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26, Report #2080
Apr 16 2000
12:00 AM
Dish Network Satellite
I purchase a Satellite from Dish Network who sent sub contractors out to do the work. They sold me the equipmwnt with thw Dish Network logo on the paper. I also bought a 4 year warranty. Dish Network will not honor the warrenty because they got a out on the situation. Since they sub contract the job out they don not have to honor the warrranty. They left me with a hold in the side of my home that I can put my hand out to the ouside. A hold in our bedroom that u can see downstairs. They did send in the pass, people out to fix the equipment which they knew nothing about. They never fix my walls and now after hundreds of calls they said they just sent these other guys out to do some work on a customer curresty call which they told me 8 times it would have been $119.00 each time. So here I am out of money for warranty work and $2800.00 in useless equipment that do not work and a house with holes. Be careful because they told me if I palanned to sue them that this thing about sub contractors was their out. I tried to told to the owner of the company, Charlie Ergen, and was told he had no number to be reach or e-mail and that he would say the same thing. I have all the paper work where they came out and Dish network says they have no reports in my file. I think my paperwork tells the truth. Thank You PS: PLEASE WATCH OUT BUYING SA SATELLITE!
Entity: Englewood, Colorado
27, Report #12345
Jan 24 2002
12:00 AM
Dish Network are Rude, Incompetent, Fraudulent Thieves
First problem -- I had Dish Network install equipment in June 2001. The installer said I would get three months of free premium channels because I had four systems installed. I thought what the heck, if it's free I'll take it and cancel after three months when hockey season starts up. The first month I was not charged. The second month, they charged me an extra $40 for all the premium channels. I called the 800 number to straighten it out (thought it would be a simple matter) and got the rudest person I've ever talked to -- until I talked to her supervisor. The supervisor made the other one sound like an angel. She told me that I had already received the service and I would be charged for it and that's it. She would not even listen wen I explained that I never requested these channels and there was nothing on my contract that even said I was receiving them. I asked what would prevent them from adding other services I didn't want and she HUNG UP ON ME!! I tried several times to get another supervisor and failed. I emailed their customer care line and received a response that there was nothing that could be done and that the charges would stand. Long story short, I filed a complaint with the Michigan Attorney General's office and the BBB. The AG office contacted Dish Network within 3 weeks after which Dish Network's head of customer care called me and asked what they could do to resolve the problem. I explained that all I wanted from the start was a credit for what was by now 2 months charges for service I did not request or want. She grudgingly agreed to do that and that problem was solved. Would have taken 10 seconds in the first place -- MORONS. Next problem -- hockey season starts and I realize that I can't get two of the channels that are important to me (local channels, UPN and a Canadian channel). This is entirely an oversight by me when I signed up and not the fault of Dish Network. So, I call them and tell them I want to back out of my contract and that I will gradly(?) pay the $240 that is in my contract for early termination. They bill my charge card for the $240 and send boxes via UPS and I return the equipment the same day (11/19/01). I track the shipment on UPS' website and see they signed for it on 11/26/01 -- about 7 days after I shipped them. A week later on 12/3/01 they debited my checking account without my knowledge or permission for $420 for equipment. Once again, I try to reason with the numbskulls in the customer service department and get nowhere. They're rude, clueless and don't even try or know how to help. I finally got hold of a thinking human and she connects me with the right department. The guy at their equipment return department agrees that I should not have been charged, says he would be upset as well and tells me I should get the money back in 5-7 business days via electronic transfer (the same way it was withdrawn). Again, the money doesn't appear so I call back and am told that the refund department is very backed up. Figures, people with half a brain are stampeding to get away from these imbiciles. Finally, I get an email saying that I have been approved for a refund and I should get it in a few days. In the meantime, I've filed another complaint with the Michigan Attorney General. This is THEFT and FRAUD and they know it. I, too, would be happy to join a class action lawsuit against this turd of a company. Even my cable installer, who used to work for them, said that it's commonly known in that industry that Dish Network rips people off left and right. After reading the posts on this website and others, I have to believe there are a whole lot of people who would join in. If anyone emails me I will keep them posted on the results of my complaint with the AG. Email me Good luck to the rest of you and thanks for listening. Dave Noble Click here to read other Rip-off Reports on Dish Network
Entity: Nationwide
28, Report #12253
Jan 23 2002
12:00 AM
Dish Network, Bank account thievery
I had singed up with Dish network for a deal to where we didn't have to buy the equipment you rent everything and just pay a monthly price for the service, all I had to pay is installation and $99.00 for a second converter. Well they ended up after the first month taking $399.00 + from my bank account for the purchase of the equipment which caused us to bounce almost every check that we had written out for the month, my wife contacted the company they admitted to their mistake and they credited back the money to our account and covered the checks and bank fees. A couple of weeks later they took all the money back with out notice,we bounced checks again, we called them back and spoke to someone totally different, she had stated that we signed up for a different package plan and they weren't responsible for all the bank charges we aquired, after a year of fighting with this company I have yet to talk to the same person twice, or to not hear that person doesn't work here or we can't track someone down without an operator number, but non of them will give you an operator number, 1 girl gave me an operator number, someone else said it was a bogus number. This company has cost me so much money and has taken so much money from me, I probably have paid for at least 7 Dish systems, It is just amazing how some company can just take complete control of you and just about ruin you! Gary Aliquippa PA Dish Network Click here to read other Rip-off Reports on Dish Network
Entity: Nationwide
29, Report #6158
Aug 14 2001
12:00 AM
Dish Network Organized Con Artists
August 8, 2001 To Any Person Thinking of Purchasing a Dish Network Dish System, DON'T. . . . I am not a customer of theirs and look what they did to me! In March of 2000, they deducted, $298.00, $298.00, $200.00, $100.00, $1.00, and $1.00 for a grand total of $898.00 out of my checking account, UNAUTHORIZED. It caused numerous checks to balance. I called the company and asked them why they did this, but they could not talk to me because, I did not have an account with them. Which was exactly my point. Why in the hell would they take out this money, if I did not have an account with them. I had to report my card stolen, got to my bank several times, and talk to many inept people from Dish Network, who assured me that this would be taken care of. My wonderful bank, issued me a provisional credit, disputed the charges, we won that battle and my money was returned to my account, thanks to my bank, but my bank had to eat several hundreds of dollars in service charges. Just when I thought this was all over, on 7/28/01, I went to take my daughter out to lunch, when to my surprise, my bank account was negative $577.00, where DISH NETWORK had again. . . . withdrew $802.37 out of my account. I immediately went to the bank, the bank was shocked that this had happened AGAIN. After talking to two people at the bank and doing some research, Dish Network had tried to run the card thru 5 times all five times it was denied because the card was reported stolen. On the 6th time they used a bogus authorization number to remove the money fraudulently out of my account. Now I have been speaking to their attorney Steve Novac at 303-723-1616, who assures me that my bank is at fault, and they are totally innocent in this whole matter, and basically at this point they have taken no action to compensate me for anything. Including another $600.00 or more at this point in service charges that my bank as incurred for me. But in the mean time, my bank is the only ones who have done anything to help me. Dish Network has beat around the bush, and myself and my bank have documentation that Dish Network has agreed in the past to issue my funds back to me. Also another employee of Dish Network, in front of witnesses, agreed to take care of all of the service charges. I also have e mails from yet another Dish Network representative stating that they would mail me a check. I have received nothing from these people but heart burn and total disruption of my finances and life for the last 6 months. $898.00 may not seem like a lot of money to some, but I am a single mother trying to survive, and it does not help when you have con artists such as Dish Network ripping you off. I don't have a Dish, I don't even have cable! I would love to sue the pants off of these people, and after doing some research, I may not be alone. I have been doing some research, the Better Business Bureau, does not have a favorable rating for Dish Network for reasons of. . . Guess. . . . Billing Issues and Refunds??? go figure. Also there is a web site called where people can vent their complaints. . .Dish has a few listed there also, and these people leave their e mail addresses so you can contact them regarding their experiences. Let's band together. If you have had a bad experience with Dish Network and would like to start a class action suite. . . Please send me your name, address, and phone number. I will contact you and we will chat! You can e mail me at Thank you for your time! Jennifer Browning P.S. Check out and . . . see other complaints against Dish Network. Also contact Better Business Bureau in Denver Colorado.
Entity: Denver, Colorado
30, Report #40890
Jan 10 2003
07:52 AM
DISH NETWORK Incompetent Customer Service Nationwide
This is my first dealing with Dish Network , and by reading other complaints it looks like the fun is about to start. I have had my system for about 1 year and paid for annual subscription . I received a renewal statement in the mail the other day and questioned about not receiving a discount of 100.00 dollars right off the top for paying anually . I base this on what i was told when i bought the system and what is shown on my purchase statement . I called customer service , explained what my question was , and was put on hold while they researched my account . When the rep returned he told me he talked to his supervisor and said they would issue a rebate check . Rebate check??? I told him i would like to speek to his supervisor and i was put on hold again . Guess what happened next . Click Beep Beep Beep. I called back and was very pissed off by then . You know how the story goes , you can never talk to the previous rep , and there is no record of your previous call . Now this rep tells me that the rebate was a one time thing , and there is no such thing as a rebate check . I questioned him about this supervisor rebate check thing and he had no answers . How Strange ???? I reluctantly paid my bill . Here is the best part . While this is going on i started to loose my satellite signal. Gone. I am an electronic tech so i found the pboblem , intermitent lnb . Now i get to call customer service again and see how my in warrantee system gets fixed . Wish me luck . Tim MINATARE, NebraskaU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
31, Report #862688
Apr 02 2012
12:05 PM
Dish Network Refund claim Internet
My name is Anthony Wilson and I obtained your email address off of ripoff  I was looking at how you guys treated your customers and I feel I have been treated the same way.  I closed my account on February 2nd and I was told I would receive my refund once you guys received your receivers and I complied with everything you asked of me and you guys are still giving me the run around.  I don't want to write a report for my issue but if I keep going through all these run arounds I will have to call my local news station or protest.  Can you or someone at dish refund my money please!!!!!  I hope to hear from you today!!!This was an email I sent to Daniel Busa
Entity: , Internet
32, Report #549979
Jan 05 2010
09:41 PM
DISH Network satellite tv Internet
Opened Dish Net-work account in 07/09 after the sales called times. The sales promised $100 refund, lower monthly fee ($21.99/month) and waived activation for their promotion. None of that came true and I got a notice for about $100 balance on my account in 11/09. How come? I signed the auto pay via credit card! Anyway, I paid that off and gave my credit card info again. I found another $168 balance posted on my account again in 12/09. They told me there is some activation fee (after I opened the account 6 month!!) & some balance from some other peoples credit card they need refund! What is that!!! It looks Dish-Network and its sales never being able to tell their client true stories!!
Entity: , Internet
33, Report #559519
Jan 25 2010
12:18 AM
Dish Network Cinemax False Advertising PALATINE, Illinois
Back on February 6th, 2009 I signed up for a Dish Network promotion 1 Year of Cinemax for a Penny. I was charged a penny that day. On January 24th, 2010 my Cinemax was deleted from my account, and I was charged another penny.When I called to complain they removed the penny charge from my account, but refused to reinstate the Cinemax, even though I should have had service to February 6th, 2010. They said the Cinemax offer was over. How can it be over? I did not receive a year of it.  I asked for other compensation or free programming. They gave me zilch.This is totally false and deceptive advertising.
Entity: PALATINE, Illinois
34, Report #568598
Feb 12 2010
12:24 PM
DISH Network are crooks, Internet
I am into my 4th month of a 2-year contract and my monthly fee is going up. Contacted them and they gave a long winded explanation of how they are changing how and what they charge for. I got the service because it was a good deal at a good price, but if they can just change the price whenever they want, then not so good a deal. Evidently with Dish, a contract only works one way. Customer is tied in and Dish can do whatever they want. They are crooks and I will never do business with them again.  
Entity: , Internet
35, Report #639511
Sep 10 2010
03:33 PM
Dish Network Hidden Exit charges Internet
Dish charges Exit fees.  This is the sleazy business practice of charging people who want to cut back or cancel service.  They charge you if you want to stop using their service!  For example, if you have a movie channel subscription and you want to cancel, Dish charges you to cancel the service.  They also charge you to cancel their service altogether!  I just called to cancel and they are wanting to charge me $30 for me to ship back the receivers that I have been leasing from them for 7 years.  Else, I have to pay about $70 per receiver.Let's keep in mind that these 7 year old receivers are past the point of depreciation and will only be thrown out when they get to Dish central - they effectively have 0 value!Dish has lost a customer in me forever.
Entity: , Internet
36, Report #897290
Jun 13 2012
09:15 PM
DISH NETWORK False Advertising Internet
Dish Network is a Huge Rip Off!!  They advertise that this new Hopper Product is free when you sign up for America's Top 200 or above and HD Free For Life.  What they do not tell you is that there are additional fees that they do not disclose in their advertisements, such as an additional $10 a month service fee and a $7 a month charge for a piece of equipment that they also classify as a service fee.  Correct me if I am wrong, but when did a piece of equipment (a tangible object) become classified as a service charge.  Dish Network needs to pull all of their advertisements and create new ones that are not false advertising the products.  I even called in to customer care and spoke with a manager in the sales department for a good half an hour and got no where with her except her saying that she is on my side and that she agrees with me and all of this garbage.  Then she even had the nerve to tell me that existing customers where being grandfathered in of sorts when they requested to upgrade to the Hopper.  Since when is upgrading being grandfathered in and since when does a company allow certain customers a waiver of the service fees and then charge other customers.  They are a total RIP OFF!
Entity: , Internet
37, Report #1160566
Jul 08 2014
05:42 PM
Dish Network False Advertising Nationwide
Dish Network offers the move in deal where they move you for free and then give you 3 months of two premium channels for free  well that is a lie and their excuse is if you service has been interrupted that they cannot give you this offer  HOW DO YOU MOVE WITHOUT YOUR SERVICE BEING INTERRUPTED?   total scam and something should be done about this type of false advertising  
Entity: Nationwide
38, Report #1221594
Apr 10 2015
06:11 AM
Entity: Internet
39, Report #1291225
Mar 02 2016
11:33 AM
Dish network Nationwide
 I payed 126.97 Feb 9 2016 dish received it and still are debating my account for the same transaction I'm not on auto pay. I have faxed my bank statement twice they claim to never received it emailed it they haven't received it I have called everday for 3 weeks my account is over drawn over 500 dollars due to this and all they can tell me is I have to wait.worst company in history
Entity: Nationwide
40, Report #1223576
Apr 20 2015
10:45 AM
Dish Network broadband Tenaha Nationwide
I have been a customer with Dish Network for almost two years. I use both their entertainment and broadband service. Beginning around December of 2014, our internet download speed dropped precariously during peak hours (1:00pm to 3:00am) from 5-7 Mbps (they advertise up to 10 Mbps, but we've never seen it) to as low as .09 Mbps. I say again: .09 Mbps. This is one sixth of dialup. Had my ISP in 1995 been that slow, I would have fired them on the spot. Of course, I live in the middle of nowhere and Dish is my only option, so I decided to give their tech support a go. This turned out to be about as useful as talking to my dog. Their first excuse: The Router. Of course it can't be our equipment, it must be your router. Replace your router and call us back if that doesn't fix the problem. Soooo.... Dish's answer to a technical problem was to have the customer arbitrarily waste his money replacing something that works perfectly fine before investigating further? Ah, no. The router is fine. Try again. The next option was to send a technician. At our expense, of course. To that, we responded by telling them to just end our contract and we'd walk away. They decided to send a tech free of charge, which was the only smart move Dish has made to date. Or maybe not, because the tech found nothing wrong with any part of our system and insead said that the delays we'd been seeing were due to high network traffic. Back to tech support we go.... Today, the cited theories for our terrible service ranged from temperature to weather to the position of the sun. I kindly reminded the person on the phone that the sun wasn't an issue at 3 in the morning. His response was to tell me to call back while the problem was manifesting so they could troubleshoot it.  So we'll see. Do I expect resolution? Of course not. Dish knows it's the only game in town here. It knows that people will continue to pay for broadband with download speeds that weren't acceptable 20 years ago. And the problem is obvious: Dish has simply overbooked its service by offering service to too many people and refusing to make the necessary uprades to accommodate them all. And the natural reaction would be to simply drop Dish as an ISP. But I'm not going to do that. If Dish loses me as a customer, then they only lose $80 a month. But if I spread this far and wide enough to influence dozens or hundreds of potential customers away from picking Dish as a broadband provider, they lose thousands. So this is what I will do. So long as I do not receive the service I pay Dish for, I will cost them as much money as I can. Enjoy your $80 a month, Dish. I'll enjoy costing you 100 times that.
Entity: Nationwide
41, Report #1306615
May 19 2016
03:53 PM
DISH Network Service Englewood Colorado
DISH Network does not provide the service they promote and even the President of the company showed no considration on how I was treated by his departments on three no shows by his technician department. He instead put me against a wall by stating we have canceled your service with the 300.00 disconnection fee or I can turn back on and setup another technician appointment. What was I suppose to do that point? Here is the story of bad service: Our hopper and joey keep losing signal and you have to turn the box off three or four times to change the channel if the box is recording. We had to turn off the auto primetime recording or we couldn't watch tv. I received calls from DISH that they see the problem on their side from reports. Wednesday, May 4, 2016 had appointment 8-12 at 11am got an email that it had to be cancelled. Rescheduled on Saturday, May 14, 2016 and they are suppose to call an hour prior to arrival. No phone call and I called them around 4:15 and said I have no call. Put me on hold and came back said the technician said he called and no one answered. Which is a lie because I had my phone the whole time and I checked my number under appointment and it was listed correctly. Blew up like a monster and the operator said he would give me a one time $30.00 credit, 2.00 off the outdoor package and 10.00 off bill for 6mos. Rescheduled appt to Thursday, May 19, 2016 8-12pm. Call them at 12:30 no phone call they say the appointment does not show up. Get supervisor told him to talk to the operator I had on Saturday he will remember. Comes back on the line and says I talked to the operator and then our technician dept and they didn't follow procedures. The appointment got cancelled but they never contacted us to notify you. I said then I want out of my contract with no fee. Talk to a lady in that dept. She says I can do $20.00 off for 6mos. I said the guy on Saturday offered me discounts. She says I only have the 30.00 credit and nothing else. I state again I want out of my contract with no fee since all you do is false promises. Then get transferred to her supervisor and same thing. Then I get transferred to the president and I explained above of his game. I have felt like such a number and nobody. They showed they do not care about service. The president did say they take complaints and I said I want to file three: customer service, technician dept and your contract dept.
Entity: Englewood, Colorado
42, Report #1309669
Jun 05 2016
08:35 PM
Dish Network False Advertising Englewood Nationwide
 Dish has Internet ad for a $100 gift card if you sign up by August 3rd I did sign up and did not receive the gift card when I called they said I did not mention the ad when I signed up I did mention it they did not process it because they are shady bastards! If they don't want to give it out then don't falsely advertise it! Screw you dish network
Entity: Internet
43, Report #1350057
Jan 15 2017
08:27 PM
Dish Network Internet
 Dish Network took $460 out of my checking account without my authorization. When I contacted them about the transaction I received 2 different stories. The first representative told me the transaction was for their equipment and once it was received they would credit my checking account. The second representative told me it was an early cancellation fee and no matter what I did they would not refund the money. I am a single mom who just got paid on Friday. After buying a few groceries today I have less than 50 in my account to last for 2 weeks. I need gas money to get back and forth to work and my utilities are due on the 19 th. Thanks to Dish Network my family will not have power or water. The customer service representative was rude and would not help in any way at all.
Entity: Internet
44, Report #201374
Jul 16 2006
04:44 PM
Dish Network & All American Dish rebates ripoff Indianapolis Dallas Texas
My name is Michael, an customer of All American Dish which affiliates with Disk Network. I have signed a standard agreement with the time interval from 01/13/2006 through 05/12/2007. Ms. Sheenika was assisted me with the process on 01/11/2006 with an understanding that I will receive a $12 rebate per month for the first 12 months of the contract. Every month I sent in my statement from Disk Network in hope of receiving the $12 rebate as promised. I have waited until May of 2006 to see if the rebate will finally come my way but to no avail. During the month of June of 2006 I have contacted with the rebate department various times with Ms. Tamica on 06/14, 06/16, 06/26, 07/16/2006 regarding about the status of my rebates but there is nothing coming my way up to this day. Every time I talked to Ms. Tamica, she gave me the same delaying talk with false promises. I have also contacted with Dish Network who said that All American Disk is an independent unit from it and Dish Network will not have anything to do with it. I am very disappointed with the Dish Network and All American Dish's business conduct. A major business entity that invested heavily in advertisement to generate trust and business and yet not following through with it; it is behaving just like a used car dealer, very sad. I need to voice myself so others will not be deceived into dealing with such business entities. Think twice before you want to do business with Dish Network and particularly All Amrerican Dish. Don't let all of the bells and whistles blind your judgement. Michael Houston, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Dallas, Texas
45, Report #124763
Dec 28 2004
06:41 PM
Dish Central, dish Network ripoff dishonest fraudulent billing Pflugerville Texas
Had a dealing with dish central,dish network,had their service for the total of 4 days had them to uninstall their service. due to not getting what i was suppose to get in the programing,this was supposed to be a Free install,free activation,no comment,i always check on my account balance on my credit card and there has been a $49.99 charge and a $256.73 charge.these people are thieves,and don't care who they rob. I would advise everyone to stay away from them,I spoke to my card company and they are going to help me dispute the charges,I also change my acc# and told them i would not pay for something i do not have,they have there equipment so why charge me. Linda Sitka, KentuckyU.S.A.
Entity: Pflugerville, Texas
46, Report #1029001
Mar 28 2007
10:07 PM
Dish Professionals - Dish Network unprofessionals ripoff Midvale Utah
After having a bad experience with the install and the installer taking way to long to instal I was told I had three days to decided it I wanted to keep the dish what I was not told was that dish professionals is not the same as dish network. I decided to cancel and found out that the three days only applied to dish network. They would not let me cancel even though I called with in the day after they installed and they tried to bill my credit card over $600.00 dollars. I tried to talk with them and they were rude and said nothing other than well you should have read the contract. Yes I should have not realizing that, that is the only way dishonest bad companies can get and keep customers since they have no service ability I just want people to stay far, far away from this company Alan American Fork, UtahU.S.A.
Entity: Midvale, Utah
47, Report #1206099
Feb 02 2015
11:40 AM
Dish Network Dish Planet, Planet Dish Buyer Beware is not Dish Network! Internet
I was charged 49.99 on my credit card by without my knowledge or permission. When I contacted Dish Network I was informed that charge was not from them but from the retailer who is and they could not reverse the charge. the y gave me an 800 number to call the retailer but when you request to speak to a customer support person the call just loops back to Dish Network. The salesperson did not tell me there was a separate $49.99 fee aside from the agreed monthly Dish Network cable charges. It is impossible to get your money back. This company is giving Dish Nertwork a bad name.  If Dish Network will not give me my money back, then as soon as my contract is up I will move to Direct TV and never do business with Dish again.
Entity: Internet
48, Report #208115
Aug 27 2006
04:31 AM
Digital Dish Inc., AKA Dish Network ripoff Millersburg Ohio
In short... I went with the 30 day free trial at Dish Network. Within 22 days I contacted them and said thanks, but no thanks -BUT please do not disconnect me UNTIL the installer comes back and fixes the CUT in HALF Time Warner Coaxial Cable he demolished when installing Dish Network. This was at noon on Saturday. At 1 pm on Saturday, Dish was no longer able to be recieved by my Dish Network Receiver Box. They cut me off in under an hour!!! Now I have no satillite OR Time Warner Cable TV (and my Time Warner Cable Bill is PAID UP!!). I called Dish back. Basically, in a nutshell, they said sorry the earlier call I'd made must have been misunderstood, but... they would send someone out to repair the cut Time Warner coaxial Cable - when - they weren't sure. They said they could reconnect my signal for $25 and 2 months advanced service!!?? --- but she said - it was their mistake probably. I was not even able to talk to a supervisor. So, until I can get the coaxial cable line repaired (that DISH CUT) I am setting here with a paid Time Warner Subscription that I cannot watch - Thanks to DISH NETWORK. Take my advise -- DO NOT GO WITH DISH NETWORK, or more than likely - you'll be sorry, not to mention, extremely pissed!!! Steve zanesville, OhioU.S.A.
Entity: Millersburg, Ohio
49, Report #121247
Dec 04 2004
04:33 PM
DISH NETWORK ripoff Unknown Michigan
See text, below; To: DISH NETWORK (Michigan Affiliate) Fr: Re: DISH Scam! Having been dissatisfied with DirectTV and thereafter with the increasing of cable rates, several weeks ago I contacted you folks regarding your service. Four rooms of service with no equipment to buy! A free DVR! Sounded too good to be true. And it is! Your first installer was to be here between 0800-1200. He showed up, without calling, several hours late! He not only didn't have a bloody ladder, but was talking about significant hourly charges because he had to put one receiver on our main floor, and the other three on the 2nd floor. Further, since he had no ladder, he was going to put the dish in the middle of the back yard! In spite of the installers offer to come back NEXT WEEK with his buddy and a ladder, we sent him on his way after wasting the entire bloody day! Upon calling your office, we were assured that the next installer, one week hence, would be better. Your installer was to arrive today, between 1200-1700 hrs. At 1300 hrs. he was considerate enough to phone us and advise that he was running late. He finally arrived at 1700 hrs. with an assistant and several LADDERS! However, within the first two minutes he informed me that we needed a phone jack by each receiver, or there would be an additional $4.95 a month charge for each receiver that didn't have a jack! I'm sure there must be fine print somewhere that addresses this, but couldn't the first installer have mentioned this? Anyone of the several folks the wife talked to? The woman who called me last Wednesday to confirm the appointment? Hell, DirectTV worked with wireless transmitters which I still have somewhere, and could have had available if forewarned. So, the free DVR costs almost $5.00 a month extra.. just under $60.00 a year. Two of the four TV's are beyond 20 feet of a phone jackanother almost $120.00 a year. And for the $600.00 per year package we were looking at, you folks cannot get an installer here on time! Lastly, my two sons wasted their time configuring their rooms for your installer's ease of ingress, and the wife and I blew a day and a half during the holiday season. Time that could have been spent either working overtime or getting ready for Christmas. DirectTV lost our business due to lack of service after installation, but at least they were able to get their equipment installed ON TIME and for the STATED PRICE! Lastly, none of the several people I know who use your service were hit with all this hassle and extra charges. Why? A Dissatisfied Almost customer. Michael Battle Creek, MichiganU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
50, Report #120045
Nov 27 2004
05:44 PM
Dish Network Echostar ripoff Englewood Colorado
A month ago I signed up with dish network. They came and installed the equipment. I have now been out of service for 5 days. I have called over and over to ask if I can have someone come to fix it. Because this is a holiday weekend, Thanksgiving, they say that it can't be fixed until Monday. I now have to take off of work and sit here from 12-5. Last time, they didn't show until 8 p.m. at night. 5 days is unacceptable. I have been treated rudely by the employees and passed on and on to different people. The good news is they won't charge me to fix it since I have had so long to wait. I didn't know, but they charge to fix the equipment. Why should I have to wait 5 days, take off of work, be majorly inconvenienced, so they can finally come and fix my dish. Ripoff central here! They won't charge me for the time it has been out, how nice of them! Mary Westfield, IndianaU.S.A.
Entity: Englewood, Colorado

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