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76, Report #97735
Jul 06 2004
08:01 AM
Comcast ripoff Chicago Illinois
I had order the service in march due to the fact they did offer High Speed internet in my area. It is July and they keep giving excuses on the internet and want me to pay for the cable. THe cable took a month to get hooked up. I already went to satellite and when I ask them to shut my account off they keep saying the internet is availble at my adress. So I let them try again. THey got a modem to me and the line will not connect. THe Lineman says the node will not work in my area. So I call and still get the excuse that it is working. They will investigate and call me. Well I am still waiting. Comcast is a very unstructured company. When you call cause your cable went out they will say this is chicago adn I have to transfer to the St paul MN terminal. 45 minutes later you end right back up at chicago and your cable still wont work. Comcast needs to take the effort of buying Disney and put it to structuring thier company. Ethan Bangor, MichiganU.S.A.
Entity: Chicago, Illinois
77, Report #405364
Dec 27 2008
06:12 PM
Comcast Billing Outrage Minneapolis Minnesota Nationwide
So, I'm sure there are several reports on here for the scam artist also known as Comcast. Let me tell you my story. My family and I signed up for Comcast's triple play. Phone, internet and cable television. We got a 6 month promotional deal. It was great. We had free on demand, etc. Before our 6 month trial was up, we called them and told them we wanted to down grade our cable to basic only. We didn't want to pay those outragous prices once the promotion was up. They took the information and confirmed. The next bill we got, they HAD NOT adjusted what we requested. Our bill was for well over $200. We then called Comcast, spoke to a very nice gentleman who apologized and told us to only pay what our new service required. We did that. Next month comes along. We get our next bill. Guess what?! Now we have a past due balance of the difference we didn't pay on our last bill. (Because we were told it was their error and we didn't have to) We called again. This time, a very nice woman told us she saw the error, was taking it off of our account and our billing would be right after this. She also saw that we were not on a bundle deal. She told us we should be on this so called bundle deal and readjusted our account. Next bill comes. AGAIN we have a past due amount and now it says we must pay in 10 days or our service will be interupted. Are you kidding me?! We called AGAIN. This time, the gentleman (keep in mind we've now spoken to different people every time we've called) and he said he would adjust it and have a manager call us since we were having such a hard time with our billing. The manager did finally call. 5 days later, on a Sunday night while we were out. No message was left. All we had was an 800 number on our caller ID. We called back one last time. This time we were not as pleasant as we had been the previous 4 or 5 times. We didn't get anywhere. It was pay the bill or your service will be cut off. I now owe Comcast over $300.00. Most of this bill is the past due balance for something we never had/have nor will we have in the future. We are going to pay it and then get the hell out of dodge using Comcast. I can't believe 4 different people told us they got the error fixed and each bill after that was never fixed. I am so tired of huge empire companies doing whatever they want. I saw a news report about a month ago regarding Comcast. Some poor sole was being charged a $2000 bill by Comcast. WOW. How does this company get away with all of this?! I'm paying for something I never had. Pure profit for Comcast while they run to the bank laughing. It sickens me!! Katie w Richfield, MinnesotaU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
78, Report #361340
Aug 10 2008
01:50 PM
Comcast Quality of cable service Chicago Illinois
I have had Comcast Cable service for the last 3 years. I have contacted them from the beginning about the service I receive on my television. I am constantly (by constantly, I mean EVERY day this happens, throughout the day) getting tiling, freezing pictures, no audio, audio with no freezing, etc. I have contacted Comcast on NUMEROUS occasions and have had numerous technicians come out to fix the problem. The last time they came out 7/24/08, their Tech Ops Supervisor (Joseph Morales) also came out to evaluate the situation. According to them, they state that one of the connectors in the box was bad and they replaced it. Imagine my surprise later that day when I experienced the SAME problem. Today while watching TV, it continued to happen throughout the entire show I was watching. I am sick of Comcast and am looking for another cable provider! There have also been occasions when my phone was dead without my knowledge! My son is currently in IRAQ through his service with the Marine Corp. I need a land line phone! In addition to several times the internet was very slow or NO internet service at all! For those of you who are having problems with their bills, I would suggest contacting the BBB (Better Business Bureau) and the Citizens Utility Board. I had to do so a few months back due to a Customer Service Rep advising my boyfriend that we would only have to pay a little additional to upgrade our internet speed. WRONG! They discontinued the Bundle Package and billed me over $400 for cable, internet & phone service! Their customer service reps and managers would NOT budge or assist me, after being a customer with these people for almost 3 years. However, after contacting the BBB, I did get that issue resolved, AFTER keeping an eye on my bill and realizing that they were STILL trying to charge me an addition $150. And how is it that faithful/long term customers don't get the great offers that they offer to NEW customers. Don't the older loyal customers deserve a break after paying bookoo bucks to these people? MaryAnn Chicago, IllinoisU.S.A.
Entity: Chicago, Illinois
79, Report #368334
Aug 30 2008
12:21 AM
Comcast Cable TV Fremont California
In the third week of July I went to Comcast Service office in Fremont, CA to get cable service for my apartment. There is no telephone in this office to enquire if it is open or not. It was a week day, when in the morning I reached the Comcast office and found it close. A notice was posted on the door for the closure. Nobody could think that the office will be closed on a working day. Many people were coming and returning disappointedly like me. The next day I again went to the Comcast Service office and asked for cable service for my apartment. I found the Comcast staff arrogant, uncooperative and shockingly impolite. A woman employ handled my case. She said that there is a special package and I will get their Expanded Basic channels on discounted rate. At the end I asked her to give me written information about the cable package I will be getting. She said a technician will come to fix the cable service but refused to provide any written information about the service and how much I will be charged. On July 25th a Comcast technician came to my apartment at around 5 pm. The technician was impolite and uncooperative. He moved my TV from one corner of the room to another corner because the cable wire was short and he was unwilling to put an extension cable. He had a very old TV signal receiver which he attached to my TV set and showed me some channels. The technician asked me to sign a paper which I signed without reading because it would have taken at least half an hour to read carefully the fine print. Later that day when I tried to watch various channels, I found that the cable receiver is very slow in response. I complained to Comcast's customer service. Probably, one day later I called the customer service to add one more channel and to know how much I will be paying for the current package. The agent was unable to tell me how much I am going to pay. I asked him what will cost if I take your limited basic plus two Asian channels. Then I told the agent better I continue with my original package. The agent said that now I have changed the plan and computer system is not giving me back the old package because I am now a new customer. After this, I was left with few local and advertising channels and two Asian channels. Still I had problem in receiving those channels because of rusty signal received. I again called the customer service and complained about the receiver as well as the awkward position of my TV. I was told that a technician will come on July 31st between 8am and 12 noon to provide a new receiver and extend cable. No technician turned up during this period. When I contacted customer service I was told that technician is very busy and now he will come between 3-5 pm. Again no technician came. I again called the customer service and was told that now technician will come around 6 p.m. He brought another receiver, extended cable wire and helped move my TV back to other corner. Few days later I got a bill for $79.52 which showed that I have Limited Standard and Expanded Basic and Sony/Zee channels. However, I had only Limited Standard with Sony/Zee channels. I went to Comcast's service center in Fremont to ask why I am billed for the service which I am not receiving. I asked the Comcast employee why my original package was cancelled. She said you made changes to your package and that package was for July only and now it is the month of August. [Mind you Comcast customer service agent told me that he cannot return to old package because computer is not accepting and I am considered a new customer after making changes to my original package.] She gave me a new printed bill which has so many figures and does not clearly show how much I have to pay. Few days later I called the customer service and after talking to machines for at least 15 minutes I was able to talk to an agent. I told him to cancel the cable service. I asked him how much I have to pay. He told me to pay $ 78.80 and return the receiver to Comcast service center. I asked him why I should return the receiver it should be collected by your company. He said you are supposed to return the receiver under the Comcast agreement or you have to pay $10 for collection of receiver. I sent a check of $78.80 but did not return the receiver because I feel it is the responsibility of Comcast to collect the receiver and if the so-called agreement says that I have to return the equipment, I should have been told at the time to delivery of the receiver. I feel I am cheated by Comcast. I feel its employees are arrogant and uncooperative because it has a monopoly of cable service in my area. I believe that since the Comcast has monopoly of cable service in this area it is charging its customer arbitrarily, its customer service is inefficient, its employees work with this presumption that the people have no choice for cable service and its equipment agreement is unfair and unjust. I believe that the Comcast should provide detailed information about the cost of the packages and equipment and other hidden charges at the time of enquiries about its cable service not at the time of delivery of equipment. It was shocking for me to know that Comcast charges a small amount to change in any service. I was not told about this at the time of ordering cable service. I feel that Comcast extorted $ 78.80 from me without providing service to my satisfaction. It should not only refund this money but compensate for the mental torture I suffered because of its bad and inefficient cable service. Ghazali Fremont, CaliforniaU.S.A. Click here to read other Rip Off Reports on ComCast
Entity: Nationwide
80, Report #15349
Feb 27 2002
12:00 AM
Comcast Internet Service Stinks
I am very disappointed with Comcast High Speed internet service. For the past month as they have transitioned from @ Home to Comcast I have had nothing but problems. It is difficult to ever reach a customer service rep and when you do they often are unable to help or simply put you on hold again to transfer you somewhere else. I have spent the past month trying to resolve problems with them with no success. They refuse to schedule a technician to come to my home. I have been unable to receive e-mail for the past week now. However their bills always come on time. I transitioned to this service for quicker connection to the internet. I transitioned from AOL and swapped quality for speed. Now I am paying over $50 per month for internet service that only works half the time. I have lost address books, files and never received countless emails because of the poor service of this company. I wish I could tell them to go to hell but they don't answer the phone. Steven Nashville Tennessee
Entity: Nashville, Tennessee
81, Report #872898
Apr 24 2012
06:39 AM
Comcast is Harassing me. Billing gone wild. Internet
                 My wife had comcast in the beginning of 2011. We had it turned off due to not being able to afford it. The account was closed in full. We had always paid through our bank so that way we had documentation that we had paid. Last Aug 2011 my kids were going back to school and needed internet for school projects. I used the same bank account and set it up to pay them through that with a different comcast account number. Shortly there after the problems started. I made two payments through the bank account and they shortly there after shut off my internet.                  I contacted them as to why and they said that I did not pay. After talking to them over the phone I told them my bank statement to show them I had paid. They said the error was on there part and turned my account back on. Shortly afterwards they sent my wife two checks for the amount of my first two bills and added late charges and reconnect fees on my account from the August and Sept bill. I went to there offices and told them about the checks and gave them back to them and had them take off the late fees. They got the account straightened out as far as getting the money into the proper account from my bank.                    From basically Oct on out they constantly added late charges and reconnect fees as I tried to work with them on each bill and explain to them the problem dating back to the beginning of my service. Thought I had finally gotten everything straightened out until last week they sent my wife a bill for the two checks they issued her last year that I took back to them and they cut off my service saying they had not received payment in March when clearly my bank shows I paid them. They have stated throughout this that they would reverse the late fees and reconnect fees and credit my account for all the time I have spent with them on the phone over this and in person at there location.
Entity: , Internet
82, Report #856265
Mar 19 2012
02:52 PM
Comcast Very bad service Internet, Internet
We have been having problems with our comcast service for quite some time now, there is sound and picture disruptions during most of our programs, and we are being charged for 2 cable boxes even though we only have one, they refused to send us another box, or take the additional charge off. Upon contacting Comcast we were told that it was better than having satellite and that we had to make acceptations. We pay to much to make acceptations. I asked if someone would come out and check the service and I was told that they would not do that because it was not necessary. So after two more days of bad sound and image, we called to cancel our service and were told that they would not cancel our service because we had not tried to trouble shoot the issue. I've been trying to troubleshoot the issue for weeks! So I called back the next day and spoke to someone else, who tried to shift the blame onto me. I'm not sure what else I possibly do, but I finally was able to cancel my service. I would have tried to stay with them if they had just worked with me, but the customer service was a joke, and they were completely unwillingly to look into the problem, I wasn't going to keep paying them for crappy service.
Entity: Internet, Internet
83, Report #840937
Feb 17 2012
01:18 PM
Comcast OVERPRICED! Internet, Internet
In Portland OR area its $66 for an entry level package eligible for HD, a $10 HD access charge, plus taxes = an 80 dollar plus bill every month and thats for only 1 TV! I encourage all of you to cut the cable/dish cord as I have. One easy, cost effective way (esp. if you live in a metropolitan area) is to buy a Mohu Leaf antenna (read the great reviews) and a Roku or Tivo Box(or any other streaming box if you dont have apps on your TV). Both Roku (no monthly fee) and Tivo give you access to a very large amount of streaming content, i.e. Amazon, Blockbuster, Hulu Plus, Netflix etc. The Tivo box enables you to record all the FREE content you get OTA with an antenna. There is a $20 a month fee for a Tivo box (a good interface with lots of features), but its far, far cheaper than cable/dish. The best way to stop the Comcast monopoly is to stop using them.  With all the technology available, there are several easy, viable, money saving alternatives.
Entity: Internet, Internet
84, Report #901051
Jun 21 2012
05:04 PM
Comcast Tech Support Third Party Fees Internet
Comcast appears to be deliberately disrupting the Netgear router service in an attempt to steer customers into hiring tech support at an additional fee.  This has happened to me at least five times in the last six months.  Each time, a change was made to my account - such as an upgrade or downgrade to existing service or a billing dispute (removing charges) and within 12-24 hours, my Netgear brower that was provided by Comcast is suddenly is unable to connect to the Internet.  After spending literally hours on the phone, being transferred to numerous departments - two of which tried to charge a fee for their services, and having to call back no less than three times due to dropped calls, etc., my Internet magically reconnects when the customer service reps finally get the message that I am NOT paying an additional fee and I am NOT having a tech come to my house to screw around when each and every time, the problem has been fixed after I threaten to cancel all of my services and go to another provider.  I honestly think that this is a deliberate attempt to squeeze more money from their customers.  A Comcast representative actually admitted that this is a common problem and that it appears to happen whenever a change is made to an account.  In my most recent incidence, I finally got the customer service rep to confirm that the router ID that was being loaded was invalid and, after being pushed to my absolute limit, the representative finally provided a valid router IP address, reset my modem (which was never the problem to begin with) and gave me a stronger signal.  At the end of the day, my Internet connection was restored without the need for a visit from a technician or help from a third-party fee based service.  What a bunch of BS. I am now looking to switch providers, enough is enough.  No wonder Comcast's CEO makes mega-millions per year. 
Entity: , Internet
85, Report #912771
Jul 16 2012
11:34 AM
comcast cable hartwell, Georgia
lieis    tell you one thing when another avertised  making you rent a moden while hart net furnishes moden. canceled order and was still billed 10 dollars. asked for all imformation ssn adress etc. so had to freeze account and change account number to protect our money.  told them to cancel request for service, was told a fax number to call instead of a real numbeer to cancel the ten dollar charge. i predict comcast to go bankrupt. this was over the internet.
Entity: hartwell, Georgia
86, Report #695500
Feb 15 2011
07:10 AM
Comcast good service bad service Archbald, Pennsylvania
Comcast has good service here when it comes to internet and phone. But cable is a different story and only one part.  The VOD (video on demand) isn't the best service i have seen.  It always seems to have problems with error messages.  I have called about 10 times to complain and was so fed up I stop paying the bill.  Shame on me cause I see how it affects everyone else in the house that doesn't use the VOD.  Service was shut off and wanted to pay what was owed.  Well i opted for the part that was pass due.  So I went through the automated system and after the card was declined 3 times I was upset. So after checking balances and the numbers on the card I called back and had to go through a live person.  I was told if its not the full balance they reject the card. So now I had to pay $6 service fee instead of the $2 fee. Well after $6 and the overdue balance service is back as well as the same problem. The cable box ( HD DVR ) has been replaced 3 times since service started in 10/2010.  They seem to tell me that there are constant updates for the box and after all is failed they tell me that I have to leave the box alone for 45 to 60 mins. while they send a hot flash. Hot flash is exactly what i get when the old lady can't watch the latest show on VOD. Recently it has been more constant.  Checking the lastest HBO movies and freezes between pages. Message recieved is Error Occurred We're sorry, there is currently a problem with this application. My first question is who is sorry? Second the word currently. I guess its terrible when I called and they said I don't know of a problem and have never heard of that being displayed.  The next line was we'll send it to our engineering dept and they should have a answer within 24 hrs and at most 72. My next question was If I dont hear anything do I assume that it is fixed and what happens if it continues. Response was If it continues after 3 days feel free to call us back.  My opinion is nothing is free and comes at a cost everytime that I have to call.  The complaint is really easy.  For the people that want to have it all and pay the upward of 150 just for cable. Either offer a service that works or don't offer VOD on the hopes that you might get to work at that time. The ripoff part is that we pay the bill of 150 as well for instance a 1000 others in the area. $150,000 make something work! Imagine what they make a month across the country. 
Entity: Archbald, Pennsylvania
87, Report #699738
Feb 25 2011
07:20 AM
Comcast Equipment Scam Atlanta, Nationwide
When I signed up with Comcast a few years ago I purchased my modem for a special deal of $99. Recently I looked at my bill, and discovered that they'd been billing me $5 month equipment rental fee for the modem I already owned. That's $120 over the course of 2 years. Since I no longer had documentation or a receipt for the modem, they claim that it is theirs and that they can do nothing about it. I canceled my account with them and am now getting bills for $30 until I return the modem that I OWN.
Entity: Atlanta, Nationwide
88, Report #683465
Jan 17 2011
07:28 AM
Comcast Horrible Customer Service Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
I was a loyal customer and employee (through a company Comcast outsourced customer service calls for W.Palm Beach Area) and I have to warn people that Comcast Knoxville has the WORST customer service I have ever dealt with. When calling to make a payment I was told (after the payment was processed) that I was charged an extra $7 to process it over the phone. I informed the woman I was speaking with that I had went to the payment center in Oak Ridge (where I lived) but the line was to the door with only 2 people working the counter. Sure there were other employees there, they were standing around chit-chatting with the employees who were working the counter. After waiting 30 minutes without the line moving at all, I (and several other customers) left out of frustration. I remember being told by the installer that I can make payments through the 1800COMCAST phone number. The woman then informed me that "that is not her fault" and that I should have waited in line. I calmly explained that I had to work that day and did not have time to stand in line waiting while comcast employees stood around chit-chatting. She then informed me that I could have mailed my payment. This is the point where my frustration was beginning to show in the tone of my voice as I pointed out to her that she SHOULD HAVE told me about the "fee" to process the payment. She stated that there was nothing she could do about it. I then asked to speak to the manager, at which she replied "I am the manager, and there is nothing I can do about the fee, it is company policy." I asked if it was company policy to inform customers of the fee up front, to which she replied "If we think of it, we can tell you." I could see this call was going nowhere so I told her fine, and said goodbye which she replied "Now you have a wonderful day sir." As if I needed the sarcastic remark at the end of the call. When I received my bill for the next month (a few days later) it showed that I had paid the $7 fee as well as my bill.When I received my credit card statement it showed I was charged 2 times for the fee and 2 times for the bill. This infuriated me. I called again and explained my situtation to which the agent was smug and rude and stated that I should not get that tone with her, she did not cause the problem. I apologized for my tone (realizing it wasnt her fault) and asked if she could fix the error. She told me the same line of "there is nothing I can do about it", so I asked who I have to talk to to get this fixed. She told me to go to my local payment center. That was it. I informed her that I wanted to discontinue my service with comcast (knowing through my job that the money would be refunded after my equipment was turned in). She told me it was "good" that I discontinued service. I was shocked. Through the training I received at my job, we were told to always remain polite regardless of how rude the customer was, and when confronted with a loyal customer wanting to leave to always try to retain the customer with some perk (either free channels, discounts or upgrade in service). This woman did not care. She was glad I was leaving comcast. I see why she would make a statement like that if her manager was training her employees to be as rude as her. What really burned me up about the whole situation was that I worked the hardest area comcast has, as far as rude customers, and was ALWAYS polite and courteous and empathetic regardless of how the customer was talking to me and I was making FAR less an hour to do it (I was desperate for a job). The knoxville comcast customer service employees(that covered the entire east tennessee area)made $10 more an hour with benefits and treated their customers like crap. They are obviously OVER paid for the amount of actual work they do (as I witnessed at the Oak Ridge payment center). I have since switched to Direct TV who, as far as I am concerned, has the best customer service I have ever talked to over the phone. They are the complete opposite of what I had to deal with at Comcast. I also quit my job in customer service through the outsourcer (I felt that the outsourcer was getting alot of money from comcast but gave us very little). So if you ever have to go to the Oak Ridge Comcast Payment Center, plan on being there awhile, they are in no hurry, and DO NOT make a payment over the phone unless you want to be double billed and talked down to like you are the problem.
Entity: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
89, Report #648490
Oct 07 2010
10:33 AM
COMCAST Blind eye on charging extra ! Internet
Was promised to be charge 19.99 plus tx and modem rental for Internet sevice and now they are charging 41.61 after 1st month of service. after several atempts to resolve situation with customer support now they say can not do anything because system will not allow them to do so. Please advice on what to do, other than cancel service since it will be my last resort.
Entity: , Internet
90, Report #712033
Mar 30 2011
02:41 PM
Comcast outsources marketing to agencies they do not have the names nor contact #s of.A comcast rep called me at my home and offered me Internet and home phone for $39.98/mo, no installation, no other charges.  I repeatedly asked this question, will there be any charges.  The rep recorded the call, supposedly, to verify I was agreeing to leave my then provider.  I made sure to ask the question about the fee while being recorded.When I got my first bill, there was a $7/monthly recurring fee for modem rental.  Despite my requests to locate the tape of the recorded conversation, Comcast could not produce it and said I would have to pay the $7/mo.  This was such a scam!!!
Entity: , Internet
91, Report #676107
Dec 28 2010
04:54 PM
Comcast Deceptive Billing Practices Southereastern , Pennsylvania
Comcast needs to be investigated for there deceptive billing practices. I just got my new bill and there in the envelope with the bill is a three page insert, all printed in a size 1 font. It shows new station listings and services with new pricing and an exceptions list for those services. All of which requires a magnifying glass to read and an advanced degree in research to figure out which special exception goes hand in hand with their new services (there are 25 special exceptions!) Then they don't even give you any notice of the changes. The changes apparently take effect as of the month of my current bill? I have no doubt that the next bill will pose some mysterious new fee or charge on my bill which may very well be on this notice, but for the life of me I can't figure out what the heck this all means much less read it with the magnifying glass. "The notice came in the last billing cycle", will no doubt be the stock answer when I call to ask about a new fee I'm being whacked with next month.It's not a notice if you can't read it! It's just a blob of ink on paper, think about that? If the credit card companies had to stop sending notices so small no one could read or understand them, then any service provider a consumer pays for on a contract for service basis should also be held up to the same standards.If I have to pay for a service I demand service! I shouldn't need to get my eyes checked just to be able to read a notice from someone who determines what I pay for their service. I should be able to read it clearly enough to determine if I even still want to pay for it, based on the new terms. I hate feeling like I'm being held hostage by some corporate giant who feels he's doing me a favor because he exists. I absoultely think Comcast does this deliberately to confuse and frustrate it's users.
Entity: Southereastern, Pennsylvania
92, Report #547096
Dec 29 2009
08:16 PM
Comcast Big Ripoff Internet
Back around memorial day I took advantage of a comcast special for television. It included HBO, I asked if I could watch tv and record another channel at the same time. I was told yes. When they installed it I had to rent a box for the HBO but could record on the VCR in the other rooms and watch a differnt channel. A few months ago a rep came by and offered me a better Internet and telephone deal. He said I could get the 99 triple play. Boy what a savings. Well that was down graded to no more deals till the one I have expires but I can get internet for $19.00 and phone a little less than what I am paying. Instalation would be under $90. I wouold not need any more equipment for the internet, On instalation day the cost was $100 and I had to buy a router. First I was told a splitter ten when that didn't work I had to buy the router. My first bill was high and prorated but internet was $29.00 plus. Then Phone bill was higher tahn quoated plus never received discoount coupons as promised.  Now they are switching and the box you must use will not let you record a cannel on your VCR and watch another channel at the same time. To do that it cost $15.99 per room more. I feel they should let me switch to another company without penatlty since they changed the rules of the contract. The phone service has been evrything but good. In the last two weeks the have had reps out to attempt to fix it. When I had ATT I never had this poor service. The people I speak to on the latest issue with the VCR had to put me on hold to fiqure out if it could be done.  They sure need to have the techs work here in the USA. My bill was suposed to be under #130 but it is over $144 and who knows how much more. I paid about $100 for equipment for the internet, paid $100 for instalation and when service goes out they promis a credit but FORGET IT. Unless they improve they rate med service on the tv, Bad on the phone and a lot slower that ATT on the internet speed.
Entity: Internet, Internet
93, Report #570281
Feb 16 2010
04:55 PM
ComCast Refuses to refund balance Wilmington, Massachusetts
Last year I finally closed my cable service with Comcast due to poor quality and switched to verizon.  I was assured that they would refund the balance due at that time.  After many months, they are still refusing to do so, nor pay for my expenses in trying to get the problem resolved.
Entity: Wilmington, Massachusetts
94, Report #602399
May 12 2010
06:36 AM
Comcast Digital Cable Extortion Internet
We need to do something about Comcast. They just started pushing a scrolling margque across the top of the TV for anyone on basic cable who doesn't currently use one of their cable boxes. It stays there across the top of the screen and just repeats endlessly....   The message says, If you can see this message, the TV you're watching isn't yet ready for Comcast's digital network enhancements. To order the necessary equipment, call 1-877-634-4434 or go to to avoid service interruptions. Once you have digital equipment connected to your TV you will no longer see this message.   I obviously don't appreciate Comcast's heavy handed approach at FORCING people to use their cable boxes. What I really don't appreciate, however, is Comcast's back door attempt at trying to get people to subscribe to their digital offerings so they can soak consumers for more money.   Someone needs to call them to the carpet! Call Comcast and ask to speak with SVP Rick Germano about the issue, file a complaint with the FCC, send a note to ALL of your senators & congressmen, send a note to the governor's office, contact media outlets, post comments on social networking pages. Create some NOISE!  
Entity: , Internet
95, Report #603137
May 13 2010
08:07 PM
Comcast Bait & Switch - Internet Kokomo, Indiana
I have had high speed internet for over 3 years now.  I started my service with Insight and later was forced to change with Comcast.  There were some struggles at first but everything smoothed out pretty quick.  Never had a problem with there services and nothing out of the ordinary.  One day I went online and started to look around at comcast services since I only have broad band internet with them.  I went to the product section and it asked for my address and this is why it asked for my address: So we can provide you with the most accurate product availability and pricing info possible, please enter your street address and ZIP code in the fields below. I entered my info and it gave me the options of only 2 products for broad band internet.  1 being Performance which says: Downloads up to 12Mbps, uploads up to 2Mbps with PowerBoost The 2nd option being Blast which says: Downloads up to 20Mbps, uploads up to 4Mbps with PowerBoost. I looked at the terms and conditions which state: Terms and Conditions Not all services available in all areas. High-Speed Internet service limited to a single outlet. Service subject to Comcast standard terms and conditions. Prices shown do not include equipment and installation charges or taxes. Speed comparison between Comcast 6.0 Mbps service and 1.5 Mbps DSL (downloads only). PowerBoost provides bursts of download and upload speeds for the first 20 MB and 10 MB of a file, respectively. Many factors affect speed. Actual speeds vary and are not guaranteed. Cable modem required. Norton comparisons based on Antivirus, Internet Security and Total Security Performance Benchmarking, Edition 4, by PassMark Software Pty., Ltd. (March 2009). Pricing, services and features subject to change. Please call your local Comcast office for restrictions and complete details about service, prices and equipment. Comcast 2010. All rights reserved. Norton is a trademark of Symantec Corporation. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners. I go ahead and talk to the rep from comcast (online) and ask about upgrading to Blast.  She said that I will get this for 39.99 a month for one year.  After the 1st year it will go up to 67.95.  I say lets do this and upgrade my service.  I didn't have much time to play around with the internet and went off to work till 3am.  I got home and went to check my company e-mail and notice this is so not fast.  This is even slower than before.  When I did call them later that day they said comcast is experiencing problems in my area.  This went on for 6 days from having slow internet service to none.  Finally I get back online but when I was thinking about what one of the service reps said to me from a previous night about my internet of only haing 16mbps I didn't really understand this since there website says 20mbps.  Lets get online and talk to them about this because maybe she mistyped.  The rep from comcast said for Blast you only get 16mbps but with Ultra you can get 22mbps.  I asked why does the website say 20mbps and you are saying 16mbps?  He's reasoning was that this was due to my market.  Although when I went to site it asked for my address to find the current products in my market.  It never said anything about my market having Ultra.  The rep would not do anything for my service being that I signed up for the Blast which was supposed to be 20mbps.  I wanted to go back to my service I had before the switch and that was an option but wasn't an option.  Before I was paying 42.95 a month and now since I upgraded (although this is a promotional for 1 year of 39.99) I could go back to my previous internet but it is now going to cost me 59.95 a month.  I cannot get the 42.95 a month option because I don't have (and I never had) tv or phone service through them. I was shown some good bait and which I took, because I was told I would be getting this.  Once signed in and delt I was given another serive with the same name but a lower service and which I cannot get back to my old service. This is unfair and completely dishonest with there customers.
Entity: Kokomo, Indiana
96, Report #469055
Jul 13 2009
11:12 AM
Comcast class action law suit Cypress Texas
I wish an attorney would read all these complaints and file a class action law suit against Comcast. Clearly all these people at different locations can't be wrong that have the same stories. Clearly...the rip off is coming from the companies headquarters who tell their workers how to treat customers. I think there is some kind of US law that prohibits some software from Microsoft from leaving the United States and USA citizens personal information without their consent. Comcast hires employees to answer phones in third world countries like Mexico and several other places that creates a high risk for identity thieft to American consumers. All the personal information Comcast stores about you like address, SS# and bank information is routed to those call centers outside the USA. They have access to your information just like in the United States. Microsoft strictly phrohibits their software from being used outside the USA but Comcast has done it anyway. I also think there is some kind of government law that prohibits big companies from trying to dominate the market in one area. There should be more choices for consumers when selecting a cable company besides Comcast or AT&T in one area. Some areas it's only Comcast. Why are there not more cable companies out there? I have read a lot of the horror stories and I concur. It's very true. I suggest that anyone who has to do business with Comcast to record every single phone conversation with them. Post the conversation online via Youtube. Transcribe it and post it here. Comcast does lie and tell you different things ever time you call them. No matter how many times you call it seems no one is on the same page at Comcast. They all give you a different price every time you call. 2 weeks ago I was offered a $69.99 package then after calling back to ping my modem they said it was $79.99 and that the offer online ws not available in my area. Huh? But they offered it to me. Also I originally had Roadrunner cable w/ high speed internet. Then Comcast took over Roadrunner. Comcast slowly took off the Tv stations I had in my package and decreased the internet speed I had. I had no knowledge of that until about a week ago when they told me my speed was compared to DSL. I informed them I did not switch from DSL (phone line) to cable to get DSL. How stupid! I ask why my bills say high speed and I have DSL? I told them my videos lock up and my speed is dragging. Then they said well...You can upgrade to our high speed for around $59.00 a month. I said no. My package should not have changed. EVEN if it changed your videos should still run via Youtube. All I can hear is teh voice. The picture locks up. WHen in e-mail I get dropped connections. I have a log and watch the connections online and I can see when they log my computer offline. All of a sudden....No matter what I'm doing I get a blank screen. My computer is up to date. The best software. No virus. It works fine. In fact I have a NEW computer and when online it does the same things. It's all a comcast problem and they have created internet cable packages from turtle speed to lawnmower speed to car speed to try and haggle comsumers out of money. If your connected via a cable there should not be a speed issue. It should NEVER be slower than DSL or run at a speed of a 56K modem. Comsumers go to cable for speed. Not lack of speed. I think Comcast practices deceptive marketing techniques and scams comsumers into a more exspensive interent package by slowing down their connection so much that they are really barely online at all. Leaving the consumer to think they need to upgrade and give Comcast more money. They do this with all their services. The stations you get change and they tell that was a package deal. Now we can raise the price on you. When you sign up for cable you should know what package your getting and they should not be able to put things on your bill without your knowledge. I hate Comcast. They are the worst company I have ever had to do business with in my life. Their techs are stupid. It's true they hire contract labor workers to come out and fix your cable. You would think they could afford to pay a certified tech. Right? Not. I will be posting videos of my computer trying to watch a video via while connected to Comcast (internet service). I will also post videos of my speed and connections that I am getting from Comcast and any other important information to show how this company is a rip off on Youtube. Just type Comcast or Comcast rip off. If those are taken I will will post with words that contain Comcast. I wish that some class action attorney reads this. Gets the evidence against Comcast and compensates consumers who are being screwed. BTW - My lease is up and I am moving. Comcast will be gone. Poof! Getting Direct TV and the NEW HP Mini Laptop through Verizon wireless. Direct TV $39.99 month and you get over 200 stations. Mini Laptop $199.00 down w/2 year internet service agreement that is only $39.00 a month or $59.00 a month. Take your laptop with you anywhere. Does everything the PC does. N slow connections. And YES, you get good clear live videos from Youtube!:) My solution to get rid of this horrible service I'm getting. What a waste of money. P.S. If your an attorney who reads this and want to file a class action law suit against Comcast please post links for consumers to file their own complaints. A web site link? Alias Houston, TexasU.S.A. Click here to read other Rip Off Reports on ComCast
Entity: Cypress, Texas
97, Report #471438
Jul 20 2009
08:46 AM
COMCAST They lie, lie, lie Nationwide Maryland
I got the Comcast triple play three years ago. Great price, everything was fine. Once the year was up they tried to double the price. I negotiated a new price, which was fair. Every single month for the past 12 months my bill has been different. Sometimes its 20 dollars more, sometimes 50 and sometimes more. They always tell me the bill is correct, even though the history of the account shows I've never paid such an amount ever and the month before was lower. Common sense would tell you something has changed or something is wrong. Every month I'm on the phone with them for over an hour and they can't seem to give me an answer as to why it's different. On top of this, half the time my cable channels don't work at all. So they tell me I should sign up for their maintenance plan for $5.00 a month. I tell them that I shouldn't have to.I'm paying for cable and its not working. Why should I pay for a maintenance plan?? So I'm on the phone at least once a monthfinally after two weeks with NO cable or internet, they come out and fix it. Then I see a $30.00 higher bill. I call them and after an hour of waiting on hold they tell me it's a service charge for them having to send a tech out to fix the cable!!?!?! So I pay for cable/internet, it stops working (because of something on their end) and I have to pay a $30.00 service charge? Nope. Going with Verizon today. Comcast stinks. Their customer service is the worst. My wife has been in customer service for 20 years and she's never experienced anything like it. Their techs don't care and you can never speak to the same agent that promised you somethingthey'll tell you whatever to get you off the phone because even with their name and extension, you'll be talking to someone totally different next time. Jon Maryland, MarylandU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide, Maryland
98, Report #447079
Apr 28 2009
07:17 AM
Comcast Comcast's unexcusable negligents! Bremerton Washington
I have signed up for Comcast when I've moved to my new apartment. I picked a bundle service (cable: phone/tv/internet). The internet connection is really bad that it got to a point where I had technician come to my apt. once a week and I keep getting issue with it since the day they connected me. To top that off, I called them to put my account on seasonal plan because of my work (merchant marine) for 2 months, and the costumer rep agreed and I was told it's on seasonal. I left the day after that, I had 9 dollars automatically withdrawn from my bank to pay for the seasonal plan/month. After my job (after 2 months) I returned back to my apt. with shock to have found all these disconnection notices, and letters from a collection agency regarding my account with Comcast. I was very much so disappointed and for the lack of better word: pissed off. I called them and complained and I was told it's not their problem anymore but I have to now talk to the agency to pay my debt. I have begged and told them that it's not a fair action and the rep told me ok ma'am we will do this, have a copy of your proof that you were gone for those 2 months and we will investigate and resolve this issue. It will take a week to find a resolution to this issue, so please be patient and wait. And I sent them my Coast Guard discharges as proof. A week after that conversation, I called them and asked about the status on my current complaint. I was told they received the fax, but haven't got to it yet so I will have to wait for another week. While waiting I still keep receiving letters from the agency threatening me to pay my debt. I contacted Comcast about it and I was told I have to call them and deal with them, and so I did. I called the agency and told them what's going on. They told me if it's under investigation then why hasn't they canceled the order to them, so the agency advised me to write them a letter telling them that I'm disputing it and that it's under investigation. After I sent that, they stopped sending me threatening notices. After 3 weeks, I called them again thinking to myself that's more than enough time for them to come up with a resolution - but I was wrong. They still haven't got around to it, and I reasoned with them and begged yet again that I have to leave to work again and I won't be home in case I need to do something about it, and they said Well ma'am we're doing our best to resolve this issue but you have to give us some time. By then I was again frustrated as any time I could get a job that will not permit me to be this close to home and I've mentioned that I have consulted a lawyer and advised me to blah blah blah. And as soon as I let the L word down, the representative freaked out and told me sorry ma'am from this point I cannot help you anymore and I have to transfer you to an executive representative. And so she did. I spoke with a secretary and told me that an executive representative will contact me once she get to my case. And it's been almost 3 months, since my complaint and I still not a single call heard from them. And I have postponed my other job offer due to this matter. I have contacted them again for the last time yesterday, and the representative who I've talked to, said that I have to re-submit the documents that I've submitted before or I have to work with the collection agency myself, and that's the option I have. She said that there's no notes on there and she can't find it. So today, I am going to contact my lawyer and ask for an advice. I am sick and tired of the neglects they keep doing to me and to others. Msanonymous Bremerton, WashingtonU.S.A.
Entity: Bremerton, Washington
99, Report #728537
May 12 2011
01:43 PM
Comcast TV service Miami, Florida
Comcast is ripping me off by refusing to provide me the required 3 TV setup during the digital transition as stated on their website. They are using illegal and dishonest tactics to force me to rent box from from them at $8.5 per box when their own website clearly states. 1. More Channels, Higher Quality, No Additional Cost on up to 3 TVs*2. - Limited Basic customers without a digital set top box are eligible for up to 3 digital adapters at no additional cost.3. Customers receiving service above Limited Basic without adigital set top box are eligible for 1 digital set top box and up to 2 digital adapters at no additional cost.source: have digital economy cable which is above limited basic service. It includes limited basic plus extra channels. The comcast employees have tried every trick in the book to prevent me from getting 3 TV setup which is what is suppose to be included. I have a feeling what comcast provides for the benefit of any regularity  body and what their customers actually get are 2 entirely different things. Some comcast employees have admitted to me that I am indeed suppose to get 3 TV setup for no additional cost however say that the local office is the place that need to do it. The local office refuses to do this and is shocked when I show them the their own website. Most of them don't are at a loss for words then just say Restrictions apply, means you can't get it I am wondering if anyone else is experience this issue with comcast or is it isolated to my local comcast office. I am thinking about also filing a complaint with the FCC and my local franchise authority.
Entity: Miami, Florida
100, Report #769855
Aug 27 2011
07:27 AM
Comcast Promise of a Referal Canton, Michigan
Comcast contractor promises a refferal bonus of $25 but Comcast does not pay up
Entity: Canton, Michigan

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