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76, Report #734470
May 29 2011
12:00 AM
GEICO Ins. Geico doubled my rate for a missed payment fredericksburg, Virginia
How unfair and un-ethical is this.  I didn't get my Geico Inc bill.  Two day after my policy was cancelled I get an email asking if I want to restore my auto insurance policy. Since I didn't know my policy was cancelled I immediately called Geico to make a payment and restore my insurance coverage. First, why couldn't Geico send me an email a day or two before my policy cancelled for non payment instead of 2-3 days after it canceled. Second, Geico Ins.  doubled my insurance rates, yes doubled.  How unfair and unethical is this
Entity: fredericksburg, Virginia
77, Report #1004966
Jan 28 2013
03:48 PM
geico claims department/investigations geico claims department delaying claim with 5-month investigation poway, California
My car was stolen 8/20/12 and found the same day, burnt out. Geico told me they considered it totaled and got me a rental carso far so good. Then 28-days later Im told that they want to have a second interview with me. They tell me that it is unusual for a car to be stolen and then burnt. I owed $9,000 on the car that is worth $28,000. My loan is up to date. How is it my fault that my claim is unusual? Well, by the time the investigator came out for the second interview it was 4-weeks later. Then I was told management needed to discuss the claim. That took another 4-weeks. Then I was sent a certified letter demanding that I show up at their location for another interview. Again 4-weeks later. Now they tell me they are waiting for my phone records from my cell phone carrier. Ive jumped through every hoop theyve asked me to. Three interviews, handed over my phone records. Im being treated like a criminal when Im the victim. It's been over 5-months!!! Ive talked with attorneys but they dont want to get involved unless the claim is denied. So that leaves me in limbo waiting for Geico to finish their investigation!!! I have proof that they are delaying the investigation and lying to me about why its taking so long. I want to sue these %$&!@*&$. Please, I hope there is an attorney out there that wants to take on Geico
Entity: poway, California
78, Report #395400
Nov 26 2008
03:10 PM
Geico Financial 100,000 pay off + geico swepstakes Dallas Texas
I too received a letter stating I won $100,000. I took took the check to Bank of America to cash but the check was denied due to an identification problem on my part. So, I took the check to a local check cash. The owner looked at the check and denied the deal. wrong numbers/then Jaun O Wane/ Ripoff Tjoyner Neptune, New JerseyU.S.A.
Entity: Dallas, Texas
79, Report #1088827
Oct 02 2013
06:27 AM
Geico Auto, Insurance Geico Lied/Misled me during a claim. Nationwide
I had filed a claim in late July with Geico (it is now October) when a repair shop in Long Island set fire to my car while performing a repair. I was not present and I only know the details that were relayed to me by the repair shop.  In a nutshell, after the repair was complete, they shop left the car running outside unattended to Warm Up unaware that there was an oil leak they had caused. The car caught fire and since nobody was watching it, a lot of damage was caused. Now a resonable person would realize that this was the Repair facility's fault.   Not Geico.  They somehow deemed I was at fault and charged the accident to me.     Wait it gets better.     Fast forward 2 months, and Geico has declared my car a Total Loss.  After making several phone calls (Because Geico hasn't figured out how to serve their customers, they leave it up to the consumer to do the leg work) I was told by my claim adjuster that my cars Value was $28,300.  Again a resonable and intelligent person would assume that Geico knows the definiton of the word Value.    They do not.    They rush me to sign over the title, they come for the car and email me the paperwork for my claim.  I see in the claim figures that they Valued my car at $26,000.  Then added NYS sales tax to that making it come to $28,300.   When you look at a new car, or a Shirt in a store or even a bag of chips in a gas station, SALES TAX IS NOT FIGURED INTO THE PRICE!!!!!     After being yelled at by the claim adjuster when I called to complain about it, I called Geico directly who told me A: Claim adjusters are not Geico employees and therefore Geico is not responsible for figures or statments made by these individuals. B: That the word Value means: Including Sales Tax. I am Stupified. Either this was a deliberate tactic used by Geico and their adjuster to screw me out of $2,300 or they are totally incompetent.  Since they conveniently waited untill after they had my title and car, to email me the paper work illustrating the figures, I have to believe it was intentional.      
Entity: Nationwide
80, Report #1165604
Jul 28 2014
02:39 PM
GEICO GEICO INSURANCEGEICO AUTO INSURANCE No Reimbursement for Under 25 Rental Fee New Jersey
I am 24, a full time graduate student and a full time software engineer. My car was struck by a GEICO insured. They admitted fault. I rented a car while mine was being fixed. It took 19 days to get the parts and return my car back to me. The only way I could rent a car was by agreeing to pay a $27/day Under 25 fee. Without paying this fee, no rental car agenciy would rent me a car. Obviously I needed a rental.  GEICO said that this fee was reimburseable in telephone conversations on 6/2/14, 6/14/14 and 7/7/14. But on 7/25 they offered to settle the rental bill without paying ANY of the under 25 fees. I am currently out $548.91.  I have filed a complaint with the New Jersey Insurance Commission. The Geico Claims Agent insisted I should have had someone over the age of 25 rent the car for me to avoid this fee. I believe, but am not certain, that this would constitute a fraudulent act.    
Entity: Getzville, New York
81, Report #1144592
May 06 2014
08:32 PM
Geico Geico cancelled my policy because I had an auto accident macon Georgia
I'm a very unhappy customer with GEICO INDEMNITY COMPANY. In April I decided to go back to GEICO. Policy number 4347-70-68-32. I signed up for services on 04/18/2014(my birthday). In less than a week I got into an accident on 04/24/2014. I filed my claim. Geico puts me in a rental car, totalled out my car, pick my car up from the salvage yard and then tells me that my policy is cancelled due to an error with my payment. I ask them to let me make the payment and they said no we can't restart your current policy but we can issue you a new one. After investigating the payment and finding out that it wasn't my fault the manager(michael) said he would have it reviewed with the underwriting dept. He then calls me back and said because of reviewing my polices in the past(5-6 years ago) that the underwriting dept will not reinstat my policy. I'm a victem of Geico backing out of my policy because I had an accident. Not just that the stress and pain that I'm going through. I've been to the hospital and been on medication. I now have to go sit with an attorney because Geico is being unreasonable and is trying not to cover my accident. They already have my car and the claim is already in process. I urge EVERYONE, my family, co-workers, friends and those who is reading this post. Please don't fall victem to this. Avoid signing up with Geico and if you have Geico, please change to a different insurance company. Geico will take your money for years but give you H*** if you get into an accident. I'm being stuck with not having no coverage and no car. I could've stayed with my previous company Nationwide. I'm so hurt that there is cruel people in the world that would make someone suffer a loss and then to make it worse leave me out to hang. I will be sitting with an attorney first thing in the morning.  Signed a very unhappy customer
Entity: macon, Georgia
82, Report #1240735
Jul 09 2015
10:09 AM
geico Jeremy tatum Jeremy tatum , geico , calvary , unprofessional, rude, condescending, no people skills, Nationwide
 I am a female driver that has multiple vehicles insured with geico for years, without incidents. Jeremy tatum, (geico claims) was working on a claim on my behalf. i have never in all my years of business encountered such rudiness, disrespect, non professional arrogance in my life. i thought maybe Jeremy tatum was having a bad day but his unprofessionalism keeps shinning thru. I'm not walking away from geico I'm running I'm advising all my friends family and my employees to move our business elseware. its a shame a Warren buffet company has employees like this I'm sure he would feel the same way had he have to deal with Jeremy tatum at geico claims.
Entity: Nationwide
83, Report #1265026
Nov 01 2015
07:32 PM
Geico ,When Geico makes Promises....... don't believe them Sugar Land Texas
This is going to take a while to write, so I apologize in advance.My wife was rear ended by a Teen who was texting and driving.  She hit my wife while she was sitting still at 45 mph.  The teen who hit my truck, an 08 F-150 was driving a new Hyundi owned by her grandmother. The driver's car went under my truck and pushed it from a dead stop 10 feet into another car.  My wife was injured and has a cuncussion, whiplash, nerve damage and a list of other injuries. The teen admitted to the police that she was looking down at her phone and texting at 45 mph and was just looking up at the point of impact.  This is noted in the police report.When I was in the emergency room with my wife, I caled the insurance company to verify the insurance information provided at the seen of the accident was correct.  I provided all of the informaiton and the person on the phone verified the caller had called and admitted to being at fault.I was provided with a name and phone number for a Geico Rep to contact the following day. I called the number and left a message for the agent to call me the next morning. No call back.A called again the following day........, same thing.A 3rd call went un-returned.  The 4th or 5th day, the agent called me and said an adjuster will come and look at the damage on my truck.  They also emailed paperwork and related documents to us.After 3 weeks, the adjuster had never once called and could not be contacted.  At this point I began getting angry and wondered what I would need to do to get my truck in the shop for repairs?  I called and complained again and finnally someone came to look at and take pictures of my truck.  Then he dissapeared again.  I called again and they finally had my truck towed to the shop THEY reccommended for repairs.I went to the shop after it had been there over a week with no informaiton from them and was promised it would be repaired and it should not take much longer.Another week went by and I decided to take a day off work to go see my truck and see what progress has been made.  When I pulled up to the shop, my truck was sitting at the front by the entrance.  Repairs still needed to be done. I went inside and pretended I had not looked at my truck yet and asked them the status of it.  They said it was done and getting a final QUALITY INSPECTION before calling me to pick it up. That is when I told them I had just looked at it and it still had repairs needed.  The front end has a Brush Guard on it that had been bent back from impacting the car it was pushed into.  That looked like it had been pryied back and painted with a can of black spray paint.  The 4X4 sticker was still missing on the side of the truck.  The Class 3 Hitch looks like they bought it from a discount auto parts store.  My wiring was just hanging underneath and the outlet box for my tow connections was completely missing.  I looked underneath and the spare tire had never even been removed to inspect for any damage.  The tailgate, spare tire and undercarriage are covered with battery acid from the car who hit my truck. That was a quick 10 minute inspection of my vehicle.  I had to stop at that point as I was not very happy.  I contacted the adjuster and had him and the repair shop manager come and look at my truck with me.  They both aggreed the repairs were not complete and addittional work was required.6 days later I received a call that said the truck was ready for pick up.  I called the repair shop manager.  He said that was news to him.  The insurance adjuster refused to approve ANY of the previously agreed on repairs.  I told him that I was still coming down to look at it.When I arrived the Geico Adjuster was right where I parked, looking at another vehicle.  He pretended not to recognise me.  When I told him I was there to look at my truck, he said I would need to go to the office.  When I got to the office someone was expecting me.  He took me to my truck apoligizing the entire way.  The only thing that had been done to my truck was that the 4X4 sticker was now on the side.  Everything else needed was still an issue.  On top of the needed repairs, now the battery acid that they never even washed off was eating through my paint and nearly 1/4 of my spare tire is white and deterieorating because of it.  When I looked at my truck, there are now dings all over it and also the passenger side mirror is broken. Did I mention that no one from Geico had ever called me or my wife?  Except for one call that was a message from the shop saying the truck was ready, no phone calls were received from Geico. I went to see the adjuster who was in his office (Geico has an office inside the body shop they reccommended) and asked him what was going on.  He acted completly clueless.  He said that my truck would be repaired again and that he would call me the next day and tell me what was approved to be repaired.  Again........ No Call.Since this is the way they treat a simple auto accident, I decided to seek an attorney to represent my wife for her medical bills.  I have left out a lot of the damages and lies told to me by Geico Adjusters.  I can't remember all of them.  Before my truck was hit by one of their insured customers, the only problem with my truck was a 1/2 scratch on the bed of my trucks drivers side.  Now I am getting fed up and angry.  It seems like they intenttionally lie to you to get you to accept either poor quality work or no repairs at all.I will update this when I get my next visit with my truck...... 
Entity: Sugar Land, Texas
84, Report #1298699
Apr 08 2016
07:36 PM
Houston was on the news for a series of floods last year. My car was parked next to a garage where the water came up to over my knee. The six garages doors were bent in and I took pictures of the sheet rock. When I attempted to drive to an appointment 2 days later the odor was overwhelming in my vehicle and it sounded like a motorcycle. I took it to around the corner to a detail shop to get my carpet shampooed. The employee stepped back and informed me my car was a flooded vehicle. He then said I needed $600.00 for the shampoo. I immediately realized why my normally quiet Acura sounded like an 18 wheeler. I immediately called Geico. I had it towed to my mechanic. 2 weeks it sat. Then they simply replaced the carpet. I took video of the water that was in the vehicle and the water line outside the vehicle. Then I had video of where it was parked. AND I complained how it sounded and drove. The adjuster did not drive it, she started it up in a parking lot full of hundreds of other vehicles and deemed it driveable. Three weeks later I had my car back. It stunk. It sounded bad. My mechanic was paid a couple thousand dollars and I had my 18wheeler back. I drove it across the street to sell it. And what do you know? Bad Car Fax. Flooded vehicle. I owed 12k on it they said they would pay me 6k for it. So as I type this I have a car outside I am paying two cars worth of notes for. I complained to the adjuster, her supervisor. I called Geico corporate. I spoke to over 20 people who all played games. So now I am with Amica where I pay in a year where I paid in 6 months with Geico. When I called to terminate my insurance they had the nerve to say is there anything we can do to keep you as a customer? I told them to pay off the vehicle Im driving now. The the response was 'sorry to see you go'.
Entity: Nationwide
85, Report #1365948
Apr 05 2017
09:47 AM
geico government employees insurance company GEICO ENORMOUS INSURANCE FRAUD IN ALL PHASES Nationwide
GEICO ABOMINATION: geico WOULD NOT PAY when our car burned up.   A geico rep sent us via postal mail that the automobile did not burn up!   geico says you are just plain guilty.   geico REFUSED to pay!!   geico LIED!   They can check with the police and other witnesses, including the towing 'service that towed away our car!  geico LIED all the way around!     WHY have auto insurance if they don't pay when an accident or disaster happens!   geico does not care!!   I could have been killed or paralyzed or had burns all over my body for the rest of my life!!  geico doesn't care!  geico is A TOTAL FRAUD.   What good does it do if, and that's a big if, geico is a little cheaper.    A FRAUD is just as evil, whether they are cheaper or not.   geico IS A FRAUD.   geico still has not replaced our vehicle, even though the disaster was not my fault.
Entity: Nationwide
86, Report #1344078
Dec 19 2016
07:10 AM
GEICO AUTO INSURANCE Fraudlent Claims by GEICO in their Advertisments Nationwide
On December 13th I was involved in a MVA my car was hit by a careless driver at an intersection, I was stoped and my car received an esstimated damage of $3,741.41, The driver who ran into my car had CEICO auto insurance and I contcted them to make a claim for damages.   All I wanted was my car repaired and a rental car while the repairs were being made.   The only thing I got were empty words and out and out lies.   I am a 100 % disabled Vietnam Vet Former US Marine and I live on my Disability income I can not afford to have my car repaird and my insurance has told me that within the industry GEICO has a long and proven history of draging out all caalims, hoping the the victum will turn to their insurance for help.   My insurance agent informed me that when they do step in it takes around eighteen months before GEICO will send them a check. The only Good thing he told me was GEICO has some good adds but forget their claims and it makes me wonder if they treat me like this how many others have been treated and I would assume that they must realy stick it to their policyholders.      
Entity: Nationwide
87, Report #1381903
Jun 28 2017
01:22 PM
Geico Auto Classic Bad Faith Bait & Switch + Illegal Records Search Geico Nationwide Nationwide
On Tuesday 6/28/17 I went to Geico's internet site and proceeded to put together an auto policy that included both collision and comprehensive, I crunched about 20 different quotes down to a final quote of $68.63 monthly, based upon a perfect driving record, or rather what should have been a perfect driving record. When I went to pay the first month using my credit card the process went on for some time, and then I was prompted with a we have updated your premium notice, which took the $68.63 and twisted into 92.87! When prompted it listed several tickets from back in the 1980's and very early 1990's, all well outside of the ten year legal mandate.   Naturally I called them by phone, where an agent immediately went about the business of a so-called update of their system, she proudly reported Geico chooses only to go back 3 & 5 years for driving record searches, which was of course curious as they had just gone back 29 years and 25 years respectively on mine to arrive at their updated quote of 92.87 which only materialized at the very last moment, literally as I was attempting to pay the Original Quote of $68.63. After congratulating her and Geico for the magnamany of only performing 3/5 year checks, I alterted the agent that the ten year search requirement is not a suggestion, its a legal mandate!!! In other words it would be civilly criminal of Geico to have done what indeed, they had just done to me.   At this point the agent went digging into my record and found the following, a ticket for a seat belt in my home state of WI for $10.00 in 2014 and an incident in 2015/16 where I had been rear ended on the freeway by another driver who had been driving recklassly and absent insurance, he had to be pulled over by a WI State Trooper, otherwise he was fleeing the scene. After proudly unearthing these two err incidents(the accident was even included in my original application with them)she announced that the premium payment of $92.87 was still the new, and best quote!
Entity: Nationwide
88, Report #446719
Apr 26 2009
06:57 PM
Geico Car Insurance - Geico Indemnity Company Geico made an error on dropping the wrong car and then did not pay the glass claim Ocala Florida
My family has 3 cars: A Jeep and two Toyota Camry's. We had a 1998 Jeep Grande Cherokee/Laredo, a 1999 Toyota Camry and a 1991 Toyota Camry. Those are the 3 cars that Geico had VIN numbers for for our policy we had with them during the past 2 years. We had to go a couple of months without insurance due to some unexpected car repair expenses on our Jeep. When I called to get the insurance back again I only started with the Jeep to make it affordable. I called them in September 2008 to add the 1999 Toyota Camry. I did not add the 1991 Toyota Camry at this time because we had sold it. So now we only needed 2 cars covered. I called October 2008 to report a glass claim on the 1999 Camry. They had me fax the Bill of Sale. I had to fax it 3 times and follow up with them with no one calling me. They never could find it. I called almost once a week throughout the rest of October and into November. Finally in November, I got someone to talk to me and they told me they could not cover the claim because the car was not covered in October. I told them I had added the car in September and they got really flustered trying to explain to me what had happened, but simply could not justify it with me and said someone would call me to go over it with me. I received a letter in the mail telling me it wasn't covered the following week and I made several more calls to try to follow up and dispute it. I finally received a message on my machine from the claims dept saying they were returning my call and the claim had been closed/unpaid. I tried to follow up to dispute the unpaid claim and I had to leave several messages with several different people over the course of the month of November getting no resolve. I can't tell you how many times I had to explain step by step what had happend to so many people. We then purchased a 2002 Toyota Camry in December 2008. When I called Geico to add the 2002 Camry they communicated to me that they had made an error and had not added my sons car in September when I had called in, but said since it was their error they would add it immediately and back date it to cover anything. They said I would get a slight increase on my next bill to cover the driver (my son) because they had billed me for my son's car (even though their records said they didn't add it). They said they would only be billing me for him as the driver since we had only been paying for his car and not him the driver, but they would also back date him covered as the driver to cover anything. Confusing huh? Are you lost yet? They made such a mess of this. However, this helped me to figure out this as the reason why they were not covering the glass claim and saying the car was not covered. I then went back to the phone trying to get this resolved again and over the course of January, Febuary, March and April tried to get this taken care of. Meanwhile the small fly size glass claim split across the entire front windshield of my son's Camry which now the entire window had to be replaced. On Saturday April 18th, I thought I was finally speaking with a competent customer rep. She explained to me (and you're not going to believe this) that our 1991 Camry was still on our policy and the 1999 Camry had never been added. They added the wrong Camry back when I called in Sept 2008!!!! My son had been driving around with no insurance and we had been paying on a car we no longer owned!!!!! She added it immediately and dropped the other Camry and said she would send it to underwriting to get them to back date it to cover the claim. She promised me I would get a call that week on a decision and that she would personally follow up on it herself. The following Saturday April 25th I was not happy when I had to call back in because no one had followed up with me and even though I had threatened this before, I meant it this time. If they did not fix this today and resolve it I was canceling my policy and going with another company. I already had a quote and was ready to make the switch. The customer rep spoke to her supervisor (and would not get a supervisor on the phone for me though) and said they had agreed to back date it to keep my business. However, she said it would be $218 so it would be cheaper for me just to replace the windshield myself!!!!! Unbelievable!!!! I asked her what it would have cost me to replace the windshield originally in October 2008 when I had called in the claim if the car would have been covered without their error. She said nothing. I then told her that was my point, and that I should be paying nothing now because it was their error and the amount of time and long period of unresolved issue over the course of 6 months was ridiculous and that was the least they could do. So I told her as I hung up the phone to tell her supervisor they had just lost a customer!!!!! I then called the other insurance company and within minutes had my 3 cars covered and they emailed me the cards. I then called GEICO back and canceled my policy and of course the person asked me why I was canceling and I said poor customer service. She asked if the other insurance company I was switching to was lower than GEICO and I said yes. She then asked if I would like to give them the rates so they could lower my rates in order to keep me as a customer. I told her to take a few minutes and read my file and she would realize the reason I was canceling was not due to price. She then apologize and said maybe they could offer me better customer service in the future if I ever returned to GEICO....I told her it was highly unlikely.......... f Unhappy previous geico customer Ocala, FloridaU.S.A. Click here to read other Rip Off Reports on GEICO Insurance
Entity: Washington, DC
89, Report #353524
Jul 20 2008
10:57 PM
GEICO Dropped coverage for no good reason Washington District of Columbia
I was a loyal Geico customer for over 10 years. I never had a claim. I never even had a speeding ticket or parking violation. Nothing. In a one year period, mine and my wife's cars were both hit, each time while our cars were not moving. First I was hit at a stoplight when a driver passed out and plowed through an intersection and hit a turning car in front of me. Again, my car was at a complete dead stop. Later that same year, my wife's car was hit in her parking lot at work, when she wasn't even in the car. The car was unoccupied. Neither time did Geico pay a claim on my behalf when I was at fault. Would you like to know what GEICO did? They told me I was an unacceptable rick and prompty cancelled all my coverages. When I called up and talked to them, their reason was that there were two claims against my policy. What? Basically, after even after asking for and talking to a supervisor, I was informed that because both accidents were caused by other GEICO insured drivers, my policy was being cancelled. I have never been as upset with a company I had done business with before. No matter how old I become or how many people I have to tell this story to, I will never ever do business with this company again. They took over $15,000 of premiums from me and then cancelled me because I had the misfortune to get hit twice (in stationary vehicles) in 12 months by other Geico customers. I guess next time I'm at a red light, I should make sure I get hit by a State Farm or Allstate insured driver. Scotty Clearwater, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Washington, District of Columbia
90, Report #259159
Jul 06 2007
03:32 PM
Geico Auto Insurance Fail to pay claim Ripoff Iowa City Internet
I was driving a 1997 Ford Taurus LX wagon and it was time to trade it in for a newer vehicle. I went to my local dealer and purchased a 2002 Subaru Outback. I called Geico and switched the insurance over and because I was taking on a loan, I enrolled in comprehensive coverage (the Taurus had liability). Two weeks later, I was returning home to Iowa with my two small children after visiting relatives in Chicago. Just east of the Mississippi, at about 11:15pm, a deer jumped out from the side of the road and hit our car. The car continued to operate fine and we returned home. The next morning, I took the car over to the dealer where I had purchased it and had them give me an estimate on the damage. The damage was estimated at $2,600. I then called Gieco to file the claim and when I called they said that I only had liability. I told them that when I purchased the vehicle, that I upgraded my policy to comprehensive coverage. Well, to make a long story short, Geico interviewed me over the telephone. Over the course of the interview, I told them I have been a customer of theirs for twenty years and had never filed a claim. They said they would review the situation, but failed to respond to me for about a month. In the meantime, I was driving a damaged vehicle (one in which I was unsure as to whether the airbags would properly engage) with two small children. I called them every week stating I was worried about our saefty and yet they continued to hustle and jive me. I even went so far as to contact the attorney generals office to fille a complaint against Geico. This morning they finally called to notify me that they would not being upholding my claim. I am stuck with a damaged, possibly unsafe car and an apparently worthless insurance policy. Let the buyer beware and avoid this company. Tony Iowa City, IowaU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
91, Report #236148
Feb 16 2007
11:17 AM
Geico RIP OFF CANCEL AFTER BEING PAID Virginia Beach Virginia
I was recently cancelled by Geico Insurance, after being with them for two years. Last year, I had two accidents on my motorcycle. Jan of '07 I sent my payment, which was rceived and paid by my bank in mid Jan. Today, Iget a letter from Geico telling me that I am being cancelled for non-payment. I call and explain that my check had already been cashed. The woman tells me that, after reviewing my history, and makingtwo claims last year, they can not renew my policy. She tells me that, even though the policy was cencelled in error, on Geico's part, they can't renew it. If it had not been cancelled, it would have remained in effect. Now, they are going to refund my payment in 15-30 days. What is that about??? They cancel me for non-payment, which was their error and refuse to reactivate my policy based on previous claims?!! Andrew Castle Rock, ColoradoU.S.A.
Entity: Virginia Beach, Virginia
92, Report #62968
Jul 07 2003
10:26 PM
Geico Direct ripoff last month I was canceled in the mail, no call, no explanation Internet
I have had Geico insurance for many years and convinced my wife to switch when we got married thus saving her money on her premiums. I have had a good experience with them. The service has been good and timely. You always get a humerously low initial apraisal when the adjuster comes out but my body shop knows how to deal with them to get the repairs that I need. The premiums have increased with teenage drivers as can be expected but whenever I have checked no one can beat the price. I think that my gripe is more with the whole industry than with any one company. I have always paid my premiums monthly no matter how high they have gotten and suddenly last month I was canceled. In the mail, no call, no explanation. I called and they said that I could get insurance with their standard company for 150.00 more a month. Thats around $600 a month. Of course thats 3 full coverage cars and one liability and like I said some young drivers. My wife had had an accident in December. Ice. Thats ok and my stepson had a ticket. But what burns me up is that they can legaly count accidents against you in which you were not at fault. I was hit by someone else who slid on the ice not looking when they came to the end of a bridge. I hit 2 animals causing damage each time, and they counted my wifes accident not once but twice! I feel betrayed actually. They, as a company really don't give a hoot about you its the almighty $ and I don't mean just a profit. There needs to be some legislation to prevent all insurance companies from persecuting us unfairly. I called today and got another agent and suddenly it is up to $700 a month or so. Thats after a $900 downpayment. This is after years of paying thousands of $ and talking them up to anyone who would listen. Just be careful that you don't have any bad luck. I just wanted to say also that I can't beleive what I am hearing from current employees responding to these reports. Theres a lot of hostility there. Is that how you feel toward your customers, really? I am in a service industry and realize that people can be unreasonable but would never speak to them that way even if they were an ex customer. I think some of you need to seek anger management. Paul ashtabula, OhioU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
93, Report #56983
May 14 2003
08:51 PM
GEICO ripoff coverage can't get it right San Diego California
I'm writing with a complaint about the coverage at Government Employees Insurance Company (GEICO) and the frustration it's causing me. It's about my auto insurance policy. Doing business with GEICO auto insurance is just terrible. I was getting an online quote for my car on GEICO website and I couldn't find $15,000/30,000 Bodily Injury Liability coverage nor $5000 for Property Damage Liability coverage. The minimum listed on the website was BI:30/60, PD:10,000. So I called up GEICO to purchase a policy of BIL: 15/30 PDL: 5,000. NO UNINSURED OR UNDERINSURED MOTORIST AND NO UNINSURED MOTORIST PROPERTY DAMAGE. Well I got these paperwork forms after a week saying put a checkmark on the I decline UNINSURED.. and sign, date and send it back immediately. I saw they put me for BI: 30/60 and PD: 10,000. I couldn't find a place to correct my coverages so I called GEICO telling them this is not the coverage I purchased. They told me to write down my desired coverage at the bottom (below where I signed and dated). so I did - I even highlighted for better visibility. And I mailed it immediately using the prepaid postage envelope provided, as I was told. I waited about a week and a half, to see if my changes took place on the GEICO website. NOTHING HAS CHANGED - THEY ARE CHARGING ME ALMOST TWO-HUNDRED DOLLARS MORE THAN WHAT THEY SAID THEY WOULD! So I called GEICO, and they said they didn't receive those papers from me yet so just give them couple more days. That day I reviewed my coverages and told the rep I wanted BI: 15/30 (once again)and I want to increase my PDL to $25,000 over the phone. She said she made those two changes, but she can't change the declining of uninsured motorist and property damage for that by herself over the phone. A couple days later, I received a mail which seemed like my permanent policy ID card with the wrong coverage. It had: BIL: 30/60 PDL: 25,000 UNI/UND MOT: 30/60 UNI PD: 3,500 So I called them again, telling them I received this your policy has recently been changed according to your request which containes NO CHANGES OF WHAT I ASKED FOR EXCEPT FOR INCREASING MY PDL TO $25,000. The customer service rep took a nice 30 minutes just to give me an answer saying : I contacted the department that processes those paperwork and they cannot find your paperwork. Would you complete the paperwork and fax it to us again? So I did. I waited for the forms to come to my email, completed it exactly how I did last time, except that I increased my PDL to $25,000, and this time I was going to fax AND mail it. On the cover sheet of the fax I even put please acknowlege receipt of this fax through my email address provided above. Well, nothing came through my email so I called GEICO again. This time the rep said they DID receive the fax and I will be able to view my correct coverage online after 48 hours. I didn't feel it necessary to mail it again since they SAID they got the papers. I waited 3 days and went online. STILL NO CHANGE! So I called again, asking why the wrong coverage is still on my policy. They said it's not them who process those papers and asked me to wait a couple more days. She assured me that the changes will take place since they have the papers now. so I trusted GEICO, and made my FULL payment by phone that day for my desired coverage. 2 days later, I went online to see if any changes has been made and guess what?? they say I still have remaining balance of $129.52! I called them again and asked when will that website display that I don't have any outstanding balance, and she said she can't get a hold of the department which handles the paperworks, but it will surely be changed according to how I want. Then a few hours later, I got a message on my answering machine from that lady, saying that she contacted that department but they're saying they don't have my papers and wanted me to do the paperwork AGAIN and fax it to them. WHAT AM I SUPPOSE TO DO? TRAVEL TO ONE GEICO WEST SAN DIEGO 92150-0909 AND TAKE A PICTURE OF ME GIVING THAT PAPER TO THEM OR WHAT?? HOW AM I SUPPOSE TO GET THAT PAPER TO YOU GUYS AND MAKE SURE YOU GUYS HAVE IT? WHY DID YOU SAY YOU RECEIVED MY FAX IN THE FIRST PLACE THEN? WHERE DID THOSE PAPERS GO?? So I am faxing those papers one last time AND mailing it also. Oh by the way, I called geico asking what assurance do I have that they'll receive it this time if I fax it again, and she was like Well the only thing I can recommend is to fax it to us again not a single sorry or apology-I don't really care as long as they can get my coverages straight. I honestly think GEICO is trying to rip me off by providing higher coverage I never asked for and pretending they didn't receive my papers for 30 days for declining and adjusting those coverages, so that once the initial 30 days pass, they can legally be like Oh~ we thought you wanted this coverage. well too bad, time is up for us to backdate your desired coverage~ I am very upset with GEICO and I would stongly discourage my friends, family, my co-workers, or anybody I know to discontinue or never to enroll with GEICO. michelle lompoc, CaliforniaU.S.A. Click here to read other Rip Off Reports on GEICO Insurance
Entity: San Diego, California
94, Report #95297
Jun 17 2004
12:48 PM
GEICO ripoff nothing but another insurance sharks sucking peoples money Houston Texas
Date: Tue, 18 May 2004 15:23:56 -0700 (PDT) From: RAY Subject: Re: An important message regarding your GEICO Direct auto insurance policy To: Franks, Mark Dear GEICO people: Your decision not to renew my auto policy is ridiculous!!!!! The purpose of Insurance is to cover RISK. When the risk occurs and you pay my own money (I have paid my premiums for 30 years to GEICO on several cars) you cancel the insurance. The reason being it is RISKY. Insurance is to cover risk. How much maximization does GEICO want on their annual profits?? Ha!! 15 munutes can save 15% on the premiums.. your stupid commercials! You guys are nothing but another insurance sharks sucking peoples money!! I had a weird accident not caused by me!! But, caused by an emergency situation of the Austin Fire Dept. and everybody suddenly hit the brakes to avoid the fire truck!! I have been driving for 43 years and never claimed anything from GEICO or other insurance companies I dealt with. If there is no risk coverage then What the hell is Insurance for?? I already obtained insurance coverage from another insurance company and Thank God!.. there are others who can compete with GEICO. Every human being, they say,knows about 200 people in their life time!! I will bad mouth GEICO with all of the people I know from now on and let us see how many cancellations you will get!! About 25 of my best friends have already switched to ALLSTATE. By the way, I saw your offer of alternate policy by one of your other insurnce companies and that is the most asinine offer!! Bad luck with your fradulent insurance practices. I bet you don't have the guts to send a copy of this letter to your company Chairman for a board room discussion. GEICO has five letters in its acronym and so is FRAUD!! May God Punish you!! --- Franks, Mark wrote: > Dear Rayudu: > A notice was recently sent to you, advising that > your GEICO policy would not > be renewed. While we regret that this decision was > necessary, we are happy > to advise that we can still offer a policy with a > company in the GEICO > family. Enclosed with that letter is an offer with > one of our subsidiary > companies. Please review that offer and if you > would like to accept it, you > can sign and return it in the self addressed stamped > envelope which was also > included. > > If you have any questions, or would like to accept > the offer via telephone, > please feel free to contact me. I work M-F 7:00 > A.M. to 3:30 P.M. CST. > Thank you, > > Mark Franks > GEICO Underwriting Dept/ > 1-800-841-5432 Ext 1946 > Fax: 214-453-0986 > E-mail: > =================== Ray Austin, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Washington, District of Columbia
95, Report #80433
Feb 14 2004
10:20 AM
Geico left me with damaged goods. Ripoff! Woodbury New York
On Sept. 26th 2002, my wife was hit head on by a drunk driver. My wife was driving our brand new (1 Month - 800 miles) conversion van The drunk woman came out of a bar and drove on the wrong side of the road and hit my wife. The drunk driver had connections with the local police chief, and was not tested for DWI. I personally saw this woman at the hospital emergency room, she slurred her words, and reeked of alcohol. The hospital personnel placed two calls to the police, asking them to come and test the woman, but they would not. I reported all of this to Geico, who promised to investigate. However, they didn't bother. Our new van had extensive damage. It should have been considered a complete loss, but was not. The van cost $34,000 brand new, and so far, Geico has paid almost $27,000 for repair. My complaint is that we still have a damaged vehicle. There is no possible way, that that van could have been restored to it's original condition. It was brought to a very reputable auto body repair shop of my choosing, about 40 miles from my house. We had to go without a car for almost three months, while repairs were done. The very day I picked up the van at the shop, while driving home, the front right passenger side started to make all kinds of squeeking noises. We brought the van back to the shop, going another week without a vehicle, and they claimed the problem was fixed. Well, it has never really gone away. The van often sounds like it has 300,00 miles on it, and not the 18,000 miles ,it really has. We've lost the air conditioning, last summer, and now the heating system, this winter. Ford won't honor my extended warranty, which I paid for, to fix the heating system, because parts other then Ford's were used in the accident repair. I've made countless phone calls to Geico over the time since the accident, complaining about there decision to repair the vehicle. I've talked to the adjuster also many times, who promised to stick with us, whatever that means. We would like to sell the van, we are sick of all the headaches, however, If I am honest, and I want to be, I'll take a terrible loss on the sale. I still have a big loan on it. If I somehow cover up the damage, I could be accused of selling a lemon. By the way, the drunk, who smashed into my wife, got a brand new vehicle. Thanks for listening. George Monroe, New YorkU.S.A.
Entity: Woodbury, New York
96, Report #83338
Mar 09 2004
05:05 PM
Geico Insurance Company ripoff cancelled after first accident, with NO PREVIOUS violations Virginia Beach Virginia
On September 24,2003, I was in a hit and run accident that left my 2000 Neon undrivable. I called my Geico insurance company to inform them, they couldn't send a tow truck in my vicinity, so a police officer located one for me, which I had to pay $150.00 due to the equipment he had to utilize (mind you, I have towing on my insurance). The representative said due to the fact I couldn't get a license plate #, but filed a police report, they had to file it under at fault, for what? For driving and minding my own business!!! So, I swallowed that... The first kicker was the rental situation. I'd been a customer for 3 years, only 24 years old, and definitely signed up for rental insurance due to the underage fee Virginia charges. Well, Geico informed me that during my insurance renewal, only 1 month ago, I opted out rental, I explained to the claim rep on the phone that this isn't true, I've ALWAYS had it due to a possible situation like this, my first car accident. Back and forth we went, and I ended up paying for a rental, I NEED transportation, it isn't an option! It ended up being 2 months I paid out of my pocket for rental fees, a whopping $1200.00 after the underage fee and additional insurance due to that; it gets better... The only thing they promised was the 48 hr claim service, yes, a representive did SEE my car within that time, and wrote up an initial estimate. His name was Alan and flew in from Georgia due to Hurricane Isabel disaster Virginia was recovering from at the time. Well, I asked a claim rep on the phone, what is my role? What do I need to do from here, she kindly says, Geico will do the notifying and instruction, I can just relax. Going on 2 1/2 weeks, no notifying from Geico, I'm keeping tabs on the dealership that has my car, they're promising part orders, and completion dates in the mean time. Geico never called me. So, I proceeded to call my Geico claim representative, Alan from Georgia, with the long distance # given to me, and he is not only back in Georgia, but has no idea what the status is with my car!!! He informs me to call the hotline, and someone will be assigned. I do this, and also inform them that nothing is being done to the vehicle at the dealership, they lied about the orders and completion dates, 3 weeks now, and my rental tab is ballooning! My next claim rep, Bob from Va Beach, was absolutely no help, the only time I spoke w/him, I did the calling, and he was either en route to giving a customer a check (wish it could've been me, seeing the original estimate f/Alan was over $2000.00 on a NEON mind you), and that he MIGHT be that way, meaning the dealership, sometime that week. WHAT?! I decided to initiate a higher level, the claims representatives supervisor, who I found to be Scott Zelna at the Va Beach office. I was speaking with a claim rep on the phone, having to tell the same redundant story every time, to a different, nothing ever notated, no one ever knowing what to do. She got me Scott's # and I explained my predicament to him. I've been ignored, I'm paying rental fees after 2 months when I KNOW I signed up for rental insurance, the car should've been totalled out (still can), I'm paying car insurance/payment on a vehicle I don't have, and the dealership hasn't moved my car from the original towing spot. What are YOU going to do for me, Mr. Zelna? I trusted, and expected Mr. Scott Zelna to demand that all would ripple smoothly without chaos now that he is on the scene and has promised me the sky and the moon. Well, it doesn't. He asked me why I wanted out the deal, I told him either my vehicle in original condition, or stroke me a check. He said more than likely they would total the vehicle due to the dealership's incompetence and extensive damage. This was before he looked up my file to see that Geico okayed $4000.00 already in repairs. The car blue book is only worth $5000.00 on a good day! Here it is Dec 8,2003, and another promise from the dealership of a due date by 12/12, and another claim rep, Dave from Va Beach. Dave was supposed to meet me when I picked up the car to ensure all is well, and test drive with me...he decided not to answer his phone or return his voice messages that day. I had the car a week, it shut off at the light on me and the check engine light came on. I voiced this to Geico, their answer...take it back. Don't accept anything else... By this time, the dealership, after raising hell, is paying for a rental, and Geico is saying to enjoy it. WHAT? Back and forth I had to tolerate taking my car back to the same defective dealership Geico gave me the choice of choosing, (a five star dealership, Greenbriar Chrysler Jeep dealership, by the way, which I also have a rip off about), driving my funds to depletion, them cancelling my insurance, now Scott Zelna is ignoring me. This is January. I finally got by car back in February. It isn't nearly the same, I'm afraid of it cutting off again, it had even caught fire one time before this at a light, and still, no assistance from Geico. They have no right to call themselves supreme in any shape or form, and they are as crooked as Enron. I entrusted my transportation, my money, my dependability, and they turned their backs when I needed them most. I currently have a case with the Better Business Bureau. They will hear from me, and I recently sent a letter to Mr. John Hamilton, THE supervisor of the Auto Damage Department. I was a customer. Jameca Va Beach, VirginiaU.S.A. Click here to read other Rip Off Reports on GEICO Insurance STOP! ..before you think about using the Better Business Bureau (BBB)... CLICK HERE to see how other consumers were victimized by the BBB's false or misleading information. Don't be fooled! It has been reported, when there are thousands of complaints and other investigations underway by authorities, the BBB has no choice but to finally give an UNsatisfactory rating to a BBB member business that is paying the BBB big membership fees every year. When a business is reported that is NOT a BBB member, BBB files WILL more likely show an UNsatisfactory rating, then reportedly shake down that company to become a member of the BBB. One positive thing about the BBB is, either way, if a business has an unsatisfactory rating with the BBB, you can be sure, the business is bad. But what about all those BBB member businesses that had complaints filed against them? Consumers never get to hear about them. What about the BBB advertising to the public? Is this a false and misleading perception they are giving about consumer confidence when dealing with a business? Click here to understand more of what consumers and business alike are saying about the BBB. You decide. ..Remember. The BBB membership is not earned, it's paid for!
Entity: Nationwide
97, Report #186448
Apr 13 2006
10:50 AM
GEICO Insurance GIECO Claims Dept. Bureaucracy Lying to Delay Payment Ripoff San Diego California
March 29th My 06 Silverado was sideswiped while parked in a lot. When my wife saw the damage, she went into the nearby coffee shop to ask if anyone had seen what had happened. The owner of the shop said she thought she may have known because she noticed that one of her regular customers had parked closer than normal to the truck. Long story short, the person who did it was an elderly gentelman who said he didn't realize what he'd done. (while backing out, his passenger side mirror scraped the length of both doors of my truck.) He gladly gave us his insurance information, and we proceeded to file the claim with GIECO. The estimate was done on April 4th by a GIECO rep at a local collision shop. The damage was estimated at $1484.10 The GIECO Rep said to call claims, tell them the estimate was done and they should have a check in the mail within a few days. We tried to call the claims rep (Sean Hill) to no avail on the 4th 5th 6th and 7th of April. On the 7th I also left a message on his supervisor's machine... No call backs. We called again on the 10th and 11th, got his machine, no call backs. Finally on the 12th, after informing the supervisor's answering machine that I was prepared to go to HIS boss, Sean called back and informed me that I needed to go back to the collision shop on the 18th at 11:00 and have more measurements taken because the package that was submitted didn't support that their clients car had done the damage Sean said that the damage to my truck appeared to be too high up on the doors After I reminded him that the adjustor had examined BOTH vehicles and concurred that it HAD done the damage, Sean then said well, our client now denies making contact Next, I learn from their client, that he NEVER denied anything, and he hadn't spoken to GIECO since he called to inform them that he was at fault. So it would appear that GIECO is now manufacturing an excuse to get out of paying this claim. I suppose I'll be having measurements taken and pictures for the next month until it comes out the way they want it and then deny fault. For info, their adjustor (Bill Landry) has been extremely helpful. He understands the working mans position in all of this, and how each time I have to take time off from work to get another BS measurement or photo, it's money. We'll see...... Mike Murrieta, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: San Diego, California
98, Report #123861
Dec 21 2004
11:30 AM
Geico Insurance Company rip-off! Shady billing practices! Blood-sucking vampires! Vancouver, Canada Nationwide
When I originally called Geico for a quote I spoke with a sales person who gave me a wonderful deal. My husband has a horrible driving record, and I wanted to be certain that it was correct, so the salesperson pulled up his complete DMV report in order to confirm our rate. I wanted to be CERTAIN that this was accurate before I swiched from progressive, a company who I liked. They assured me that it was correct so I signed up and canceled my other policy. Boy was that a mistake! 1 month later I get a notice saying that my rates were jumping 30% and that I was to pay the difference with the next payment. that would be $300 within the next day or so. Well, after endless hours on the phone with costomer service people who seem to have no power whatsoever to change anything, I decided that it wasn't worth the hastle to change again. I should have swithched then and there for, after not recieving an automated deduction from my checking account for november, I called them to find out what was wrong. The lady I spoke to said that I had an extra deduction aplied to my account, and it had been credited, so I wouldn't have to pay that month and then december would be only $99. I had a feeling that it was to good to be true, so I asked her to check with the banking department. They confirmed it and said they would send written notice right away. Imagine my shock when, 3 days before christmas, without any notice of a policy change or change in the amount debited from my account (which is illeagal so my bank says) my checking account which had my 300 or so dollars in it for christmas was completely wiped out. I have a dollar and three cents to last me through christmas. The cosomer service department was their usual nonhelpful selves, and I, In hysterics, now realise that thanks to the incompetant math skills of , oh say... everybody at geico, will be spending my hollidays very much apart from my family (who I was going to travel to see, but now cannot even afford to dream of putting gas in my car). And happy holidays to you you blood sucking vampires at Geico! (not that I'm bitter) Alecia vancouver, WashingtonU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
99, Report #140317
Apr 25 2005
05:59 PM
GEICO Insurance ripoff Payment not applied for 21 days-policy cancelled, claim denied Macon Georgia
I made a payment to GEICO on March 29, 2005. I had an automobile accident which totaled my auto on April 7.2005. GEICO claims it did not get my payment until April 19, 2005 and cashed the check April 22, 2205. Never before has the US Mail failed to send my payments directly to GEICO. GEICO customer service claims that unless the payment enevelope was torn or damaged, it would have gotten into the system. I asked them to locate the envelope... I was told that they only keep track of the pink return envelopes and that GEICO enters every payment into the system the day they are received. I have worked in a Treasury Dept. Reciepts office... I know that those incomming receipts must be batched and entered into the system by data entry clerks...What would cause a payment to be 23 days old before entry??? I told the adjuster that I had gap insurance, I had recently changed my policy to include collision and the customer service clerk mucked it up in Febuary and they refunded me 19.68...I feel that my policy was so messed up until they just decided to fake this one. I will go to the Insurance Commissioner and fight this one. That is absolutely incredible. Each time I spoke to someone...they gave me the run around. The man who took my taped claim statement spoke out of turn and told me that my policy was cancelled and that I did not have collision...I became concerned and expressed on the tape my concern about not having collision when in fact, I knew that I had it. Sylvia Atlana, GeorgiaU.S.A.
Entity: Macon, Georgia
100, Report #315666
Mar 07 2008
11:07 AM
GEICO Ins Company. When you have to have work done, Cancle your policy! Coralville Iowa
I called GEICO at the number listed and told them that my Volvo V70 had to go to the shop for one month as all the parts had to come from Sweden. To the Kalamazoo Volvo dealership. They sent me a letter that the money I had paid for that month would be put on hold until I called them that the car was back on the road. Instead they kept the policy open and then when I called them to tell them that the car was finished, they informed me that they had cancled the policy for non-payment. Total BS was given as an explanation and when I asked for a supervisor I was hung up on. They claim to be such a wonderful company: but my wife worked out of that office in the claims office in Coralville, IA for two years, she said that they held training classes weekly due to people leaving out of customer service of GEICO, because they could not stand to lie to people all the time and where tired of being cused out when caught in a lie. You might have to pay more at another insurance company but you will get your car repaired if you go with another insurance company other then GEICO as they have a reputation for putting off payment to the repair shops for as long as possible, this is directly quoted by five repair shopes here in my home town in Michigan. Dr rodney Plainwell, MichiganU.S.A.
Entity: Coralville, Iowa

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