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76, Report #141938
May 08 2005
06:29 AM
Cingular Another dissatisfied Cingular/AT&T Wireless customer Springfield Illinois
We have had so many problems since we've become Cingular customers that there is not enough space to list them all! I have yet to speak to a Satisfied Cingular Customer. I have several friends who have Cingular and every single one of them has had the same experience of dropped calls and bad customer service. For Christmas this past year I purchased cell phones for my kids. I spent well over $300 just for the phones. We noticed about a month into the service that almost every call was being dropped. I contacted Cingular to complain about the service. I was transferred to various departments, representatives....even transferred to various states!! (we live in Minnesota). At one point, I was told that there wasn't any service towers in our area and she couldn't understand why we were even sold the service. To make a long story short, after THREE hours on the phone they reluctantly agreed to exchange the phones. After receiving the exchanged phones we started getting dropped calls again. On top of that, the display quit working on one of the phones they exchanged (Minolta flip) one month after the exchange. My monthly bill of $85.00 has turned into a $1200.00 cell phone bill! I contacted Cingular to address the overages, contending that the majority of the overages are due to the number of dropped calls (9 out of 10 calls are dropped). I was given a whole $63.00 off my bill! How's that for good business??? I am sick and tired of this company and their deceptive business practices. It's obvious that we are not the only ones experiencing problems. I think it's time for a class action law suit! Someone needs to stop them. Gretchen Bloomington, MinnesotaU.S.A.
Entity: Springfield, Illinois
77, Report #94011
Jun 07 2004
08:01 PM
Cingular - Cingular Wireless ripoff Fraudulent billing Lubbock Texas
I was an ATT customer for many years and after some months of horrible customer service I took my business to Cingular. That was the worst decision I've ever made. What took ATT eight years to do, Cingular managed it in a little over two months. My first bill with Cingular should have warned me. With less than ten days with Cingular, I receive a bill stating that I owe them in excess of $110.00. I was floored. I called the customer service line and spoke with a young man that stated all of the fees that I was charged. I quickly squared him away and my bill was corrected. The next month's bill is where Cingular commits fraud. I never received the second bill, but I did receive a call stating that I owed them $136.40. I informed them that I had received the on-line notification, but I wanted the breakdown of my charges and that was what I expected on a paper bill. The representative states that I requested only on-line bill receipt and in her very next breath she states that they had sent me out a paper bill. When I asked for a copy of the bill they supposedly sent, she stated that service would cost me $5.00. Without receiving a bill delineating my charges, I paid the $136.40 on-line. With this kind of customer service, I cancelled Cingular and promptly went to Verizon, the industry leader. I sent a letter to their corporate office detailing my experience and to this date I've yet to receive word. Three days ago, I received three separate bills from Cingular for three different amounts. When I called Cingular yet again I was told that I could pay $5.00 for the bill that I never received delineating the charges and that I owed them the largest amount on the three bills. Perusing the bills that I did have in front of me, I found that they charged me for an entire month of service AFTER I'd cancelled them. It is my belief that the $136.40 I paid on-line was for two months of service with some over the limit charges. With a little over two months, Cingular expected me to pay over $350.00 in airtime/service charges. I'm currently disputing these charges with the company. They are rude and I've been told that they will only discuss these charges with me after I pay the bill and once resolved they will issue any refund that may occur. That isn't going to happen. I wrote a letter again to their corporate office detailing my complaint concerning their fraudulent billing practices. I don't expect to hear from them as their only motivation is greed. I've told every teacher and administrator in my District of 30,000 plus educators how I was treated. These practices won't stop until you hit them where they hurt - their bottom line. Rebecca Killeen, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Lubbock, Texas
78, Report #215256
Oct 11 2006
02:35 PM
Cingular Wireless Don't use your Cingular phone internationally...ever! Here's why. Internet
I traveled to Canada and used my cell phone. I found out that after the first time I registered with a foreign cell tower, EVERY ATTEMPTED CALL to my number resulted in a charge to me....59 cents per minute (that's the international plan discount rate!)....even if no message was left and my phone was not on, I still get charged. To make matters worse, Cingular can not tell me who was trying to call me as their caller ID does not work internationally. SO....I get to pay over $400 in charges for calls I never received and will never know who tried to call. Does that seem right? According to Cingular, it is. To make matters even worse, some of the mystery calls were many minutes long and cost more than $20!!! Now, I ask you...who could register a 20 mins call and leave no voice mail message?? Apparently it is possible....after all the computer never is wrong!!! Have I ever had such a long international call in the history of my account I asked?...makes no difference!!! Cingular says..If someone called you...and we can't tell you who.... and left blank space on your voice mail for 20 minutes, you pay! ...if they called you five times in a row within 3 minutes, you still pay for 5 calls and 5 mins!! (I wish I could make time like that!) You just pay, pay, pay.... This billing madness only stops when your cell phone is re-registered with a US cell tower. So...NEVER, NEVER, NEVER USE YOUR CINGULAR PHONE INTERNATIONALLY! If you visit that country regularly...get a diposable cell phone based in that country...otherwise use email and land lines. Terry Fort Lauderdale, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
79, Report #221963
Nov 23 2006
05:28 PM
Cingular Wireless Prepaid Service Cingular Go Phone Pay as You Go Cerritos, Southern California
I Would like to state that I have prepaid Service with Cingular Wireless and I get charged for using my alarm clock on the Phone, I get charged for all droped calls, I even get charged for calls to another person using Cingular Wirless. I have the plan where its a $1.00 a day .10 a min and free mobile to mobile and I'm still being charged for these service which are sopose to come with the plan. What Cingular likes to do is nothing I have contacted several people about this and they dont care I use to work for the company and they dont care because there not generating profit if they were on a 2 year contract this is a diffrent story. The company uses these methods and pretty much tells them dont help them with anything especially if you go to a corporate store there trained to put them on the phone with Customer Service or I should say Care but they dont Care. Jose Fullerton, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: California
80, Report #163994
Nov 09 2005
07:53 PM
Cingular Wireless Cingular has Fleeced us BIG TIME!! Ripoff Atlanta georgia
I was a cingular customer for 2 years, In January of 2004 I went to a nationwide plan that reduced my minutes from 800 to 500,but with rollover minutes and mobile to mobile!! I was brought into the marriage with cingular by SBC!! I used my phone with no problems til September of 2005. My contract expired but me and the wife were happy at this time and decided we would continue the service on a month to month basis. Cingular would bill me through my SBC account. I never had a cell bill that went over $70.00 so I had no need to contact any body. In October of 2005, i recieved my telephone bill from SBC, with amount due to cingular for $358.63... I just freaked out.... I had let my son borrow one of our phones and at the time had thought he had abused it. I got on his case and told him that he would have to pay the bill at which time he kept telling me that he had hardly used the phone at all. Well I went ahead and paid the bill. In November of 2005, I recieved my telephone bill from SBC and this bill had amount due of $456.37 that was due to Cingular!! I knew that my son had not run up this bill cause I had taken the phone away from him. I called SBC to find out why my bill was so high. 90 percent of our calls on our phones were from my cell phone to my wife's cell phone. The Customer service Rep at SBC had told me this but he said there was nothing he could do but transfer me to Cingular,which he did!! The Rep at Cingular told me that we had gone over our minutes by 800 minutes and were billed at 40 cents a minute. I told her that she was crazy that the only use our phones got was when we would call mobile to mobile and that was free!! She told me I was Crazy and that I didn't have mobile to mobile service and my detailed billing would show that, and would show that our minutes were used up talking with each other!! Well guess what?? I never once in 2 years got a detailed billing from Cingular and told her that. I then told her that I was billed through my SBC account and that I never got a detailed billing from them either. She told me that it was SBC fault and that Cingular is owed thier money!! I stated that only a crazy person would run up charges like these and told her to sue ME!! I called SBC back and explained that they had put me in this position but they stated that it was my problem and there was nothing they could or would do!! I have cancelled my land Line with SBC, my Dish network with them along with my Yahoo DSL internet and told them that I will not pay this cingular bill and I still have a Cingular Bill coming next month... I have had to divorce SBC as well and pick up Time/warner cable with phone service and road runner high speed internet as well.... What A nightmare, if any lawyer reads this and would like to speak with me please HELP ME!! Ron waukesha, WisconsinU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
81, Report #225192
Dec 13 2006
01:21 PM
Cingular Wireless Cingular Punishes Long-Time Customers and How I Got Even ripoff Nationwide
I live in a small town in rural Illinois and have been a loyal customer of Cingular Wireless for about 6 years. Every customer is required to indicate their address before service is granted so I'm not sure why Cingular cries the sob story that they make no money off people like me because they have to pay SO many roaming fees, etc. Cingular outright tells us that country people are not as important to Cingular as city folk. (Nothing against city folk). Funny thing is the signal is good even though they now have changed their rules that won't even ALLOW retailers to sell a rural customer in my area a Cingular plan or upgrade their phone. Nice reward for giving them over $100 a month for 6 years huh? Bad planning on their part isn't rural customer's faults! Cingular had the audacity to reply to one report on this site Look at Where You Live and they told me on the phone Read your contract. UNBELIEVABLY RUDE! I have been paying for 3 lines for almost two years, and it's not MY fault Cingular advertises their famous No Roaming/No Long Distance plans for anywhere in the US. Unfortunately for THEM, Anywhere in the US INCLUDES small towns. They have fixed it now where people like me cannot even upgrade their phones and even told me to go find another carrier! Can you believe it? What kind of customer service is THAT? I am so sick of Cingular and I will NEVER sign a contract with them again! I don't have to! And neither do you!! Here's why! Now comes the fun part! If you're in a contract with Cingular and you lose your phone, break your phone on accident, or your phone becomes inoperable for any reason, they want you to think you are screwed and they want you to buy a new phone at an astronomical price, sign a new 2 or 3 year contract, etc. And everybody knows this. So I went and bought Cingular's cheapest GO PHONE for 20 bucks (or you can buy the fancy one if you have to have it, or even a Cingular phone off Ebay that is compatible with your area) and put my current Sim Card in it. They are none the wiser. Of course they won't tell you this in the store or on the phone!!!! They just keep billing me the same amount now that the contract has run out, and I can tell them to f*ck off whenever I want. I made sure I had the plan I wanted before the contract ran out, of course. I'm getting back at Cingular for their sucky contract loopholes that are too countless to mention and their love for their rural customers. NOW make some money off me, Cingular! Here's to you, buddy! Anonymous Middle America, IllinoisU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide, Nationwide
82, Report #72406
Nov 19 2003
02:47 AM
Cingular Wireless Cingular Overcharged and would not send a corrected bill Dallas Texas
I have been a customer for over a year with monthly charges ranging from $40-$100. In June I receive a bill for over $800. I spend about an hour on the phone and am told they will correct the problem. I ask for a corrected bill. I receive the same bill, and am charged an additonal $5 for the same bill. They credit my account but I still over over $200. I do not want to pay this amount without knowing exactly what I am paying for and again ask for a corrected bill. I am told that this is not possible. If I want to get out my bill they will go over with me each and every charge and let me know which were credited and which were not. Keep in mind this is about 20 pages worth. I told them that was not acceptable. The next month I received a bill for over $600. I again call and spend an hour on the phone and they explain to me that the correction on the account was not made in time for this billing cycle but that they would take off the charges that were wrong. Needless to say, this continued for several months. I sent a letter and told them that if they could not correct the problem, I would find an alternate provider. They kept my account active and kept charging me the monthly fees. I was told that the satellite was not sending the correct signal. They would always credit my account for some of the $$ but would not send a corrected bill so I knew what I was paying for. Under these circumstances I feel I should be able to cancel my contract with no fees. Why should I have to do business with a company who is so inept, month after month.At this time they say I owe over $800 and have sent it to a collection agency who called and threatened me. Cynthia Tyler, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Dallas, Texas
83, Report #108467
Sep 15 2004
06:32 AM
Cingular Wireless Cingular is taking advatage of consumers ATLANTA Georgia
The company I bought my phone from went out of business a few days after I bought the phone. The phone has given me problems from day one as has the service to the phone. I have had many dropped calls, calls to my phone that are meant for the previous owner, calls that get my voice mail even when my phone is turned on, at times it takes up to two weeks to get notice that I have voice mail (customer service says this is normal and happens with all cell phone services). I have called and called Cingular about the problems and they have done nothing. I get phone calls and text messages that are meant for the person that owned the phone number prior to myself. I let Cingular know about this a few times. Not once have they offered to credit me for these calls nor to change my number or help me in anyway. I was told when I got the phone it was a year contract. I decided to look at what other options I had when it was close to being up. I then found that it is a 2 year contract. I decided to try a cheaper plan at that time. I switched my plan online (which you can't get to work half the time) and it said nothing about my roll over minutes being taken away. My next two statements showed my roll over minutes still on there. The 3rd statement I was charged 89.00 for a 29.00 plan. I called and was told to just pay what the normal billing was and they would have the roll over department take care of things. After a few calls back and fourth I did get a credit. By this point there was another charge of 61.00 due. I explained to the supervisor that I didn't have the funds to pay this extra amount and he said he would note that on my account and I would not be charged a late fee. Well yesterday I had no service, they cut it off, charged me the late fee and when I called they told me to pay the bill. There was nothing else they would do for me. I explained to them that I have no other phone service and am looking for work and the cell phone number is what is down for my contact. Again there was nothing they would do for me. I asked about canceling the account. He said I could but would owe 150.00 plus whatever charges are on the account now and if it was not paid in 30 days they would send it to collections and I would be charged a rate of 18% on top of all other charges. I feel this company is getting away with taking advantage of customers. For the service they provide they should be giving their service away for free. If you look them up on you will see over 1900 complant letters about them. And has another 122 just for the year 2004. Someone needs to step in and see that this company starts using fair practice when they are doing business. Shannon Southgate, MichiganU.S.A.
Entity: ATLANTA, Georgia
84, Report #176854
Feb 17 2006
08:15 PM
Cingular Wireless ripoff cingular charges for minute overages and service plan changes Denver Colorado
I have had so many problems with att/cingular wireless in the last year and a half its unbelievable! Just for example, my business line was accidently (without my athorization I might add) ported to another carrier and then lost in 'space' for a week. Yep, when my customers called me they got a message saying that I was no longer taking calls at the time! Just a small dent in the checkbook after that week! Anyways, my current problem is this: Where do I start? In a nutshell, I got a bill for $700. It mostly was for minutes used over my minute-plan coverage ( I think it is something like $.40/min). I had changed my plan in early November to a cheaper plan in an attempt to lower my bills. At that time I had something like 1300 rollover minutes to use up. When I called in December to check on my minute and rollover minute usage they informed me of my bill and told me according to their records I had changed my plan back in late August. These were the current charges for going over my minutes. I did not record the name and date of when I changed my plan in November (not August) so I am screwed I think!? I do have many documented conversations that are totoally contradictory in trying to resolve this problem however. For ie: After this happened I called to set up a payment plan so they would not shut my phone off. When I called to make a scheduled payment a manager told me that there was no record of any payment plan and I needed to pay the bill in full to keep my phone on???? How do I handle this? Is there anyone I can call that's higher up on the food chain than a cingular floor manager? It's no wonder those people never can help us. They hate their jobs. Wouldn't you? Who can really help me and maybe see me as a person and not such a number? Kelly vail, ColoradoU.S.A.
Entity: Denver, Colorado
85, Report #176424
Feb 15 2006
06:00 PM
Cingular Wireless Ripoff Cingular is a JOKE Virginia Beach Virginia
What happened with Cingular is I bought that BlackBerry and the lady told me she would put it on my bill. I call back for 4 days to get a tracking number and they kept saying we don't have it yet. Sooo I decide to pay my bill $450.00 in advance because I know I am going to get charged for the blackberry. I call back again to get my tracking number and the lady told me my credit card declined. I told her they told me there were putting it on my bill SO THEY TRIED TO CHARGED MY CREDIT CARD ON FILE WITHOUT MY PERMISSION. Luckily that was my Capital One card I canceled about a month ago and if it was my check card I would have been Pissed. Soooo I get over it and I'm like I would like to order a blackberry. She told me I couldn't have it at that price without signing a new contract. I told the lady that is the price the lady quoted me and she knew I wasn't renewing my contact and I already have one. I said **** it, not in those words, and told her to charge me full price. She then said I would have to give her my credit card number. I'M LIKE ***** I HAVE A $450.00 CREDIT ON MY BILL. She then says that she could not take it off of my bill. I asked to speak to a manager and she comes back 3 times, after putting me on hold 10 minutes each time, and says that she has a new idea. I still demanded to talk to a manager. One finally comes on the phone and he tries to resolve it and makes these promises that in the end were not kept. Such as renewing my unlimited minutes for another 2 years and I would get the cheap phone price. So they decided they would credit my card back NOW I HAVE TO WAIT 7 DAYS TO GET MY MONEY BACK. I had more money from selling stuff on eBay so I decide to order the blackberry still. I call to order and they TELL ME I CANNOT HAVE THE BLACKBERRY ON MY UNLIMITED MINUTES PLAN. I talk to two more rude *** managers and like 100 customer service reps who have no clue how to do their job. I then call my local Cingular (they are a lot better and know about former SunCom customers). I asked them if it was possible to keep my plan and have a blackberry data plan. They said yes and they have plenty of people that have it the way I want my account. The only thing is they didn't have any blackberry 8700c in stock and they didn't know when they were getting any. I finally gave up and got a t-mobile sidekick. THE END! Cingular has the worst customer service ever. When I first signed up with them my bill was over $1,000.00 a month for 6 months until their dumb ***** found out how to fix it. They make me sick. Marie Virginia Beach, VirginiaU.S.A.
Entity: Virginia Beach, Virginia
86, Report #146856
Jun 20 2005
06:03 PM
Cingular ripoff, fraudalent billing, unfair billing practices Birmingahm Alabama
I got my bill from Cingular and wondered why it was so high. I thought I stayed closed to my minutes every month. Because of my job self-employed, I use my cell phone a lot. I found out that Cingular was charging me for SOMEONE ELSE leaving me a voicemessage on my phone. So I'm charged for checking my minutes and someone leaving me a message. I should not have to pay for someone else leaving me a message. I called and complained about that. Got no relief because I'm stuck in this contract. Next RIP-OFF from Cingular. I up my minutes and got a family talk share plan, hey this will help me out. They told me that they would be under my plan I verbally spoke to someone about this. Got my sister a phone also, went to activate her phone through automation instead of talking to a rep. That's when I found out that the second phone and my sister's phone only share my minutes they had separate contracts with my name on them for an additional 2 years each. I was outraged I call and complained and even tried to contact the FCC about this. But to no avail. Next my phone was scheduled for a free upgrade, but I wasn't ready yet my phone fell into some and had to get a replacement. The rep specifically stated that I had to get the exact phone I said no problem I just needed the phone. I went online later and my free upgrade was gone. Call them about it and the rep gave me a bunch of lies. I was pissed and hung up. I am contacting the FCC. Whoever reads this please join me in contacting the FCC for unfair billing practices. I class action lawsuit will wake them up. Or shake them up. Destiny Birmingham, AlabamaU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
87, Report #180750
Mar 12 2006
03:58 PM
Cingular Ripoff Has Not Returned Refund Internet
Over three years ago, I got 3 phones through cingular wireless for my personal business. Because I was a new business, I had to leave a $500.00 deposit on each phone. That deposit was to be held for about a year, or I wouldn't receive the entire amount (a penalty fee). Needless to say I stopped doing the business, called them up and canceled the account. I told them to subtract what I owed from the deposit for the last bill. They did, but I never received the rest of the deposit. Not only did I have multiple problems turning on the phones initially (that should have been the first hint), but now I couldn't get my money back. Intially they claimed I had only put $500 down when I got the phones. I had to not only go back to a bank I was no longer a member of, but make them reprint all of my old debit/credit card purchases. Now since both of these are old/ unworking accounts, it takes double the time to investigate or get info on them. So I finally got the information and faxed the info, not once but twice. They told me they would contact me, when they received the info proving I had put $1500, not $500 deposit. I waited a while for their response and never received one. Unfortuanately with Cingular, their customer services department is the worst. Everytime I call I have to tell them old info, they don't understand and get transferred about 4 times. Each call can be between and hour to 2 hours. So when I called, they said that I was right and they would send me the money. I clarified to them the right address, name, etc. and asked them why they hadn't contacted me. Two months past by and I called again. This time, they said they had sent it, but now they would have to cancel the check, investigate it and get back to me or send a new check. I verified everything (address, name, etc.) and of course I was on the phone for about an hour and half. They told me it takes about a month to investigate and reprocess. I waited another couple months and did the exact thing. I did it one more time and the exact thing happened. Now I havent been on them probaly like I should be, but it takes so long to even find the supposed right person to talk to. I am owed about $800 from what is left on the deposit. I even told them once, that they should pay interest on what is owed. They said no. I dread calling them, dealing with, getting the same response. If anyone knows who to contact, what exactly is the next step(small claims court, etc.), or even where I should start to contact them, please let me know. I almost think I am entitled to interest and time spent. By the way everytime I call them, they have when I call them on record. Any advice would be great. JB Long Island, New YorkU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
88, Report #78330
Jan 27 2004
05:59 PM
Cingular Wireless ripoff Double billing for wireless service Via Bellsouth Mephis Tennessee
We were sold Cingular wireless service via Bellsouth. Had 2 phones sent, phones were poor quality and had would not pick up in our area. Returned the phones with in a couple days and recieved 2 more of better quality. Now we are being billed for 4 phones. They say they didn't receive the phones. We saved the reciept and they signed for the return. This has been going on since oct of 2003. We call every month when we get the bill, and stay on the phone for hours and they assure us the problem will be fixed and each month we get hit with high phone bills. One month was about $550. We Have to pay these high prices because it is grouped with our regular phone service. A side note, I have not signed either of the contracts. Kyle Salisbury, North CarolinaU.S.A.
Entity: Mephis, Tennessee
89, Report #78371
Jan 28 2004
11:28 AM
Cingular Wireless PORTING LANDLINE & WIRELESS NUMBERS - BIG SCAM! Ripoff! Internet
Man! I should have seen this coming a mile away! This is how they make their money on free phones. I've been an AT&T wireless customer for more than 10 years now with VERY few problems; however, lately it appears that AT&T is more interested in getting in new customers with the lure of new free phones and bonus offers more so than they are in keeping good-standing customers by offering those same discounts to them - but I digress... I got it in my head with this new wonderful number porting capability, I'll just yank my account (3 mobile phones) from AT&T and take them to Cingular and get MORE minutes, get ROLLOVER MINUTES AND FREE PHONES for $20 less a month than my current plan with AT&T. I did the online order placement thing, picked out some really cool phones (that were amazingly regularly $129 a piece) and went to see if my phone numbers can be ported/transferred why of course they can! I could not wait to FIRE AT&T!! I was told I'll get my new phones in about 5 days and when they get to me to call Cingular to ACTIVATE my new phones and then wait at least 2 days before I contact AT&T to verify that they no longer have my account so that I won't have any downtime (basically I would be serviced by AT&T and Cingular simultaneously during those 2 days) I understood and waited... A week passes and I get a call that the new Cingular phones are backordered and that I can go to any Cingular store and PURCHASE the phones for $129 a piece and receive a credit for them when I get my bill - I say I'll wait. Now, remember, I have not cancelled my service with AT&T and have not activated my service with Cingular. This morning I get up - NO CELL SERVICE - I call AT&T and they say Cingular now owns all of my numbers. How can that be - I have not agreed to their terms and have NOT activated a phone or an account... nonetheless - AT&T says (after I held for 2 hours for a representative) I must call Cingular to ask for my number back. So I call Cingular - yes, they did (oops) go ahead and PORT my numbers even though I don't have a PHONE and have not activated an account and have not agreed to ANYTHING other than to buy a new phone and set up new service once I RECEIVE the phones - Too bad. They can't cancel the order unless I want to lose all three numbers (which they now OWN) and the new phones haven't even shipped yet - so I'm at LEAST 2 weeks away from having new phones. My only alternative is to BUY phones at a Cingular store and then ask for a credit when I get a bill. I ask for this in writing (that I will in fact receive a credit) and am told we have it noted on your order we don't have to send this in writing and I'm thinking to myself that this is a BAIT AND SWITCH... you know as well as I do that when I get my first bill in 30 or so days everyone at Cingular will have conveniently misplaced or forgotten about the credit. I am now on the phone with AT&T (have been on hold for another hour and anticipate at LEAST another 20 or 30 minutes) requesting that they REPORT my numbers back to them after which I'll have to wait about a day or 2 for my phones to become active again (my old AT&T phones) and THEN cancel my order with Cingular (that hasn't shipped yet which I have a gut feeling that mysteriously they will ship during this time so I'll be stuck with them) and then have a double shot of WHISKY!! Nice little bait-n-switch racket Cingular has going here - get the consumer by the balls and TWIST - oh and for those that want to suggest I ask for another type of phone - did it - and was told this number is now assigned to the phone I can't have - so if I can't wait 2 or 3 weeks then I'll just have to BUY one. Cingular people READ - Never urinate on an electric fence - I will make it my MISSION to sway every human being I can away from using your service - I'm copying this RIPOFFREPORT to every single newspaper, news station, consumer group and federal agency I can find - I will be your BIGGEST NON-ADVOCATE!! Michelle Mesquite, TexasU.S.A. Click here to read other Rip Off Reports on Cingular Wireless Click here to read other Rip Off Reports on AT&T
Entity: Have No Idea, Internet
90, Report #160110
Oct 09 2005
06:51 PM
Cingular Wireless ripoff and bad wireless provider/ service Imperial Beach California
Cingular wireless is by far the worst wireless carrier I have ever had. I started with GT&E wireless, which was sold to AT&T, which has now been sold to Cingular (Singular). After receivieng my new cingular phone I imediatley started having problems. Dropped calls, internet service didn't work all the time, can't receive text messages unless I turn phone off and turn back on, when placing a call I hear myself (echo), not to mention I can hear other peoples conversations when my call gets dropped. There are no technical services at any of there stores, makes it easier for them to get away with everything. They claim that the phones is faulty and that they are working on the cell sites in my area. I have but two words to say about Cingular...... PURE CRAP! Angela Imperial Beach, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Imperial Beach, California
91, Report #155395
Aug 29 2005
04:36 PM
Cingular Wireless Ripoff Bogus Wireless Internet charges Ft. Lauderdale Florida
I am writing this complaint, just encase this has occurred to anyone else. I have used the same phone for 6 months, SMT5600 Smart Phone. When I first got the phone I was on the internet a lot, but soon found it to be more of a hassle than functional. The first month on the internet I did not surpass the 1 MB allowed. After that I only used the phone for text messaging. Last month I had 6 data transfer charges totaling 39 mb. This appeared as an $1169 charge on my phone bill. I called and insisted that these were no my charges and to review my usage that they can see I do not use my phone for internet. One of the charges was at 1:45 am for 16 megs that cost $502. There were three more that day from that time on. The representative stated that it must be when I was online the phone was continually refreshing the web page. I told her that was impossible, as for one my phone auto disconnects after 1 min of idle. I have over $1100 of charges for 6 individual data transfers that they refuse to take off my bill. I am putting it out there just encase someone else is rail roded. What can I do? There is nothing I can do, except pay it. Or have a negative mark against my credit. Which is spotless, never paid a bill late in my life. (neurotic that way). This happen to anyone? Have any suggestions? Bill Lauderhill, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
92, Report #239175
Mar 15 2007
10:31 PM
Cingular Wireless - AT&T Wireless Fradulent Billing ripoff Whittier California
BACKGROUND: Me, my husband, my son and his girlfriend were all on one plan, The Family Talk Plan. (my husband and I are now on Verizon; however, My son and his girlfriend are still on Cingular due to contract obligations). They were charging me as follows: When we were all on the same plan: My husbands phone: $19.99 for an additional line My son's phone: $19.99 for an additional line My son's girlfriend: $19.99 for an additional line My phone: $37.00 for primary line and $19.99 for an additional line. Now that it is only my son and his girlfriend: My son's the primary: $37 for primary and $19.99 for an additional line My son's girlfriend: $19.99 for an additional line Hmmmm, I said to myself. Where is this additional line that was being charged under MY line as primary and now my son's line as primary? Aren't I already paying for it under the other lines? Well... I called Cingular and come to find out, they WERE incorrectly charging me! They credited my account for $239 and change for one year's worth of charges and put in a billing ticket. They'll investigate it. I asked the associate if I was going to get credit for the other 3 years of charges and she said that I may not!! Needless to say I filed a complaint with the FCC today requesting the $700+ dollars owed to me PLUS the taxes I paid on that money PLUS interest PLUS I want to cancel my service without any charges for early cancellation. So, my advice to you is: if you have additional lines on ANY account, especially Cingular, that you check your bill VERY carefully as you may have incurred these wrong charges too. My bad for not catching this for four years. But I did, and now they are going to pay me back. WITH INTEREST!! We'll see what the FCC says. BEWARE. check those bills CAREFULLY! Pass this on to anyone that has Cingular Wireless/A T & T Wireless as a carrier and has the Family Talk Plan. If they did it to me, they're probably doing it to them too!! Tracy Whittier, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Whittier, California
93, Report #77044
Jan 14 2004
01:13 PM
Cingular Wireless ripoff after account agreement was honored, company continues to send bills Maryville Internet
I was with Cingular Wireless for 2 years, fulfilled my contract and called them to confirm that I DID NOT want to renew my contract. I stated that I did not want to continue my service with them and I asked the representative if I would be billed for anything else. He said NO. All of a sudden I am receiving bills from a collection company who purchased an account from Cingular saying I owe $185.00! They even put it on my credit report! I called Cingular and they said that I, in fact, had this bill. I asked them what it was for and they said past charges I did not pay. This amount was never on any bill I had ever seen before. They said they could not take it off my credit report until I paid the amount. I proceeded to pay the amount, even though I felt as though I did not have this debt. And just recently, I received another bill from a collection agency saying they purchased my Cingular account with the amount of $70.00! What is going on! I'm not going to pay for these bogus amounts anymore. It really bothers me that Cingular thinks I still owe them money when my account has been paid off in full + the $185 that they thought I owed them. I don't know what to do about the current bill for $70! I don't want to have to pay it, but I feel like they will report it on my credit if I don't. Please don't ever use Cingular as your cell phone provider. They ripped me off!!!!!! Julie Maryville, MissouriU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
94, Report #79628
Feb 07 2004
11:17 PM
Cingular Wireless charging for a contract that we don't have Atlanta Nationwide
My husband and I received a cellular phone from Cingular through Bellsouth. I had called to add caller ID on my home phone and was informed from the service rep at Bellsouth that we could get a phone from Cingular and if I agreed Cingular would mail me a phone, contract to sign, etc. I said sure. Several days later the phone arrived but no contract. The phone worked when it arrived. We never had to call and activate it or anything. We waited on a contract. The contract never came. We started getting bills from Cingular for monthly service. We payed the bills and called several times for a contract. We never got one. We finally decided to stop service with Cingular because we rarely had a signal. We now are stuck with a bill that has been turned over for collections for the remainder of a contract that we never signed. My husband called Cingular and explained this to them and they very rudely stated that it was are tuff luck. Pay up. What do we do??? Are we responsible???? Crystal Jesup, GeorgiaU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
95, Report #209421
Sep 04 2006
01:04 PM
Cingular Wireless Not allowing upgrades anymore for long-time customers Paducah Kentucky
I have been a customer of Cingular Wireless since 1998, when they bought Bellsouth and I became a customer of theirs. I have never had a problems, they always honored the warranties of the phones I purchased, and I always purchased my phones, never got a free one since I like the newest toys. My problem comes with my contract being up in May, I was eligible for an upgrade, but wasn't sure of which phone I was going to purchase. When I made my decision, I noticed that the upgrade phone link on the website under my account only said may be eligible instead of saying eligible, as it had since my contract had been up in May. I called Cingular, and was told an amazing story. Cingular has decided that they are losing money on me. I have 3 phone lines under my name and pay approximately 106 a month. They said I don't use enough of the features, such as text messaging, and internet, therefore, they decided to recoup their losses by taking away my right to a free upgrade. I thought this woman must have lost her mind, how could they possibly be losing money on me when I have been a faithful customer of theirs for almost 8 years, paying my bill in full every month!?! Alas, it turns out to be true. Cingular has decided to punish certain customers that don't use enough of their features by taking away any discount ever on a phone, you have to pay full retail price for any phone no matter how long you have been with the company or how faithfully you pay your bills. I told the woman that I feel as though Cingular was slapping me in the face. This doesn't seem to be the way to retain loyal customers. I don't text message, I call people! I have the internet at work and at home, therefore I don't need to use it on my cell phone, it's slow and not what I want to do with my cell phone. How on earth Cingular thought this would be a good idea is beyond me. The customer service rep told me that people were so unhappy with this new policy, that Cingular is offering free termination of all lines for anyone who asks. Wow, is this how a company makes money and retains loyal customer base? Needless to say, I have checked out other phone companies, and will probably go with Verizon, they seem to WANT my patronage, instead of opening a door for me to walk out and never come back. Lynn Calvert City, KentuckyU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
96, Report #205186
Aug 08 2006
11:00 PM
Cingular Wireless And Agent Small World Communications ripoff, deceptive rebates, unauthorized options added Olathe Kansas
We bought the Motorola v3 razor and bluetooth headset in upgrading the phone. We were led to believe the $226 we spent would only be $79 after rebates, plus 19.99 for the media works option you had to have to get the rebate. The agent said we can call him after 30 days to remove this (not true if you want your rebate/reward). After looking now over the forms and receipts given, we find that in reality we only get a rebate of $50 for the $130 phone and a $20 rebate for the $80 headset and the rebate is not a rebate so to speak. its a Cingular Visa Reward Card but it cannot be used for cash, or at atm or cash dispensing locations or gas at automated gasoline pumps. It takes 10-12 weeks for fullfilment of rebate. Required services and options must be active at time rebate is processed. Also typed on this option form the agent rep filled out is a so called promo that is typed in stating you understand you are receiving 30 days free roadside service and will be billed $2.99 a month starting in month 2. attached to this form is a statement page telling us that we got a terms & conditions booklet, rate plan brochure, & features brochure provided to us at time we signed agreement (which by the way isn't signed but typwritten in signed via electronic signature which is I guess taken from the check we wrote? we signed nothing else that I remember)and we never received any booklet/brochures so we don't even know how to use this stupid media works. It also states that if we terminate this agreement before the expiration of our service commitment which they rook you into another 2 years of, we pay an early term fee of $175. After all this I figure that we not only got screwed for $226 for products, they are not out any rewards because you end up paying for 3 months of this media works at 19.99, plus 2 months of $2.99 for road service that we didn't even know was added,(cause it must be active for the rebate which takes up to 12 weeks remember) plus the cost of the product which equals around $300 plus after you add all the taxes & regulatory fees for the monthly extra services. so basically you end up with maybe $4 actual rebate reward and you can take postage off of that for having to mail it in. What a RIPOFF!!! Peg olathe, KansasU.S.A.
Entity: Olathe, Kansas
97, Report #211161
Sep 15 2006
09:29 AM
CINGULAR WIRELESS I too had phantom internet charges on my bill Ripoff Everywhere California
I just read a complaint on here from a consumer with my exact same problem. Yesterday I recieved my cell phone bill and it was higher than normal. Upon investigation I noticed $17 worth of internet usage on both telephones. My husband and I DO NOT use the internet on our phones, nor do we download ringtones. So I thought, okay, did i accidentally hit a button or leave the internet on unknowingly, than when I looked I saw the usages and the times. Totally outrageous!! Every single night on my telephone, at 2:18AM and 2:19AM - there was usage along with other miscellaneous times, aside from when I'm sleeping, but also while I'm at work, etc. etc. It is very scary that they can do this to my bill. I called, and YES i have to now cancel the internet capability completely from my phone to 'supposedly remedy' this problem. Sounds like, from the other post I read, I will be stuck paying the next set of bogus charges, as apparently they will not give me two credits in a 12 month period?? I was told by Cingular that it was impossible for the charges to appear without actually logging on to the internet via the phone, and I guess they are implying that someone is sneaking into my bedroom every night to log on at 2:18AM or perhaps I am sleepwalking, as they offered no rational explanation or apology. As to the 'cingular employee' that responded to the other victims testimonial - Get a life, you are just like the rest of the theiving company, you do not know, and cannot say we are incurring these charges from 'downloading ringtones' you sound naive, and like a crook, just like the BOGUS charges!!!! Dina Redding, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Everywhere, California
98, Report #184242
Mar 31 2006
01:01 AM
Cingular Wireless ripoff through fradulent and unauthorized charges Atwater Canyon California
Ever since I set up direct billing through my credit card, Cingular charged me $2.99 a month for 11 months for roadside services, even though this had NEVER been requested by me nor authorized and it was only started after I set up direct billing. I caught them at it and insisted they give me the money back for these fradulent charges over an eleven month period. When they said they would only give me three months or $9.00 back due to my NOT catching this fradulent error on prior bills I demanded to talk to a supervisor!! They said it was MY responsibility to catch fradulent charges, not Cingulars job to send out honest and correct bills! I am sure they are doing this illegal billing to others and want to hear from Cingular Wireless subscribers who have found out they are being charged for unauthorized services. Check your bills and contact me about a possible class action suit I am thinking of filing. Thanks Helen rancho palos verdes, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Rancho Palos Verdes, California
99, Report #182530
Mar 21 2006
07:31 PM
M-qube - Cingular Wireless ripoff fraudulent charges Internet
I had a $33.73 charge added to cell phone bill. It was coded as Direct Bill Communications Downloads. Knew it was unfounded. Got on the phone to Cingular to have it removed. It was put on by m-qube. The operator I was talking to proceeded to tell me that this company sends out a text to you and even if you don't accept the text you are automatically subscribed to them, for 33.73. Oh reeeeeally! How nice. I was furious. How many thousands of people have been billed as I? Or accusing their children of doing what they have been told not to do. I researched m-qube and they have ties with Nextel, cingular, sprint,t-mobile to name just a few. This has got to stop. Cingular is also to blame for letting this company screw their customers this way. I am still furious!! Therese Kansas City, KansasU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
100, Report #182887
Mar 23 2006
10:44 AM
Cingular Wireless Ripoff, doesn't provide service, rudest customer service I have ever encountered Broomfield Colorado
I guess we should start from the beginning: I was an AT&T Wireless customer who was satisfied with my service. I rarely had billing or coverage issues and the few times I did need to call customer service (First off, I always got a person who routed my call!), they were curteous, they understood my problem, and they did everything in their power to creect the situation. Then AT&T announce a merge with Cingular Wireless. At couple months after the merge, my fiancee's contract with Verizon was up. I was starting my own business, and I would need many more minutes a month. My fiancee and I went in to a Cingular store that was formerly an AT&T Wireless store and signed up for a joint account. I put my fiancee's name and SSN on as a manager of the account. A couple months later, my fiancee travelled internationally. She called and tried to set up international dialing and was told tht she was not an authorized agent on the account. I called and was on the phone with Cingular for no less than two hours (I am not exaggeratting) trying to set up international dialing plans. Of course, when the bill arrived, the lpan had been setup on my phone, not hers, and our bill was $200 to $300 more than it should have been. When I called to complain, it took me another couple hours to finally speak with a supervisor who corrected the problem. BTW, at some point during the int'l dialing setup, I got signed up for a $9.99 a month text messaging plan. I never mentioned text messaging, never wanted text messaging, and haven't used it since. After this fiasco, both phones began receiving text message advertisements from Cingular. Annoying, but not so bad. Then, a couple of months later, I noticed that our bill was $0.30 different one month, and $0.40 different another. Looking into the problem, I noticed I was being charged for text messaging. As the only messages I received for Cingular, I deduced they were making me pay for their own advertisements to me. I again called customer service. This time I was given a runaround. We don't charge for our messages. They must have come form a third party. We can't help you. I told them I would not pay my bill until they could prove it. When I received a late charge, I called again. I got a supervisor and explained the issue. She looked into it, credited back the $1.10 (Not a real big deal, but the principle sucks) and apologized. I haven't received a text message charge since. Then, I began to notice a real decine in coverage. Half the time I was at home I didn't receive signal. Traveling around Denver I would find that I was roaming. I looked into it and saw on the 'net that Cingular had shut down many of their towers tht were on the old AT&T network. Great... About a year after my fiancee and I had signed up for new service, we went into a store and asked about upgrades. We also wanted to lower our minutes as we only use a third of them and were trying to lower our bill. The sales guy said they weren't a corporate store and that, beause we were on the old AT&T plan, he couldn't help up. He recommended we went to the corporate store across the street. When we went there, we were given the same line about being AT&T customers and that we'd have to call Customer Service. They did say if we wanted to re-up our contract, they could get us new phones and lower our contract, but as we were AT&T customers, it would cost more to lower our minutes than to keep what we had. Not wanting to go through that again, or call Customer Service, we decided to keep the phones we had and wait until our contract expired. Now, here comes the juicy part. About a week or so ago, my phone died. I am pretty hard on it, so I'm sure it is my fault. At the same time, my new bill arrived and it was $30 more than normal. We finally found what it referred to: DirectBill Communications Downloads. Now, when I first received my phone, I did download a couple of ringtones, but that was nearly two years ago. There is nothing else I have ever done with my phone other than call people on it. So what's this charge? MY fiancee and I went into the orporate store the mall employee referred to earlier. We spoke with Kevin. Now, let me set this up first. We walked into the store and tere were four employees visible. Two were on the phone, and two other were helping customers. We went over to the billing counter and waited. At one point, one of the employees said they be with us in a second. We waited and one of the employees finished with her phone call, she did not acknowledge us and I figured it was because she was a sale person and not authorized to help us with our bill. The employee who had said she would be with us, came over to the counter to help the people before us. She gave them a card and the customer asked for her name. The name she gave him was different from the name on her nametag. That was strange. At around this time, Kevin finished with his customers. He looked at us standing there and started to talk to the other employee who had gotten off the phone. Finally, the manager, who was on the phone, asked if we needed help. It was only then that Kevin began to help us. I explained that I needed to get a new phone. I also explained that we had a billing problem. He looked up the billing issue. While he was doing that, he noticed our minutes usage and told us that we could get a better rate if we signed a new contract. I told him No offense to you. I have a problem with Cingular. I've had nothing but problems since the took over and I will not renew my contract. We're waiting until our contract is up and then we're going with someone else. He began a big sales pitch. I interrupted saying that we didn't want to be sold anything. We were moving on. He went quiet for a momoent, looked at our bill trying to figure out the Direct Download charges, and then started to sell us again. Once more, I started to talk. I said, No offense, but... He looked at me and said, No offense to you, but I'm going to talk to her Referring to my fiancee. I hadn't raised my voice. I was frustrated and upset, but not ever rude. By this time, the manaer was standing next to him and handed him a piece of paper with a website for us to visit to resolve our issue. I started to speak again, and Kevin looked at me and said, I know you don't want a sales pitch, but I'm trying to talk right now. And if you don't like what I have to offer, you can leave my store. I was aplomb. I have never been treated so rudely by anyone I have ever done business with. I said, Regardless of that, I need a new phone. He said, You can get one through eBay, but I can't help you. We walked out. My fiancee called Customer Service and filed an official complaint. The CSR said he was amazed that someone would say that. They asked if we had spoken to the manager. We told him that the manager was right there and didn't seem to have a problem with what Kevin said. The CSR apologized and said tht they would deal with it. He seemed to take it very seriously. He also checked on our bill. He explained that the charges were a third party charge for ringtones, data, or something else. The details would be on my bill and we would have to take it up with them. But here's the odd part. The website given on the bill is Cingular's. And it leads me to a website to log in. As I've never done media with Cingular (Only the ringtones on the AT&T website), I don't feel comfortable loggin in and wonder how tey have my information. I looked up the company name listed: M-Qube. And here's what their website says: How do I get a refund? You may pursue any claims for refunds or credits with your wireless carrier or the merchant. You should call your wireless carrier first. If you fill out our support form provided above, and give us a valid email address we will send you two emails. The first acknowledges that we have received your request and the second provides information about how to contact the merchant. So, Cingular says it's not their charge, but their website says I have to sign up in order to use this download (Which I never authorized or looked for). And the vendor, M-Qube, says that I'm supposed to take this charge up with my wireless carrier. Who do I believe? I am pursuing a refund with M-Qube and haven't received a charge back. But everything that have indicates that Cingular is playing a role in this charge. I could understand if I had done some download and accidentally signed up for something, but that is simply not the case. I'm very careful about these things as I have had problems in the past with other websites. I am going to file a complaint with the BBB and I'm definitely not going to pay my bill until this is resolved. I'm not going to go to eBay to buy a phone that my wireless provider should be able to sell me. Cingular's universal response is that the phone is an AT&T phone and won't work on their network. They bought AT&T Wireless, and I would think that they should be able to continue to provide service for any of the customers they gained. Apparently, Cingular seems uninterested in providing service to AT&T customers. I'm not going to pay their $175 per phone charge to cancel, either. (BTW, I know that's higher than what AT&T charged.) What I don't understand the most, is that I didn't chose Cingular. They bought the wireless carrier I had. As part of my agreement, I'm supposed to pay the bill on time, and follow the rules and regulations that Cingular imposes on me. But they don't have to honor the agreement I signed up for with the company they bought? They don't have to provide promised coverage, or good customer service, or a phone that works on their network? I'm not asking for a free hpone, I'm even willing to pay the price-gouging prices to not sign a new contract agreement. But I can't even pay for a phone with Cingular. It just doesn't seem right. Hopefully, someone here or the BBB will be able to provide a solution. As it is now, my fiancee and I are sharing her phone until our contract is up. Then we will never use Cingular again, and we will tell every person we know (And eveyone we know is already pretty sick of hearing it) that Cingular is not a good wireless provider. Finally, I just read an article stating that Cingular has three to four times the customer complaints as any other provider. They have more complaints than most carriers combined! Here an article: plaints-a-sorry-picture-for-cingularatt-305.htm Why are they not addressing this issue? Joel Loveland, ColoradoU.S.A. 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Entity: Broomfield, Colorado

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