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76, Report #1599
Mar 18 2000
12:00 AM
Capital One Services credit card fraud banks
In March 2000 I got a bill from Capital One for $39 membership fee. I had no card so called the service number toget the expiration date so I could use the card. The reply was inbalid card so i talked to a rep. I was told the fee stood for services rendered for the card, which had been mailed in Dec. I hadn't received the card so was told it was canceled and a new one would be sent the next day. Ten days later teh second card had not arrived ao checked your file and saw someone else had tried to cancel a card and been refused. I am writing to them and canceling the non-existant service and refusing to pay the fee for nonexistant service on a card that does not exist. Also reporting this to the Richmond, VA BBB.
Entity: Richmond, Virginia
77, Report #3876
Nov 18 2000
12:00 AM
Capital One Bait-n-Switch Ads
Capital One ( has been running credit card comercials on various channels for many weeks now, advertising their no intrest till next year offer, no annual fee, and easy signup. I have just checked into their offer using their slick online signup, and while easy to complete their resulting offer was far from what they advertised. Their form was very simple and did not (surprisingly) ask much about my background. The offer explaination before the form was exactly what the TV ads described. However almost immediately after submitting the form the Capiral One system miraculously discovered I was simply not eligable for their freebies and instead to complete signup I'd need to pay an annual fee and agree to THREE TIMES the APR. I have a dozen cards, including platinum, none with annual fees. My income and credit rating are more than sufficient to secure any card I want. Returning with the bad offer in barely enough time to submit the form information itself is clearly a bait-and-switch trick.
Entity: Nationwide
78, Report #5120
May 10 2001
12:00 AM
Capital One Credit Cards Online ripoff
Everyone beware, Capital One will give out a credit card to anyone that applies, even if the information is bogus. This happened to me twice last year. Someone applied for first a visa, then a Master Card online in my name. The application was full of erouneous information, yet they still issued the credit cards. The only way you will know that this is happening is to check your credit report at least once per year. Someone please put this credit card mill out of business. How about the FTC? I'm sure they have plenty of reports on this company, yet do nothing to stop this.
Entity: Nationwide
79, Report #35207
Nov 14 2002
06:54 PM
Capital One ripoff fraud scam Seattle Washington
Capital One ripoff report Capital one has a legal license to act like crooks ripoff business from hell ..... My wife and I took capital one credit cards. They gave us are treat lousy 200.00 credit cards with loan shark fees built in that was the trick. When you make every attempt to correct their errors showing documentation they slap on more fees for being defiant, uncomplaint. These people love trick or treatin why do they always put on commercials ghost and monsters because this is a subliminal message. After 1 year they suddenly slap on fees to take you over your credit limit bearing in mind that we paid what they requested and wanted they racked up bogus, fake charges on credit cards hidden fees, phony accounting practices if the devil had a credit card this one would be first prize this credit card is from hell they also like sending letters dated october 31, 2002 trick or treatin john tacoma, Washington
Entity: seattle, Washington
80, Report #31568
Oct 01 2002
11:33 AM
There's something rotten at Capital One in Tampa.They're getting marching orders from thier corporate headquarters to cut the payroll by firing employees for no reason at all.The reason being is to eliminate operators who've reached thier salary cap and replace them with newbies making half of what the others used to make.I should know,I myself was a victim of this. My manager Liz Woods targeted me and three others with the same seniority as me for termination.So if you think they're careless with thier customers,just think of the way they throw away thier employees like trash just so thier stock won't fall because of announced layoffs.They saw what happened to Chase when they announced a huge layoff two years ago and they want to avoid the same even if it means breaking every law that they cross. michael tampa, Florida
Entity: Tampa, Florida
81, Report #29695
Sep 10 2002
10:52 PM
Capital One outlandish ripoff late fees Richmond Virginia
I would like to include my ripoff report together with Ellie from Evergreen Park, Illinois-I too was in the same situation and her story is all too familiar...Although, I can say - I was a big fool, because instead of reporting Capital One to anyone, I just paid the whole so called late fees off. A grand total of $998.00 and I also had a $200.00 credit limit. So to anyone thinking of applying, I urge you not to unless your willing to pay all the fees that Capital One cannot justify. Rachel Portland, Oregon
Entity: Richmond, Virginia
82, Report #48684
Mar 10 2003
05:49 PM
Capital One rip-off Richmond Virginia Internet
I received a letter from Capital One stating that they had not received a payment from me and that as a result, they would be increasing my account's purchase APR and monthly membership fee if I were late again in any of the next five monthly billing periods. They also charged me a $29 late fee. I thought I had sent them my payment on-line, however I went ahead and sent them another payment on-line again and a few days later, my bank sent me a letter stating that my on-line payment to Capital One had been rejected by them for an invalid account number. Thinking that someone had mis-keyed the account number at Capital One, I contacted them to let them know that they had rejected my payment and that someone must have mis-keyed the account number and returned it to my bank since my second on-line payment to them had gone through just fine. I faxed them copies of my on-line confirmation numbers showing I had in fact sent my payment to them but they refused to accept responsibility and told me it wasn't their fault at all but that it was my bank's fault for submitting the payment to them under the wrong account number. They were very sorry but there was no way they could take the $29 charge off of my bill or remove the late payment criteria. I contacted my bank and they assured me that they have the proof that their payment to Capital One was sent with the correct account number. Now it seems to me what a great scam this is. Of the hundreds of thousands of credit card customers out there that are having their interest rates raised to ridiculous percentage rates and if only 1000 customers were charged $29 late fees a few times, you can imagine the money that this credit card company is swindling people out of. Just reject payments every now and then, blame it on on-line banking (they did try to encourage me to set up my on-line payments with them and not my bank), and they are making hundreds of thousands of dollars. I don't understand why our lawmakers are letting these credit card companies get away with ripping people off. If someone would investigate this, I am sure they would have all the proof they need for a class-action lawsuit. Jill Clinton, WashingtonU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
83, Report #49572
Mar 17 2003
05:11 PM
Capital One rip-off Richmond Virginia
Back in September of 2002 i lost my wallet and i had credit cards in it.Someone found my wallet and used my cards.The only card im having a problem with is Capital One.A week or so before i lost my wallet i paid off my account in full. Now the problem is thay wont take off the balance i didnt charge.Thay were Cash Advance.Thay told me that since i made up my own pin # i am beat,I got to pay it.I have not made a payment to them since,but i dont want to wreck my credit.I dont know what to do???? Another thing is i didnt file a police report.I loose my wallet often i usally find it weeks later so i didnt know i really lost it this time.Please Help Scott Stroudsburg, PennsylvaniaU.S.A.
Entity: Richmond, Virginia
84, Report #50477
Mar 25 2003
11:38 AM
Capital One rip-off Richmond Virginia
Capital One issued me a Kmart Capital One Mastercard two years ago and ever six months they have always giving me a credit increase on my card because i have always kept my account perfect.Well today 3-25-03 i was getting ready to take a trip and i called to see if i could get an increase and was told by a very rude person by the name of Bruce that i could not get one because that they changed their rules. They never sent me a thing saying that.I ask to speak with someone else about this but was told if i had anything to say that i could talk to him that he was the only one that could help me.We both then had some words and he told me to stop begging and to get a life.So i will never use there card again.They are a bounch a scumbags. Jimmy Albany, GeorgiaU.S.A.
Entity: Richmond, Virginia
85, Report #51675
Apr 04 2003
06:58 PM
Capital One WILL SCREW YOU! Plano, Texas
Called Capital One to advise them of fraud we had suffered at our business that cost us thousands and impacted our Capital One account. Offered to pay off account entirely and asked them to remove derogatory credit reported. They said Forget It!! NOW I learn that CAPITAL ONE has FRAUDULENTLY charged our account Acct Bal Coverage Premiums that we NEVER authorized TO THE TUNE OF $500.00!!!!! I asked them if they would at least let the insurance help us out since they had charged us for it without our permission and they said Forget It!!! LAWSUIT TIME!!!!!!! Susie 87507, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Plano,, Texas
86, Report #740159
Jun 13 2011
11:56 AM
Capital One Unethical Practice , Internet
Capital One quit sending me statements, called me once so I would pay them, but racked up late charges from before and after my phone payment. The late charges far outweighed even the amount that I had used the card for. What a horrible trick -- racking up late charges during the months they never sent statements. I know the economy is rough, but cheating people is not the answer.
Entity: Internet, Internet
87, Report #850176
Mar 07 2012
02:52 PM
Capital One Company practices on charges are deplorable, Internet
Capital One did all of the following, just to my account: 1.  Added a monthly membership fee after I went paperless.  By the time that I realized that they had added a monthly fee, they told me it was too late to contest the fee. 2.  Jacked  up my interest rate after I supposedly missed payments because I was making them on or the day before their due date, but their automated online system was actually moving my payment dates past the due dates. 3.  Moved my account cycle date 9 days out from my due date, meaning any payments made during that time between the due date to the cycle date was counted toward the previous month's payment--which then made me ineligible for my interest rate to be lowered when they said it would because my payment didn't count for the month.  I paid a large sum on 11/18, my due date was 11/28.  My next payment was 11/30.  They marked me as no payment in December. 4.  Gave me the $35 late fee back for the December payment, but refused to allow my interest rate to go down in June because I missed my December payment.  5.  Refused to update my credit report when they had made an error.  They claim on my credit report that I went 30+ days overdue, which never happened.  This occurred in Feb 11, and again in Aug 11.  They corrected the Aug 11 report, but kept saying they would correct the Feb 11 and never did.  Of course, jacking up my credit score.  6.  Of course, couldn't lower my interest rate, but raised my limit by more than double to keep me from complaining. 
Entity: , Internet
88, Report #849670
Mar 06 2012
04:14 PM
Capital One False advertizing. Misleading information McLean, , Virginia
Capital One, around the end of 2011, sent out promotional checks that were to be interest free for one year ( to be deducted from your removing credit line ). For a fee of 2% The promotion lead you to believe that if the check cleared by the stipulated time you would get that amount, interest free for twelve months. What was not specified, was that the money would only be interest free if you did not use your credit card for that twelve months. I deposited the check within the time limit , but now I find, not only did I give them their 2% but now I will have to pay off the loan immediately or pay interest on that loan until it is paid off. How is that legal ? Do they need not include that little detail ?
Entity: McLean,, Virginia
89, Report #604138
May 17 2010
12:01 PM
Capital One Changes excessive fees on account problems Internet
I recently moved, and in the process of moving had some mail problems.  During that time I charged a $31 dollar item to a Capital One credit card.Due to the move, I didn't pay a bill on time. I received a call from Capital One that I was overdue, and they requested payment of $40. It seemed odd at the time, but I paid.  When after another week I finally started getting mail again (thanks USPS) I realized I had been charged two *$15* late fees on $30.  I called, and they would do nothing about the charges.  It also turns out their 'courtisy' phone call request for payment didn't put my account in the clear, it was only part of the payment, so they charged me another $15 fee.Clearly, this company is just sitting there, waiting for customers to make a mistake (honest or otherwise) , as an excuse to charge excessive fees, based on tiny-print disclaimers on the bottom of their statements.
Entity: , Internet
90, Report #570223
Feb 16 2010
10:37 AM
Account Number :486XXXXXXXXXTo Whom It May Concern:I am formally requesting that you validate all trade line notations you have submitted to the three major credit reportingagencies by Experian, Trans Union or Capital One Services for me, Santosh Jeerlapally . I never got a card or a statement from your company what so ever plus I never authorized this company to access my credit file. First thing is i never had an account with Capital One, but it shows me on my credit report Experian credit report prepared forSANTOSH K JYour report number is 4145-XXXXXXXXReport date: February 16, 2010Address:  PO BOX 30281   SALT LAKE CITY, UT 84130  (800) 955-7070Account Number: 486XXXXXXXXX  Address Identification Number:   004XXXXXXX Status: Account charged off. $591 written off. $475 past due as of Feb 2010.Status Details: This account is scheduled to continue on record until May 2013. This item was verified and updated on Aug 2009.
91, Report #467206
Jul 02 2009
06:15 PM
Capital One Securities scam,fraud, Newmarket Ontario
I received a letter in the mail titled winning final notification, as well as a very authentic looking check for 4993.00. The letter stated that I was one of 20 winners whose names were selected randomly after I supposedly entered into a shoppers sweepstakes. The letter stated that the check was for the purpose of paying the taxes that would be owed on the 250,000.00 winnings. It instructed me to call my claim agent Nicky Boyd back within 5 days BEFORE cashing the check. Embarassed to say, I attempted to call the number back (1-416-822-9196) and it just rang and eventually a message played that stated the customer is unavailable. This prompted me to investigate this company name on the internet. Thank God for this site. I HATE PEOPLE WHO STEAL!!!! Heidi, Elkhart,In. Hbjoraas elkhart, IndianaU.S.A.
Entity: Newmarket, Ontario
92, Report #426838
Feb 21 2009
09:21 AM
Capital One Screwing people nationally Florida Nationwide
Yep Capital One is at it again - ripping off consumers with a rate increase all while they are using OUR money for a bailout! I say either a class action lawsuit should be filed against all banks that pull this crap and/or all consumers should refuse to pay their bills for 3 months until they remove negative info from credit agencys (for standing up against being screwed & not paying) and lower the rates to affordable & reasonable amounts. everyone should also be contacting their state reps and protest what these banks are doing. And states that allow this type of business - extremely high interest rates should be banned as well from receiving federal aid. We could also start by flooding their websites with complaints. Pete New Milford, New JerseyU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
93, Report #397205
Dec 02 2008
07:29 PM
Capital One Credit card fraud Worldwide Nationwide
Long story...In may 08 I applied for and recieved a credit card from capital one prior to moving 300+ miles. I finalized my divorce in July and had my maiden name reinstated. In september I recieved a statement for a capital one account stating that my bill was past due by two months and over the limit. I was outraged since two days earlier I had checked my account online and everything was fine. I checked the account number to my surprise it didnt match my credit card number. I immediately called capital one to find out about this strange account. I told them i didnt open the account and it was fraudulent. customer service transferred me to the fraud department and the only thing they could tell me about the account was that the address was the same city i had moved from and the charges were made in the surrounding cities in JUNE!! I was shocked and I immediately knew who the culprit was: my ex mother in law. I filed all the appropriate forms with capital one, the police, the credit bureaus etc. I recieved a phone call from shannon in the fraud department who seemed happy to help with my case. I felt like everything was getting taken care of until......I recieved a call from shannon around the end of october. she informed me she had spoken with my ex mother in law who told her I was still recieving mail at her address (which I wasnt). From this information shannon deducted that I was the one that was lying and she said that because my story doesnt match my ex in laws that I was ultimately responsible for the account. I called the detective assigned to my case and he said it was a crime even if it was my own sister and we lived in the same household. In the past week i have recieved a past due statement, a warning about the overdue account and a collection notice. I know Im not responsible for this and I plan to get justice any way I can. Arianne Cape Coral, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
94, Report #927269
Aug 14 2012
04:07 PM
Capital One Bank WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE!! Internet
I have had the worst customer service through Capital One that I have ever experienced in my 32 years of banking.  Unfortunately after Wachovia was bought out I moved my account of 20 plus years to Capital One.  They have a lot to offer as far as their services, but their Customer Service is absolutely HORRIBLE!  I pay my bills through the online banking.  I have 2 auto loans going to the same place and due on the same date.  Capital One took the money from my account the day it was due, but according to them, they actually send an electronic draft.  My credit union did not receive one of the checks, so after 10 days I received a late notice.  Seeing that the funds were withdrawn on the date they were due, this confused me.  I called Capital One and they had no idea what to do, no suggestions.  I requested they call my credit union and inform them that in good faith I paid my payment on time.  In the mean time, they were supposed to send another check.  After another 4 days, and still no payment, and now my Credit Union has put a freeze on my funds there,about $4000,  I'm out $4600 with the double payment.  I called Capital One to tell them NOT to send another check because I was going to pay it myself.  I wanted my account credited immediately!  I got their scripted response, the money will be credited back to your account in 2 - 4 days.   Six days later no credit, I call once again, asking for someone that could help me.  Guess what you cannot talk to anybody other than customer service to make a complaint, you have to write to them.  Long story short, 21 days later I get my money back, 9 days after I paid it a second time.  NOW....they sent the 2nd check anyway, my credit union deposits it and it's returned for stop payment.  I now get charged by my CU $15 for returned check.  I write Capital One online to request a refund for their error in sending a 2nd check out.  Their reply is that they do not feel responsible for the charge, that my CU should not have cashed it.  So...I get stuck with the charge.  I explain that this whole situation has been nothing but a nightmare and I will consider moving my account elsewhere if not refunded.  Guess what???  NOBODY CARES!!  Definitely a first ever for me with banking!!
Entity: Internet, Internet
95, Report #1048586
May 05 2013
01:03 PM
Capital one Bank mergers and takeovers  Internet
  ever since capitalone took control of Ing Direct, merged... They have done a lousy job.... I hope you continue to lose consumers.... You can stick.... What's in your Wallet, where the the sun doesn't shine...
Entity: Internet
96, Report #1187698
Nov 08 2014
09:19 PM
I opened a capital one 360.checking account in September 2014. During that short time my checkbook and debit card were stolen.  I contacted capital one to let them know what happened. I asked that they cancel my debit card and checkbook to keep from any fraudulent activity happening on my account. The representative cancel the debit card but not the check book. When I realized this I contacted them back. They reviewed the phone call and realized that the rep I spoke with failed to cancel out everything. Due to there mistake there were several checks written on my account that bounced. I spent a month trying to fix this by disputing all of the transactions which they found in my favor. On October 21 2014 I received a call from Mike a rep from the customer security management. He informed me that my account was going to be closed if I failed to keep my account from going into a negative. That was ALL he told me. I said ok and also let him know about the fact my checkbook and card were stolen and that I had been trying to rectify this situation.  On November 7 2014 I received another call from Mike explaining that they were closing my account because of too many declines on my account. I was confused by this since that wasn't told to me beforehand.  I tried to appeal this decision with the customer satisfaction team who didn't do anything about this either. In fact they agreed to close my account. They all knew I was dealing with stolen and fraudulent activity yet they could care less. My disability for my son was being deposited into this account now leaving me to find another option at such a short notice. THEY ARE CARELESS INSENSITIVE ME AN AND THEY DONT CARE AT THE FACT MY PERSONAL ACCOUNT WAS COMPROMISED. THEY HELD ME ACCOUNTABLE FOR WHAT SOME ONE ELSE DID TO MY ACCOUNT. THEY ARE NOT WORTH IT THEY DO NOT HAVE A NY CUSTOMERS BEST INTERESTS AT HEART. IF THEY LOOSE MONEY WELL YOU LOOSE YOUR ACCOUNT.
Entity: Mcclean, Virginia
97, Report #1127990
Mar 06 2014
08:40 PM
Capital One DECEPTIVE PRACTICES salines California
 NEVER, EVER DO BUSINESS WITH CAPITAL ONE!!! This is the most deceptive company I have ever dealt with in my life. Everything they do appears designed to trick or cheat you into being late on a payment so they can add a late fee. It may or may not be legal but I advise no one to ever do business with them and I would be happy to join any class action suit aimed at their deceptive practices. For example in additon to the late fees they add a personal account protection elite fee of $4.00 per month that no one authorized or signed up for. Their call center claims it is part of the 'terms and conditions' of the cardmember agreement. It looks to me like it is nothing more than another way to cheat their customers.
Entity: Select State/Province
98, Report #1190386
Nov 20 2014
06:57 PM
Capital One Taking advantage of there customers Nationwide
 Been a loyal customer for four years. Ive never been late on a payment on a mastercard and a visa from this company in the four years. I have made a phone call to them every sigle year asking them if they would lower my interest rate at 22%. Every year I get the same story .22% is all they can do. They are sticking there hands deep into my wallet and they arent about to remove it. Do not use this company for any reason. I used them to re-establish my credit and Im sick of being robbed.
Entity: Nationwide
99, Report #1263156
Oct 23 2015
07:50 AM
Capital one has the social
applied for a cridit cards, entered social, but then when i percided to finish the registration, it ask for money. so i googled the phone number that it had at the bottom and i was taken to this site.
Entity: nationwide
100, Report #1297935
Apr 23 2016
03:37 PM
Capital One frozen account for alleged Nigerian fraud attempt Nationwide
Capital one has employees working on the inside whose only purpose in life is to attempt to defraud your accounts.  Back in Feb, 2016, they attempted to move $18K of my IRA to Greater Nevada Credit Union.  I reported the attempted theft to every agency including the Reno Police Department.  The person who created another bank account w/GNCU, was located by name & address through property search.  The FBI decided that as no wire transfer actually ocurred, they could not prosecute.  Conspiracy to commit wire fraud is under investigation by the Reno PD.  Once I had submitted proof that a laptop was cleaned to the tune of $75, even though it is not the laptop used ever, I use a VPN, together with presenting them with every document filed in every jurisdiction on earth, they requested I change my user name & they opened up 2 accounts to replace the 2 accounts that were allegedly compromised.  Now that it is April, Capital One is closing out my 2 accounts they just opened a month ago, alleging that my internet access is compromised.  I never used the accounts for anything but to link  to my Sharebuilder ING investment account to fund trades.  I was able to fund the trades for March, by the end of the month.  Now that it is another month later, I will be using another account to fund trades. Do NOT EVER use any bank account with Capital One as they are obviously using Nigerian wire fraud as a means to freeze up your bank accounts.  I'm just glad I was able to stop the fraud as no bank will ever just release the total funds of an IRA without some type of written request that is notarized.  If Capital One believes they can drain bank accounts by presenting themselves as morons, they need to close up the shop & move back to Nigeria. I will be looking to move my stock accounts to another broker not associated even remotely with Capital One anything.  
Entity: Nationwide

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