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26, Report #1805
Mar 28 2000
12:00 AM
Circuit City extended warranty rip-off
I bought a Cellular Phone from Circuit City, and purchased the extended warranty program because the salesman told me, If anything goes wrong with your phone, we will fix it for free That seems pretty clear to me. A few weeks after purchase, I noticed that the bezel was cracked. I took it in for replacement, and I was told that the bezel was not covered. Also not covered were the keys. Funny how the sales rep neglected to mention it. It was not a big deal, and I lived with the crack in the bezel. I recently bought a new Cell Phone, and guess what. I didn't buy it at Circuit City!
Entity: Calif, Nationwide
27, Report #8607
Dec 04 2001
12:00 AM
$ 60.00 WAS NEVER RECEIVED. I BELIEVE THAT CIRCUIT CITY EMPLOYEES RE-ROUTE REBATES TO THEIR HOMES, THAT WHY SO MANY GET RIPPED OFF Click here to read other Rip-off Reports on Circuit City Click here to read other Rip-off Reports on manufactures and retailers not giving you the rebates they promised and advertised. *EDitorial: The Marketing Rebate Rip Off ...invent reasons not to pay the consumer
Entity: RICHMOND, Virginia
28, Report #7922
Nov 19 2001
12:00 AM
Circuit City rip off senior citizen
My son purchased a cell phone for me in November of 2000, We returned it and got a $50.00 store credit in form of card. this was at the Saugus Circuit city. Not being told it was good for 90 days I decided while in Manchester,N.H. circuit city to spend my credit card they declined and told my Son no way that expired. But its my $50.00 and I am a senior citizen and my husband is handicapped, what is circuit city doing with my $50.00 can anyone find out for me? Do they really need my $50 credit?
Entity: Saugus, Massachusetts
29, Report #10890
Jan 07 2002
12:00 AM
Circuit City Extended Warranty Rip-off
We bought our daughter a trunk-mounted CD player. After 2 days the disc cartridge jammed. We took it back, and were told to use a knife to get the cartridge unjammed. After a few months, it totally quit changing discs, so I took it back to Circuit City. They sent it to the repair shop, and called a few days later saying the extended warranty wouldn't cover the repair because a knife had been used to unstick the cartridge! I contacted the attorney general, my own attorney, and Jensen, the manufacturer. Jensen immediately sent me a new unit that works perfectly. My extended warranty from Circuit City turned out to be totally worthless, as a warranty is only as good as the company that stands behind it. I have spent a lot of money since on electronics, computers, etc, but I will never set foot in a Circuit City store again, and I tell everyone who will listen the reason why.
Entity: Federal Way, Washington
30, Report #8472
Mar 22 2002
12:00 AM
Entity: Nationwide
31, Report #82529
Mar 02 2004
11:05 AM
Circuit City rebate ripoff Richmond Virginia Internet
Circuit City advertised a rebate thru Northwestern Bell Telephone. Many calls to Northwestern Bell[never returns calls] ...still did not pay rebate. Complained to Circuit City...said it was not there rebate. I said Circuit City was still advertising it on the Circuit City Web Page months after I made the complaint to Circuit City stating that there was a NWB rebate that was not being paid. I called Circuit City rebates department and asked if they knew anything about the NWB rebates and I was told that they were getting many complaints about the company not paying rebates. I spoke to several customer support people and was finally told Circuit City would send me a customer satisfaction card for the amount. Never received it. Called back spoke to another rep.... said was sending it out ...never received it... called the company headquarters, the president's office...was told that it was not their responsibility. If they did it for me then they would have to do it for everyone. She said she was overruling everyone that I previously spoke to and I would NOT be getting any customer satisfaction card. I want to add that I understand Circuit City might not be responsible directly because it was not their rebate but they had a responsibility of removing it from their web page after complaints were not doing this does it make them legally responsible? I don't much care about this $10.00 rebate and usually add any rebates that I receive to my yearly charity donation...but this is not only a rip shows that Circuit City at the highest level does not care about customer satisfaction. A company that is willing to give up a customer over $10.00 does not deserve to have my business. H hackettstown, New JerseyU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
32, Report #108232
Sep 13 2004
07:17 PM
Circuit City ripoff Chesapeake Virginia
Two years ago we purchased a 38 RCA HDTV with direct tv build in and extended warranty with a total price of about $2500. The TV went out one day and had to go in the shop. Well it was there for about 3 months, before they finally accepted that the TV could not be fixed. The TV was sent back to the Circuit City store in Chesapeake and we were told to come in to pick out another. Well they don't make a 38 RCA model any more like we had. They started out giving us a choice of 2 TV's then the sales manager that we were working with went to talk to the manager and when he can back he told us that we would have to take a 34 Pansonic HDTV for about $1,400. We then asked what about the HD direct TV receiver since this one didn't have one built in. At first he tried to tell us that we could get a direct tv receiver, but our tv didn't have HD receiver and we then stressed that the tv was a HDTV and why would they put a regular receiver in the an HDTV and he then included a HD direct TV receiver. Total came to about $1,700. Then we had to pay about $50 additional after they did pro-rate the warranty. There reason for the cheaper TV was technology had changed. The warranty said we were to get equal or better. We now have a TV that is smaller then the one we had and have to have 2 pieces of equipment instead of 1. Also, now the TV that we have is smaller for the cabinet that was purchased for the larger tv plus we are out about $800. We have contacted Circuit City Corporate office and they never even replied. Buyer beware when dealing with Circuit City and be even more aware of purchasing there extended warranty as it is not as good as they try to make it out to be. Robert or Julia Suffolk, VirginiaU.S.A.
Entity: Richmond, Virginia
33, Report #133824
Mar 04 2005
08:44 PM
Circuit City ripoff Orlando Florida
I purchased a refrigerator, a stereo and a television from Circuit City and purchased a warranty on each item. My complaint is I phoned Circuit City six times for warranty service and met only with a recording stating to leave my name and phone number and a representative would get back to me. Circuit City never returned my calls. I was stuck with three warrantys and absolute non-response. I telephoned a manager @ Circuit City and after a very long conversation with him, he agreed to refund the warranty funds But I'm going to pro-rate the refund. I said, No, Sir, that is exactly why we are having this conversation. CIRCUIT CITY FAILED TO RETURN ANY OF MY PHONE CALLS RE WARRANTY SERVICE. I want a refund, in full. Manager stated: You raise a very good point. All in all, products were okay, but the warranty service is non existent and I would recommend that no one buy it. Jacklynne Las Vegas, NevadaU.S.A.
Entity: Orlando, Florida
34, Report #24780
Jul 17 2002
09:52 AM
Circuit City ripoff Cary North Carolina
I purchased a 61 RCA HDTV with extented warrenty on 22 Aug 01. The Tuner went out in Mar 02 I call Circuit and told to call CEI ( Bill the manager) 919-821-5152 to have it repaired they never showed up,or called. So I call up to get my money back from my extended warrenty since I could get reliabe service. I call RCA up and was told to call CES (im the manager) 919-469-9247 he told me it would be a month. So 6 may 02 he showed up and confirmed that the tuner was bad. He said it would take 8 weeks to get a tuner. 8 weeks went by I called no tuner, 3 more weeks I went to the store in person no tuner was order. Time called me at 6:30 pm and told me RCA would not send the tuner. I called RCA again Wendell said he would check and send it to Reshearch 5 days later nothing. I just got through talking with Richard district manager from circuit city to try to solve this problem he will call me back later on to day..... to be continued William Clayton, North Carolina
Entity: Cary, North Carolina
35, Report #25011
Jul 20 2002
06:37 PM
circuit city is a ripoff. tampa, Florida
i would like to tell you people that circuit city rips you off. i was an employee for them until recently,some techs in our service center were fired for fixing potential problems in customer units in to be fixed. the tech would discover a problem about to happen and fix it to help the customer so he would not have to send it in again, and the managers would fire the tech because they wanted the tech to fix only the mian problem, they would say, let it go so the customer would have to send it back to get more money out of them, no preventive maintanace. also managers would set up techs on units by putting it in to be fixed when it was checked by a tech already, but this time the unit would be sabataged, taken apart and broken on purpose then put back together, sent to a certain tech, he would fix it, and managers would say there was nothing wrong with it and fire the tech......i know because i know one manager who was behind it and he still does it. not only do they screw the customer but they do thier employees to..... no name valrico, Florida
Entity: tampa, Florida
36, Report #37535
Dec 08 2002
10:45 AM
Circuit City Warranty scam with Sony Monitors Mobile Alabama
Circuit City and Sony have put the wrong warranties in the boxes of some Sony monitors. In Mobile they sold the Sony CPD-E400 with a one year warranty in the box when it actually has a three year warranty. When the monitor broke Sony was contacted and they said they would fix it but refused to provide a copy of the real Sony warranty. We have since obtained the real warranty and still have the wrong one year warranty. Is this a scam that the big retailers use? Ted Mobile, AlabamaU.S.A.
Entity: mobile, Alabama
37, Report #2639
Jul 11 2000
12:00 AM
Circuit City Warranty Ripoff
On January 3rd I purchased two CTX laptop computers from the Circuit City store in Burnsville, MN. I purchased these as an open box buy at a discounted price. Because of the risk involved I decided to buy the extended warranty at a cost of 100 dollars. The salesperson, Jay Sivasailam, assured me that in the event something went wrong it would be covered for 4 years under this plan. He also told me that the fact the computer was sold as an open box had no effect on the warranty status. The sales receipt also states that all warranties still apply. After taking the computers home I discovered the Hard Drive on one of the machines was malfunctioning. I had a computer programmer look at it and he told me that it needed to be replaced. That night I contacted my sales person Jay and informed him of the problem, he said to go ahead and bring it in but that it was 8:50pm and the store would be closing at 9. He also said he would be off the following day and to bring it in any time after that so he could resolve the problem personally. Three days later I took the computer back to the store to get service. I contacted the store periodically, each time they told me it was waiting for service. After 2 weeks I pointed out that the warranty stated that if they could not repair or replace the damaged hardware that a loaner should be issued. On 1/16/200 the store manager, Eric, hesitantly complied and issued an older IBM laptop to me. The store was not attempting to repair the computer but replace it, and since the model had been discontinued they could not issue a new one. The first replacement was also an open box or returned item and it had the same problem the first one did. The second replacement had a badly burned out screen, which made it unusable. After I turned down these computers the store manager told me he could not repair the computer because CTX was out of business and they were not authorized to work on them. I found that CTX was not out of business, but had only discontinued their line of laptops. However they were still honoring their one-year manufacturer warranty. When I contacted CTX they told me that open box buys were not covered under their warranty. This is important because Circuit City has repeatedly told me that all warranties would still apply and that the extended warranty becomes effective when the manufacturer's expires. In Circuit City's warranty literature it states that if a piece of hardware is not repairable that they would replace it with a model with similar features and functionality. I took our case to the district manager who refused to resolve our problem. I stated to the store manager that I expected a repaired laptop or a model similar in functionality as their warranty states. Later I spoke to the service manager who told me that our laptop had been sold and that they would contact me on what they were going to do. I waited some time and finally received a message from an employee named Ann saying that our laptop had been repaired and all I needed to do was to bring the loaner in. I did not bring the laptop in but I called to verify this. The store then changed its story saying that it was in fact not fixed but repeated to me that it had been sold. After waiting more time I received a letter from Circuit City threatening to take legal action if we did not return the loaner IBM laptop. By June I decided to take my case to the corporate offices. I thought we had an agreement with a customer service rep, Tasha, for the laptop to be replaced. However after consulting with the store manager she told me that nothing could be done. I then spoke to a supervisor named Sharisse Davis who stated that the reason they could not repair the laptop was because they were not authorized to do so. She also affirmed the reason for not replacing the model with a one with similar features and functionality is because the price difference between what we paid and the price in what a replacement would disqualify it from being comparable features and functionality as stated in the warranty. It is now July, and the service manager Earl has told me he is going to call the police if I don't return the loaner. I believe that I am not being treated fairly by this company. My goal here is simply to have the company live up to its promises, stand by its written and implied warranties, and repair or replace my laptop.
Entity: Burnsville, Minnesota
38, Report #2338
May 27 2000
12:00 AM
Circuit City Bait and switch service agreemnet
Bait and switch service agreemnet We purchased a Sony Camcorder from the local Circuit City store about 2 1/2 years ago. The salesman told us that the service agreement would cover annual cleanings including sand that might get on the camcorder from use at the beach. Last year the camcorder needed repairs and the repair center claimed that sand had caused the problem and therefore according to their policy this was considered accidental and therefore not covered. They even tried to charge us for the cleaning. We paid the repair bill but not the cost of cleaning. This year the exact same thing happened again. And again they claim the problem is sand even though we took extra care to avoid this problem. The accumulated repair bills plus the cost of the original 3 year service agreement have now totaled $390.00. Their salesman mislead us, their service agreement is worthless, and after pursuing all channels within Circuit City they have provided no remedy other then take more of our money. I have owned other camcorders and have never heard of this problem happening before. Am I stuck with a lemon camcorder? Circuit City certainly doesn't care. Gail Borden e-5-27
Entity: Nationwide
39, Report #2511
Jun 23 2000
12:00 AM
Circuit City out of stock
Yesterday (6/21/00) I went into the Naperville IL Circuit City to purchase a DVD, Dogma, at the advertised price of $14.99. I was informed by the salesperson that this DVD was out of stock. I asked if I could get a rain-check and he said that rain-checks were not given for DVDs. I then talked with a manager and he said that there are no special orders for 'software'. He also said that I could check back with the store daily to see if the DVD had come in. If this is Circuit City's policy I can accept it, though I am disheartened. Just as an interesting addition, I went to Best Buy to see if they had the Dogma DVD and found that the price was $19.99. I talked to a salesperson telling him that Cicuit City was selling it for $14.99. His response was Yeah, but they probably don't have any left. He obviously understands Circuit City's policys better than I do.
Entity: Naperville, Illinois
40, Report #2380
Jun 04 2000
12:00 AM
Circuit City ripped me off !
I received a Rio500 portable mp3 player for Christmas and have been trying to make it work with a Windows NT operating system. When my wife purchased it, the package had ink marker writing on it and it was missing the instruction manual-- which obviously indicated it was used merchandise. Putting this aside, I continued to research the matter of making it work. The manufacturer e-mailed me the manual in an MS Word format and told me this device is not compatible with WinNT. I had no choice but to return the product to the place of purchase. It was within the 30 day return policy so I did not expect any problems expecting a $292.26 refund. A rude awakening was waiting for me as Circuit City told me they would not refund the money. The mp3 player was considered a computer device which only has a 14 day exchange policy. This was strange since it is clearly stated digital audio device on the package, and Circuit City has it listed under portable electronics on their web page. All this and not to mention it was originally used. My next point was that the Rio500 mp3 player is still a top-of-the-line hot item. It's not as if this is outdated, undesirable merchandise. There was only one left when my wife purchased it, and eager people were scrambling to find them in stock. The manager disagreed with my statement and implied that he was overstocked right now having five on hand, not to mention the demand is much lower. Later, strangely enough, while walking around the store, I noticed another customer was purchasing the exact same product--- a Rio500! My wife looked at the computer screen as the clerk rang up the bill and (lo-and-behold!) they only showed 1 left after that purchase. Hmmmmm.... there is still a demand and low stocking levels. I could not believe that Circuit City expected me to keep a $300 gadget that was useless to me. The manager reluctantly offered to charge me a 15% restocking fee ($40) and give the rest to me in store credit. I took what I could get, but I still feel cheated. I have been a Circuit City customer for years and have never had a problem until now. Last year I spent nearly $1500 at their store, $1300 of which can be quickly proven to them if they check my Circuit City credit card account. I would like to become a satisfied customer again by receiving a full refund on my credit card. I honestly do not believe this is an unfair request, under the above mentioned circumstances.
Entity: San Jose, California
41, Report #865
Dec 01 1999
12:00 AM
Circuit City...failure to replace entertainment center
On January 17, 1999, we purchased an entertainment center for our big screen television. This piece of furniture cost us $700.00. Weeks went by and still no entertainment center. We called Circuit City, to find out that it was in the store warehouse for weeks. When the piece finally arrived, the light on the right side would not work. I thought it was just the bulb, since it was blown. I bought another bulb and it still would not work. I called Circuit City that night, and could not get anyone on the phone who knew what to do. Finally, several days later after several phone calls, I went into the store and asked for a manager. After about 15 minutes, someone finally appeared. She ordered me a new piece, and said it would be in within a week. Again, several weeks went by, so I called again. Again, it was sitting in their warehouse. They finally came to my home with the new piece. Believe it or not, they ordered the wrong piece. They ordered the left side with the glass door, and not the right. So, the lady ordered another one. She said we will be out within a week. I told her I will be home during the day on Mon. and Thurs. She said they will be out on Thursday. I have yet to receive my replacement of the damaged piece. It is now October 21, 1999. No one seems to know anything about it at the store, and can never help me. This will be the last time I ever buy anything from Circuit City.
Entity: Salisbury, Maryland
42, Report #873
Oct 28 1999
12:00 AM
Circuit City has struck again!
In February 1999 I bought a computer, scanner, printer, and camera from Circuit City. I was also talk into purchasing their extended service plan as well. After getting the system home I had to contact Parkard Bell because the access code did not work for the system. They mention another flyer that was included with the proper access code. After using it I found a strange name in the system. Anyhow, I had the system for less then 30 days when my C.D. started to act up. I took the system to Circuit City, they stated the warranty for Packard Bell was still ineffect and gave me a phone number to call. The number was no longer in service. I then took the computer to Pearl's Computer service and was told for a $150.00 that the C.D. was bad. I then took it back to Circuit City and demanded service. For $300.00 of warranties they were gonna help me or else. The computer was sent to Circuit City's repair shop. After almost two weeks and no word, I had to track down the system. I then went to pick it up and was charge $40 and told there was nothing wrong with the computer. Upon getting the system home and hooking it back up I found that the C.D. was still malfunctioning. Now how did they miss that. I took it back to Pearl's Computers to be told Circuit City never tested, nor touch the C.D. I then took it back the next day and demanded that it be fixed. Again two more weeks went by, with me having to track it down, only to be charge another $20 and told there was NOTHING WRONG. After all this I decided to write to Circuit City and waited for an answer that never came. So I wrote again and finally someone answer. (Ms. Mcgee) I was sent a letter and told what to do, and who to talk with to get help. I did what the letter said to do. Only for Circuit City to not do what was promised of them. Circuit City did find that the C.D. was out and wanted to fix it. I then told them I would never trust them again, and that I wanted a new Hard drive. After days of arguing I finally got a new Hard drive. But, for 7 months I paid for an entire system I couldn't use. Circuit City has a policy when it comes to purchasing merchandise with their credit card, (see Circuit City's web site.) Quote, SPECIAL RULE FOR CREDIT CARD PURCHASES: If you have a problem with the quality of property or services that you purchased with a credit card, and you have tried in good faith to correct the problem with the merchant, you may have the right not to pay the remaining amount due on the property or services.
Entity: Louisville, Kentucky
43, Report #628
Nov 26 1999
12:00 AM
CIRCUIT CITY Extended Service Protection hogwash
My dishwasher just broke with only a few months of extended service protection left. A small pin hooking together the soap dispenser broke loose and the whole soap dispenser fell apart. I never have been able to find the pin or the spring that was part of the whole thing. When a service man came to look at it he said it was due to customer abuse and nothing would be covered. He also said that our rusting dish racks would not be covered either. Why do they think I bought the extended service for in the first place? We did not abuse it. When I brought that point up, the man said that normal wear and tear would not be covered either. Is this normal wear and tear? I dont think so! What a crock! If I choose to have them fix everything it would cost around $220.00 The dishwasher only cost about $350.00 to begin with and its only 2 1/2 years old. It is a Maytag. Its suppose to have been awsome. What to do now?
Entity: Nationwide, Nationwide
44, Report #3022
Aug 22 2000
12:00 AM
Customer Service @ Circuit City
I have paid for extend service on a phone with answering machine the the Customer Service people are rude! Today was the 3rd time that I went to the Westbury store to get the phone repaired! After waiting 10 min. and NO other person was at the counter and waiting for someone to show up the women was not helpful at all in fact sh acted like I was bothering her! I had to ask twice to speak with the manager and then the manager started to help someone else! I left, but before i left I told them I would call and write to the company. I wrote the company and still waiting for an answer. I was also told that after the 3rd time i would get another phone the women said only if it was with in 90 days I hope that people stop shopping at these stores that rip off people and sell extended warrentys that also are a rip off Also before this happened I called the manufacturer and they said that they should replace the phone! Thank you for your site
Entity: Westbury, New York
45, Report #3139
Sep 02 2000
12:00 AM
Circuit City stalls and stonewalls!!!
On 7-29-2000, we bought a Frigidaire dishwasher from Circuit City Store #4119, 250 Granite Avenue, Braintree, MA 02184-2804. We paid $299.24 up front and were told to expect their delivery team to call us to make arrangements for delivery within two weeks of the sale. Two weeks came and call from their delivery team, Mitchell's Install and Haul Away, of Portsmouth, Rhode Island (401) 683-6672. We called them--as Circuit City's customer service representative suggested--and got voice mail, nothing but voice mail, for three straight days. I asked for a refund and they said that it'd be credited to my credit card as soon as they got the merchandise back from the (elusive) Mitchell's. The Circuit City customer rep (some dim functionary named Chad) indicated in a phone conversation on 8/25 that Circuit City loss prevention was working the problem and that he'd be back to us. A false promise, to be sure; they have failed to return 75% of my calls to them. On August 31st I called them again, and was told that Chad's not in, and this matter is on our Regional Manager's desk. We'll have her call you about this. I called once more on Saturday, September 2, and got a salesperson they must have dragged off a street corner in the 'hood. He kerpt referring to my dishwasher as a dryer. I asked for Chad and Chad told me he hadn't heard anything and I wouldn't be likely to until Tuesday. By then, I'll be diming these dirtbags out to the MA Attoney General and making arrangements to take them to small claims court. Their treatment is INEXCUSABLE, their business practices EXECRABLE.
Entity: Braintree, Massachusetts
46, Report #3948
Nov 30 2000
12:00 AM
Circuit City salespeople lie to sell Extended Warranties!
I bought a Compaq Presario laptop early in 1999, and was persuaded to buy the 4-year extended warranty. It was $299, but the salesperson offered to reduce the price by $100. I was hesitant, but he then claimed that the warranty would cover *everything*, and that the active matrix LCD wasn't covered under Compaq's standard warranty at all. I was skeptical, but he insisted that was the case. After he spoke with his manager, he found he could not change the warranty pricing, but could get me $100 off the PC price. I agreed and bought the whole package for $2,100. When I got home, I read the warranty and found no exclusions for the display. So he lied to me to make the sale. His name is Tom, and he worked at the North Attleboro, MA store. Now I need the warranty service due to an apparently short-circuited charging circuit in the computer - the laptop will not charge the battery, and indicates that the DC adapter isn't plugged in, when it in fact is and does put out the proper voltage. I talked through the problem with Compaq's tech support, and they were very friendly and helpful, even though it was past their warranty support. When I told them the story of the warranty lie, he said that they had heard *many* such stories from customers. I dread taking this in for service now, especially having read the horror stories on this site. I'll be sure to record the serial number and get a receipt when I drop it off.
Entity: North Attleboro, Massachusetts
47, Report #3047
Aug 25 2000
12:00 AM
Circuit City False Garuantee, Bellevue, WA
I recently purchased a Netgear ethernet starter set from Circuit City. I payed the full 80 dollars for it, and left. When I got home and installed the system, one of the cards was defective. I decided to return to get my money back. They flatly refused to give me my money back, insisting that it was fine when it left. HOW WOULD THEY KNOW?!?! Furthermore, after they wouldnt return the product, they told me it would be a 10% restock fee to get the product replaced. IT WAS DEFECTIVE, I COULDN'T HELP THAT, WHY AM I PAYING MORE? We called Circuit City management to report the incident and get it corrected, and they simply told me i was lying, and that i needed to pay. This is outrageous. DO NOT EVER PURCHASE ANYTHING THAT COULD POSSIBLY BE DEFECTIVE FROM THIS STORE.
Entity: Bellevue, Washington
48, Report #3318
Sep 12 2000
12:00 AM
Entity: NASHVILLE, Tennessee
49, Report #17014
Mar 18 2002
12:00 AM
On 11-29-01, I purchased a direct TV outfit from circuit city and they promised,as their ads did, a $99.00 rebate. This was to cover the installation cost. Upon leaving the store, I asked for a rebate form. they said they didn,t have any and for me to get it off the net. I did this immediately and mailed it in to the address shown. On March 12, I became concerned about not hearing from them so I calling them. I was advised that they had no record of my having filed a form, and they had no record of ever offering a $99.00 rebate. In all of my phone calls, they do not wish to discuss it. Jack Palm Bay, Kansas
Entity: INTERNET, Internet
50, Report #56978
May 14 2003
07:59 PM
Circuit City warranty ripoff Colorado USA
Circuit City with an extended warr. I have been given nothing but the run around Fort Collins Colorado ..... I have been having troule with my C.P. -HP 8560 C- SINCE DAY ONE.Thinking it was something I was doing I was reluctant to ,call for advice. Over a period of time my C.P. continued to give me problems.After calling several times ,Idecided to make the 190 mile drive to see if a personnel appearance would help. THEY (at circuit city) was quick to give me phone numbers for help lines. I tried all these to no avail.They all wanted to help but for a fee! One fellow at C.C. SAID THEY SHOULD JUST GIVE ME A NEW C.P.. This was not nessecarily what I was going for.Ihave done a lot of business with C.C., even lately purchacing two digital cameras. this does not keep me from being disappointed in thier word .They said with the extended warr. if I ever had a problem they would stand behind thier product. I did not realize they would stand way behind and do nothing! Thank You, Joe Joe Holyoke, ColoradoU.S.A.
Entity: Fort Collins, Colorado

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