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76, Report #165116
Nov 18 2005
02:07 PM
When I first move in my house a cable man came around selling deals from cable called triple play which gave you cable, dsl, and telephone services for $99. When I got my first bill it was $86 okay what's the problem it was a phone line issue. Month two another $86 bill still a phone issue. Month three I received $86 bill and $52 bill maybe my math is off but that is not $99. Finally, after serveral technician came my phone was working properly however it caused a problem for my alarm something to do with the signal. Which cost me an extra $300 to change over the system to digital. I had cable turned off and kept the phone considering the additional charges I accurred. Well they say your phone bill will be $39.99 still haven't seen that bill. Our phone and/or cable services would not work if it rain in our neighborhood. Now to this day I am without phone service because of a thunderstorm. Phone has worked since which is leading me to solicted another company. Charter Communication is not for the consumer. Stay away from them. CLICK here to see why Rip-off Report, as a matter of policy, deleted either a phone number, link or e-mail address from this Report. Daviette St. Louis, MissouriU.S.A.
Entity: SAINT LOUIS, Missouri
77, Report #262363
Jul 21 2007
07:15 PM
Charter Communications Horrible billing errors, will not respond to settle dispute Nationwide
We started our cable service with Charter communications on February 16, 2007. Since then we have had our service shut off 4 times and atleast $300 worth of billing errors, if not more. We set up service for a package charter had at the time, it was for the Big movie package (which included one movie tier, we chose Showtime) , it also included their 3meg internet and phone services for 99.99/mth. 2 months into the service I suddenly received a bill for $280. It was our second bill and the jump in cost surprised me. Every time I called I was simply told, We bill a month in advance. which had nothing to do with why I was calling. I found out after multiple phone calls that they had me on the biggest package instead of the big. They also had me on several movie and sport packages I had never requested. I asked for them to correct it, they apologized and said it was corrected. From that point my bills were still extremely high and I was disputing the $280 bill I had suddenly received. In May, 2007 we were told that a payment we had made of $120 had been reversed. We took our bank statement into our local office and showed Charter proof it had been paid. That money has still not been refunded back to our account. Currently, our service is still being billed for the bigger cable package now instead of the big, which is nearly a $30 per month difference. We also still show the $120 payment as being reversed, although we already showed our bank statements for proof that it has not been. More so recently while looking at our July, 2007 statement it is showing 4 different purchases for pornography at nearly $13 each, that we did not make. We were both at work at the time the purchases were supposedly made. This does not include any additional taxes or late fees charter has continuosly piled on our bill. They currently are sending us bills saying we are past due by $450. I have contacted their corporate office. I received 3 or so messages from the lady at the corporate offices, after leaving several of my own last month. About 2 weeks ago she finally called during the hours I told her someone would be home. The conversation lasted only a minute, she was very quick to get off the phone and didn't even get all of the information for the complaint for me. She also advised me she would call within one week. About a week later I called charter to see the status of my account, they advised me there were notes on the account that someone would contact me from corporate by Monday to explain the bill. That was 2 weeks or more ago. In the last 2-3 weeks I have probably left their corporate office 10-15 different messages to contact me so we could get the billing corrected on my account. As of today, which is July 22, 2007, I still have not had a return phone call from their corporate office. I am very seriously afraid they will disconnect my service again although I have paid money to them and have tried to correct the billing. They are obviously unwilling to cooperate and return my calls. Heather Kingsport, TennesseeU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
78, Report #285798
Nov 20 2007
05:50 PM
Charter Communications Mis-Billing, horrid customer service, poor quality. Madison Wisconsin
Lets just say I could rant about the abomination cursed upon this world known as Charter Communications until the trumpets blowing and horses are running around the sky. I am repeatedly mis-billed, you ALWAYS have to double check what they are trying to charge you. I once had to argue tooth and nail with customer service because when I signed up for my plan during a special (Expanded Cable and Internet for ~68/month for the first 6 months 90/month there after) My first bill arrived - 220.00. For ONE month, thats what they planned on charging me. I had to threaten and speak to 6 different people to get it fixed, everyone just sounded confused. They refused to check the phone record when I originally signed up for the service (I knew they record it, they tell you they record it). My signal is constantly going out. OnDemand is less on demand and more frigid dominatrix constantly getting errors and just shutting off for days at a time. Refreshing catalog try again in 5 minutes my butt. Try again in 5 days is more like it. I get unexpected charges on my bill which I couldn't have made, nor make any sense most of the time. It's sad but I almost feel less confused then there customer service reps - and thats just sad. Furthermore they had to nerve to send me to collections for a bill I didn't pay for two months because I moved, my roommate moved, we canceled the service we even brought them back there modem, this is the SAME time that I was charged for internet for 4 months which the cable guy did not set up properly and was unusable. I complained, but it wasn't fixed so and I, in my prefer to be as nice to people as possible while they are working because I don't like being messed with at work phone attitude that to start arguing. It got to the point where I had to fight with them to simply check that there was no bandwidth being used in my apartment, no cable what-so-ever and that yes, I needed it I'm in school, but no, they never set it up. Honestly, if you can help not doing business with Charter, it's in your own best interest I promise. It's like a relationship with someone who looks amazing, but is dumb as bricks...and I hate to put down such a solid foundation as bricks. It's alright at first, but it fades hard and in the most annoying way possible. Grievence madison, WisconsinU.S.A.
Entity: Madison, Wisconsin
79, Report #284868
Nov 14 2007
04:12 PM
Charter Communications Poor custmer service, false advertisement, decietful practices St Louis Missouri
I have used Charter 5MB cable internet for about a year now. I have spent over 12 hours on the phone with them. First of all, they tried only giving me 3MB access. I am computer literate, and immediately tested the connection when I could. I called, and informed them. They fixed it on their end, and I began to get a near 5MB service. Things were fine for the first three months, then everything went downhill. 6/24 hours a day my internet speeds are closer to the 2-3MB download instead of the 5MB I pay for. Latency is fine half the day, then over 1000ms the other half day. They have sent out 5 technicians who offer no fix. Customer service has me do the exact same thing everytime I call, and it never works. Therefore, everytime I call, I spend 45 mins on the phone, resetting my computer and modem over and over with no avail. Then magically, the next day all is fine for a while. I have tracked the issue down to two things, one being their St Louis area switch. Pings after that switch skyrocket into the 500ms+ range. The other problem is someone hoarding the bandwidth around 9pm-midnight, in which Charter can't confirm or fix.......... All in all, a TERRIBLE service, and dealing.......AVOID at all costs. You would be better to get a 100% reliable 3MB DSL service than their cable service. Bamaz28 Fairview Heights, IllinoisU.S.A.
Entity: St Louis, Missouri
80, Report #286586
Nov 25 2007
11:35 AM
Charter Communications Poor Internet Service Sanford North Carolina
If you live in this area, and need an ISP, I will warn you not to deal with Charter Communications, and try an alternative first. I have been dealing with speed issues for months, have called several times, had technicians come out, even been online with tech service, and as of today the problem has not been resolved. Here is the answer form the online chat tech's... I apologize for any inconvenience this has caused. There is currently an Internet related concern affecting your area. Currently, we do not have an estimated time of repair, however our technicians are working to resolve the issue as quickly as possible. We appreciate your patience while we work to resolve this concern. What they did not know was that I have DSL which has not been affected by anything in this area...btw I use my DSL for a VPN connection and as a note DSL speed is not high enough to support everything I do. Wish it was. These are speed tests I have run the last couple of days just to show you what I'm talking about: 11/21/2007 9:59 PM EST 65 kb/s 269 kb/s 124 ms 11/21/2007 9:42 PM EST 712 kb/s 499 kb/s 52 ms 11/21/2007 9:38 PM EST 496 kb/s 926 kb/s 99 ms 11/21/2007 8:13 PM EST 333 kb/s 607 kb/s 89 ms 11/21/2007 6:21 PM EST 709 kb/s 926 kb/s 133 ms 11/21/2007 5:58 PM EST 1071 kb/s 969 kb/s 31 ms 11/21/2007 6:04 AM EST 6104 kb/s 966 kb/s 96 ms 11/21/2007 6:03 AM EST 6717 kb/s 950 kb/s 59 ms 11/20/2007 11:11 PM EST 1357 kb/s 966 kb/s 54 ms 11/20/2007 5:44 PM EST 1331 kb/s 951 kb/s 118 ms Note: this was after they updated me to 10/1 service level. and here is a test from today: not even over a 1meg Speed test statistics --------------------- Download speed: 924872 bps Upload speed: 978992 bps Quality of service: 33 % Download test type: socket Upload test type: socket Maximum download pause: 321 ms Average download pause: 19 ms Minimum round trip time to server: 41 ms Average round trip time to server: 1027 ms YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED... Micheal Sanford, North CarolinaU.S.A.
Entity: Sanford, North Carolina
81, Report #261664
Jul 18 2007
12:54 PM
Charter Communications HORRIBLE SERVICE! ripoff Saint Louis Missouri
My internet stopped working on June 27, 2007. I called Charter to have it repaired. Someone came out on June 30th and said that there is a problem with the outside line, and he would have to call a special repair person to fix it. He said the repair person would be there the next day. The next day came and no one came to repair the outside line. It is now exactly 3 weeks later, and I still do not have internet. My boyfriend and I both do business online and have not been able to do so for 3 weeks! So, we have called numerous times over the past 3 weeks to request to have this fixed. Every time we call, the customer service person gives us a different story. We have also been hung up on numerous times, shuffled around to different departments, and have not gotten anywhere. To make matters worse, Charter has apparently outsourced their customer service call center to India. So, sometimes the people we speak to can not effectively communicate with us (they will pick up on key words, but not understand everything we are saying). Charter repeatedly makes appointments for this mysterious special repair technician to come out, but this person never shows up. If they have shown up, they certainly haven't repaired anything. This has caused us so much frustration, not to mention lost income. Jackie St. Louis, MissouriU.S.A.
Entity: Saint Louis, Missouri
82, Report #309433
Feb 16 2008
11:11 AM
Missed Appointments: Three Failure to Bury Cable Line: Two months later and it's still lying on the ground (no, it's not frozen here) Attitude: Poor, uninformed, abusive, rude Telephone Nightmare: Hours and hours on hold, being told that all lines are busy please try your call again later. BASICALLY: Charter Communications is your WORST nightmare. Carol Lawrenceville, GeorgiaU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
83, Report #312333
Feb 26 2008
05:16 PM
Charter Communications Ripoff and deceptive...need email address Saint Louis, Missouri, 63131Saint Louis Missouri
I hate Charter. The use deceptive ads and the customer service is completely rude and have no idea what they are doing. They used to post an email address for high ranking individuals in the company and I had success the couple of times I contacted those persons. Anyone have the email addresses of those ultra important charter people? Preppy193 St Charles, MissouriU.S.A.
Entity: Saint Louis, Missouri
84, Report #309839
Feb 18 2008
12:11 PM
Charter Communications Cable Bad Costumer Service - Overcharged - Did not resolve Anything! Pasadnea California Internet
To begin with Charter gave me a promotional plan which i was told that in order to avoid extra charges for the regular price to change it once it expires so i wouldn't be charged extra and to do it on or near the 15th. I did as they said and I'm being charged the extra amount anyhow and nobody at their customer service department can help me. This is just a small part of it. My real problem with them is they charged me twice in one month, this made my bank account go over the limit by 180.00 , i was only asking them to cover the 150.00 and refund my account the 90.51, they went ahead and after some discussion refunded me the 90.51, they wanted to credit it to my cable account, i said no and was firm that they needed to return it to my bank account. In a period of 5 weeks i was told yes by some customer service reps and managers that the 150.00 was going to be taken care of. I was even communicated with the cash management who said their manager would talk to the bank and fix the problem. I called every week, the next week i called they tell me they're refunding 125.99 only i said no its 150.00 and they said they'd put in the 25.00 extra later on. I call back the next week and they say theres nothing on record and transfer me to the corporate office where i am passed from phone line to phone line by the corp. office and the customer service department. Then i get a hold of unresolved issues, they send a form out , and gave me a reference number, they tell me nothing had been recorded on all things regarding the 150.00 before this day. I'm frustrated and on verge of tears because I'm still over on my account. So i wait until the next week and they say nothing can be done. I lost the corporate office's number and when i try to get it from the customer service departments nobody can help me, apparently nobody has it, i ask for cash management department and again they do not have the number but yet they were able to connect to them to talk about this issue with them and get a we can't do anything to help you answer , this after having me on hold for about 20 minutes. Charter has never been good with their customer service, when i first had the promotion period it was suppose to have VOD and it never worked, it wasn't until i called constantly that they finally sent someone to fix it, it worked maybe for a month and then it didn't work again, i just gave up on that. They also stole my modem, which was mine not my previous cable's property. As for the extra charges that i wasn't suppose to get charged if i changed my service at the end of the promotion period, i was told by another customer rep that i had to pay the 125.99 plus later on i would be billed the new charges for the new service. I'm so upset i don't know what to do anymore. I'm very disappointed with charter cable and would not recommend charter to anyone , this opinion is based on my experience with them. Michelle Pasadena, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
85, Report #309738
Feb 18 2008
05:45 AM
Charter Communications tech support sucks, service sucks,and always making changes to plans Montgomery Alabama
do not sign up with idiots. their cable internet is always down and they blame it on your modem, your computer, your damn telephone pole outside. they just dont give a damn about anything except signing you up. all tech support are indians that you cant understand and they cant help you because they dont understand. service is always out. i have to reboot modem every day it seems. but when you clal them YOU ARE THE ONLY ONE WITH THIS PROBLEM. noone else but me has this problem with charter Signage montgomery, AlabamaU.S.A.
Entity: Montgomery, Alabama
86, Report #321802
Mar 27 2008
10:37 PM
Charter Communications, Pasadena poor customer service and unreliable service Irwindale California
I moved to the Southern California area 7 months ago and was instructed by my landlord that the only cable service available in my area was Charter Communications. Coming from the North bay I was only used to Comcast cable, which I have always have positive experience with, but I took my chances with Charter. It took only two weeks into living here to realize that Charter Communications not only had poor customer service, but actually enjoyed gving their customers the run around. From over 20 minute wait times, to multiple call transfers once you get through, not a single person was able to give me any helpful advice with the problems that were occuring. More often then not once I was able to speak with a Rep all they wanted to talk about were promotions and up-grading my account. Within the past 7 months, I have had nothing but issues with their service. I have rented multiple movies from their On Demand programming and have had interrupted service and was unable to finish the movie. The excuses I received from their Reps were that sometimes too many people request the same movie & our system has glitches!!! Come on are you serious- what a load of crap. If I was not presistant with my calls, i would have had to pay full price for half watched movies! I also feel that their services are a complete rip off. I could get over 250 channels plus a premium channel and free DVR from a satellite company for the same amount as Charter's 175 channels, no premium channel and $15 DVR. If satellite or Time Warner cable was offered in my neighborhood I would gladly sacrifice having to be with Charter! Lindsay Pasadena, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Irwindale, California
87, Report #335532
May 29 2008
01:58 PM
Charter Communications Hidden charges and poor service at to high a cost Richland Washington
I have become fed up with charter's hiddin cost high prices and terrible service. I called and had service turned on i just wanted internet at first. Then the ladie on the phone say's well if you add cable tv it will be cheaper. So I ask my roomate's and they agree on basic cable and the 10 meg internet. The service guy comes out hooks it up come to find out its like 15 channels. so i ask service tech about it he says sorry if i change you to regular i have to charge you full price. So i call customer service and change it to extended basic with a digital box my bill has doubled now from 35.00 to 77.00 but I figure ok i will deal with it. service works ok but the internet lags frequently. but it better than dsl or dial up. I get my first bill its 54 dallors I pay its still more than they quoted me but ok. Well a month goes by and i have my digiatal box now tv servoce is pretty good. I get an email say's my bill can be viewed online so i look at it, 143.00 way more then they quoted me, but its online bills does not show credits or discounts. I figure well i will wait untill i get hard copy another months goes by no hard copy now my bill is over 230.00 so i get on the chat thing with these guys. service rep says they charged me 23.00 for change of service fee. and that becuase i viewed my bill online they stopped sending my paper bill, but he will send one right out to me. Now Charter is pretty much the only high speed internet service in my area so they get away with it there back handed deals and there price gougeing. something needs to be done about comanys like this they should not be alloud to be the only provider. Tiredofcharter Richland, WashingtonU.S.A.
Entity: Richland, Washington
88, Report #337620
Jun 05 2008
11:45 PM
Charter Communications Made my computer crash, lied and made promises they never kept Louisville Kentucky
I moved to Cleveland Tennessee in August of 2007 and called Charter to install cable/telephone/high speed internet. Before I go on let me tell you that I have never had high speed internet before, I always had dial up. The guy came and hooked everything up and said have a nice day and left. I asked if they had a phone book and he said no, call your phone company and ask them for one. Within 30 minutes my computer crashed, gone, all of my photos and work. I called Charter up and they said the technician was supposed to have installed an anti virus protection. I told them that he didn't tell me about that, and the person on the phone said, well everybody knows you need to install that. Well I'm sorry, I am older, and I am computer illiterate, so how was I supposed to know that? So I told them to take it off my bill, because it was obvious I no longer had a computer. He said I had a credit of 12 dollars on my account. So then I receive Septembers bill and I am still being charged for internet and the installation fee. I talked to Eric, a supervisor, and he said he would take care of it. I then tried to get my money for getting my computer reprogrammed, of course my stuff is now lost forever. I spoke to a really nice person named Deone on 9/17/07 and she said they would credit my account for the installation fee and for the computer repair. Well September rolls along and now I am being charged 114.47 for the internet, which means I still haven't received my credit. And I talked to somebody in Oct, but I forgot to write their name down. Then on Nov. 6, I spoke to a Heather and a Debbie, both assuring me I will get these credits. On Jan 18, 2008, I spoke to a supervisor named Eric, who also assured me I will get these credits. Now it is March 2008, and I speak to a George, who was probably the rudest person I have ever talked to at Charter. He just flat out hangs the phone up on me. On 3/31/08 I spoke to Sarah, after I had been hung up by the previous two customer service workers. Sarah assures me I will get a credit for 100.00, and that it has been to long ago to give me the rest of the credits, so that is the best that she can do. She even went as far as to give me a confirmation number of AM12589, and said the credit would show up in 30 minutes. Well of course the credit never showed up, and I called and spoke to a Diana, and a Randi, in which neither one was able to answer my questions. So I spoke to a supervisor, Eric, once again, and he did absolutely nothing for me. So on April 2, 2008, I called and spoke to Roger, who was rude when I asked to speak to his superviso, and he informed me that they don't have supervisors, and when I told him everybody had a supervisor, even the President, he hung up on me. And then I talked to Melvin and Mary, and they were also rude. I finally got a hold of an Abby, she came back and said that the confirmation number I had didn't exist. She said the correct confirmation number was AM 512674, and that it would take 6 - 8 weeks to receive my credit. I then called the Corporate Communications office in St Louis, Mo 314-965-0555 and spoke to a Jody. I finally felt some relief, that somebody was willing to help me. By now I don't even care about the credit because almost a year has gone by. Now it is just the principal of the whole thing. Why should I go through this every month, and be told lies every month. Well, guess what, Jody said it has been so long ago, that there is nothing she can do about it. End of story. Kimberly/cleveland tennessee Cleveland, TennesseeU.S.A.
Entity: Louisville, Kentucky
89, Report #355818
Jul 26 2008
01:08 AM
Charter Communications Internet Service VPN connection drops regularly Northborough Nationwide
Recently, Charter Communications has begun dropping the connection I make to my company's VPN. I've sent several e-mails: all the replies offer no help. I cannot get to a technician who has any clue as to the problem, or even seems to understand what it is I need. I travel for business, and have yet to run across an Internet Service Provider that drops that connection: I just came back from a week-long business trip, and the ISP (t-mobile) kept the connection up all the time I was logged on from the hotel. If you have an alternative ISP, don't sign up with this company. Jim Northborough, MassachusettsU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
90, Report #256316
Jun 22 2007
09:11 PM
Charter Communications Liars Incompetent Billing LIARS ripoff liars deal breakers non bonus giving bundle schmundle Louisville Kentucky
I have been a customer of Charter for two and a half years and always thought them to be great. That is, until last week. Now I know they are ridiculously unprofessional! I had to spend hours on the phone with a bunch of lying sales agents to get an upgrade, they gave me different prices on everything. When I finally did get what I thought to be a good deal, the install guy was nine and a half hours late and I had to lay the cable myself..he didn't want to be held liable if my kid tripped up on it. I was asked to pay $80 more than was initially agreed, and when I called Charter to verify it, surprise, surprise..I was disconnected twice. The installer said it would be applied to my bill. So I paid him, against my better judgement. A couple of days later, a $30 charge was on my bill for the 'free' install, and only $50 had been credited to my account. There were numerous other charges on there too that were bogus, and it wasn't listed as a promotion deal at all. The additional bonus that I was supposed to receive for signing up for their bonus..was no-where to be seen. The Sales Agent had completely lied about everything, there was not a single figure on the bill that was the same as we had originally agreed on. When I called Charter to get it corrected they were anything but helpful about it, I spoke to four different agents and they really had little interest in helping me, and I was disconnected when I asked to speak to a Manager. I did get through to a Manager eventually and he wasn't interested in the errors either. It was their stance that I was too incompetent to be able to figure out their billing system. According to them, they were right, and I was wrong. I called Charter Corporate Complaints and the Corporate Liason offered to credit $18 to my account over a six month period of time (the billing error added up to approximately $167 over six months, plus a $3 fee for a modem each month). By now I had spent hours trying to arrange an install, nine and a half hours waiting for it, and hours more trying to get issues resolved. I had been lied to, ignored, disconnected, overbilled, put on hold, and thoroughly insulted. Needless to say I am more than a little annoyed. I hate the fact that they have taken me for a ride financially, but what bothers me more is the time it has taken me to resolve the issues, and the feeling that they don't actually give a darn about how they treat their customers. There's NO way they can adequately compensate me for that. Krystal Slidell, LouisianaU.S.A.
Entity: Louisville, Kentucky
91, Report #221552
Nov 20 2006
07:16 PM
Charter Communications Rips you off, Makes you pay, And Their Service Sucks! ripoff Riverside california
This is my second letter to this Loser Company! November 16, 2006 To: Neil Smit President and CEO From: Dennis Dissatisfied Customer Dear Mr. Smit, It has come down to my having to write directly to you to see if I can get some help. I have been a Charter Comm. Customer for many years. The last 6 months or so have been a nightmare trying to deal with your company here in Riverside Calif. For approx. 6 months I have had problems almost on a daily basis, morning, noon or evening with the picture going fuzzy with interference so bad all you can do is hear sound. Or it just goes off and screen turns blue. For longer than a week I have had no picture or sound. I started calling, always on hold for a long time, or your system would hang up on me. I complained to the customer service people and they said there is no problem and they would try to resend signal to reset and tell me it would get better in 15/20 minutes. It didn't. But by that time I would be fed up and just turn it off. This happened many times. I finally got tired of it. So I took the box in and the people in Riversides Charter office gave me a different box a few months ago. I asked for some kind or refund or compensation for the non-reception I have received for so long. They said no. The new box didn't help either. I work and cannot keep dealing with this every week. So I called a few times and they tried to reset it from the office. Again wait 15/20 minutes and it should work. Nope! I hate to take off work to get this done but I finally asked for a repair guy to come out. He came out and said nothings wrong and did something outside up the pole. He did tell me that Charter has been doing some work and upgrades lately and that could be some of the problems I have been having. Fine so you guys could be the problem. A few days go by and the entire unit goes dead-blue screen. I take a letter written to the manager down to the riverside office to voice my complaints and ask again for compensation or refund. No word or answer on that. Mean while my TV's out and screens still blue. I then call and they say that I need another repair call and I need to be home between 1-5pm. Great! Now another day from work. I tried to tell them that it's probably outside up the pole that is the problem since the first repair guy said everything in the house is fine. Nope, I have to be home. Ok. So yesterday they are scheduled to come out 15th November 1-5. I sit at home waiting. About 4:15pm I was worried you guys weren't coming. I called in and the customer service person says to check my TV because they show it's on now. I said the cable repair guy has not come to my door yet but I'll turn it on. It now works. I was livid. The customer service person told me that the notes said the repair guy went up the pole to fix whatever it was, a connection. But never did they come to the door. Also this is what I had told customer service was probably the problem and why did I HAVE TO TAKE TIME OFF FROM WORK? I asked for a supervisor on many of my calls and always they are never available. But this time I insisted on speaking to one. Nope-they were busy again. I asked that they call me and she said either Chris or Frank would call. NO CALL. OkYou're the Boss. What do you think of your operation so far? Can you help me out? What is the right thing to do? I will apologize now for my anger on this matter, to the point this letter may even be out of-order. This is months of bad customer service and no responses from your management. Thank you, ANyone wish to do a Class Action Lawsuit?....Let's stand up and tell them what we think! Dennis riverside, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
92, Report #259909
Jul 10 2007
12:40 PM
Charter Communications Terrible customer service by Cable Company Saint Louis Missouri
Charter communications has the most dysfunctional billing practices and customer service of any company ever dealt with by this patron. When my bill arrives I make payments by check, as millions of americans do to make their monthly installments to service providers of internet and cable service. However, 3 out of the last 6 months charter has taken up to 6 weeks to process payment, resulting in cable disconnection 5 times. The most recent incident charter refused to turn back on my cable, internet and phone unless I paid by credit card. So I paid almost $600 total on a bill that was under 300 dollars. After I paid by credit card custormer service, which usually consists of someone in india with such a harsh accent that understanding them requires having them repeat themselves 3 times, scheduled an appointment for a tech to come to my home the following day, a workday in which I took off for this reconnect. They never showed. I then had to take off the following day and the tech showed up 3 hours late. After the tech left I watched TV for an hour before hopping on the web to find that it had not been reconnected. This leads up to my current situation in which I still wait for charter. If you decide to take on charter as a service provider then good luck to you. It may seem like a good deal at first but like mother said, If its to good to be true it probably isn't true. Scott University City, MissouriU.S.A.
Entity: Saint Louis, Missouri
93, Report #224230
Dec 07 2006
02:20 PM
Charter Communications Fradulent Continually without service, cannot be remedied but still being billed. ripoff Salem, Illinois
A technician arrived Tuesday to hook up internet and digital cable service. The internet finally started working late Tuesday evening. The cable worked for about 15 minutes after the technician left and then it was out for good. Another technician came Wednesday morning to repair the problem and informed my boyfriend that there is usually not service when it is cold out. How can a company expect people to pay for a service they cannot provide? If they are knowingly selling a service they know doesn't work during at lest 5 months out of the year, isn't that illegal? How can I get my money back? I haven't used the service. I don't think I should have to pay. This is very upsetting. This is a very, very bad company. Please do not get this company--they will steal your money the same as a thief on the street. Not to mention it takes about 30 seconds to reach someone on their toll free line when you are signing up, but it takes nearly half an hour of incoherent yelling into the phone and punching number after number after number into the phone before you can speak to someone about the service you payed for but never received. By the time I did reach someone, they were extremely rude to me, and reluctant to fix the problem. Brandi Salem, IllinoisU.S.A.
Entity: Salem, Illinois, Nationwide
94, Report #229319
Jan 08 2007
09:27 AM
Charter Communications Fraudulent use of social security number, and fraudulent billing St. Louis Missouri
In Septemeber, of 2006, I had ordered Charter hoping to get to see the Baseball Playoffs and instead this simple act of ordering cable is putting me into a virtual court fight against a big company that won't look at proof that I never lived at an address they claimed I lived at and don't understand the words,I never lived there! Charter demanded proof that I lived elsewhere and I submitted tax records, W2 forms, utility bills, and a business license. That still isn't good enough! I've contacted the better business bureau and still haven't gotten anywhere. I've asked them for documents with my signature on them and they refused at first then they wanted to charge me $38 an hour unless the police supoenaed the records. They also said if I had the police called in then I would have to pay the bill which isn't even mine in the first place. I'd like to know if there is someone at their corporate offices anywhere that can talk some sense into the Washington, Missouri office? Walt Steelville, MissouriU.S.A.
Entity: St. Louis, Missouri
95, Report #53674
Apr 20 2003
12:29 PM
Charter Communications unconcerned about customers St ripoff Louis Missouri
Charter Communications turned off my cable/internet when they couldn't find a payment that was sent. I have payed my bills on time for many, many months through a third party internet based bill payment service. My first notice of a problem was to have my cable turned off. When I called, they said that they didn't have my March payment. The turned the cable back on. While I researched the missing check, they tuned the cable off again. I can't easily access my internet bill payer without internet(luckily I still have a dialup account). I don't think that they dealt with me fairly. I don't like that you can't have a choice of cable companies to use. I would drop Charter like a hot potato. The customer is not important to Charter. Satellite is looking good right now. Carl Princeton, West VirginiaU.S.A.
Entity: St Louis, Missouri
96, Report #64146
Jul 19 2003
06:56 PM
Charter Communications another ripoff the business that doesnt give a dam Dadeville Alabama
It Is A Shame For Hard Working People To Give-Money For Something That We-I,Don't Get To Use We Have Charter Pipeline Service For Our isp Every Time And I Mean Each And Every Time A Cloud Comes Up We Can NOT Get On line And When You Call The Phone Number Provided By The Company You Get A Recording-They Have Also Lied To Me On (3)Occasions Said That They Would Be Out The Next Day First Thing In the Morning So I Take The Day Off Work To Wait But No Show Something Has To Change Or I Will Be Changeing My Isp Maybe If Alot Of People Complaine We Can Change This Robert Notasulga, AlabamaU.S.A.
Entity: Dadeville, Alabama
97, Report #60218
Jun 10 2003
11:48 AM
CHARTER COMMUNICATIONS ripoff cheated employees and screwed the customers even more Irwindale California
Dont ever get cable service to this cable company. Im glad they dont have the monopoly of cable service in our area anymore. They cheated me on their satellite dish buy back program by buying my satellite dish in exchange for signing a contract for their cable service. And all the problem started when i called their unproffessional customer service which i have to wait for so long before somebody answer. I was being charged for services and pay per view that i didnt order. I was always being told to unplug and plug my box and of many silly excuses of why i always get bad picture and cable modem. And they sent me this poor unknowledgeable kid repairman that doesnt have the right tools instead that tells me its my brand new TV and computer and also SUNSPOT problem, so there nothing he could do. I hope the federal commission investigate the greediness of this company more. p. dichaves alhambra, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Irwindale, California
98, Report #84349
Mar 18 2004
06:33 AM
Charter Communications / ripoff, money hungry, dishonest, unreliable Saint Louis Missouri
Is there anyone tired of listening to an automated voice on the other end of the line? Paul G. Allen, CEO of Charter Communications, I hope you read this. I am tired of dealing with people who do not care about the customers. We have been paying for 'the fastest internet service available' in our area & getting just the opposite ever since November of 2004.! The only reason you are the only one, is because you have a contract for this area If anyone would like to have the direct number to Charter's Corporate office, it is 314-965-0555 & their fax number is 314-965-9745. Let your voice be heard! Chrisitne Shelby County, AlabamaU.S.A.
Entity: Saint Louis, Missouri
99, Report #107352
Sep 07 2004
06:35 PM
I live in a small town, so my only choice for cable is Charter. I have had continuous cable outages since Charter buried my cable line at my new home. The problem began with weekly outages. It has now progressed to three to four days a week. I have called Charter so many times that I don't have to wait for the voice prompts to know which numbers to choose. I have been told from several technicians that Bowdon does not generate enough revenue for Charter to update the lines. I personally think this is crap. If we're such a small town, why do we have to pay such a big city bill?? Our bill has increased every year since Charter began providing cable for us. The increases are certainly not paying for the training of their customer service reps.. most of them are rude and do not care what's going on. The techs are great, and I do commend them for working to solve the problems in my area. But the techs can only do what they're told to do, and they haven't been allowed to update our area to prevent the outages. It's just really frustrating having to pay for something that is not available when you need it. I have received a credit on my bill only once in the past four months that this has been going on. I didn't ask for the credit - I don't want a credit every month... I want my cable to stay on for more than four hours a day. I've heard every excuse from squirrels are biting the wires to rain causing an outage in the area when it hasn't even been raining! I would like to hear from any Charter rep that wants to respond to this. Are there any other angry customers in my area? Charter's contract is expiring within the next year for Bowdon, and I am seriously going to petition for the city to accept new bids from other cable companies. This has been mentioned at past city council meetings, so I know it's a possibility. In the mean time, I am going to put my resources to work and have a little chat with the Carroll Star News... Dawn BOWDON, GeorgiaU.S.A.
Entity: CEDARTOWN, Georgia
100, Report #280077
Oct 21 2007
08:49 AM
Charter Communications many days of non service, charges that are not mine, bad coustmer service Duluth Georgia
Entity: Duluth, Georgia

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