water heater and said they don't work on it,called water heater mfgr and said he was former owner of my house to try to get our AHS claim denied through mfgr warranty that didn't transfer to us, spent some time reading my newspaper and using my phone at my dining room table and left. I called, trying to ensure that someone would be dispatched that could work on my water heater. I asked why they couldn't dispatch someone who specializes, they said we don't use companies you choose, we have to use our companies. Third repair company- Friday, July 30- arrived, said they dont' work on it, tried replacing thermalcoupler, didn't fix problem, left, didn't call AHS back, so we faced another weekend with no repair. Monday, August 2, I called in about five times until finally someone said, you can get permission for us to reimburse you for the repair. So I am on that plan, but problem still has not been resolved. Their reps have been polite but entirely useless. I have filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau, called my local newspaper real estate section, and told everyone I know not to purchase an AHS policy because we've gone 2 weeks without service because of their incompetence at figuring out what to say or who to call. This stuff isn't rocket science! Donna Torrance, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Carroll, Iowa
99, Report #100960
Jul 28 2004
08:44 AM
American Home Shield ripoff even to their hired service contractors Carroll Iowa
I work for an HVAC company who was on American Home Shield's contractor list up until two weeks ago. We did a job for them in April 2004 in which we were authorized and paid to install a water source heat pump. The first unit ordered by AHS was the wrong one, we returned it and ordered the correct one. We received it about a month later. At that time we had a very busy work schedule and informed AHS that we couldn't install the unit for a little over a month. We suggested they find another company to do the work. They refused. Instead these unsuspecting customers had to wait almost two months from the date of the original call ( an emergency call at that! ) for their a/c to be fixed. We opted to return the customers $350.00 for non-covered items so they could purchase a window a/c unit to keep their house cool on hot days. We did not have to do this, but we felt sorry for this family as they have small children, and because it was mentioned to AHS to find someone else to go to the customers home to do the work in a timely manner. We finally completed this job and we had a satisfied customer. AHS paid us for our services and that was that. Well, you would think it ended there. Not a chance. Here we are three months later in July of 2004. AHS took back the money they paid us to do this job. They say the unit was installed improperly and they sent another company to fix our mistakes. HA, my service manager has been doing HVAC for almost twenty years. He fixes alot of units that other companies install improperly. But to think he installed one improperly, I think not. Although our contractor relations manager for AHS cannot provide any proof of such said company, nor an invoice where they paid this said company for their services. Sounds suspicious huh? We will be seeing AHS in court for our money and I hope anyone else ripped off by American Home Shield takes them to court also. They are a big scam! If they can ripoff their contractors, then who's to say they won't rip you off too. And God forbid you don't maintain your systems and appliances because they will deny you in a heartbeat. If you are a customer of AHS please change your filters EVERY 30 days and have your heating/cooling systems cleaned TWICE a year or they WILL deny your claim due to improper care and MAINTENANCE. They are ONLY responsible for NORMAL wear and tear. Please think twice before dealing with AHS and above all, READ the fine print in your contract!!! Jennifer Norfolk, VirginiaU.S.A.
Entity: Carroll, Iowa
100, Report #99791
Jul 20 2004
04:01 PM
American Home Shield contracts incompetent local service providers because they cheap Carroll Iowa
On March 10, 2004, AHS was called to dispatch a plumber to my home when a leak in the upstairs bathtub damaged the ceiling downstairs. Jimmy of Richard Plumbing & Heating showed up at 9:00 a.m. smelling of liquor. He said he could not find a leak but he did tighten a gasket. Since AHS doe NOT cover damage resulting from plumbing failures, we spent $1000 to remove, replace, and repaint damaged sheetrock and insulation. Two weeks after the ceiling was fixed, the leak reoccurred, and the ceiling was again damaged. When I called AHS to complain about the plumber they sent out, I was informed that the problem was between the plumber and me, they accepted no responisbility for their contracted service providers. I have not been able to to collect for resulting damages from the plumbing service. Since this incident, I have questioned local contractors and other plumbers about the competence of Richard Plumbing--and they all LAUGHED and gestured to indicate heavy drinking. Apparently, they are not highly regarded. Why does AHS contract with shoddy service providers? Valorie Lake Charles, LouisianaU.S.A.
Entity: Carroll, Iowa

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