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26, Report #26032
Aug 03 2002
02:23 PM
Capital First RIP-OFF dirty ripoff liars Miami Florida
I was conned by Capital First, I checked my balance one day and found out I was overdrawn, so I went on the internet to see why, SUPRISE, Capital First, so I called. I spoke to a customer sevice rep and he told me that I needed to send back the package, and I would get a credit, so I did. I sent it back on July 3rd via certified mail, with a nice little letter, on July 8th I got the signed receipt back saying that it was sent to a Mailboxes Etc, that's what that address is. So like a week later I called and asked when I could expect a credit, I was told the corporate office had just put through the info and I should expect a credit within 1-2 days. So after another week I called again, now this lady told me it would take 14 days and she doesn't know why that guy told me that, she said by Aug 2nd at midnight the money should be credited to my account. Today I checked w/the bank, no money credited. No I'm quite reasonable and don't get mad that easy, but don't play with MY MONEY. So I called again today, I spoke to a different lady that told me I had to wait 14 days, now this was after she had checked my account, I told her I have been waiting, it has been almost a month since you received the pkg, I told her I will be contacting my legal services and they will be calling them. I also told them in the letter that I expect a credit for that outrageous $29.95 shipping charge, as I have worked with or for shipping companies for the past 15 years and I have never heard of them charging thirty dollars to ship and envelope. I can guarantee I will ger my money back if I have to call the TV station I will. Dawn Kenilworth, New Jersey
Entity: Miami, Florida
27, Report #25693
Jul 30 2002
07:49 AM
Capital First MASTERCARD SCAM Miami Florida
Report all attempts of fraud by Capital First to: Florida Office of Consumer Affairs They can't shut them down until they have evidence of their fraudulent activities. They only have two complaints on file and they've both been resolved. Take action this company to the proper authorities!!!! Donna Denver, Colorado
Entity: miami, Florida
28, Report #25982
Aug 02 2002
03:50 PM
Capital First ripoff Miami Florida
Capital First called I in late May to send a $2500 credit card for a trial seven days for $29.99. Then if I like it I can pay the card and packet for $99.99 for 30 days. I never were infromed about a $59.95 fee that were added on two the price. I never recieved the credit card. I also am up set that I was charged $29.95 for never seening a credit card. Then insulted that they would take out $99.95 on June 5th and I recieved a package in the mail on June 28th. I called on July 2nd to cancel this order and get my refund. They have not refunded my money at all. The date is now August 01, 2002. I'm very upset. Johnny honokaa, Hawaii
Entity: Miami, Florida
29, Report #25996
Aug 02 2002
08:19 PM
Capital First Illegal Invasion of Privacy Miami Florida
I received a phone call from a Capital First rep asking me if I was aware of my credit score. She, then, proceeded to tell me that Capital First fixes credit. I don't even have a credit problem. I became irate asking her over and over how she gained access to my credit report. There was no inquiry made to them by anyone. Who gave them permission to invade my privacy and to use my social security number for solicitation purposes? It's frightening to think that my social security number can be accessed by anyone. And, to think that I am so stupid as to not realize that they gained access to my personal records without my permission??? I, repeatedly, asked for her name. She wouldn't give it. When I asked for the phone number, she gave me the wrong one. I got the number from this site and, for that, I thank you. I am furious and am ready to speak with my attorney regarding this complete invasion of my rights to privacy and my options. Any ideas from anyone? Thanks. Judith Carlsbad, California
Entity: Miami, Florida
30, Report #26005
Aug 03 2002
07:44 AM
First Capital Consumers Group ripoff Toronto Canada
Received a call on 6-26-02 offering a credit card with a pre-approved 2000.00 limit, 9.9% intrest. Drops to 4.5% when you make payments on time. 199.00 one-time fee,(which needed to be debited from my account between 6-26-02/7-5-02), no service fee or annually fee. Will receive card within 15 business days after debit from account. Also gave customer service number 416-488-4664 and the person I was speaking with was Priya. After I didn't receive my card within 15 days I called several times before I got anyone to answer. When they finally answered I told them what their customer service representive told me about receiving my card within 15 days and the gentleman said that she had LIED!! and it would be about the end of August before I received my card. Shearon Wilson, North Carolina
Entity: Toronto, Other
31, Report #28841
Sep 03 2002
10:55 AM
Capital First ripoff consumer fraud ripoff Miami Florida
Capital First has cost me $29.99, $59.99, $99.99 with their erroneous charges. I cancelled their fraudulent membership within 12 hours of receiving the bull@#%* information. They are a bunch of Miami Crooks bleeding consumers dry. The lesson here is if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. I am keeping details of every conversation with their business. If anyone successfully gets a class action suit against them, count me in. If you are reading this after just ordering from them you need to change your bank account NOW! Capital First, you suck! mark mobile, Alabama
Entity: Miami, Florida
32, Report #28988
Sep 04 2002
12:28 PM
I fell victim to FIRST CAPITAL CONSUMERS GROUP. They contacted me by phone telling me that i was approved for a mastercard with a limit of $2000.00. I WOULD ONLY BE A PROCESSING FEE OF $199.00. They debited my checking account on may 8th, 2002 for the $199.00. I have repeatedly contacted them wanting to know why in four months i haven't got my mastercard yet,( just today they said to call back tommorow and they would find out why)for the fifth time, they continue to give excuses and play dumb over what is going on. I just today found the ripoff reports and so i am telling everyone BEWARE of FIRST CAPITAL CONSUMERS GROUP aka FIRST CAPITAL CONSUMERS they will rip you off. Merle Jackson, Michigan
Entity: Internet
33, Report #28910
Sep 03 2002
07:20 PM
capital first is a ripoff. miami, Florida
They got me too. Had the call offering free credit card from capital first for 29.95 and i fell for it, gave them my checking numbers. The original showed on my statement $29.95 but after about 6 weeks when i hadn't heard anything i started checking, found this site. went to my bank and found they waited about a month then charged my account $59.95 then the next day $99.95. of course now i have the overdraft fees along with these withdrawls. my bank is working on getting my money back but wont refund the overdraft fees of around $80.00. the number on the withdrawl is 866-892-6018 purchase 123 and they used the original check number for all three withdrawls. the worse thing is the bank told me there isn't anyway to protect others from this, no way to warn others. So what about those that can't check on the computer for fraud? Tammy brigton, Iowa
Entity: miami, Florida
34, Report #33226
Oct 23 2002
11:32 AM
Capital First ripoff Miami Florida
Wasn't So Lucky. I was taken in by Captial First also, believing that they were a legitimate company. Not only did they credit my account for funds before receiving their package, but the refund they promised me and the BBB has not arrived yet. Yes, I filed with the BBB and the FTC and Capital First has still not refunded my money. They wrote a letter to the BBB that they would refund the amount within 3 - 5 days of that letter. No such luck. Necy Shreveport, Louisiana
Entity: Miami, Florida
35, Report #33173
Oct 22 2002
05:49 PM
First Capital Consumers ripoff Toronto Ontario
took 219.00 out of bank account. after serveral attempts for refund there has been no response. we have faxed numerous information that they say was needed and now refuse to except our calls. Brian Waycross, Georgia
Entity: Ontario, Ontario
36, Report #55361
May 02 2003
12:20 AM
Capital First Bank ripoff Miami Florida
I Received a call on offer for a credit card and initial fee to get the card was $29.95 and I was suppose to have 30 DAYS to review the package and If I did not like it return for full refund. I never received a package and was charged the initial fee plus two additional charges that were never mentioned to me. After the intial fee I was charged $59.95 and then $99.95 on the same day. How I found this out was my bank called and said my account had been overdrawn and I knew that I had not written or authorized any money to be removed from my account. I informed the bank of this and they told me I need to contact Capital First and I was charged several return fees and I refuse to pay. They are now trying to sue me while I am still trying to contact someone at Capital First. I did months ago talk with Teresa from Capital First and she gave me an RMA# for reference when I call to check on status of refund in which I never received. Janice Manassas, VirginiaU.S.A.
Entity: Miami, Florida
37, Report #96145
Jun 23 2004
05:18 PM
First Capital Consumers ripoff Baltimore Maryland
I just ran across my packet that i recieved from first capital consumers. i now remember that i never received my credit card even though i gave them a 200.00 deposit over the phone. i tried reaching them over the phone without success. I am wondering if i can still receive a refund. CLICK here to see why Rip-off Report, as a matter of policy, deleted either a phone number, link or e-mail address from this Report. Laverne atlanta, GeorgiaU.S.A.
Entity: Baltimore, Maryland
38, Report #28113
Aug 27 2002
06:51 AM
Capital First ripoff Miami Florida
These people took $189.97 from my checking account without my permission and I have yet to recieve anything from these people. I did not have a clue that they were going to do this and it caused several checks of mine to bounce. I knew that they were going to take $29.99 fee to start my credit card. The rest I had no idea about. I have not recieved a thing, no credit card, no nothing. I called them and the said that they would return my money in two weeks and it has been over three weeks and still nothing. Thank you Rose Ferguson Rose Las Vegas, Nevada
Entity: Miami, Florida
39, Report #28117
Aug 27 2002
07:05 AM
Capital first ripoff Miami Florida
I didn't have the physical address so I wrote back. I want to make sure that something is done to this company for ripping me off. I am sure that I am not the only one who has been a victim of these people. I don't understand how they can take money out of a persons checking account and not give them anything in return. Rose Las Vegas, Nevada
Entity: Miami, Florida
40, Report #27908
Aug 25 2002
06:50 AM
Capital First ripoff Miami Florida
I am very angry about the fees they took out of my checking accout. The fee of 59.95 and 99.95 were not told to me over the phone or I would have never agreed to get this card. Also I have not received my card yet! They are misrepresenting theirselves.. Laurinda Cincinnati, Ohio
Entity: Miami, Florida
41, Report #27966
Aug 26 2002
02:30 AM
Capital First ripoff scam fraud Miami Florida
They charged me $30.00 to process my application, then tried to charge my checking account for $59.95, $99.95 and never sent the card just the info packet. Judy Eatonville, Washington
Entity: Miami, Florida
42, Report #28085
Aug 26 2002
08:21 PM
Capital First is a ripoff. Miami, Florida
I was contacted on the 25th of July and told about a mastercard i qualified for with $2000 credit limit. Then they told me about some clubs or programs I would get a free trial for. After my trial period of 30 days I was told I would be billed to ,so I thought my new credit card,$59.95 processing fee and $99.95 LOW annual membership fee. two weeks before i received the packet. I got a noticed from my bank stating the $59.95 and $99.95 non sufficient funds and me being charged $20 fee per transaction. Whenever I would call someone would take my name and number and 2 days later i would get a return call. When i finally talked to them they said i had 7 days from the time i had first talked to them. Which would be before i got any information. And when i told them about the nsf fee her voice got shakey and unsure. She gave me an address in Florida and told me to write them and cancel. I asked her for a web site or something faster she had no solutions.The $29.95 I can live with losing but $160 is too fat for my pocket with nothing to show for it and not sure if they are going to try it again. Khrista Findlay, Ohio
Entity: Miami, Florida
43, Report #26978
Aug 15 2002
09:27 AM
Capital First ripoff Miami Florida
I was contacted by an account rep named Will Smith Rep#789456, he told me that I have applied for a credit card for Capital First. He told me that it was going to have a limit of $2500 and that I had to give them my checking account routing# and account# I had to give them my social security# also. Now I told this rep that this sounds too good to be true and he assured me that this is not a scam. He did record this call. He said that it would take about 2-4 weeks to receive the card. I did not know this was a hoax until I read this om the internet. Now I called 2 times and both times they told me that my info was not in the system yet and that they could not give me any information, they could not even give me the name of the company. the # is 1-866-892-6018. Dean McKeesport, Pennsylvania
Entity: Miami, Florida
44, Report #29414
Sep 08 2002
08:03 PM
Capital First is a ripoff. Miami, Florida
They took $29.95 and $99.95 out of my checking account the bank gt my $59.95 back I hadto pay $30.00 for an over drawn account. sandra steelton, Pennsylvania
Entity: miami, Florida
45, Report #27015
Aug 15 2002
02:11 PM
Capital First ripoff liars victimized us Miami Florida
I went on the computer and looked uo capital first and rip off reports poped up, not trying to GET-GOT!!!!!!!!!! SO I STOPED THE MEMERSHIP Lindi portsmouth, Virginia
Entity: Miami, Florida
46, Report #27033
Aug 15 2002
04:15 PM
Capital First Sloppy bank robbers Miami Florida
Capital First called me in July and offered me the Mastercard with a $4000 limit, and they said they could not send the materials for my review. I'm not sure how they got my phone number since it is non-published. Unfortunately, I did not check them out online before agreeing to do a check by phone for the card. They cashed the check and I never received any materials. On August 5th, there were two pre-authorized drafts on my checking account in the amounts of $59.95 and $99.95 and my bank statement shows 866 892 6018 as the number that tried to take the funds. Here's the best part. There wasn't enough money in my account to cover the drafts, so when I called my bank that night, they were able to send both transactions back and put stop payments on both amounts until I could close my account. When I called Capital First the next morning, they insisted on having my social security number and they wouldn't answer any questions unless I could verify that I was a customer. I made sure they understood that they're required by state law to be registered in this state before they can solicit by phone, and that they are legally obligated to provide a registration number and mailing address since they called me first. They said it's their company's policy not to give that information, so they basically admitted that they are willfully breaking the law. I have called them numerous times, asking for a supervisor and for an explanation, but they always refuse to give me either one. It's an 800 number, so I don't have to pay for the calls. I can demand an explanation every day until I'm satisfied with their response, and can keep paying for my phone calls to them since it's an 800 number that THEY pay for. I'm sick of waiting for this company to be investigated and shut down, so I guess Capital First is going to continue hearing from one unsatisfied customer and pay for that customer's phone calls until some legal action can be taken. It's a shame that their phone lines have to be tied up like that each day and it's a crying shame that they are paying for all my long distance calls to them. I must be the phone company's new best friend. Nancy Seattle, Washington
Entity: Miami, Florida
47, Report #28417
Aug 29 2002
01:54 PM
FIRST CAPITAL CONSUMERS ripoff suns a guns ripoff
I FEEL LIKE SUCH A FOOL!!!!!!!!!!!!! James Blasdell, New York
48, Report #28650
Aug 31 2002
06:23 PM
Capital First is a ripoff fraud business. Miami, Florida
I paid Capital First over 200$ to get a unsecured credit card. We'll it's been four months and I still haven't received a card. Kimberly Gulfport, Mississippi
Entity: Miami, Florida
49, Report #28430
Aug 29 2002
03:39 PM
Capital First ripoff false promises Miami Florida
Keep charging money and signing me to different unautorised memberships who are also charge unautorised fees. Keep lying on the phone and postponing.I've never seen any paper or promised credit card from them. It's been going on for couple months. Vanda Saratoga, California
Entity: Miami, Florida
50, Report #28448
Aug 29 2002
05:53 PM
Capital First is a ripoff. Miami, Florida
Capital First are a big ripoff. They need to be stoped I have a Family of six kids and I work very hard for my money. I apply for there cerdit card and next thing you know I have these people going into my checking account without my permmsion. They made a miscellaneous deposit of $59.99 and one for $99.95 and $29.95 They need to be stoped before they do this to other hard working people They are located at: Capital First 18495 South Dixie Highway #228 Maimi Florida 33157 Victor Philadephia, Pennsylvania
Entity: Miami, Florida

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