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76, Report #1328132
Sep 14 2016
12:16 PM
Direct TV STOLE 1000 dollars Anna Nationwide
 Direct TV debited my account $956. They debited my account and the service is not in my name. I helped my boyfriend make a payment one month and Direct TV informed me that was the reason my card was used to collect the amount. My boyfriend's card on file with Direct TV had no attempts at transactions. I called Direct TV and they verbally promised me a refund within 3 business days. No refund at 3rd business day. Called them and they said they denied the refund request and they instructed me to call my financial institution for a claim of theft. Requesting to join class action lawsuit against this service provider for making unauthorized transactions for collections. Direct TV needs to follow the collection process like every other business has to and not make illegal unauthorized debits from people's banks that are not associated with the account.
Entity: Anna, Internet
77, Report #1378565
Jun 12 2017
09:02 AM
Direct TV charged for equipment that was returned. Nationwide
After my 2 year contract was up, I cancelled my service. Two boxes were sent, in which I packed the equipment as requested, and sent ALL of the pieces back. Direct TV said they did not receive one piece of the equipment, (which was in the box) and charged me $193.00 on my credit card. After a phone call, they said they would remove the charge, however, the next month it was charged again! They have removed 1 of the charges, but not the other.
Entity: Nationwide
78, Report #1399548
Sep 12 2017
12:34 PM
Direct TV very unprofessional customer service Nationwide
Hello,I have Direct Tv since 2012.I like to believe I am a good customer of you, paying my bill every month in time for last 5 years.Few days ago, I decided to move my TV from one wall to the opposite wall in same living-room.I called Direct TV and set one appointment to have a technician come over to move the TV receiver&recorder and all the wires to the new place (the cables was not long enough to rich the new TV location) and the customer service set the appointment for September 6th between 12.00 pm and 4.00 pm.In September 6th, we do receive a call from Direct TV telling us the technician is running late.Finally, at 5.30 pm the technician ( Michael ) show-up at my house and after he spend at least 10 minutes on his phone in the car ( My husband and I - just watching him!?) he get off the car, set the orange cones around his truck, put on his safety helmet and take a selfie picture, put everything back (the cones and the helmet) in his truck and he says, …”let see the job”.We were in our front yard and watch him all this time. We expect from him to say Hello, my name is ….., show his badge and apologize for being late, or something… (thinks what any man with good manners would do). But… NOTHING !Of course we were upset because after we waiting for 4 hours is not nice to show-up 1 hour and a half late and not even bother to apologize, is rude and not professional at all.My husband ask him to introduce himself and show his badge (which was under his jacket and we can’t see his name) and ask how is possible to be so late when he have 4 hours appointment window. At that point, the technician gets mad and he raised his voice and tells us:“I spent last 4 hours in the attic at the previous customer and now you ask me why I am late?!?  You know what? I don’t even do this job anymore!”He jumps in his truck and left.Of course, we call customer service again, and we talk with technician’s supervisor, named Paul. He was nice and polite, apologizing for this situation and he rescheduled our appointment for September 11 between 8.00 am and 12.00 pm. We specially request to have first appointment in the morning, make sure the technician doesn’t come to our place tired from the previous job.On September 11th, we received a call at 11:17 am - telling us the technician reported his previous job done and he headed to our place.At 2:32 pm I decided to call Direct TV and see what is going on? No one show-up to complete the job.I found out appalled, the technician cancelled my order due to “safety reason”.I called customer service again and spoke with Rein, the lady who answers my call, and she was not able to tell me who canceled my work-order, and I asked for the supervisor on duty. I was transferred to Yui, other lady who could not or did not want to tell me who cancelled my appointment, or who was the technician assigned to do my work-order at this time. I was so frustrated and I asked to talk with upper manager, or someone who is able to answer my question and resolve my problem. Finally, I spoked with Joana, (ID#JC719xRx) who did not answer my question, but rescheduled my appointment for Wednesday, September 13th at 8.00 am.I was asked by all this 3 ladies how is the weather at my location, and I tell them was nice, sunny, 85 degrees, not windy, perfect time to do a 30-45 minutes inside job!!I specially request to talk with technician’s manager to see who cancelled my appointment (is very important to me: my husband take off 2 days from his work already for this mater) and make sure he will take care of my next appointment to be at 8.00 am first job for that day! She says is no one available at that time, but she promised to me she will have someone to call me in same day.Of course no one from Direct TV called me back. I have been very disappointed the way how the management team works.I would like to know how Direct TV will take care of my situation. I am a very unsatisfied customer right now, I am so up-set of this issue and I want to know who canceled my appointment and why. What steps your company takes to resolve my issue and to prevent this situation happened again to other customers.
Entity: Nationwide
79, Report #498915
Sep 22 2009
08:22 PM
DIRECT TV Inc Direct Unauthorized Payment Internet
Direct Tv Inc. is a rip-off, I tried to buy a UFC fight and was billed the fight. But, low and behold the representative put my debit card on my account as automatic payment. I did not know until on Sept. 3rd 2009 when I made a payment in the amount of $111.00 for my bill. Later that day Direct took out another payment of $110.16. I contacted someone on the 5th when I noticed my bank account was -$163.42 this is NSF fees and other bills that came out of the account. I talked to someone that told me that my payment of $110.16 would be reimbursed in eight business days. It never happened it is 09/22/09 and I was told by a man named Dustin employee number 417332, that I could sleep on the streets. I am on disability and my money on the first of the month is all I depend on when paying my bills. Now, I guess Direct TV Inc. wants me to loose my home instead of my satellite. What a shame, that a company would do someone like this and not give a crap.
Entity: , Internet
80, Report #1077761
Aug 21 2013
11:28 AM
Direct Tv Att/ Direct tv we recieved direct tv through disconnected direct tv july 2013 and have yet to recieve recovery box kits Nationwide
we had decided to disconnect direct tv due to them charging us for NFL Ticket a service we never authorized forand was placed on our account . My husband was so upset that he decided to have direct tv disconnected on July 26, 2013 , at that time he was told he needed to pay a disconnection fee. My husband reponse was for them to send us out a bill first and then it would be paid . When we received the bill by regular mail we paid  $ 91.22  in full immediately . During this conversation on phone my husband was told 2 recovery box kits would be sent to our street address by way of Fed-ex and we would receive them with 5-7 days. Seven days plus , we never received our recovery boxes  so I called and talked to crystal a agent on august 7, 2013 trying to find out where our boxes were. she stated they were sent back undeliverable, however she will send out another 2 recovery box kits, again by way of fed-ex and should received them by August 19, 2013. We talked about how Fed-ex delivers and I was assured it would be brought to my front door by fed-ex by August 19, 2013. We waited and we still have yet to receive our recovery box kits. So,  I once again called and talked to another agent  and was told according to Fed-ex tracking it was out for delivery and I should receive them by the ending of the day .I waited and again never received them, I waited until August 20, 2013 to call again and have since talked to 3 more agents and 1 supervisor ( Stepanie) . I explained everything to the Supervisorand told her I don't want to be charged in not returning boxes , when I keep trying to get the recovery box kits to return them  and she stated she would send out 2 more Recovery box kits and would note it on my account. she then proceeded to give me Fed-ex Phone number along with the tracking number and told me to call them. I called Fed-ex and was told they dropped it off at local Post office for delivery and they were responseable for getting it to me . I explained once again for the HUMPTEEN time that we do not get mail sent to street address, we get it at a post oiffice and I was assured bt Direct Tv that Fed-ex would bring it directly to my door. Fed-ex stated the boxes were sent back August 16 or 17, 2013 .. I was told I needed to call Post office and check with them, i was told because I have no mail box on street, If I did get them they were sent back as being undeliverable. I was then told to call Direct tv back and get them to add both street address & Post office box to Insure I recieved them. Which I once again did. my husband has since called them also August 20, 2013 that night. He was again promised 2 new Recovery box kits by August 23, 2013. August 21, 2013 , i recived  an animated call from Direct tv stating the 2 components were never sent back and if they were not returned they were going to be Debting my account for the 2 components and it  could cost up to $135.00 per component ,if not returned. I have since called my bank and made arrangements accordinly. If we do not receive our recovery box kits by August 23, 2013 we plan on seeking an attorney. Direct Tv lies to you to get you to subscribe & puts things onyour account without authorization and tries to make you pay it anyways. If thats not enough when you got to disconnect your service they lie to you about sending you the recovery box kits, so you need to pay for keeping them longer and not returning them.        
Entity: Nationwide
81, Report #819846
Jan 08 2012
08:16 PM
Direct TV Centry Link Direct Tv Ripped me off!!! chehalis, Washington
Direct is a rip off. I'll start by saying, I've had 2 encounters with the company. The first was, they diconnected from the complex I was living in, this I didn't know at the time. I called them and they said they'd send someone out to handle the problem. So, after 2 weeks they said i'd have to sign back up and i'll need new cable boxes and they credited me 25 dollars for 2 weeks of no Cable. I tried to send back the boxes and they said my complex manager should have told me to bring my cable boxes in at no charge. We'll they charged me for them and I paid them and I disconnected from them. Secondly, I moved and thought they would've changed but, this was severly not the case. (I think they hired thuggs to handle there business) So I got one of there packages through quest, I paid my bill faithfully and then one day the accused me of not paying my bill. We went round, after round, after round, i finally decided to disconnect after only 6 months. Well, they accused me of never paying a bill at all for direct Tv. I was bundle with Quest told me I was current and Direct Tv said I wasn't. (No wonder quest doesn't carry there service anymore.) My wife paid this bill every month, they accused her lying to me. They tried to send me to collections. They had someone call me and give me 3 months free direct Tv, I said no I had chose someone else to go with(Yea Comcast!). When I talked to them about trying to find out whats going on they said we need to audit your ccount. They also want cards statements from my wife, they blamed everything on her. So I ended up paying there outlandish fees yet again. I paid the fees and they gave me a set mmount and we paid them. Then I started getting calls from them gain saying we owe them this large sum of money. This time I didn't pay a dime, you see they wanted us to pay twice. We weren't going for it! They called and called(I know they have used my phone calls for training purposes lol) and some one in Az threaten to send me to collection. And they did, after 3 months of this i was done. We finally got every thing solved after some one with a little common sense called me and got the bottom of it all. (i don't know who this man was but I thank you) please beware of this company............ there not on the up & up
Entity: chehalis, Washington
82, Report #494853
Sep 14 2009
06:14 PM
Direct TV Being rapped by Direct TV, heart attack! El Segundo, California
I am a retired grandmother who went up into washinton to stay with my kids and grandkids for three weeks. When I got there I found the kids did not have tv for the kids or internet. So I said I would hook them up if we could find a company that would hook them up in there area for a low price. I had the internet working so went in to see what I could find.The best price was Direct TV which was $29.99 a month. I called them and they said yes it was and they could hook the kids up in there area, great I set it all up. They told me that there would be show time for three month free and I told them no way do not hook that up as I new it would not get cancelled and I would get the bill. I live on a fixed income and would never have agreed to any of this had I known I was going to be put through hell over this. I have about 10 letters from a man with there company trying to get this fixed but alas no.Any way the man said it would be extra for a couple of things that made sense so I said yes which took the bill to just under $45.00......He told me at that time there were some specials that I need to register to get and to make sure I did register before they hooked the kids up. I did register the day before they came out but guess what Direct TV did not send me the confirmation at all.......I found out later that meant I would get no saving and have a bill way more than I could afford.I have called these people but they are a bunch of crooks. I even ask them what it would cost to cancel and was told $400.00 dollars. I about had a heart attack. I have chron's and this has made it so much worse. I tried talking to them today but they just keep saying I did not register in time. I have two witness that I did in fact register in time plus the kids have all the e mails from Direct TV............Now they are saying I owe over 100.00 when this was taken out in July. In July I paid 58.00 and then in August I paid 45.00 which should of taken care of it but when I called she said they had charged me for the show time that was never put on.....This is a con they have going to get people to pay more money......nothing but con and fraud!HelpCharmaine Wallace503-550-0931
Entity: El Segundo, California
83, Report #511835
Oct 19 2009
07:37 PM
Direct TV Satellite Service Ripped off by Direct TV!! Greenwood Village, Colorado
I orderded or was conned into getting Direct TV bundled with AT&T for internet and phone service, April 2009. I have a written contract that the price for all three was to be $99.00 total. I got my first bill from Direct TV for $82.00 plus a big bill from AT&T totaling $150.00. I called Direct(the first of many calls to come) and they said it would be less next month and knew nothing of AT&T charges. The next month I got a bill for $72.00 and another big bill from AT&T.My bill from Direct remained at 72.00 per month which I paid ontime every month and kept records Thank God! June,2009 Direct informed me it did not get my June payment I had sent in Money order form. I told Direct I would call Money Gram and put a stop payment on that money order and get a replacement and send to them I also ask them to return the money order that I'd had a stop payment on to me as Money Gram wanted it for their records .Direct said sure and put a note on my account.I sent Direct the replacement money order July 6,2009. Direct told me they did not get the replacement money order. I ordered copies of the replacement money order front and back and found it was cashed July 10,2009 by Direct TV.I faxed copies of the money order. Direct said they did not get the fax!    I know they did! In the meantime,Direct had found the first money order that I had put a stop payment on and presented it for payment. It was returned not paid.Direct charged my account late fees and a returned check fee, by this time I was not suprised.  I have averaged calling Direct TV for 3-4 day out of every month since I have been a customer.My bill has never been correct. I could not believe a word they said.  it is like one hand does not know what the other is doing! No Communication!! I was getting nowhere with customer service!I cancelled my service Oct8,2009.  Returned their equipment.My credit card was charged $454.57 on Oct 15,2009. I have written to the BBB and FTC regarding these charges I do not owe because Direct has broken their contract.I will fight them with everything I can come up with.I   will not pay this I have also filed a complaint against my credit card because I told them not to accept charges from Direct and  a note  was put on  my account to this effect.  
Entity: Greenwood Village, Colorado
84, Report #386102
Oct 29 2008
03:33 PM
Direct Tv Refer a friend by direct tv is a scam ! ! ! Greenwood Village Colorado
I am really mad at Direct tv's customer service. I referred Pauline a couple months ago to Direct tv. I gave her my acc. # and the # to refer a friend, 866-443-8869. She hooked up with Direct tv. She Gave them My account name and number and said we would get $10 credit on both our bills for 5 months. When we got our first bill there was no credit, so I emailed direc tv. I was told we didn't call the right number. I know the right # was called because we still have the paper I wrote the # on that Pauline called from. So I called direct tv to tell them their wrong. I talked to a girl named Erica. She said she seen that Pauline did call from the right number and she would fix it and that we would get the $10 off on the next months bill and for 5 months. Well, I see the next months bill and there is still NO $10 credit. So I called (10-28-08) The man said that Erica told me wrong and Pauline did not do the proper procedure to get the credit. I was so mad I could of spit nails through the phone. WE DID DO EVERYTHING RIGHT !!! SHE CALLED FROM THE RIGHT NUMBER, SHE GAVE THEM MY ACCOUNT INFORMATION AND GOT THE RIGHT PACKAGES ETC. I don't think this man (was so mad 4got to get his name) ever told me what she didn't do right just that Pauline didn't go through the right process. Like I told him, Just because you guys didn't enter something on your end right, is not our fault and we DID do our part right !!! He refuse to fix it, and I told him it was a scam !!! So I went to Pauline's house to let her know we wasn't going to get the credit. She said that its a bunch of baloney. So she called and talked to Mathew and he said that WE WERE INTITLED TO IT. He fixed it and says we will get the credit in 6-8 weeks. Another Wait.... Now tell me, is this a run around over a scam. OR Do people just not know what they are doing in your customer service area!!! I use to have a very high opinion of Direct tv, and now I am embarrassed over this ordeal. I will be very pleased If I do receive the credit Pauline and I are entitled to, my faith and opinion will be mostly restored in Direct tv's customer service. Other wise I will let every one know what I think. Business are still in business like this because of Scams, thats how they have been in business so long. They get people to think they are legitamate, with promostions, promises, and too good to be true type things. Customers call on their promotion told all the right things, then after they have signed for 12-24 month contract then they pull the rug out from under then, then they are stuck in a contract they can't affordable get out of but yet direct tv's are not liable for their promotion ad's and are able to scam people. I will never refer anyone to Direct tv; I don't care if they promise me a million, because I know their promises are as empty as their heads are. Every call is suppose to be recorded, therefore all should be able to be verified. They don't care to satisfy customers, why, they have us by our yinyang in a contract. I personally think these contrats should be changed. If we want out of a contract where we know we have been done wrong especially in the first 3 months, we should be able to with out paying a penalty. I think these contracts are a way for companies to run scams, mislead consumers, and just plainly RIP OFF folks. I will see if they honor their last promise from Mathew. mean while, I have sent Direct tv another email explaining they whole ordeal similar to this report, and will see what they email me back. Who knows. Probably another run around. For anyone reading this, I wouldn't tell you what to do, but please BEWARE and AWARE. I do not recommend Direct tv persay their promotions. My mistake is I didn't check into rip offs and similar sites before referring someone. I don't always believe everything I read, but when I read more bad than good, it probably means they are BAD. If I can, I will let you know how this turns out. Kat lake isabella, CaliforniaU.S.A. Click here to read other Rip Off Reports on DirectTV
Entity: Nationwide
85, Report #1098588
Nov 11 2013
07:39 PM
Direct TV Direct TV NFL Sunday Ticket Rip Off Scam Los Angeles California
I have received charges in the amount of $37.49 per month for the last four billing periods with Direct TV. These charges are for the NFL Sunday Ticket. I do not watch sports - no one in our home watches sports. As a matter of fact, when I placed the order for Direct TV service, I specifically requested that this particular complimentary package not be included. I have no use for sports channels or features at all. On 9/9/13, I called Direct TV in an effort to reduce my bill, which had somehow increased. I spoke to a customer service representative at Direct TV and during our conversation, asked him to please make sure I did not have any type of sports packages or channels and he assured me that I did not. On 11/10/13, I went online to make a payment to Direct TV and saw the charges for the NFL Sunday Ticket. I contacted Direct er and having to explain the situation numerous times, I was informed by a supervisor at Direct TV, that it was too late to cancel this package, as the season had already started! I don't watch sports so how would I know when a season begins? So, not only is Direct TV unwilling to credit my account for the last four months of charges, they refuse to cancel the upcoming charges for this unwanted package! The supervisor advised that I email their corporate office and ask for the recorded phone calls to be accessed as proof that I requested that this package be excluded when ordering Direct TV service and that I asked again when I called on 9/9/13.This is an outrage and it is quite clear that Direct TV is deliberately deceiving their customers.
Entity: Los Angeles, California
86, Report #1105553
Dec 09 2013
11:06 AM
Direct TV Direct TV Bait and Switch Nationwide
When wanting to upgrade to HD, Direct TV promised us that we could get a new receiver and HD service free for life when we stated we were going to DISH. When we got the bill, HD was only for 3 months. When we called they fought us tooth and nail. We threated to leave the contract, and they threatened us with a huge cancellation fee. Direct TV will not honor their agreements. Do not do business with them! If you do- it's at your own risk, as they have proven to be a decietful organization.
Entity: Select State/Province
87, Report #1345488
Dec 24 2016
07:47 PM
Direct tv Took money out of my account and I don't have direct tv
 I looked on my bank account and saw that direct tv took 259.43 from my bank account as I don't have direct tv. I let my daughter use my card to make a payment. When I called they told me that I could not have my card removed and they had every right to take the money out of my account. They couldn't talk to me because my name wasn't on the account but they had every right to take my money with out my permission. They refused to remove my card off the account saying they have the right to keep my information but I didn't have the account. I told them they are a scammer and fraud. The hey still refuse to give me back my money.
Entity: nationwide
88, Report #1327983
Sep 13 2016
05:10 PM
Direct TV Cydcor llc Direct tv Did not meet bundle agreement Nationwide
 I was approached by a cydcor/Direct TV salesmen and informed that they had a bundle deal of 4 tv for choice package, 75 mbps, and a home telephone for $115/month. He said no install fees or equipment rental. I scheduled the installation and found out from the installation tech that it was a package deal with Direct TV as cable and Cincinnati bell as the Internet and phone. He said that the Internet and phone would be schedule for another time. After waiting a couple of days and not hearing from them I called Direct TV. I was informed that there was a $29.95 install fees and I said that the deal I agreed to had no install fees and told him I wouldn't pay it. He then deleted the Internet and phone portion off my account and told me to call cincinnati bell directly that they would have me in their system. Called cincinnati bell and they said they didn't have no record of me and told me to call direct tv back. I did and got no where, no supervisor available. I waited a few more days called back. I was then told they could only offer Internet service of 5 mbps and no home phone for the $115/month. I told them that I want the deal that I signed for or they need to cancel my service and I was told that they would charge me a cancellation fee of $480. I told them since they are not providing the services agreed to that they are the ones failing to meet the deal and I should not be charged for the cancellation. She then told me that they are provided their portion of the deal as agreed and they have nothing to do with the Internet and phone. I told her that it was a direct tv representative that made this deal and cincinnati bell was not involved when I signed the contract so yes they should be held to the contract or cancel at no cost to me. She then asked if I was cancelling or keeping the account and I told her she needs to cancel with no cancellation fee and after 2-3 minutes she hung up.
Entity: Internet
89, Report #1380602
Jun 22 2017
11:53 AM
Direct Tv Agents of Direct Tv Attempted to bait and switch my account Dallas Tx
This is my experience with Direct Tv.  Around July 2015 I was approached by a Sales person from their authorized dealer. He promised the Premiere Package at the price of their lower Ultimate Package.  We signed what I thought was a conract.  I wrote a check for $39.50. The installer came the next day.  When he was finished, he showed me a one  page agreement to sign.  Luckily I refused, because of the language.  He left and left me a copy of the agreement.  It was 3 pages and it was for the Ultimate.  The installer only showed me page 3.  It seemed the installer and sales person were trying to get people to switch providers without the Knowledge of Direct TV or its authorized dealers: by promising the premier Packaage and attempting to switch people at the installation.  I informed the Attorney General for the state of California.  Their reply was that they did not have complaints on the issue   Direct TV refused to honor the installation agreement, even though it was the onle existing paper work.  Is this the perfect crime?    
Entity: Nationwide
90, Report #9125
Dec 12 2001
12:00 AM
Prime TV / Direct TV rip-off false advertising
In August 2001, we signed up for Direct TV. We were told that we would receive a $140 rebate for using a Prime TV authorized installer. We were also told that the installation wouldn't cost more than the $140. They advertised that there was Free Installation. We were also told that a $12 Radio Shack antenna would ensure that we received local stations. It cost $250 for the installation and after 3 different antennas which cost $20, $80 and $120, we still had to subscribe to cable TV to get the local channels at an additional $20 per month. Since August 13, 2001, we have been trying to get our Rebate. We have received two letters asking that we send additional documentation (which was already provided with the initial application). I sent everything they asked for three times, only to find out by calling (all day long) for the status of our rebate, that they now required a copy of the cancelled check that was paid to the installer! I was told by the customer service person that if I faxed a copy of the check, as soon as they got it our Rebate would be processed. I called 4 times this morning and finally got a real person (the rudest person in the world) who told me I can not fax them anything and after they received my check in the mail, it would take up to 6-8 weeks to process. I asked for a manager, left a message on his voice mail and have yet to hear back from him. Notwithstanding the billing screwups we have had to endure by them sending our bill to the wrong address and having it returned back to them, then cutting off our service because we didn't pay, charging us a late fee and reinstallation charges which they refused to waive, paying for and never receiving the Direct TV guide, we have been patiently waiting to receive our rebate so we can discontinue service. Additionally, we will fight until the end of time should they try to charge our credit card $150 for terminating service within 12 months. When and how are these people going to be forced to conduct business appropriately? Click here to read other Rip-off Reports on DirecTV
Entity: Southern Pines, North Carolina
91, Report #79291
Feb 05 2004
08:24 AM
Direct Tv rip off Tampa Fl Internet
I have had direct tv for over 5 years and what a rippoff they have become, Tellemarketers call and promised hbo and cinemax for only 8 dollars a month, for both i asked repeatedly to make sure yes they said and i said sure for 8 bucks a month for both i got the bill and they were 22 dollars for both,direct tv refused to do anything about it. and charged me a cancellation fee to have them turn off the hbo and cinemax. Recently i had my reciever go bad and they said that we will send you a reciever for 30 dollars. The reciever arrived and didnt work so they said we will have to send out a service rep to fix it and i would be billed if the reciever was good but not billed if it wasnt, the service rep said the reciever was bad and gave us a new one. then the bill came showing charges for the service rep and a 1 year contract that i never agreed to. In december i sent them 40 dollars of a 75 dollar bill. they turned off my service 1 week later. then they have this underhanded way of leaving 7 bogus channels on and charging you 5 dollars a month for that and they dont tell you about the so called basic service. I spend about 3 hours a month trying to straignten things out with direct tv. and you get poor customer service a phone number that wont let you talk to a human all i can say is watch out for DIRECT TV Jeff dover, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
92, Report #168782
Dec 20 2005
09:48 PM
Direct Tv illegal activity El Segundo california
asked for tech to come out to readjust my dish. tech without my permission re-wired my entire home outside and inside. Changed all telephone lines,cables from box to tv and tapped into my phone and computer in order to have me monitored by direct tv's fraud dept. what gave me a hint something he did was wrong, when others tried calling my home number my phone would not ring at all. i was without dial tone for 2 days, when it was estored on its on w.out help from local phone company, i started hearing other conversations, a time ticker appeared on my call id screen and I noticed my alarm system had been disabled. there is a freh drilled hole on my basement wall with cables running from my adt box. I also found a web site showing equipment used to monitor calls and the tech mistakenly left some equipment in my home. I also researched a company to come to my home and scan for other devices and i fit the critiera od such. such as numerous w/darken windows parked in front of home, telephone features not working, noise and clicking on line etc. beware a $8.00hr tech can fasely report u and illegally tapping ur phone lines. direct tv states there is no fraud list but look on website for direct tv i will be paying over $1000 for a home scan, $25.00 for adt to reconnect my alarm system and fees to have direct tv's cable lines removed from my home. By the way i was able to view's programming w/o dish after tech wired my home please beware!!!!! Kam chicago, IllinoisU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
93, Report #193209
May 25 2006
05:42 AM
Direct TV HD ripoff Catonsville Maryland
5/23/06 To Whom It May Concern: The following is a description of the events that occurred when I tried to purchase HD service at my home, Thursday, May 11th First scheduled appointment to have the HD dish and box installed, scheduled time 1-5pm. Took off work at a cost of leave time to me. Tech did not show up and I did not receive a phone call. On the phone for an hour trying to find out what had happened. Started out calling 1-800-DirectTV and was transferred 3 times to the supervisor at the local dispatch, Philisha at 410- 577-1960, x239 she stated that she would reschedule me for 5-17, from 1-5pm and that she would make sure that it was a senior Tech that will come to the house. I requested that the tech be at my house at 1pm. Wednesday, May 17th Second scheduled appointment to have the HD dish and box installed, scheduled time 1-5pm. Took off work at a cost of leave time to me. Tech David Mitchell 443-456-7286- and helper Mike, show up at my house at 1pm. Asks if he can place the dish on the roof of my home and I said yes. David was at my house for about 3 hrs, during that time he was only outside attaching a dish to my roof, asks to speak with me and tells me that he has a bad part (RDH? Or something that did not work) and that he would have to get a new part and come back. He talks to his dispatcher on the phone and I hear him ask so the job ticket will be mine. He gets off the phone and tells me that I have been scheduled for 5-19 from 1-5pm and that he will be doing the job and that he could be at my house earlier than 1. I said that I would be home at 12:45pm and that would be great if he could come then. Say good bye and see you on Friday. Friday, May 19th Third scheduled appointment to have the HD dish and box installed, scheduled time 1-5pm. Took off work at a cost of leave time to me. 1pm comes and goes and still no Tech David Mitchell at my home. Call him 2 times on his cell phone leave messages asking what was the deal. 2 pm comes and goes I call Phlisia at dispatch and no answer. So I call 1-800-DirectTV and ask to speak with a supervisor. Conflict resolution specialist (a female forget her name) asks how may she be of help. I am a bit displeased at this time and ask her to not put me on hold and explain the situation as I have above. She says she has to go through all of the layers of phone calls that I had gone through on 5-11 to find out what was going on. She places me on 3 way and calls the tech David Mitchell, now he answers his cell phone and I ask what is the deal, and he states Oh I remember you, they gave the job to some one else. She ends that phone call and then she calls the local dispatcher and asks who has the job and when will they be there? The local dispatcher says a Tech named Will or Wills will be out in 20 minutes. So we end that call. Still on the phone with the Conflict Resolution lady from 1-800-directTv, she states that she will call back in 30 minutes to make sure that the Tech has shown up and to also talk about some credits on my account and we end the phone call. She never calls back. Tech Will or Wills shows up and he is professional and pleasant but there has been no communication by Direct TV as far as what he is to be doing at my house. So I try to explain the best I can what the other tech had told me and what he was at my house to do. He then understood and went about the business of hooking up my HD dish. A short time later Will ask to speak with me and explains that the Tech that was out here last did not know what he was doing, and he had placed holes in my roof, and asks me to climb up on the roof to look at the damage. Sure enough it looked as if Tech David had ripped up the mounting bracket and moved the dish to another location. In the original spot that the dish was placed there are 4 holes where the screws where and some of the shingles have been ripped up leaving the roof in a condition that compromises its ability to perform the task of keeping water out of my house. Tech Will or Wills went on to say that the guy should have never attached the Dish in the first place because there was no signal. He then told me to be honest with you I would not even get the HD package because you have too many trees around your house and it is not possible to get the HD signals from all of the satellites. He then called his supervisor and asked him to come to my house. Supervisor Mike Fitzgerald 410-800-8952 showed up at my house and climbed on the roof and took some digital pictures and stated that DirectTV would have to fix the roof and someone will be in touch. He also agreed with Tech Will that due to the fact that I had many large trees on the SW side of my house that I could not or should not get the HD service. I had an appointment so I could not ask the supervisor as many questions as I would have liked, but what I did ask was if there was any paper work to fill out and he said no, that there was a whole department that took care of this kind of thing and that he would email them the pictures and they would contact me. I left for my appointment with no HD service at my house, holes in my roof and a useless dish on my roof. Sunday, May 21 Returned HD TV at a cost of gas, time and $15 dollars to me for not having the box I bought it in. Tuesday, May 23 9:04am Contact Direct TV by calling 1-800-DirectTV to try and resolve my situation for the first time, ask to speak with a supervisor, 9:10am speak with floor supervisor Aireale and explain that I would like to speak with her supervisor, she places me on hold and then continues the call and explains that her supervisor Latoya Jackson is in a meeting and can call me back in an hour. I ask if Mrs. Jackson has an email or an address that I can forward this document to so that she may review the details of my situation and have a better understanding of what has transpired to this point. Aireale informs me that she can not give out email address and the only mailing address that she could give me is the president of the company. She then states again that Mrs. Jackson would call me in an hour. It was 9:18 at the time, so I ask so she will call me by 10:18am and she says yes. 10:28 am I have to leave for an appointment Mrs. Jackson did not call or any one from Direct TV for that matter. Once again, more of my time wasted and more stress caused by my interactions with Direct TV. Tuesday, May 23rd Email customer service at, forward them the current document. Tuesday, May 23rd 6:17pm call 1-800-DirectTV, to try and resolve my situation for the second time. Ask to speak with floor supervisor. 6:25pm speak with floor supervisor Kyle 100108182 tell him of my situation and ask what can be done. Kyle says he is sorry but my below requests can not be meet. Ask to speak with his supervisor. Speak with Jamie in the retention department. I read her this document. She says she is sorry but they can not meet my requests, but the one taking the HD charges off my account, tell me I have to wait for the damage claim department to take care of my situation and gives me a long distance phone number for the damage department (303-712-5033) that she lets me know has just closed for the day, I let her know that having the situation resolved by me calling a long distance number at a cost to me, with the damage department getting to the issue on there terms was not acceptable, and that I wanted guarantees of when and how my roof would be fixed, she could not make them. I explained to her that I did not believe that the situation would be taken care of in a timely manner, due to the fact that I had been lied to by Direct TV before, and explain that rain is coming soon and I need to get my roof fixed. I ask to speak with some one that has the power and authority to do something, she says that I can speak to her boss but I tell you right now they are not going to comp you the NFL Sunday Ticket, that's $200. I am a bit dismayed and ask her my time and holes in my roof are not worth $200. She puts me on hold it is now around 6:40pm. Speak with Marina, Account Supervisor, Marina admits that she is not used to handling these kinds of situations and gives me two phone numbers, one for the president's office (310-964-6598) and one for the same number for damage claims. She explains that I can get a contractor to fix the situation if it is an emergency and she said that this sounds like an emergency. I say that is great and that I had not been told that before, and I would do so but that I wanted some sort of documentation stating that fact, because I did not currently trust a word that any one at Direct TV was saying, due to my passed experiences, she states that she can not do that. She says she is sorry but that is why there are different departments that take care of these kinds of things. I end the phone call astonished with no credits to my account and not knowing for sure if they have even removed the HD charges from my account. At this time I decide that I am going to try and contact the President of Direct TV, but the phone number that I was given is not the right one or I did not write it down correctly. I call the damage control department and leave a message. I also make plans to hire a contractor to come out and fix my roof. Wednesday, May 24 Response from Direct TV email: Dear Mr. B, Thank you for writing. I am very sorry to hear about the problems with your installation. We would need to ask you to send some additional information about this issue. We would also advise you not to complete repairs, as a local office may survey damage on a follow-up visit. Unless the damage may be considered to have an real urgency (i.e.broken water line, loss of power, ruptured sewer line). The information we would need you to provide are as follows: - The name and phone number as they appear on your DIRECTV account. - DIRECTV account number - Professional estimate to repair damages - Short, written description of how damage occurred - Photographs of damage - Invoice of any emergency repairs made and any other supporting damage claim documents Please send this information to: DIRECTV Attention: Damage Claims P.O. Box 4227 Englewood, CO 80155-4227 Once we have received the above information you will receive an Acknowledgment Letter from the DCT explaining the damage claim procedure in further detail and will be contacted by your local installer to start the resolution process. When reviewing your account I found that the free programming and credit for service has been denied. Thank you again for writing. Please continue to visit for the latest news and information about our service. Sincerely, Aaron H DIRECTV Customer Service My response to the email sent by Aaron, sent on Wednesday, May 24th Aaron Thank you for getting back to me. Your suggested solution to the situation will not do. There is bad weather coming to my area soon and I need to have the holes fixed now. I will contact a contractor and get the bill, then do I send it to the address: DIRECTV Attention: Damage Claims P.O. Box 4227 Englewood, CO 80155-4227 How will the contractor get paid? I am not going to pay for this. Thank you and I look forward to your response. Direct TV response to my email sent on Wednesday, May 24th Dear Mr. B, Thanks for writing back. I apologize for any frustration this experience may have caused. I do understand the urgency of your request for the damage claim to be completed as soon as possible. If you would like to speak with someone immediately regarding the damage claim, you can contact our Property Damage Claims department at (303) 712-5033 M-F, 8AM-5PM MT. Please understand that the local installation office must survey the damage, before it is repaired in order for the claim to be processed properly. In order to make sure that you damage claim is properly completed, you would need to follow the instructions provided in the damage claim packet that will be sent to you. Please be aware that if by your prerogative, the repairs are completed before the damage is surveyed and if not completed according to the procedures that will be in the packet that you will receive, that we cannot guarantee that you claim will be accepted. Please be aware that in order to make sure you claim is accepted, please follow the directives in the damage claim packet that you will receive. You will be informed how the repairs will be completed, and how any necessary payments or contracting will be done. If contracting and repair is done on you own prerogative, we can make no guarantee to the outcome of your claim. Also, please be aware that if contracting on your own to make the repairs, that we cannot speculate how the contractor will be paid or if it will be paid by us. Once again I apologize for any inconvenience this issue may have caused. I have noted your account that this issue needs to be taken care of as soon as possible. As a reminder you can call our Property Damage Claims department at (303) 712-5033 M-F, 8AM-5PM MT to speak with someone immediately. Thanks again for writing and stay tuned to for the latest news and information about our services. Sincerely, Lance DIRECTV Customer Service Michael Catonsville, MarylandU.S.A. Click here to read other Rip Off Reports on DirectTV
Entity: Englewood, Colorado
94, Report #202759
Jul 25 2006
05:48 AM
Direct Tv deceptive business practices, ripoff Glendale California
After being switched to Direct TV service by the promise of 1 free month of service, the billing has not only shown a larger monthly service charge (over the quoted monthly service) but there is no FREE FIRST MONTH OF SERVICE as they promised when I converted. Calls and e-mails trying to get this corrected have been rejected by their customer service. I tried to get the corporate office information to write and seek their corporate response, but only received the following e-mails which have refused to provide this information to me, where are we heading to with corporate greed and fraud! The NFL should take a closer look at their agreement with Direct TV, as I doubt that they want to be part of a company which will continue to loose customers until they change their deceptive business practices. This report should also be sent to the NFL for review. ******************** I did not ask for your customer service address, I can read apparently better than you as you failed to answer my request which follows: PLEASE PROVIDE ME WITH THE CORPORATE ADDRESS AND CORPORATE OFFICERS FOR DIRECT TV, I BELEIVE THE HQ IS IN THE CAROLINAS, NOT THE CUSTOMER SERVICE ADDRESS WHICH IS IN YOUR BILL. DIRECTV Customer Service wrote: Subject Re: Billing overcharges [Email ID: 060715-00xx] [Email ID: 060717-000xx] Discussion Thread Response (Robert John) 07/24/2006 11:20 AM Thanks for writing. The correspondence address is: DIRECTV Customer Service P.O. Box 29079 Glendale, CA 91209-9079 For fast future reference you can also find this address on the back of your billing statement. Sincerely, Robert John DIRECTV Customer Service Customer 07/24/2006 05:25 AM Please provide me with the name and address of your coorporate offices and officers. *DIRECTV CUSTOMER SERVICE * wrote: Orlando Boca Raton, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Glendale, California
95, Report #135612
Mar 19 2005
05:53 AM
Direct Tv false reports of billing Nationwide
Some time around the middle of 2004 i got direct tv installed a few months after i found out that my unit was getting deployed to operation enduring freedom so i called direct tv to cancel under the military provision and it was around early september one day after i paid my bill which was already a month ahead. I was then inform that i did not have to return any of the equipment and should see a refund in the mail of the extra money they recieve. Five months later im still deployed i called and spoke to my wife and she told me that she had just recieved a call from direct tv say i have an outstanding balance. I got the number and called and was only told the amount was $202.00 i then asked the customer service person what was it for and was told that he does not know i would have to write a letter to the collections department to find out. I then informed him that i have not recieved any bills from direct tv since September of 2004 which was already paid proir to disconnecting. I wrote and email to direct tv and a letter to the collections department on or about 1 Feb. 2004 asking for a detail explaination and my entire account history with direct tv, i also asked for them to forward all correspondence to my address here. Just last night i called and talked to my wife and found out that she had just recieved a letter from a Nationwide Credit Collection Company saying i owe a [ast due balance of $120.00 to my direct tv account and that if it is not recieved it will be placed on my credit report. After five months of not having this service all of a sudden direct tv says i owemoney they did not even send a bill or anything say that i owed them money but then just send my info off to a collection agency say i owe them money. Up to this point they have still failed to provide proof of why i owe them. I feel this company is just full of it and unorganized and what is customer service for if all they can do is give you an address to write a letter. Now here i am serving my country and getting ripped of buy people whom i sacrifice my life for. Great now i understand the whole process of pride in america as they screw me. Olonzo fayetteville, North CarolinaU.S.A.
Entity:, Nationwide
96, Report #283846
Nov 09 2007
07:57 AM
Direct - TV Lies, Deceit, Ripoff Nationwide
Just the short of it. I got a contract with DirectTV. Two-years. I paid for and owned my receivers, they were not rented. After a year of service, I lost my job. I called Direct to have it put on hold. You can do that, indefinitely if need be, all you have to do is keep calling every 9 months to have them hold it. They turn it off and leave it off until you call. After the first 9 months, I realized I was not going to be able to pick it back up. I was going to pay the disconnect fee and be done with it. When I called, the lady told me that since I owned the receivers, she could waive the disconnect fee if I returned them. Great! So she took down my address and was going to send me two pre-paid boxes for me to send them back. Never made it! I called, they did it again. Never made it! I called back, this time I was told that I would have to pay to have them sent back. During all this, every time I called, I was told that I would still have to pay the disconnect fee. I argued and told them to look back in their files on a certain date. KEEP YOUR FILES!!! They had to make good on it because I knew exactly what time and date it was noted. 2 months later, I was given a call and told that if I didn't pay my disconnect fee they were sending me to a collection agency. I told them the story again. By this time, I had already sent the receivers back, and paid UPS to do it. DirectTV kept telling me they didn't have them. So I had to call UPS, get a tracking number, find out if it was signed for, etc. I called Direct back, with the tracking numbers. They looked it up and said, Oh, yeah it's been delivered and signed for, but we can't find them. They wanted me to give them a couple of days to hunt it down. A couple of days later, I got another collection call. They still couldn't find the boxes. A week later, another collection call. Finally, after 3 weeks, they finally found the receivers, but guess what, my account had already been sent to the collection company. There was nothing DirectTV could do about it, it was now Out of their hands. All of this harrassment was over a span of about 4-5 months. I called at least once a week. I had to recap my story to every person I talked to on the phone. And of course, the story got longer and longer with each week and each added detail from the week before. After all this, can you believe that when they finally got it all taken care of, they had the gall to ask me......Do you think you'll be having this turned back on in the future???? I couldn't believe it, all I could do was laugh and say, You have got to be kidding? Alysha Albertville, AlabamaU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
97, Report #309417
Feb 16 2008
10:16 AM
Direct Tv duped into extending contract period Internet
I cannot believe how a big company like this can grow from strength to strength when they have no customer services satisfaction at all and my problem is only minor compared to other people but I wanted to add to the numbers of disatisfied customers on the hope that one day justice can be done. I moved house last July having been a customer with direct tv for almost 2 years,I agreed to extend my contract for a year instead of paying the normal $200 moving fee and also decided to add some more TVs to the house and leased extra equipment which I duly signed for when the installation was completed, I then started to see insurance I never requested added on to my bill and that took 3 months to sort out and have removed and knowing my contract was due up approx June this year ( I wanted to switch to cable as my phone and internet service was with brighthouse and as a package I would be paying less overall ) I spoke to an obnoxious guy called Dan i.d u1995 who claimed to be a supervisor and matter of factly told me that in the small print on the work authorization I automatically signed up for another 2 years when I signed for the installation, he was not interested in the fact I had not been explained this and also that I had been duped into extending a contract I didn't want and said there was no way to cancel the agreement. I asked for a copy of this agreement I had signed which he assured me he would e-mail across to me but surprisingly it did not arrive. Wendy windermere, FloridaCentral America
Entity: Internet
98, Report #309665
Feb 17 2008
04:02 PM
Direct Tv just plain ripped off Utah internet or nationwide
I am in contract with direct tv and, they say every month i owe them $150.00 to $200.00 dollars for the bill. My bill is not supposed to be over $65.00 a month but, it is and when i get out of this contract with them i will never recomend anyone to get their severcies they are just a plain rip offs. Tim flatrock, AlabamaU.S.A.
Entity: Utah
99, Report #320757
Mar 24 2008
09:00 PM
Direct TV deceptive trade practices Miami, Florida
I ordered the commercial choice package for my new sports bar on 2/26/08. I was promised 50% off the $151.00 commercial choice package for six months, Free Installation, and HD service if I purchased 3 HD receivers for $200.00 each. They billed my credit card $673.26 on 2/26/08. When the installer showed up, he tried to charge my $400.00 for custom installation. I insisted on the free installation that I was promised. It took 3 heated phone calls, 1 week of time, and a new installation contractor until my service was up and running on 3/10/08. Today, I received my first bill. I expected about $75.00 plus tax. The bill is $206.11. Once again, I called to inquire, and was told that my 50% discount had not been applied yet, and if I want HD service, they were going to bill an unexpected $49.00 per month. Now, having my over a barrel, I have 3 choices. Pay the $49.00 per month for the HD service, discontinue the HD service, and eat the $673.26 that I paid for the HD receivers that are non refundable, or cancel the service all together, eating the $673.26 plus a $300.00 early cancellation fee. Please help me if you can. I have a brand new business here that is tough enough. I do not have the resources to take on a company this size. Mike Wichita Falls, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Miami, Florida
100, Report #334605
May 24 2008
09:04 AM
Direct TV Bait & Switch Greenwood Colorado
I received an offer in the mail from Direct tv. I called to inquire about the charges for service to compare it to my current service provider. Everything was coming in lower until they got to the movie channels. I was told the movie channels were going to be like $43.00 per month. I told the rep, (Dustin from Colorado) to forget it, I was currently paying only $13.00 per month for those channels and if I left I would never get them that cheap again. Dustin said to hold on and let him see what he could do. When he came back to the line he said what if I can get you the movie channels free for one year and your bill will never be more than $63.00 per month for that year? I agreed to that and now that I am locked into a contract and can never get my cheap rates back from my previous provider. I am being billed for the movie channels and paying $103.00 per month! Not to mention the quality of the service is poor, picture gets stuck or voice is choppy. When I called to complain I was advised that they were sorry that I misunderstood!! I told them I did not misunderstand anything and they can pull the tapes from that recorded call to verify it. After several emails going back and forth each stating that I misunderstood and they do not have an offer of free movie channels for one year, a supervisor offered me 3 free months of showtime! I reluctantly agreed to that, knowing I was going to get no where with the one year free movie channels that I was promised. Well to my surprise (not really) I did not get the 3 months free showtime! I feel this is a bait & switch since the rep told me what I wanted to hear to get me into a contract then the company wont follow through. Not to mention the horrible customer service of blaming the customer for misunderstanding. Directtv is a joke and the company should be investigated for fraud and shut down! Teresa Las Vegas, NevadaU.S.A.
Entity: Greenwood, Colorado

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