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76, Report #205331
Aug 09 2006
05:07 PM
Dish Network has the WORST customer service imaginable and do not support their own hardware. I had defective Dish hardware and after I was forced to purchase a warranty for equipment I don't own I was still made to pay $29 for a service call to replace defective parts, after the service call my equipment worked for less than a week and then I had to call again, they tried to charge me for another service call so I decided to cancel my service. It took 3 phone calls to get someone to actually cancel my service (after I heard every sales pitch possible). After cancelling my service I started getting harrassing phone calls from Dish (literally 1 every 30-45 minutes for over a week) trying to sell me on their service after I already had digital cable installed. To top things off, I received 2 horribly damaged boxes to send my receivers back in and they wanted me to remove part of the dish on my roof and refused to send a tech to remove it. If anyone is considering switching to Dish, DONT. Jason Memphis, TennesseeU.S.A.
Entity: Dallas, Texas
77, Report #271695
Aug 31 2007
05:31 PM
Dish Network Dish Network Lies Ripoff Raleigh Nationwide
I was looking forward to becoming a Dish Network customer and freeing myself from the outrageous cable prices. However, after dealing with Dish Network, I'm totally convinced that that America has gone to hell with it's education, respect and overall work ethics. I had an installation date scheduled for 9.31.07 from 12-5PM pacific. After moving everything around in my busy schedule I find out at the end of my window of time that in fact there was NO installation scheduled!! . Then I'm told I have to wait another week and do the same thing over again. So, I decide to cancel my order and then I'm told I have to wait 7-10 business days for a refund. Travis Palo Alto, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Raleigh, Nationwide
78, Report #296587
Jan 03 2008
08:43 AM
I called Dish Network in Oct 2007. I explained to them that I would like to purchase a soffit mount for my Dish. I told the customer service agent that I was placing gutters on my house. I wanted to know if I could just buy the soffit mount kit from them. My local radio shack was out of the soffit mount kits. The agent explained that since I had been with Dish Network so long, (about 3 years +) that there would be no charge for equipment or service. He said he would set up a service tech to do the installation. I asked the tech the same thing as the agent. Is there any charge for the installation or equipment. I was told by customer service that this was free. The tech said there are no charges. My soffit is vinyl attached to studs. This guy was clueless on how to attach the equipment. It was late and he really did not want to do the job. He was 2 hours late by the way. The service agent stated that he would be a my house between 11-4. He arrived at about 6:15 while I was in the middle of dinner. I took him around back and showed him the area where the dish was. He said he could not find a stud to place the equipment on. Being that I built the house, I showed him where the stud was. He then said well this is too narrow to put the equipment on. He really did not want to do the installation. I asked him what would satisfiy you to attach the soffit bracket to. He stated that he would need solid lumber to attach the equipment to. I said will you give me five minutes. He said o.k. I went to my garage and got a piece of lumber and my cordless saw and nail gun. I cut the wood and nailed it up. You could see shock in the guys eyes when he realized he was actually going to have to hook this thing up. He finished setting the bracket and said do you have any Allen wrenches? I said not that I could find in the next few minutes. He said you will have to tighten the screws on the bottom with Allen wrenches or the unit will blow over with a high wind. It this happens you will lose your signal. So now we don't even have the right tools to do the job. He left me with a Dish Network Service agreement. The area for labor has a big zero written through it. The line on hardware charges has a big zero through it. Description of services has SOFFIT MOUNT written on it. I am now getting a bill since November that states I owe $100.00 for labor. Do not take the word of a phone agent that says it is free. They also said I did not report the charges. My wife did call and dispute the charges. It sounded like the woman she talked to was in India or a forein country. Her accent was so thick we could barely understand her. She did not understand what we were asking, she kept stating that we owe $100.00 and there is nothing she can do. That's great customer service isn't it? I called today and cancelled my subscription. I usually pay online, and on time every month. I just don't get where customer service went. Maybe when enough people leave them they will get the picture where there money actually comes from. Mark Montgomery, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Palatine, Illinois
79, Report #917367
Jul 25 2012
01:52 PM
Dish Network Dish Network Deceptive sales and contract practices Rude Service ?? Reps littleton, Colorado
Chronology of Facts: Dish Account:  May 1 2012, Dish Network sent email to remind us of an appointment for May 2, 2012. Your installer showed up May 2, 2012, As a representative for your company his presence is well below acceptable. He smelled like an ashtray that was in use for several months.  May 2 2012, Technician installed Dish Network equipment, causing damages to home. May 2 2012, Called Technician told him signal poor picture and sound breaking up. May 3 2012, Technicians immediate supervisor visited site, stated dish pointed wrong and the would replace existing LNB. May 3 2012, technician repointed dish and replace LNB. He virtually ignored our complaints about picture and sound, and appeared to be agitated about having to come back out. There was no significant improvement in picture or sound. May 5 2012 Complained about reception picture and sound signal in 30s. May 6 2012, a new technician was sent out tightened and cleaned a ground connection, we pointed out the damages caused by the original installer. May 6 2012, an email was sent to our business at 2:33 PM a service agreement and 60 day installation warranty Indemnifying Dish Network and installer of any property damage. This was sent four days after damages caused, by initial technician. May 11 2012Called Dish Network again to complain about pictures and damagesonth. May 18 2012, Called Dish Network again to complain about pictures and damages, requested a supervisor be sent out was told  Someone will call to schedule in about a month. Again May and June, more calls made, same complaints same answer. June 29th called to cancel due to their inability to provide us with an acceptable  service. I was rudely told at this time there would be over four hundred dollars in cancellation charges, and should we fail to send equipment back in timely manner undamaged there would be additional charges. June 29th  shortly after I cancelled service I received emails asking us to come back. I never did receive a contract from Dish Network, only threats and empty promises, and requests to come back. I have copies of all emails. I instructed them not to call my wife after she called me in tears July 7, 2012, due to their threats, she is on mental disability. July 1 2012, a bill was sent in the amount of $289.25. July 6 2012 Received Dish Network return box PM Friday July 7 2012 Dish Network called Sue had in tears with their threats. July 7 2012, Called Dish - Told them not to call Sue on mental disability, keep their threats to me. July 9 2012, Sent Dish equipment back UPS Paid $21.76 return didnt use their label. July 19 2012, my credit card was billed $355.04, no explanation of charges. July 21 2012, Spoke with expert account resolution specialist Andre - was steamrolled over, He stated they already had their money and if he could find a copy of a signed Contract he would mail, otherwise we would be charged $99 installation fee. July 21 2012 Filed Complaints with AARPS, Arkansas Attorney General and BBB Colorado Against Dish Network. I believe Dish Network is not only engaging in unfair business practices, but border on criminal, as they seem to make up their terms as they go along.  People You need to report these Bullies and their cheating ways to your states attorney general, this is the only way to STOP them.
Entity: littleton, Colorado
80, Report #598536
Apr 30 2010
08:46 AM
Dish Network - Echostar Dish Network Aided in ID theft Littleton, Colorado
In November 2009 Dish Network allowed an individual posing as me, to call in from a different phone number and have another person's account activated using my bank account information. They charged me over $70.00 and refused to rectify the situation. I had to go to my bank and have my checking account cancelled, have a new account opened and have the money replaced through FDIC. Dish Network did not refund the money and they have refused to cooperate with the police in any efforts to prosecute the perpetrator of this fraud. In contacting them numerous times, they have informed me that I am not entitled to the information on my own account with a court order and in the same call denied any fraudulent activity had taken place. I have cancelled my service with them and would recommend that anyone NOT do business with them.
Entity: Littleton, Colorado
81, Report #1128150
Mar 04 2014
02:08 PM
Dish Network DISH Is Dish Network overcharging customers for poor credit scores? Denver colorado
overcharging for poor credit history?Dish Network is overcharging subscribers who have poor credit history. Due to life circumstances in previous lives, my husband and my credit score is less than noteworthy. I understand the reasons for this and know that I have to live with the consequences of my decisions and that companies are hesitant to give us credit because of past performance. However, for your information, it was a result of credit card scams  my husband and I where naive enough to fall for. I have submitted to many claims and complaints against those credit cards companies that took advantage of us. So back to Dish Network. Dish Network is the industry's low cost provider, so it's the best option for people who have financial pressure and want to save a buck on monthly services. Now because of our credit score, we don't qualify for the normal Dish Network service. We have to use their freedom package or flex tv or whatever it's called. Apparently, you can get all the same benefits but you don't have a contract or need a social security number. At first I wonder if it was a scam or something. However, despite the fact that Dish Network claims that all offers are available, some offers -- like the free iPad from Dish Network and hopper upgrades -- are not available to people with lower credit scores. Plus you have to pay for the set top box. The cheapest one costs about $250 and the prices go up from there. Dish Network is overchargingI know that Dish Network -- like any company -- has the right to check our credit scores if we give them permission. But to charge us so much more is unfair. Dish Network shouldn't practice this kind of price discrimination. If I miss a payment, then I'm stuck with expensive box (I paid $349 for multi room DVR) that won't work with other pay providers. I can't use the box for DirecTV, comcast, or anything else besides Dish Network.
Entity: Internet
82, Report #190755
May 09 2006
06:46 PM
Dish Network ripoff porno fradulent chargesdish network Littleton, Colorado
I received my dish network statement, i noticed the bill was very high, I discovered there were porno movies listed to my account totaling 106.82. I immediately called to dispute these charges to my account, I live alone and work during the midnight hours, so I knew they were not made from my home, needless to say after spending an hour and half on the phone speaking to individuals who could barley speak english, I was told they do me a courtsey of refunding half of the price for the movies I ordered, I advised them that was totally unacceptable that I did not order them and for them to take off half of the charges would be an admittance that I had ordered the movies.I asked to cancel my account if they did not remove the movies and Rick said shure it would cost me 13.33 a month till my contract expired in another 13 months. I know I am not the only customer that has had erounious charges to there account, it is a sattelite network, I was also advised they have no fraud or security department. Bottom line is I WON'T PAY FOR THESE CHARGES! This sounds like a class action lawsuit to me, I know I can't be the only one. Thankyou Felicia Mechanicsville, MarylandU.S.A.
Entity: Littleton, Colorado
83, Report #1094853
Oct 26 2013
05:43 PM
Dish Network LLC Dish TV, Dish Network, Dish Dish Network Installs device/service without authority on private property Littleton Colorado
Dish Network, its affiliates or partners, installed without proper authorization, the Dish Network Service at the following location:(address removed)The installation was placed on a shingle roof with wood underlayment. The install was not approved by the proper authority before install. The location is a rental unit. The erroneous installation method was PARTIALLY corrected about 45 days after the original install. After having spoke extensively about the issue with a Dish Network employee Zane ID: KZM, I was assured Dish would correct the problem and future incidents would not occurThe basic problem with Dish Network is that the company is so eager to install their product and start receiving payment, they erroneously assume that all is well with the parties doing business. Except, that the Property Owner is not notified and Dish accepts the non owners word that it is ok to do the install.Dish Supervisors locally were informed that any future Dish installations would require direct approval from the property owner, not just the tenant. On 9-30-2013, Dish Installed Internet service without any authority or approval from the appropriate property owner. Dish never fully corrected the problem with the first install by leaving a base mount plate on the roof of the dwelling. The roof mount can be removed and the roof patched but that has not occurred.Consumer's Desired Resolution:1) That the Head quarters of Dish network acknowledge that only actual Property Owners have the authority to grant installation of Dish Network services. 2) That Dish Headquarters inform the local office(s) that represents Dish in this area, a memo reflecting that approval of installation must be attained Prior to installation of any Dish Product(s).3) That Dish Headquarters require the removal of the mount bracket currently on the roof of the location mentioned, and any repairs needed as a result of the erroneous install be performed at no expense to the actual property owner.RESPONSE FROM DISH:     Dear Mr. XXXXXXXXX:    On October 7, 2013, we received your complaint, dated October 4, 2013, filed with the Better Business Bureau.    In your complaint you expressed concern with the installation of the satellite dish at your rental property (address removed). You also provided feedback in regard to this matter and requested that the mount bracket be removed and that any damage be repaired if needed.     When we spoke, I explained that the DISH Network account holder is responsible to obtain permission from their landlord to install the satellite equipment prior to the installation. Please know that the customer also signs a service agreement in which they agree that they have authorization from the landlord of the property for the installation. We are unable to honor your request for the removal of the mount bracket. We encourage you to contact your tenant in regard to this matter.      We appreciate your feedback and it will be shared with the appropriate personnel.     If there are further questions or concerns about this issue, please feel free to contact me at (720) 514-7082.    Sincerely,Christina AtencioDispute Resolution SpecialistExecutive Escalations TeamDISH Network, L.L.C.    Phone Hours: Monday - Friday, 6:00 am to 2:30 pm MST    (720) 514-7082    cc:     Denver / Boulder Better Business Bureau        1020 Cherokee St.Denver, CO  80204        David Laslo 
Entity: Littleton, Colorado
84, Report #306403
Feb 05 2008
02:05 PM
Dish Network A Dish I Don't Recognize Nationwide Illinois
(An actual email to Dish's executive customer service - yeah right and NO response) Dear Sirs. I title this e-mail's subject as such since dating back to September of 2007; our experience with Dish is NOT the Dish that I left cable for but rather a Dish currently operating very much [JUST LIKE] cable. At this very moment, your failings are so frequent and numerous since September that basically, my wife wants you guys OUT and I am finding it extremely difficult to keep you in. Beginning with the most recent cable like experience (and please understand that any reference to cable is a purely negative one; so accordingly, any reference to Dish as such is not positive in any way, shape or form). To be scheduled for a service call on Super Bowl Sunday; to wait the requested five hour window (12:00 pm 5:00 pm); to have guests anxious that they would be able to see the game; and to NOT have the tech show up; to receive NO call; to having to scramble to find a way to watch the game; is very cable like. That is what happened just on Sunday alone. But since September: Multiple outages and disruptions to our purchased/owned 311 receiver Multiple problems with your system not reflecting the proper # of leased vs. owned receivers Due to the above, your system has regularly and unilaterally de-activated the owned 311 receiver since your system seems to think we have too many allowable leased receivers Spoke to (a very helpful) executive level supervisor a couple of weeks ago who graciously offered to replace a leased 301 receiver with an owned 301 to help correct the problem. Promise kept and new (to be reflected as an owned 301) received. However, upon multiple attempts to permanently (and properly) activate the owned 311 receiver once and for all AND the newly received owned 301, your system continued to show too many leased receivers. Multiple promises to properly update the system have failed and the problem continued to persist (up to and as recently as Saturday 2/2/08) Separately, back on Monday 1/28/08, a leased 301 started to malfunction (could not receive proper channel programming due to your system continuing to show too many leased receivers). A Tech agent (helpful) sent out a replacement leased 301. We received this replacement on Thursday 1/31/08; yet again were not able to get it activated due to CONTINUED mis-information reflected in your system regarding the # of leased vs. owned receivers. As of Friday 2/1/08 your system should have reflected 2 owned receivers (one 311 and one 301) and 4 leased receivers (two 301's and one VIP 622 (1 HD TV + 1 SD TV) On Friday evening 2/1/08; one of your (very helpful) Level 2 Tech's with the help of a Supervisor was finally able to get the owned 311 working and the newly received leased 301 to work. (The previously [2 weeks ago] sent owned 301 was working properly as of Friday). HOWEVER in the midst of doing this almost instantaneously, service was completely knocked out for our HD system (check switch problem). My wife and I can not chalk this up to coincidence. We just can't. This all led to the service call scheduled for Sunday 2/3/08 in which the failure for the tech to show was all of unacceptable, disrespectful, and blatantly cable like. In summary; your very cable like failures not only includes the entire above but to wit: Your very helpful Level 2 tech from Friday was informative in explaining that in Dish Networks own words/definitions we are a 5 Star Account. Her summary description of such an account is based on the fact that we were longtime Dish customers (6 years); we pay on time; we pay via auto pay and we carry a pretty full freight programming package. In addition, if we (prior to the recent past couple of months) did not like dish, we obviously would be interested and keen on having every TV in our home operating on Dish. This point should be noted as clearly a previous vote of confidence for Dish. However, from both me and especially my wife, as of this very moment, that vote of confidence flatly does NOT exist for Dish. With the exception of the above noted 3 standout service reps. and a Mr. Frank Lagourgue/Operator # KSA (based in Texas). I make this point to say that these 4 individual's efforts do not make up for the very poor and inexperienced customer service we have received the overwhelming majority of times since September. The account notation and documentation process is virtually absent as there is very little or no carryover notes/updated information input into your system. Dropped calls (we say hang ups), failed promises, no overtures to make things rights in terms of rebates/credit you name it add up to a very growing cable like experience. To close - this is NOT the Dish I know and I totally do not recognize who you are anymore. I recognize cable when I see it, and quite frankly these days, that's who I see and hear when we must deal with you guys. It should be clear to Dish that we have stuck with you guys based on our tenure and programming with you but your reception has faded, your satellites (an analogy so to speak) are out of alignment and it would appear that Dish could care less if we were 5 Star customers or not. We await Tuesday's 2/5/08 service call, but at this point; not with a lot of confidence. My wife, in particular, awaits the results. Dish!@#$% Chicago, IllinoisU.S.A. Click here to read other Rip Off Reports on Dish Network
Entity: Chicago, Illinois
85, Report #225053
Dec 12 2006
08:03 PM
Dish Network Never Give Dish Your Debit Card San Antonio, Texas
Their ads say Choose your package $59.00 per month or $49.00 per month.. sounds great but after you pay the monthly fee then the equipment fees start rolling in. They wanted over $150.00 every two weeks. We cancelled and were waiting on their equipment return boxes to send back their equipment. Before we got the boxes they withdrew over $500 from our checking account using our debit card. We are filing complaints with the Attorney General and Better Business Bureau and are meeting with a lawyer tomorrow but do not trust these thieves!!! Never give them your debit card!! Stephen San Antonio, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: San Antonio, Texas
86, Report #257514
Jun 28 2007
02:15 PM
Dish Network - Dish Pronto Ripoff lied about services available Millersburg Ohio
I purchased an agreement with Dish Network through a third-party company called Dish Pronto. Dish Pronto does not tell you that they are running a third-party company upon signing up. Dish Pronto promised to give me satellite TV for 24.99 a month as well as providing DSL internet service. They installed the dish and it does work sometimes. I am still waiting for internet service. This company lacks integrity of any kind. My charges each month are $15-20 higher. When I called to cancel, they literally refused. They wanted to fix the problem instead. I said great, hook up the internet service. They refused that as well. DSL is not available in my area. I was told that I would be charged a cancellation fee of $240. I stated that there was a 7 day period to cancel. I was told that was incorrect even though it's written on the contract. The billing for this company is a nightmare. I have to literally figure it out myself. They add charges for no reason. I subtract them every time. I keep track of the days without service and subtract them as well. Dish Pronto and Dish Network certainly have room for improvement. The dish ran away with the spoon is a quote that accurately discribes this whole scam. Gina Akron, OhioU.S.A.
Entity: Millersburg, Ohio
87, Report #225229
Dec 13 2006
04:08 PM
Dish Network billed for equipment installed for hail damage & we had dish home protection Littleton Colorado
damage to the outside equipment. hail storm was about six months earlier than repair date. dish had to be repaired about October. we have dish home protection $5.99 per month but this does not cover nature's damage so they say. the dish people charged my account $99.95 to install equipment. insurance should cover their equipment! Marty rotan, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Littleton, Colorado
88, Report #134021
Mar 07 2005
10:07 AM
Dish Central, Network ripoff by Brnadon with Dish Central Pflugerville Texas
I disconnected my Dish, when I called and spoke with Darron he said my promotion fulfillment would be $160.00 this was in Dec 04. In Jan 05 Dish withdrew my account $686.00, I called and noboy could give me any information so I disputed this charge and closed the account. In Feb 05 I received a letter from a collection agency for $956.00, I called Brandon and he said I took the equipment, which I was told to do, he said they give wrong information and he knew this, I said they shouldn't be able to closed accounts if they didnt have correct info. I sent the equipment back with their UPS # and now Brandon has decided I still owe $336.00 and my credit now has a flaw. I had good credit prior to this. I have called the FCC and filed a complaint and now I will contact the State comsumer protection agency to file a complaint. I am on a limited income and would like any help from any lawyers out there that are interested in a class action lawsuit. This company needs to be put in their place. They shouldn't be able to ruin peoples credit because they are money hungry. I believe they make up figures as they go along. Patty Glendale, ArizonaU.S.A.
Entity: Pflugerville, Texas
89, Report #209929
Sep 07 2006
12:39 PM
E-Club Satellite Dish Network - Dish Network RIPOFF DISHONEST FRAUDULENT CREDITCARD THIEFS Internet
I just found out that E-CLUB has being taken money out of my account without my authorization, I had subscribe for Dish Satellite and some how they have my credit card account # and have taken money out of my wife's credit card as well, THIS IS A RIPOFF and they should be prosecuted,I called the Dish network and they said they have no idea or information about E-CLUB, I had to cancell my credit card and my wifes credit card as well. Is there is some one out there with info on this so call e-club satellite protection plan I will appreciated if you can send some info to the viewers here .... ;( Ben Bethlehem, PennsylvaniaU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
90, Report #168364
Dec 18 2005
01:04 AM
Dish Network ripoff dishonest fraudulent billing Littleton Colorado
Late August 2005-called dish to have service installed. I signed up for Top 120($42.99 month,$4.99 additional receiver,and $4,99 month for dvr service)I was to get 1st month free and free movie channels for three months.My total monthly bill should be $52.97 a month plus tax. 09-10-2005-waited all day for installer to show(appointment scheduled noon to 5pm.).I called at 6:00p.m,was informed installation would be done by end of day. 09-12-2005-called dish and talked to Mary(#tqa),she rescheduled me for 09-24-2005(noon-5:00p.m.)she upgraded me to the everything package for free on trial basis. 09-17-2005-installer shows up 2 hours late(7:00p.)and installs system. 09-19-2005-receiver box overheats, I cant watch t.v. for hours. 09-19-2005-system overheats again. I called dish and told them of my displeasure with installation and product and requested they disconnect my service.I was informed I had signed a contract and it would be $240.00 to cancel.(this was within 48 hours of installation).As for the overheating box,I had to wait several days for the replacement. 11-05-2005-I received 1st bill($75.81)-not the 52.97+tax I was expecting. 11-08-2005-I called dish and spoke with sara(for 55 minutes!!!)AAARG!!! She said I was charged for the everything package.She removed this package and gave me a new cost for that month's service($56.79)which I paid 11-10-2005. 12-07-2005-I received this month's bill($102.21)!!!.Why didn't sara's adjustments from 11-08-2005 show up. 12-07-2005-I called dish to question my bill,the gentleman for dish was extremely hard to understand,but did confirm my new bill would be $62.22.This is $10.00 per month more than it should be. 12-17-2005-I called dish and talked to a different representative.He said I had Starz movie channels on my account,which I never ordered.When Mary gave me the everything package on 09-12-2005,it included Starz, but suppossedly you must cancel Starz separately.After credits and adjustments,he said my bill was $65.22,and I would see another credit on my next bill. I don't know why this month's bill wouldn't equal the same as the one sara quoted me for last month's bill($56.79)? Shouldn't my bill be the same every month. Dish tries to charge me $5.00 a month for not having my phoneline hooked up to the receiver,but it IS connected,and their system tests tell me it is! Dish has been very difficult and frustrating to work with,so beware! Robert oklahoma city, OklahomaU.S.A.
Entity: Littleton, Colorado
91, Report #173715
Jan 28 2006
04:29 PM
Dish Network ripoff dishonest billing Internet
My husband and I cancelled our Dish Network account back in April. We were never sent boxes or anything to return our equipment. We received a bill dated Jan.16, 2006 saying we owed $50.00, we were wondering why we were billed for a service we no longer had. Then on Jan. 18, 2006, out of the blue with no warning Dish authorized themselves to withdrawl $896.00 out of our bank account. We called them to find out what was going on, and they said it was because they did not get their equipment and that their contract allowed them to take that money out without our permission. We told them we never received boxes, and that we needed the money put back in our bank in order to survive. The company gave us the run around and would not refund our money. We would have one customer service rep tell us one thing one night and then the next day another rep would tell us something different. The company was very unhelpful. Needless to say we have contested the amount with our bank to let them know we did not approve this transaction. We are still waiting to get our money, because when Dish finally sent out the boxes, they did not send out enough. They said that they will only start the process of giving us half of our money back. We will have to wait for the rest of the boxes before they can start the process of giving us the other half back. I just don't understand how a company without any warning or approvel authorize themselves to take so much money out of a consumers bank account. This has caused an extreme financial hardship on our family, leaving us with a negative balance in our bank, and unable to pay our bills. Christine Rancho Cucamonga, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
92, Report #193320
May 25 2006
04:53 PM
Dish Network Ripoff Deceiving Promotion Palatine Illinois
My fiancee and myself received a mailer about a promotion to get the dish network. It said we would get 120 top channels with over 200 channels, Free starz movie package, 4 rooms installed, a free Digital Video Recorder upgrade, and even airline tickets for 29.99 a month. He called the number and we made sure to ask if we would be getting our local stations, as well as if he would be able to watch his certain baseball games. The other question he asked was if this price would ever change. The salesman was like yes, you'll get all those stations. He also said no, that price will be locked in for the entire time of your contract. They charged us that night 49.99 that night, and it was to be refunded once we had everything installed. They set us up with an installation date of May 10th. I got home from work, and everything was hooked up and I thought it all went fine. Although, as I was searching through the stations later, it didn't seem like we had many channels. As well as, we had showtime on there, and we never ordered it. My fiance said that the man who installed it said that as of now he couldn't get his Cubs baseball games, but just call them up and order the mid-west channel package and he'd be able to get it for like 3.00 a month more. So I called for him, and I was connected with barely english speaking individuals who had no idea what I meant by a mid-west package. Then, I found out that not only were we not getting those stations, we were only getting 60 stations. And being charged an extra 5.00 for not having a phone line, another 5.00 for the box in the bedroom, another 5.00 for our local stations, and another 10.00 for the showtime station we never ordered. Our bill each month at that point was supposed to be sixty-some dollars as it stood. We were appalled. We called back and canceled that night that we ordered it. After having gone through all of this, the woman from the billing department said that they would ship us boxes out the very next day and we had to send the equipment back in order to get our 49.99 refunded. She said it would be 7-10 business days. That was on the 11th, and it is now the 25th. I called tonight and asked where our boxes were. The guy from billing said that they had some kind of mix up with the mailing. That I should give him our address again, and it will then take another 7-10 business days. I asked to speak to a manager, he said he was unable to let me talk to one. I said I needed someone out here immediately to come pick this up, he refused that as well. We are supposed to unscrew some eye off of the dish and mail it back with the stuff, and we don't even know what they are talking about. This whole deal has been so misleading, and I think people should be aware of this. Their customer support sytem is a joke. Also, re-think ordering dish ripoff network. L Fort Wayne, IndianaU.S.A.
Entity: Palatine, Illinois
93, Report #195388
Jun 08 2006
06:59 AM
Dish Network Deceptive Billing Practices ripoff Littleton Colorado
Two years ago we signed up for Dishnetwork. From the first bill, they have charged us for an unplugged receiver. The current receiver is the third one they have sent us, as the first two were defective. They will remove the bogus charges but only after we have had to complain to the BBB & the Colorado Attorney Generals Office. I must point out this receiver is always plugged into the phone line and is never unplugged. They will not answer e-mails, phone calls, or faxes. It's only after they hear from the Attorney Generals Office will they even respond. Their customer service is a complete joke. Diana Blanca, ColoradoU.S.A.
Entity: Littleton, Colorado
94, Report #217203
Oct 23 2006
11:33 AM
Dish Network ripoff, faulty equiptment Palatine Illinois
I got new equpitment,that cost $300 and it constantly didn't work,which we reported,found out that the equiptment was test equipt.,and outdated after 3 months then we had to get new equiptment and another charge Of 200.and once again the equiptment doesn't work but half the time, they don't want to give us acredit or refund, but if we are late we got charged interest, How is that Fair for Customers? Why do we have to pay for equiptment that doesn't work all of the time? Dana Talala, OklahomaU.S.A.
Entity: Palatine, Illinois
95, Report #216463
Oct 18 2006
02:22 PM
Dish Network Ripoff Littleton Colorado
My husband had signed us up for Dish Network since there was a Dish on our new house from that company. Since starting service we had numerous issues with service and followed thier steps from the website as well as thier customer book to resolve said issues. None of these worked so we decided to go with a different company. Upon calling Dish Network to cancell our account we were told we are under contract. We found this odd as we never received a contract for service and could not find one on-line. After talking to a customer service rep for half an hour we were told that we would be sent a copy of our contract within 3-5 weeks and that until they could give us a copy of that contract we would owe nothing. We were also notified that there would be charges from a company named VMC Satellite. Looking in the local phone book we did not find this company listed anywhere. Since we had never heard of this company before nor could we find information about them we asked who they are. The Dish Network rep said that they are the company we ordered our service from on-line. Since we had called a phone number that was specifically listed as being Dish Network we questioned the rep about VMC and where they are located. We had never been told that we were not talking to Dish Network directly while ordering our service nor did we ever receive anything with the company name VMC Satellite, until they sent us a bill. Upon hearing that VMC is in Virginia (we are in South Dakota) we made a point of pointing out that we would have ordered from a local company if we knew we were not talking to Dish Network directly for ordering our service. Since starting this procedure on 10/03 we have talked to 5 different customer service reps of Dish Network as well as VMC Satellite. On 10/18 we had $167.99 automatically withdrawn from our account by Dish Network, without our permission and without having sent us a contract. Upon calling Dish Network as well as e-mailing them through their website we have only gotten the answer that It's policy. As of yet we have not been reimbursed anything and we have a $290 bill from a company we had no idea that we ever talked to (VMC Saltellite). We have since filed a complaint with our State Attorney as well as contacting the Better Business Bureau. If anyone has any information about any Class Action Lawsuits against either or even better both companies we would love to come on board. Anji Mitchell, South DakotaU.S.A. Click here to read other Rip Off Reports on Dish Network STOP! ..before you think about using the Better Business Bureau (BBB)... CLICK HERE to see how other consumers were victimized by the BBB's false or misleading information. Don't be fooled! It has been reported, when there are thousands of complaints and other investigations underway by authorities, the BBB has no choice but to finally give an UNsatisfactory rating to a BBB member business that is paying the BBB big membership fees every year. When a business is reported that is NOT a BBB member, BBB files WILL more likely show an UNsatisfactory rating, then reportedly shake down that company to become a member of the BBB. One positive thing about the BBB is, either way, if a business has an unsatisfactory rating with the BBB, you can be sure, the business is bad. But what about all those BBB member businesses that had complaints filed against them? Consumers never get to hear about them. What about the BBB advertising to the public? Is this a false and misleading perception they are giving about consumer confidence when dealing with a business? Click here to understand more of what consumers and business alike are saying about the BBB. You decide. ..Remember. The BBB membership is not earned, it's paid for!
Entity: Littleton, Colorado
96, Report #216349
Oct 18 2006
01:57 AM
Dish Network ripoff, terrible service, false billing Littleton Colorado
I wish I had found this site earlier. After reading about the Dish Network practices I have decided to fight. I live in Hawaii and had used cable service previous to this. One day I got a tele-ad call saying I would get a $1,000 dollar shopping spree if I would sign up with Dish Network. According to this opperator the service was about $10 less than what I was paying and set up would be free. I agreed and gave her information. Two weeks later I received no information so I found the company on the internet and called the 800 number. They said they would not honor the deal but would give me 3 months of free service. I agreed. Two weeks later a rep was assigned to my home. They did not show. One week later they showed up unannouced. Since then I have had viewing problems, billing problems and spent way to much time on the phone to operators that promise one thing and do another. Most recently they promised to fix my service... I had took 14 days for a rep to come and then they charged me for the service call. I have just sent them an e-mail canceling my service and taking away permission to use my credit card any more. Trust me, I am a cooperative customer by all rights. But this company has taken me to my limit. Do not get involved with them. Joyce Hilo, HawaiiU.S.A.
Entity: Littleton, Colorado
97, Report #215348
Oct 12 2006
04:43 AM
Dish Network Money stealing, deceitful, liars ripoff Littleton Colorado
I have read with horror and disgust, the many complaints regarding Dish Network. I recently cancelled my service due to very bad reception. I had the service for 30 days and cancelled on day 30. My contract offered a 30 day money back guarantee. During those 30 days, the service was almost always acquiring the satellite signal causing extensive interruption of service. I endured more interruption of service than viewing time. When I called customer service to cancel, I was rudely told that it was too late to cancel because I was outside of the 30 day window. I told the customer service rep that I differed with his view and that I would see them in court before I would be forced to continue with an 18 month contract against my will and I hung up the phone. About 10 minutes later, the service was cut off and I was elated. I called back about an hour later to confirm that the service was stopped at my request and waited almost 45 minutes to speak with someone in the accounts department. When I finally was connected to that department, I was told the computers were down and my account could not be reviewed. I asked if someone could call back to discuss the situation but was told that they do not call customers back. I decided that I was not going to waste my time by calling them and just wait it out. Anyway, I was called by them 3 days later but I was not at home. I knew they called by my caller id. I called the number that was on my phone and had the worst headache as a result. The person on the other end had zero understanding. I repeated my name about 10 times and gave other requested info in order to assist them in finding my account. It became evident to me that my account information could not be found because it was closed. After about 15 minutes with this customer service rep who could not understand what was going on, I hung up. Several days later, I received an envelope from Dish Network with coupons stating it was not too late to come back with offers for all kinds of discounts. I trashed them. The next day, I received a box via UPS from Dish with a pre-paid label to return their equipment in 10 days. No problem, I happily packed the receivers, remote controls and put them in the box. One problem however, they also wanted the LNBF which is a removable part on the actual satellite dish. No problem, I did not place the part there so why should I have to retrieve it from my roof and return it? I am unable and unwilling to get on a roof to retrieve a part to satisfy them and I have no one in my home to do so as well. Major deception in order to have a reason to charge for non-return of equipment. In an effort to rid myself of any obligation to them, I have called a handyman service to remove the part for me at a cost of $118.00. Major inconvenience and undue expense to me but I am willing to do this to send back all of their equipment so they won't have a reason to charge me for non-return of equipment. For some reason, I know that this will not be the end of the saga because they are money hungry and deceitful. However, doing this will give me a leg to stand on when I file a complaint with my local Office of Consumer Protection. I will feel good knowing that I was in compliance in keeping my end of the bargain even though they are not. Fortunately for me, my local Office of Consumer Protection has settled several customer complaints against them. It seems Dish is very concerned about their business dealings in my county. All of the complaints were resolved after Dish refunded rather large sums of illegally and unauthorized sums from peoples credit cards. This is very encouraging. My suggestion to all the folks who have suffered at the hands of Dish Network is to fight them and not allow them to get away with their dirt. Yes, it may require a little extra work on your part but it will be well worth it and perhaps it could help others. Please follow the Editor's suggestion for getting your money back into your bank or credit card account. It works! I have had to do it in the past. Please, please, please, don't give up and let them continue with their wrongdoing. Thanks Yvette Springfield, VirginiaU.S.A. Click here to read other Rip Off Reports on Dish Network
Entity: Littleton, Colorado
98, Report #210305
Sep 10 2006
12:46 PM
Dish Network ripoff dishonest fraudulent billing Englewood Colorado
There have been charges of $400.00 to my checking account from Dish Network. Since I have never had Dish Network this was a huge surprise to me. I called the number that was listed (same as is listed in this report) and talked to several individuals starting with a customer service rep., then his supervisor and ended up with someone that said they were from ID theft division for the company. It appears that someone has acquired my debit card number and set up a Dish Network account and when they didn't pay and were shut off my account was charged for none return of equipment. I ask them to reverse the charges since it was strange to me that they would let someone sit up an account that lived out west and my bank and myself live in Wisconsin and how could they sit something up without my signature on some document. I was informed that they wouldn't reverse the charges and they did not need my signature to sit it up or to take out the money as long as they had the card number and if I wanted to file a complaint to go head and they gave me a government site to file a report on or to have my bank work on it since they weren't going to touch it. To me this is just out right thief and since they are a big company they feel they can do anything they want. People should think twice before having anything to do with Dish Network since it's clear they will not help a person when caught doing something illegal. Alan Jefferson, WisconsinU.S.A.
Entity: Englewood, Colorado
99, Report #204051
Aug 01 2006
06:15 PM
Dish Network Illegal credit card draw, fraudulent billing Internet
While preparing to move out of state, We decided to terminate our Dish Network account. After many hours of anguish [trying to talk to someone we could understand, forever hold, frequent lost connections] we finally got them to email us some shipping labels to return the equipment. Now after having moved we find they have drawn $600. from our credit card. I got busy & tracked the packages & they had recieved both boxes 4 days before billing us. We now have found, they only credited us $400. saying they were short 1 reciever. Thats a funny thing, since I shipped 3 recievers in 2 boxes & they recieved both packages!! I now have to wait while they check it out. So that means another week or so, more hours on the phone, & possibly contacting UPS to get the recorded weight of the boxes to prove all were there. In all actuality, I was fairly satisfied with the service, but if you ever have any kind of problem, your on your own! I'm tired of hours of phone conversations getting no-where. It seems the bigger the company, the harder they are to deal with. Is there some way to get compensation for our time and anguish? Neal portland, OregonU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
100, Report #216843
Oct 20 2006
01:03 PM
Dish Network Misinformation about prices and service Northglen Colorado
I signed up with dish network based on what they verbally told me about price and what channels I would get. I specifically asked if I could turn my service off for the winter season because the service was for my vacation home which I am not at from October to May. I was told I could turn it off for $10.00 and turn it back on for $10.00. I later found out it was going to cost me $10.00 a month for each and every month for the six months it was off. It will be turned on automatically in March 2007 when I am not there. Misrepresentation of channels received for the Top 60 Plan. I was told fox news network was included as well as the Hallmark channel which my wife likes. When the service was installed, fox and hallmark were not there. I called to complain and they were inflexible when I told them what I was promised. I get charged an access fee of $5.00 dollars a month because my signal doed not come through a phone jack. I have my phone service with frontier who had a dishnetwork intaller come out to the house to install the service. I was never told that they would charge me $5.00 for not having the service through the phone line. What do I know? The installer made the tv service work. I pay about $30.00 for the top sixty plus $5.00 access fee and I do not get the channels their representative said I would. I have tried to get this fixed and to have them deliver on what they promised. I did not sign an extended contract and am considering returning all their equipment and cancelling the service. Thomas Meriden, ConnecticutU.S.A.
Entity: Northglen, Colorado

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