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26, Report #1090117
Oct 26 2013
02:51 PM
Capital One Capital One Credit CardsCapital One Financial Corporation Rewards Scam Salt Lake Cty Utah
I paid my credit card balance of $20,000 on time and never late. I was expecting to receive the rewards of 35,681 miles/points but was told that the account was restricted due to security reasons and the rewards are being forfeit. I did receive a very prompt and pleasant response by Capital One two week ago since I reported my complaint to BBB. But, Capital One still does not want to honor my accumulated points. Finally last week, a human being responded to me and explained the situation on why my accumulated points were forfeit after 3 years of me asking “what happen Capital One?”. The reason was because of a fraudulent merchant’s activities. Capitol One assumed and does imply indirectly that I knew about the merchants’ wrong doing. I consider this as an insult and an outrage. I as a customer simply used my Credit Card to buy merchandise. I did not know that the Merchant took such a malicious approach to harm me and my relationship with Capitol One. But for Capital One to forfeit my rights to the points which is approximately $350 is not reasonable and honestly unacceptable. I would like for Capital One to honor the points/rewards just like I honored my terms and conditions as a Credit Card holder of on-time, no late or missed payments. As of this week, Capital One continues to refuse to honor the accumulated points. I guess they did protect me from the merchant by restricting my credit card but took my points?
Entity: Salt Lake Cty, Utah
27, Report #533843
Dec 04 2009
03:09 PM
CAPITAL ONE MORTGAGE CAPITAL ONE / CHEVY CHASE BANK Borrowers contacting AXJ about a refusal by these banks to modify home loans.Apparently they are foreclosing on properties without modifying home loans.All those affected should write their stories below.
Entity: , Internet
28, Report #63898
Jul 16 2003
07:46 PM
Capital One ripoff victimized many consumers Richmond Virginia
I was just wondering...with so many people writing here (myself included)with the same experiences with this company, is there a law suit being filed? If there is how can I be included? I think it's unbelievable that this company can continue doing business like this without any legal ramifications. What they are doing to all of us cannot possibly be legal...can it? I'm sorry but my account is in collections now and even though I told them that I cannot pay (see my earlier post explaining my situation)they have a new collector calling and leaving messages on my machine and also at my parents! They called looking for me at my parents, using my maiden name which I haven't used since 1996 when I moved out of my parents house! I just spoke with someone at the collection agency 2 months ago so they know my number and where I live...why are they calling my parents? I was forced to explain to my parents that it was a collection agency...I shouldn't have had to be in the position to have to explain to my parents why they were calling them looking for me. It's making me a wreck...worrying that they'll try sueing me. I'm on muscle relaxants and anti-depressants and going through rehabilitaion for a chronic spasm of my neck. I can't take much more stress. Is anyone else here completely terrified to answer the phone or check the mailbox? If only I could go back to the day I got the pre-approval letter and rip it up. Michelle cranston, Rhode IslandU.S.A.
Entity: Richmond, Virginia
29, Report #62511
Jul 01 2003
07:03 PM
Capital One Services fraudulent ripoff scam business Richmond Virginia
Capital One Services,Capital One Credit Card, Capital One Bank fraudulent ripoff business, ripped off and scammed Richmond Virginia ..... Lost my job and my Capital One Credit Card went into collection. When I got a job I started making payments,the cancled checks prove this, but the payments were not postedto/deducted from my account. The original collection ballance remains the same, plus interest. Capital Services and Capital One Bank are regulated by the Federal reserve and the Commonwealth Of Virginia's State Corporation Commission, Bureau of Financial Institutons. If you have been making payments I pays to check as see if your payments are being posted This seem like it might be another Lincon Savings and Loan, ENRON or World Com. Information on how to file a complaint is on the Virginia State Web site, The Federal Reserve web site also explains how to file a complaint. The more complaints about this issue and others the faster we will see action. Remember calm and concise statements and supporting documents, collection letters cancled checks an whatever else applies. Three complains is better than one covering three issues. Gary Hereford, ArizonaU.S.A.
Entity: Richmond, Virginia
30, Report #28979
Sep 04 2002
11:39 AM
Capital One ripoff victimized many consumers Richmond Virginia
I just applied for a mortgage and Capital One showed up on my credit report. Huh? This secured account which was terminated back in 2000 when my amount due was not even as much as my little $200 deposit. Now I have a $483 balance. Are these people insane or what? Needless to say I am furious. From what I have seen on this website there has to be a class action suit somewhere. If not let's band together and get one going. Unpaid balance reported as a loss by credit grantor? Excuse me, this could really make someone go postal. Suggestions anyone? Terry Dawsonville, Georgia
Entity: Richmond, Virginia
31, Report #76031
Dec 28 2003
10:55 AM
Capital One harrasment Nationwide
Capital One did not send a bill in December, so the payment slipped by. When I finally got a bill it was for double and a $29 late fee. Here the good part, the double payment was mailed, but I was getting phone calls, caller ID says private, some were only one hour apart, late at night. When calls were answered they would not identify themselves. After three calls one night, I answered one. They said they would drop the fine if I would go to automatic pay, he came close to demanding my checking account number. After refusing this service a dozen time in 20 minutes I asked for a supervisor, none were there(sounds funny), I told him to be sure to send me a statement and he has lost a customer, and he hung up on me. The bad thing about this is there customer service must be in India, everyone that called had the same acsent, I could only understand half of the sales pitch.. I will complain to someone higher up, but I'm sure the call will be routed to the same office in India. J Indianapolis, IndianaU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
32, Report #78244
Jan 27 2004
06:33 AM
Capital One ripoff Seattle Washington
Well a long and drawn out story. My husband got this Capital One card and bought a computer for his sister, she needed one and so we made a deal with her that she would pay the card. Dumb mistake #1. Anyways, within the first 2 months it was listed on his credit report, as late payments. She either didnt pay it or forgot about it. I decided that I would pay it, and get the money from her, a lot easier to deal with making sure it got paid and fighting her for the money. Time goes on, I am making the payments online and start seeing where I had been charged a late payment fee, when I have verification that I was paying on time. After a few months of this I finally got my husband on the phone with them (due to me not being on the account), and they told us that if we do not make the minimum payment that they charge a late payment fee. Well, I had made the minimums, I had it on paper. Per Ryan at Capital One, he told us that the minimum payment is not what is listed on the bill! I was like what, then how am I supposed to know what to pay so I dont get charged this fee? Ryan told me I would have to call in every month and find out what the minimum is according to Capital one and get that dollar amount. I said that is ridiculous, so dont pay attention to the amount on your bill, it is wrong! Ok well not everyone is wrong but if you get charged a late payment fee and you know you have paid ontime, then it is because you didnt pay what they wanted you to pay. According to Capital One the minimum is anywhere between 3-5% of the balance on the account, so it is difficult to decifer what they want you to pay. I asked Ryan why dont they put that on the bill and he told me, that is just the way Capital One does it. There is some wrong-doing here somewhere, and I dont think it is me. Lisa Montgomery, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Seattle, Washington
33, Report #78171
Jan 26 2004
03:12 PM
Capital One End the Harrassing Calls! Virginia
I ended the 6:30AM calls from Capital One but also demanded that they change their policy w/i ten (1)) days of the conversation. I was receiving 2-3 calls/day, beginning five days after I mailed a chunk payment to Capital One. Then, I got a 6:30AM collections call! Got two more that same day! I'm glad they are recorded, since I advised the caller of the time of day it was! After that, I contiued to get harrassing and admonishment alls from Capital One, not debt collection cal1s, and not within legal hours to call under Federal Law. I decided that the CEO and other officers needed to be aware of this illegal activity by their company!! So, I decided that for every call I got, they would get one immediately afterward, AT THEIR HOMES!!! ---regadless of what time of day Capital One called me!! They were getting the same call that I got. I looked up the names of all board members, w into on their other company affiliations. Then I did a search by for those names, in the locations of the other company offices, and NY CIty!! Found the critters! Got home numbers and addresses. Then verified that I had the right persons by logging into the local TAX and DEEDs offices of each county the names were in. Located the residences, checked the $$$ of them, which verified that I had the right millionaire=collector associated w/ Capital One. At 8:20AM, 1/15/04, I received the second consecutive call from Captial One. That was it! I picked up the phone and called the residence of the former CEO, who's also still on the payroll. His wife answered. I informed her that I needed to speak w/ her husband. What's this about. I informed her it had to do with Capital One harrassing 6:30AM and multiple/daily calls. Then I advised her that for each illegal call I received, I would be calling her home, as well as the homes of each CEO! I got a call from Capital One Security! He wanted to make sure that I wasn't a threat to any of the CEOs. When he learned that I had posted the phone numbers of the Officers on the internet, he asked me to remove them. I advised him that it wasn't my web site, and they were already posted. He decided I was not threat, and really had a valid claim. He even made a comment voluntarily about the company, saying that they were the largest complained credit card company in the US and he knew of that personally! I told him that for every 6:30AM call I got, cell phone call I got, multiple/daily calls I got, I would be calling all of the executive officers at home to remind them that they were in violation of federal law, regardless of how early or late it was! He cleared me, and told me that an executie office person would call me afterwards. I got the call from Matt, who claims to be in the executive offices. Matt wanted me to remove the phone number from the web. NO! I told him that most of my charges were the result of Capital One's lowering my limit to BELOW my current balance, then charging over limit fees. I also told Matt that I would give Capital One ten (10) days to change their over limit policy to an ethical and honest policy, which didn't violate the usery laws, or I would file my complaint about the 6:30AM collections call (documented on my cell bill!!) as well as the multiple daily calls and the admonishment calls with the FTC and OTC. That could revoke thier business charter. To date, 1/26/04, Matt has not contacted me, as was agreed (within 10) days, regarding the policy change, which he was to present to the current CEO. Matt did remove me from the call list though. He cautioned me that I might get another call the next AM (after I had two that AM) since it was computer generated to go to acollecions agent. Instead of the next day, I got TWO (2) calls that afternoon, after we hung up. TWO CALLS w/i a short three hours is not collections, but harrassment. I have my land line calls on incomming/outgoing for that time period to document this. Since my call to the former CEO's wife, I've not been harrassed by Capital One. Try it yourself! Maybe they'll change the policy, if I don't compel it first! Carmen Clt., North CarolinaU.S.A. Click here to read other Rip Off Reports on Capital ONE CLICK HERE to read about Credit Card Scams... find out how to get your money back. Consumer makes harsh but accurate statements. *Rip-off Report Investigation follow-up provides valuable information.
Entity: Virginia
34, Report #206500
Aug 16 2006
10:15 PM
Capital One ripoff Los Angeles California Nationwide
At the end of 2004, I bought a home, so for emergancies I got the Capital One credit card. In early 2005, I used the card for three purchases, totaling less than $200.00 (my limit). I was charged a late fee (which made my balance over my limit) and then an over-limit fee. Every late fee was accompanied by an over-limit fee. I had made a payment of $300.00, but I am still being charged late and over-limit fees. This year, they renewed my membership (without my permission) and included an overlimit fee. At this time, my balance is $618.16 and growing. Donna Palmdale, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
35, Report #217067
Oct 22 2006
09:09 AM
Capital One ripoff Nationwide
I noticed thier are now 36 pages of complaints on Capital One companies. Just think of all the people who don't report or complain of there aggressive tactics. Do they commit fraud? Alot of thier advertising is misleading. So on a degree of level they do. They promise to protect you and your information yet they hand it out freely to any repo or collection agency that comes along when you mess up or miss a payment. There's no room for error with Capital One. I hope your an angel and setting with God when you miss a payment or are late because they will not work with you. So you better not screw up. Found this little statement in thier privacy act. {You may tell us not to share personal information about you with outside companies, except we may disclose information as required or permitted by law. Required disclosures are made, for example, to outside auditors and banking regulators. Permitted disclosures are made, for example, to vendors assisting us in opening, maintaining or servicing your account. (CA, ND and VT Residents: We will not disclose information about you outside our corporate group of companies, other than as required or permitted by law, without your express authorization.)}Are they 100 percent legal in all there operations. No! They are not angels either and if you look hard enough you'll find the true secret to business practice that made them giants. Easy credit without explaining all the fineprint. Incentives to lure you in like bait and switch con man would do. Think of the old bait and switch scam of days gone by and you will find your anwser were to look for legal discrepancies were they step across the line many more times than anyone knows. Search the excutives and CEO's and thier assets. Public Record now. Most everything is since the dawn of the computor age. Do the math! Don't forget to add in thier employee salaries and all other overhead including the fancy TV ads then deduct that from thier profit. See what you come up with? Only way to win is be right. Only way to be right is build a case on evidence. Always remember no one is perfect. They cheat every corner they can. You look hard enough you'll find it. Ken Johnston, Rhode IslandU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
36, Report #128878
Jan 25 2005
05:33 PM
Capital One ripoff Richmond Virginia
I had 2 credit cards with Capital One for about 3 yrs.. I had the balances transferred and was going to cancel both cards. I ended up cancelling one of the cards with a zero balance. Not recieving any statements or anything, months go by. A letter in the mail from a collection agency stating I owed $194.24!!! I called to find out nothing from the collection department other than to owe money. I called Capital One and talked to customer service explaining that I paid the account off 5 months ago. She tells me she would handle it and send something to her supervisor explaining that this was a mistake. A week goes by and I was still recieving phone calls. I call Capital One again. Customer service explains that there was a $3.88 balance on the account. I then asked why they would not send me a bill for that amount and instead choose to send it to a collection department. Customer service said they had a wrong address... how then did they get all my other statements to me for both accounts!!! Never had a problem before. I keep calling and now again the bill has gone up again! Customer service tells me the $3.88 just grew from fees!!! I wrote letters to every department through Capital One explaing that I have had 3 yrs of good report, nothing late, nothing never not paid. That I was more than willing to pay the $3.88 but not for fees that I was not responisble for. They sent me statement now for $233.62, more fees!!! None the less, I pulled my credit files and it is now on my files, the only negative!!! I am very angry that over $3.88 they did not send a bill and just send me a collector, every other mail/statement they have sent I recieved, except for $3.88. I feel that Capital One ripped me off since I switched credit card companies. This is a UNETHICAL way of handling business and no company should be able to rip faithful customers off!!! I am contacting my attonery general and will find other ways to contact everyone that has anything to do with these types of cases and report them. If anyone has any good advice... let me know! Finally... DON'T GET A CAPITAL ONE CREDIT CARD!!!!!!! Jane Lacey, WashingtonU.S.A.
Entity: Richmond, Virginia
37, Report #145123
Jun 05 2005
11:43 AM
Capital One Bank ripoff Internet
I had an account withe Newport News (FCNB Bank)Due to financial difficulties I was unable to pay them. I did try to contact them when I had the funds. When I made the attempt to contact them ; they had no record of my account. I tried several times and I received the same information. 5 years after I receive a letter from a lawyer stating I was going to be sued for 4100.00 dollars owed to capital one as they took over the account from Newport News. I received no information stating the account was going to be transfered. I made a repayment plan with the lawyer and I was paying them until I received a letter from Capital one thanking me for my 100 payment and stating my balance was 1900. a year later. I tried to contact the lawyer because the amount they stated I owed was different from what was on file with capital one. I sent a certified letter to the lawyer requestung a statement of the funds I paid them and also a break down of the funds owed. I have yet to receive a response a month 1/2 later. I have contacted the FTC and I was avised this has happen to a number of people who had a newport news account as the went bankruot in 2003. If anyone has any information that is helpful it would be appreciated as I would like to get this settled Shanta brooklyn, New YorkU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
38, Report #130980
Feb 11 2005
03:14 AM
CAPITAL ONE ripoff Richmonx Virginia
Capital One offers air fares with mile accumulated via purchases. The multiplier is 100. That is, $100 x 100 uses 10000 points (earlier yesterday I erroneoursly wrote multiplier of .9). Yet clearly on their web site is the offer of $100 for 9000 points, a multiplier of 90 (that is, $100 x 90 demands 9000 points, not 10,000). Yet Capital One refuses to honor this promise and erects a stone wall when one tries to find why. SHAME! Bern Pinnacle, North CarolinaU.S.A.
Entity: Richmonx, Virginia
39, Report #130952
Feb 10 2005
06:36 PM
Capital One ripoff FALSE ADVERTISING Richmond Virginia
FALSE ADVERTISING; For a year or so, Capital One has advertised (on web site) the availability of $100 in air travel for 9000 cumulative miles (it's on their web site) or other equivalent dollars for greater miles, a multiplier of .9. Yet when asked to honor the original promise (and web site info), they say the multiplier is 1 and erect a stone wall that prevents getting any information! Outrageous false claim! See Bern Pinnacle, North CarolinaU.S.A.
Entity: Richmond, Virginia
40, Report #128554
Jan 22 2005
06:39 PM
Capital One ripoff dishonest fraudulent billing Seattle Washington
Failed to follow through with a cancel request. Continued to bill me for A.P.R. after a cancel request was made. Plus, they continue to send bills for late payments after the card was canceled and the bill was paid in full. Refuses to close my account. Charles sutter, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Seattle, Washington
41, Report #306600
Feb 06 2008
07:49 AM
Capital One excess fees Richmond Virginia
excessive fees charged to credit card account. also, charged late fee when payment was received after 2pm on due date. Jim conyers, GeorgiaU.S.A.
Entity: Richmond, Virginia
42, Report #318806
Mar 17 2008
06:33 PM
Capital One I Want In To!!! Richmond Virginia
First Capital One garnished my bank account and took $495.42. That was in October 2007. No further contact with them until today. By way of a summons to court for garnishment of my paycheck. I have nothing but blood left to give. They are looking for $6395.57. If they take 25%, I wont be able to make it. I drive a schoolbus. Do they know how little me make? A financial report shows me in the red already. What can be done? I have a court date of May 19, 2008. Any help would greatly be appreciated. Troubles@50 Woodford, VirginiaU.S.A.
Entity: Richmond, Virginia
43, Report #313664
Mar 01 2008
01:10 PM
Capital One student New Orleans Louisana
Can I get my member fee back? About 40 days ago I got an offer letter from capital one for credit card, and I applied for it. I got my first bill last week and they charged me the member fee $45. It's my fault that I didn't notice that they want to charge member fee as applying for it. Now I want to pay off the balance and close my account. Can I get my member fee back? Thanks a lot. By the way, I also got another offer letter from capital one for no annul fee, but that was after I applied for this credit card. Kenneth Sate college, PennsylvaniaU.S.A.
Entity: New Orleans, Louisana
44, Report #256473
Jun 23 2007
10:58 PM
Capital One changing fixed apr's Richmond Virginia
I have had a visa card from capital one since 5/2005, it is now 6/2007 never late etc... I decided to take advantage of the special fixed 5.9% apr checks they send out... before I wrote the check I did not have a balance, and did not use the card after writing the check, because I know how they like to pencil whoop you when your statement has multiple aprs.... I wrote a special APR check for $2400 in Apirl 2007... I checked my April statement and the correct APR & balance were on my acct... fast forward to my May 2007 statement, and my APR has magically changed to 19%... (They could have waited a few more months I might not have noticed) So anyway I call them on 5/30/07 and ask them what's going on (like it wasn't obvious lol) I get the glitch in the system speech, and we will fix it etc, etc... Of course my June 2007 statement still has the 19% APR, and my acct wasn't credited... I am so thankful I'm not financially strapped and can afford to pay them off in one stroke, and sever all financial ties with them... I'm not even going to pursue the issue any further, the few dollars they cheated me out of they can keep... sharing my experience with others is reward enough.... Devon Columbia, MarylandU.S.A.
Entity: Richmond, Virginia
45, Report #226829
Dec 22 2006
01:23 PM
Capital One unlawful bussines practices ripoff Encino California
04/12/05 06/24/05 08/11/05 02/19/06 07/16/06 08/04/06 *To whom it may concern: My name is Abner R. and I have been the victim of Stolen Identity, fraud and falsification of documents. If this is an attempt to collect, I will not pay, because I have been informed that I owe money to known and unknown creditors with out my Knowledge or consent. I will not continue or pay as I have in the past to save my credit for loans or credit that we have not taken out by me personally. I ask any one that thinks I owe them money, to prove with satisfactory evidence or any document, which includes my signature or voice message, that it was actually me that borrowed the money they claim. I'm willing to go to court if necessary to clear my credit and name. Send any correspondence directly to me at (((ROR REDACTED INFO FOR SECURITY PURPOSES))). I will not sign this or any document or give away any information by mail or phone. For my protection until litigation is commenced, I want my signature to be verified by a professional AND witnessed by a NOTARY PUBLIC. Abner R I was sent documents by my banks to inform me that was served by Capital one for judgment on a debt, this was also fraudulent, because I was never served at my home, no one signed any document at my home and I never knew that a hearing was being held against me, I hope this is illegal, because I'm charging Capital one with not only giving credit to someone in my name, but suing me with out my knowledge and therefore unable to defend my self, as soon as I started sending them letters (example*) questioning their practices they started this unlawful law suit. I'm sending this letter to all my creditors, friends and family and to the judge that authorized this lawsuit. I'm hoping that this letter will show that Capital one has bad business practices. I feel that this is an example not only of Identity theft, but also of what creditors do to us to collect a debt knowing they had a responsibility to the consumer for bad business practices. I have reported this to the police; trade commission, social security, credit report agencies and the better business bureau. I also posted this letter on the Internet and reported to Abner stanton, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Encino, California
46, Report #61646
Jun 24 2003
07:32 AM
Capital One Tightening the Screws with Pretrial Conference NATIONWIDE
Same story with Capital One as a thousand others: Because of drop in income, contacted CO to close account and thereby stop continuing addition of late charges, overlimit fees, additional interest, etc. Of course they wouldn't close account without payment in full, but how could I pay in full if I couldn't make monthly payments? Long and short of it is that I called before even late the first time in an effort to do damage control: For my trouble I was told to forget it. Sure enough, now some law firm is suing me, they have more than doubled the amount I ever owed Capital One and frankly I don't feel it is fair. I called the debt collector/law firm and offered to pay $800 (even though I really owed them more like $650 or $700); they said no. I then said I would split the difference of the trumped up penalties and interest and pay $1200 at $50 per month; again, no. Today, I am looking for advice on (a) similar situations and how they came out at court and (b) any other defense-type strategies you can offer. I intend to present my situation to the judge, explain that I tried even before becoming delinquent to stop the impending flow of predatory lending fees and charges, and ask his consideration in determining a FAIR settlement. I don't mind paying what I *OWE* Capital One, but I think they have a responsibility, if they want to remain part of the USA's commerce system, to work with people FAIRLY when they have family emergencies. I'm sick of hearing, Gee, I understand your plight but there is really nothing I can do.... Yes there is, people.....apply payments ON TIME (not twelve days later), provide a short-term grace period for people having difficulties, etc. That sort of service might keep companies from getting 160+ negative posts on The RipOff! Spare me the you should've paid! nonsense; I didn't NOT PAY because I had a choice. I am STILL amenable to paying what I TRULY OWE....Regardless of what the fine print reads, fair and reasonable is fair and reasonable; beyond that is predatory lending. HELP! I only need responses until July 1. Thank you in advance. Mrs. A everywhereU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
47, Report #101191
Jul 29 2004
12:16 PM
Capital One ripoff laid off 1,100 workers in Tampa, Florida
Dear Friends: Another big layoff here in Tampa, Florida! 1,100 jobs outsourced overseas from the huge Capital One campus. To help those laid off we will give Free Job Search Counseling and Discounted Guaranteed Power Rsums to all laid-off Capital One staff. We are prepared to devote up to 4 full-time rsum writers and counselors to help Capital One employees-- including weekends and evenings. P.S. Here is a typical customer comment: The resume your company made for me is more then I could have ever asked for. My company is closing and I have not been in the job market for 20 years. I provided a copy of my resume to our Senior V.P. and in his own words That is the best resume I have ever seen. J. Duncan, June 2004 Kirt Tampa, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
48, Report #101047
Jul 28 2004
04:39 PM
Capital One Ripoff collection practices Richmond Virginia
Capital One turned me over to a collection agency back in February. The representative from Capital Management Services demanded then & there I settle this account. I asked what the settlement amount would be & he said $857 and some odd cents. If I had that much laying around I would pay it, but I don't. The bad thing about this is......even though they have turned me over to a collection agency, they are STILL COLLECTING interest!!! 23.99% to be exact. I recently called the company to try to come to an agreement & I got routed to the collection agency. Has anybody else had this happen to them? I hadn't made payments on this account for over 4 yrs. Is there a 5 yr. statute of limitations in the State of Iowa? Any help would be good. Thank you, Lori Boone, IowaU.S.A.
Entity: Richmond, Virginia
49, Report #89441
Apr 28 2004
08:35 PM
Capital One ripoff Richmond Virginia
Well, this site has been the most interesting I've ever seen, to say the least!!! I can't believe there are people in the same boat as I. I also received a credit card from Capital One 2 years ago. The 1st card I got I paid the membership fee and was never able to use it, was always denied. But was sent a fee the following year. After talking to a rep I decided to keep my account open and start using it since it had been updated. Oh what a fool they made of me. Credit line was only $300.00 which was fine with me, since I have a tendancy to spend too much anyway. I paid my balance with only $30.00 left to go. The company seemed to have a bad habit of only sending my bill every 3 months which to me is extremely odd. But no kidding, talk about interest. They really saw me coming. Paid the $30.00 that was owed. You think 3-4 calls a day is bad, try 11. That's what I received just today. I have decided to let them turn me over to a collection agency because I gave up on trying to understand the foreigner on the other end of the phone. I think if your going to be in the USA you should at least learn the language. No offense to anyone else, just them. Thanx everyone for letting me whine about this to you. Doesn't take the debt away but I feel better already. From had it in Indiana... Kandi Wabash, IndianaU.S.A.
Entity: Richmond, Virginia
50, Report #68600
Oct 09 2003
05:03 AM
Capital One Getting Back Richmond Virginia
I LOVE Rip Off Report. I am on two or three times per day. When I get a JUNK mailing, like the one I got yesterday from Capital One, I go to the RipOffReport and search for the company that mailed me the junk mail (If, repeat, IF they have enclosed a no postage necessary if mailed inthe United States envelope.) I then print out the pages for the RipOffReport, not individual pages, but the first pages from the search. I then go to the copier and print them at 85% so I can cut them into envelope size pages and then CRAM them in the free postage envelope and mail it back to them. (Of course, I delete any reference to who is mailing it back to them.) This is the second mailing from Capital One in two months. Each time I send them back as many pages I can cram into their envelope. I have SO MUCH fun in doing this. May take a little time but maybe someone who opens the envelope will realize what a RipOff Capital One has become and take it to heart and bring it to the attention of management. Happy printing and cramming; try it, you'll like it!!!!! Bob D. Bob Lakewood, OhioU.S.A.
Entity: Richmond, Virginia

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