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1, Report #8240
Nov 27 2001
12:00 AM
first premier bank harassment
as others have done, first premier issued me a card after they had sent mail to me for proof of wages, i didnt send anything back to them but they issued me a card anyway for $350 and i spent $150 on it, it was no good after that. now they are charging me over limit fees. i told them to take an autodraw from my bank. i have been recieving calls from them virtually every day that they state i am over limit and i owe them. i signed a letter stating that they are to draw from my checking account but 1 month later, i still get calls it seems to me that first premier has a left hand that doesnt tell the right hand what it is doing..
Entity: souix falls, South Dakota
2, Report #124993
Dec 29 2004
10:52 PM
First Premier Bank ripoff Sioux Falls Internet
I have obtain 3 credit cards with this company with all these extra fees and they have report me to all of the major credit report companies, because I refuse to pay them right now today I owe them they say $1400. I hope you can help look into this matter, because it is causing me lost of harm and preventing me from purchasing a home. I look forward to hearing from you soon. Trina Virginia Beach, VirginiaU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
3, Report #54431
Apr 25 2003
10:44 AM
First Premier Bank First Premier Bank is a fraud business Sioux Falls, SD
First Premier Bank has a credit card that they extend to people to help rebuild their credit. However, every year they charge a humungous membership fee. Recently, I have asked them--over the internet--to explain why each statement contains a participation fee. They have refused to say anything except they want ME to CALL THEM so they can explain. What is so difficult with the explanation that it can't be given on line? I, too, have made a large payment and they held it for 15 business days. I fail to see how they can get away with that when it is against the law now for banks to hold a check any longer than 5 business days. Furthermore, like others, what constitutes them holding your money for 15 days before crediting? Are they placing them in a savings account somewhere to collect a certain amount of interest? What about their membership fee? They take up over half of your balance just to have a card. Next renewal time, I believe I will cancel it. They are charging almost $200 a year to use a card that has a little limit on it. I am considering writing my Department of Banking and Finance in my state to see if anything can be done about what they are charging people. If you don't need them, close your account. Agnes Detroit, Michigan U.S.A. Click here to read other Rip Off Reports on First Premier Bank CLICK HERE ... find out how to get your money back. *Rip-off Report Investigation provides valuable information.
Entity: Nationwide
4, Report #327240
Apr 19 2008
08:27 AM
First Premier Bank Cancellation First Premier Bank Sioux Falls South Dakota
I recieved in the mail two letters to apply for preapproved credit cards one of which of was First Premier Bank member of FDIC. in the beginning I was very skepticle in the first place because your Fica score is hit every time a company looks into your credit history. In wanting to re-establish my credit historyI opened up the envelope looked through it and then went online to apply. I did recieve a confirmation online or in the mail for some time so I assumed I wasdn't going to get the card. On April 21, 2008 I recieved two letters in the mail, It was First Premier Bank with the credit card and the credit protection plan. This is what I got! Congratulations! 0. Credit card affixed to paper. 1. Account number 2. Expires: 4/10 3. Credit Limit: $250.00 4. Initial Fees: $179.00 5. Available Credit: $71.00 6. First Payment: $25.00 On April 16, 2008 I recieved this Bank Statement. Account Activity Statement Closing Date: 04/10/08 Days in Billing Cycle: 30 Previuos Balance: $0.00 Payments: $0.00 Credits: $0.00 Purchase & Other Charges: $131.00 Debits: $49.59 Cash Advances: $0.00 New Balance: $180.59 Account Summary Account Number: Credit Limit: $250.00 Available Credit as of 04/10/08: $69.00 New Balance: $180.59 Payment Due Date: 05/05/08 Amount Due this Period: + $25.00 Past Due Amount: + $0.00 Amount Over Limit Due: + 0.00 Total Minimum Amount Due: = $25.00 Tranactions Tran Date Post Date Description of Transaction or Credit Amount 04/08 04/08 Program Fee *Finance Charge* $95.00 04/08 04/08 Account Setup Fee *Finance Charge* $29.00 04/09 04/09 Monthly Servicing Fee $Fin CHG $7.00 04/10 04/10 Annual Fee 05/08 through 04/09 $48.00 04/10 04/10 Premier Credit card Protection $1.59 I did this to share with the public to see first hand what they are getting. Today is Saturday April 19, 2008 and I called First Premier Bank right away to cancel this account. I called 1-800-987-5521 and while I had them on the phone. I was online @ the website and I didn't like what I was seeing including the bank statement they had sent me. They tried to keep me as a customer but I did not budge, I refused so they told me to cut up the credit card. Instead I am going to make copies@ Kinko's to retain for myself and send everything back to them in a brown business envelope. First do not use the card @ all.If you do not like what you see you must call them before 30 days to cancel the account. However it would be advisable to do this within the first week of recieving the card. This will keep you clear of any fees. First Premier Bank canceled my account and they said I have a zero balance oweing them nothing case closed. James Hartford, ConnecticutU.S.A.
Entity: Sioux Falls, South Dakota
5, Report #40171
Jan 05 2003
02:21 PM
First Premier Bank First Premier ripoff Fees Sioux Falls Nationwide
About a year ago I applied for aFirst Premier Card not knowing all the fees assciated with it. In the near future I was sent two First Premier cards.(note I only applied for one). Shortly after receiving them I noticed that the limits on bothcards was 250 dollars which is shallow in the first place. But they had put 200 dollars worth of fees on both accounts. I didnt think it was fair but was willing to work with them. I started to pay off the fees making a 25 dollar a month payment on both cards. Every month 12 dollars was going to a monthly fee and 25 dollars a mont was going to a late payment fees only being one or two days late. Therefore not only was my payments not going anywhere but they were actually adding to my balance every month and that doesnt even include purchases I put on the card. I called them to cancel the card and they said they were willing to credit both accounts 82.00 each to offset the yearly fees. But I would have still had the monthly fees which equal 82 dollars a year per card which is a yearly fee on its own. So I went ahead and closed the accounts. I am used to paying the majority of my bills either by phone or on the net I went on the net t pay one of mybills but found out that to make a payment online they had a 8 dollar fee for that. I called them to make a payment and found out that there was a 6 dollar fee to make a payment on th phone. After I closed the accounts I had over the limit fees because of the late payments fees and monthly fees. There are so many fees associated with this card it is pathetic. Since I have closed the account about 3 months ago have made 50 dollar payments on both accounts every month and still have 400 on each card to go. It seems that each time I make a payment They just tack it on with new fees. Its anever ending battle unless you take out the cards with one payment. Not to mention the 22% interest. Biggest rip off in credit card history to me..... Jason Shreveport, LouisianaU.S.A.
Entity: Sioux Fals, Nationwide
6, Report #903140
Jun 26 2012
01:18 PM
first premier bank First Premier Mastercard Outrageus practices and poor customer service sioux falls , Internet
As with many on here we have damaged credit from past relationships, not making excuses just stating fact. First Premier is often a last ditch effort for many to try to rebuild their credit i like many were willing to absorb the high fees attached to this offer to have a shot at a regular credit card since many companies will not accept prepaid debit cards for monthly billing etc. I sent a payment a week ago which is being held up on first premiers end which means that i cannot access the funds from my bank either i submitted inquiries to their customer service asking again when this amount will be released to freee up my credit line now I am getting emails back saying I have to call customer service , which comes with a fee . This company is a ridiclous trap that you cannot get out of once in it. I should have been more diligent in researching this and could have possibly worked out something with a local bank to open a secured credit card account because in essence that is what all of the bullshit fees attached to first premier amount to , My best advice to anyone considering opening an account with this bank, Do Not Do It contact capital one they offer a secured mastercard that can be opened with less money than the opening fees at first premier and the 1st month payments come to. Be patient and save yourselves the headache of a battle with these fee hungry people and go to a local branch bank at cap one they will help you. No I do not work for capital one , I have just learned the hard way am out now $236.47 to pay for what I did use. I can easily see this company does not like having customers who go ahead and pay in full, from what i have seen most everyone having issues are like me wanting to pay in full
Entity: sioux falls, Internet
7, Report #143382
May 19 2005
03:41 PM
First Premier Credit Card, first Premier Bank ripoff dishonest taking money from accounts Ripoff Souix Falls South Dakota
was suppose to help me establish credit by giving me a credit card for a small processing fee, but when i got the card i ended up owing more than they said my credit limit would be to start with. when i canceled the card they have steadily harrased me and my family by phone for three years trying to get money from me. Lloyd marion, ArkansasU.S.A.
Entity: Souix Falls, South Dakota
8, Report #995293
Jan 11 2013
02:42 PM
First Premier Bank Premier Bank Do Not Apply For First Premier Card Internet
As of this writing I just cancelled my First Premier Card - actually, I rejected the card before paying their exorbitant first annual fee of $175. The subsequent annual fees are $49 PLUS approx $15/mo maintenance fee. Had I known this fee and the ensuing maintenance fees were so high, I would not have applied. I had no idea this card was structured to rebuild build credit. The specialist I spoke with to cancel attempted to bully me into keeping it by warning me that now the account is open (even though their mailing said I could reject the offer) and that the credit bureau will be told the account was closed immediately. I still declined and she said she'd close the account today - 1/11/2012. Please pass this on to anyone who actually may be struggling and need a card. Perhaps, there are other less expensive deposit type options they can use.
Entity: , Internet
9, Report #1114713
Jan 11 2014
06:27 AM
First Premier Bank Need a Credit Card - DO NOT USE THIS BANK Sioux Falls, So
Need a credit card? Don't use First Premier Bank, they have fee's on top of fee's. The bank preys on people with less then the best credit, you will be charged annual fee's, and monthly fee's with interest rates higher then most. If you try to close the account they will waive the annual fee, then tell you how closing your account will affect your credit, my advice close the account and take the hit on your credit report, it is much better then working with a banks that legally steals your hard earned money.
Entity: Select State/Province
10, Report #100450
Jul 25 2004
11:06 AM
First Premier Bank First Rip-off! Sioux Falls, South Dakota
I've been with First Premier for a little over 2 years now. When they initially sent my card(S), I didn't really care for the (roughly) $200 in charges already applied to each account. So, I personally called and spoke with a representative. Wow! That guy was extremely nice. I told him I couldn't afford all 3 cards. He asked me if I could afford all 3 with $100 taken off of each. I very hesitantly replied, Maybe for just a little while. If I knew then what I know now, all 3 cards would have been cancelled right then. That was the first phone call I had ever made to them and apparently it was the LAST NICE phone call I would ever have with them. I appreciated someone finally giving me a chance by providing me the opportunity to build some kind of credit in light of my prior credit history (mainly hospital bills). Now, I (a starving college student) decided it might be in my best interest to keep all 3 cards and possibly establish myself as being more responsible in hopes of building better a better credit record. I did very well for about a year. I couldn't afford $60 a month in minimum payments, and I knew that but, still I tried. The first whammy was at the end of the first year. My cards were all 3 (still) nearly at the $250 limit. When the annual fees popped up in January it cost me a fortune in fees. Having forgot about the annual fees, I called them to ask what had happened. As if I didn't already feel stupid enough for forgetting about the annual fees, they talked to me like I was some sort of degenerate, bum, or trash. Having realized that indeed it was my fault and it was clearly stated on the contracts etc. I paid and paid and paid and got back within my credit limit. I wasn't mad at First Premier because it was truly my fault; however, they didn't have to talk to me like I was some sort of Dead-Beat-Dad. Ok so, that's over and I'm ready to move on and get the cards paid down a little. A couple of months after that, more mysterious charges appeared on one card. Again, I called them only to be talked to like an unworthy bum. Apparently, when I was entering the numbers for my checking account, to make a payment, SOMEHOW the last number was omitted from my routing number (DUH! It's the same 9 digit number I entered on the other 2 accounts....why would they even accept an 8 digit routing number and give me confirmation?) Needless to say, I closed one of the 3 accounts that day out of aggravation. Just think about this people, I was paying $21 a month just to make my payments ($7x3) and they wouldn't even lift a finger to help me out or fix this glitch. Was I griping about that? NO... I wasn't. I realize that all those extra services (online and phone pay) cost them money (In reality it should have cost them less money than processing a check sent in the mail but... I'm still not griping). Ok, now I'm griping. I was trying to get in a groove to where I could just send my payments in and save $252 a year in PAYMENT charges but there was just one problem. My bills stopped coming in the mail. Here we go again, 3 cards heavily taxed with late charges and over the limit fees. I figured, Ok, so they've made a mistake (it happens). I called them to get it straightened out. For some reason, they felt the need to CONVINCE me that I had called and changed my address to an address that I haven't lived at for more than 2 years! I hadn't even heard of First Premier when I lived there....I DIDN'T EVEN HAVE A CREDIT CARD WHEN I LIVED THERE! So, seeing it was clearly a mistake on their behalf, I asked them to do something about it. They did something alright. They waved the charges to one of the cards and still billed me for the other two! That was the best I could get them to do for me. I immediately (same phone call) closed the high interest account that they removed the charges from and eventually paid it off with no problems. Ok, now I sit here with God only knows how much in charges and fees because I've been out of town for going on 3 months. I had everything taken care of, I had someone caring for my plants and someone retrieving my mail and paying my bills. I got home the other day and my answering machine was full. 98% of the calls were from First Premier with an URGENT message. Well, it seems that this one and only bill was the only one that hadn't been paid in 3 months. I nearly lost a friend with my frustration of figuring out just why in the world she hadn't been paying this bill. Well.....It's really hard to pay a bill when it isn't there. How in the world was my friend suppose to know to pay a bill that never came in? I, on the other hand, would have known something was wrong because I KNOW THAT BILL IS SUPPOSE TO BE HERE AND IS DUE BY THE 2ND OF THE MONTH. Looking back, I guess I should have just let the plants die and I should have hired someone to babysit my creditor as to insure they weren't making any CONVENIENT mistakes that will cost me for the rest of the year. I'm so angry, mad, and fed up that I could spit bloody nails. OH and how I so look forward to calling them only to be treated like a liar and a bum again and for what? Absolutely nothing, because I already know there is nothing they are going to do about it except treat me rudely, call me a liar, and charge me regardless. I know there has got to be something I can do about this. So, instead of paying them (for another one of their mistakes), I'm going to pay a lawyer and do whatever it takes to expose these tactics that seem to keep appearing. I know that in all fairness, I shouldn't call these mistakes tactics but what else should I believe? Should I believe what they want me to believe? Should I believe I am a piece of trash and a dead-beat that doesn't pay his bills? Oh and don't forget about how they'll call me a liar and try to say that I changed my address AGAIN! All I can say is... It's a good thing that card is maxed out and over the limit because who knows who they have been sending my account information to? If you ask me....this type of crap is a major security risk....But oh well, It isn't their problem right? Well, not yet anyway. I'm telling everyone I know about this. I have several friends that have already closed their accounts just since I got back into town... you should hear some of their stories. Apparently it's not just me. A word of advice: Don't think that by doing business with these people that you are rebuilding your credit, because it's not going to happen. It seems that they will go out of their way to make it worse than it already is. I wouldn't have posted anything if I hadn't heard and read stories similar to mine. Kirk Cape Girardeau, MissouriU.S.A. Click here to read other Rip Off Reports on First Premier Bank CLICK HERE ... find out how to get your money back. *Rip-off Report Investigation provides valuable information.
Entity: Sioux Falls, South Dakota
11, Report #1292643
Mar 09 2016
01:15 PM
First Premier Bank Unlawful Business Misconduct Sioux Falls SD
I was bamboozled into a credit card with credit limit of $700.  I was not truley aware of what I would have to endure due to my mishap in judgement. Unfornately, $175 of the money went back to First Premier Bank upon issuance of the credit card without my knowledge. I am appauld that I have to pay for money I did not accumulate, but due to being a new homebuyer I have to pay off this credit card to help increaese my credit status.    
Entity: Wilkes Barre, Internet
12, Report #1240253
Jul 07 2015
12:00 PM
First Premier Bank Fraud Sioux Falls South Dakota
 I sent money to First Premier Bank through MoneyGram in the amount of $300. First Premier Bank states that sending money through MoneyGram is considered guaranteed funds that cannot be disputed or placed on hold. I have a reference number from MoneyGram that is a record of my transaction. First Premier Bank is saying they have no record of the transaction and does not want me to give them the reference number because they don't want to help me. I called MoneyGram and they say that they cannot get my money back from First Premier Bank. I have been cheated out of $300 and they have charged my account a $27 late fee for a payment that I made and got to them on time. It's terrible that a company can lie and take your money. I paid several other companies through MoneyGram and never been treated like this.
Entity: Sioux Falls, South Dakota
13, Report #1317048
Jul 15 2016
09:42 AM
First Premier Bank Card Brandan Degrading Tone... Sioux Falls Nationwide
Had my First Premier card since Dec. 2015 and I closed it July 15th 2016. I was treated like a child trying to close my account. Talked to like I didn't know what I was doing. A statement of threat your ruin your credit report because you are closing card. Just a note... I have build my credit up and closing an account doesn't hurt your credit report or score. It might lower it for the first 30 days but you will recover just fine. Also their processing of payment is slow to produce new available credit. STAY AWAY! Some states do not allow FPB to offer their card or services. Nasty customer service!!!
Entity: Nationwide
14, Report #1339384
Nov 22 2016
10:07 AM
First Premier Bank Security Deposit Action - Slow Sioux Falls South Dakota
I opened an account with this company years ago at a time in my life when I did not have the best credit.  They offered me a secured card wherein I would have to make a deposit to get a credit line.   After working on my credit and getting to a place where I no longer needed this card which charges extravagant fees to maintain, I opted to pay it in full and just leave it alone.  However, I began receiving bills thereafter with a charge due for maintaining my account.  So, I of course called them and low and behold they offered me a no charge maintenance fee to keep my account open with them.  I love how credit card companies in general continue to rip off the consumer until we make a call to them.  They would have done nothing but let me pay month after month had I not called.  So I requested that they send back my security deposit.  I find it so disinheartening that they are so quick to harass me for a maintenance fee but when I want MY money back that they have been holding they take their sweet time.  I was told last month that my refund would be in the mail to me within 7 days.  Still had not received and it's been a month.  So today I called and was told the same - how can these companies get away with these pratices.  I will check back and let you know if and when I do ever receive my refund - and I was told that even though they held my funds for over three years it earned no interest.  But I sure paid their interest charges.  I am so proud of myself for getting my credit in order so that I don't have to deal with these shady companies any longer.  
Entity: Sioux Falls , South Dakota
15, Report #1323070
Aug 17 2016
03:35 PM
First Premier Bank Sioux falls M.D. Hungry Hippo's Sioux Falls Maryland
 First Premier Bank is a creditor company claiming to help people re-build their credit scores back up. Not only do I have to pay money to start the card up, but now I keep seeing an additional $50/month automatically withdrawn from my credit card, that by the way only has a $300 limit. I have not been late in any payments, and have always paid more then minimum amount due. I keep asking for a credit increase but they keep saying I haven't had the card long enough. I've had it over 6 months, so yes it's been long enough for them to match my original payment NOW.
Entity: Nationwide
16, Report #125935
Jan 05 2005
01:02 PM
First Premier Bank ripoff Sioux Falls South Dakota
The same thing happened with me as it did with everyone else, only 4 years agao. It still haunts me. I just received it in the mail, I did not even apply for it. It could not have come at a better time. I made a $20.00 charge on it. I received the bill and to my surprise, it had a balance of $293.00 out of a $300.00 credit limit. I only glimpsed through the terms, but I used to just getting cards mailed to me when I had great credit. They never ripped me off, so I figured this one would not either. Our home burned down, and with mortgage payments, and rent (insurance company took 3 months or more to reimburse.), which was more than my mortgage, I let my credit cards slip. No brainer when it comes to feeding and keeping a shelter over your childrens heads. I did not know how bad my credit had become. I called this company to question the bill. They told me I should have read the agreement. I did, I did not see this hidden fee anywhere. I told them I would pay the $20.00 I charged, but no more. I waited to hear from them again. I did not. I had gone to refinance, and they said that the card was a P&L write off, I should not even worry about it, so I did not. A mortgage that was being reported delinquent for 2 years after it was paid off was (a whole nother story). A company called me and told me that they were trying to collect the debt of $847.00 for First Premier Bank. I told her that I was told that it had been written off. She went on saying that I still owed and I should have read the terms before using the card. Well, I got the bill for $298.00 was a day after I made my 1st charge. I told her that since I had not heard from anyone since I was told it was written off that I should not have to pay that. She was going to call me back with a settlement. She did not. I refinanced again, after bringing my credit up (again, another story, some mortgage brokers are scams), they said not to even worry about the P&L write off. Now I have another company calling to collect on the money. He mailed me a settlement amount slightly less then what they said I owed. The letter was dated Dec. 27, 2004, bal due by Dec. 30, 2004. This letter came from Out of State, like I was supposed to be able to pay that by then. They wanted Credit Card payments. I got the letter January 5, 2005. When I take a profit and loss write in my business, I eat it. I don't keep trying to collect. How can I stop this? Laura Neshkoro, WisconsinU.S.A.
Entity: Sioux Falls, South Dakota
17, Report #148251
Jul 01 2005
07:34 PM
First Premier Bank ripoff predatory lender Sioux Falls South Dakota
These low lifes offer pre-approved credit cards, usually with a $300 initial limit. What they DON'T tell you is that they charge $221 in total fees to setup the account, leaving you a usable credit balance of $79. They then charge you a minimum of 9.9% interest on the $221 fees they've just charged you with! If you ever receive mail from these thieves, throw it away unopened!! These creeps give the other predatory lenders a bad name... Gerry Arizona city, ArizonaU.S.A.
Entity: Sioux Falls, South Dakota
18, Report #11298
Jan 11 2002
12:00 AM
Entity: Nationwide
19, Report #11948
Jan 19 2002
12:00 AM
First Premier Bank, bogus late fees, overdraft fees, harrassing phone calls
I was issued a card from First Premier Bank a while back, and every time I used the card I was given a statement back with overdraft fees, late fees, and harrassing phone calls. I paid for this $350.00 credit card probably four times the amount that was owed due to the associated fees. On November 30th, 2001 I just got fed up with them and decided to cancel the card and pay one last time and never to hear from them again. The representative that I spoke with assured me that if I sent them $300.00 by Western Union them would never hear from them again. To my surprise, a few days ago I recieved a statement in the mail for $387.00 from them. I was furious. I called one of their representatives and she told me that this amount was from fees associated with the card. I told her about the so-called taped conversation with one of their representatives and she became very rude with me and threatened me that if I don't send this amount in to them, I would have this put on my credit report. I replied, for a card that was supposed to be cancelled. I just could figure out how in two months a card that hasn't been used and supposed to be terminated come up with $387.00 worth of fees in less that a month and a half. While at work I decided to research their company and maybe write a letter to someone that is responsible. To my surprise their has been other victims in this scam as well. Sincerely, Mr. Johhnie L. Fair Jr.
Entity: Sioux Falls, South Dakota
20, Report #107054
Sep 05 2004
12:51 PM
First Premier Bank ripoff Sioux Falls South Dakota
My complaint is that no matter how much I pay on my account, the balance does not seem to go down. If anything it goes up. They charge me $7.00 everytime I pay my account online, or by phone. This card is a rip off and the only reason I got it was to increase my credit rating. It has not, it has only decreased it. Brian Crooksville, OhioU.S.A.
Entity: Sioux Falls, South Dakota
21, Report #134563
Mar 11 2005
02:28 AM
First Premier Bank - Dakota ripoff Sioux Falls South Dakota
I also applied for a first premier card about a year ago. they said the limit would be up to 1000 dollars. i got it in the mail and the limit was 300 bucks. there was also a charge of about 100 dollars for a 1 time member fee and yearly fee so i was like this card is useless, im not activating it. sure enough, 31 days after they sent the card, they said you are late with the payment. i said huh? i never even accepted the card. they said the card was active when we sent it, when you use the card its activated. i said i never used it. they said well you had 30 days to cancel. they also charged me 35 dollar late fee! i think i actually tried calling when i first got the card in the mail, but the place wasnt even open at 6pm EDT!! they dont even answer calls on the weekends!! the first month i paid it all off, and the next month i didnt use the card. i didnt make a payment, because well, i didnt use the card. (i didnt look at the bill, my fault), and then the next month i recived a bill for $40 because each month was $3.95 fee and if you dont pay it that month, they charged you 35 dollars!! for a measley 3.95!!! the stamp and walk to the mailbox isnt worth that! I had no choice but to pay the card off, and i kept it for a year. it came in handy once or twice in vegas. but with all the charges and interest, id say i paid off 600-700 bucks and actually charged myself maybe 150 dollars. its actually hilarious. Nick Hoboken, New JerseyU.S.A.
Entity: Sioux Falls, South Dakota
22, Report #131593
Feb 16 2005
12:31 PM
First Premier Bank ripoff! Sioux Falls South Dakota
first premier bank charges outrages fees Craig saginaw, MichiganU.S.A.
Entity: Sioux Falls, South Dakota
23, Report #153003
Aug 08 2005
10:17 PM
First Premier Bank card ripoff Sioux Falls South Dakota
I applied online for a First Premier Credit Card. I received a letter in the mail a couple of weeks later stating that they could not verify all my information and in order to be considered I would need to Contact them. After taking a closed look at all the fees and charges I decided that I did not want the card and never contacted them. However, about a week ago I received a card in the mail. The card was already activated and had already been reported to the credit bureaus. I then thought that maybe I should just keep the card. But after visiting the website I found out that there is a charge for everything such as a $3.95 fee to have access to the website, and a $7.00 charge to pay online. Plus annual fees, activation fees etc totaling close to $185.00 and I have never made a purchase. This is a total rip-off. The bank sent me a card that I never activated or had a chance to change my mind and decline and reported to the credit bureau before I ever received the card. Please be aware to never use First Premier Bank! Leigh Memphis, TennesseeU.S.A.
Entity: Sioux Falls, South Dakota
24, Report #26099
Aug 05 2002
12:32 AM
First Premier Bank ripoff Sioux Falls, South Dakota
I recieved an offer for a credit card over the phone. They advised me that they would send me a credit card with low interest and only a one time sign up fee. I said yes to that agreement. I then recieved the card and checked and found that they had given me the credit limit of 250.00 but charged me 158.95 for having the card. I used the card one time and know not only do I have the charge of the use but they added an additional 25 charge for debits that I never charged. Eldon Columbus, Ohio
Entity: Sioux Falls,, South Dakota
25, Report #37052
Dec 03 2002
07:22 PM
First Premier Bank ripoff Sioux Falls South Dakota
Avoid first premier bank at all costs; deceptive company!! ...... I recently cancelled my First Premier Bank Visa card, which for some reason I retained for more than three years. Mine was a secured card, which I obtained because I erroneously thought that I was not eligible for unsecured credit. I was charged an over twenty percent interest rate for access to my own money, coupled with over one hundred dollars in initial fees, and seventy dollars in annual fees. I was not notified when the annual fees would be applied to my account, and every time they were applied it put me over my credit limit, and I was charged an additional forty dollars. I paid off my balance in full before my wife and I went on our honeymoon, only to find that the money would not be availabe to me until two weeks after i made the payment. As a result, we were stranded 1500 miles from home with no money, needless to say First Premier was not in the least bit sympathetic. I obtained this card because I thought it would help my credit, but after three years of faithful payments it had not done a damn thing to repair my credit. Upon cancelling my card, with sixty dollars available of my initial investment, I was notified it would take sixty to ninety days to recieve the balance owed to me. My experience with First Premier Bank has been an absolute nightmare, and I hope this message reaches at least one person thinking about obtaining a card from them. Two years ago I obtained an unsecured card from Cross Country Bank, with my shoddy credit, and have been very happy with it. tim grand haven, Michigan
Entity: sioux falls, South Dakota

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