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26, Report #1252578
Sep 02 2015
06:17 PM
Last month I signed up for Publishers Clearing House prize drawing and yesterday I received this official looking AWARD notification saying that I won $2 million, from none other than the Award Notification Commission located in Kansas City, Kansas. You c 2 MILLION DOLLAR SCAM
Entity: Nationwide
27, Report #1246780
Aug 06 2015
09:02 AM
Award notification commission P.o box 2905 Kansas City. Kansas 66110. 
, Claim I have won 2,000,000 to send in 12.99 for processing. I fell if I have won that amount why want they take the 12.99 from the winnings they really went out of the way to get this 
Entity: Kansas, Kansas
28, Report #1270110
Dec 02 2015
02:22 PM
larry hourd Award notification commission fraud scam!!! kansas city kansas Nationwide
 I received a letter from award notification commission stating i won a lump sum of money and in return only send $12.99 for fee. I have never placed in any contest or anything. So I did a little research and found it was a scam and reports from years ago. This fraud needs to be stopped asap and quit trying to rip innocent people off.
Entity: Nationwide
29, Report #1265985
Nov 05 2015
04:10 PM
Award notification commission Larry Hourd Letter stating. I won $2,000,000.00 Kansas Kansas
On Thursday Nov 5,2015. I received a letter stating that I. Have won $2,000,000.00 if I wanted a 30yr payout or $1,230.946.00. If  I choose a lump sum payout. I must send $12.99 to claim the prize.  If 5 wanted to receive it rush I should enclose an additional $3.00 cash, check, or money order.
Entity: Kansas, Kansas
30, Report #1289311
Mar 12 2016
02:23 PM
Award Notification Commission  Kansas City Kansas
i resived a letter in the mail saying that i had won $2,000,000.00. then in the find print it had no purches necessary fraud No purchase necessary but then it say to have to pay $12.99. you can send cash what real company tells you to send cash.
Entity: Kansas City , Kansas
31, Report #1335936
Oct 31 2016
05:37 PM
award notification commission, kanasas city Kansas
  I received a letter stating I won & I need to send a fee of $12 to claim my prize this is the second notice I received like this its a rip off something should be done about it,thank you this is the second notice I have received saying I won asking me to send $12 dollars to process for funds I filed another complaint a few months ago this is a fraud.
Entity: kanasas city , Kansas
32, Report #1335484
Oct 28 2016
12:55 PM
 Sent a check in the mail and took my money that i sent in and I never received anything. This is the third letter I have recieved . I would like to be added to any class action suite. Eldridge, Bushnell Florida
Entity: Nationwide
33, Report #1351522
Jan 23 2017
04:11 PM
Award Notification Commission New York New York
 Fraud. Today I got a mail saying that I have won 1325000.00 and I can choose if I want to get paid right away or in 30 years .all That I have to do is provide $ 11.89 and give my credit card info . The letter is signed by Larry Hourd.
Entity: New York , New York
34, Report #1402929
Sep 28 2017
11:05 AM
Award Notification Commission None Harassed me by phone Kansas City KS Kansas
 The company I am reporting has sent me numerous award-winning letters which I have thrown away until now. Somehow they got my number and they keep calling me and I keep blocking them it is starting to get really annoying when I woken up at three in the morning by one of these stupid solicitors thanking I'm dumb enough to vote for this. However the phone calls really need to stop I have asked him to remove my number and they will not serve this helps anybody in anyway then I've done my job.
Entity: Kansas City KS , Kansas
35, Report #1403753
Oct 02 2017
06:45 PM
Award Notification Commission Why The Fee For The Sweep, ANC? Kansas City Kansas
 Like many others, I received the sweepstakes letter from Award Notification Commission. In the fifth paragraph of the letter, it states an Aquisition Fee for the Premium Offer is due and must be enclosed as required for $12.99 payable to ANC. Aquisition fee for what? What specifically is being aquired? What is the Premium Offer for? The offer of what specifically? The Aquisition Fee and Premium Offer are not defined in any of the documents. So what exactly are consumers being charged for ANC?
Entity: Kansas City, Kansas
36, Report #281385
Oct 28 2007
06:24 AM
Award Notification Commission offered winnings of 535,000 for only $11.89 payable anc Kansas City Kansas
Offered me $535,000 or $33,334.00 a year if I mail them $11.89 by cc or check Tamara COLS, OhioU.S.A.
Entity: Kansas City, Kansas
37, Report #278031
Oct 09 2007
03:48 PM
Award Notification Commission Funky sounding Legalese Kansas City Kansas
It looks like a contest to win $1,000,000.00 ($33,333.34 Annually for 30 yrs. OR $501,000.00 Single lump-sum payment check) The letter is full of funky English designed to look like Legalese, but it's a joke. Dig this: Attention Please! You need to follow the requested instructions herein as relative to Award Opportunity #7824C for $1,000,000.00 (One Million Dollars) announced by direct letter to you from the AWARD NOTIFICATION COMMISSION corporate headquarters. This is an affirmed letter, XXXXX XXXXXX! Please note that this CONFIRMED opportunity to win and receive the Award is subject to your record of entry validation and completion of the SUBMISSION DOCUMENT (parts A and B on the accompanying page) for your return without delay. It then tries to get you to send them $11.89 for something called (who has also been cited as a ripoff) It says no purchase is necessary, but this is only the first letter. It closes with: Accordingly, our fondest wishes prevail for you now and always. Please be prompt with your reply! Everything is spelled correctly, but the wording is very similar to many e-mail scams. There is also a ripoff report for a similar sounding company located across the river in Kansas City MO. It sounds like they got busted in Missouri, so they just crossed the bridge into Kansas. The Submission Document looks official, but the whole thing smells of scam. I'm not mailing it in. David Somewheresville, New YorkU.S.A.
Entity: Kansas City, Kansas
38, Report #323705
Apr 04 2008
12:26 PM
Award Notification Commission Can't get off mailing list Kansas City, Kansas
I have received several of these Secure Delivery letters - urging me to reply quickly. If you read the fine print - it says you do not have to take advantage of the MAO offer. I have sent a note to ask them to stop sending these letters, and they apparently don't read them. So I spent 93 cents and sent the entry in - what have I got to lose? We get so much junk mail anyhow what's one more piece of recycling. DO NOT SEND MONEY TO WIN A PRIZE - EVER! Spirit88 St. Michael, AlbertaCanada
Entity: Kansas City,, Kansas
39, Report #354968
Jul 23 2008
09:54 PM
Award Notification Commission Depleted my bank account with empty promises. Kansas City Kansas
Depleted my bank account with empty promises of me becoming a million dollar lottery winner. The only thing they ever send are numerous requests for upwards of $11.98 in processing fees. My dreams are crushed. Now, I must explain to my family how severly I have hurt them financially when I was simply attempting to dramatically help them financially. Woe is me and my gulliable stupidity. Never Again! I pray I can be forgiven by my family. Please pray for me. Aquilla Tacoma, WashingtonU.S.A.
Entity: Kansas City, Kansas
40, Report #367290
Aug 26 2008
08:21 PM
ANC Award Notification Commission ANC Scam Kansas City Kansas
Received a letter with the same award no. as others, #7824C. ID # was 757712043 saying I can choose between $33,334 a year for 30 yrs or a lump sum of $528,000 if I send them $11.89 by cc, check, money order or cash. Cash by mail, hmmm? The envelope & correspondence all looked very official and made it sound as though you had already won, but if you looked closely there was no real company name, address, phone # or website except for on one little insert. The website was amateur. It was one page with no links and no info, just a bunch of names of winners. So I looked on here and found many other reports. They're sending this thing in various states and out of the country, so I thought I'd just add mine to the list to say this is still happening. JC Cleveland, OhioU.S.A.
Entity: Kansas City, Kansas
41, Report #421149
Feb 06 2009
04:01 PM
Award Notification Commission Sent suspicious mail claming $2 million prize Kansas City Kansas
Recieved suspicious mail from Award Notification Commission They want a $11.98 fee to get you on a so-called Premium purchase plan. They say you are eligible for a $2 million drawing. The sponsor is not clear, no phone, no email. Since this offer looks as if it were from an official Commission of the State of Kansas, I looked on their Kansas State Web Site. There is NO such commission listed. Do not fall for this SCAM. Jack Dairyville, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Kansas City, Kansas
42, Report #393233
Nov 20 2008
10:56 AM
Award Notification Commission ripe off? Kansas City Kansas
i got an award 3 days ago saying i won 2 million dollars pay able in two ways,1 is 66,667.00 dollars a year for 30 years or lump sum of 1,056,000.00 . they did mention $11.89 for a merchandise acquisition offer they called mao,however i was not obligated in anyway to send the money so i dnt but i did send the form in so i guess soon we will see and i hope for my sake you guys are wrong i sure could use that money! Ruttsit2ya morgantown, West VirginiaU.S.A.
Entity: Kansas City, Kansas
43, Report #394161
Nov 23 2008
10:09 AM
I received this notification in the mail this week (11/17/08) and it looked very official. Something didn't feel right with it, so I did a search on the name, Award Notification Commission and found lots of postings stating it was a scam. I live in Oakley, CA and wanted everyone to know these are still circulating. Want to do my part to make sure no one gets scammed! Jopug Oakley, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: OVERLAND PARK, Kansas
44, Report #392503
Nov 18 2008
03:16 PM
Award Notification Commission One Time Fee Lee's Summit Missouri
They are a horrible company and you will never win any money but the letter does NOT say that you have won. what it says is that you have an opportunity to win. you have to just sign and return the letter. they are offering an MAO or Premium offer these are the products that they are selling. It will most likely be a gift certificate for 2,500 dollars but you still have to pay for shipping and processing which can be $30 and you can buy that item at walmart for $20. If it is not a gift certificate it will be jewelry, they sell star necklaces that turn green as soon as you put them on and cameras that are from the 1990's and watches that are hunks of junk! If you buy anything from them or even just sign and return the letter you will get bombarded with other scams. Which none of them are really scams but they are in fact ripping you off. Every single company out there is selling you something but you will NOT want it. Please notify all of your loved ones. this is the 411 on this company and the honest to God truth you will not find the truth anywhere else unless you call and they will tell you no purchase is necessary which there is not. do not sign and return do not buy anything and don't waste your time going to a lawyer because you will not be able to take this company down because everything they do is in fact legit. i have tried to take them down along with others and there is no budging! Call 816-525-7888 and ask for Chris Hedges or even the OWNER names Kevin Brandes. Kevin won't talk to you but if you go to the news that might hurt him. Kevin makes a great living off of all of us seniors and us dummies. Don't make the same mistake i did. Gmtipton Lee's summit, MissouriU.S.A.
Entity: Lee's Summit, Missouri
45, Report #396554
Dec 01 2008
02:04 PM
Award Notification Commission NO PURCHASE!! Lee's Summit Missouri
This place is one of the biggest ripoffs in the US. They imply that you have won one million or even two million dollars. OK well if you have the winning number you will win. How many people do you know that has won anything from this company? NO ONE. I have created an email that you can email me with anyquestions you might have and together we can bring this company down. Please email me at (((Redacted))) George kansas city, MissouriU.S.A. CLICK here to see why Rip-off Report, as a matter of policy, deleted either a phone number, link or e-mail address from this Report.
Entity: Lee's Summit, Missouri
46, Report #664045
Nov 19 2010
05:30 PM
Award Notification Commission About to Ripoff again Kansas City, Kansas
Today I received a piece of paper in the mail, stating that I won $2000,000.00. As I read it thoroughly, I realized that it was foney. Why would you send a payment if you won. This to me does not make sense.  Just other way to make a buck off of innocent people.  WHAT A CROCK OF S---!!!
Entity: Kansas City, Kansas
47, Report #846514
Feb 29 2012
11:09 AM
Award Notification Commission Administrar, James Mallory sweepstakes scam Kansas City, Kansas
I have already read several posts here, but not all of the 84 listed complaints; I just don't have that kind of time.  Like the other consumers, including a close neighbor, I too was excited because I recently entered the PCH sweepstakes and received this!  Hey, who couldn't use a couple mill these days, right???  Then I started reading ALL the fine print and looking over the Official Mail Delivery notice more carefully, I am usually on my toes about this sort of thing.  My first clue should have been that my last name was spelled correctly, Publisher's Clearing House has been spelling it wrong for years.   And they are going to get a piece of my mind as well, because it looks to me they go hand-in-hand! So, like others, I checked Rip-Off Report, and here I am, typing another complaint about this scam, that will make it 85 on this company.  What is hard to deal with is the fact that I am contantly bombarded with scams, typically more in the phone area than mail.  I have installed blocking software on my cell phone, I no longer answer my home telephone and now because I entered a stupid sweepstakes have to scrutinize every single piece of mail that I receive.  The spam box on my email fills up faster than any other folder as well.  I file complaints with the Do Not Call Registry and the Federal Trade Commission, but to no avail. This is way beyond ridiculous - I cannot even answer my home phone! What's wrong with this picture??? So, to get even, I too am contacting my Attorney General and a nasty little letter instead of my order form to the sender of this disturbing solicitation.  I read on here that one gentlemen sent in a total of $36, I am certain he would have rather spent that on something else, like maybe gas for his vehicle considering the fact it is already near the $4/gallon mark.  God only knows how many other people has been sucked in by this scam, especially if they do not have access to a computer! This type of scam and these type of people piss me off to no end and no one does anything about them to stop it.  That's bull! Consumers need some type of legal protection against scam artists such as this.  I just hope that people stop writing checks and start reading things more carefully so that keep ahold of their money and don't inflate a-holes like this ones wallet.  Thank you Rip-Off Report for existing!!!  In today's economy, we need you!
Entity: Kansas City, Kansas
48, Report #847745
Mar 02 2012
02:33 PM
award notification commission enclose an acqusition fee of 11.99 kansas city, Kansas
for about 3 month i am sending check for 11.99 to award notification commission to win a price but  i am thinking this is a scam and  fraud because when you win a price you do not take money from a person in advance .tney just take advantage from innocent people. people be careful
Entity: kansas city, Kansas
49, Report #796541
Nov 09 2011
01:28 PM
Award Notification Commission James Mallory SCAM SCAM SCAM!!!!! Kansas City , Kansas
I just wanted to add my input to the long list. I fell for it in 2004 so when I recieved it yesterday I knew I didnt win. If u still believe that it is real check this out from the (BBB)Better Buisness Bureau
Entity: Kansas City, Kansas
50, Report #863677
Apr 04 2012
07:55 AM
Award Notification Commission William MacDougal $2,000,000 Scam Kanas City, Kansas
I also received the letter requesting $11.89 be sent to ANC so that my possible winning number could be processed.  It seemed official and this was my second notice to respond so I thought it must be important.  Before responding I thought I would try to find out more about this ANC since there was no phone number or contact information.  That is when I found the 90+ ripoff reports regarding this same letter.  I did not send the money thanks to the information I found.  This is how so many people get taken for granted.  Thank you for posting this information for the protection of others.
Entity: Kanas City, Kansas

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