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26, Report #40363
Jan 06 2003
07:27 PM
Consumer First ripoff Tampa Florida
I received a call last night from a company who would not give me there name. All they wanted to know was if i had a bank account. Which i am not crazy so i told them no and got hung up on real fast. Then today i recieved my lovely letter from consumer first that i had been approved for a credit card. Of course I was a little unsure of this letter when i did not see a website,a phone #, or more instructions about this company. I started to check them out and saw this report, and very happy I did. I do believe this is a rip off, because this is not the first letter i have recieved from these thiefs. I had recieved one about a three years ago. So as this shows this company has been doing this for a long time, and at that time they would send the cataloge with out the money. So I guess you can say they wised up a little. Doylene Stilwell, OklahomaU.S.A.
Entity: Tampa, Florida
27, Report #32324
Oct 11 2002
11:46 AM
Consumer First ripoff Tampa Florida
I was sent a Acceptance Certificate from them saying that I had guaranteed approval for a Consumer First Platinum Card with a credit line of &5,000. They wanted $45.00 for standard processing and delivery or $49.00 for Rush. This is a scam. I believe that they have been going by other names so recognize the scam and not the company name. Beware!!! Audra Birmingham, Alabama
Entity: Tampa, Florida
28, Report #44177
Feb 04 2003
08:33 PM
Consumer First ripoff Tampa Florida
I got a letter in the mail about pre approved credit line of $5000.00. It also said for me to send $45.00 standard or $49.00 rush for the credit card. I got ripped off bad and i want my money back. Jessica Brookhaven, MississippiU.S.A.
Entity: Tampa, Florida
29, Report #45186
Feb 12 2003
02:48 PM
Consumer First rip-off Florida
I was promised a credit card and never received it although they cashed my check. I tried to get in touch with them, come to find out they have scammed others in the same manner. Dako tumwater, WashingtonU.S.A.
Entity: Florida
30, Report #48922
Mar 12 2003
11:59 AM
Consumer First ripoff Tampa Florida
My husband & I just recieved a letter from Consumer First, saying we could send in $45.00, and get a platinum card with a credit line of $5,000.00. Thank heavens I decided to check the company out on the internet. I feel sorry for all the people that were ripped off, but also, I thank them for reporting it, to save other people their money. The company won't get as much money as they were hoping for, thanks to people and sites like this one. I wish you all luck in getting your money back. Again, Thank You for saving me the same trouble. Rhonda Indianaplolis, IndianaU.S.A.
Entity: Tampa, Florida
31, Report #49592
Mar 17 2003
06:59 PM
Consumer First ripoff Tampa Florida
this is a scam and very wrong to do to people you suck Jamie indianapolis, IndianaU.S.A.
Entity: Tampa, Florida
32, Report #1032951
Jan 25 2003
05:01 PM
Consumer First Rip-off
I am an 18 year old trying to get a credit card. I have been rejected from many credit card companys. One day I opened my mail and found a letter saying that i am already approved for a platium credit card w/$5,000 credit limit and 0%APR with a one time only $49 membership fee. I was so exited I finally was approved!!! Then as I started to think about it why would some one give an 18 year old kid a $5,000 credit limit and a 0%APR When i have no past credit history. So I got suspiciuos and looked for the company on the internet. Then I found this ripoff page and I have a friend who works for a news station and we are going to expose this company for the con artist that they really are! Jonathan Bellaire, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Tampa, Florida
33, Report #45609
Feb 16 2003
09:31 AM
Consumer First scam consumer fraud ripoff Tampa Florida
I reveived an acceptance certificate congratulating me to receive a Consumer First platinum card with a credit limit of $5,000, with 0% APR for 1st 12 months. In order to receive this platinum card there was a one-time only membership fee of $45.00. To good to be true, it is. Printed on the form was no application or credit check necessary. In reading between the fine lines no one out there is going to process a credit limit of $5,000.00 without any obtaining any financial history. Sad thing in order to expedit rush processing and delivery they are trying to obtain an additional $4.00 and have indicated that your request cannont be processed without this fee. This consumer fraud needs to be stopped so that honest tax paying citizens are not taken advantage of. Luckily I was able to detect this ripoff and did not fall for this scam. Maria Columbus, OhioU.S.A.
Entity: Tampa, Florida
34, Report #52208
Apr 09 2003
10:45 AM
Consumer First ripoff consumer fraud ripoff Tampa Florida
I got a letter in the mail saying i was approved for a platnum credit card. it said if i sent in either $45 or $49 for rush delivery they would send me a card with a $5000 limit. i sent them a check for $49 and they took it out of my account on april 3rd. it is now the 9th and i looked for a phone number on the internet but I found all these rip off reports for the same company! I was going to use that card to pay for furnishings for my new apartment so i could go to my brother in laws wedding in a different state. now i cant go because i have stuff to buy. Sarah Dubuque, IowaU.S.A.
Entity: Tampa, Florida
35, Report #35581
Nov 18 2002
10:46 PM
Consumer First ripoff consumer fraud ripoff Tampa Florida
I have received the same certifcate that many other's have offering the 5k @ 0% for 12 months and to be increased to PRIME PLUS or approximately 14.49% thereafter. This is not the first time that I have received this certificate. But it is the first time I have investigated it. The cetificate does NOT have a telephone number where you can contact their office and it only has a po box... many compaies do use a po box BUT there is always a TELEPHONE number to contact them for any questions or assistance... I have received the certificate from these people. There is another company that MAY/MAY NOT be connected with them. Their name is American Credit Solutions located at 4618 N. Hale, Ste 102 tampa, fl 33614 BUT there is an toll free number 800-564-2517 with operation hours of 9am-10pm mon-fri sat 10am-6pm (est time) There offer is almost the same. They offer a limit of 4k. If these card companies were/are on the up and up. then the offer is good. Many people shop from a catalog any how or even via internet. shopping by catalog can be accomidating to many. But, if these compinies are actually ripping people off buy geting them to send in $45 a pop. That is a lot of money. If 300 people responed @ $45; that equals to $13,500. I have not sent in the money they requested from me. People please be careful with YOUR HARD EARNED MONEY. pamela chicago, Illinois
Entity: Tampa, Florida
36, Report #37670
Dec 09 2002
04:09 PM
consumer first ripoff consumer fraud tampa Florida
ripoff!!! Took our last $49 dollars we had in our bank. john oregon, OhioU.S.A.
Entity: tampa, Florida
37, Report #37717
Dec 09 2002
08:40 PM
Consumer First consumer fraud ripoff Tampa Florida
I recieve a letter that I was approved for a credit card with a $5000 credit limit. I needed some money to start my own business and I sent off $49 and within a month I recievedthis fake card to order this crappy products and you have to put a down payment to order these products and 15% of your down payment for shipping and handling. You are not really using your card at all. This is what I didn't want!! I want a refund!!!If anyone recieved a letter about a platinum card from Tampa Flordia do not respond or you will be SORRY. Regina Indianapolis, IndianaU.S.A.
Entity: Tampa, Florida
38, Report #34482
Nov 07 2002
08:48 AM
CONSUMER FIRST ripoff consumer fraud ripoff TAMPA Florida
To it may concern i was riped off by consumer first. Rhonda cleveland, Ohio
Entity: TAMPA, Florida
39, Report #34269
Nov 05 2002
08:27 AM
Consumer First Scam consumer rip-off fraud Tampa Florida
I recived a letter saying that I was approved for a 5,000.00 credit limit.There is no ligitimate phone,fax or web address.They want me to send them 50.00 for the card and membership package. Kristina Bennington, Vermont
Entity: Tampa, Florida
40, Report #34278
Nov 05 2002
09:26 AM
Consumer First consumer fraud ripoff Tampa Florida
This is one more report about consumer first. I received a solicitation asking me to activate a card which was already booked for me. It said that this was a guaranteed approval with a $5,000 credit limit and $45 one time fee. I was intrigued by this solicitation and found it rather strange. A quick check on the internet and this site confirmed my suspicions. Want to share some of the things to look out for in such solicitations to prevent being taken for a ride: 1. The solicitation didn't mention anywhere whether this was a visa/mastercard/amex/discover/diners club card. 2. Normally, the annual/monthly fees are credited to your new credit card. This offer asked for money order/check beforehand which was rather strange. 3. There was no website, no fine prints, no explanation of the terminology, no disclaimers - too good to be true and too unprofessional. so look for these things the next time you get a credit card solicitation. Saurabh McLean, Virginia
Entity: Tampa, Florida
41, Report #36291
Nov 25 2002
11:52 PM
Consumer First consumer fraud ripoff Tampa Florida
I to got the same rip off letter from consumer first asking for 45.00 and then they would send me a 5000.00 platinum card .i just think that its not right to missed lead people like that.and something should be done. I am glad i checked it out first thank you Julia Taylor, Michigan
Entity: Tampa, Florida
42, Report #36265
Nov 25 2002
06:27 PM
CONSUMER FIRST consumer fraud ripoff TAMPA Florida
BEWARE THEY TAKE ADVANTAGE OF PEOPLE ..... I got a pre-aprroval letter in the mail on 11/20/2002 stating that I get a 5,000 credit limit. But it had no phone number or adress and it did not specify if it was a visa, mastercard or what. So, I tried to look up the website on the internet and I found this. I am so grateful to have not sent the $5.oo fee because now I know it was only for catalog use. THANK YOU TO ALL THE PEOPLE WHO WROTE ABOUT THIS FRADULENT COMPANY. Lori San Diego, California
Entity: TAMPA, Florida
43, Report #41759
Jan 16 2003
04:30 PM
Consumer First consumer money suckers Tampa Florida
I received a letter congratulating me for a guaranteed credit line approval of $5,000.00. Of course like many other Americans trying to make ends meet, that was very tempting Only $45.00 (49.00 express). I don't remember ever having applied for a credit card, especially from this company. The letter didn't look authentic to me (now they know and probably will change its looks), so I decided to give them a call. Well low and behold, no phone number. How does one make a rational decision on an offer being made to you when you can't discuss the matter with someone affiliated with the company. I found alot of information about this Consumer First on the internet and that was enough to convince me on their credibility.......RIPOFFS! Sarah Wrangell, AlaskaU.S.A.
Entity: Tampa, Florida
44, Report #39748
Jan 01 2003
05:47 PM
consumer first rip-off consumer fraud tampa Florida
I applid to this creadit card offer that came in the mail and come to find out I am pruty sure that they have riped me off out of 49.00 dollars angela shawnee, OklahomaU.S.A.
Entity: tampa, Florida
45, Report #43035
Jan 27 2003
09:52 PM
Consumer First consumer rip-off fraud Tampa Florida
i was thrilled to recieve this gaurentee thinking i was going to recieve a credit card me and my family are trying to purchase a home and i thought i would use this to furnish the home with things we need,i am so glad i looked into it befor sending my 50.00 $$ to this big hoax .... Melissa bainbridge, OhioU.S.A.
Entity: Tampa, Florida
46, Report #40921
Jan 10 2003
11:18 AM
Consumer First rip-off consumer fraud Tampa Florida
I am one of the unlucky ones. I found this website too late. I have already sent my check to this company-Consumer First for rush delivery of what I thought was a real credit card and it was cashed about three weeks ago. I still haven't received anything either. I am planning on returning the catalog that everyone has been writing about and calling the numbers for a refund. Does anyone know any other way to try and get my $49 I wrote a check for back? Please, next time you get a deal that seems too good to be true, check Thanks for the help because without these reports I would have never known what a fraud this company is. Jo Round Rock, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Tampa, Florida
47, Report #40886
Jan 10 2003
07:35 AM
Consumer First ripoff consumer fraud ripoff Tampa Florida
I also received a guaranteed platinum credit card with a limit of $5,000. I searced on the internet for more information regarding this company and I found absolutely NOTHING but reports of the RIPOFF webset. Keep your money. Angela Erie, PennsylvaniaU.S.A.
Entity: Tampa, Florida
48, Report #38427
Dec 16 2002
09:03 PM
Consumer First ripoff consumer fraud Tampa Florida
They sent letter to send $45.00 for standard processing or $49.00 for rush shipping of a $5,ooo credit limit with no credit check, with GUARENTEED APPROVAl..... GLAD I CHECKED WITH YOU FIRST. THESE PEOPLE SHOULD BE FINED, AND SENT TO JAIL THE WHOLE LOT OF THEM.....WE WORK TOO HARD FOR OUR MONEY TO BE TAKEN ADVANTAGE OF....... Rochelle Minneapolis, MinnesotaU.S.A.
Entity: Tampa, Florida
49, Report #41327
Jan 13 2003
08:25 PM
Consumer First consumer rip-off fraud Tampa Florida
They sent me a card in the mail for a credit line of 5,000 and i had to pay $49.00 for card. Then i received a catalog, there is nothing i would order, there is nothing worth spending a 5,000 credit limit on. I didn't know you couldn't use it for anything but what is in the catalog,and i wouldn't pay 10.00 for anything in the catalog.. And has anyone that has got this catalog and card tried to order from it? and did they ever get the stuff back in the mail? please let me know if so and more about this. Thanks,West Virgina Brenda Wheeling, West VirginiaU.S.A.
Entity: Tampa, Florida
50, Report #41443
Jan 14 2003
02:46 PM
Consumer First rip-off consumer fraud Tampa Florida
Thanks to Rip-off-report i saved myself some money. Next time i get another letter sounding too good to be true,I'll know where to check it out. Instead of tearing up these letters, send them back letting these people know there's some people out there not willing to be taken. Oh,, put a few choice words on the letter to get your point across. Penny portage, IndianaU.S.A.
Entity: Tampa, Florida

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