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26, Report #354781
Jul 23 2008
01:43 PM
DriveTime Over Charge Austin Texas
DriveTime is a company which I feel should be held accountable for thier actions. They prey on the raw needs of hard working people with struggling credit situations. I bought a 2005 Chevy Cavalier from them in 2007 for 15K (which was too much);after taxes and surcharges the car cost me 23K, I have tried several times this year to trade the car in, and each time I am told I owe a little more than 15k even though I over pay my payment every two weeks. I waited 8months to see if the pay off had decreased at all and it had not at all. They will not take any of their cars back in trade unless it is after 3 years and no one else wants to absorb your upside down debt leaving you to either go back to them in 3years or shove their car right up their wazoo! So now I am stuck in this car and desperately need a new one and I am caught in their web of bad business!!! Appy85 Austin, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Austin, Texas
27, Report #256275
Jun 22 2007
05:12 PM
DriveTime Ripoff Dishonest Fraudulent billing!!! Orlando Florida
Drivetime chose the car for me I could not even pick a car then they told me that I could trade my car in for another one after 6 months or a year. they also mentioned that if they were not truthful in their report on the car history and up to date maintence they will buy the car back. now that I noticed that the car has mechanical problems they do not want to hear it they have even laughed at me when I asked them to exchange the car and when I told them to just take the car back they threaten me and said that I will still have to pay them for the car either way. I did not even have the car for six months when I had to take the car in the service department for a transmission flush that was the first sign that the car had mechanical problems now it has been over a year and all they want are the payments and I tell them everytime about this and they just say they will look into it but I have never been called regarding my complaints. Selma Apopka, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Orlando, Florida
28, Report #102462
Aug 06 2004
02:25 PM
DriveTime ripoff Gilbert Arizona
I bought a car from DriveTime in April. Before I was even able to make a payment I was hit in an accident that totaled out the car. My insurance of course paid what the car was worth but I was left with a $3348.23 debt for the remainder of the sticker price. The only loss prevention was that they wanted me to pay $600 and I could be in a new car. I had already put $1100 as a down payment. I had to see a chiropractor due to the accident and did not have $600. They wanted me to still pay $196 every 2 weeks for a car I did not have. They agreed to accept $100 every 2 weeks until October. I paid on time every 2 weeks like I had agreed. This was an attempt to rebuild my credit. They called me on 6-18-04, a week before my payment was due. They confirmed that some one had entered the wrong date and it would be fixed. On 6-19-04 I got a call for the same reason and when I told the person of the call on the 18th, the woman was rude with me. I work the graveyard shift so these calls woke me up. And on 6-21-04 I got another phone call for the same reason. I set them straight and filed a complaint on the Federal web site for unfair credit practices. I continued to make my payments as per the agreement. I even have notices DriveTime sent me as to when my next payment was due and how much. These notices confirm my agreement. I called On 8-5-04 to make my payment and was told my account was in charge off, but they did accept my payment. Now I have this charge off on my credit even though I upheld my end of the agreement. If I hadnt paid my account would have been a charge off. They wanted to hold me to the original agreement. I no longer had the car, however if I had paid them as much money as my insurance company did I would have been over 40 payments ahead of agreement. I did not want to buy another car with a company the did not offer GAP insurance. I did not know this or I would not have bought the car. I want to know what I can do to take care of this. I upheld my end of the dept repayment and they ruined my credit and gave me hours of phone argument. I tried to take care of a debt and the end result is the same as if I hadnt paid them a dime. I feel I was punished for being honest and now I want this debt removed from my credit since I upheld my end of the agreement and they breached the agreement when they called 3 times to collect a debt that wasnt due yet. Vickie Apache Junction, ArizonaU.S.A.
Entity: Gilbert, Arizona
29, Report #793690
Oct 31 2011
05:46 AM
Drivetime High dollar junk Lewisville, Texas
I bought a car from these clowns two months ago, book value turns out to be about 12K. Total after finace is 25k so far I've had a problem with the car pulling to the left (off the lot) oil leak, electrical issues, 5 days of missed work, and now power steering fluid all over my driveway.  non covered by their bogus warranty.
Entity: Lewisville, Texas
30, Report #978210
Dec 05 2012
08:31 AM
Drivetime ripoff,scam,crooks Internet
I bought a 2008 dodge advenger from drivetime in irving texas on nov 15th 2012.The next day the engine light comes on so i call the warrenty people and they send me to a repair shop i spend all day ther and im told it was just a bad coil and it was replace i also had reported a problem with the sterring and was told i had a busted tire rod which was repaired.So the next day the engine light comes back on i take it back to the same shop and im told since its a sunday that they could not look at it because drivetime warrenty was not open on sunday.So i call drivetime again on monday and im told to take it to a different shop well on the way to the shop the transmission starts slipping very bad so when i get to the shop I wait for 8 hours until thay will even look at it then im told the transmisson will have to be rebult I call the warrenty people about a rental and when i get to the rental place im told im responsible for the deposit and all chages over 25 dollars a day that drivetime wil pay.So almost two weeks later im told the transmission is rebuilt but the engine is bad and needs to be rebulit or replaced three days later still no word from Drivetime then i get a call from the dealership and im told i need to come in that they would not replace the engine but they will put me in a car of the same value and style.well when i talk to the salesman they are trying to put me into cars that are years older and have thousands and thousands of mile more than my car.Also they take my car from the repair shop and have it taken to one of ther dearlerships without my permisson.When i tell them the cars are crap they are trying to give me and i ask for a car that is close to mine but costs 1200 dollars more they tell me i would have to pay 2500 dollars more down payment.These people will not call you back are give you a straight answer on anything.Now they have taken my car which ran when i took it in but now it does not.So i have no car and they have taken my money.Does this sound like good business to anyone?Again beware of these people.
Entity: , Internet
31, Report #1177669
Sep 18 2014
12:40 PM
Drivetime Unsafe cars Tallahasee FL - Florida
I've had my car 2.5 years and still owe 4 more I will never get put of the hole. My husband bought a 2009 Tundra and tires went bad. They said they were illegal at the tire shop over 10 years old how does that happen . Know my exhaust broke in half on my car. The cars are not safe and they dont cover much on the expensive extended warranty
Entity: Nationwide
32, Report #1157062
Jun 24 2014
09:35 AM
Drivetime autodealer Warrenty Ripoff Houston Nationwide
We recently bought a Dodge truck from Drive Time in Houston TX. We had the truck for around 2 months. They seem very good at talking us through our concerns. They talked me into the extended warranty through this company called Aeverex.  So long story short the truck broke down on me in Houston traffic had to get to side of road. The piston came out of the block. Had it towed to the mechanic’s  shop and called the warranty people who told me they would send an inspector and replace the motor. They made it sound easy enough but then I get a call denying the motor to be changed because water in the engine. It was a sunny day when all this happened. I called Drive Time and was told pay for it myself and they would see about going to management to offer some help but no guarantee on what they would offer. I told them the inspector report made no since and I not investing a dime on no guarantee so they tell me I’m responsible to pay the whole truck off if I give the truck back. No costumer service. Buyer beware if you buy a car from Drive Time you are on your own and if you pay the 3 grand for the warranty you just gave this Aeverex company money for nothing.  
Entity: Nationwide
33, Report #1066096
Jul 10 2013
10:04 PM
Drivetime Repo Internet
Reposed my car.i have current receipts.sold my info to another company and one saying I'm late to them. Had credit apps in my name.
Entity: Internet, Internet
34, Report #1210007
Feb 18 2015
01:00 PM
Drivetime Broke Down Car Montgomery AL Nationwide
 I purchased a vechicle from Drivetime car was in the shop after purchased.  Now the car needs a motor. I owe 10,000 on a 2004.  Now how can you get ahead? I'm stuck with this used car.
Entity: Nationwide
35, Report #1229595
May 16 2015
06:06 AM
Purchased A vehicle from Drivetime Jan. 26, 2015 discovered bad manifold and Jan. 29 repairs had to be made at the toyota dealer. Now i've been having an electrical issue that started a couple weeks after getting the vehicle discovered a bad fuse block and was told we're blessed it hadn't caught on fire. Its obvious these were issues this vehicle had before we acquired it. Can anybody give me any suggestions? BTW...I will not purchase another vehicle from Drivetime nor Aeverex Warranty. 
Entity: ANTIOCH, Tennessee
36, Report #1275589
Dec 21 2015
03:36 PM
Entity: Marlow heights , Maryland
37, Report #1353273
Feb 01 2017
08:54 AM
DriveTime / Averex Grinding Wheel Hub Texas
 I purchased a car at Drive Time in San Antonio, TX almost a year ago. It hasn't been in the shop for repairs as of yet but is in DIRE need of service. I called Averex to get a specific on what is / isn't covered by warranty because The front driver's side of my car is making a loud, grinding noise. The warranty rep just simply stayed that's not covered on your warranty, so I hung up on him. Knowing they force you to take your car to a repair shop in order to have it analyzed, I got an expert opinion while getting my oil changed to verify my assumption of the noise & was correct. Now I'm stuck with figuring out how to get this fixed, where to get this fixed but more importantly why doesn't the warranty that I paid / am paying over $3000 for... And is it possible to have it removed from my contract since it's pointless?!? I'm paying $400.00 a month for a 2010 Ford Fusion! Over $20,000 for an $8,000 dollar car! Im on the verge of telling them to pick up the ***** car. I REFUSE to deal with jerks anymore! DON'T buy a car from Drive Time. They sell you on the fact that they have a warranty, but they find ways to get out of paying for repairs. Tell everyone you know!!
Entity: Texas
38, Report #1377468
Jun 06 2017
03:35 PM
Drivetime Sold me a lemon Orlando Florida
 In August of 2012 I went to Drivetime to buy a car and needed a consigner so my son cosined to help me get the car but was never told the full amount of the car until after I signed. After making my payments for three months the car broke down on me and I found out that the car was recalled. When I called to see if I can get the payment put behind so I can get the car fixed and they told me no and it ain't their problem.. So I put the car in the shop to get fixed and told them I will be late with the payment and got the car fixed and still had problems with the car because of the recall.
Entity: Orlando, Florida
39, Report #1368464
Apr 19 2017
07:03 AM
 February 2016 I purchased a 2005 Dodge Durango from Drivetime and unfortunately one week after return date policy, the vehicle began stop at lights, during turns, and accerlarting while in park. The warranty was still active therefore repairs were completed as per their designated Mechanic Action Gator. However, 3 days later problem recurred prompting a referral to a Dodge dealer. While completing paperwork with service manager witnessed RPM accerlation. They kept the vehicle for 3 days without finding cause. It is now 1 year later, warranty has expired and issue has reoccurred. I have called the warranty department (per instructions from Bridgecrest/Drivetime) to submit a warranty claim only to be told basically it is not their problem. In essence the vehicle was never repaired as the issue has returned. I was told vehicle met their highest standards and was not listed on a recall list. I am now stuck with a vehicle that poses danger to my life and family.
Entity: Internet
40, Report #1379364
Jun 15 2017
02:45 PM
drivetime bridgecrest SCAM DEALERSHIP!!! Chesapeake, Virginia Nationwide
DO NOT BUY YOUR CAR FROM DRIVETIME!!! It is a SCAM!!! They sell lemon cars that they do not stand behind!! THEY WILL TRY AND RUIN YOUR CREDIT!! Please , please please, learn from me, check our HOW MANY lawsuits and complaints they have (too many to count), Dont fall for any gimmicky commercials , ITS ALL A LIE My Name is Free W, I purchased a car from DRIVETIME/ BRIDGECREST on 4/11/2017, it completely brokedown 6/6/2017.The lemon vehicle that I was sold has dangerous electrical issues that could have caughta fire with me and my children in the car.The GMc Acadia that i was sold just missed the recall that the other models have had with THE SAME ISSUE. Therepair shop said this car has SO MANY CODES on it, that itshould NEVER have been sold in this condition and in fact its actionable!!!They refuse to replace the fixvehicle or even replace the vehicle,I am ONE WEEK out of their warranty. Although this ispre- existing and goes WAY beyound the scope of wear and tear (WHAT A JOKE) So now im out of a car ,that I just put a hefty down payment on, paid my first car note, i have beenrenting a car from avis for weeks from my OWN POCKET!!!And i bet they will have their money grubbing handsout for my next car payment, and they will ultimate ruin my credit behind a LEMON CAR, that THEY SOLD ME!!! I intend to spread the word about this dealership all over my town, i will report them and post about themget all my friends to share, until I am blue in face.
Entity: Nationwide
41, Report #1404015
Oct 03 2017
09:36 PM
Drivetime Sold me a lemon car highland indiana
I got my car April 2016 not even 30 days while driving to work the engine light came on and also on the screen it popped up a/c shutting off due to engine over heating. I pulled over and called drivetime then the warranty people. Had to have car towed to the shop. Water pump went out and whole list of other stuff. Car was in the shop for 3 days. Got the car back it was driving ok now here comes Sept 2017 boom same thng happen to me again! Engine light comes on a/c shutting off due to engine over heating on my way to work again. Look under my hood while at work and all the coolant is gone. Put some in and all the coolant was coming out. Once again had to take it to the shop and its the water pump again and another problem as well, and this time i had to come out of my pocket. Took the car to the shop on a Thursday waited from 9am-302pm to get it fixed. Engine light off car okay then boom Sunday the engine light came back on again!   Now i have to take the car back to the shop once again!!!!!!! This is the 3 time 2 water pumps and a whole list of other things had to be done! But this the killing part, while looking in my glove department i came across this piece of paper with read MECHANICAL INSPECTIONS with my vin and make of model with DRIVETIME on the paper. The date on when they did everything which was in march i got the car in april! The paper had ENGINE LIGHT ON, LEAKS (OTHER) MULTI   My mouth dropped. I talked to someone and told them about the paper i found and i guess he thought i was lying and he wanted me to email a picture of it. Like i told them yall sold me a lemon and knew this car had problems way before i even got the car. All he can say about the paper was it wasnt suppose to be in the car, but guess what it was and i know this paper going to go a long way! Game over DRIVE TIME its time to close shop. Way to many peoples are getting cheated out of their money and its not right!                   
Entity: Nationwide
42, Report #1405436
Oct 10 2017
03:35 PM
DriveTime Used Car Sales Morrow, Georgia Nationwide
On April 20th 2016 I purchased a car from DriveTime.  I immediately noticed that there were mechanical problems with the vehicle and brought it back to the dealership to return the vehicle.  I was coerced into letting them address the issues.  They sent the car to their repair shop.  Initially I was given a wheel alignment and then informed all I needed was New rear wheels because the ones I had were bent, leaning inward.  As a woman and a non mechanic I thought oh that sounds simple and yes please give me new wheels!  A few months after purchasing the vehicle I began to have one repair issue after another.  The car was not dependable and I began to question if the car had been inspected at all.  DriveTime says all their vehicles undergo a 21 point inspection  for quality assurance, which as a woman made me very comfortable with the purchase and why I paid THOUSANDS more for the vehicle than suggested because I thought I paying for a safe vehicle for myself and child.  I began to call DriveTime and inform them that I know I was sold a car with major mechanical issues and I felt I had been preyed upon as a woman and as a consumer.  Drivetime asked me to take the vehicle to a mechanic of my choice to have it inspected.  I was told that my wheels were tilted in again and found out that my airshock suspension system needed to be replaced.  I told the mechanic that DriveTime/Averex replaced the wheels when I bought it.  He asked what happened to the car and did they fix the issue....  I'm dumbfounded.  What do you mean Mr.  Mechanic?  Well he says the wheels bend for one of two reasons either there is a collision or there is a suspension problem and just putting on new rear wheels wouldn't fix either of those.  So I tell Drivetime and Averex that this was never repaired properly by them when they claimed to have fixed it and that they had me and my 10 yr old driving around for the last 1.5 yrs in an unsafe vehicle.  $4500 repair DENIED! I need a lawyer!
Entity: Nationwide
43, Report #108113
Sep 13 2004
09:36 AM
DRIVETIME is a rip-off! CLEARWATER Florida
I am an 18 year college student who had absolutely no credit at the beginning of this year. I went to DriveTime to purcahse a vehicle because they were willing to work with me, seeing as though I had no co-signers. I purchased a 2002 Dodge Neon with 43,000 miles on it in Feb. I put $1500 down and also had $500 trade. My monthly bill was about $350 a month. I paid all payments faithfully and on time. In July my car began to overheat, I told DriveTime about and told me I could have the car towed in. I gave them the location of my car and they never came. I then took it to a shop I was familiar with and was told that I needed a new radiator. It would cost me $340. I got the radiator replaced and not more than 2 weeks later my check engine light came on and the gears on my car wer not changing properly. I took the car back to where I got it fixed and was told that I had a tranmission problem and that they do not fix transmissions. I was referred to another shop and was given an estimate of $1200 just to acess the problem. I was outraged that a car this young would have these type of problems so soon. I could not afford this of course anyway. I decide not to drive my car as much until I could figure out what I was going to do. I contacted DriveTime and of course received no help. Then one night as I was coming home from work, my car began to act funny. I pulled over on the side of the road. Shut off the engine then turned it back on. The wheels wouldn't even turn. I left the car there and returned the next day to have it towed home. It ended up being inpounded byt the Florida Highway Patrol. I have consulted a lawyer and I will be taking legal action against them. When I told DriveTime about the transmission problem the finance manager told me that they would fix the car and tack the bill onto my loan. The General Manager than told me that they would do nothing, that I would either have to fix the car on my own or do a voluntary repo. I never did get my car out of the inpound and I have not paid any more on the note, so they repo'ed the car after 2 weeks. My lawyer has sent them a letter and they have 30 days to reply to it or they will be facing a lawsuit. Marquita ST. PETERSBURG, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: CLEARWATER, Florida
44, Report #137783
Apr 06 2005
02:29 PM
Ugly Duckling - Drivetime ripoff Phoenix Arizona
I bought a 1989 Ford Tauras in Phoenix, AZ in 1997 for about $5800. I had the car for approximately one year making payments and without too many complaints. I became ill in 1998 and consequently am now on disability. When I got sick and began having trouble with my payments, they would appear to work with me, never telling me they were adding an $8.00 fee every time they helped me. This would always cause me to go right back into a delinquent status the day after I made the payment. (One of their employees actually confided to me that they were specifically told duriing training NOT to tell customers of this fee.) Then their collection people began getting nasty, going so far as to call my son who was in another state and tell him they'd been trying to reach me for days and noone seemed to know where I was. Knowing I was ill, this of course scared my son to death. Truth be told, they'd have just spoken to me that same day. They called my home and told another son what a degenerate and deadbeat his mother was and that they knew for a fact I wasn't really sick. They even sent a tow truck to sit in front of my home for about an hour one evening. After that, my daughter returned the car to the company for me. Then we went through about a month of calls from them being very nice and trying to get me to take back the car. I had no income at this point but they didn't seem to understand that. I never heard from them after that time. Until now. Now I'm being told that a collection agency has my account and they want (give or take) $4300. They also tell me the car sold at auction for an amount greater than the balance on my loan at the time. When I asked for verification of the debt, I received two copies of my original contract. No documentation of the payments I made before becoming ill, no mention of the price brought at auction. I'm obviously going to fight this because I honestly do NOT believe I owe DriveTime any money! Not only that, if there had been a balance after the auction, why wasn't I notified back then?? What I'm wondering now is if anyone knows of a class action suit against this company for these type reasons. Jo Cleveland, OhioU.S.A.
Entity: Phoenix, Arizona
45, Report #49605
Mar 17 2003
09:25 PM
DRIVETIME ripoff takes advantage of the naive KISSIMMEE Florida
Entity: KISSIMMEE, Florida
46, Report #156355
Sep 08 2005
07:59 AM
DriveTime Credit Corp Or Ugly Duckling ripoff Richmond Virginia
I purchased a 2000 Chevy Venture from DriveTime in 2003 because I was in dire need of a vehicle and was getting turned down all over town. I was on top of the world after giving them my $1200 down payment and driving off with my new van. Little did I know that the joke was on me. A couple days later the van began to run hot. I couldn't figure it out. I just kept adding water and antifreeze to it. I didn't even notice all the gray tape under the hood keeping hoses together. Within months it was time to get a yearly inspection.(note: I only had the van for about 8 months, not even year but the sticker was about to run out) Anyway. I took it to be inspected. Oh my God. They found 101 things wrong that needed to be corrected. 1st off, the tire rods were bad and had to be replaced. The brake lights did not work properly because the entire brake board was worn and needed to be purchased from the Chevrolet Dealer. It also needed a water pump, that's why it kept running hot. The driver window never worked. Everytime I hit the power window button to get it down, I could never get it back up. I called the dealership about it. They told me to bring it to the service center and they would fix it but I had to pay for it. I was astounded. After taking it in for repairs, I got it back. The window worked for one day then broke again. I have replaced the brakes, starter, alternator, tires, water pump, battery, and anything else you can name on this van within a years time. I was not happy. They sold me a lemon from the gitgo. I was making my payments still even though I had to come out of pocket for all of these repairs. About a year later, I had some issues concerning my paychecks. I called Drivtime to alert them that my payments will be late because of these issues. After some time, I just couldn't keep the payments up anymore. Get the money any way you can they said. Borrow it or take out a payday loan if you have to. I did neither. Anyway, after a while I just got tired of dealing with the rude reps calling my job over and over. Don't be one day late or they will hassle you something terrible. Even if you are a good customer and have made payments on time before. They still hassle you. After getting behind they had the nerve to tell me that I was going to have to pay $337 bi-weekly or else face repossession. $674 a month on a 2000 Chevy Venture. I don't think so. I was already being drained by the 29% interest rates. I never even started paying off the car yet. It was been 2 years. I was paying $225.00 bi-weekly at 1st. I could no longer afford to do so. I left work one day and the car was gone. Bottom line here is that these people don't care if they take the food out of your kids mouths as long as they get their money. I got evicted from 2 Apartment because I was trying hard to keep up with these rediculous payments and had no money for anything else. I lost everything behind DriveTime and their tactics. Buyer Beware of DriveTime. Stay away. Please. You will be sorry!! Crystal Richmond, VirginiaU.S.A.
Entity: Richmond, Virginia
47, Report #156378
Sep 08 2005
10:34 AM
DriveTime, Non-Quality Vehicles, Ripoff, corruptive, Rude, dishonest Arlington Texas
My ex-wife and I purchased a 1999 Ponitac Gradn Am from Drive Time in April 2005, the vehicle was pretty nice when we first purchased it, but I have had to pay to replace the water pump(09/04, which was $289.00 and now it is the engine in the car. About a month ago I had to pay $1500.00 to replace the engine. Because I live alone I could not afford to pay that type of money and contine to pay my car note. I called the store manager Amy and informed her of my situation, she informed me that I needed to send her my recent checkstub along with the repair bill for the car. I faxed the information requested and received a confirmation. I was told that my car note payment for the month of August. After talking with the mechanic that repaired my vehicle he suggested that I trade the vehicle, so I went to Hennessy Madza and the dealer called Drive Time for my pay and it was $10,000. I hit the roof, I could not believe that I still owed that much for this vehicle. Also, after the appraisal of the vehicle I was told that it was only worth $2,000. Here i am in a vehicle I have $8,000 of negative equity. I got my car back about 2wks ago and I was still experiencing the same problems. My car was taken back to the mechanic and I spoke with him yesterday and he had to put another engine in my vehicle. I called the corporate headquaters at Drive Time today and spoken to rudely by one of there associates only to be told that the payoff on the vehicle is now $11,000 because I did not make a payment for August. I informed her that I faxed documentation to Ms. Salazar, the store Manager in reference to my car repairs she stated that she do not see anything in the computer showing where a deferrment was made. She just continued to stated that I was 60 days late and I informed her that I have been without transportation for almost 2 months. Again, I state that this dealership should not be in existance because it is ripping people off with the amount of interest they are charing on their vehicles. It is horrible!! Darryl Decatur, GeorgiaU.S.A.
Entity: Arlington, Texas
48, Report #181292
Mar 15 2006
07:31 AM
Ugly Duckling, Drivetime ripoff Doraville Georgia
Several Years ago I bought a 94 Ford Probe from Ugly Duckling. Now first that wasn't the car I orginally was looking at, but after running my credit they told me that is the one I can get. So I end up getting that car, since my job required me to have one for my position. Well it wasn't even 60 days and the engine went out on the car. Well they replace the engin, but they wanted me to pay for it or go half. I stated that the car isn't even 90 days old and the engine is gone. Well after the engine was replace about another month went buy and the over drive light was coming on on the car. Well I was driving my room mate to work and all of a sudden tI heard a pop and the car wouldn't move. It was running, but I couldn't get it to move. So I got it towed to a mechanic and he told me that the transmission has wen t out and this car should have never been sold. So I called them back and told then what had happen to the car. they stated that I still had to pay my car not and they could refer me to get my transmission fixed, but they aren't goning to pay for it. So I got it replaced $1500 and maybe another monthe went buy and the car caught on fire. NOw I have them listed on my credit report and I amd stuck owing this debt for a car that shouldn't have been sold in the first place. Keith Baltimore, MarylandU.S.A.
Entity: Doraville, Georgia
49, Report #189677
May 02 2006
04:55 PM
Drivetime Credit Big Ripoff!! Huntington Beach California
I bought my vehicle in September of 2005. I do have bad credit that's why I went to Drivetime. I first contacted them online and they said to come on in because they wanted to help me out. To make a long story short they sold me a 1999 Ford Explorer with 73,000 miles for $13,000. I needed a car at the time and they told me that it was a good deal so believed them and I signed the papers. Now I have realized the mistake I made. Blue Book Value on this car is between $4,000.00 and $5,000.00 and they gave me a 29% interest rate on top of that for a grand total of $22,000.00. Furthermore, I tried sending in payments that were larger than what was due to try to pay money on the principal. Of course they said I couldn't do that because the interest is accrued daily. Drivetime targets people with bad credit and uses the opportunity to take advantage of their situation by making you think that you got a good deal. I think that this whole deal seems very unfair, does anyone else? D Orange County, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Huntington Beach, California
50, Report #69831
Oct 22 2003
11:04 AM
DRIVETIME - UGLY DUCKLING ripoff Phoenix Arizona
I am another VICTIM of Drivetime/Ugly Duckling car sales. First, I guess I should have know NOT to buy a car from a place called Ugly Duck. The Jeep Grand Cherokee I bought as like everyone had extremely high interest rates. Which is not my problem, I signed the contract so I have nobody to blaim but myself. The problem is the lack of honesty and integrity the staff has. The car has/had numerous problems from the get go. Now the truck is odviously as is, however the salesman in attempt to close the sale told me hey if there is a problem bring it back, most of the time we will fix it for free or pay most of it I was like wow, thats great. I hadnt been able to drive for about a year so I was excited. A few months after I purchased the truck the problems started. I took it to the recon shop and like everyone else they said oh, its ok they claimed they made some adjustments and it was ok. Well the problem was was that the GM was going to get me into another car because of the problems. The instructions were to look at the truck, DONT fix it that way we could see how much damage there was. Well some new person didnt write that on the work order, so they fixed it. Well a year and a half later, the vehicle has been in the shop 12+ times and they now refuse to fix it. I like anyone else that had their car in the shop 3 times in 10 days got irate. They then preceded to tell me it was my fault the car didnt work. I really got mad then. You see in Az its about 110 degrees outside, and when your car is broken down its not fun to push a SUV in that heat. To make a long story short, they now refuse to fix the vehicle and I am out a few thousand dollars. I have filed a law suit with ex-employees on my witness list to make them pay. I understand the car is used, but I would think it would last the term of the loan. FOR THOSE PEOPLE THAT THINK WE ARE WINING AND IT'S OUR FAULT. YOU ARE A IDIOT, JUST BECAUSE YOU SIGN SOMETHING DOES NOT MEAN YOUR ENTITLED TO GET RIPPED OFF. DRIVETIME MAY HELP SOME PEOPLE WITH CREDIT ISSUES BUT THE AMOUNT THEY RIP OFF IS NOT ACCEPTABLE. That's like saying that the hospital let only a small percent of people die, but they help alot of them. BOLOGNA. One way or another, I will get my money. Nate Phoenix, ArizonaU.S.A.
Entity: Phoenix, Arizona

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