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76, Report #14104
Feb 14 2002
12:00 AM
HRS - BEST BUY rip off
I bought a Compaq laptop from BestBuy in Jun 2001. I paid up the entire amount in Sep 2001. In Jan 2002 I got a bill stating that the payment made was removed/cancelled from my account. The check however was cleared from my bank account. The copy of the check was sent to them which clearly shows that they cashed the check on 1st October. Numerous calls to their customer service represntatives and their supervisor are of no use as they say the account is being researched. How long is the question. This makes one go through hell for doing business with them. Sharadsrikar Stillwater, Oklahoma
Entity: Oklahoma
77, Report #1475
Mar 04 2000
12:00 AM
Best Buy Rebate Rip-offs
I recently purchased a computer monitor from Best Buy in my city of Montclair, CA. The reason I bought this particular monitor was because there was a $30.00 rebate offer on it. After puchasing the monitor, I received along with my receipt two other receipts that had rebate receipt lettered on them along with the upc bar code dupilicated from the monitor's packing box. What was a $30.00 rebate was actually two seperate rebates. One for $10.00 and another for $20.00 to be sent to two different agencies. The instructions for each rebate included the requirement of the UPC label from the box of the monitor or rebate receipt. There is only one UPC label on the box. After inquirying about this to a store manager, he stated the receipts had the UPC label on them and that I shouldn't cut the box in case the monitor needed to be repaired or replaced. He stated that Best Buy would not repair or replace the monitor under warranty should something happen if the UPC label was removed. He stated that the rebate receipts are provided for this reason and are sufficient proof-of-purchase to satisfy the rebate requirements. Great . . . . I thought. I sent in all the rebate information to both agencies. About a month later, I get a notice from Best Buy's own in-house rebate center stating that I did not fullfill the requirements to receive my rebate. The letter stated I needed to enclose the original UPC label from the box. I called the center and asked them what this was about? I explained to them what the store manager had said about the rebate receipts and they gave me no answer. Like a looped recording they kept saying over and over, Best Buy cannot issue a rebate without the original UPC label. I went back to Best Buy to talk to the manager and he stated he had no recollection of us ever talking, but he would look into it and call me. It has now been four months. I have received no rebate at all, the store manager never called me, and repeated calls to the Best Buy rebate center have yielded no results. I have heard many complaints over Best Buy as well as Circuit City not honoring their rebate programs. From now on I will not buy on-sale merchandise with the lure of a rebate because I feel it is bogus. Let the buyer beware.
Entity: Montclair, California
78, Report #1341
Feb 21 2000
12:00 AM
Best Buy snub
We purchased a Cannon BJC 5100 printer, along with a computer and monitor. The printer has never worked properly. After untold hours on the phone with Cannon, their final responce was we don't know what else to tell you. Best Buy sold us this faulty equipment, and after all the hassle, I tried to contact Best Buy about the problem. I reminded them that I had spent thousands of dollars at Best Buy on 2 computers, a television, vcr, dvd player, an AIWA boom boc, and numerous smaller items such as office equipment and printer cartridges. I have a Best Buy credit card as well. Best Buy would not even awknoledge my e-mail to them, let alone make any sort of offer. I only asked for store credit for this defective printer, nothing else. I am outraged by their lack of customer care.
Entity: Phx., Az.
79, Report #1227
Feb 06 2000
12:00 AM
In Home Warranty at Best Buy???
How do you get your money refunded for a in home warranty at Best Buy? I spent a extra $100 for a in home warranty at Best Buy because it was such a good service as per the salesman.It is for my computer.The first few monthes all I had was problems with it which there answer for is always RESTORE RESTORE RESTORE!! One of there reps told me they resolve the problems over the phone they don't come to your home.So why did I pay this money? I don't think Best buy is any better then Circuit City. Do they think we are a bunch of mindless saps?!!
Entity: St Petersburg, Florida
80, Report #1259
Feb 12 2000
12:00 AM
reply to best buy,no intelligent life..
You are so right about the lack of help from Best Buy.I don't even bother to ask for help if I ever go in their store.Especially in the computer area.I was very computer illiterate when I bought my computer and asking them questions was very embarassing because they are bunch of snot nose kids who just rolled there eyes when I would ask them a question which I guess they thought would be common knowledge.I guess if Best Buy pays there emplyees McDonalds wages that is the kind of service the customers will get.
Entity: Nationwide
81, Report #19567
Apr 25 2002
12:28 PM
Best Buy Lying SOB employees Burbank CA
I have many complaints about Best Buy and its poor customer service, but I will try to restrain myself since it's no news to anybody. My problem with Best Buy was the fact that an employee flat out lied, gave me a false sales pitch to sell me a warranty. I went to Best Buy in Burbank, CA to buy a laptop, and this scrawny little salesman kept trying to push the warranty on me. I really wasn't interested but he kept insisting. In the midst of all his jargon, I managed to find few things that did interest me. The salesman stated that the warranty also covers a free loaner laptop while it was sent for repairs. Since downtime is so critical for my business, I thought the loaner was well worth the warranty. As luck would have it, my laptop broke down on me 3 months after purchase. Since I had many important data loaded into the computer, I decided to get it repaired rather than replaced. Since I was going to get a loaner anyway, I thought downtime would not be so serious. Much to my surprise, when I got to the Best Buy repair department, the clerk told me that not only does the warranty not cover the loaner machine, but Best Buy does not even have a loaner service! That's when I realized that I was given false information to be coerced into buying their stupid warranty. I am definitely through with Best Buy. Young Granada Hills, California
Entity: Burbank, California
82, Report #18707
Apr 12 2002
09:48 AM
Best Buy ripoff the business that doesn't give a dam Bartlett Tennessee
To whom it may concern: I am writing to express my dissatisfaction with the sales practices of your personnel. On Sunday November 25, 2001, I purchased a JVC 12 CD disc changer (Model # 4100172) for my husband's car. I chose Best Buy based on your claim that you are here to help. I explained to the sales associate that I needed a CD changer for a 2001 Volkswagen Jetta. He showed me the above-mentioned product and I purchased it along with a 4- year service agreement. I made an installation appointment for the following Saturday, December 1, 2001. I gave the installation department the year, make and model of the car along with, the product to be installed. The store's book should show that. Unfortunately, due to a personal matter, I was unable to keep that appointment. It never occurred to me that I had just been duped. My husband and I were unable to arrange for the installation until Saturday March 9, 2002. I was not concerned about waiting so long to have it installed because TWO different departments assured me that the CD changer would fit in my car. That is when we learned from Kris in the installation department that the CD changer does not fit the car. He suggested that we go inside, explain what happened and exchange it for the Pioneer model that would fit the car. When we did we were met with rudeness and an unwillingness to listen. Kris also told us that the sales associates do not know which car stereos/CD changers for which car and that there is no book or database they could use to find out. This is appalling! Mary Memphis, Tennessee
Entity: Bartlett, Tennessee
83, Report #10765
Jan 06 2002
12:00 AM
Best Buy / Belkin Rebate Ripoff
Bought a Belkin 4 port USB card for my computer. Came with a $10 rebate. Best Buy advertised the rebate and gave me a special receipt to send in to Belkin for the rebate. Sent in all the required paperwork and UPC code from the package and later received a card from Belkin telling me that Best Buy was not participating in the rebate offer. The $10 is not that important, just the principal..........
Entity: Wilmington, North Carolina
84, Report #35921
Nov 21 2002
04:42 PM
Best Buy ripoff deceptive company Minneapolis Minnesota
Short and to the point here. On 9/7/02, I bought a Lexmark printer from BestBuy online because my Cannon broke down. I chose to pick it up in the Rockford,IL store. Best Buy advertised a $20 rebate. I went to the Rockford store when I was notified via e-mail that it was ready for pick-up. I told the girl at the counter I was here for the printer and told her my name. She asks Do you have your receipt you printed off from the internet? I explained to her I was printerless and could not do that. I got the printer and was given a receipt and rebate form. I filled out the rebate form and complied with all instructions to get the reabte. On 11/18/02, I got my receipt, and copy of proof of purchase sent back saying they could not give me the rebate and call a Phone # to find out why. I was told that since I did not print the rebate form and receipt from the internet, I could not get the receipt. When I told them I could not do that and no where did it say that had to be done that way, I was basically told That's our policy, if not followed no rebate. Calling Customer Care did absolutely no good. I immediately cut up my Best Buy card and plan to never shop there again. Jason Rockford, Illinois
Entity: Minneapolis, Minnesota
85, Report #34506
Nov 07 2002
01:26 PM
Best Buy, Household rebate ripoff Chesapeake Virginia
I purchased a Maytag dishwasher and a Maytag gas stove from Best Buy in May 2002. Both items had Maytag as well as Best Buy rebates, which certainly factored into my decision to purchase (I made the mistake of assuming I'd get the rebate, so in my mind, the purchase price was lower). Best Buy printed out the rebate forms and printed extra receipts for submitting with each rebate. I cut out the UPC symbols, and promptly submitted all of my rebates. As Best Buy won't even hear from you unless it's been 8 weeks, I called back in late August 2002 to check on the status of my rebate. I was informed it was rejected as a duplicate rebate (I would months later find out that the rebate form printed out by Best Buy was incorrect). I told them I had in fact purchased two appliances, and that while both were Maytag, they were not the same appliance. I was told to give it a couple weeks and call back while they researched it. As I am an extremely busy mother of two young children, and work from home, it is not so easy for me to call Best Buy to wait a half hour on the phone while my kids are screaming so I can get what was promised to me. So, I called back in November 2002, and was told that the rebate period expired, and that I would receive no rebate. I argued that I was never told there was an expiration date-which happened to be two weeks after I called. As they told me not to call for a couple weeks, they should have told me there was a deadline we were running up against. Or God forbid they actually call me back. Now, even though I submitted all of my information on time, they are telling me I was not on time, and are shutting me out. When I argued with the supervisor, she threatened to hang up on me (there was no name calling or swearing-I'm just not that crass-although I understand people who do curse when faced with these maggots). As it was impossible to argue my case thinking I'd get hung up on at any time, I gave up. I called the corporate office to complain (and file a formal complaint against this supervisor), and while they offered me a $15 customer satisfaction gift card, I refused it. It is not fair that due to Best Buy's combined error and neglect, I get screwed. Customer loyalty means nothing to Best Buy-I have purchased over $2000 worth of electronics in the past six months alone (and Christmas is coming-a big electronics holiday in my household). And after reading all I have on and about Household Finance (the bank that finances the Best Buy card and most likely runs the rebate center), I am horrified, and a little afraid, of this merchant. Therefore, I am going to have to dig into savings and pay off my card, not something I wanted to do the month before Christmas, but I do not want to risk staying with this merchant/bank. Unfortunately, the only people to read this will probably have suffered an injustice already, so I doubt this will actually help anyone avoid this merchant, but thanks to and for letting me vent. Tracy Chesapeake, Virginia
Entity: Chesapeake, Virginia
86, Report #34864
Nov 11 2002
06:51 PM
Best Buy ripoff Woodlands Texas
Will not replace computer ..... I bought a hewlett-packard on 3/10/01 and my hard drive when out on 4/1/02 i have a 3 year services with them,so they replace it,my problem is that since then i have had all kind problems with the computer ,i have returned my pc four time and they(best buy) say that there is nothing wrong,since last time i took it i had 2 individuals and i payed them to check my computer and both sayed the same thing,i also talked with help desk on line for hp and they say to return the computer,i have return 4 printer to office depot because i thought it was the printers, i try to talk to mangers at best buy they(customer service) aways leave me on hold i mean as much as 35 mins. and then then keep sending me around to differnt departments and as you guessed i have not got no were, names of persons that i have talked to if they are real persons,were jaboc, kevin, bill, paul, scott, jansen, nick. I have a hp pavillion mx,i paided 1,710. and put on my chase card,and payed (best buy) off. plase help me for the past 4 months i hve try my self to fix it and here i am in the same place with 17 hundred dollar computer and does not work only can read and send e-mail. Please help!!!!!!! noelia huntsville, Texas
Entity: th e woodlands, Texas
87, Report #36240
Nov 25 2002
03:42 PM
Best Buy ripoff mission valley california
I bought a 120gb Western Digital HDd from best buy, after opening the package that had a factory seal, I found a broken HD with no serial #. BestBuy would not take it back claiming it is impossible for them to sell such thing. I talked to WD and their represntative said that BestBuy receives a lot of defective products back and that it is probably their fault for not checking the returned merchandise. at this point I am stuck with a brocken HD, that I paid $270 for. amir san diego, California
Entity: San Diego, California
88, Report #44288
Feb 05 2003
03:41 PM
Best Buy rip-off Cuyahoga Falls ohio
my husband purchased a new computer system from best buy the beginning of dec. i opened it on christmas and tried to use it but the mouse didnt work. i took it back to store and the guy plugged it in to his modem and it worked i brought it back home and didnt work i called and talked to the same man i spoke with at the store.was told to shut down system and try that and it still dont work i had to go buy another mouse from another store and it works fine. now i am stuck with a mouse that dont work and doesnt work on my daughters computer either.they gave me a hard time for a $20.00 mouse,the 4 in one lexmark 125 printer,copier,scanner,&fax also purchased the same day the only thing that works is the fax and i want to take it back but i know they wont and now its sitting in its original box in my dining room collecting dust.and ive contacted them about my mouse by e-mail and was told theres nothing to be done all i know is that was my first and last purchase from any best buy and have sent them a e-mail telling them i also have to contact lexmark they did send me another printer and it dont work either so now i have that dont work in boxes and and very fed up with the whole mess my husband tells me we should have kept mt old computer at least it worked. Janet akron, OhioU.S.A.
Entity: Cuyahoga Falls, ohio
89, Report #48460
Mar 08 2003
12:44 PM
Best Buy, Hyundai & Buslink rip-off Roanoke Virginia
i have bought cdr and cdrw's from best buy and they have a 30 day warranty.they try to get you to pau an extra $30.00 for a 3 yr warranty. however best buy has something called (DEVO)that stands for defective eqipmen void of operation. also that means if a product is defective you can return it to best buy for a replacement. this has happened to me. also, all of you know that the attorney general of every state and the attorney of the united states work for you. instead of complianing to the bbb, e-mail the attorney general of the state in which the business is located. they have to reply. if they get enough compliats, they have to pull a full investigation. this really scares a business. the attorney generals work for you not the companies. your taxes are paying their saleries. the bbb is being paid by the same businnesses you are complaining against. fox guarding the henhouse i my opinion. Joe roanoke, VirginiaU.S.A.
Entity: Roanoke, Virginia
90, Report #46361
Feb 21 2003
11:02 AM
Best Buy Rebate Rip-off Tracy California
I purchased a Satellite Dish system from Best Buy with the promise of a $75 rebate. I filled out and returned the required documentation for the rebate in a timely fashion. When the rebate check did not show after 6 weeks, I called the rebate center to check the status and was told the check had been mailed out and to call back if it didn't show up in the next few days. I called them back in a couple of days when it still hadn't showed up and they told me the check had already been cashed and thus they couldn't send out another one. I asked them who had signed the check since if someone had stolen my mail I feel I have the right to know who it is. The customer rep snottily told me they don't have to provide that information and that as far as they are concerned the matter was closed. I filed a report with the Better Business Bureau that was a waste of time because they did nothing. Am I being unreasonable to want my rebate or at least a copy of my stolen rebate check so I can find out who stole it? David Tracy, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Tracy, California
91, Report #785255
Oct 05 2011
05:49 PM
BEST BUY / HSBC credit protection lawsuit Internet
I bought two tv's from Best buy and my latest one was a 36 months same as cash/ signed the paperwork, then setup autopay of the balance divided by 33 months. Then after 30 months decided i wanted to buy laptop and put on same as cashs, but found i have been charged over 500 in credit protection that i never signed up for,Spent hours trying to get thru and was transfered to several departments and was discounted everytime when i was getting thru to the credit proptection department. how can you be charged for something that you don't need or want and try to cancel but are denied. NEVER BUY BEST BUY
Entity: , Internet
92, Report #786182
Oct 07 2011
06:23 PM
Best Buy Anti Virus Scam Internet, Internet
In 2009 I bought a laptop for $756.98. Apparently I will now be charged for anti-virus software for the rest of my life. They are charging $43.49 for Kapersky Anti-Virus software to my credit card. When I purchased the laptop I guess they fit in endless fine print and so I authorized them to charge me forever. By purchasing a computer at Best Buy I am now obligated to be charged for Kapersky anti-virus whether I use it or not. I will have to change my credit card in order to get away from these scammers. Don't let it happen to you. Buy your computer somewhere else.
Entity: Internet, Internet
93, Report #822765
Jan 14 2012
11:57 AM
Best buy Directv Lake forest, California
JESSIE H. Remember this name, dont listen to his bullcrap! Called himself trainer i call him a big fat liar! Went in to get new DIRECTV, he told me there is no charge on moving my directv to new location within couple months (not true call directv cost $99) have to get the preferred choice in order to get international channels (I can get basic channels at a cheaper price), and if my new condo doesn't allowed directv I can cancel anytim without cancellation fee(not true). Thank goodness I called directv otherwise I'll be stuck with it 24 months!!
Entity: Lake forest, California
94, Report #822256
Jan 13 2012
11:56 AM
Best Buy Another Order Canceled!!! Online, Internet
On December 13th 2011 we had ordered several items from for a combined birthday-Christmas gift.  A week, or soafter placing the order we received an email from Best Buy explaining that some of the items we had ordered  are on back order and will be shipped in about two weeks. Please keep in mind that when we ordered this there were many, many out of stock items on the website. and, that every item that was selected for our order was available and ready for shipping according to the website.This was very upsetting news, but we understood that things happen and that we would just have to wait. Yesterday - Thursday, January 12, 2012- we received another email from Best Buy. Informing us that one of the items we ordered is no longer available and that our order has been canceled by Best Buy. After getting this email we immediately contacted customer service, they informed us that there is nothing they can do since the item is no longer available, so we contacted the manufacturer of the product and was informed that the items are still being made and being sold worldwide. We checked again with Best Buy and they could not answer why if they still were dealing with the manufacturer, why they could not make the item available. We had to spend a gift less Christmas and a gift less birthday thanks to Best Buy.
Entity: , Internet
95, Report #829436
Jan 27 2012
12:10 AM
Best Buy Geek Squad Scam Richfield, Minnesota
The events happened on 9/12/2011. My claim is based on the following facts: We purchased a Nikon DSLR camera on 1/28/11 and a 3 year warranty for a total of $1,850.87. The camera is covered under Nikon Manufacturer's warranty for 1 year from the time of purchase, and the Best Buy Warranty was never utilized. On 9/12/2011 we took the camera in for some electrical malfunction problems. The Geek Squad employees casually stated that they would probably not be able to fix it and I would probably come in a new camera. The camera was sent back to Best Buy and returned on 10/3/2011 stating for us to charge the battery. I went into Best Buy on 10/4/2011 to ask if there was any way I could just exchange the camera because it was obviously not fixed. The Geek Squad employee talked to his manager and came back and said it had to go out one more time before they could do anything for me in store and asked for me to bring it back in with a battery so that he could confirm the problem.It went back to Best Buy on 10/5/2011 and we were then asked to include a lens and a battery because they could not diagnose the problem there at the repair facility, refusing to send a lens we sent a battery and it returned 10/26/201. In the mean time we called Nikon about their manufacturer's warranty after being told by a Best Buy representative that if the camera was to be junked out it would ultimately be up to Nikon to authorize that. Nikon stated that Precision Camera (the place the camera was sent to 3 times to be repaired) was not authorized to work on DSLR's and were their authorized place for simpler camera's such as point and shoots. Nikon also stated that since the camera was still under their manufacturer's warranty it should be sent there and would be repaired and returned at no cost since the camera was not neglected in any way. My previous experience with Nikon validates that response.On 11/10/11 the camera returned to Best Buy yet again for the same issue but was never returned to us and was junked out upon our request because they obviously could not repair the camera and I needed it to be reliable as any professional photographer and client would expect. We were finally eligible for a replacement and were notified on the Best Buy forums. We went into Best Buy on 11/22/11 a few days after being notified to order a new camera of the same model. We spent an hour and a half there and were told that the camera would arrive in about a week. On 11/26/11 I received an email stating that the order did not go through and to reorder the item. However after a few hours on the phone with different people we finally tried to see if we could even order the camera. It was now out of stock. However no one from Best Buy would tell us, we fi gured it out on , we called Nikon to confirm and they stated that the camera was available from Adorama and was not out of stock. We still have not reached a resolution after several months and many attempts of different communication efforts and several people within Best Buy including talking to several employees, managers, 1800BESTBUY, a few people who could not say who they were or how to contact them again, Precision Camera, and Best Buy online forums.On 1/13/2012 we received a check for $1,501.14 which is not even the total for the camera itself. Since none of this would have happened without the purchase of Best Buy's warranty and the complete run around that we were given since September we are asking for our purchase price back in full. Which leaves a remaining balance of $348.73.We have exhausted all possible option other than court. This has caused lost wages and the cost of rentals, not to mention all the months of trying to resolve this issue.   
Entity: Richfield, Minnesota
96, Report #562517
Jan 31 2010
07:22 AM
Best Buy Terrible Customer Service Ithaca, New York
We bought an invisible shield for my son's less than a week old palm pre.  It didn't fit quite right so my husband took it off to try again.  It took paint off the back of the phone.  My husband immediately called the Best Buy store and they said that the phone must be defective, and they couldn't do anything for us.  He then contacted Corporate who said we should be hearing from their insurance company within 48 hrs.  It's been 4 days and nothing.  So we went back to the Best Buy we bought the product from and got a refund for the product and of course they said they couldn't do anything about the phone, even though they sell the phone and could have replaced the back and then said they their phone was defective.  And of course it couldn't be the product they sold us that was defective, it HAD to be our phone that was defective.  I have lodged a BBB complaint, emailed Best Buy, and emailed the company who made invisible shield (zagg).  I also requested the money off the gift card we used to purchase the invisible shield so that we could go buy a cover for the phone until we get this resolved and OF COURSE they can't do that either.  What can they do???  They need to get the rod out of their asses and get back to the basics of a successful business which is customer service. This isn't the first time I have had bad customer service at Best Buy but it will be the last time.  
Entity: Ithaca, New York
97, Report #564743
Feb 04 2010
08:41 PM
BEST BUY Extortionate Repair Fee, Bad Customer Service Dublin, California
My experience was very similar to Dave's report yesterday. We bought my wife an HP notebook in April last year from Best Buy. Apart from a temporarily sticking keyboard, it had worked fine until a couple of weeks ago.  My wife had been using it all morning, then decided to tilt the screen a little more towards her. The screen immediately changed, with a curved line down the screen, and the right half of the screen showing vertical coloured lines. We took it back to Best Buy where we waited ages for the Geek 'Squad' (when did one service person constitute a squad?) to book it in. He noted it on the service report as a 'graphical glitch' and said that it would need to go to their service centre. A few days later we received a phone call telling us that it would cost $638 to repair the screen as it wasn't covered by the manufacturer's warranty. As the notebook had only cost us $629 in the first place, we were less than impressed. Then, when we went into the store (already feeling pretty angry), we again had to wait ages to be served, and were then treated to a display of total disinterest from the Geek behind the counter. It was clear that he thought we'd damaged the screen, which was absolutely not the case, and would not budge on the issue. Eventually he furnished us with a phone number where we could contact HP, and we left feeling even more disgruntled than when we had gone in. Today I contacted HP where the experience was totally different. A pleasant, helpful and sympathetic customer service person told me that, if the screen is cracked, it would cost $398 to repair it ($231 less than Best Buy), but they would see if there's a way of sorting it out for free. Best Buy have lost our business for good, and anyone else's that we can persuade not to buy there. They clearly overcharge for repairs and their Geek Squad customer service is abysmal. 
Entity: Dublin, California
98, Report #637714
Sep 04 2010
01:38 PM
Best Buy lemon desktop computer Dickson City Pennsylvania
About 3 years ago, I bought a replacement fpr my worn out computer (10 years Old), wonderful Compaq machine).   Just 3 weeks later had to return to store because of problems, one of which was the door on the cd/dvd player.  Supposedly everything was fixed. Except a few weeks later, back to store again, same problems (except door on cd/dvd player0. A few days later, told everything is working properly.  Which was true for a few more weeks.  Same thing all over again.  This is 3 so called fixes of this computer.  Then last time, told had to be sent out for repairs. Then I was informed had to replace hard drive which meant everything-files, etc. were lost.  Good thing I had backup discs.  This is an E Machine-a Gateway product.  Both the store and Gateway said not their problem with malfunctions of supposedly new computer. On first return to store, my purchase was listed under someone elses name, address & phone number.  Which the store corrected to my information.  Seemed like no way to find out if this machine was returned, refurbished & sold to me as new.    Gateway said not their policy to just resell used equipment, store was aware of this.  So, have computer that is still not working the way it should (like my old Compaq). But I do so much online, I still use it.After the second return for fixing my grandson got my old Compaq working, which it did slowly, but surely on original installed AOL 4.0.    Best Buy & Gateway refused my request for at least a replacement-reason, I did not buy an extended warrenty.   
Entity: Dickson City, Pennsylvania
99, Report #669136
Dec 07 2010
07:18 PM
Best Buy Incredibly Frustrated at, Internet
I ordered a tv on Black Friday (November 26, 2010). When I ordered it, I was asked by the website what day I would like to have my TV delivered. I chose December 2, 2010. I did not receive my tv that day, I did not get any email notifying me that there was any issues, nor did I receive any notice that it would be delayed. I expected perhaps it would arrive on December 3, 2010. Again nothing. I checked the order status on my account and it states Order line status is not available. I called Best Buy customer service on December 4, 2010 and after LITERALLY 1 hour on hold, I finally get a person who tells me that she has to reschedule the delivery to December 11, 2010 and could not explain what had happened. I asked to speak to a supervisor. Floor Supervisor Michelle picked up and had one of the worst attitudes I have ever seen in all my life. Not only did she yell at me, she had the audacity to tell me that I wasn't charged for my purchase. She claims that Best Buy had a hold on my money but hasn't charged me. After she didn't want to deal with me anymore, she sent me to Customer Relations who claimed that he had nothing to do with purchases and had no idea why she sent me to him, but did say he would help me. After approximately another hour on the phone with him, the majority of which was on hold. I told him just to schedule my tv to be delivered on December 11, 2010. Today, I check on my status and again, my order status says Order line status is not available. I sent an e-mail to customer services but do not get any response. I decided to call customer service again and YET AGAIN, the wait time is greater than 20 minutes. Best buy is by FAR the most frustrating company I have ever had to deal with. I have dealt with a lot of idiotic companies that would make the most happy person in the world miserable, but Best Buy is by far the worst. I would much rather pay double at a competitor than purchase something from Best Buy ever again. Beware! ....
Entity: , Internet
100, Report #708336
Mar 20 2011
08:23 AM
Best Buy Geek Squad rip-off Internet
I bought a laptop a couple years ago from Best Buy and they convinced me to purchase the Geek Squad warranty for $240. The laptop died within the warranty period and I had to cry to get them to work on it (they said they didn't handle software issues. Turns out the hard drive had died). They finally replaced the hard drive with nothing on it (I had to configure and load everything myself). They also gave me a new battery although I had no problem with the previous battery and did not request a new battery. The new battery they gave me holds no power what-so-ever! Thank you, Geek Squad of Best Buy, for taking my perfectly good battery and giving me a dead one instead. May you be repaid in kind.
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